i have an art blog i know

Went through and wiped out most of my old posts, even art posts. I still have all of the art archived on my external hard drive, just felt like doing an overhaul. Kept mainly just posts of Noodle and pictures of Cinder. I set up an Instagram for Cinder if you want to see more of him on a separate place.

At this point I don’t know what I wanna do here, I go through this every few months on deciding what I want to do with the blog because I start losing traction on my current plan. I love making art but there’s only so much that I can come up with when the only thing I *want* to make is Noodle but I have no ideas on what to do and it gets old just making basic poses time after time after time. I’m not all that interested in my other OCs at the moment either so they got shoved into my personal archives. 

I’m still having tons of fun with @princess-smallestia even though I haven’t been overly active there - when I do post, it’s because I honestly feel like it and I enjoy it. That’s not going anywhere, so don’t worry about her.

All in all, I’m not 100% sure yet but this blog will most likely start being more of a personal one again once the new year hits, in terms of at least keeping my text posts and pictures and reblogs up again instead of just deleting them, and not feeling guilty about posting other things than just art.

I have a few ideas for art projects I wanna do for December, but I’m kinda losing the art traction again and probably just need another break from the current plan to just sorta regroup and see where I’m gonna go.

Thanks for letting me vent, thanks for being awesome pasta squad members, and stick around for more pasta shenanigans and art and all sorts of stuff!

❤︎ Steph

Hey look, it’s something that’s not a shitty doodle and actually drawn with consideration-

JK guys, but thank you SOOOO much for all the support you’ve guys have been giving me!!!! I really appreciate it -3-

SO- as a thank you- I drew @blog-sockydraw !

I REALLY liked how this turned out ^u^

Hope ya enjoy the gift, and if people want me to keep making works like this, let me know!

uratoph  asked:

I just want you guys to know that I love this blog and everyone on it you guys have such amazing art styles akskcjj I want you all to have a good day

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope your day is amazing too!!!! :]
-mod Nico

fafnir-the-golden-dragon  asked:

Henlo,,,,,I love your art sm and I,,,,,am just getting into self-inserting bc I always did but was too shy and seeing your art along with many others makes me feel so much better and more confident thank u💛💛💛💛

tHANK YOU SM aaaaa im really glad knowing my blog and the selfship community in general are helping you !! ! gOOD LUCK I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN MAKING THAT GOOD GOOD SELFINSERT CONTENT 💕❤️💕❤️💕

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Heyo, just wanted to say congratulations on setting up the Connor Murphy ask blog! This is going to be SUCH a wild ride and I can't wait. Seeing a full blog dedicated to Connor in ur gorgeous art style is blessing enough, but pLOT too!?!?? Good luck, and I hope you have as much fun running the blog as I will following it! *offers 420 tray fills of cookies of choice to get u started*

ThaNK YOU SO MUCH QAQ I’m so insecure aboutit so far what iF I FUCK UP THE CHARACTER’S BEHAVIORS HAHAHA- But really, thank you! Knowing me, there’s gonna be a shit ton of plot and- Err- I don’t wanna spoil! X’DDDD I’m gonna have so much funnnn!

(Connor will be so happy with this amount of cookies)

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Well, I was wondering if you could do a post similar to the Sollux one but w/ Eridan. I'd love to know how you portray sea dwellers!! Plus I love your Eridan design even though I don't see allot of him in your blog.(Also, I was talking to my girlfriend about your troll stuff and she wanted to know since you have some design aspects based off blood color, how do karkat(or mainly sign-less)hide there blood color as they do in the comic?) Hope this isn't too much <33

ill start with eridan bc its been a good long while since ive drawn him so heres a lil scribble for u w/o the glasses bc i honestly forgot

so !! firstly, eridan isnt Exactly a seadweller persay ? in my design hes a bit of a weird one; he doesnt even have finny hands/feet like feferi does. but he does have gills and can breathe underwater Fairly alright. he still needs air like a dolphin. 

hes got the trailing fin instead of hair bc like….why would fish have hair I Guess

but ! he has extra eye pieces around his normal eyes tht make it easier to see in the water/the dark (equius has some similar ones for vision in the dark)

and then he has squiddy teeth like feferi does !! she has more of an actual Beak than him which makes. sense. but he still has tht very distinguished highblood tooth structure. 

also; he has more of his actual blood color (albeit dulled) on his skin than most other trolls do. its actually not uncommon in trolls, but usually appears more in adult trolls than young ones !

on the subject of blood color, hiding blood color for young trolls is not overly difficult and can be done but usually Isnt. 

i pulled my color swatches for karkat/kankri and aradia/damara (and xefros but) respectively

these colors are VERY similar especially on trolls who arent built to really see bright colors as well. theyre incredibly dulled. and the most showing traits are the mouth and teeth which you have to get right up to someone to see. 

alternatively, you could get a troll to glow for you (since my trolls Can) and a troll like aradia would be able to do so easily. her areas tht can glow follow along her nose and arms and stomach, but karkats biolumi areas are all on his chest and back which arent uncommon !!

hed have to take off his shirt in order for that to be visible. so thick clothing and not getting into other trolls faces constantly make it easy to hide among burgandybloods, which is my personal hc for how he hid for so long. 

adult trolls would have no luck hiding unless they manage to paint their bodies and use color contacts; their blood colors are part of their skin post-molt.

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Congrats on expecting! i hope it goes well for you! also i sudgest that when you really need to focus on rasing your child, focus on him or her. Even if it means you need to put this blog on hold again. Art can wait, but the kid needs more attencion. And even if your Mom says its probs gonna be a boy, what would you like to have? Boy or Girl?

Oh I know, Imma smother that kid with love .w.

But I’d be fine with either… tho my mom says it’s prolly gonna be a boy cause of genetics, both my mom ad my dad’s side have mostly boys, very few girls born into the family… heck the fact my mom had two was considered a family oddity .w.


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

Can we…not make fun of people’s art, especially if they’re children? And delete all “bad art blogs” that just repost (usually kid’s) OC’s without permission for the sole reason of making fun of them thanks

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I have a headcanon I'd like to share with you if that's ok!!! Hanzo likes various plants, especially succulents. So he has a bunch in a window garden, that he spends a lot of time taking care of. When he's alone it's a fair bet you can find him singing soft lullabies, songs of luck and growth, and things in Japanese he'd always meant to tell Genji, but since he couldn't he sings them to his plant babies while he's taking care of them.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Since he never got to do that for Genji when he was little, he wants to at least help something grow and be wonderful in life.. And when Mcree accidentally happens upon Hanzo one day singing to his succulents and smiling softly to himself as he remembers the good times he did have with Genji when they were young, it reaffirms every reason in his head of why he loves this man. And he knows in that moment this is the man he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Also, you are a beautiful wonderful human being and you are the first I have ever shared a headcanon with. And I want you to know that’s how much you and your blog mean to me. Ty bug bb, you are the bestest. 

Hey anon, this headcanon is absolutely beautiful?? Thank you so very much for sharing it, I’ve been thinking about this all day long and couldn’t help but doodle something for it because I loved it so very much :’))