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So now we do know you don't post every question but do you post every submission or fan art?

I absolutely try to! Especially if they’re fanart/writing, and especially since Tumblr doesn’t have a system to search through your inbox (I’m gonna add a really hopeful ‘yet’ onto that) and I don’t want to lose any submissions to the void.

Two things I do, however, are:

1) If someone submits art/writing to me, I try to check their actual blog to see if they posted it there first so that I can reblog it as opposed to just posting the submission. That way they can hopefully get some much deserved attention for their hard work! And,

2) I prefer to pick and choose when I post/reblog fanart/writing so that it doesn’t fall right before or on the same day as comic updates. That way people can fully enjoy their fanart/writing being posted without having to worry about not getting the attention they deserve because of an update ^^

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Just wanted to let you know that I love you for sticking to your own art and cosplays in this blog!!


I have too much fear to do otherwise! ヽ(°ヮ° )ノ

ID #57477

Name: Carrie
Age: 18
Country: UK (Scotland)

Hey! I’m Carrie, an INFP girl from central Scotland. I’d describe myself as on the quiet side, but I can be more confident and relaxed once I get to know people better.
I’m looking for a penpal currently because I’ve just finished my last year of school and I’d love to have someone new to speak to now that I’m less busy.
I really enjoy art, which is kinda what I want to do with my life. I hope to apply to uni after I’ve built a portfolio this year. Music is also a pretty big interest, I can listen to just about anything. I really dig musicals as well. I’m also into aid work and am going to Rwanda soon for two weeks to help with a charity over there. Travel is so exciting to me, and I’m really interested in learning about different places and cultures.
My most favourite things to do are reading and watching films, especially ones from the 80s like Stand by Me, Dead Poet’s Society and The Lost Boys. I’m also a big nerd in terms of Marvel films.

I’d love to hear about you too!

Preferences: Ideally, I’d like to meet people around my age so roughly about 17-21 ish? I think that’s kind of it.

Thank you for 1000 followers!

When I started this blog, I honestly didn’t expect it to get this much interest, so it’s heartening to know so many people find it useful!

This post was originally going to have some chibi art to go with it of Stiles putting up a banner saying ‘1000 FOLLOWERS!’ but falling off a step ladder with Derek standing with his arms out to catch him. But, you know, expectation vs. reality… >_> I’ve been attempting to draw it for like 3000 hours (it’s taken me so long, I’m now approaching 1.5k followers) and have come to the conclusion that I just can’t art, so you get this boring text post cluttering your dash instead!

There are 62 fics(!!) in the library so far and I’ve recently (this post has been sat in my drafts for the past 2-3 months while I was trying to art) added a page to the blog to list the fics that I think are must-reads, so if you haven’t been following for long or think a few posts could have slipped past your radar (or if this is the first time you’re hearing about this blog and you’re looking for a place to start) go and check it out! I can guarantee you’ll find something worth your time ^-^

The tags page has been revamped with some added sections and I’ve shuffled other tags around. If there’s anything you think I should keep an eye out for to tag specifically or if you find any broken links, just let me know! (A couple of tags under the ‘References’ column are empty right now because there are posts in the queue that will fill them.)

As always, my inbox/submission box/messages are always open to any recs you might want to send my way~

Maybe I’ll manage to iron out the kinks in my art in preparation for if I hit another follower milestone… ;>_>

Want to be a part of the blog?

I’m looking to find one more artist for this blog so I’m making an artist audition thing since I don’t want to stress out my friend with having them do two drawings per day. Art stresses me out in general on top of editing and recording so I’d really appreciate the help.

Anyway- Rules, yes-


1. You’d have to already be following me. I just want mutual interests for this blog so I know I can depend on you.

2. Friendly obviously because I’d want to be able to get to know and get along with who I’m working with.

3. You can submit a new drawing or an old drawing you’ve done the past 2 months. Here’s the link to the submission box: 


4. You’d have to really want to do this and dedicate yourself just enough (not asking for fully but enough) to this blog.

5. I’m not all that great with giving rules so I guess that’s it-

Extra Info:

I’ll basically be giving you one ask each to work on every other day. Yup. That means I’ve decided not to post asks every single day anymore just to give the artists enough time to come up with a visual. I want this to be as less stressful as it can be.


If you didn’t know by now, I have the most beautiful and talented friend named mads and she is highly underrated for what she does.

She has sent me such beautiful art and I always tear up when I get them because not only is she talented as hell, she’s one of the most kind people I know and deserves more love than anyone can give.

She deserves recognition and respect and your time… so please go to @madsworld-blog to find a link to all of her art and take a glance through things.

Re blog this as much as you’d like…. but please don’t delete the tag!


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Hello! Your blog has been popping up on my dash for a while (just followed! 💛) and it really really intrigues me!!! I love this type of stuff! But? I don't know how to jump into the universe? Where do you recommend I start? Thank you! I'm so unbelievably excited to see your content!!!!!

Hi and welcome! The comic that kicked it all off is here - an intro to the world of Elsewhere U! This blog is here to collect all the stories/art/asks about the world, with no real order. Over time places/characters/ideas have built off each other, but overall it’s a loosely connected sandbox centred around the idea of a university on a fairy hill. The tags page might help if you’re interested in any particular aspect of it!

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Just got the email that my mugs have shipped out to me and should arrive soon and I am so excited. I've been following and admiring the blog and art for awhile, but waiting for a payday and you keep putting out fabulous new ones to tempt me! I'm going to need one of my own shelf in the cupboard for my mug collection soon. No regrets! Keep up the incredible work. Lots of love to Red and Solas! <3

Thank you so much for the lovely message! <3 It always warms my heart when you guys buy my DA merch, and to know that you enjoy what I do. And I love seeing the pics of the products when they arrive, so consider snapping a photo or two of those mugs once you have them and submitting them here! I’d be the happiest idiot. 

Many hugs for you.


Do not brew tea on a mug with my face on it, first warning.



Trials of Apollo is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so for this, art, it is signed and all, but I couldn’t find a link to the account who made it! So if ever you happen to know who made this art or have the link for their blog, please tell me so that I can give proper credit!

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Your art is so cute!! I love your style!! I could scroll through your blog for hours. Have you ever thought of making an art book or comic?

I think I might cringe to death if I ever tried to make an art book haha :-) As for comics, I guess I’d like to give it a go, but it seems like it would take more focus than I’m willing to give it without proper motivation. (Maybe when my art skills are better though, who knows)

Sooo I had to check this twice cause… OMG!!

I had reached 60  folloers!! WHAAAT thakyou so muche for following me I appreciate it so! MUCH!! Jus konw that each and every one of you can come talk to me at any moment!! just come cash in my askbox, say hi, whatever, dont be shy, Ok!!

For those of you who are new and don’t know, my name is Cristina, I’m 25, i take requests, I have a list of fandoms you can ask me to draw, this blog can get NSFW, in fact imma post a nsfw request soon!!

Have a nice day everyone!!

Oh and, dear @feshnie i love your art and would have never thought the day would come  when you’d follow me TT.TT actually had to check if it was really you cause up till now i have only followed your artblog but… I’m so really grateful you’re my 60′th follower….thank you so much TT.TT

~Happy Birthday, Finn @finni-blogs!~

I can’t believe you’re entering adulthood now TvT Time passes by so fast! But now, new possibilities and freedom are open to you~!

I wish you lots of luck, best of health, happiness and that your goals may come even closer to you, little potato!

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// some quick info

  • i have no clue what i’m doing, i just wanted to spontaneously revive this ask blog
  • most of the events that have happened before on this ask blog won’t be relevant in the future (so if you’re a new follower, you don’t have to read thru the ask blog to know what’s going on (rly pls don’t, my old art i s so c ri ng y sdfjdjfgsj))
  • ships will be changed
  • some of the roles might be changed, i’ll info you later on that
  • all of the old asks have been deleted
  • idk let’s have fun i guess

at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


Please bear with me and read what happened. I am absolutely shocked.. So Milklim Japan has decided to sell t-shirts that have my stolen illustration printed on them. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY… Yes MILKLIM!!!

I’m not sure if they bought these shirts supplied from Taobao or if they directly lifted my design, but it doesn’t matter they continue to support art theft.

Many people including myself have commented on Milklim’s Instagram and so far they have been ignoring us and so far HAVE NOT RESPONDED. I even tried to contact them via Twitter, I received no response. They have not reached out to contact me, they have not done anything. They are just keeping this up and not responding to comments in both English and Japanese (they have no excuse they CAN read it)

I’m just absolutely floored right now, you all know me on this blog I’ve been loving and supporting Milklim for years. I have always had a dream to design and illustrate in Japan for Harajuku brands, but I can’t be there right now. But it doesn’t matter, my ideas are still being stolen by Japanese brands. My dream feels like a lie. And the integrity and creativity of Harajuku nowadays seems to be fading fast.

Please reblog this. Please spread the message. I’m only 1 small artist and I can’t do this alone. Because stuff like this keeps happening including aliexpress and a Shibuya 109 store that stole my art in 2016… I am NO LONGER posting or making art. I’ve stopped. Because I’m heartbroken. I’m sorry everyone.