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【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - J-HOPE & Group’s part

Q60: Favorite BTS choreography? 
A: ‘Save Me’ and 'DNA’. The dance break in Save Me’s chorus’s House step moves are very cool. My sister said she likes this song’s choreography the most (laughs). As for 'DNA’, I think among BTS choreography, this choreography is one of the best, it’s perfectly choreographed. 

Q61: What do you think about when you’re performing?
A: The intensity of my facial expression and movement. I’d think over the details on how to express the atmosphere of the song. 

Q62: A song that would make you want to dance if you hear it right now?
A: Post Malone feat. 21 Savage’s 'Rockstar’. 

Q88: A place that you want to travel to again? 
A: Sapporo. Although we’ve been there a few times to perform but I definitely want to go visit in private. My dream is to enjoy the hot spring in the middle of the snowy scenery!

Q89: How do you spend your time on public transport?
A: When I want to sleep, I would watch some movies, it depends on the time and mood. From May to July, when when we flied from Korea to Japan, I composed melodies and wrote lyrics on the plane. 

Q90: The food that you would definitely want to eat when you’re in Japan? 
A: Ramen and meat cuisine. I also love eating ‘ひつまぶし’ (chopped kabayaki eel on rice)! 

Q91: Secret of having a beautiful smile? 
A: I’m getting a bit embarrassed to hear this (laughs). Basically, I’m optimistic and I like being fun. Also, I believe that 'smiling will bring you happiness’, maybe that’s why I have such smile.

Q92: What’s your current favorite shoes? 
A: I really like shoes. Recently, I just bought a few pairs of sneakers. I felt in love with one of the pairs straight away, it has a variety of colors and materials! 

Q93: Recently, what kind of scent/ fragrance do you like?
A: Refreshing scent. Recently, I like using the soap with a mint scent.

Q94: Which member do you think is very fashionable? 
A: Rap Monster and V are especially interested in fashion. But the other members have their own style, so they’ve all very cool.

Q95: What sports do you like? 
A: I played tennis from 4th grade to 6th grade of primary school. Although the start of it was a bit weird. My teacher asked in front of the class, “does anyone want to play tennis?” By chance, I had both of my hands out so the teacher misunderstood and then I became a candidate (laughs). I started to play tennis again in the summer, it was refreshing and fun! 

Q96: Your own goal in 2018? 
A: Release the mixtape that I’m preparing (now). And study Japanese. 

Q97: One day, if you could experience another occupation, what do you want to do? 
A: Tennis player! But I wasn’t really good when I practiced in primary school, so competing in Wimbledon, The Championships as a tennis player is just a dream (laughs). 

Q98: Recently, which member made you felt that he has grown (up)?
A: Don’t you think the 20-year-old Jungkook’s face became really refined. When I first saw our 'DNA’ MV (that was released in Korea), I was startled because he was so handsome! 


Q99: Memorable Christmas memory?

RAP MONSTER: I remember when I was 6 years old and I heard that my family is going to travel during Christmas, so I asked them: “is Santa Claus going to come on time?” Because we were going to the countryside so I was worried (laughs). 

SUGA: When I was a child, my family used to eat together. I’m not living with them right now, so I think those were great memories. 

JIN: When I went to the ski resort with my father and older brother! We went every Christmas when I was in primary school! 

J-HOPE: In the past, it snowed heavily on Christmas, the long-cherished White Christmas! I remember building snowman with my family, bustling with noise and excitement! 

JIMIN: I want to see try to make memorable memory of Christmas in the future. My ideal Christmas has to snow, then have fun in the ski resort and lastly go view the night scenery, that would the best.

V: I think couples celebrate Christmas more, but I’ve always been alone since birth (laughs). During school days, I spent it with my friends who were also single. We went to the PC room, played games, ate ramen and we bluffed like: “as expected, it’s the best to spend Christmas in the PC room.” (laughs)

JUNGKOOK: There was a year, when I was sleeping with my older brother, my eyes were half open and I saw my father with a fake white beard. I thought “Santa Claus really came,” I felt asleep with happiness. 

Q100: As BTS, what do you want to achieve in 2018?

RAP MONSTER: Perform in the biggest venue in each country! 

SUGA: Until now, we’ve achieved a variety of goals. We’re fortunate that all of our wishes became true. But I hope next year we won’t get caught on the results while enjoying the music that we like, and I hope we can spend happy time with everyone.

JIN: Make the music that everyone would like to listen to. In private, I want to enjoy the fun of letting off fireworks with the members (laughs).

J-HOPE: Stand on world-class stage, perform many amazing performances. It’s a goal and a dream. 

JIMIN: Personally, I’m not really concerned about the records. We can achieve those records is because of our fans. But the fact that we can break new records, I’m really grateful and thank you. So, I hope 2018 is a year where we could spend more time with ARMYs.

V: After I’ve watched some Japanese movies, I saw a lot of really beautiful places. I want to go outside of the big cities and perform live there, I want to see those scenery in person. And I want to go and meet more ARMYs!

JUNGKOOK: I hope I can make a great song that is able to be included in a BTS album! I’ll keep take on the challenge.


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The Sexual Cravings of a Pregnant Pureblood, Married to the Randy Prat Who Lived, Ch. 3 - Teaser

Hello lovelies!  For this week’s teaser, we have one of Draco’s symptoms flaring to life in a very, er…interesting manner. lolol. This, of course, results in a very confused (but grateful!) Harry, and culminates in an interesting conversation that… Well, you’ll read the rest on Staturday. ;)

Don’t worry for all of those who’ve asked; @l0vegl0wsinthedark will have a masterlist up just as soon as a few chapters have posted, but in the meantime if you want to catch up you can check out the previous books here:

Book One: Virgin Draco

Book Two: Engaged

Chapter Three: As Normal As Ice Cream

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Is anyone out there in internet-land healthy? Like, truly healthy? No mental or physical ailments? A perfectly functioning body and mind?

I am unsure if I know anyone that doesn’t have some health issues. I know a few people who have sporadic illnesses. They get to live most of their lives without too much trouble. I used to be healthy in grade school and most of high school. I got really sick my senior year. I didn’t know it then, but that is when my narcolepsy began. I try to look back on those healthy times and remember what it was like not to be tired. Sadly, I can no longer imagine it. It’s like one of those memories you can almost visualize, but the closer you get, the foggier the image becomes. It’s like your dad saying he likes that movie… “Ya know… with that guy that does the thing. THE MOVIE WITH THE GUY! C’mon, you know the one!” All of my memories of health are exactly like my dad’s movie recollections.

I have no idea what healthy feels like anymore. I wish someone could describe it to me, but I’m not sure it can be expressed in words. What does running full speed feel like? Or trying to jump as high as you can? What about chasing your dog around the yard and actually catching him? (Although Otis is surprisingly quick for a loaf with stumps and Usain Bolt would have trouble catching his wiggly butt.) What does energy feel like? What does waking up refreshed in the morning feel like? What does thinking without brain fog feel like? What about adding two numbers together without a calculator? What does driving feel like? What does meeting a new person in a public setting feel like? Or being nervous talking to a pretty girl you’ve never met? Telling a joke in front of a crowd and getting a laugh? What about taking a group of friends to Denny’s at 2am because it is the only thing open? How does it feel to live? What does a boob feel like? 

I probably shouldn’t have ended on that one. 

Being ill for over 15 years has robbed me of remembering these sensations. I can’t even properly miss them anymore because it feels like they never happened. I know they are all things I’ve done. But if I still have any memory of them, I can only see them like scenes in a movie. The sensation of actually experiencing those things is completely lost. 

A long time ago my fantasy was being a famous comedian with a loving wife, living on a farm where I raised corgis. My best friends and parents would be my neighbors and we’d eat waffles and bacon every morning. Vegan bacon for Katrina. 

Now my only fantasy is just being healthy again. Sometimes I play this cruel game with myself where I think about what I would give to be healthy. A foot? An arm? My hearing? My vision? A boring life where none of my dreams ever come true? 

Sometimes I think about what I would give to be healthy just for one day. And if I was healthy for a day, what I would do with that privilege. 

Most of the time I imagine I would catch the first flight to Florida and spend the day with my best friend, Katrina. She is my favorite person. The most loving platonic relationship I’ve ever had. I haven’t seen her in person for quite a while. We skype every week, but it isn’t the same. If I had one healthy day I would definitely head straight to her. 

In that day, after the world’s longest, squeeziest hug, we would go to Disney World and ride all the rides. See all the attractions. Eat all the junkfood. And as the sun sets, we would rush to the beach so I can see the ocean for the first time. I’d put my arm around her and watch the sun dip beneath the horizon. 

Since Katrina is a lesbian, she knows all the best gay clubs. I know I’m straight, but I’ve been told that gay clubs are far superior to the straight ones. I’d probably have a much better time dancing with all the bears. Bear and bear enthusiasts seem to really love me. They’ve been some of my biggest fans ever since I became popular on tumblr. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so hopelessly straight, because no single group has made me feel as pretty and desired as the bear enthusiasts. I’ve had trouble meeting ladies in my situation but there seem to be a gaggle of gays ready for me if I ever stop being pegged at 0 on the Kinsey Scale. 

I digress. 

As my day of health begins to wear off, I figure I would just snuggle with Katrina and watch episodes of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. We both really love that show and I can’t imagine a better way to wind down from Disney World, sunsets, and bear dancing. 

I know I’d have to come back to reality, but I feel like with this new experience fresh in my brain, I would be able to refresh my memory on what being healthy is like. I could go back and live in those memories when times are tough. Maybe I could just imagine that day right now. Pretend those are actual memories. Use them as some sort of placebo memories. I don’t know. 

I usually like to wrap up everything I write with a bit of optimism. Sometimes that is harder than it seems. If you are one of those blessed with health and you are wondering what to be thankful for tomorrow, perhaps tell people you are thankful to be illness-free and full of energy. Run really fast and chase a dog. Use your jumping skills to hop a fence. Drive to Denny’s and order mozzarella sticks. If you have a partner, maybe (with consent) squeeze a boob. Report back to me and tell me how it went.  

I will be thankful for Katrina. She is a huge light in my life. Her smile is infectious and whenever I see it I end up smiling as well. She always makes me laugh. We can talk for hours and it’s never enough. We usually have to force each other to end the skype calls and return to our regularly scheduled lives. And even when I am a huge bummer, she still loves me just as much. She accepts me at my happiest and at my bummeriest. So many friends have faded away. Not understanding my illness. Not wanting to put up with the sadness that can surround me at times. In the years that I have known Katrina, our friendship seems to only grow stronger. In sickness and in health less sickness. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Friendship seems too small a word to describe what we have. (It’s possible we even invented a brand new word to describe our relationship. Which is super corny and mushy and no I will not tell you what it is.) And to all those men out there who think you can’t have a platonic friendship with a woman, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Best “friendzone” ever.    

I am thankful for my friend Ryan. I sometimes go into hermit-mode and may not talk to him as much as I should, but he is always super understanding and doesn’t make me feel guilty for being absent sometimes. He’s always awake at the same weird times I am, and is great to talk to when things are lonely. Our love of technology and scifi has bonded us. He is amazingly generous and my parents love him like another son. He is family as far as I am concerned. I hope that I start feeling better soon so he can visit once again. 

I am thankful for Otis. He was such a serious puppy. I called him my little emo-corg. He was still cute as a button and I loved him to bits, but I was worried my little moody corgi would mope around forever. But eventually his ears perked up and he grew into this wonderful, mischievous, goofy dog. I know I don’t play with him as much since I’ve been in declining health, but he always comes downstairs to check on me. Thankfully my dad is more than happy to throw his fox for him to chase around all day. I can’t prove it, but I sometimes feel like Otis knows what’s going on with my health and does his best to take care of me in his own way. 

And I am super thankful for my parents. They have supported and loved me from day one. They always believed me even when some of the doctors had their doubts. They took me back in when I had to drop out of college. They have never seen me as a burden and they enjoy my company even when I am at my brain foggiest and can’t speak. I’d probably be dead without them and I’m not sure a thousand thank you’s could adequately show my gratitude for that. I love my parents very very much.   

anonymous asked:

How about we put extra effort into celebrating the writers and artists who follow their personal passions and don't copy the most popular kids in order to suck up to them or ride on the tail coats of their popularity? The homogeneity of Drarry fandom is grotesque. It's a huge self-congratulatory circle jerk. If people create fanworks that differ from what the consensus encourages they get accused of being racist. Don't act like it's as simple as you describe.

Hello, salty friend, I’m very sorry to hear that you feel that way about this community. I’m not sure where you got the idea that my post wasn’t about encouraging exactly what you suggest, because I literally said ‘fandom is about community at its core. We want to welcome and celebrate new creators - especially those who offer a unique interpretation of our favorite material.’ So, I’m not really sure where that wasn’t clear? I’m all about putting the effort into celebrating writers and artists who are following their passion. If that’s what you’re about, too, then great. Do it, support non-mainstream creative works, because they do exist out there. As an example: a chubby Draco post is likely to get fewer notes, so fewer people see it, and the vicious cycle continues on. So you see something that isn’t mainstream that you like? Reblog it, comment and tell the creator you like it.

And if by circle jerk you mean that thing where hp authors like to rec new works or reblog art when it’s made? Well, yeah, my dude, that’s a big aspect of being in fandom? And I have to say, the level of reccing is actually really awesome in the drarry community in comparison to other fandoms I’m active in. On top of that, this idea of popularity and coat tails is absolute bullshit. I’d like to reiterate from my post: we’re all the same people with a common interest in Harry Potter. It’s 2017 and I am old and tired of Big Name Fan mentality. You want to be friends with awesome people like @bixgirl1, @l0vegl0wsinthedark, @femmequixotic, @lqtraintracks, @firethesound, @synonym-for-life, @goldentruth813, @camael-fanart, @jadepresley and countless other nice people you see getting lots of notes and who are active on tumblr? Here’s a secret: just say hi. It’s not that hard. Say hi and make friends, or better yet come hang out on discord, now that LJ has gotten quieter. There’s a link in my sidebar.

You also claim there’s no creativity in the drarry community, but there’s all these different headcanons and works that say otherwise. To be fair, this is a tumblr problem with how reblogs and likes are set up, but if that’s the case then perhaps you should follow/unfollow people to curate your tumblr experience to something that you enjoy better. Once again, this is where that reccing and reblogging thing comes in. Since you bring up being racist, I’m going to presume your point has to do with the popularity of the Indian or Black or mixed race Harry Potter headcanon, and while I know this is a really popular headcanon (one I share, by the way) I’m going to ask why people are getting accused of being racist when, from where I stand, there’s only 50 drarry works on AO3 tagged as “Person of Color Harry Potter”. And on top of that, I’d like to add one more reminder from my post: We all interpret these things differently. My thoughts on Harry and Draco’s heights, or sexualities, or hair length, or races, or the choices they make about their surnames when they get married, or their weight, or disposition - all of that might differ from how you enjoy seeing them portrayed. Again, this is fine. This is part of fandom. It’s completely okay to have differing opinions on these things.

If you want to come off anon and talk more about this, I’d be happy to. I must hang out in the right corners of fandom because I’ve always found the people I interact with in drarry fandom to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Another Thanksgiving Post!!

I just wanted to tag a bunch of people who have made my day so many times. Every single person I tag deserves the world, and they always lighten my day, wether it’s just seeing them post something on my dash, or having conversations. You are all incredible, and you mean so much to me. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every day💚

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Before anyone says anything, I probably forgot a lot of people because that’s what happens when I decide to tag this many people! I wanted everyone to know that you all mean the world to me and if you aren’t tagged that doesn’t mean anything! You are all amazing and continue being yourselves!!😊💘

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Ur quiet lately. And say something other than I’m busy because we’re all freaking busy. It’s called procrastination. That’s what tumblr is for so I don’t see why u gotta be so quiet.

i can say i’m busy all i want because truthfully i am. i’m still in school, with homework every night, working on my portfolio for college, while balancing a college prep program on top of that. 90% of my time is taken up by this stuff y’all, i don’t always have time for tumblr.

It’s Not A Side Effect of the Alcohol, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love (stenbrough)

read it on ao3

i spontaneously decided to get this finished n post it wooo!!!! i hope you all enjoy!!!

(if you can figure out what ive adapted the title from you get 10 cool points)

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” The losers yelled, encouraging Stan to drink his beer in two seconds flat. His throat bobbed up and down as he swallowed, and his face was flushed from the sudden rush of alcohol. Liquid dribbled from his mouth and he wiped it away with a grin, holding up the glass triumphantly as Mike threw his arm around him and ruffled his hair. 

“Stanley actually being wild for once, what’s up with that?” Richie reached for his hand over the table and Stan shook it mock seriously.

“Can’t I just chug beer for the hell of it?”

His smile was easy going, cocky, different to the gentle smile he always adopted when sober.

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anonymous asked:

If Louis' shitty team are doing nothing to promote his music and therefore aren't benefiting from him as much as they could, I don't understand why they still want him??? not being rude to Louis (who wouldn't want him) but I mean bc they're doing fuck all for him. How are they benefiting from this apart from seeing Louis suffer?? (just curious on your thoughts I know you don't have all the answers!!) xx

Good question, anon.

Well, personally, I think people tend to underestimate pettiness and sadism, to be honest? Most seem to consider greed trumps all others sins in business, but I disagree that financial gain is always the ultimate goal. Power play doesn’t always revolve around money, and sometimes financial sacrifices are made—and all too easily when you’re at the head of a huge corporation worth billions of dollars—in order to achieve other non-monetary benefits.

On a small scale, I believe BG is a concern to everyone involved, and laying the blame on Louis in that respect is important to them. And that’s what Louis’ solo launch has been very much about, I’m afraid. I presume (hope) BG can’t go on forever, so they want to make sure to lay out the pieces and end it on their terms and minimize the risk of Louis turning it around on them somehow in the future.

On a bigger scale, all this makes a cautionary tale of Louis. He resisted their assigned fate for him from the start and fought them at every turn. He’s still doing it, incredibly. He fought for their creative control, and therefore One Direction—and their own as solo artists—longevity and long-term relevance; he fought for his own place in the band with his songwriting; he fought for his identity and for his relationship with Harry. Sony, notoriously known for seeing their artists as assets, not people, I imagine would want to avoid any other artists, old or new, following in his footsteps. They want full control over their artists, not having them think they have a say and can fight back.

And then there’s the issue of solo Harry, which, for whatever reason, does not seem to include the power couple at any point, and Sony’s investment, and how, I imagine, they won’t backtrack on that. I would say they might think that doing so, even if their pride allows it, would make them look weak. Again, it’s all about perceived power, and how you can exercise it over people.

Those are my thoughts. All speculation, of course. But at this point, that’s what I come up with.

I am afraid of them. I have very dark, horrible feelings around them. When I face them, I become a cowering mess. I can’t even speak. It’s not as if they are bad people, necessarily. They are always concerned about me. I understand that. Perhaps they love me very deeply, but I can’t do it. I don’t want to talk to them.

Dazai Osamu, “A New Hamlet”

Peter Parker Crushing on You While Being Tony’s Daughter Would Include (Preference):

- You went to the same school as Peter starting your Junior Year (You’re a year older than him) and you two already knew each other because of the civil war. When he saw you at school at first he was shocked, but he was very happy to see you.

- You didn’t have superpowers, but you were trained in self-defense and you wanted to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Even though Peter knew you were strong, he always worried about you and looked out for you. If you came over and left at night, he’d either walk you or follow you home, just to make sure nothing went wrong.

- Flash instantly tries to flirt with you since you’re “just his type” and pretty obviously Peter’s crush. This makes Peter angry to no end, but you always shut Flash down. He was definitely not your type.

- Peter always trying to do nice things for you, like help you with your homework if you needed it or bringing you food to school if you texted him you left your lunch at home.

- People knew who you were and they were always trying to get close to you, asking you for money, or were just straight-up harassing you. Peter always pulled you out of these situations if he could, he knew they made you really uncomfortable.

- Your dad questioning you when you said you wanted to go to normal school for your junior and senior years, but letting you do it anyway. When he realized it was the same school that Peter went to, it made him a little weary.

- When it came to homecoming, Peter didn’t ask you, and it broke your heart. He was too afraid to ask you and ended up going with Liz, his previous crush. You ended up going on the plane with your father’s stuff that was boarded by Vulture, when Peter saved your life that night he confessed how he really felt about you.

loremaster-milerna  asked:

RIP? (I dont know if i want this, but lets see how dramatic is going to be)

(*SIPS TEA* Very drafty, as always. I pretty much do the first draft and post ‘em up. Like all the writing draft prompts that aren’t starters, it is 100% okay to reblog them for other to read! Enjoy!)

The rest of the council stood in patient irritation silently as they waited for Khadgar to show up. He was late, very late, but despite their annoyance, they all hoped that it was from getting lost in research and not because…

They quickly pushed such thoughts out of their heads.

A portal opened nearby and an exhausted-looking Khadgar stumbled out of it. A collective sigh of relief was heard from the others before they began to scold him for his tardiness. Khadgar grinned sheepishly as he apologized.

“Forgive me! Business in Karazhan. I hadn’t expected it to keep me for so long.”

“Again? Khadgar, why do you keep going back there? Its wealth of knowledge is vast, yes. But there are plenty of champions in training that could easily -”

“No, no. Best I do it whenever I can. No one knows that place better than I. No use in risking others.”

Kalec and Modera exchanged glances and then shrugs before going into Council business.

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Hope: Mommy can I see your wedding dress? I want to try it on.

Gardenia: Of course you can see it. It might be a little big on you, so we’ll have to wait to try it on. Why do you have such a sudden interest in weddings.

Hope: It’s been such a long time since anyone got married in our family. The only weddings I get to see are princesses getting married in movies! I want to see a real wedding dress up close.

Gardenia: Is that the only reason?

Why did her mother always see right through her.

Hope: No, I want to get married to Yasmin. We decided since we’re best friends, we’re going to get married to stay best friends. After all, it worked for you and Ma, and grandmas, and her parents. Why can’t it work for us? We even have Mr. Whiskers to marry us.

Gardenia just stared at Hope for a second. That was a lot to take in.

Gardenia: Sweetheart, you are way too young to get married. Marriage is for adults, just like everyone you mentioned. I’m sure you and Yasmin will stay best friends no matter what.

Hope: But I want to be married now! I know it’s not a real marriage. We’ll just exchange friendship bracelets after Mr. Whiskers says it’s okay, and then we’ll be best friends forever. Isn’t that what marriage is?

Gardenia: It’s most people’s hope to marry someone that’s their best friend. Someone they can depend on in happy times and sad times. You don’t have to be married to be best friends.

Hope: We just want to wear pretty dresses, and exchange friendship bracelets, and be friends forever. Can we please?

Gardenia: I suppose there’s no harm. Lots of kids have their own little weddings. I’ll show you my dress, and then we’ll find a fancy one of your own.

Hope: Yay mommy! Thank you!

Gardenia shook her head and smiled. If this is what made Hope happy, then she could have her little wedding. It’s not like it would cause a big fuss anyway.

anonymous asked:

Today was real shitty and I haven’t stopped crying so I was wondering if u could write a Dacre comforting blurb or something. If not it’s okay I also just needed to vent a little 💓

dacre would have come back early, without you knowing, after a month of press release for the second season of stranger things. he didn’t tell you because he wanted to surprise you. he knew wednesdays were your least favorite days because you were so busy, but he always knew how to slow you down, so he found it as a blessing that he was able to come home so soon and on a wednesday, no less. he’d walk into your room, not seeing you there but hearing the shower on. so, he’d smile, jumping onto your bed and positioning himself in a jokingly sexy position. he’d wait there for a few minutes, casually re-situating himself before furrowing his eyebrows. you never took this long in the shower. so, he’d get up, walk up to the door and knock three times with one of his knuckles. “babe?” he’d call out, hearing you clear your throat. “d-dacre?” you’d call out, causing him to smile. hearing your voice, in any way or tone, made him happy. “Yeah, baby,” he didn’t have any chance to say anything else, you were already unlocking and ripping the door open. his arms wound around your waist, holding you close to him. you were fully clothed, and dry everywhere. you hadn’t even made it into the shower. it wasn’t until he felt you squeeze him that he realized you were crying. “baby? sh, sh. are those happy tears?” he asked, causing you to shake your head. he frowned, leaning down to lift you off your feet and pull you toward the bed. he walked backward, sitting on the bed and sitting you on his lap. “what’s wrong?” he whispered, carefully pulling away from you and grabbing your face with his hands. his frown deepened while he brushed your tears away. you just shook your head, reaching your hand up to grab his, turning them so you kissed his palm. “just - dacre, hold me.” you said weakly, leaning forward and placing all your weight on him. he didn’t question you – he just laid back, and pulled you so you laid on top of him, his hand combing through your hair. “you’re okay,” he whispered. “i have you, pretty baby.” his lips moved to your forehead, not forcing you to speak. you two laid there in silence, your ear pressed against his chest and his lips kissing every piece of you he could reach, until you were ready to talk about it

it’s dacre’s birthday!

Benny & River

This was requested by @emilyymichelle! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

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After a fight with your brothers, you drove to the forest.  You knew Benny would be there.  He was always there for you when things weren’t going well.  Benny always listened and offered as much comfort as he could.

Benny took you out on his boat and headed down the river.  It was one of the only spots where you could see the sunrise perfectly.  As he stopped the engine, he watched you lean your arms against the edge of the boat.  You were staring into the river, most likely staring at your own reflection.

“You don’t have to talk ‘bout it [Y/N],” Benny assured you.  “But if ya want to, I’m here to listen.”  Benny took the spot next to you, folding his hands together.

“Things aren’t getting any better,” you mumbled, leaning your head against the Cajun’s arm.  “I get tired of them arguing.  Then when I speak up about it, they both turn to shout at me.”

Benny put his arm around your shoulders.  “Sounds rough,” Benny spoke lowly, his hand rubbing your arm slowly.  “You’re welcome to spend the day with me, if ya want to.  Might help ya take your mind offa things.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” you said as you watched the sky in front of you.  “After we watch the sunrise, maybe we can go further down the river?”

Benny smiled and gave a slow nod.  “Sure thing Sugar Belle.”

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The signs through the eyes of a Taurus (1-6)

Aries | some of the most lively people you’ll ever meet. I don’t see too many people talk about this, but they can be the perfect planners. Often want to do things their way since they think their way is always right. In a sense, they’re perfectionists in their craft/occupation. Likes to do things on their own hands-on, they don’t easily sit in the backseat and let someone take the steering wheel. Therefore, doesn’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Often takes on leadership roles subconsciously.

Taurus | generally reserved, quiet, and polite people. They have to make sure that you’re dependable, reliable, and self-sufficient for their needs in order to trust you with their possessions and belongings. Usually musically inclined; the few taurus I know love photography and can play an instrument. Even if they aren’t musically inclined, they usually enjoy the arts. Things like going to plays, the cinema, music, art, etc. usually have really soothing voices or can be a bit high pitched.

Gemini | some of the funniest people. They’re your class clowns and the jokesters of your friend group. Fairly witty and childish (usually in a good way). Sociable when they want to be, so they can appear detached and unbothered when they’re not in the mood.

Cancer | sensitive people. In my experience, there’s two types of cancers: the ones with the toughest shell on the outside, but once you become dear to their heart, you’ll see their sensitivity. On the other hand, there are cancers who you meet that have no problem with being vulnerable and showing their sensitive nature. Possibly a little over sensitive. The mother of their friend group and families, and can possibly be over-bearing and/or bossy.

Leo | loud loud loud. Will usually make their presence known from the moment they walk into the room. Always bubbly, friendly, and sometimes can be bold. Someone who is approachable and sociable to any and everyone, their presence is generally accepted and appreciated. Usually into the arts like Taurus, or like the arts. May also be into athletics.

Virgo | these people are very mellow, chill, passive, and observant. The type that you may think don’t know but they secretly know. A trait that goes unnoticed in my eyes personally is how sneaky and smooth they can be. They’re really agreeable and cool to talk to, and are very grounded.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a friendly reminder that Thanksgiving should be a time to celebrate everything that you’re grateful for - your health, wealth, and opportunities. Please do NOT make this a celebration of anything related to Columbus or the slaughter of millions of indigenous people across America.

ALSO, if anyone is having trouble this Thanksgiving with narrow minded, spiteful family members that aren’t accepting of your gender/sexuality/other identities, just remember that you have a community that loves you and wants to see you to succeed 💙 Love will always beat hate.

I’m so thankful to have such wonderful followers and people who love, and care, and support me! I love this blog and am greatful that I have the means and ability to work on it as much as I do. Thanks for making this a great year so far everyone!

Happy Turkey Day! 🦃

red-balloons-and-popcorn  asked:

I have no idea why you would say you feel so shitty with your writing. I live for your fics and hcs mama. Everything you make is so damn good it feels like I’ve ascended to heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father. I’d literally cry if you forget to tag me in your works 😭❤️

Oh honey this is so sweet and kind of you to say. You know I always love seeing your comments on my stuff and knowing you like my stories really makes me proud. I was just having a bit of a downer time when i made that HC list is all sometimes it happens and i loose my confidence a bit but I’m feeling much better now~

As a gift for your sweetness i have a nice little stories just for you that you wanted. Though Papawise is more of a Big Bad Clown than a wolf it would seem

You shifted uncomfortably in the lacy lingerie you had been made to wear, smooth crimson silk hugging your body tightly yet leaving little the imagination. A short red cape draped across your shoulders offering little cover over your bare shoulders to complete your desired look.

As ridiculous as you felt in this attire you couldn’t help the thrill of excitement trailing down your spine as you stood just outside the door to your own bedroom. He had insisted on recanting the scene in its entirety, his love of theatrics always making these little performances so much more exciting.

Hesitating for just a moment to make sure your outfit was just right, you knocked lightly against the door. It was odd knocking on your own door but knowing what was likely on the other side made you all to eager to obey his instructions regardless.

A few seconds passed before a soft raspy voice echoed from beyond the door, a frail almost croaky sound that you had not heard before. 

“Come in dear”

You didn’t even have to move as the door slowly creaked open of its own accord. Awe and a vague sense of alarm filled your mind as you stepped nervously into the room that had once been your own. It could hardly be considered your bedroom now though as everything inside it has shifted and changed so drastically your swear you had walks directly into a story book.

A blazing fireplace nestled against the back wall which had changed from its normal painted plaster to a rustic log cabin style panelling. Wooden floorboards creaked under your feet as your travelled further in, glancing around at the old and timeworn decorations now scattering the room. Wherever you were, it most certainly wasn’t your room anymore.

“Come closer my dear, let me look at you” that thin reedy voice sounded once more in the strange room, echoing from what appeared to be a sturdy fourposter bed tucked neatly against the side wall. mountains of tick quilted blankets obscured the shape lurking beneath them though your were all to aware of just who it was.

Remembering your roll in this little game you stepped closer towards the bed, your basket of goods gripped tightly in your shaking hands.

“I brought you some gifts grandma, to help you feel better” your voice was shaky but you managed the lines well enough. The brush of soft quilted fabric brushing against your bare thighs as you pressed close to the side of the bed. In the dimly lit room you could barely make out to gleaming yellow eyes staring intently at your from the shield of blankets. The deep lustful hunger held within them as they trailed over your body made your thighs squeeze together in anticipation.

“Oh my Grandma, what big eyes you have” the words tumbled from your mouth almost breathlessly as you leaned closer, the smooth flesh of your chest nearly spilling from the lacy bra you wore. The blankets shifted under your hand as the form moved beneath them, slipping back to reveal more of that pale painted face.

“All the better to see you with my dear” still that strange weak voice echoed from the blankets, though now it was tinged with something deeper. Moving closer onto the bed you felt a sudden hand slip from under the blankets to grasp firmly against your thigh. the action made you gasp sharply and nearly topple forward onto the bed. A low amused chuckle couldn’t help but rumble from beneath the quilt. 

“G-Grandma..wh-what big hands you have” It was hard you to speak without a soft mewl tainting your voice. That large palm running up your thigh to cup against your ass, enjoying the soft pliant flesh beneath its fingers. Anther chuckle followed and the form shifted again, almost pulling you closer now as you were leaning precariously against its chest. 

“All the better to touch you with my dear…”

You could see him clearly now, that white ghost like face emerging from the cage of fabrics to hover just before yours. His features were familiar and yet some how slightly different, somehow sharper and even more dangerous than ever. That bright red nose twitched as he smelled just how 'afraid’ you were. That ever present grin split further across his face, those sharp gleaming teeth almost demanding the next line.

“Grandma…What big teeth you have…” A whisper was all that managed to escape your lips then, your body leaning into his form and pressing closer to the dangerous maw. 

You barely had time to squeal as you felt your whole world shifting. Strong powerful arms ripping from the confines of the covers to grab at you and drag you under the sheets. In little more than seconds your were caged beneath him, that broad deceptively powerful frame pinning you against the bed with no chance of escape.

Looming above you now you could see him for what he really was, that bright colourful clothing unmistakable even in the dim firelight. His smile never wavered even as he pressed his face roughly against your throat, inhaling deeply against the thrumming pulse just beneath your skin. Gone was the thin frail voice of grandma now, his next words deep and husky in a way that had your cunt fluttering with delight every time you heard it.

“All the better eat you with my dear. All the better eat you with… 

L Lawliet Headcanons

This is my first L headcanon post c:

-Hates socks but loves seeing thigh highs and panty hose on women. Sometimes catches himself peeving when he sees a woman wearing them in public.

-Has always eaten sweets but stopped eating meat after he started his career as a detective. He can’t help but picture all the murder scenes from his cases whenever he eats it.

-Develops crushes on women rather easily due to not being around them much but they often fizzle out quickly. 

-Likes to try and deduce what kind of person someone is by looking at them. This is usually why his crushes fizzle out as soon as the person opens their mouth.

-Had a crush on Misa before she became part of the Kira case and was assumed to be the second Kira.

-Likes passionate people like Soichiro and Aizawa because of how quentessential passion and emotion are to the human experience. He feels he lacks much of what makes someone a human so he is drawn to people with these qualities.

-Isn’t particularly perverted but does have a high libido. One of the reasons he started meditating was to keep it from distracting him during his cases.

-Sometimes wonders what it would be like to live a normal life. When he was a teenager this thought plagued him to the point he would even toy with the idea of not being a detective.

-Is confused about his sexuality. 

-Is autistic and has mild OCD.

-Often switches between preferring his s/o in expensive lingerie, one of his old torn up t-shirts, or nothing at all.

-Dislikes seeing himself naked. He dislikes how vulnerable it makes him feel and subsequently this makes him feel self conscious and uncomfortable.

-Actually likes children and would like to have them if it weren’t for his lifestyle.

-Feels bad when babies cry when they see him.

-Once he tried to make a funny face to make the baby feel better but it started shrieking. He says he left the area because he didn’t want to cause a scene but it was actually because he was embarrassed and the screaming had actually startled him. He never tried it again and still gets nervous whenever he sees a baby near him in public.

-Also used to stare back whenever babies would stare at him while he was in line at the store but stopped when a mother once yelled at him for it.

-Likes to leave $100+ tips for his favorite shop/waiter/waitress right before he leaves to go to another country.

-Couldn’t really empathize with others as a child. This changed once he hit puberty and he learned very quickly to mute his emotions while working.

-Sometimes realizes he doesn’t know everything and needs help. He’ll try going to therapy but always ends up quitting. This is a constant cycle.

-Is incredibly emotionally intelligent but his selfishness, stubbornness, and childishness betray this aspect of himself.

-Genuinely dislikes Light and is annoyed that he’s one of the few people he can carry an intelligent conversation with.

-Is actually very lonely and knows if he were to meet someone that’s compatible he’d fall all over himself to jump on the opportunity, regardless of the risks and his inexperience regarding matters of the heart. He isn’t sure if he’d be able to stop himself which is one of the many reasons he ops to be alone instead.

-Feels bad whenever it dawns on him just how much of a piece of shit he is. Sometimes he tries to change, hence the random out of character acts of kindness and empathy. Unfortunately he’s too lazy to keep it up and enjoys how much easier it is to be a horrible person. This makes him feel even worse.

-He’s actually very moody and is secretly embarrassed whenever he has a particularly bad bitch fit in front of anyone that isn’t Watari.