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okay but hs au with new student Tony who speaks more Italian than english. he meets steve and cuteness

a/n: hey look it’s the longest thing i’ve written in a month :”) 

“Um,” Someone said from behind him, tapping him on the shoulder lightly. “Excuse me?” 

When Steve turned around, he was met with probably the most attractive sight he had ever seen. The guy was probably 2 or 3 inches shorter than him, even though he seemed taller because of his hair. He had some muscles on him but he’s more on the lean side. His eyes were in a shade of brown he had never seen and they were very expressive because they looked so nervous. “Yes?” 

“Uh, I’m new?” He said, pronouncing the world slowly. “Can you help? I, uh-” 

Steve waited for him to finish, but the guy kept on opening his mouth and closing it again while he looked at his class schedule and then Steve heard him curse in what seemed to be… Italian? 

“This,” He gave up, pointing and glaring at the paper. “Help me.” 

Steve looked at the paper and smiled. “Advanced science, huh? That’s at room 12. Come on, I’ll walk you there.” 

Their walk to class was silent until Steve said, “I’m Steve, by the way.” 

“Tony,” He replied, tilting his head up so he can look at Steve in the eye. “I, uh, sorry, I’m not… good at English? I’m Italian.” 

“I figured,”  


“You cursed at your schedule paper in Italian, figured it out from there,” Steve chuckled. Then, he backtracked, he was probably speaking too fast for Tony to understand, “Uh-” 

“Don’t worry,” Tony assured as if he read Steve’s mind and wow, how could Steve miss the thick Italian accent when Tony spoke? “I.. can understand well. Speaking? Not much.” 

“You’ll get there,” Steve told him. “You’re in advanced math anyways, what can you not do? Witches are in advanced math, I tell you.” 

Tony laughed again and Steve grew even fonder with the sound. “You’re not..?” 

“In advanced math? No thank you,” Steve said, pretending to crinkle his nose in disgust. “But tell you what, I’ll try to answer 2 math questions from you but you have to let me walk you to your next class,” 

“Affare fatto,” Tony breathed out, an easy smile on his face. 

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Mornings will be filled with girls in the bathroom doing their make up and covering up the purple and pink hickeys from the past weekend
Classes will be filled with “knowledge” and when I say knowledge- I mean the memorization of answers to tests so that the teachers won’t look bad
However, you’ll finally feel free in politics class where you can voice your opinion; but only to be frightened by what your peers really think about it
Afternoons will be filled with tiredness and hunger, so when you come home all you’ll want to do is eat and sleep
Nights will be filled with endless amounts of homework that’ll drive you insane and you won’t have time for anything else
You blame yourself because you would’ve had more time if you didn’t take a nap, but then without it you’d be lifeless and drained
Midnight rolls around and it’s the only time throughout the day where you finally fall asleep and feel at ease
It’s the most peace you’ve had all day, but it’s only to wake up five hours later and repeat the process all over again and again and again
—  High school, from my perspective (constant-fucking-headache)
29,000 followers. Move over Mary, I’m the Queen of Scots now.

Going to make this short and sweet because I have a very bad migraine.

First of all, thank you. It’s only been what, 15 months on the blog and already I have that amount of followers and that’s insane. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a lot of new people, some of whom I’d call very dear friends, and that’s just been amazing.

Remember, you’re allowed to talk to me if you need a friend, advice or even just a reminder that you’ll be okay. Thank you for all of your support and never forget, I’m here to support you too.

Very huge reminder to take care of yourself. Take a shower, take a drink, go get food, take your medication, do your homework, stop procrastinating, wear something cute and stop caring what others think, talk to someone about your feelings; just take care of yourself because you’re bloody brilliant and you deserve to feel it too.

I love you all and thank you <3

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