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A small thing for Oikawas birthday, fashionably belated of course. There’s this saying around where I live that if your piece of cake fall over with wrong side up, you won’t get married. But hey! Who decides which side is wrong!!?

(The cake has been thrown around enough Iwa, though the temptation is understandable)

*Larry at a fancy restaurant*

Waiter: And is there anything I can get for you, Sir?

Louis: Yes. Can I have a cocktail please?

Waiter: Of course, Sir. I-

Harry: *giggles*

Waiter: ….

Louis: Harry…

Harry: *giggles*

Louis: Honey, please not on our anniversary

Harry: But he said-

Louis: I know what he said and you aren’t getting any if you keep this immaturity up

Harry: *gulps*

Harry: No Louis tonight?

Louis: Depends on if you can stop acting like a child

Harry: Oh

Harry: Yeah I can do that

Louis: Good

Waiter: Umm… Can I get you anything else or?

Harry: Yeah

Harry: If you could add some humour to my boyfriend’s personality then that’d be great

Louis: Ah for fook’s sake


“…The Princesses leaving their mother behind in sanctuary in March 1484 certainly constituted a significant separation but it was politically and personally expedient to all concerned. They coped with this because they had to, there wasn’t a lot of choice so I can only guess that they just tried to put it out of their minds and carry on.“ — Amy Licence, author of “Elizabeth of York.The Forgotten Tudor Queen” (x)

 ♥ – I can’t believe it’s already been almost four months since I started up this blog. When I first came here mid-April, I honestly didn’t think I would get far at all, or that I would be able to create a circle of friends in a community so large. I would often feel lonely in the beginning, but I’m so, so glad I didn’t delete my blog or shy away, because this blog, and the relationships built with it both ic and ooc have been a source of joy almost everyday since then.

I was taken aback when I hit 100 followers, so it’s almost unbelievable to me now that I have hit 200. You all mean so much to me, yes, even you, who has stuck around with me despite circumstances that have kept me from following back. Mutual followers are a joy as well, but I commend those of you who aren’t, I really do. Thank you, and I hope I continue to bring forth material you enjoy seeing.

Below are just a few of the people that have made my experiences so fun on here, or have put up with me ooc too. You are all honestly a source of happiness in my life, and I hope that we can continue to interact in the future. If your url isn’t mentioned here, please don’t feel discouraged or upset about it, because you still mean very much to me too.

The “You my bae” Squad:

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: When will Persona 5 come out? Does the color red mean anything to the story? Why does he wear fake glasses? Who is the guy with blue hair? How does the MC find out that he has persona abilities, and how does he describe it to his friends? Think about the MC finding Morgana, what happened there? I need to know

Making the hidekane sketch I made this spring digitally!! 

Yeah, tho i wa gon make two post collecting them all, but i dont know what i feel about this so yeah it got it’s own post (woah im making my art an outcast poor thing)