i have an art blog i know

Got my first rude anon & just wanted to say if something as simple as artists reblogging art on their art blog bothers you, then what’re you here for? ¯\(o- o)/¯ 

The entitled attitude on this website confuses me. Don’t people blog for fun?… 

I don’t always have time to draw for fun because of school but I get new followers everyday so I reblog older work so they can see it (I know that I tend to miss a lot of things that people post because I’m so busy these days) 

anyway, I disabled anon & my hiatus will still continue until the end of april ^^; I might post schoolwork but this is mostly my hobby blog/a side project, so maybe not. I might make a separate blog for that type of work. 

If anyone’s interested though, I’m more active on twitter and sometimes post wips/schoolwork/studies  

anonymous asked:

None of what you said made any sense since the anon was giving you advice and you took it in an negative way. It's explaining what hijacking a post means, which is what you do. You add pointless commentary on art (fandom or not) and it's annoying to the artist. It's adding unnecessary graffiti to art. If you have something to say on a post that isn't yours, write it in the tags. That's how the tumblr format works. Simple.


Another Anon! I’m sorry you didn’t understand a thing I said. u.u 

Just gonna start with the part you said nothing made sense… Let’s just clarify that it didn’t make sense TO YOU, other people even agreed. So let’s not generalize.

It’s really funny how you compare the commentary I write for a post for MY blog with Graffitti. You know, because Graffitti (and I think you mean Tagging because Graffitti is also an art form) RUINS the original artwork, makes it impossible for the rest of the people to enjoy the ORIGINAL artwork, not the copy or picture of one.

I’m sorry if you think it’s Hijacking when it only appears with the commentary to the people that FOLLOWS me, not anyone else. The original post is still there and ready to be reblogged in it’s original form for anyone that likes it. My comments don’t erase that post or FORCE others to reblog with the one in my blog. Even my followers can go to the source and reblog it from there. It’s not complicated

You may think I took it the wrong way. But I find those kind of “advices” (but let’s clarify, it was a passive-aggresive order with it’s “please don’t”) unnecessary when they come from people that aren’t the owners/creators/authors/artists that made the content I reblog. Because they are THE ONLY ONES with the right to say what I CAN AND CAN’T do with what they created.  

Let’s just clarify that what I do is not “Hijack” posts, because I never repost, claim or even erase the original commentary, I don’t transform the post in what I like, just say what I think about it. ADDING to it. I don’t edit the art to make something new.

And what you say about the tagging instead of comment. That is up to the reblogger decision if the author of the post leaves it open. THIS IS A FREE BLOGGING SITE. If they want a serious “discussions in the comment please” blog there are serious blogging sites. This is a social network with blog format

And I repeat it for the umpteenth time, if you are the author of a post you don’t want in my blog, come off anon and tell me that is bothering you. Simple!

I actually asked the artist I reblog constantly and that I add commentary, even few that aren’t in the fandom and they said they have no problem with me adding to their post, before I answered last time.

As I understand your position and your ideas. I repeat YOURS. Not People’s, not ARTISTS, but your own. And as your right, you can block my blog from reblog your art, if it’s indeed your own, or even unfollow me if you don’t like what I post. THAT IS your right.  But don’t go around thinking that just because you feel strongly about something people has to follow YOUR rules. 

And just to finish this long answer, that I hope you understand this time. This will be the last time I answer ANONS about this subject.  The artists are welcome to express their idead and tell me what I CAN’T do with their art. I have no problem following their rules, not even going to make questions about it. But I won’t follow directions from anons, sorry.

Doing some re-purposing

Formerly @mommashaus. So after spending a couple of years here and figuring out how generally blogs operate, I think I finally know what I want to do with this one. For here I’d like to reblog my general interests and support the creative people I follow and let my other blogs cover more of my original content.  In addition I have made the move to change this blog’s name to reflect the direction I’ve gone in in terms of creative endeavors and identity.

@quelfabulous is where I post/cross post exclusively my finished fantasy and fan art works.

@brothersemberfell is a sketchbook/journal of sorts that is largely original stories/art related to what I do with @thesunguardmg community.

@emberfellinspiration is a collection of aesthetic items and things I collect that may inspire my writing and stories.

Thank you guys for the fun times and the kind support. It is always much appreciated!


I do not make this decision lightly, but I’m at a point in life - with my health declining again, irl affairs in shambles and the added stress and disappointment as league lore is devolving into nonsensical garbage - where I need a break. I have been struggling with writing for the blogs and keeping track of threads and it is another source of stress I really don’t need right now.

So I’m taking a sabbatical. I will be back - I love these characters far too much to leave and never come back. I don’t know how long it will take, but I have high hopes that I will be back before September.

Art and commissions are still happening, albeit delayed because of technical issues. I will try to contact everyone about it. I don’t know what else to say. I will queue this post a few times. Thank you for everything, I will be missing you. See you soon. :)

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i know u get a lot of messages like this but,,, i really love ur blog n ur art and everything that you do. im just bursting with admiration for you i had to send u an ask n let u know that i hope u have a beautiful day!!!

AW YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETIE this made me smile so much THANK YOU!! <3 I hope you have a beautiful day too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

hey! so i know most artists have an inspiration blog of some sort but often times don’t link it or forget to. I would love to follow more of those so if you have one reblog and add a link! 

you can find mine HERE! Just a collection of art, photos, and a bunch of other stuff that inspires me and fuels my creativity!

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I'm sure she wasn't on the blog bc she wouldn't have edited it. Lauren actually credits people. She knows that people Deserve credit for their Art. & Ya I'm salty that you weren't credited.

a fan tagged her and she saw it. next time i post a manip i’m putting my instagram or twitter username on it!

Ok you guys have no clue how much I want to come back like omg. I MIGHT be getting my computer back for only next week and holy shit I’ll be drawing so much for this blog I swear holy shit I miss you guys,,, so ya!! Just letting you all know we are going to restart this account when I come back! The babes may look a bit different as well cause a bit of art change :0 see ya soon!! - mod jack

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Aaaaaa. You're one of my favorite fandom themed blogs right now since I'm currently dwelling in Samurai Jack hell and you reblogged something from my basically brand new art sideblog (smol-artist-smol-art) I'm so happy. I've never seen my art as very good and that tiny little drawing took me half an hour but you reblogged it and aaaaaaa

I…….I’m???? One of your favorite fandom blogs?????? I…I…just…adsdfajk

….oh nonnie…

Thank you so so much for this precious message! I don’t even know what to say!! This blog is brand new too, just about 5 weeks old, and of course I will help you get up there any way I can!!! Your art is amazing and I have no doubts that you’ll be a top art blogger in this fandom in no time!!! Don’t ever doubt yourself and keep it up!!!

That goes for anyone btw! If you are a new or small peep in the Samurai Jack fandom, link me anything in a message and I’ll def reblog it to help push it along if it’ll help!!

also who are you nonnie lol let’s be friends???

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I don't know if you're the right person to ask, but you seem to know most of the Transtalia blog. It's really cool ^^ Do you know if there are any Trans America blogs? I just wanted to know because I didn't want to 'intrude' on anyone... Thank You!

Well first of all heck yea go follow @ask–transamerica cause they’re a raging weeaboo and also rumoured to be a *gasp* lovely person!

And second, don’t let that stop you!! More than one person can do the same Character/AU!! Like imagine if that wasn’t the case, there’d be like NO ask blogs!! You don’t have to have an original concept, because just the fact that it’s YOUR art and YOUR ideas and YOUR muse, makes it unique and worth it!!

And if you’re not convinced, check out @askftmfeli and @ask-trans-italia, both of whom are Trans Italy blogs! (as well as being amazing and worth your follow!!)

Vet Emergency Commissions $5-$15

So, some of yall know I’ve moved recently and I’ve (of course) taken my cat with me. Only problem is that it looks like I’m going to have to take him to the vet within the week. I won’t go into detail cuz it’s pretty gross but basically he has an open wound on his hip that needs attention.

I can do any other style you see on this blog. Just shoot me a message @rainsart. We’ll talk about what you want and pricing.

Or, if you’d like, you can buy something from my redbubble

(adm: Hey guys, just thought I’d drop by and say I now have an art blog :’) I’ll probably start posting my art there and reblogging to this one! Here it is if you want to check it out: @creativecookiemaniac )


I never expected such a good reception for this blog! Thank you everyone!  I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very regularly these last few days, as I have been travelling and dealing with some challenges in my personal life.  I will be posting art as I find it and can source it, which will hopefully be at least once a day, and will have some of the older posts on what incarnum is set in a queue for the next couple days.  Additionally, please let me know if there is any aspect of this blog that you would like to see more of!

Hey guys! So while this blog has gotten pretty popular, I’d like to make a lil post to let anyone who is interested know that I also have a regular art blog! @pastelpurplescribbleworld is where I post all my non-trapinch art, as well as where I promote other people’s art, reblog tutorials, and maybe scatter in some stuff from the game Flight Rising too. All my original art is tagged #art for convenience! If you’re interested in seeing more of my art than just lil Sandi, maybe check it out? ^.^

@dailystufful-salandit replied to your post: Awe man your stuff always blew me away im glad the blog helped you with your art!

Aah! I phrased my post a little bit confusingly! I was talking about when I first started tumblr back in like 2010! ^ ^ Not for this blog in particular ! Thank you though!! I feel a lot more comfortable with my art now, but I definitely know I still have a lot of room for improvement!! 

sayurinitta replied to your post: Yo. For those who care, I made an art blog. My…

   Your art is really good ^_^ I’d love to see more of it & I do encourage you to post more, I know that putting stuff out there and not getting anything bad is disheartening, there’s some stuff I’ve done that I felt really proud of but got very few notes & stuff that didn’t take me long at all but were fandom based that have gotten loads - so please, do keep practising and posting ^_^ (and as a biased note, I would love to see you draw Quinn ;)    

Aaaaaaaaaah thank you!!! Oh and yeah, everything you said! I’m getting used to the fact that SWTOR stuff just isn’t going to get the attention that the other Bioware things do, and even when I was active for DA/ME, well, that was the really early days of my doodling and I’m fine with none of that getting heaps of notes to be honest - it’s all pretty terrible. But I have absolutely had my moments lately where the crickets have gotten to me. For the most part I’m okay, because for most of what I do, the crowd just doesn’t exist. Still, I know the heartbreak all too well, when you pour hours upon hours into something, just for it to sit there. That’s partly why I’ve taken a step back from here, to try and find a healthy approach to it all, and I think I’m pretty much there. :)

But I was never going to stop, no matter what. I’ve really fallen in love with art, even if it’s insanely hard work (often with very little reward) and I’m determined as all hell to get to where I want to be. I’m also pretty damn lucky compared to a lot of people just starting out. My boyfriend absolutely knows his shit, and he’s not afraid of tough love. It felt harsh at first, but it took almost no time for me to appreciate it. He hasn’t steered me wrong yet, and I wouldn’t have progressed nearly as quickly as I have if not for his feedback. I think something clicked really recently, where I’ve figured out a way that doesn’t feel like I’m just guessing, and that actually comes out looking like I want it to. So, there will definitely be more Quinn. Always more Quinn. ;) I’m just taking a short break from SWTOR to save up energy for that sweet, sweet 5.2 hell.

And it’s got to be said, I really adore your stuff as well! I can’t draw to save my life (I paint without lines if it can be helped lol, that’s how bad it is), so lineart is always going to impress me, and yours has great likeness, and a consistent softness to it that I love. So let’s both keep posting and always improving, we’ve got this! ^_^


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


Have a very drarry Christmas!

(i know it’s past i’m sorry) but this one’s for ya’ll! Thank you so much for everything, these past months have been so much fun ヾ(♡ ³♡)ノ Especially @avoidakedavra for being the sweetest and most supportive person ever


Hello, friends!

Meg here for another TUTOR TUESDAY! Today let’s look at noses! They can be quite pesky, I know. If you have any tutorial’s you’d like to see just shoot me a message here or on my personal blog! Seriously guys, send me requests! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!