i have an addiction please help

GOT7′s Google Search History


  • “how many cats is too many cats”
  • “what does rabies look like”
  • “why do people hate my bucket hats”
  • “am i having an existential crisis”
  • “what type of cat am i personality quiz”


  • “one way ticket to LA”
  • “why is my dad more popular than me”
  • “how to get legal custody of my shared dog”
  • “is time an illusion”
  • “how to delete ‘A’ era ramen hair mark tuan off of the internet for good”


  • “how to get the world to drink green tea”
  • “what are the benefits of drinking a gallon of green tea every day”
  • “help i have too many gym memberships”
  • “am i TOO devilishly handsome”
  • “Jackson Wang GOT7 abs”


  • “i keep periodically losing my social media logins”
  • “when will Bounce by JJP die”
  • “how to plot the murder of a dongsaeng”
  • “why does everyone call me a wine mom”
  • “acting agencies looking for handsome idols”


  • “hello mr google!!!”
  • “is my dog planning to run away with mark hyung”
  • “how many times can i delete my insta pics before people start unfollowing me”
  • “how to abolish every cucumber in the world”
  • “i don’t know how to stop screaming”


  • “nearest gucci store”
  • “every time i spend money i cry please help”
  • “how many boots can i buy before people catch on that i have an addiction”
  • “beginners guide to burning a bucket hat”
  • “what is the newest meme trend i need it for science”


  • “how to tell if your hyung is plotting your murder”
  • “how to make eye contact with girls”
  • “my hyungs made soundclouds so should i do it too”
  • “i forgot my soundcloud login”
  • “music playlists that will make my hyungs think i’m cooler than i actually appear”
Drarry: A Summary
  • Harry calls Draco “Dragon Boy” because his name means dragon in Greek (from Latin).
  • Draco does not appreciate this and proceeds to call him “Henry” because Harry is a nickname for the German name Henry.
  • Harry also, does not appreciate his pet name.
  • Thus began the list of names they call each other.
    • “Ferret.”
    • “Scarhead.”
    • “Pretty boy.”
    • “WHOREcrux!”
    • “I’m a whore for you, blondie.”
  • Harry holds doors open for Draco. He also pulls out chairs for him.
  • Because Draco is a, “Pretty pretty princess that deserves to be treated like one.”
    • “Cough cough.”
    • “What?”
    • “Cough cough… the door?”
    • “I’m carrying all the groceries, Draco. I don’t have a free hand.”
    • “Well, put some down and open it.”
    • “Are you-”
    • “Yes, Potter, I am serious. Do I look like I open my own doors?”
  • Draco bought them a kitten.
  • He named her Rosie Malfoy-Potter.
  • She’s a little pure white kitty with clear blue eyes, and the constant need to lick Harry’s nose.
  • Harry didn’t know he was going to come home to his boyfriend holding a tiny animal, letting it crawl over his arms and onto their couch.
  • He was shocked, and angry at first.
  • But not even the Boy-Who-Lived can resist a kitten.
    • “Look at her! She’s nuzzling my hand!”
    • “Yes, I see that.”
    • “Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”
    • “It’s a cat.”
    • “No, it’s our daughter!”
    • “No, it’s a cat.”
    • “Come here, let me just…”
  • Draco placed the fluffy ball of fur in Harry’s arms. She quickly warmed up to him and began snuggling into his chest.
  • Harry picked her up, pulling her in front of his face.
  • Draco pushed the kitten closer, as she cautiously sniffed his nose.
  • And licked it.
    • “See? She loves you.”
    • “….”
    • “Harry? Please, I’ll be the housewife and take care of the children. Let me have her? Let us have her?”
    • “….”
    • “Honey?”
    • “Alright, she can stay.”
  • Harry’s a workaholic.
  • Sometimes he takes extra shifts because he wants to. Not for the money.
  • This annoys Draco.
  • Before they moved in together, he didn’t know how often Harry could throw himself into his work.
  • Saving lives, trying to protect the world from forces that would never cease.
  • Sometimes he needed to be reminded that not everyone can be saved. There’s more to life than being the hero.
  • Draco was a good reminder. Like an alarm.
  • He would go off at a certain time, whenever he needed him. Whenever Harry stayed up for forty-eight hours without sleep working on a case, he was there. Ready to owl him in sick, make sure he slept that night, he got food in the morning, he made sure Harry knew he couldn’t be there for everyone. The only way to stay sane as an Auror is to know when to go home. 
    • “Harry, you can’t keep going like this.”
    • “I have to finish looking over this file. If I can find out where this kid is then-”
    • “Harry Potter!”
    • “Give that back!”
    • “No, you listen to me. You can’t keep doing this.”
    • “Doing what?”
    • “Not eating, not sleeping, not talking, only working. It’s not good for you. I’m worried. You come home, but you’re not home. You’re at work. We haven’t had sex in three weeks. You haven’t had a full meal in three weeks. Mrs. Weasley flooed wondering where you were at dinner this Sunday. You know what I told her? You were hooked on this case. Addicted. This is an addiction, Harry. You’re addicted to saving people. Addicted to helping. Yeah, well you can’t save everyone, Potter! If you’re going to have a fucking hero complex then why don’t you save the ones who really matter in your life. I’ve woken up screaming and crying twice this month, and where were you? Not next to me, not where I needed you. I’ve needed saving. I love you, you stupid prick. I fucking love you. I fucking care about you. Please, for fuck’s sake, don’t do this to yourself.To us.”
  • He stopped bringing his work home after that.
Help me leave my abusive household please


I’m desperately unhappy with my homophobic, misogynistic religious family. I’m an 18yo bisexual bipolar non-believer (ex-muslim) woman. My family is extremely abusive and switch between totally ignoring me or being the meanest, crulest parents they could ever be : telling me to die, that I’m not a good daughter, a slut, that if I wear this or this I would get raped and that would be my fault, forcing me into Roqya (thinking there’s a demon inside of me) where I would literally get BRUTALIZED (my hair got pulled, I got beaten up..). Living in a religious family when you’re bisexual, bipolar and atheist means being the saddest you could ever be. I’m always anxious, scared of being caught (my dad once installed a spy software to literally watch what I’m doing, he saw I watched porn and beat me up) or that my parents would fight. As a child, I had to see my parents fighting over money (my dad is a gambling addict) literally twice a week. This obviously worsened my anxiety and probably is why I’m bipolar today. My mom would beat my father and my father would do the same. If my parents ever find my tumblr or my twitter, I would get disowned and thrown out of my house. Also when I was 7 I was severely sexually assaulted (I don’t wanna get in details) by one of my family member and my mom knows it and did nothing about it. Just to make you realize and shitty this woman is.

In order to be happy, I NEED to leave this household. This isn’t about me wanting to get independant, it’s a matter of life or death : if I don’t leave this family, I WILL either shoot myself or get thrown out, and my bipolar disorder would get worse.

To sum this up, my mom is a manipulative w**** and my dad is a gambling addict. They’re religious and I’m not. They’re homophobic and I’m bisexual. They think I have a demon inside of me when I actually need therapy. I’m scared that I will kill myself during a depressed phase, so i need to leave this family. I never ask for help, but please, please, help me. Even one euro would help. Please help. Thank you.. If you can’t help, please reblog…

I need about 1000€ for one year of rent (minus the housing assistance I could get). Thank you.

maryya.hussein@gmail.com for paypal (country is France)


Pairings: T’Challa x F!Reader, Tony x Science


hi can you write something that the reader is watching harry potter WITH tchalla in secret and EVERYONE finds out and ship it - and then tchalla confess his love for her in a harry potter way like “muggle in the streets but a wizard in the sheets” PLEASE, I LOVE YOU i know that is a little cliché BUT t'challa is everything to me meow 😻 BYE 😺 

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has invited Y/N.

Bucky: Tell Thor to hand over Mjolnir!

Sam has joined the chat.


Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Lady Y/N, please save me from these men!

Bucky: GIVE IT


Thor: Absolutely not!

Bucky: Scared I might actually be worthy? Maybe I can lift Mjolnir. Since my hand is no longer organic, maybe the elevator rule applies to me.

Sam: Damn, I’ve never thought about that.

Thor: That is nonsense!

Sam: Can I have your cape now?

Thor: Why do you want it?!

Sam: it is warm, i am cold.

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Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33
PRAYER: Holy Lord, only in You do I find what satisfies my soul’s desires. The things that have captured my eye become stale after only a short while. The artificial things I have pursued, all of my addictive pursuits, have left me empty and enslaved. I find hope and help only in You. Please be near to love, correct, discipline lead, and mould me to Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

also, casual reminder that when we say tony is a “futurist” we’re not only talking about how he visualizes disaster scenarios, we’re also talking about how no matter how god damn terrible things are in the present, he still believes in working towards a better future, that’s like. the entire point

when people think of dreamers they usually think of people with perpetually bright thoughts and what have you, but the truth about dreamers is that they live in the real world where they have to watch their dreams being crushed, and where they have to deal with the possibility that their dreams might be crushed. tony is an absolute dreamer, and that’s exactly why he’s so vulnerable to disappointment, and the fascinating thing about him is that even when he seems disheartened, even when he argues the entire future is fucked and the only solution is for him to sell his life and/or soul to save it – he is still trying to save it

this is actually really deep and i don’t even know if i’m expressing it well because i’m overwhelmed by the thought but like, what i’m saying is that so many people treat tony’s grayest decisions as this act of “giving up” on looking for a “good” solution – which is not an inaccurate assessment – but the other side of that coin is that he’s one of very few heroes who are willing to do things they cannot live with in order to save the future

tony doesn’t just hope for a better future, he bets his entire soul on the mere possibility that there might be one and that he can help bring it about even when present circumstances spell out disaster

tony doesn’t just dream, he dreams so much he accepts to remove himself from his own dreams if it means that the dream will live on without him tony dreams so much he is willing to never be happy, never find peace, if it means that his dream – that other people will have these things in the future – lives on

that’s the ultimate “futurist tony” joy and tragedy, tony put his faith in something he will never see or touch, by definition – the future – so there’s no resting in the present, it’s just this fight for constant improvement, it’s just living with a mental system that offers more obvious punishments than lasting rewards – anxiety/stress/paranoia over inner peace – but at the same time, no matter how bad things are, nothing can actually take the future away, even if he’s not there to see it, even if he’s not personally happy in it, tony found that dream that nothing could take away from him – nothing except his alcoholism, which led him to run away and give up trying (”i’m celebrating the end. the living end. the end of living.” / “i guess i’m dying. i guess it doesn’t matter. i guess i don’t care.” / “if i could do what i’ve done – if i could help this sickness i’ve got destroy me – then i’m not worth saving. then life has no meaning anyway.”) – and after aliens and cataclysmic scenarios and tons of deadly, otherworldly things, it’s the alcoholism that cut him the deepest, it’s the utter lack of hope, it’s why his “demon in a bottle” choice wasn’t simply between addiction and sobriety, recklessness and responsibility, it was “the drink or the dream?”

and he chose the dream and the dream is his ability to keep hoping

tony stark put his faith in having hope and that’s why he’ll always be tormented and that’s why his peace will always be under attack but that’s also why he’ll always bounce back and keep dreaming because hope is something that blooms in adversity and uh oh uh oh oh no i fucking love tony stark


favorite female character → Fiona Gallagher (Shameless)

“My mother’s bipolar, and my father is an alcoholic and an addict. He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing. No money. No support. I’ve done what I could to help raise my siblings. I wish I could have done more. I’m not asking for your pity or your admiration. I just want to be able to give these kids everything that they deserve because they’re great kids, and they deserve better.”

I hate watching you destroy yourself. I can see it, the drugs are wrecking you from the inside out. You won’t listen to me, they’ve closed your ears off to the sound of the voice you claimed to love. I know this isn’t you, I know that the person I’m seeing is a shell of who you really are, but that doesn’t alleviate the pain that tears through my body as I watch you break down in pursuit of your next hit. I wonder whose pain is worse? I wish I could fix you. I can’t. I know I can’t. Don’t push me away, please. At least let me do this much, at least let me catch the pieces of you that I can.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: I’m in love with a drug addict and I just have to watch him suffer because he won’t accept help. He really is an amazing person but he’s just clouded right now and it’s honestly shattering watching him destroy himself. He’s pushing me away.

anonymous asked:

Hello Sweetheart! How about a Ravenclaw reader x Fred Weasley? She is actually such a bad girl but so smart she's the top in hogwarts and she love pranks too , I would love to see what you do there darling xx

(All I could think about while writing this was the  transformers theme because of this bloody title haha. Anyways, enjoy!)

=More Than Meets the Eye❀ Fred Weasley imagine=

Originally posted by peppermint7rose

Everyone has the same stereotype for Ravenclaws; “uptight bookworms.“

That simply isn’t true.

Ravenclaws are described as “wise”, “clever”, and “witty”.

You were all of those things, but you used those skills for things… Other than your studies.


It was a quiet morning in Transfigurations class. You were all finishing up a quiz, when suddenly, someone busted into the classroom.

“Where are they?!” A voice snarled.

Everyone turned to the door. Immediately, the room filled with laughter.

Standing in the doorway was the janitor, Argus Filch, and everyone was laughing because his skin was turned to a bright green color.

“Mr. Filch-” Professor McGonagall started, but was immediately cut off.

“It was them two!” He pointed at the Weasley twins in the table next to yours.

“Oh, bloody hell,” Fred exhaled.

“Not again…” George rubbed his temple.

Filch stormed up to their table. “It was you two! I know it! It’s been you two all week!”

“Mr. Filch!-” McGonagall began walking over to them.

“It wasn’t us!” George shouted.

“We’re being framed!” Fred added.


“Argus!” McGonagall yelled, stepping in between Filch and the twins.

He was silent.

She pointed to the door. “Take yourself to the hospital wing instead of interrupting my class!”

“Yeah!” The twins chimed in. She quickly shushed them.

Filch glared at the twins before leaving.

“Okay, everyone. Back to work.” Professor McGonagall then made her way back to her desk.

As soon as class ended, people began to pile out of the classroom, except for you and the twins. You listened in on their conversation.

“Fred, this is the 4th time in the past two weeks we’ve been framed for a prank we didn’t do.”

“They’re bloody brilliant, I have to say. But, yes, this is getting out of hand.” Fred responded, running his fingers through his hair.

You giggled.

“What’s so funny, (Y/N)?” Fred asked, crossing his arms.

“Oh, nothing. Whoever did that prank on Filch is definitely brilliant,” you grinned to yourself, putting your books in your bag. “He finally has a green thumb.” You let out a loud laugh.

The twins both raised a brow at you.

“Get it? Because he’s all green–oh, forget you two.”

“I have never heard you tell a joke before, (Y/N).” Fred had an interested look on his face.

“Yeah, I’m funny sometimes,” you smirked at him, throwing your bag over your shoulder and turning to leave the room.

“Good luck finding the person framing you!” You said, continuing to walk to the door.

Fred and George watched as you sashayed out of the room. The interaction left Fred completely intrigued. More than he already was.

Yes. Fred had a growing crush on you. Ever since he met you, there was something about you that always interested him. Anytime you laughed at something he said or even just looked at him, he felt his heart skip a beat.

That, and he thought you were bloody gorgeous.

You thought Fred was cute, no doubt. You always have. You somehow found yourself always letting out a small giggle whenever he made a sly remark in class. Whenever he smiled at you, you could feel your cheeks turn red every time.

You had a crush on Fred Weasley.


It was late at night. Fred and George had planned to try and catch the perpetrator who was pulling pranks and framing them for it.

The two of them split up and snuck around the castle, trying to find clues.

Fred quietly turned the corner. That’s when he saw a figure standing at the end of the corridor. He quickly hid behind a pillar and kept his eyes locked on the person. He squinted his eyes, trying to get a better look.

Suddenly, his eyes went wide. “No bloody way…” 

It was you.

You were the one pulling these pranks.

You had just snuck something into Filch’s office. You were sneaking back to your common room when, out of nowhere, someone grabbed you by the waist and covered your mouth. They were holding you rather close to them.

“You little sneak!” A familiar voice said. You furrowed your eyebrows. You stomped on the foot of the person who was holding you, causing them to let you go. You turned around and immediately your eyebrows snapped together.

“Fred?!” You whisper-shouted. “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“I could ask you the same thing!”

“Shh! Keep it down! You’ll get us caught!”

Suddenly, there was a loud boom. A door opened, and a very smoky Argus Filch came out of a very smoky room.

Fred looked at Filch, then back at you. “Did you do that?!”

Filch then saw you two, but due to the explosion, the smoke kept him from seeing who you were.

“Oi! Who’s there?!” He shouted. He started to come over to the two of you.

“Yeah. Now, run.” You grabbed Fred by his arm and started running.

After a while of running, you both found a broom closet.

“In here!” Fred opened the door, pulled you inside, and quietly shut it.

You listened as Filch walked past the door, and waited for his footsteps to disappear.

“I think he’s gone,” you said, peeking out the door. You started to walk out, but Fred pulled you back in, and stood in front of the door.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

You raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“You’re the one who’s been letting me and my brother take the heat for all these pranks,”

“Yeah… That wasn’t intentional,” you said sheepishly.

“But you still let it happen!”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I just wanted to have fun!”


You sighed. “Look, I just wanted to prove to myself that I’m not this… Know-it-all everyone thinks I am. All this time I’ve followed the rules and done what I’ve been told. I’m tired of it. I wanted to be fun and different for once… Except I’ve done this 5 times now… It’s kind of become an unhealthy addiction.”

Fred chuckled.

“Don’t laugh at me…”

“No, no I’m not laughing at you, I just…” Fred smiled. “If you wanted some adventure in your life, you should have come to me. I could definitely help out there.” He stepped closer to you, making your cheeks heat up.

You realized the game he was playing.

“Oh, please. I’m way out of your league, Weasley,” you teased, also stepping closer to him.

“Okay, (Y/N). If you can’t handle me, you can use that excuse.” He winked, tugging gently on the bottom of your shirt.

“Are you flirting with me, Fred Weasley?”

“You know, even though you are one of the smartest people here, you are completely clueless.”


“I like you, (Y/N). Quite a lot, actually.”

The corners of your mouth turned up into a smile. “Really?”

He nodded.


“I don’t know. I mean, I-I do know. I just can’t explain it.” He moved a strand of hair away from your face and gazed at your features.

“You’re so… Beautiful. And you’re kind, and you have a good sense of humor, and…” he paused, looking down at his feet with a smile before looking back at you.

“You’re funny. Turning Filch green. Your green thumb joke. I love it.”

You felt your heart racing faster and your cheeks getting hotter.

A silence lingered for a few seconds.

“Is it weird that I really want to kiss you right now?” You asked quietly, gazing up at him.

You both locked eyes. Fred’s eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips then back up. Slowly, the two of you started to lean in. You felt his breath against your lips as your faces got closer. You then felt Fred’s soft lips press against yours.

You closed your eyes, melting into the kiss. You cupped his face in your hands, pulling him closer to you as he snaked his arms around your waist, closing the space between the two of you.

Slowly, he started backing you up, keeping his lips locked on yours. He pressed you up against the wall, pushing his body against yours. The kiss became hotter and more intense. You let your fingers run through his soft hair, deepening the kiss.

Suddenly, the broom closet door opened.

“Freddie, old boy!”

You both immediately broke apart, completely red faced.

George stood there with a smirk on his face.

“It’s about bloody time.” He said, crossing his arms.


Fred explained everything to George as you all walked to the Gryffindor common room.

“So, you’re fraternizing with the enemy?” George gave you a joking glare.

“Yeah, but she’s a very cute enemy.” Fred sent a wink your way, making you giggle.

“Alright, I approve. As long as you don’t blame us for YOUR pranks anymore. We all go down as one.” George held out his hand for you to shake.

You took his hand and shook it. “Deal.”

“Okay, Freddie. Be a gentleman and walk the lady to her common room. I’ll see you when you get back.” George gave Fred a pat on the shoulder before stepping into the painting’s opening.

The walk back to your common room was silent, but comfortably silent. As you were walking, you felt his hand brush against yours. He then swiftly intertwined his fingers with yours.

You finally reached the entrance of the common room and Fred turned to face you.

“Well, madame, this is where I leave you,” he said formally, leaving a kiss on your knuckles.

You giggled. “It’s been a pleasure, good sir.” You tried to take your hand away, but he yanked you towards him and wrapped his free arm around your waist.

“I’d love to do this again sometime,” he smirked. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips before letting you go.

“See you tomorrow then, Weasley.”


Sentence Prompts 2

51. “Times like this I doubt your intelligence.”
52. “If someone used cheesy pick-up lines on me, I think I’d marry them.”
53. “You were never meant to find out.”
54. “I don’t blame you for anything.”
55. “Do you have any piercings?”
56. “On second thought, I don’t want to know.”
57. “Do you believe in ghosts?”
58. “If this was a comic book, I would be the hero and you would be the owner of that one shop I accidentally destroy.”
59. “I will bite your face off.”
60. “You, me, my house, popcorn, a two liter of Dr Pepper, and Netflix; you in?”
61. “Either ride piggy-back or I carry you bridal style.”
62. “Please tell me you know how to drive this thing.”
63. “Have you seen my contacts?”
64. “Wait in line, freakshow.”
65. “This is the fourteenth time you’ve applied for the same job.”
66. “Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich so I could duck my head into the dirt avoid your bright attitude.”
67. “Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in all your bullshit.”
68. “Falling in love with you was the worst mistake I could’ve made.”
69. “Please tell me you’re not pregnant.”
70. “I’m a tumblr addict; you think that surprises me?”
71. “Just drop the subject. Please.”
72. “This isn’t something you can help me with.”
73. “I hate the beach.”
74. “Are you hitting on me?”
75. “Sometimes I wish my freckles were like constellations but they’re really like a two year old who stabbed a crayon onto paper repeatedly.”
76. “I’m as much of a master at martial arts as I am the puppy-dog pout.”
77. “I have the coordination of a single-finned fish.”
78. “You can’t tell because I’m smiling, but I’m mentally rolling my eyes at you.”
79. “I’m laughing at you, not with you.”
80. “Did you really think I wasn’t a monster?”
81. “There’s this voice in my head and it just keeps telling me that nothing’s good enough.”
82. “If life was a video game, high school would be the free trial and college would be the $300 purchase.”
83. “I swear, we’re not dating. Yet.”
84. “Please refrain from touching the artwork.”
85. “Would you like some fries with that attitude?”
86. “Life is a highway and I’m the drunk driver.”
87. “My, uh, meeting ran late.”
88. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.”
89. “At first I thought you were a Hufflepuff, but I clearly see now you’re just a squib.”
90. “Keep your eyes on the road or so help me…”
91. “Stop being such a stupid head.”
92. “We’ve still got nine more fingers to go…”
93. “If you just told me, I could be out of your hair.”
94. “Don’t kiss me if I’m sleeping; I will punch you.”
95. “I’ve got this feeling in my gut that just feels as if everything is going to go horribly wrong.”
96. “You’re a 24-karat diamond while I’m the 25-cent plastic ring you get out of a coin machine.”
97. “Ding dong motherfucker.”
98. “I hope the wedding cake has a bomb in it.”
99. “If this was Minecraft, you’d be that creeper no one likes.”
100. “Please refrain from touching the merchandise.”

My words don’t seem enough so I hope my drawings can help. 

For those who need some encouragement and my personal version of a shout out to people who write and draw tirelessly and with passion. Thanks for the wonderful works you guys have done! Please keep up the good work and don’t give up!

@uncpanda @teachingpanda @cait-writes-stuff @speedypan @royslittleharper @torifloop-art @torifloop @ellana-ravenwood @maruthor @dccomicsimagines @dc-comics-imagines @dc-clubhouse @addicted-to-dc

I don’t know a lot of writers and artists out there, so can you please help me tag some more people? I want to show my support for you guys but I don’t know who else. 

Things have been tough these days and I want to help so this is the best I can do.

Cigarettes & Candy (pt.1)

Originally posted by gentlemensherald

Pair: Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader

Summary: Living in Las Vegas wasn’t ‘ideal’ to most people. Living in Las Vegas with your mate and his drug smuggling, gun dealing, casino owning family and their pack was really not ‘ideal’. But what’s life without a little risk?

Word count: 3,389

Warnings: This will be a very heavy series. I will tag each part appropriately, but expect drug addiction, depression, alcoholism, self harm, anxiety attacks, sexual assault, and extreme violence. The idea is based off of Sons of Anarchy, with very dark characters, including John. 

A/N: I understand some individuals may not want to read this because of the heavy topics but I have struggled from some and I know sometimes it helps me to know other’s understand it. It also really helps me to get to imagine how Sam Winchester would help me. I’ve never had a drug addiction so if I portray it incorrectly please let me know and I will fix it. Thank you for reading, let me know if you like it!

You lived in the heart of Las Vegas, a city full of sex, gambling, and booze. In the city casinos thrived, each one owned by one of three packs. The south end of the strip belonged to HELL, a pack of sly bastards and vixen of women, all wishing to take what they want and give nothing in return. Their pack leader, Lucifer owned the BDSM ridden casinos and clubs alongside his omega Ruby, right hand man Crowley, and his ruthless hit man, Alastair. The rest of their pack helped organize and carry out plans of corruption and illegal activities.

The middle belonged to WAYWARD SONS, that was your pack. John and Mary honestly and rightfully running businesses for the average man, a few of their clubs and casinos for the higher paying individual. Their sons Sam and Dean are heir to the leader status, Sam being the likely candidate due to his Alpha status over his Beta brother.

The north end belonged to MOL, the men of letters, a group of formal but unruly individuals who seek control over the whole strip. Their unlikely female pack leader, Doctor Hess, is a conniving woman with a merciless second hand. Arthur Ketch and his omega Toni Bevell, took crap from no one and served back political consequences. Under but alongside the two heartless individuals stood a family of four, the infamous Stynes. Their treacherous behavior and unconventional medical practices allows them to rule the highest end of the class status.  

The three packs have lived in rivalry for as long as you’ve known. You joined WAYWARD four years ago, after Sam and you fell in love in what was rather, inconvenient circumstances. After bringing you home to the family and gaining the okay from his father, a passionate night left you sinfully sore between your legs and on your neck.

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Short Story: Vaccination Day

Curie clapped her hands together. “It is time to be inoculated!”

A low groan ran through the group of companions.

“Come on, guys, it’s for our health!” Preston protested. At the head of the line, he sauntered up, taking a seat in the sanitized chair and rolling up his sleeve. He presented a dark, well-muscled bicep to the doctor.

“It’s going to hurt,” Piper cringed.

“You all are being children,” Danse grumbled, arms crossed and a surly expression on his face. “Primitive vaccinations have been a staple of Brotherhood operations for generations.”

“I’m not getting that crap anywhere near me,” MacCready declared.

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Another Carter Pt. 6

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Bucky Barnes x Reader , Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, angst .

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  Maybe having your secret out wasn’t so bad after all. Over the time you’ve been at the tower youve managed to get close with the entire team, especially Steve and Bucky. After your very …. physical experience with Bucky on the couch you guys didn’t speak of it . But things didn’t get weird , it was just a silent understanding . Your friendship remained easy and fun , just as yours and Steves . The only difference is Bucky flirts with you constantly , while steve only sneaks in flirting a couple times but it’s never awkward.

 You promised yourself you’d never see steve as anything more than a friend , but sometimes you find that line blurring . He’s so sweet towards you, but he also a large ball of sass . He calls you out on your shit and when you give him attitude he gives it right back . You can see why him and Bucky are so close , they are both little shits .
You’ve tried to keep your feelings for Bucky at bay, but that man is relentless . He looks for any chance to touch you, when he walks by he’ll brush his hand against yours, or he’ll swipe a stray piece of hair behind your ear for you. He somehow manages to find a new, terribly cheesy pickup line every day to drop on you just to make you laugh .

 Today is the first day in a while where all three of you are free for a movie day, and you are beyond thrilled . It’s been too long since you’ve gotten to help catch them up on movies and shows . Today you’re planning to start supernatural, and parks&rec.

You throw on your pj shorts and tee and start on your way to meet the boys in the communal TV room . Stepping off the elevator you’re met with the boys voices arguing, what the hell could they be fighting about?

“ steve she made it clear she didn’t want anything more with you , don’t push her.”

“ I can’t help it , I just- I have this feeling Bucky. even if she wasn’t related to Peg I’d still be interested in her! There’s something-” shit.

“ what if I’m interested in her already?” I have to be dreaming right now , what the hell is happening?

“ buck-”
“ I’m serious steve , I was planning on asking her -”
“ and you weren’t even going to tell me?! ”

“ why on earth would I need to tell you? For approval? She’s not your girl Steve !”

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I am not coming between this friendship . Fucking fuck fuck . You clear your throat signaling tour presence .

“ am I interrupting something ?” You ask hesitantly .

“ n-no you’re not doll. What’re we we watching today ?” Steve ask, forcing a smile .

“ supernatural and parks & Rec. I think you guys will like both !”

The tension dies out when start supernatural , settling yourself between the boys and leaving equal distance between all of you. You don’t want to make either of them feel left out or angry our jealous .

  Within the first two episode of supernatural both boys scoot closer to you , both of their shoulder brushing against yours . Steves arm is around the top of the couch behind you, playing with your hair , while buckys hand is on your thigh under the blanket that is covering you. His hand squeezes a little at your thigh and you have to force yourself not to react Since you don’t know if Steves aware of where his friends hand is . Both of them look so engrossed in the show , but you can’t focus on shit , Steves hands in your hair are lulling you to sleep and buckys hand on you thigh is making you more hot than it should . It’s all too much now, their hands and the fact you eavesdropped & heard their feelings . What the hell am I suppose to do?

A few more episodes pass before you decide to call a break & switch shows .
“ it’s bathroom and phone break time boys , use it now because I’m not letting either of you leave once parks&rec starts!” You warn . Steve takes the chance and goes for the bathroom and grab his phone from his room ,but bucky stays .

“ you’re seriously going to hold it through atleast 5 episodes barnes if you don’t go now .”

“ don’t worry about me, i can handle it . ” once steve was out of ear shot buckys tone changed from normal to flirty real quick

“ hey doll, you know what I was thinking about earlier ?” Here we go

“ how to successfully put your hair in a man bun without looking like a doofus?”

He chuckles, then scoots closer until his face is barely 2 inches away from yours
“ I was thinking about how good it felt to have you in my lap that one day , the way you moved yourself on , the little noises you made . It’s a shame Sam came in before I got to kiss you.”
So much for not talking about it

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“ buck I don’t think- maybe now isn’t the best time for this . Steves going to be back-”

He’s so close his nose is nudging against yours now, and his lips are so close you can feel his breathe . Oh hell . You move forward , finally connecting your lips to his in a quick kiss. It didn’t last long , but it was long enough for you to become addicted to the way his lips dance with yours, how soft and full they are against yours .

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The second yours touch his it feels like fireworks going through your veins . His hands find your waist , tugging you into his lap but the minute your legs land over him you pull back from the kiss without saying a word . You lift yourself off his lap and go back to your spot , as your ass hits the cushion steve returns to the room and you sigh in relief at the perfect timing of it all.

“ you all good now Steve?” You ask

“ yes ma'am , didn’t you have to go?”

“ it’s one of the many skills of a binge watcher steve , I can hold me pee for much longer than i probably should . You’ll get to this level of expertise someday . ” both boys snort out at how proud you sound of yourself . You hit play on the show , and let the comedy begin .

You call it quits after 7 episodes , deciding to stretch a little and atleast try to get something accomplished before the late dinner tonight with everyone . Steve parts with a kiss to you cheek as he heads off to the gym , leaving you alone with Bucky.

“ buck -”
You don’t get to finish , bucky has you pressed against him, his lips crashing against yours . As much as you know you should push away , your body betrays you . You fist your hands in his shirt pulling him to you as you lips melt together . The sparks are magnified this time, making you crave his touch even more .You feel his tongue swipe against your lip and you instinctively part your lips to let him in . His tongue glides over yours , making you moan into him. You finally pull apart for air , as you do Bucky pulls your bottom lip between his teeth before he fully lets part from him.

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“Tell me you don’t feel it y/n.”
You know he’s referring to the sparks , but words don’t seem to be able to leave you right now . Your mind is still swirling from the feeling of his lips , and from the feeling of guilt .
“ I’ve never felt sparks like that from kissing someone doll. It’s-”

“ addicting.” You finish for him, when you lock eyes with him you can’t help but smile . As good as it feels with Bucky, there’s still guilt in you about steve . Because whether or not you want to have feelings for him, you do & and can’t control that. But you also feel things for Bucky. So many things .

“ say something , anything please .” His voice is a whisper , but you can hear the concern in it .

“ bucky that was - I - you - fuck . I loved it .” He smiles and ducks down for another kiss but you back up.

“ I- bucky I heard you and Steve talking before I came in today . I know you both have feelings for me .”

He sighs and steps away, rubbing his hand down his face .

“ I’m not saying I don’t want this.” You point between the two of you before continuing,“ because I do, fuck do I want you. But steve - I can’t help but feel something for him too . ” it was hard to say, but you know it’s better to be honest .

“ I see , does steve know ? ” he asks

“ no , I wasn’t going to pick. I don’t want to come between you two so I was just going to stay quiet but then you kissed me and that all went down the drain.”

“ I care for you , a lot y/n . You’re a a good person, that’s part of what’s so attractive about you . I know you don’t want to hurt either of us, but you need to figure out what you want ; and follow your heart . I can’t say it won’t hurt , but whatever your decision is I’ll support . Your happiness is what matters here.”
He completely throws you off guard with that, you didn’t expect him to be so- sweet about this. Holy- why the hell is he so sweet . Why does this have to be difficult? fucking hell.

He sends you a smile , it’s sincere but there was no hiding the sadness & worry behind it .

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“ bucky Barnes you are something else , you know that ? ” you lean up, giving him one last kiss before heading to the gym . You know you have to have the same conversation with steve , you just hope it goes as well.

Why the hell does Steve have to workout shirtless ? Hot damn. You watch from the doorway as steve lifts himself for pull-ups . When he drops back to his feet he turns to you , smiling when he notices you in the room

  “ see something you like ?” The cocky smile on his face makes you break into a blush .

  “ maybe I do .” The words slip out before you can stop them and you mentally face palm yourself . That is not what I was suppose to say.

  He raises his eyebrow , letting a new mischievous smirk bloom on his lips .you don’t register that he’s moving closer until he’s right I front of you, gently tilting your face up towards his . Before you can object , his lips on are on yours , slowly coaxing yours into it . It’s sweet& calm , and his plump lips fit perfectly against yours . Butterflies erupt in your stomach as the kiss deepens and Steve sneaks his tongue past your lips . He Keeps it sweet, but passionate . His hands are cradling your face , while yours are gently holding his wrists . Your mind goes white through the entire thing , until steve backs away . You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the warmth of his lips , but the second they leave yours you snap back into reality .


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I hope 🙏 this won’t sound impolite 😔💢 or come across 👈 as too forthright but 🍑 even though you 👨 seem 👀 alright 👌 I 🙋‍♂️think I’m better 🌲>🔪 than you 😇💯 now ⏰ please 😖 do keep this thought 💭 in mind that’s 👉 just 😌 my personal conviction 💁‍♂️ you’re smart 🤓📖 and fun 🕺you’re sweet 🍭🍬 and kind 💚 I’d call 📞☎️ our friendship 👬 an addiction 💊 your shoes 👞 are shined ✨ your breath 💨 dulce 🍰 but 🙅‍♂️ still I find 🔎 I have to say I 👁 think I might 💪 be better than you 🙄


So I should have been doing so many things today but instead I decided to doodle on my coffee. The original design was something I found on my phone from way back when so if anyone could find the original, please send it my way. Doodling helps calm me down from the caffeine in the coffee, it seems. Who’d have thunk it.

Hola ~

|| Hello there! Ever since I saw the AU about Prince Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith, I have been addicted to it and couldn’t stop drawing it- Which then led me to drawing FemAltean!Lance. I don’t really have a name for her yet but I would love if you could help me think of one.
I created this character just for the love of Lance in general- So please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions and please don’t be afraid to send me love letters~ ;)  

Anyways thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy future posts to come!

john wick: chapter 2 sentence starters

feel free to change pronouns!! 

  • who the fuck can do that? 
  • why don’t we just eliminate them? 
  • you have my car. 
  • can a man like you know peace? 
  • why not? 
  • you workin’? 
  • i’m not that guy anymore. 
  • you are always that guy
  • what the hell were you thinking? 
  • i’m asking you not to do this. 
  • you stabbed the devil in the back. 
  • you have no idea what’s coming do you? 
  • i lived my life my own way. i will die my own way. 
  • all the stories you’ve heard about that person, if anything else, have been watered down. 
  • consider this a professional courtesy. 
  • this rounds on me. 
  • i’m sorry, i fucked up. 
  • take me to him/her. 
  • as i live and breathe, ______! 
  • you’re not very good at retiring. 
  • i’m workin’ on it. 
  • the man. the myth. the legend. 
  • that’s bad for your health. 
  • DAMN, it’s christmas! we’re going to applebee’s after this. 
  • you’re going to help me. 
  • why the fuck would i do that? 
  • you want a war, or do you just want to give me a gun? 
  • somebody, please! get. this. man. a gun. 
  • your descent into hell starts here. 
  • you don’t want me owing you. 
  • i think you’re addicted to this. 
  • you wanted me back. i’m back. 
  • your evening has been colorful i see. 
  • this kingdom is mine and mine alone. 
  • what have you done? 
  • _______, just walk away. 
  • then why am i not dead? 
  • your life is forfeit. 
  • whoever comes, whoever it is, i’ll kill them. i’ll kill them all. 
  • of course you will. 

My mother’s bipolar, and my father is an alcoholic and an addict. He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing. No money. No support. I’ve done what I could to help raise my siblings. I wish I could have done more. I’m not asking for your pity or your admiration. I just want to be able to give these kids everything that they deserve because they’re great kids, and they deserve better.