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Drarry: A Summary
  • Harry calls Draco “Dragon Boy” because his name means dragon in Greek (from Latin).
  • Draco does not appreciate this and proceeds to call him “Henry” because Harry is a nickname for the German name Henry.
  • Harry also, does not appreciate his pet name.
  • Thus began the list of names they call each other.
    • “Ferret.”
    • “Scarhead.”
    • “Pretty boy.”
    • “WHOREcrux!”
    • “I’m a whore for you, blondie.”
  • Harry holds doors open for Draco. He also pulls out chairs for him.
  • Because Draco is a, “Pretty pretty princess that deserves to be treated like one.”
    • “Cough cough.”
    • “What?”
    • “Cough cough… the door?”
    • “I’m carrying all the groceries, Draco. I don’t have a free hand.”
    • “Well, put some down and open it.”
    • “Are you-”
    • “Yes, Potter, I am serious. Do I look like I open my own doors?”
  • Draco bought them a kitten.
  • He named her Rosie Malfoy-Potter.
  • She’s a little pure white kitty with clear blue eyes, and the constant need to lick Harry’s nose.
  • Harry didn’t know he was going to come home to his boyfriend holding a tiny animal, letting it crawl over his arms and onto their couch.
  • He was shocked, and angry at first.
  • But not even the Boy-Who-Lived can resist a kitten.
    • “Look at her! She’s nuzzling my hand!”
    • “Yes, I see that.”
    • “Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”
    • “It’s a cat.”
    • “No, it’s our daughter!”
    • “No, it’s a cat.”
    • “Come here, let me just…”
  • Draco placed the fluffy ball of fur in Harry’s arms. She quickly warmed up to him and began snuggling into his chest.
  • Harry picked her up, pulling her in front of his face.
  • Draco pushed the kitten closer, as she cautiously sniffed his nose.
  • And licked it.
    • “See? She loves you.”
    • “….”
    • “Harry? Please, I’ll be the housewife and take care of the children. Let me have her? Let us have her?”
    • “….”
    • “Honey?”
    • “Alright, she can stay.”
  • Harry’s a workaholic.
  • Sometimes he takes extra shifts because he wants to. Not for the money.
  • This annoys Draco.
  • Before they moved in together, he didn’t know how often Harry could throw himself into his work.
  • Saving lives, trying to protect the world from forces that would never cease.
  • Sometimes he needed to be reminded that not everyone can be saved. There’s more to life than being the hero.
  • Draco was a good reminder. Like an alarm.
  • He would go off at a certain time, whenever he needed him. Whenever Harry stayed up for forty-eight hours without sleep working on a case, he was there. Ready to owl him in sick, make sure he slept that night, he got food in the morning, he made sure Harry knew he couldn’t be there for everyone. The only way to stay sane as an Auror is to know when to go home. 
    • “Harry, you can’t keep going like this.”
    • “I have to finish looking over this file. If I can find out where this kid is then-”
    • “Harry Potter!”
    • “Give that back!”
    • “No, you listen to me. You can’t keep doing this.”
    • “Doing what?”
    • “Not eating, not sleeping, not talking, only working. It’s not good for you. I’m worried. You come home, but you’re not home. You’re at work. We haven’t had sex in three weeks. You haven’t had a full meal in three weeks. Mrs. Weasley flooed wondering where you were at dinner this Sunday. You know what I told her? You were hooked on this case. Addicted. This is an addiction, Harry. You’re addicted to saving people. Addicted to helping. Yeah, well you can’t save everyone, Potter! If you’re going to have a fucking hero complex then why don’t you save the ones who really matter in your life. I’ve woken up screaming and crying twice this month, and where were you? Not next to me, not where I needed you. I’ve needed saving. I love you, you stupid prick. I fucking love you. I fucking care about you. Please, for fuck’s sake, don’t do this to yourself.To us.”
  • He stopped bringing his work home after that.

Pairings: T’Challa x F!Reader, Tony x Science


hi can you write something that the reader is watching harry potter WITH tchalla in secret and EVERYONE finds out and ship it - and then tchalla confess his love for her in a harry potter way like “muggle in the streets but a wizard in the sheets” PLEASE, I LOVE YOU i know that is a little cliché BUT t'challa is everything to me meow 😻 BYE 😺 

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has invited Y/N.

Bucky: Tell Thor to hand over Mjolnir!

Sam has joined the chat.


Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Lady Y/N, please save me from these men!

Bucky: GIVE IT


Thor: Absolutely not!

Bucky: Scared I might actually be worthy? Maybe I can lift Mjolnir. Since my hand is no longer organic, maybe the elevator rule applies to me.

Sam: Damn, I’ve never thought about that.

Thor: That is nonsense!

Sam: Can I have your cape now?

Thor: Why do you want it?!

Sam: it is warm, i am cold.

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also, casual reminder that when we say tony is a “futurist” we’re not only talking about how he visualizes disaster scenarios, we’re also talking about how no matter how god damn terrible things are in the present, he still believes in working towards a better future, that’s like. the entire point

when people think of dreamers they usually think of people with perpetually bright thoughts and what have you, but the truth about dreamers is that they live in the real world where they have to watch their dreams being crushed, and where they have to deal with the possibility that their dreams might be crushed. tony is an absolute dreamer, and that’s exactly why he’s so vulnerable to disappointment, and the fascinating thing about him is that even when he seems disheartened, even when he argues the entire future is fucked and the only solution is for him to sell his life and/or soul to save it – he is still trying to save it

this is actually really deep and i don’t even know if i’m expressing it well because i’m overwhelmed by the thought but like, what i’m saying is that so many people treat tony’s grayest decisions as this act of “giving up” on looking for a “good” solution – which is not an inaccurate assessment – but the other side of that coin is that he’s one of very few heroes who are willing to do things they cannot live with in order to save the future

tony doesn’t just hope for a better future, he bets his entire soul on the mere possibility that there might be one and that he can help bring it about even when present circumstances spell out disaster

tony doesn’t just dream, he dreams so much he accepts to remove himself from his own dreams if it means that the dream will live on without him tony dreams so much he is willing to never be happy, never find peace, if it means that his dream – that other people will have these things in the future – lives on

that’s the ultimate “futurist tony” joy and tragedy, tony put his faith in something he will never see or touch, by definition – the future – so there’s no resting in the present, it’s just this fight for constant improvement, it’s just living with a mental system that offers more obvious punishments than lasting rewards – anxiety/stress/paranoia over inner peace – but at the same time, no matter how bad things are, nothing can actually take the future away, even if he’s not there to see it, even if he’s not personally happy in it, tony found that dream that nothing could take away from him – nothing except his alcoholism, which led him to run away and give up trying (”i’m celebrating the end. the living end. the end of living.” / “i guess i’m dying. i guess it doesn’t matter. i guess i don’t care.” / “if i could do what i’ve done – if i could help this sickness i’ve got destroy me – then i’m not worth saving. then life has no meaning anyway.”) – and after aliens and cataclysmic scenarios and tons of deadly, otherworldly things, it’s the alcoholism that cut him the deepest, it’s the utter lack of hope, it’s why his “demon in a bottle” choice wasn’t simply between addiction and sobriety, recklessness and responsibility, it was “the drink or the dream?”

and he chose the dream and the dream is his ability to keep hoping

tony stark put his faith in having hope and that’s why he’ll always be tormented and that’s why his peace will always be under attack but that’s also why he’ll always bounce back and keep dreaming because hope is something that blooms in adversity and uh oh uh oh oh no i fucking love tony stark


favorite female character → Fiona Gallagher (Shameless)

“My mother’s bipolar, and my father is an alcoholic and an addict. He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing. No money. No support. I’ve done what I could to help raise my siblings. I wish I could have done more. I’m not asking for your pity or your admiration. I just want to be able to give these kids everything that they deserve because they’re great kids, and they deserve better.”

I hate watching you destroy yourself. I can see it, the drugs are wrecking you from the inside out. You won’t listen to me, they’ve closed your ears off to the sound of the voice you claimed to love. I know this isn’t you, I know that the person I’m seeing is a shell of who you really are, but that doesn’t alleviate the pain that tears through my body as I watch you break down in pursuit of your next hit. I wonder whose pain is worse? I wish I could fix you. I can’t. I know I can’t. Don’t push me away, please. At least let me do this much, at least let me catch the pieces of you that I can.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: I’m in love with a drug addict and I just have to watch him suffer because he won’t accept help. He really is an amazing person but he’s just clouded right now and it’s honestly shattering watching him destroy himself. He’s pushing me away.

Short Story: Vaccination Day

Curie clapped her hands together. “It is time to be inoculated!”

A low groan ran through the group of companions.

“Come on, guys, it’s for our health!” Preston protested. At the head of the line, he sauntered up, taking a seat in the sanitized chair and rolling up his sleeve. He presented a dark, well-muscled bicep to the doctor.

“It’s going to hurt,” Piper cringed.

“You all are being children,” Danse grumbled, arms crossed and a surly expression on his face. “Primitive vaccinations have been a staple of Brotherhood operations for generations.”

“I’m not getting that crap anywhere near me,” MacCready declared.

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So I should have been doing so many things today but instead I decided to doodle on my coffee. The original design was something I found on my phone from way back when so if anyone could find the original, please send it my way. Doodling helps calm me down from the caffeine in the coffee, it seems. Who’d have thunk it.

Hola ~

|| Hello there! Ever since I saw the AU about Prince Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith, I have been addicted to it and couldn’t stop drawing it- Which then led me to drawing FemAltean!Lance. I don’t really have a name for her yet but I would love if you could help me think of one.
I created this character just for the love of Lance in general- So please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions and please don’t be afraid to send me love letters~ ;)  

Anyways thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy future posts to come!

Simsrena: the new addition...

So here we are, enjoying some down time together. Just us girls. I mean its Easter and even doctors get time off every now and again right? Well Bernie and Serena do because I rule in this town and I made it so! 

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Whoa… I think the power might be going to my head…

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Deep breaths Rex… back to the post. What was I writing about? 

Oh yeah!! Simsrena. Aren’t they adorable? Bernie quite literally looks like she’s swallowed a bowling ball. I mean look at that belly! It’s pretty cute though that at every opportunity Serena touches her belly and talks to the baby… can we just take a moment together to appreciate this…

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So just like in real life, when we were all halfway through eating ice cream (or a Nobbly Bobbly ice cream if you’re me - yeah I haven’t grown up! So what?), the baby decided it was the perfect opportunity to make an appearance. 


So obviously I freaked out (and gave myself brain-freeze from eating my Nobbly Bobbly too fast in my panic. Thanks Bern!) and I was really relying on Serena, seeing as though she’s a doctor, to keep her shit together long enough to be of some use to me…


Instead she just jumped from foot to foot and made that face ^^^


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When we finally managed to get Bernie to the hospital, the doctor, who was far too happy if you ask me, brought Bernie and Serena onto the ward. 

Let me tell you, having a baby in the Sims is terrifying! And once again Serena freaked out - so enjoy her freaking out and extremely deep voice… yeah I have no idea why she’s suddenly sounding like a man…

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Wasn’t that disturbing? 

Anyway… the whole point of this post was to say…

Say hello to Cameron Campbell-Wolfe!

Our little family has grown by one :)

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The Stages Of Being A Scottie

Stage 1: “I saw him in X and loved him, I need to check out more of his work!”

Stage 2: “I need to see every single movie and TV show he’s ever been in!! Bummer I don’t live in London and can see him in a play, but oh well.”

Stage 2: “Ok, I need to see him perform live on stage JUST ONCE IN MY LIFE. People irl will find it weird that I travel abroad and spend hundreds of Euros just to see an actor I like, but I’ll just do it this once, then my dream will be fulfilled and I’ll never do something like this again.”

Stage 3: “From now on I need to see every play he’ll ever do! That’s like one London trip a year or something, that’s still normal reasonable behavior, right??!”

Stage 4: “I’m curious how this play will change and grow during the run, so just this once I’ll watch one of his plays twice!”


I have officially reached stage 5. Send help please. 

Sentence Prompts 2

51. “Times like this I doubt your intelligence.”
52. “If someone used cheesy pick-up lines on me, I think I’d marry them.”
53. “You were never meant to find out.”
54. “I don’t blame you for anything.”
55. “Do you have any piercings?”
56. “On second thought, I don’t want to know.”
57. “Do you believe in ghosts?”
58. “If this was a comic book, I would be the hero and you would be the owner of that one shop I accidentally destroy.”
59. “I will bite your face off.”
60. “You, me, my house, popcorn, a two liter of Dr Pepper, and Netflix; you in?”
61. “Either ride piggy-back or I carry you bridal style.”
62. “Please tell me you know how to drive this thing.”
63. “Have you seen my contacts?”
64. “Wait in line, freakshow.”
65. “This is the fourteenth time you’ve applied for the same job.”
66. “Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich so I could duck my head into the dirt avoid your bright attitude.”
67. “Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in all your bullshit.”
68. “Falling in love with you was the worst mistake I could’ve made.”
69. “Please tell me you’re not pregnant.”
70. “I’m a tumblr addict; you think that surprises me?”
71. “Just drop the subject. Please.”
72. “This isn’t something you can help me with.”
73. “I hate the beach.”
74. “Are you hitting on me?”
75. “Sometimes I wish my freckles were like constellations but they’re really like a two year old who stabbed a crayon onto paper repeatedly.”
76. “I’m as much of a master at martial arts as I am the puppy-dog pout.”
77. “I have the coordination of a single-finned fish.”
78. “You can’t tell because I’m smiling, but I’m mentally rolling my eyes at you.”
79. “I’m laughing at you, not with you.”
80. “Did you really think I wasn’t a monster?”
81. “There’s this voice in my head and it just keeps telling me that nothing’s good enough.”
82. “If life was a video game, high school would be the free trial and college would be the $300 purchase.”
83. “I swear, we’re not dating. Yet.”
84. “Please refrain from touching the artwork.”
85. “Would you like some fries with that attitude?”
86. “Life is a highway and I’m the drunk driver.”
87. “My, uh, meeting ran late.”
88. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.”
89. “At first I thought you were a Hufflepuff, but I clearly see now you’re just a squib.”
90. “Keep your eyes on the road or so help me…”
91. “Stop being such a stupid head.”
92. “We’ve still got nine more fingers to go…”
93. “If you just told me, I could be out of your hair.”
94. “Don’t kiss me if I’m sleeping; I will punch you.”
95. “I’ve got this feeling in my gut that just feels as if everything is going to go horribly wrong.”
96. “You’re a 24-karat diamond while I’m the 25-cent plastic ring you get out of a coin machine.”
97. “Ding dong motherfucker.”
98. “I hope the wedding cake has a bomb in it.”
99. “If this was Minecraft, you’d be that creeper no one likes.”
100. “Please refrain from touching the merchandise.”


My mother’s bipolar, and my father is an alcoholic and an addict. He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing. No money. No support. I’ve done what I could to help raise my siblings. I wish I could have done more. I’m not asking for your pity or your admiration. I just want to be able to give these kids everything that they deserve because they’re great kids, and they deserve better.

I’ve Been There

A/N: A request where the reader is kidnapped by the unsub and given the same drug Reid was given when he was taken by Tobias Henkel. After a little fast forward, Reid notices the same changes in her that he had and talks to her about it. @coveofmemories

Warnings: Drug addiction, seizures


She was his best friend. He couldn’t lose her. Not like this. 

But what if they were too late? 

“We have to make it,” Spencer mumbled under his breath. “Hotch, step on it!”

“I’m going as fast as I can without losing control of the car, Reid!” he yelled back. They were weaving through traffic, watching as cars and vans alike veered off to the sides of the road as if they were forced to do so by some supernatural force.

It wasn’t going to be fast enough. They had the trace. They knew who he was. They knew she was still alive. But she wasn’t going to be for much longer. If she died, he’d never forgive himself. A tear rolled down his cheek as he gripped the leather seat so tightly that his nails broke the material. “Kid, we’re gonna get to her,” Morgan said, placing his hand on Reid’s shoulder. “She’s gonna be okay.”

“You don’t know that,” he mumbled, bringing his hand, knuckles still white, up to cover his quivering lip. “If we don’t get to her in time…”

“We will,” Morgan said again. Reid wished he could believe Morgan, but everything in his brain was screaming at him that they were going to be too late and this was all his fault.

As they pulled up to the warehouse, they split up into pairs, entering from all different angles. Morgan and Reid were the closest. “I’ll go first,” Morgan whispered. Reid opened his mouth to protest; he wanted the first shot at this bastard. But that was exactly why Morgan needed to be the first one in. 

Gently but quickly, he pushed the door open. “Step away!” he yelled. “Put the needle down!” But it was too late; he had pushed the plunger just as they’d walked in the door. 

“No!” Reid yelled, falling to his knees at her side and fearing the worst. As he picked up the bottle, he saw what it was; he knew it all too well. When he pressed his fingers to her neck, she still had a pulse, but they needed to get her to a hospital immediately.

Before collapsing at her side, Reid had dropped his gun. As the rage coursed through him, he felt himself reaching for it. Ready to pull the trigger. “Reid!” Morgan bellowed. “Take her and leave! I have him!”

He kicked his gun back toward Morgan, not trusting himself to spare the man’s life before picking up Y/N and carrying her out of the warehouse just as the ambulance showed up. “I’m coming with you,” he told the EMT. “She’s my best friend.”

“We need to go now,” the man said. “Let’s go.”  


She wouldn’t have made it another 30 minutes at the rate he’d been drugging and beating her. It was a miracle she’d made it as it was. After ensuring that the drugs were out of her system, she’d been released from the hospital. He hadn’t heard from her in a week. “Y/N?” he called, rapping on the door to her apartment. Granted, it made sense for people to withdraw after trauma, but from what he could tell, she withdrew from everyone. Extreme social isolation was an effect of the drug she’d been given - he knew firsthand. To be alone for this long wasn’t good for her either. “It’s Spencer. Please let me in.”

“What is it?” she yelled, opening the door with such speed that the breeze knocked his hair into his eyes. “What do you want Spencer?”

He swallowed hard. The woman in front of him wasn’t the woman he knew. Her skin was pallid and drawn, her eyes sunken in her head. Those beautiful eyes that held a thousand memories were devoid of anything. Even in the week since she’d been taken, she’d lost weight. Her wrists looked impossibly thin. Her skin was damp with sweat, but yet she was still wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Never in a million years did he imagine his best friend - the woman he loved - would end up addicted to dilaudid. But all the signs were there. “You shouldn’t be alone,” he said softly. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. Y/N?”

It was as if she wasn’t paying attention. “Y/N?”

“What?” she snapped, turning away from the door and walking into her apartment. “I have such a headache. Tell me whatever you need to tell me and go.”

Spencer was about to tell her he could see the signs. He was more positive of her addiction than anything he’d ever known. But just as he opened his mouth, she collapsed, nearly hitting her head on the table as her body convulsed uncontrollably. “Y/N!” he screamed, falling to her side and grabbing hold of her head. “It’s okay…It’s gonna be okay. I’m here.” 

As he cradled her head in his lap, he dialed 911. “My friend is having a seizure!” he yelled into the phone. “Please! Help her!” He looked down just as her eyes began to roll back. 

The operator confirmed her address and told him what to do to keep her comfortable, but he already knew how to do that. What he didn’t know was how to do was help when it ended. After the shaking and tremors subsided, how was he supposed to help her get back to the person she used to be?


He felt something squeeze his palm. “Y/N,” he said, looking up, hopeful that she’d be okay following such an intense seizure. “You’re okay…”

She closed her eyes, swallowing back a sob as the walls of tears streamed down her face. “No…I’m not…”

“I know,” he said, taking his other hand and enveloping her entire plan. “I know you’re not…but you’re alive. And you’re not alone.”

In the past, he’d told her about the night he’d been taken by Tobias Henkel and drugged. How he always assumed he was the last person that could or would get addicted to drugs. How scared he’d been every time the plunger was pushed down. Would he ever wake up again? How after he got home, he suddenly found himself roaming the streets looking for someone who could sell him what he needed. She’d never understood any of it. Had always looked at him in awe. But now she knew. As their eyes met, a look of solidarity passed between them. “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she said, squeezing his hand again.

“It’s okay. I know why. I’ve been there,” he said. “And I’m going to be with you for every step of the recovery process. If you want me to be here during the withdrawals, I’m here.” 

She attempted to push off of the hospital bed. Find some leverage to sit up. But between the drugs and the seizure, she was too weak, so Spencer stood up and placed his hands under her arms to prop her up. “Why would you do that for me?” she asked. “I was so mean…and you’ve been through this before. You shouldn’t have to do this again.”

“I’d do it for you because I love you,” he said, the word spilling out of him like water over a waterfall. “I love you, Y/N…I always have.”

With a choked sob, she brought her hand to her mouth. “I love you too…When…When he had me, you were the only reason I kept fighting. I didn’t want to die without telling you…”

“I know,” he breathed, the tears falling from his eyes as he came to sit by her side. “I know.”

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Heya, d'you have any prompts for abuse, like flash-back sort of things, or someone comforting someone else who's just had a flash-back?

I can give you some! :)

1. “Make it stop!”

2. “I can’t breathe. I can’t-I can’t breathe.”

3. “Please don’t hurt me. Please.”

4. “I’ll be good. I promise, I’ll be good.”

5. “Would it be okay if I held you?”

6. “Hey, it’s over now. You’re safe.”

7. “Don’t worry. They can’t get to you here.”

8. “I’ve got you.”

9. “Take a deep breath, and count to ten. You have to breathe, okay?”

10. “Do you want to talk about it? You don’t have to tell me, but I’ll listen.”

More comfort than flashback, because I’m a hurt/comfort addict. I hope this helps! :)

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Wait, are you the person that translates Saezuru? If so, I love you and everything you do. Please never stop. Your hard work is admirable and I respect you so much.

*blushing intensifies*  thank you thank you. I must give credit to my wonderful translator Steve #1-3 without their help I would have no words to typeset. I will work on Saezuru as long as I am able because I am addicted weeb trash.

You are so lovely nonny please de-anon one day so I can smooch you.  ♥

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Therapist or doctor Phil having sex with his patient Dan?

Warning!! Smut: rough sex, office sex, Dans a whore tbh, I love him, therapist! Phil, sex addict! Dan, hair pulling, etc.

I didn’t quite know what was wrong, it never occurred to me that I was possibly addicted to sex. I mean, in my defense, it feels good. I guess it isn’t the best thing in the world, but I do enjoy it. Probably too much, in all honesty. Which is how I got landed here, in a therapist office for sex addiction. So here I’m sat, my head rested against the wall and my leg across my knee, waiting to be called in for the appointment. I’m not particularly nervous, more like embarrassed. Because let’s be honest right now, going in and telling this guy or whatever ‘hey, I orgasm at least 5 times a day and have sex twice because hey, I’m addicted to the feeling I get when I fucking cum.’ is a little embarrassing, don’t ya think? I think.

But it doesn’t matter, I’ve given up on caring about being seen as a dirty pervert, because let’s face it, that’s exactly what I am. I spend half my day with my dick in my hand and the other with a dick inside of me, and no I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. It’s been like this since I was a teenager, maybe 13 or 14, and I do not give a fuck anymore. I am also currently lying to you. I’m mortified whenever the subject comes up, I am ashamed. Well, maybe. I guess it depends who i’m talking to. Yeah. Thats a good way to narrow down my feelings on the subject. I guess. We’ll go with that for now.

Finally I hear my name being called, honestly could that have taken any longer? It feels like I’ve been here for hours on end. Well, okay, 45 minutes. Don’t judge me and my bad judgement of time. I’m basically hard, because I haven’t gotten off all day, which never, never happens for me. I made an exception to make sure this appointment would be worthwhile, so I could explain to the guy better what exactly was wrong.

I walked into the back of the offices, going to the one whose appointment I was set up with. Dr. Lester it said. Sounded boring. I walk in, sit down and look at the guy. Damn. Certainly isn’t helping my issue currently now is it. I chuckle to myself out loud, amused by my own humor before realizing I had verbally laughed, and now I’m trying to cover it with a cough. Smooth. He smiles at me, this adorable crooked smile that really is not helping me right now, and I smile back to be polite. Why is a smile turning me on? Whatever, I don’t care. I can do this. I can control myself. No I can’t.

“So, Dan Howell.” Dr. lester started. That sounds hot. Fuck. “What are you in here for exactly? I hear from the secretary that you have an addiction, of sorts. But she didn’t specify.” he said and I blinked, my head blank.

“Uh.” I replied. Great move Dan, way to hit it off. “I’m here because i’m addicted to uh…orgasms. I guess.” I coughed awkwardly, avoiding eye contact as I was embarrassed still.

“Well.” he smiled brightly, his expression almost pleased with my answer. “I can help. What exactly are some of your uh..symptoms, we’ll call them?” he asked.

“I get off, quite a bit in a day.” I chuckled awkwardly. “But mostly by myself, most sexual partners don’t have the stamina to help me out.”

“So I’m guessing your girlfriend doesn’t exactly have any interest in helping you out with this issue?” He questioned, like he was trying to learn my sexuality. Was he hitting on me? No. I’m just horny.

“No girlfriend. I’m gayer then Elton John.” I reply casually, trying to seem more calm than I really was. “But no, I don’t have a partner. I have a friends with benefits, but his stamina, like I said, doesn’t match up with mine. I can go two three four seven rounds, after one he falls asleep. It’s annoying.” I tell him, starting to feel more comfortable with the subject.

“Does sound slightly frustrating.” He agreed, nodding solemnly. “You just need to find a partner to satisfy these needs.”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried?” i chuckle, looking at him. “No one can fuck me hard enough where I’m not ready for another round right after. Everyone is so vanilla and soft, maybe that’s my issue.” I said, shrugging, not really having thought of that before.

“Well, maybe look into more kinky things. Like public sex, or rough sex, gags, leashes, I don’t know what you’re into but find someone to fuck the hormones out of you.” He suggested.

“I don’t know any guy who would possibly have the stamina and energy or capability in general to do that to me.” I sigh, wishing I did in all honesty.

“Guess you haven’t met me, huh?” He chuckled, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Isn’t it inappropriate to hit on your patients?” I ask, tsking at him with a small smirk. “Although, I’m not exactly complaining. I just don’t think you could handle me. You talk a big game, but are you really able to fuck as much as six times a day just to keep me satisfied?”

“Oh please.” he chuckled, taking off his glasses and smirking. “You wouldn’t be able to do it six times with me.”

“Cocky, aren’t we?” I tease, chuckling deeply and licking my lips. “Think you could really fuck me /that/ well?” I challenge.

“I don’t think it’s wise to taunt me like that, Dan.” He hums and sits back. “Do you have lube on you?” He asks me and I instantly turn red. I always did. It’s my thing. The guy with lube. Okay, not really but yes I always had lube.

“I always do..” I reply and his smirk seems to grow if at all possible.

“Of course you would, a dirty slut like yourself would huh?” he chuckled, putting his hands behind his head and looking at me. “Go lock the door would ya?” he asks and I nod bashfully, standing up and locking the door quickly. “This room is soundproof. It’s a feature.” He shrugged.
“Any reason why?” I decide would be a good question.

“I masturbate a lot.” He said, shrugging as if that was the most casual answer.

“Makes sense honestly.” I respond, smiling at him and sitting up on the desk. He stands up, looking at me and humming. I feel his hands rest on my thighs, his hands are large too, warm and big. He leans in close, like he’s going to kiss me. I feel his lips ghost over mine, making me shiver slightly as he squeezes my thighs. I let out a soft moan, his barely sexual actions already making me physically aroused. I tilt my head, my breathing already starting to strain as I close my eyes. His lips press against my neck, nipping at the smooth skin slightly and grazing his teeth over the side of my neck. One of his hands start to move up my thighs, going over my crotch, putting pressure on my semi erection and swiftly shoving up my shirt, his nails roughly dragging down my side. I shiver again, letting out a rather loud moan for such a non-sexual action.

I feel his lips latch onto my neck, starting to suck and bite roughly. His teeth sink into my skin, an action i thought would hurt but made my toes curl. I let out a loud moan, louder than I should since he wasn’t even touching me. Maybe he was right about the rough sex. He pulls away, and I find myself wanting more. I’m a horn dog but /fuck/. His hand squeezes my hips before snaking around my waist, pulling me closer to him, and my legs instinctively wrap around him tightly. He starts to grind into my, his hips making slow rolling movements against mine, like he knew what would get me going most. His lips touch mine, kissing me and nipping my bottom lip. My arm slinks around his neck, pulling him closer as his tongue slipped passed my lips. His hands both move to under me, squeezing my ass so hard I feel like it’ll bruise, and for some reason the thought turns me on even more.

His tongue works over mine, skilled, even more so then I would have thought. His hands go up, slipping under my jeans and squeezing me through my boxers now. After a few moments of heavy petting, he pulls me to my feet. His hand goes under my thigh, pulling it up around his hip, kissing me more heatedly, it seemed like he was timing when he did what. I pull back, tugging off my shirt and discarding it to the ground, smirking a little as I leaned back in, kissing him roughly. I jump up, my legs both around him now. He turns pressing my back against the wall as we kissed. One of his hands are firmly planted on my ass, squeezing the soft skin and his other arm is wrapped around my waist to hold me up. His hips gyrate into me, I feel his hard on pressed against me. I moan into his mouth, reaching down between us with one hand and unbuttoning his jeans, with quite some effort. I moan loudly, looking at him and he sets me down.

“Strip.” he instructs and I nod, quickly stripping down the rest of my clothing and watching as his eyes went up and down my body, biting his lip and smiling, pleased with what i had to offer. He walked over to me, my hands starting to unbutton his shirt before he shook his head, smirking still and turning me around, pushing me over the desk. HIs hands run down over my bare ass, his finger tips light and feathery, making me shiver with anticipation of what he’s going to do to me. “Where’s your lube?” he asks and i tell him, pointing to my belt. He quickly grabs one of the packs I hide under my belt buckle, smiling softly and ripping it open with his teeth, pouring them onto his fingers. “When’d you stretch last?”

“This morning. I didn’t cum though.” I reply, chewing my lip as I waited.

“Good. More fun not to stretch you anyways. A little pain never hurt anyone.” he smirks and I hope to god he’s being ironic with his wording. I feel his tip, I assumed he’s already lubed up. He rubs against my hole, gently pressing in and making me moan before cruelly pulling out, knowing it would drive me wild. He presses in a bit more the next time, pulling out again. The stretch was big, he wasn’t a size I was used to, that’s for sure. He keeps teasing for a few minutes, eventually pushing in all the way, hard fast and all at once. I cry out, he was purposely avoiding my prostate so far as i could tell as he began thrusting. He wasted no time, gaining pace quickly, his hands firmly on my hips and squeezing tightly. His hips snapped back and forth, pushing in and out of me, shifting in order to hit my spot. He relentlessly fucked into the same spot, deliberately hitting dead on knowing it would make me scream. His hand moved away from my hip, his other one tightening in grip. His now free hand makes it’s way to my hair, lacing through my dark locks and starting to pull roughly.

He yanks my head back by my hair, leaning down and kissing me from the side. His hips roll in and out of my expertly fucking me in a way i had never had before, his hand tightly gripping my hair, his tongue roughly and messily running over mine as he fucked me harder than I think i’ve ever been fucked. I move my hand between my legs, starting to stroke my cock as his length worked me. I moan loudly, my voice echoing through the soundproof room. I can’t stop moaning, my noises getting progressively louder and louder as I near my climax.

I run my thumb over my tip, my nail swiping through my slit and causing me to release, spraying cum on the side of the desk, screaming out loudly as I did. He noticed I came, chuckling and not relenting as he fucked into me /harder/ which I had not thought possible, abusing my prostate and making me cry out loud. His hips stopped, yanking my hair back and kissing me still as he started to cum, thrusting slowly and hard in and out as he rode out his orasgm inside me.

I whimpered at the feeling, collapsing on the desk, my arms under my head as I tried to catch my breath. He wasn’t just being cocky. He actually made me not want to go another round. I just want to sleep right now. /Fucking hell/. He pulled out, chuckling as he moved behind the desk and fell into his chair.

“Good?” He asks me, his arms behind his head again as he smiled, the after sex glow apparent on his face.

“I think the real question is.” I panted, looking up at him from my arms. “Is when’s my next appointment?” I chuckled breathlessly.

A/N: Preston kept texting me while I wrote and I told my datemate I was in love with them.

anonymous asked:

i have such a problem with eating. literally i can eat anything bad for me without even thinking and once i take the first bite, i don't stop. even if i think about thinspo or my plan or anything, my mind just doesn't care and afterwards i feel like total shit. it's gotten to the point where i steal people's lunches at school sometimes. it's like i'm addicted to food. please help! i don't know what to do anymore. i hate myself so much..

Hi hun, 

I can relate so much it’s not even funny. I am and always have been a food-a-holic. It’s so incredibly difficult to get in the habit of saying no to the the chips that your friends are munching away on, believe me, I know. But don’t worry, dear, once you’ve turned something down, it gets easier and easier. The longer you go without sweets and junk food, the less you’ll crave it. It’s amazing to get there, it feels so good to be able to walk past the candy section without even giving it a glance

Now, keep in mind, you don’t need to say no to all food. To keep from eating too much crap, it really goes help to eat something healthy like some carrots or an apple. Here’s a condensed list of tips that can help to prevent a binge or an unnecessary, calorie-dense snack.

  • always eat breakfast (you’ll feel 10x better, trust me)
    • tons of protein; eggs, nonfat greek yogurt, deli meat
  • eat your calories earlier in the day, and stop eating early in the evening 
    • (I stop by 4pm after a small dinner, 120 cal or less )
  • only have fruits & veggies after 2pm
  • don’t drink your calories
    • drink only water, tea, and zero cal drinks like Vitamin Water ZERO
    • unless what your drinking is a meal supplement, in which case, don’t eat anything except for fruit/veggies with it
  • try keeping a rubber band on your wrist. whenever you feel tempted to eat junk food, snap it. It somehow kills my cravings, it might help for you
  • keep a water bottle with you and aim to refill it as many times as you can through out the day
  • don’t lose hope. patience is a virtue. you won’t see results over night. just keep going.

I hope some of these tips can be helpful to you! Good luck, darlin! xoxo