i have always loved their relationship

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Matthew really is a Malec stan isn't he?

Yeah, Matthew does love them for sure but he’s also always been very thoughtful about not just his character, but the series overall. He went pretty deep in about the Clave’s dynamics at one point, too, which I loved.

Anyway, it’s clear he spends a lot of time thinking about these things, including Alec and Magnus’ relationship. It does feel like he genuinely gets how meaningful that relationship is to both characters and the dynamic they have together, which I appreciate.

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Trans peter headcanons?

peter: god i love being a man and loving men
ned: BIG same

the whole loser table (+ known trans girl liz) is trans…peter and ned are trans boys and mj is genderfluid and they’re A Good Polyamorous Relationship

peter always knew he was trans and he loves the fact that he’s spider-man and hates having to prove that he’s a boy, a man, to people. part of the deal with tony was that tony would help him with hormones if he came with him to fight cap’s team which was a mistake he was a child oh my god he was 14.

liz’s dad (What Is His Actual Name) respects him as a man and peter…really likes that? he knows he shouldn’t be so desperate for validation from a supervillain but hey! liz is a great person and her dad must’ve had some hand in that so maybe he isn’t That Terrible? (peter really wants to redeem him but…nah)

thats also part of the reason why he’s so willing to go along with stuff like “do a backflip!” because it’s easier to prove himself as spider-man by doing that than by loudly protesting anybody who calls him a girl.

aunt may and uncle ben (rip) both supported him from day one since aunt may is trans a trans woman herself.

Always You

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Summary: Sam and the reader have been best friends for years, not going any further in their relationship. They are both in love with each other, but none of them want to say anything. One night, they both go out with Dean to a local bar when they’re on a case and things get heated up when jealousy overcomes Sam…

Request: Hello! Can I please have a story where me and Sam are “best friends” but he’s too shy to say anything and he gets a little jealous when we go out, I’m 5'1 with brown curly hair, idk if that matters but just in case lol

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester, Random sleazy guy

Word Count: 1328

Warnings: Angst, fluff, language, violence

A/N: Hey guys! Posted a mobile masterlist! Click here and….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED PADALECKI!!!!! LOVE YOU 

“Sam!” (Y/N) whined as Sam picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She laughed, her face becoming red from being upside down. Dean sat from afar with a beer in his hand, shaking his head.

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If “I love you” replace every Doctor’s “I have duty of care”.

“Under The Lake”  (09x03)

Doctor: Or even better, another relationship. Come on, you lot, you’re bananas about relationships. You’re always writing songs about them, or going to war, or getting tattooed  
Clara: Doctor, I’m fine.
Doctor: I just felt that I, I, I had to say something.
Clara: I know. And I appreciated it.
Doctor: Because I love you.
Clara: Which you take very seriously, I know.

“The Girl Who Died”  (09x05)

Doctor: The human race, you’re obsessed. You all need to get a hobby.
Clara: I’ve got a hobby, thanks. It’s you, by the way.
Doctor: Well, get a new one.
Clara: Not this.
Doctor: Tomorrow it’s going to be a bloodbath.
Clara: Don’t even ask.
Doctor: These people all died hundreds of years before you were born
Clara: I’m not running.
Doctor: I love you. 
Clara: No, you don’t, because I never asked for that.
Doctor: Every time we do something like this, I keep thinking, what if something happens to you?

“Face The Raven”  (09x10)

Clara: Die right. Die like I mean it. Face the Raven.
Doctor: No. This, this isn’t happening. This can’t be happening.
Clara: Maybe this is what I wanted. Maybe this is it. Maybe this is why I kept running. Maybe this is why I kept taking all those stupid risks. Kept pushing it.
Doctor: This is my fault.
Clara: This is my choice.
Doctor: I let you get reckless.
Clara: Why? Why shouldn’t I be so reckless? You’re reckless all the bloody time. Why can’t I be like you?
Doctor: Clara, there’s nothing special about me. I am nothing, but I’m less breakable than you. I love you. 
Clara: I never asked you to.
Doctor: You shouldn’t have to ask.

“Hell Bent” (09x12)

Clara: Four and a half billion years?
Doctor: If she says so.
(Clara drops to her knees.)
Clara: No. Why would you even do that? I was dead! I was dead and gone. Why? Why would you even do that to yourself?
Doctor: I love you. 

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soulmate-rambling: I read some soulmate-fics and everytime A and B are falling in love bc they are soulmates. I asked myself what would happen if f. e. Stiles doesn't loves is soulmate but his boyfriend of years and he doesn't want to be with is mate. The bond is not sth like the fanmade bond btw Jackson/Danny, who are friend-soulmates, but love-soulmates. And what pressure they must endure to have their love. And my happy-ending would be that the lovers are together and not the mates.

same with fake-relationsships. A & B are always falling in love. But what if A, who loves B and believes in cliché, thinks about a reason to have fake-relationship with B, so that B can fall in love with him. B is a good friend & helps A out. But all the comments from friends/family and situations are too much and B ends it without falling in love with A. Which is followed up with a big dispute btw A & B and their friends, who are more on A’s side than B’s, cos “they would be so cute together"

See, I love these tropes, and I also love the subversion of them. I think there’s both the potential to write these as funny, or as angsty as hell. Of course I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from making them as angsty as hell. 

What if Stiles loves his boyfriend, and suddenly Derek turns up and they’re soulmates. Except Stiles knows soulmates. They’re rare, but his parents were soulmates, and he knows what it’s like when one of them dies. He saw it rip his dad’s heart out when his mom passed away. 

And maybe it’s selfish, but Stiles is terrified of that. And he’s terrified of the way his boyfriend tells him that it’s okay, that he’ll let him be with his soulmate. And he realises that if his boyfriend is willing to give him up so that he gets a chance at a soulmate bond, then his boyfriend is exactly the sort of kind, loving person he wants to be with. 

He tells Derek no, and returns home to his boyfriend. 

He can’t say he never thinks of Derek again, and never wonders what if, but his love for his boyfriend only deepens over the years. He doesn’t regret his decision. 

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what are your favorite sterek tropes?

A/B/O! Most types of tropes in the “werewolves are known” universe, Emissary!Stiles, Magic!Stiles, amnesia AU, modern royalty, fake/pretend relationship with friends to lovers or enemies to lovers, post-break up (without other dating in between, my monoshipper heart can’t handle that), fake major character death because i love pain but i always need a happy ending, accidental baby acquisition, wolf!Derek when Stiles has no idea (or seems to have no idea) werewolves exist, MATES EXIST, Derek feels, Stilinski men feels with Derek joining the fam, PINING!!!!!!!!, misunderstandings when they’re quickly resolved but give you a few good moments of pain, single dad Derek, werewolf reveal after getting together (with angst - shocker),  waking up in an alternative reality where a) au stiles and au derek are together b) canon derek or canon stiles replaces the au one and finds himself in a relationship with the au stiles or the au derek  c) both wake up in an alternative reality where everyone expects them to be together d) one wakes up in what they can’t tell whether is an alternative reality or canon but they’re amnesic e) IDK MAN I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS ONE, dystopian future

Do I go on?? lol


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Title: future
Pairing: Zhang Yixing/Reader
Summary: Sometimes the future looked a little bit cloudy if you saw the little problems that presented themselves in a relationship.

A little fist gently wrapped around someone’s visibly bigger finger was always a dream that she had inside her head, said warmth of being a mother and having someone look up at you, sometimes committing mistakes but giving everything in your life to make them happy. The gentle sound of a baby giggling when you were carrying them in your arms and how they would try to explain to you once they’re older the little things that they liked about their school day. However, those plans went a little farther away when her boyfriend entered her life. Between busy schedules, travelling, recording, acting, modeling, dancing and whatever Yixing can manage to do and still look as perfect as always, they barely had time to maintain a proper relationship and it was egoistic of her to think that he can leave everything behind just to have a child with her. Technically, they could…but she wants to spare her future child from being kept as a secret to the public because of their father’s career, it wasn’t fair to anyone.

She remembers once that one of her aunts had told her to never fall in love with someone that had the smile of an angel because they could easily get away with things, but once she met Yixing, she couldn’t stop herself. It was a ray of sunshine that had fallen over her sheets and kept her accompanied in lonely nights, even when sometimes he wasn’t physically by her side, but for some reason…she was too scared to even tell him that she wanted to have a future with him. Yixing was a busy man and she starts to wonder if it ever crossed his head to get married, have a dog or a cat before actually having a baby or something along those lines…at this point, even a fish would be great for the two. Her mind tries to distract itself and she tries to reach for her dreams during that first year of relationship. A new job, new salary and a few new hobbies later, she still found that question inside her head…

Could they have a future?

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Reasons to love "Stay Stay Stay"

“Stay Stay Stay” is an underrated song because of this, here is a list of reasons why you should love this song:

- First off, so pure and happy

- The background xylophone (marimba?) is lighthearted

- “I was expecting some dramatic turnaway, but you stayed,” shows how she’s surprised that someone wants to stay with her

- “Before you I only dated self-indulgent takers / who took all of their problems out on me” before this relationship, she always dated the wrong person

- “But you carry my groceries and now I’m always laughing” she’s finally found the one

- “I love you because you have given me / no choice but to stay stay stay,” when her relationship is so perfect that she can’t imagine leaving

- The chorus may seem reptitive but it just sounds very light and fun just like this relationship

- This may be overanalyzing but personally I think the triple repetition of the last word could mean that she doesn’t mind staying in this relationship forever

- Finally, “It’s just so fun!” and the laugh at the end

“Stay Stay Stay” is perfect and I will love this song forever

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i kinda wanna watch degrassi but i am wondering is it any good?

yes and no. 

here’s what you must understand about degrassi: its been around since the mid-late 80′s. most of the things they tackled or have, were ground breaking. they were one of the first teen shows to tackle abortion, teen pregnancy teen mother hood, sexual assault, sexual identity, had one of the first transgender character on a tv show that was actually a regular, they also just had probably the first for a teen show, if the first one of the first non binary characters: yael. as well as relationship abuse, teen alcoholism, online bullying, depression, suicide, mental health, and many others i’m probably forgetting. degrassi has always pushed the envelop and therefore is really good. 

however as much as the stories have been good, we’ve had equally bad IMO. we’ve had characters stay in toxic relationships, just because fans love them, characters treat other like crap and never really suffer the consequences, plot drops for stupid relationship drama, characters staying far longer than they should just to keep a relationship going, and finally doing almost the same plot 7x just changing it slightly. 

degrassi is a great show and it holds a special place in my heart. in fact a few of my all time favorite characters came from that show, as well as the friendships i’ve made within the fandom. 

degrassi is that show you  HAVE to take the good with the bad or don’t watch. its been a while since i really sat down and watch a full 20 minute episode. bc i don’t care as much as i once did. 

i am being honest. 


3 months ago, I came home to an empty apartment and a note.

He was able to move on so quickly. Fall into the arms of someone he’s been probably yearning after for years.

Here I am. Dealing with the ghosts from this relationship every minute of every day. I can’t get away from them. I’m still in so much pain. I’m alone.

And I worry that I will always be like this.

I cherish my friendships, don’t get me wrong. I cherish every single person who has come to my aide in this time.

But I worry that I will be alone. That I won’t find another companion. That I’ll have to fend for myself for the rest of my life. That I won’t be able to find someone to love and in return be loved. That no one will find me tolerable or lovable. 

I can’t do “dating apps”. I worry, though, that that’s what “meeting new people” has succumbed to now. Going to coffee shops and libraries didn’t really help 10 years ago in college…who’s to say that it’ll be any different today? Will I ever meet someone “organically”? Who will accept me for who I am? Who shares my interests and “gets” my quirks? 

I feel like even all of that is asking too much of someone.

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I agree. The infertility storyline was lazily done and largely unconvincing. I'm biased because I wanted Aria *so badly* to finish the show single with Ezra 100% out of the picture + facing consequences. Honestly, as much as I've gone off Haleb post-time jump, it would maybe have been more interesting in that relationship (only if it had been properly fleshed out and carefully-handled and not bunged in as a quick fix-it). Making Aria barren was put in for the wrong reasons anyhow. The show [1/2]

[2/2] always celebrated the girls’ friendship & the recent dominance of ships was really disheartening. I’m re-watching S2 & the dedication the girls have for each other (while still having love interests) really shines. It should’ve shone most in the finale, but instead we got ship overload. The girls are still friends, no doubt about that, but I didn’t get the sense their love for each other was at the forefront of the finale, much less the last few seasons, but it should have been.

Yeah definitely. I totally agree. It makes me sad how much it changed in the time jump. I was so excited for it because I thought it’d be great to see the girls in a different world, well into their lives, still being friends but then we find out they weren’t really even in contact for five years? Like they hadn’t seen each other in five years and like I get that because almost all of my friends are long distance so I get it but idk. It just. Yeah. The friendship was no longer what it was in the beginning :/ 

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Top 5 rouges!!

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

1. Team Riddler– If I don’t group them together, I’ll use up four slots on just them alone. I love everything about Riddler, Kristen, Query and Echo. They are joy and blessing to my life.

2. Pietro Maxioff– You never said it had to be a Batman rogue or even DC rogues in general. He’s technically a good guy now (kindaaa) but Brotherhood Quicksilver got me into Marvel comics and he + his family are the only things keeping me there.

3. Poison Ivy– She’s more than just an aesthetic, she’s what I aspire to be. This absolute goddess helped me through some awful relationships and I will always love her more than most of batman’s rogues.

4. Lady Shiva– I have to admit, she only caught my interest because she is Chinese and oh so beautiful. But then I found out she was the greatest fighter in the DC universe (depending on continuities) and I fell head over heels in love with her and her beautiful daughter Cass.

5. Jane Doe– I rarely talk about her or post anything related to her but you can catch me shoving her into any au I make. Not only are her motives relatable af but she is the most extra of all batman rogues and doesn’t even get the recognition she deserves.

I will get mad.” he said while looking directly at her eyes. “Sometimes I will run out of words and be silent for a minute or two. I will get cold when there’s something wrong with my day. I will get tired and feel lousy because of the stress that surrounds me. You see, sometimes I will be a storm to your sunny life. A disturbing wave to your calm tides.” he paused and slowly grabbed her hands. He placed it in his chest and continued, “But you will always have the courage, for you can turn me into something I thought I could never be—in the nicest way possible. Because you can soften everything that hardens my heart. You can break all the walls I’ve built around me. You can always make me happy and I promise that I will do my best to do more than just the same to you.
—  ma.c.a // Light and Darkness
I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings - even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn’t guarantee that others will be good people. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person. As for others, you can only choose to accept them or walk away.
—  I Love Quotes

Felicity’s inspiring speeches to Oliver in season 5.