i have an idea of what's gonna happen

Yknow I like the kinda angsty dramatic idea of Lance, Hunk, and PIdge’s parents not finding out what happened to their kids. But like…

Have we considered the absolutely badass potential of them doing something about it?

Like these people produced three of Voltron’s paladins. Do we all really think they’re just gonna lay down and take this shit? LIke omg, imagine Coleen Holt just snapping after the disappearance of her daughter and bringing Hunk’s and Lance’s families together to GET SOME FUCKING ANSWERS. And through this manage to uncover A LOT. Including the fact that FOUR kids disappeared that night, as well as that its all somehow tied to the failed kerberos mission (which is how Shiro’s family probably ends up getting involved when it looks like he might be alive).

Like god, it’d be like some secret agent rebel type shit man.

So cool.

So many of my shitposts/theories are coming true with season 2 that at this point I feel like I can say anything and there’s a 60% chance of it coming true. So here are my predictions for season 3:

  • Keith runs into some wildlife on an alien planet and they Won’t Leave Him Alone. They’re also super small/adorable critters (ala Pidge’s trash buddies)
    • Lance teases him for them and the animals turn out to be Angry and Vicious
  • Allura/Coran confronts Haggar and they look like they’re gonna have a Moment but then Haggar pulls a shit move
    • In general: Haggar is def going to stab someone
  • Hunk, Pidge, and Coran cobble together some random machine that’s supposed to save everyone’s neck, but when they fire it up it fails. Everyone thinks they’re going to die but right in the nick of time Lance like plugs the machine in and it works.
  • The team decides to try and trigger Keith’s latent Galra genes through increasingly bad science. Keith turns purple at the exact moment he finds out he’s allergic to coconuts. At first they think it’s part of the allergic reaction, but then he stays purple.
  • Flashback to Lance deciding to join the Garrison; we see his family as they try to change his mind but ultimately support him whole-heartedly and send him off w a party
  • Lotor shows up but Allura throws him out the airlock
    • Keith is probably going to get thrown out into space again. Maybe these two events are related
  • Pidge loses her glasses and it’s just like Velma from Scooby Doo
  • Keith and Allura become friends and nothing more, I’m watching you Voltron.
pinof 8

this is my first pinof as a part of the phandom and i’m so excited but also nervous! what’s gonna happen?!? what questions will they answer and how long will it be? honestly i can see myself hesitating to play the video for a few minutes just because i need to prepare myself for it. once i hit play i’ll have no idea what i’ll be in for. and once it’s over that’ll be it for another year.

let’s hypotize for a second that ‘jealousy thy name is keith’ refers to lance thinking keith is jealous of allura but in reality he likes lance. funny situation that could happen if lance decided to confront keith about it:

l: hey man… i figured out you know

k: *sweating nervously* i have no idea what you’re talking about

l: oh come on….i saw those looks™ i’m telling you i know what’s up

k: *sighing* ok i guess there’s no point in denying it, i was gonna confess someday anyway

l: aww i knew it! now we’re gonna be in competition for this too!

k: ?

l: you know….flirting and stuff

k: *blushing* i’m pretty sure you would always win at that anyways

l: *still completely oblivious* thanks bud! I really appreciate it

keith, before walking away: you know when all of this is over and we come back to earth we should go on a date

lance, turning red and finally realising the mistake: wait what

Repeat after me folks: Victor asked Yuuri for a photo/if he was a fan before the banquet


is the face of someone who just realized they may have fucked up 

And this

is the face of someone realizing they definitely fucked up

Look at Victor’s face in that second one: he realizes that he had zero idea the previous night that Yuuri had been a participating skater. Not to mention, this is the part of the episode where they say that the banquet happens after the GPF is over. 

Which makes the fact that that night happened all the more poignant: after this night, he had to have remembered Yuuri when the infamous video went viral. It makes us question the “hehehe I’m so forgetful” excuse Victor gives. He knew exactly what he was doing when he came to Hasetsu. 

This whole episode changes everything. And it makes me wonder how in the world are we gonna predict what MAPPA and Kubo-sensei have in store for us next.

Lance: Wait… Guys what are we gonna do when Katie gets her period?

Hunk and Keith: ?

Lance: I mean she’s 14 so technically it might not happen for another two years but we don’t know how long this is gonna take! What if Alteans don’t have anything similar and Allura doesn’t-

Hunk: I think you’re misunderstanding something here?

Keith: Yeah she’s not going to-

Katie, from the other room: I have a dick Lance.

Lance: …?

Lance: OH! Oh okay that’s why you pretended to be a boy at- oh okay nevermind crisis averted why am I always the last to know these things guys come on.


Dans gonna have to buy phil one of those backpack stuffed animals with a leash on it for american tatinof, he cant even keep track of him on the damn tube

I found a screenshot of a tweet that made me laugh that I took a while ago but now im realizing its fake, credit to @fakephan_tweets (on twitter i’m assuming) for a brilliant idea that has probably actually happened irl lets be honest

***Bonus points: reblog with what dan based story you think phil was telling that poor random old lady***

EDIT: Credit to the brilliant and lovely @destihelp on Instagram!!! go check her out!!! 

Everything I Know About The Stormlight Archive Based On ~The Internet~

And by “Know” I mean am half-guessing/completely making up because I’ve seen about 10 posts on my dash but I’m reading this thing today so


-One of them is Shallon Davar and she’s a ginger

-But her left hand is always covered????? What happened there.

-Also Pattern. I’m not even gonna guess on that one; looks weird.

-And then there’s Kaladin. He seems to have a blue color pallet.

-He has weird markings on his forehead, and probably other places. No idea what that’s about, but they look cool.

-Kaladin looks cool. I am interested in Kaladin.

-He also has a Navi. Named Syl? Idk but she looks smol and blue and I like her.

-There’s also someone named Dalinar Kholin.

-I know literally nothing about Dalinar.

-Roshar. Is what the world is called. Probably.

-I’m sure the magic stuff has a name too but I’m forgetting it. There is magic right? I’m pretty sure there is.

-I am a stick.

-But you could be fire.

-Do they use “Storms” as a swear word? 

The books are long af. I think I will enjoy this.


Do not misunderstand what I’m gonna say.

I mean, I am really happy that for once, we do have a lesbian relationship coming on a great tv show. Also, Alex is one of the major characters of Supergirl, so this is completely cool. If we forget that we are on the CW and well… We saw what happens to Lexa. But that’s not the point here.

I love the idea to have a lesbian relationship, I like Alex and Maggie. But come on guys. Don’t you see that there is so much chemistry between Lena and Kara ? I mean, their smiles when they see each others, their pouts, their gazes… Compare to Maggie/Alex, this is something bigger. I don’t really know what the writers are doing : I mean, this is obvious that there is something between Lena and Kara, we can’t miss it. But what is the point if this is for nothing ? Are they playing with our feelings again ? Because, come on, Alex being gay is not such a surprise. But something like Kara falling for Lena, it could be a real deal. It could have a real impact on the LGBT community on tv shows. It would be so much important, so much bigger and cooler.

So yes, I am happy to see Alex coming out. But I’m much more interested in another relationship. Kara and Lena share something and this is a real alchemy, I am not inventing it.

EDIT : and please, don’t interprete my message in the wrong way. Of course Alex’s coming out will have a impact for the lgbt community. I love woman, so I’m excited by all of this. I’m just saying, having THE main character of the show coming out too… well, it will be huge.


Last Order’s Zack ‘Touch My Chocobo Boy I Dare Ya (ง •̀_•́)ง’ Fair appreciation post

Episode 2 ... eh... spoilers?

I’m gonna tease you all to  death with dialogues like these, so you can make your own theories while I work on episode 2. I wanted to make this dialogue a scene but I couldn’t fit it in, so instead I’m leaving it as a written post for the people that follow me <3

Let the theories begin.


(Inside an AMD HQ - Day after the failed attempt at peace between humans and monsters)

“You don’t happen to know where the hate is right?”

-“…. I have no idea what are you talking about”

“C'mon Jessica. I know you have it traped somewhere. As soon as the barrier broke, I saw it go outside, looking for a new host. But the AMD managed to contain it somehow and locked it away somewhere”

-“You told me that we don’t need that substance to do what you want. Didn’t you?. Let’s just get what we came for and leave”

*Access granted. Welcome to Room 37 Miss Jessica*

 I said we didn’t need it… for now… but we don’t know what monsters are capable of. They did manage to kill a couple of children that used magic against them remember?


“Heehee, easy… I was just teasing you…”

-“…I’ll go get the substance after this, in case we need it

 "You don’t mind if a few humans die in the process right?. Don’t worry, it won’t be more than the amount of children that had to pay for the monsters’ freedom" 

-”.. is there… another way we could do this?“

"I can asure you there was another way for Asgore to go through the barrier without having to kill 6 of them… but that didn’t stop him… Will this stop you?”


“Good. I’ll met you where we agreed tomorrow. Bye bye”

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That Night, Part 1

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: brief mention of a one night stand, curse words

summary: a Jimmy Fallon interview and finding out you’re working on a movie with a certain post-Pulitzer one night stand

i have no idea why i decided to write this tbh. next parts will be longer. i haven’t worked out how many parts this is gonna be or what’s gonna happen but stay tuned to see! 

words: 961

Most authors had their own genius way to defeat writer’s block. Yours was Twitter. It was unbelievable how quick ideas appeared once you opened the site.

Today, however, you didn’t really feel like interacting with anyone, or doing anything, really. Partly because you didn’t eat breakfast this morning, but mostly because you were one minute away from being live on Jimmy Fallon.

“Our special guest today is someone who revolutionized young adult fiction, someone who has won the hearts of millions of readers around the world! Please welcome (Y/N)!” Jimmy hollered.

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Back to the animal sacrifice thing AGAIN? 

I wonder what all these vegan pagan folks think people in developing countries who populate the religions that they are quick to pick up as trendy actually eat every day? And how they get the food that they do eat?

Like, are you really gonna tell a priest that supports a compound of people that they shouldn’t sacrifice the bull that will feed the entire community for two days and might be the only meal that some of them get for the week? 

Maybe it’s because they have the wrong idea about what happens to the animals given to the spirits. Western culture is incredibly wasteful as a general rule, but cultures that rely on the food their religions provide are NOT. Every bit of that animal given to the spirits that can be eaten WILL be eaten. The spirits feed on the spiritual ‘flesh’ of the animal, and the community survives on the rest of it.

Get out with your moral, capitalist judgments. Too tired for that shit.

I am actually really interested in what happens to Cas while he’s back in Heaven. I mean, first of all Dean’s gonna be upset that he’s radio silent. BUT!

After everything he’s been through on Earth, knowing he has his family he loves there, what’s it gonna be like observing Heaven’s idea of “family” again after that?

After knowing and fully understanding what Dean Winchester’s idea of FAMILY means and feeling a part of that?

You know, these days, this quote by Harry after Drag Me Down came out haunts me……….

“It was fun this time ‘cause we obviously dropped it out of nowhere rather than doing a big lead-up, which was a lot of fun… to see them go “oh my god! I was asleep when it came out”  

That fucker thinks it was FUN to watch us basically die after DMD came out. He has a single coming up… an album… what strategy is he going for this time??? JESUS FUUUCK I’M SO NERVOUS LOL


Favorite wincest scenes 2/∞ → Dean’s speech to Sam in ‘Sacrifice’

“You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can’t do that again. What happens when you’ve decided I can’t be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another…another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother…”