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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


Just a quick update!

I’m planning to go on a mini-hiatus just so I can focus on my studies for this semester, I’ll be back in June!

Past comics and doodles can be found in this little archive thingy over here
Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! :’D

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i'm looking looking forward to wherever you're doing for these two baby scorpios of mine's bdays!!!! it's surely gonna be cute and lovely like everything you do!!

aaaaa I’m so excited!!!!! 


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Episode 1

I bought a massage oil last week that I forgot about ( and that I just found) AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD WHO WANTS A MASSAGE 

The French Tutor AU

Written for @acegently

Featuring: Todd being able to speak french, Dirk not being able to speak french, several references to our beloved show, and a certain pink jacket.

  • so, todd is actually quite good at french, and he needs money
  • so he puts a notice up in the school hall offering to help people do their homework and study for exams etc
  • dirk doesn’t even take french but he feels like going to a tutoring session or two is a great idea
  • it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he saw the cute guy who sits a couple of seats away from him in his maths class at all whatsoever
  • he sends an email to the address on the poster and todd sends one back asking for a copy of dirk’s timetable so that he can see where there are any free periods that they can meet in
  • of course, todd notices the fact that dirk isn’t even a french student
  • but he really needs the money and he figures that dirk is probably learning french in his spare time or something
  • it is a useful skill after all
  • todd puts dirk into his timetable for an hour session each week and they agree to meet in the library at the end of lunch on a wednesday so that they can get a good place to work during their free
  • the first time they meet, todd can instantly tell that dirk knows absolutely nothing about the french language
  • and so he asks dirk where he wants to start
  • dirk replies with an uuhhhhh
  • so todd decides to just go back to basics
  • he spends the entire first hour they spend together trying to teach dirk how to say ‘bonjour’
  • 'bon jaw? kinda reminds me of bon jovi. do you like bon jovi? i don’t really but, to each his own right?' 
  • 'dirk… just, it’s bonjour, okay.’
  • at the end of the hour, dirk hands over a tenner and shoots todd a smile before leaving the library with a spring in his step
  • todd isn’t really sure what to make of it all
  • the next week, dirk is suddenly able to say hello and introduce himself with perfect accuracy
  • he’s been doing homework then
  • todd decides to focus on colours for their second session
  • 'blue is quite similar in french and english, the beginning is exactly the same and the ending is just a little different, so it’s bleu, okay?’
  • 'bleugh, okay, got it. i have a blue jacket, you know. and a green one. and yellow one too. how do you saw those? green and yellow?' 
  • 'um, green is vert and… yellow is jaune. if you wanna say jacket, that’s, uh… veste.’
  • 'so i have a john vest? awesome.’
  • again, dirk hands over a tenner and leaves todd sitting in the library, slightly dumbfounded
  • i mean, he wasn’t even asking for a tenner per session, but it wasn’t like dirk was asking him for change 
  • by the third week, todd was getting used to dirk’s often strange comments in the middle of their sessions
  • if he was being honest, he did find the interruptions cute sometimes
  • and of the three students that he was tutoring, dirk was definitely his favourite
  • he guessed it probably helped that dirk wasn’t freaking out about any upcoming tests or expecting todd to grammar check every sentence he’s ever written in french
  • for their third session he decided to focus on animals, and though it probably sounded a little weird, he was kind of hoping that dirk would have some sweet animal stories to tell
  • they started with pets, and dirk got through 'lapin’ and 'chien’ with no difficulties
  • once he got to 'chat’, things started to get weird
  • 'hey todd, how do you say shark?' 
  • 'shark?' 
  • 'yeah. or like, a cross between a shark and a kitten. a shitten? how would you say shitten in french?' 
  • 'a shitten isn’t real, but, shark is requin so… chatin, maybe?' 
  • 'chatin… shitten, chatin. i think you’re right todd. thanks!’
  • and so their third hour together passed, much the same as every other hour, but as dirk stood up to leave, todd tugged at his arm, pulling him back down into his chair
  • dirk stared for a couple of seconds, confused, while todd tried to pluck up the courage to say what he wanted to
  • 'i, uh, don’t suppose that you’d maybe want to meet up somewhere else, like, on a weekend or anything?’
  • 'you mean to do extra studying?’
  • 'no dirk, i mean like, do you maybe wanna go on a date?’
  • 'a.. date?’
  • 'you don’t have to if you don’t want to i just thought that you would maybe want to with the smiles and everything but it’s fine don’t worry we can just go back to-’
  • todd... i’d love to’
  • their first date was in a small coffee shop a few blocks from their school
  • dirk wore une veste rose
  • and when they kissed on dirk’s doorstep, todd could swear that he heard a whispered 'je t'aime’

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The first week had gone by rather quickly. You sighed as you closed the door, giving one last bow to the crew as they left. So much had happened between filming everyday and working through the night, but you were enjoying it more than you thought. You and Namjoon had formed a new tradition of having a drink after the managers and crew left. You went to the kitchen to prepare his beer and your glass of wine, you threw together some snacks as well, while Namjoon straightened up the living room.

Namjoon was getting more comfortable at your apartment. He set out your writing materials and laptop that you had placed in your bookshelf, and was about to sit down on the couch, when something caught his eye. It was a new draft of your upcoming book. He was loving being able to see one of his favorite writers go through the process, but you were rather secretive about what the book was about, so Namjoon felt himself lingering on the draft. Sneaking a glance to the kitchen, he saw you were preoccupied with snacks and checking messages on your phone. He took the draft and brought it with him to the couch.

She looked down at her shaking hands and breathed. The doctor was blunt, his tone borderline abusive as he stated that she was in fact going blind. Her head fell into her hands. She knew she had to tell him, the love of her life, but the words got caught in her throat. She would be a burden to him if she went blind. Maybe she could escape in the night? Maybe leave without a trace and avoid the disastrous conversation. The doctor patted her back, a small act of kindness after his abrasive diagnosis, as her mind continued to raise about the future.

You walked into the living room and stopped short. The story that Namjoon had his nose buried in was part of a new novel you were thinking of writing, it was at the stages in which you simply needed to write the plot. There were no character names, no true development, just words on paper. At this point in the writing process it was raw at best, about 50 pages of rough narrative. Usually you would snatch that out of anyone’s hands. Your perfectionist attitude screaming to take it away, but a small part stopped you. For the first time, you wanted to know someone’s opinion before you became too invested. Namjoon continued to read. He was a fast reader and he found himself nearing the end of the 50 pages of writing.

She touched his face, trying to remember the little crevices, the way his smile felt against her fingers, the way he stared intently into her eyes. She wanted to remember it, feel it, embrace it. She saw the shadows coming into the center of her vision, she knew his face would fall into the gray shadows and her world would be engulfed in a dull darkness. But for now, she wanted to see him, his shining smile in her lackluster world. She wanted to see him grow old, she wanted to watch her hair grow gray, she wanted to see herself in a wedding dress, but it wasn’t meant to be. So she gently touched his features once more before falling into hysterics.

Namjoon closed the last page and took a deep breath. The story was unsettling, a young girl realizing she’s going blind and trying to figure out how to live in a world that lacks all sight. He exhaled and you walked up, placing the snacks on the coffee table and handing him a beer. He stared at you as you slowly reached for the draft.

It’s still a work in progress. You said simply and he felt conflicted. He wanted to apologize for reading something that wasn’t his, but he also was happy that he read it.

Can I ask what inspired you to write it? Usually you have a more upbeat storyline. He questioned and you looked at Namjoon, then back at the draft.

I have a condition. You started. It’s genetic. You tried to figure the best way to put him. I can see, but when I was young I learned that I would need constant care to make sure that nothing happened to my sight. Had I waited to have it checked out, I would have been blind. Namjoon could put two and two together, you were writing about yourself, a fearful almost in your life’s story. You sighed. The reason I write happier stories is because I don’t like to dwell on what could have happened, but just like you, I need to re-brand. As I get older, so does my audience. I wanted to write something more thought provoking, more tear jerking. Namjoon placed his beer on the coaster and scooted closer to you, rubbing your back with small circles.

I think it’s amazing. Of course, it needs a bit more character development, but I truly think you have an awesome story on your hands. I just hate that it was something that happened to you. Namjoon said more to himself and you chuckled.

Ah, it taught me a lot. It taught me that even things like sight are a gift to be appreciated, that adventures need to be had and things need to be seen and felt and life needs to happen. Because if you let it go by, then all you saw was a computer screen. Namjoon laughed and nodded. Since being in BTS, he could say he traveled the world and saw so much, he met his idols and became an idol himself. But he thought back to how the guys spent their days off and it left him a little uncomfortable.

Hey, you want to do something tomorrow? He asked and you tilted your head.

Tomorrow we don’t film. Why would we do something? You responded and he smiled.

I want you to meet the guys when there are no cameras. We have the day off tomorrow. I think it will be good for all of us. Plus you can then rehearse meeting them for the show! He grabbed his beer and held it up to you in a cheers moment. You rolled your eyes at his corny nature and clinked your wine glass against his bottle neck. Taking a sip, the two of you snacked and talked about the week.

The date was fun! Namjoon exclaimed as you laughed.

Oh, you mean when you fell while rollerblading? You questioned and Namjoon acted hurt.

You said that you didn’t see that! He said, but you shook your head.

I just didn’t want you to be embarrassed. By the way how’s your hand? During your “date” Namjoon had hurt his wrist and had it wrapped up. He shrugged and explained that this was a normal occurrence for him. The two of you continued to laugh and joke about the week and the crew into the late hours of the night.

You woke up with a horrible crick in your neck and sitting on your couch as you looked over to see an asleep Namjoon resting his head on your shoulder. You groaned a little at the morning sunlight that poked through the blinds. Namjoon rolled off of your shoulder and snuggled against the arm of the couch as you stood up. Draping a blanket over his long, slender form, you shuffled to the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast. Namjoon walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and looked at you as you made breakfast. By the time he usually got to your place, you were already handing out coffees, so to see you like this made him smile. You turned around and were shocked to see Namjoon there

Morning. Namjoon mumbled and you nodded, trying your best to remain calm with his smoldering gaze and morning voice. Grabbing the coffee pot you looked at him.

Breakfast? You said rather enthusiastically and he smiled, nodded, and went to the cupboard to grab plates.

I’ll set the table. You moved out of the way and tried to hide your blushing face. There was something about seeing him in the morning that made you go a little crazy. Oh, and the guys are coming over in an hour, so you might want to make more food. He said and laughed as you looked up at him with horror in your eyes. He winked and left the kitchen to set the table.

NAMJOON! THAT’S NOT FUNNY! You yelled and he sighed.

Ah, a lover’s quarrel. You know they warned me about this before the wedding. He commented and you smacked him with a towel. Today was going to be an interesting day.

Haha, obviously the one “selfie” I manged to get in which I look somewhat decent is the random-spur-of-the-moment picture I got with Adrian after the stage door barriers were taken down…and of course also with a not-that-great point-and-shoot camera :/ 

Well, guess it helped not getting squeezed and pushed from all sides :P 


Uh... hey there, Dad. You're looking well. Look, uh, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be an airbender like you hoped, but I've tried my best to keep the world safe. Hope I made you proud. 

Just a lil something something for theoburr
I saw this in my files… Let’s just say I had a sudden huge love for you and finished it up.

Here is the fic that created this image: Everyday Kind of Love


KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK || Kara x Mon-El || S02E05 || *loudwhisper* “MON-EL!”


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Disney Sunday: GOTG Mission Breakout

Last Friday, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure completed its transformation into the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! And it looks awesome! Though I do have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, this attraction sadly replaces an already iconic Disney attraction; on the other hand, the former DCA Tower of Terror was reportedly not as good as the Disney Hollywood Studios version in Florida.

On the one hand, we finally have a Marvel attraction in an American Disney park (with Hong Kong Disneyland having recently opened the Iron Man Experience); on the other hand, this attraction is only in California with no chance of it or any other Marvel attraction ever coming to Florida. (Damn you, Universal! Why you still holding onto those theme park rights?!?)

Judging from the footage of the ride and show building, the attraction looks just as awesome as the GOTG movies, and it probably feels just as awesome as well. Too bad I will never have the chance to actually ride it. (Again, Universal, why for you cling to dem theme park rights? I want Marvel at Disney World, damn it! I don’t want to pay to get into Universal just to get my Marvel fix.)

Anyway, for those of you who can’t make it to California (or for those who can but can’t afford to), here’s some footage of the ride and everything it has to offer—including an animatronic Rocket Raccoon. (Damn it! I wanna see an animatronic Rocket in person! Universal, hand over dem rights! They should belong to Disney!)

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kayjag appreciation post!