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Stan Uris Dating a Short Biracial Person Would Include...

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Request: i loved your hc’s for a short mexican! cld you do a story (or hc’s whichever you prefer) for a short biracial girl dating stan? thanks and love your writing💗

Authors note: I hope you like this!!! if you would like for me to add or remove anything please let me know!!! Feedback is very much appreciated!!!

- Stan would find your height adorable

- Loving how you would always ask for help to reach the top shelf

- He would also be amazed by you

- All the harsh words you have had to endure from your fellow peers stunned him

- He would always stand up for you though

- Would always be there where you needed him

- Stan would love to hug you

- Resting his head on top of yours and pressing soft kisses there

- Your relationship would be very soft and playful

- He would love you endlessly and you would the same

- The two of you would support each other with anything you did

- Always making sure you both knew how much you meant to one another

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i love reading old poetry especially ones about love and relationship because it just reminds me that humans have always been human, we’ve always been doing dumb stuff and falling in love and complaining about it dramatically

like, this is over 1000 years old, translated from the oldest anthology of japanese poetry in existence, and it is basically expressing the exact same emotion as posts on here of people going ‘@god could you not have made me into a plant or something so i could just photosynthesise all day and not need to deal with dumb painful FEELINGS’ 

it’s great humans are great i love it

After reading a lot among the James Franco allegations. He didn’t do anything illegal or wrong. The only girl I feel for is his assistant because he was a major dick to her when they were breaking up. (This is from her and the other girls television interview. Apparently he called her names that were very rude during the end of their relationship)

It just sounds like James Franco was that popular guy in teen movies who ended up being a dick to the protagonist once the protagonist realized he didn’t love her.


The fact that those girls said they can forgive him if he said sorry, or if he opened up more female roles for them to play in. Using an important movement just to create opportunities for yourself is sickening thing to do.

(I would also like to bring up how all of them said that they could have always said no anytime they wanted to. Do you know how many victims didn’t have an opportunity of saying no. They didn’t have a choice. How many victims were actually forced to do acts without even able to consent. I take this stuff seriously. This just really disgusts me that anyone would WANT to be called a victim for fame and opportunities.)

Sorry, it just hurts that people with false allegations can ruin someone’s career, but victims of actual abuse can’t even be heard.

Anyways, Iris and Barry have a lovely, healthy relationship and it needs to stop getting unfair hate. Barry finally got to be with the girl he always loved, and Iris could not be more supportive and kind to Barry. They ARE a couple, they DO love each other, it IS canon, whether people like it or not. I have my own preferences, but I can’t see how anyone can deny that they do make a beautiful couple and are very supportive and loving towards one another. I wish people could appreciate it more instead of being jealous because he’s not with the person they want :/

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Since when did you start shipping todomomo?? (Also what fully got you into them..?) :33

Hey! I started shipping them around when the cavalry battle happened (well if my memory didn’t fail me). I officially fell in love with the pair during the final exam arc like most others; I didn’t start bnha until chap 70 ish came out i think so it was a surprise when i binged the chapters that they actually have quite a nice relationship (todo usually being a man of few words but gives her a speech and gets her to believe in herself again is <3 EEEEEEE got me screaming) . It was way after that I knew of the drama cd and the marketing of the card game/ merch where they’re always paired together….that’s when i fell too deep in this todomomo hell and i couldn’t crawl back out LOL  Personally I’m someone who enjoys strong silent guy and cute/lady-like girl pairs so it didn’t take much for me to fully emerge into this ship; they look so great together as well :3 (Bonus: both from wealthy/powerful families is perf for all the arranged marriage AUs hehehehe)

I also gotta thank @akeemi-art and @r95irth for all the lovely art and fanfic that i enjoy very much !!!

ty for the ask :)

I’ve talked about this before but I always find it interesting how bisexuality is never seen as a legitimate path to finding gay love, but it is seen as a transitory state to either heterosexuality or gayness. For bisexual women in particular, their bisexuality is summarily wiped clean if they’re in a relationship with a man or a woman. And with bisexual women in relationships with women in particular, people really have a difficult time conceptualizing that a woman can happily identify as bisexual and actually pursue women and engage in long-term romantic commitments with them. It’s much easier then to erase her bisexuality then to acknowledge that her bisexuality is what enabled her to 1) realize her same-gender attraction, 2) manifest it properly, and 3) find a loving and wholesome relationship as a result. In other words, her being bisexual is the reason that she found love but the external narrative imposed on bi women never reflects that. I think that because bisexuality is seen as a temporary state that evaporates once you “get your head on” properly, so to speak, a long-term relationship/cohabiting arrangement signalizes to other people that bisexuals, especially bisexual women, have the “obligation” to stop identifying as bisexual for some purpose of “transparency” and because it’s “easier” and “more truthful” to identify as something else. Which is interesting, because people also have a hard time visualizing bisexuality amongst single bisexuals too, especially single bisexuals who’ve never been in any relationships with anyone, man or woman. So in a sense it’s just difficult for people to legitimize bisexuality and thus they default to erasing it to cope with that difficulty. 

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Do you enjoy Leo's character? Or is the meme just funny?

i really like leo as a character. i thought his relationship with corrin was interesting as well, like how he always sort of underhandedly helps him/her out while still remaining loyal to garon.

i also really like his relationship with his retainers. the whole ‘why do i put up with these two’ thing is a trope i really enjoy. like where does he find that ungodly amount of patience to deal with odin and niles on a daily basis.

as for the meme, my girlfriend loves tomatos so i have no shortage of tomato memes sent my way thanks to her. it just adds to the whole package for me, so i enjoy his character, and the memes.

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Yeah I have a feeling there is a reason we didn't get an explanation as to what Psi made Imra see... It has to be more than just some plot device to keep psi on the ship. It was just to weird how she got over Psi so quickly to.

Yeah, I have this feeling too! Maybe they didn’t show what Imra saw because it will play out somehow later on. She might have relived Garth’s death, and maybe this will make her reevaluate her relationship with Mon-El, especially now that: 1) they might have already changed the future so much that they might have saved Garth’s life and she starts thinking about him again; and 2) she knows that Kara has always been the love of Mon-El’s life and she realizes that his love for her is slowly and inevitably resurfacing.

As for Imra getting over Psi quickly, maybe it has to do with her own psychic powers (if she has them in the show at all, that is).

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Headcanon: All the Links like having their Zelda read to him but OoT!Link likes it the most because he never actually learned to read (Navi always did it for him) and even after he starts being able to grasp basic stuff, he still fakes not knowing how for awhile because he thinks she won't read to him anymore once she knows he can read on his own.

this is so cute and pure and is 100% canon for me :) 

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"AND HE LOVED HIM NO LESS THAN HIS SONS" ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for that quote! I always assumed this was the case but I had no idea it was actually in the HoME :)

Awwwww haha I’m glad? I always sort of subconsciously assume that every Histories of Middle Earth quote ever is Somewhere on tumblr, but either way yeah i love it too.

Tbh I don’t think one really should have to only assume that is the case - both the either/or situation and the relationship is p explicitly spelled out in the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. But then again I’ve learned that it’s basically impossible to underestimate the sheer sludge-projection/reading-incomprehension of the Tolkien fandom regarding that story (*waves hand in……literally every direction*) and then parroting their incomprehension all over to mislead ppl. so yeah it’s nice that Tolkien took the time to dumb it waaaayyyy down and walk ppl through it as slowly and simply as possible (even if HE then overestimated his audience’s reading ability and cut that bit out >_o)

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name :   Emilia LeBlanc
nickname : Emi , Emma , Lia , Evaine
gender : Female
romantic orientation : Biromantic || Bisexual
preferred pet names :  Pet names are almost always only reserved for those who are worthy of her attentions. Though she does favour the preference of Emilia’s name rather than Evaine when it comes to intimacy.
relationship status : With all that we know for now .  .  .  it’s complicated.
favorite canon ship : Swain & LeBlanc rivalry / more than rivals relationship . None
favorite non-canon ship : I have two , Elise & LeBlanc or Kat & Riven tbh.
opinion on true love :  True love to LeBlanc is simply that : a belief , there’s little reason for her to acknowledge ‘ true love ‘ as there will always be reasons beyond such trivial romances & intimate ties but .  .  .  she does believe in eternal bonds that tie individuals.
opinion on love at first sight :  Blind , foolish , an illusion in & of itself. LeBlanc laughs at the thought of it. 
how ‘romantic’ are they? : Though far from evident on the surface , LeBlanc is incredibly doting & affectionate once she is with her lover.  .   . but these affections are in private & often composed of physical touches & sitting on the lap of her lover while kissing them or sharing wine together. She spoils them in adoration & a silver laden tongue.
ideal physical traits : Short cut hair , preferably dark though silver hair is another favourite. More often than not her lovers are taller than her and remarkably fit in stature though not incredibly muscled.
ideal personality traits :  Intellectual , tactical , witty , & certainly someone she believes to be worthy of her attentions ; aside that she likes those who dare to challenge her intellectually & physically.
unattractive physical traits : Extreme muscle , long beards.
unattractive personality traits : Dim-wittedness , weakness , vulnerability , indecisiveness & those who are weak-willed beyond her comprehension.
ideal date :  Shared wine , the warmth of the fireplace or the chill of a cool summer night in the comfort of another. If not a dinner at a restaurant of her partner’s choosing. 
do they have a type? :  cold distant individuals it seems.
preferred non-sexual intimacy : Playing chess games & discussing philosophy , all the while holding her partner’s hands or laying against them.
commitment level : Depends , are you named Jericho Swain ? 
opinion of public affection : LeBlanc is definitely all in it for PDA when it comes to her partners , she affectionately takes their hands into her own and lean close against them for the sheer sake of it. She’s also a fan of subtle kisses and wordplay before anything , but definitely someone far from being shy about PDA. 
past relationships? :  Elise  & LeBlanc have been married for a millennia  .  .  .  but LeBlanc has also had several flings along the way like Cassiopeia and Jhin but they were merely out of interest & were never anything truly permanent. 

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What are your 5 favourite versions of zelink and why?

1. Botw zelink. I’m just a sucker for the bodyguard crush trope, plus it’s full of angsty shit that I love. Also, their relationship has an arc and I like their dynamic a lot. Overall, good stuff.

2. SS zelink. I’m also a huge sucker for friends-to-lovers, and SS makes it very clear how much Link wants to find Zelda and it’s just the cutest thing.

3. Oot zelink. It’s nice and tragic and I’ve always liked the angle with Sheik. 

4. Spirit Tracks. They’re just cute man. Have you seen them? Cute and pure. 

5. Alttp. albw said there’s a painting of them cuddling in the castle? Tbh that alone makes me like them a lot….. also kinda suggests imo that they must have gotten married or something

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A secret: I’ve always felt like I was one of those people who works really well in a relationship. I just do really good as part of a duo, you know? But it’s been one long, rotten relationship after another and I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m not supposed to be with anyone..? The way things have played out previously makes me think that I’m asking too much from partners, even though I’m pretty sure what I want are normal, reasonable things. It makes me feel like I’m too hard to love...

I don’t think you should ever lower your standards for anyone. I’m sure you aren’t asking for too much and that you aren’t too hard to love, you just haven’t found the right person yet. I’m a romantic so I fully believe that some day you will find a relationship that is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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Some NSFW headcanons for Imector in the Land of the Dead?

I don’t really do NSFW and I should have specified that in the original post, but since you already asked, what the hell. These really aren’t very NSFW and not very racy, but here ya go.

- after their relationship is patched up in the LOTD, Imelda always acts like nothing has happened after they have a night, and Héctor is just such a grinning fool that everyone knows what happened last night anyway
“what’s wrong with you, Héctor”
Héctor: *grins*
“nothing. I just really love Imelda”

- they are CUDDLERS. really, really cuddlers. the type of cuddlers who literally stay awake half the night enjoying the cuddling and then are half dead the next morning and need a gallon of coffee because of the cuddling.

- Héctor is super into Imelda’s hair. she always wears it up in public and it only ever really comes down in private, when she goes to bed. it’s a side of her only he ever really gets to see and he loves that. (Works for LOTL or LOTD honestly but okay).

- despite Imelda’s act around others that ‘nothing happened’, she’s the initiator most of the time. gotta catch up on all that lost time.

And that’s all for today. ♥️ Typically, again, I don’t do NSFW and I don’t write NSFW fic but I might answer the one off question if one is submitted.

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14 and 55?

14. Do you have a crush on anyone?
—- perpetually - always - i mean have you seen the people in this community??? There is always at least a squish or two

55. Share a relationship story.
—- hmm, okay, my ex mandy, who I’m still good friends with and who I adore was someone I met online. It was back when I was in my second year of college and we had met through a group of people that I roleplayed with on an old hyperboards forum (like written RP) we clicked on a writers level immediately and we fell in love through our characters first. I was so crazy about her I flew out to spend Christmas with her and her family for our first meeting and god I was nervous - and it was a little awkward because we had built it up so much and she didn’t have a lot of experience and we weren’t like officially dating at that point but I loved it anyway and I loved her and i will always treasure those silly awkward moments and crossing the country to see her for the first time and yea, it was good :)


I’m always gonna have a soft spot for you… no matter how “moved on” I may be.

-There are just some people you can never get over.


If I ever decide to give up on you, understand how much that took out of me. I’m the type to give endless chances, always have your back even when you are wrong, and truly accept you for who you are. When the rest of the world doesn’t want you, I will. So if I gave up on you, understand it took everything I had left inside of me to leave you…because if I love you, and care about you, there isn’t anything on the planet I wouldn’t do for you.