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My days are literally the cutest and chill fans. Someone is going to sell me a p3 ticket and they know the struggles of being a broke college student so she said I didn’t have to worry about paying her right away as long as I was committed. And ill be meeting her the day of the concert since she needs to pick it up for me from will call and I’m so excited to meet this wonderful being. My days always looking out for each other. Much love for you all. 

Good Luck Jack!

You’ve said in the past that you’ve been worried that people will leave if you don’t upload video’s while away.. well I know it’s easier said than done but DON’T WORRY.

This new journey is going to be awesome for you so I hope you enjoy it!

We, the community, are incredibly proud of you.
We’re happy that YOU’RE happy.
You have always been there for US, and we’ll always be here for YOU.
We’ll be here when you get back!


Hey Jse community!
Please feel free to reblog or repost this ANYWHERE! And if you DO, please share how much you love this community, how supportive you are of Jack and send him the best of luck in the next coming weeks!


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Bubble wrap anon here. Now that I've gathered you all, I wanna just tell you that I love you all dearly. You have never failed to make me smile on days when I thought I could only cry. Be it through words, advice, pictures or just plain sass against mean anons that hate against something you stand for (looking at you auntie) you guys always made my days. I am glad I found each and every one of you. Thank you so, so much for always being there. Love, bubble wrap anon <3 *unwraps you all*

aw thank you bubble wrap anon that was an interesting hostage situation that i think we were pretty ok with. 

thanks for the snacks!

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Sorry if I wasn't specific but yes ur mutuals.

Oh okay! Some other anons have asked me this too and I’m sorry I’m just answering this now!

I am always in awe of how genuine my mutuals love their biases so I’ll just list down everyone I can think of right now <3 (you’re all so precious and you deserve him so much!)

Mark: @marksseunie @markticseas @pinkhoodiemark
Jackson: @jackseunie @jacksonwangblog
Jinyoung: @peachjy @ohjinyoung
Youngjae: @choiyoungjae @cyjproject @got7ish @2jaekisses
Bambam: @bamethyst @ilysmbam
Yugyeom: @cloudygyeom @redgyeomie @pizzawasabi
Jaebum: @ddef @kissbbom @darlingjbum @jaebumskitten @jaybleep @imjaebeomtrash

I’m sorry I can’t choose just one mutual because they all deserve the world 💖

Send me “what’s your favorite…” asks!

…Oh my goodness Im so overwhelmed and happy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! T///T) You’ve all been NOTHING but insanely awesome and wonderfully nice and supportive to me!! And thank you all so much for the positive feedback you’ve given me!
Because of you guys, I always have the motivation to continue and pursue this blog! Ive met so many amazingly incredible people here and its just…aaahh its an absolute honor and privilege to be interacting, meeting, and talking to you all!
Being a part of this community and fandom has been an AMAZING journey and experience!
Hhnnggg seriously thank you all so much!!! I love you guys!! Ill do my best to do something in celebration of this (hopefully)!! Stay awesome everyonee!))

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Is it bad that I kind of want to see Altean!Pidge captured by Haggar or Lotor in your art style. Haggar because they're both alchemist (in my mind and like super smart and to Haggar it would be looking at a younger her). And Lotor because I ship Lotidge? Does that make me a bad person?????

It makes you the best person in the world tbh

I love Pidge and Honerva parallels and I’m always like WHAT IF Pidge gets curious about Quintessence and end up like Haggar? what if? 

Also, excuse my english, but I have a lot few things to say about Altean!Pidge and Haggar. In the beginning Haggar just wanted information about Voltron (because in this AU, aka my mind, the timeline is the same, but Pidge’s family have escaped Altea before being destroyed, so Allura and Coran are not the last Alteans alive), but eventually she gets surprised about how much Pidge know about quintessence and how much of a great alchemist she is… and they become nerd friends. jk Haggar probably exposed Pidge to quintessence so she would become as fucking powerful as her.

So that’s it, sorry, probably disappointed you, but at least the art is not that bad… right?

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What if I asked for shiftab for the parenting meme?

well anon, i might have to hug you

meme your own destiny (ACCEPTNG)

  • packs the lunches

This is usually Shifty’s job, and his lunches are always very… healthy. He makes the best sandwiches, and cuts the apple slices just right. The one thing he isn’t great at is dessert. He usually neglects to add a cookie or sweet, just because he thinks that amount of sugar isn’t great during his kid’s school day. (If he’s feeling charitable, Tab might wink and pass his kids a pack of cookies behind Shifty’s back. No one needs to know.)

  • blows raspberries while cuddling

This is one of Shifty’s favorite ways to cheer up his kids. It always worked when they were babies, but even as they get older nothing is more guaranteed to coax a smile out of a pouting child.

  • is the tickle monster

Tab loves to tickle! He’s got his ticklish spots himself, but he’s determined to go on the defensive first. No one can tickle him if he attacks first. Sometimes he and Shifty will team up to ambush their kid when they’re least expecting it.

  • gives life lesson speeches

This is best left up to Shifty. Tab’s willing to step up to the plate when he needs too, but he’s always scared of saying the wrong thing, so he tries to avoid any deep discussions. Shifty isn’t comfortable in the role of “guiding parent” either, but he’s a better fit.

  • kisses the boo-boos

Shifty’s got the kisses and gentle touches, while Tab has colorful bandaids and encouraging words. Boo-boos are Very Serious Business in their house.

  • breaks the bad news

Look, Shifty gets emotional, okay? He’s a sensitive guy. Breaking awful news to his kids takes a little piece out of him each time. Even though he feels bad about passing the responsibility onto Tab, his husband is willing to take it on so Shifty doesn’t have to.

  • joins the PTA

Tab is a little too afraid of the PTA to get close. His mother was a PTA mom, and an aggressive one, so he knows the type of monster. He does not want to get close, and has forbidden Shifty from going anywhere near the PTA either. They’re happy just doing anything they can in their kids’ classrooms. (Shifty came in around Thanksgiving and taught the first graders how to make really cute cardboard turkeys!)

  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories

Okay, Shifty’s too nice. He won’t bring anything up in front of their kids’ friends (and give Tab a very disapproving look if he tried) but he’s willing to threaten it. If his kid starts mouthing off, he’ll offer to share some of his “favorite stories” next time they have their friends over.

  • gives the crazy nicknames

Tab has enough weird nicknames that he feels like it’s only fair to give back. His friends call him “Bunny”; he calls his kids “Baby Rabbits”. For some reason Mopsy, Flopsy, and Cottontail always make him laugh, so he goes with those for his brood.


firstly i just want to thank my mom for always believing in me, my dad for leaving me when i was 10 and my right hand for drawing literal garbage for the last year and a half

also, every single one of you that follow me. thank you so so much for your nice comments your sweet anons your evil anons encouraging me to draw more DumafaithfulAU and helping me sort through all that hate i got for it. i wouldnt be where i am without you i would have given up a long time ago


I’m always open to writing with multi-muses, I even have a multi-muse blog myself. I love that people have so much inspiration for multiple characters! But if there is one sure fire way to put me off writing with you, it is lack of variety in your muses. If I go to your muse list and see over a dozen muses who are all stunningly beautiful model-types and none of them look over 30 (especially if they’re supposed to be 1000+ yr old supernatural beings)? Sorry, but as much as I respect your right to play those and wish you luck, I’m gonna pass. I want variation. Give me older muses, give me less ‘perfect’ looking muses. Why do they all have to be young and beautiful? And don’t even get me started on the blogs who insist on giving all of their muses tragic backstories. Please, give me something new and fresh!

Deleted Scene - BBC Merlin : The Dark Tower

Okay so I really, really wish they’d left this deleted scene in The Dark Tower.  I think it’s the only time both Merlin and Arthur directly acknowledge their guilt and responsibility in what Morgana had become. 

The scene is set at night during their journey through the forest to the tower, where Gwen is imprisoned by Morgana.

Arthur:  "Why Guinevere?  She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Morgana knows that.“
Merlin: "She also knows how much you love her.”
Arthur:  "They were friends.“
Merlin: "That was a long time ago.”
Arthur: “Morgana was always kind and just. What happened to make her so twisted?*  I could have saved her.”
Merlin: “That’s not on you, Arthur.  There were others better placed to help Morgana.”  (long pause)  “It’s not your fault. Better get some sleep. We’ve a long journey tomorrow.”
Arthur: (instead of sleeping just stares sadly into distance)
Merlin: (instead of sleeping just stares sadly into distance)

– end gut punch scene –

* the subtitles don’t say this sentence but I think this is the actual line

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It's sad that there appears to be so much hate for the Autistic Keith headcanon. I am so confused right now because I thought it was such a great idea and so many autistic people said it was like them! I think you're amazing and so strong dealing with all of this right now and I want you to know I'm on your side.

Yeah, it’s a real bummer. I thought the fandom loved that headcanon until recently. 

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to have you and other nice people supporting me and other autistic people during this. This whole thing has been pretty depressing, but I keep telling myself that a lot of people do care. You’re one of the people who keeps popping up in my activity feed for this, and it always makes me feel a bit better. ❤


I’m here, don’t worry! I’ve missed you all greatly. So good news! I’ve been on a weight loss journey for quite some time now and I’m happy to say from 318 lb, I’m now 189 lb xD Still going though. I wanna reach 170 lb before I start working on gaining muscle. But yeah I’m glad I’ve made this chance. Sorry I haven’t kept in touch much but believe me, I’m always thinking of you guys and I miss rping with you all.

I finally got replies done! At least, once I believe I owe. I have them queued so if you don’t see yours please message me and link me so I can get to it.  I’d love to get some new plots and threads started, especially now since I have three brand new muses!

Rhys Johal - A doctor and incarnate host of the Hindu god Hanuman, god of strength and energy. Correct me if this is incorrect, I’m just going by what I read. FC: Sachin Sahel.

Duke Weston - A filmmaker, who is a werepyre (vampire/werewolf hybrid) and a vigilante named Silver Sun, protecting the streets from dangerous crooks and ass holes. FC: Eli Goree.

Beau Palakiko - A mutant with the power of resurgence (bringing himself/others back from the dead, controlling the dead), a member of the X-Men, code name Lich. FC: Keahu Kahuanui.

If any of you wanna try something with my new guys, or even go for my other guys, please hit me up some time. I wanna get back into rping here again with all of you xD And to those who’ve been messaging me to check on me, you’re super sweet and I love you to death!

but you have no idea how happy i am to see so many earthbound/mother muses all of a sudden???

i love the trilogy so much and have always headcanoned it as taking place in the same universe as undertale. because honestly it fits like a glove with the supernatural phenomena and small secluded monster societies and everything.

please come here and let me love on and/or write with you. this goatlion wants to make all the friends and/or possible enemies.

hey tay!! i love you so much, you literally mean the world to me. no words can describe it! you help me through so much and never fail to make me in a better mood. i hope you are having/had an amazing day & i wish we can meet soon, i think i would literally die lol. no words can describe how much i am looking forward to reputation, i can’t wait to hear about your life these last few years and to hear how happy you are. i’m doing EVERYTHING i can to make sure i can come to your show in new york, i’m so pumped!! i love you to the moon and back, i’m always here for you as you have been for me. from a swiftie that has loved you so much since 8 years old, jane 💗ps. this is a picture of me at the philadelphia 1989 tour aka the best day of my life !! and then there are two pictures of me recently. love you!@taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift

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Was it satisfying? Did it feel really good? Was it odd? Was it somehow a let-down or not as big a deal as you thought it would be all those weeks you waited to be able to play? Were you disappointed? Was it glorious? Or to be a bit calmer: I hope you had a really satisfying & joyful return to the stage - what did it feel like from your perspective?

That’s too many questions I’m not reading them all but it was perfect to play again, I love to perform

Yesterday I was nervous but JOhn helped like he always does and I think I played better than I usually do because I missed it so much, I missed it a lot I really hated when I couldn’t play

I always want to play, I want to play now but John says we have to get a txaxi which is very silly because he’s bad at hailing them and he’s trying to do it :)  GOOD LUCK JOHN but it will be too late whne he sees that 


[170921] Happy 25th birthday to EXO’s angel, Kim Jongdae 💚✨


170528 Baekhyun’s famous words

(t/n: in korean, ‘pen’ and ‘fan’ sounds the same. hence why he created this metaphor saying fans are the pen while exo is the book ;;____;;)