i have an important announcement

Announcement - Important, please read.

Alright, so, I’m sure that many of you are aware that I’ve not been in a particularly good place lately. I won’t go into detail, in case I trigger anyone, but I’m not in a good place.

I have to take care of myself, first and foremost. I have to focus on getting better above anything else.

Being in this fandom was, at first, a joy. I loved being in this fandom and shipping Newtina with other people who were as passionate as myself, I loved that we got to share stories with each other and talk about them. I loved all of the other writers in this fandom, and I thought of many of them as my friends, if only online.

But it’s come to my attention that there are some who think that they’re better than others in this fandom; they think that their stories are the ultimate best, they think that it’s their god-given right to reblog stories, only to then explain “this is what you could have done better” – and by reblogging it, it was for EVERYONE to see. They think that it’s okay to ignore or feel superior to other people in the fandom – and these are people who I thought were my friends because they helped me on a number of things with my fics. Said people have no unfollowed me, so I’m trusting that they won’t see – and if they do, then I doubt they’ll care. I’ve tried messaging them but no reply, so… I cannot do anything else.

To add, there’s the hate, and while I could simply ignore or delete it, I’ve still seen it and it hurts. It hurts that people think it’s okay to tear me – or ANYONE – down like that; any time that I’ve felt even a little bit happy, something has come along to ruin it.

It’s for this reason that I’m going to be taking a break from this tumblr, and from this fandom, after tonight. I don’t know for how long – it could simply be a day, it could be weeks, it could be months – but I’m at the point where I was crying in the car on the way home from hospital because of it. I simply cannot do this anymore, it’s not healthy for me, and I have to put my health first.

I don’t know if I will continue to write stories. I wanted to – I had the whole universe planned out, as evidenced by my future headcanons – but after a) being ignored by people I was hoping would advise me on certain aspects and b) recieiving hate, I’m done. I’m so fucking done. I hope that one day I can come back to write stories but at the moment it looks unlikely.

If people – either the people who have until now ignored me or people who have supported me – want to send private messages then I may make an exception for that. But I don’t think I’ll be publically posting for a while.

Look, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and decide “actually, I can do this” – maybe I’ll wake up and still feel awful. I simply don’t know.

Thank you to the people who have been supportive and haven’t abandoned me yet. I’m getting help, I promise, and I love you all for caring so much about me.




  ’ Now that you have all —– found the
          MISSING, I have an important announcement
          to make.

         There is now a NEW WAY to earn tokens
          other than those fun little arcade games you
          all play. However —– these involve actual work.
          Please make sure you do these jobs & you do
          these well.

          ‘ Oh —— & the wages were MUCH
          higher before. We just had to spend a
          good amount of it on the FREE FOOD
          you guys are eating. Oops. ‘

Updates !

  • Any muse ages 15 or above are eligible for being employed at any time.
  • Employed muses MUST do their jobs every day or else they will not be paid and will be punished. This will be assumed UNLESS you say to us that your muse will not be doing your job or if we catch your muse stating that
  • Muses below 15 can assist with jobs. They will be paid equally & will not be punished if they skip a day but PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR MUSE IS BELOW 15 & WANTS TO HELP WITH JOBS.
  • Jobs will be switched around every 2 weeks
  • Jobs will be HALTED & no one will be allowed to do their jobs during investigation. Anyone caught doing their job will be punished. 
  • Only after trial will jobs be reopened & people will be assigned new jobs.

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sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”

  • Steve: Guys, I have an important announcement to make! I'm... Wait, shit, what's the word...
  • Clint: Gay?
  • Steve: No.
  • Sam: Homosexual?
  • Steve: No!
  • Bucky: In love with Tony?
  • Steve: Shut up, Buck!
  • 13 year old me: Should I cut my hair short? I don't want to look gay...
  • Present me: [Stands on a rooftop wearing a pride flag and a glitter bra with the Pride soundtrack playing behind me shouting through a megaphone] IN CASE SOMEONE MISSED IT I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT -
Important MLSubbing Notice

Greetings, my miraculous Ladybugs and Tomcats!

It’s me, Jae ( @azurajae ) and I have an important announcement!

For the past few months, I’ve moved overseas to continue my studies.  It’s been difficult to juggle being the leader of such a major project as MLSubbing, animation college, and a new future career project that just presented itself. I want to put full focus on this new development. So, I will be stepping down as the leader of MLSubbing. 

I have decided to give full leadership to @madelinelime and she will now be in charge of all future projects with MLSubbing. Over the past few months, she’s shown that she’s more than capable of taking over the position, so please, welcome her as the new leader! As a side note, I will be available on my personal blog if anyone is interested.

Overall, it’s been a long journey. This group started out as such a tiny project back in October 2015 and I almost can’t believe how far this group has evolved through time. It’s was such an honor to be leader of such a magnificent and massive project and I take this time to thank all the people who have worked with me, both past and present. I also would like to thank all the followers and fans of Miraculous that helped make this group this big!

It has been fun! See you all!

An announcement not about Imagawa Aoi

(wow finally)

Forgeru and Nozakibento got main roles in a stage play about baseball!
It’s called “Baseball Fighters”, the creators are planning to have around 15 more male actors in it.

The play will be introduced at Shinjukumura LIVE during June 27 - July 2. The other details are to be announced later.

Nichan was supposed to be in the main cast, but because of unexpected health problems it was decided that Nozaki would replace him.

“Baseball Fighters" official Twitter

important post

hey guys.

i have a kind of weird announcement and i’m a little nervous. i like the name Charlie a lot, but right now it reminds me of someone I’d rather forget. I’ve did a lot of growing since them and since i chose my name. i want to move on with a fresh start and a brighter future.

so from now on, can you please refer to me as either Jack or Jackie? or Blue of course. Blue will always be my name. but as for my legal name, it would mean a lot to me if you’d use Jack.

thanks guys. all the love to you. 

oh and if you could like this if you read it, that’d be cool of you.

A Wondrous Retcon

I’d like to talk for a minute about the inconsistency and retcon-fuckery of the latest ouat episode A Wondrous Place (6x15). Swallowing down the bile of how ridiculous it is that a Kraken would attack small hand rowed boats in the middle of vast lakes, let’s take a journey with Ariel for a moment. You see, this lovable little kleptomaniac bounced around in flashbacks that were both peculiar and hilarious, and while I enjoy the novelty of her getting to Agrabah with what I can only assume was a stolen enchanted necklace that she scavenged from a drowning person, I do enjoy the actress being back on set.

That being said, I need to announce something pretty damn important. She shouldn’t have been able to speak at all. Regina had stolen her voice.

It becomes abundantly clear rather quickly that this scene is from the past when Ariel starts talking to Jasmine.

Oh yes, a party, the Ursula Ball. I remember that, do you remember that? Because apparently the writer’s sure as hell don’t! That party was from season fucking three. It was the first time we even meet Ariel, because it was all tied into the Neverland plot. Let’s just refresh the ol’ memory. You see, our cheerful little klepto attends the ball with Snow, and when she’s not trying to pocket the forks, she manages to get a dance with her prince. Which is when he tells her this…

Eric basically says ‘hey come with me, I’ll wait for a while to see if you show up’. Ariel panics, what with only having legs to use for a few hours, but after that, she tries to get back to him to say she’d love to join him. When she swims up to meet him, she suddenly can’t say anything though. Turns out, after being forked in the neck, Regina wasn’t going to sit back and let her get away with it, and so she steals Ariel’s voice as punishment for attacking her and saving Snow.

And yeah, I get it, they could say she found some magical whatever that let her find her voice again, except, they can’t. You know how they can’t? Because they already fucking showed us in the same episode back in season three that Ariel had spent all that time without her voice. In fact it was pretty crucial for the plot considering Regina gave Ariel her voice back so she could go and get help from Belle in Storybrooke, where Eric coincidentally now lived.

The amount of shit that they undo each episode is starting to give me a migraine. It’s one thing to write something poorly, it’s another to shit all over the stories you’ve already told, time and again. For no actual reason other than you have no idea what to write now, or how to utilize the cast and character’s at your fingertips. It’s actually laughable that they make so many blatant mistakes repeatedly. Laughable, and downright fucking sad. At least have the decency to hire someone to re-watch your shit before you write another episode. Like have some respect for what you’ve already written you bunch of muppets.