i have all these ~feels~ about the oxford comma

kallie-appleblossom  asked:

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆

(★ for an IC fact, ☆ for an OOC fact.)

All right, here we go:

★ Mora was an only child, and her parents absolutely doted on her. They raised her to believe that what she wanted mattered, which is why settling for less than she wants is such an alien concept to her.

☆ I have 4 cats. They are all assholes.

★ Mora is a very picky eater. The one thing she’ll never turn down: chocolate. 

☆ I’m an author and editor and have strong feelings about Oxford commas, adverbs, and people who look down on other people for what they choose to read. 

★ While she’s not fond of Stormwind City itself at all, she’s made many friends there, which is why she stays. She usually doesn’t stay in one place for very long. 

☆ I am either over-caffeinated or exhausted. There is no in between. There is also no such thing as too much coffee, apparently.

★ Mora is actually quite foul-mouthed once she’s comfortable with someone.

☆ Same, tbh.

Thanks for the ask, @kallie-appleblossom !