i have also decided to change my signature

After a long long pause I am finally motivated to draw again<3

I wanted to try out different colouring and shading techniques I found while watching speedpaints the whole winter long

And while I’ve been listening to a lot of welcome to night vale lately I felt inspired to do some fanart of my favourite episode(s) “The Sandstorm A & B”

Also decided to change my signature because I never really liked my old one

00Q LDWS Drabbles: Final Week!

Here are the drabbles for the last week of the MI6 Cafe’s 00Q Last Drabble Writer Standing competition!

Prompt: a photo prompt! 

wild card (writer’s choice) 
Word count: up to 250

Voters–after you read, check out this form to vote for your top three drabbles! You can also leave anonymous feedback for the writers! Who can vote? Anyone who’s read the drabbles! Yes, that includes YOU!  

Writers–you may also vote, but we do ask that you vote for three drabbles other than your own.  

The voting period ends on Monday at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 4pm UTC.

Remember, readers–it’s up to YOU to decide who will wind up on top at the end of the competition!

Drabbles are under the read-more:

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Url Change

EDIT: I’ve decided on galactigushjellie, thanks to those who helped me decide!

I was tired of having artboxonfire as my name so I’m temporarily jellyfishruffles,  :p

I’ll also probably change my signature on some of my already uploaded drawings when I become sure of it. Oh and I’m still going to hold on to artboxonfire just in case❤️❤️❤️


Okay so I was drawing an alternate outfit for another Sans I made that I haven’t released any info about yet. I need to work on my procrastination. Anyways his name is concern. He is a Underswap Sans who absorbed a green soul. I made other for the different souls. Keep in mind this isn’t his main outfit. Just one for messing around with. I drew two versions. His name is Concern.

Explanation for why my signature says Omega instead of Echo. I have a Deviantart account which is pretty much only used for looking up stuff and seeing stuff from people I follow. Getting to the point the username has the word Omega in it. It’s also my persona’s original name before it became a nickname instead. Later on I decided to change my username for other things to EchoCross. Reason being is because I really like the word Echo and I was also learning about Cross Sans. The weird symbol I don’t really know where it came from but I just ended up using it.

I was thing about making an artist signature an that’s what happened after several different ones.

Oh and for the AU owners.
Cross/X-Tale/The other one is by @jakei95
Underswap is UT community.