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I dunno if you take requests {it's okay if not!} but in the event that you do--I have a real nasty head/chest cold thing going on and would kindof love a sick!scully fic where mulder takes care of her and does all those fluffy moony-eyed smitten caretaker-y things. NOT cancer sick. Like, bad cold sick. My lil heart is just not made for that kind of angst.

A/n: Ok so. This does not exactly fill this prompt (they’re both sick and Mulder might be sicker) but I wrote this several years ago for my own amusement, and I think I’m okay with it seeing the light of day. Feel better anon! 

“I hate you,” she says, coming into his apartment using her key, not bothering to knock. Her voice is all cough medicine and ice cream, an FBI sweatshirt hanging to her thighs and her nose rubbed red.

“I hate you,” she repeats. She’s bearing gifts though, so he doubts it. She throws the bags onto his bed, which is currently a nest of blankets and kleenex boxes. He’d lost the remote for the TV in here almost an hour ago. She’s brought a tub of ice cream, two boxes of Kleenex and various kinds of syrups and over-the-counter drugs that he can’t wait to refuse to try. Plus Alien on VHS. He’s never loved her more.  

“Did I get you sick?”

“No,” she glares at him with red-rimmed eyes. Sniffs and coughs pathetically for effect. “I feel fantastic. Just great.”

“Sorry.” He wonders if Skinner will believe them when they call in sick. Probably he won’t and probably they shouldn’t both call from his apartment but why not fuel the rumor mill a little, antagonize poor Skinman just a tad.

His eyelids feel very heavy, but they snap open when she sits down on the edge of the bed.  She runs her cold fingers over his cheek, presses the back of her hand to his forehead.

“You’re on fire,” she says, purses her lips.

“I always knew you thought I was hot.” 

He wonders if she came over to check on him or because she was bored and annoyed with him or because she just wanted to be with him and decides that it could be any or all of the above. When you don’t know the answer just pick C.

“Shut up, Mulder. You’re running a temperature. Have you been getting enough fluids?”

“Ooh, Scully, I love when you talk medical to me.”

She raises her eyebrow at him, patting his cheek harder than necessary as she wanders into the kitchen. He does feel warm, now that she mentions it. Her perpetually cold hands had been a welcome intrusion on his fever-hot face.

She comes back with two spoons and glasses of water. She shoves the tape into his VCR and crawls in next to him, dragging a blanket to curl around her legs. They share almost the entire pint of ice cream in silence, dodging each other’s’ spoons with uncanny grace. 

She says, “Did you know the first symptoms of the black plague were similar to that of the common cold?” 

“Are you trying to tell me something?”

She looks at him levelly. Her lips are red from the cough syrup. “If I break out in boils, I left my gun on your coffee table.”


She watches him out of the corner of her eye until he drinks the whole glass of water and then he watches her and thinks he likes this version of sick Scully. Not terminal Scully, not a Scully who is metastasizing and dematerializing before his eyes, not translucent, terrified, transparent Scully with the thin wrists and the red upper lip, stained by too many bloody noses. He likes sniffling, bright-eyed, red-cheeked, ice-cream bearing Scully whose hands are still cold but who pulls his head onto her shoulder and insists he close his eyes.

“I’ll get you sick,” he protests, pretending he hasn’t already thrown a heavy arm across her stomach, pretending his eyes aren’t already closed.

“You already got me sick, idiot.”

“Isn’t my head heavy?”

“From what? Your big brain? No. It’s shockingly light actually. ” He snorts, sick Scully is a lame joker.

“I don’t hate you,” she says finally.

“I know.” 

“You need sleep, Mulder,” she says to break the quiet, and if she leaves her hand just there like it is on his cheek he’ll be out in moments.

“Sure thing, doc,” he mutters into her neck.

When he wakes up her cheeks are a brighter red and her hair smells like ice cream. She is asleep with the spoon in her hand, still half sitting up against the pillows, her head on top of his. Sometimes they fall asleep this way on airplanes, knees touching, heads together like they’re telling secrets.

She’d fallen asleep during the best part of the movie. 

Now, Ellen Ripley is preparing herself for cryo-sleep, the monster dead, everyone she knows killed, her sidekick saved and the infinite expanse of space stretching out in front of her like a highway. It’s some sort of a happy ending, he supposes. A bite-sized moment of peace that for some reason makes his heart ache.

The sun has mostly gone down outside and the whole evening feels fuzzy and bathed in sick-brain, gold-light haze. Mulder untangles himself from Scully to close the blinds. This was no one else’s moment but theirs, he would have told her, if she was awake (except, not really,  because that would mean telling her his photographic memory would file this away under “to remember later” and maybe he didn’t want her to know that yet). Trust no one, he might have actually said. Especially not your across-the-street neighbors.

When he turns back to the bed Scully has scooted herself down into some sort of horizontal position, her body curved delicately in on itself. She sleeps with such determination, throwing herself fully into slumber in the same way she bows her head and plows through case reports. If the world ended she might not even wake up to notice and that makes him glad somehow. Glad to know that if everything were to suddenly explode at least Scully would have that tiny curve to her lips, her eyelashes long and dark against her cheek, her hand bunched under her sternum and her breath warm against his face, smelling like vanilla ice cream. That would be okay, he thinks. That would be just fine.

He takes the spoon carefully from her sticky fingers and lays down facing her in their little catastrophe of Kleenex and cough drop wrappers. Their own private little disaster, their favorite kind. On the staticky screen Ellen Ripley proclaims that she is the last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off. The credits roll. He presses a kiss to Scully’s hot forehead. Fade to black. 

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Three things. 1) Your lineart is so smooth and clean that it actually makes me wanna cry. 2) I am IN LOVE with your art style in general. Like, whenever anxiety hits me I'll just look at your art and I'll slowly calm down. 3) Do yoy have a tutorial on wing anatomy? I'm having trouble on making Michael's wings for a sketch. That is all. Sorry if I was creepy. I'll stop now. Bye!

Thank you for all the sweet compliments! If you’re ever feeling low you can also talk to me.

I don’t really do tutorials at all but I will give you these quick sketches

Okay so above is just a simple example of how I would quick draw wings if the viewer is looking from behind, below is if its a front image and the wings are open.

Below here is how I would quickly sketch closed wings from behind and its the same way from the front but most of the wings are hidden by the character. I draw two lung-shapes on the back, then two bigger slightly above, then again and then i keep adding them, becoming bigger, thinner or longer where needed until Im happy. This is just for the shape though, I tend to add the detailed feathers after.

If the image Im drawing is at an odd angle I look for parrot photographs (usually stock photos) and I use their wings as a reference.

THIS IS A PSA: don’t repost stuff

so my video got reposted on instagram yep I made an account to tell them this You’ll rarely see me this angry; actually, I’m not so angered but rather just shocked;

I didn’t even get notified they were going to repost it there and I read comments about how some people hate this ship and it feels ridiculous because well??? it wasn’t meant for you? you steal my video and talk hate about my fav ship why are you doing this I’m confused

There were people who enjoyed it too but you know? the original post got like 60 notes okay it did get support from lots of lovely people and I feel so happy from it but I would have appreciated it if these people here actually came to my account and told me about it I would have been very happy but if you do this, I never know and first of all you just took my stuff. Something I sat down and worked days on.. it’s something that I wanted to share and enjoy with people yes but I won’t get any feedbacks or be able to interact with people about this if you just repost it like this do you not see the problem

DON’T, DO THIS. please respect me;; I am not asking for much; why didn’t you ask me, why didn’t credit me anywhere either, just why..?; I’m sure the person who reposted this did it because they liked my works, why didn’t you come tell me about it then?; This is sad. If you want me to make more things, support me where I’m at, say hi or come leave nice comments, I jump up and down with happiness every time it happens and sometimes I would even willingly draw for you if we become friends. Treat me well, I try to treat others well too. I think I’m not asking too much by telling you this. I’m being pretty reasonable. Tell me when you want to share my things somewhere and ask my permission because it’s mine.


So first image is a comment on a vid I did today on the new casts members of Discovery and my reply.

I’m sorry lmao but being like “I am okay with human females being like that but KLINGON FEMALE LEADERS! THAT ISN’T CANON THIS SHOW IS DEAD” is one of the most pathetic things I have heard all day. THIS IS HOW PATHETIC PEOPLE ARE ABOUT THIS SHOW. I feel like it is the argument where people say “I can’t be (blank) because I have (blank) friends”

You can’t even have a female Klingon leader without someone saying “THIS ISN’T EVEN CANON”.

Despite the fact, THIS WOULD NOW BE CANON! And there are plenty of strong Klingon women in power?! 


This feels transparent as fuck. Instead of being like “yeah more powerful Klingon woman!” it’s “it isn;t canon for Klingon women to be leaders”. LMAO WHAT?! So we must now NEVER have that?! We must NEVER get rid of such bullshit?! Because they are aliens?! The show is fiction you dumbass but women are real! And I think it will be cool as hell to see more Klingon ladies! 

Ugh. It is exhausting. You can see the comment (here). I am sure they will hissy fit to my reply but they need to get the fuck over themselves if the idea of a strong fictional alien female upsets them. 

Hey guys!
I applied for CSU! I am waiting for my credits to transfer and to see if I get granted a fee waver for the $50 application fee.. so far no major problems but keep me in your good thoughts! I’m depressed but doing okay. One of us might have to go inpatient we don’t know yet. We need about $1900 in total funds. We need to raise the funds for the safety deposit, application fee, and to pay first months rent. We are so close to beating homelessness. We are getting a meal a day from the soup kitchen we found. It’s a warm meal which feels good!!! Thank you shall so much!!! You guys have helped us so much!!!! We still need help, our PayPal is littletransgirl18@gmail.com! Thank you all so much.

I’m too fat to shop at Express, or Urban Outfitters..
  • I’m okay with that though, but I am totally gonna buy some more clothes this weekend.
  • I was blessed with beer this morning by my salesman, I am gonna need someone to help me get all of it into my car, thank goodness I have this mini fridge under my desk.
  • I my co-worker was diagnosed with lung cancer. She is (or up until recently) was a smoker. I feel bad for her, but they believe it is in an early enough stage for them to do something about it.
  • For the first time in 3 weeks, I will work tomorrow. I am okay with this. I will be the only one in my department, so it will be nice and quiet!
  • There isn’t a damn thing to see this weekend, so looks like it’s beer and mass effect this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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I was wondering if I could ask you something, because I am horribly inarticulate and have a lot of difficulty expressing emotion in my words. I enjoy reading your blog because you express all the feelings I have trouble communicating in such a clear and effective way. What is it that you think makes Skam special? Why do so many people connect with it so strongly? I'm trying to tell a friend via text, yet I'm not doing the show justice.

anon!! thank youuuu 💕💕💕

also ummm okay this is kind of a loaded question bc there’s a lot that makes skam special to me? the biggest is how real it feels, but there’s so much that goes into achieving that that it’s kind of meaningless to just leave it there so like. it’s everything? it’s the way the show builds narrative pov and uses those povs to explore personal and genuine struggles in a way that never feels cheesy or manufactured bc you’re so deep in that character’s head that you feel them, rather than just having them told to you in exposition and dialogue about What’s Right and What’s Wrong in a Very Special Episode. it’s the way the show respects teenagers, both as its focal characters and as its audience, and treats their conflicts as legitimate, their persons as intelligent and capable, their lives as experienced for all that they’re still learning. it’s the way it loves its characters enough to let them fuck up and to then give them room to grow, to push them to do so, and how that ties back to its understanding of teenage life and what that encompasses. it’s the innovative way it uses real-time narrative delivery to naturally build tension and suspense, as well as to strengthen the immersive effect of its story by literally pulling you into these moments, whether they’re clips or texts or an instagram feed, as these characters are seeing them. it’s the way all of that combines to form a show that is so intensely, wonderfully focused on delivering character through experience: the main’s experiences, yes, but also the experience we as the audience have of watching them, of talking to each other, of getting the opportunity to share and learn between the moments of the show so that we might understand both those moments and ourselves better.

i guess if i had to sum it up, the best thing about skam is its characters and the way it builds them and treats their perspectives. there are so many really cool things about the shift between main povs between seasons and what that shows about skam’s ability to construct distinct and immersive narrative povs, but i think the coolest thing, and one that we don’t talk about enough, is the implication there: that everyone has a valuable perspective, and that everyone’s life holds something in it we could learn from. that’s a beautiful idea, a beautiful conceit for a narrative, and skam executes it beautifully. everyone has a story. everyone’s perspective is worth stepping into. everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach, and it’s a necessary part of human growth that we recognize that more.

I very low key want to scream about this thing but I feel like it’s such a lame thing to scream about that I have no idea who to go to to scream about this

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I follow you, cause i dragged you into this mess and now I feel all responsible XD What have I done? You know I love you, I never wanted to hurt you like this XDDD

How can you even sleep at night, when you know, what you have done to me?! Okay, no, you don´t sleep at night … I guess, now I know why. O_O”

(Aka: I love you, too! And I am sooo glad, you brought me to this wonderful fandom and introduced me to Emmerdale and Robron. What even was my life before ED? Thank you so much, also for sticking around with me, even though I can´t compare with your level of salt. >__<)

Mor thing on acowar

I’m upset with this fandom. A lot has been said about how Mor being gay was not hinted in the previous books, how your ship sunk and what about Arziel.
WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! People that don’t hint their sexuality don’t have to be assumed as straight. It’s okay to have a guy liking you, you don’t have to have the same orientation as him to be friends. You don’t have to have the same sexual orientation as him at all, you don’t own anything to him because he likes you. I feel like people wanted Mor sexuality to be hinted so they would not have became so attached to her. I get that a lot of hetero people identified with Mor, being all girly and stuff and now feel like she is not the same. THAT’S NOT OKAY. IT’S HOMOPHOBIC WHETHER YOU LIKE OR NOT. I LOVE MOR CHARACTER AND WILL DEFEND HER RIGHTS TO BE ANYTHING SHE WANTS

okay so i have this headcanon that after the war, harry and draco are dating and draco is secretly very talented at art but isn’t very vocal about it to harry and so harry doesn’t even know really (draco’s almost embarrassed about it and doesn’t feel like it’s important enough to bother harry with), and then one day harry catches draco doodling all over his arm and that leads to draco confessing about his art and harry is so SHOOK and he convinces draco to paint a sky scenery type painting on his back and then harry gets a few tattoos later and they’re all designed by draco and god i just need artist!draco in my life

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In regards to ot3 with alex x monty x justin .... you have poor zach hanging out with them at lunch or at the dance asking " so does this make me a fourth wheel or third wheel" . I feel like alex would be the cute one in the relationship, justin would be the romantic one, and monty is tease lmao.

Okay but yes Justin is actually super romantic, and the other boys are like what??????? But he is actually super great with romance, and he knows all the right things to say, but he doesn’t like people noticing so he hides it with gentle teasing and heaps of hickeys.

Monty is equally as dedicated to hickeys, he is absolutely the tease. He’ll nip at their necks at the most inappropriate times, or squeeze at their inner thighs, get them worked up at school and then just leave. Alex and Justin pretend to get super annoyed by it, but it’s hard to be annoyed when Monty is sure to finish what he started after school.

And Alex, yeah he’s the cute one, he’ll deny it though, he almost a grown man, he can’t be cute, except he can. He is the one that blushes the most and the one that the others get the chance to be gentle and delicate with. He likes to be loved- I mean he likes all the other stuff too, but he’s also a feelings kinda guy.

And then there’s baby Zach, and at first he wonders what the hell is going on with all of his friends, and will it happen to him too, will there be four? Or any other three? But then he realises in the meantime he’s the odd one out. There’s obviously Justin x Alex x Monty, and as far as he’s concerned Jeff is now off with Tony and Clay. And Zach feels a little left out, but Alex won’t have that, and so Zach tags along everywhere with them, and Alex makes the other two include him even when they whine about how it ruins the mood

Why are the Swan Queen shippers getting called out though? Is it bad I’m laughing even harder? I came out to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now. :P

LOL, no but seriously, I was a full on Outlaw Queen shipper alongside being a Swan Queen fan (not full on shipper yet) until that ship got holes when Robin left Regina for his wife, then couldn’t make up his mind and cheated on his wife with Regina while being all “You’re too enticing to pass up even though I have a code. It’s your fault for being so gorgeous.” Okay, so he didn’t actually say that but it came close. And I mean, I’d probably be sleeping with Regina too over my 30 years dead wife that I have no feelings towards anymore whatsoever. I mean, do you know Regina? Have you seen her? But still. I’m heavily against cheating. Would definitely have made a definitive choice first out of respect for the wife and the time we spent together and the new love.

Then that ship sank completely like the Titanic once Robin trusted faux Marian over Regina and looked at her like she was crazy for thinking his wife wasn’t his wife when he felt that way too. You had one job. I do not go down with ships that sink. If there’s no trust in a relationship, you can just end it, because if there’s no trust, what is there? 

Then there was the fact that Emma sacrificed herself for Regina over staying with Hook. And then Regina proceeded to be clearly miserable in the entirety of season 5 even though she had Robin, her son, Roland. First over Emma being the Dark One, then over Emma risking her life to go to the Underworld to get Hook back. Then there was all the back and forth unhealthy relationship nonsense between Hook and Emma. That wasn’t me, all of that was the show. I can’t argue with such strong arguments in favor of Swan Queen on top of all the ones that came before them. Sue me. :D

It’s not my fault these writers write the relationships of Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan in ways I don’t support while Swan Queen gets all the growth and honesty and trust and all those great juicy traits you want in a relationship.

Also, if you write a show that’s all about true love and you know a main character is due to get into a new, fresh true love relationship that lasts-hello, even Frozen had one-and all the straight options suck, the logical course of action is to go

Plan B1: self love

Plan B2: same sex true love options

And Swan Queen had a huge flashing NEON true love sign. Again, not my fault. :P

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Aaa ;;3;; Is it okay to draw a fan art of your fanfics?? If you don't mind of course ;w;They are so good i read them like bedtime stories haha!!


Just tag me so I can see it and I’ll save it in my folder of special fanarts that give me reasons to live :’)


Today was my last day of classes and my first final (during the exam period, technically I already took two) isn’t until next friday and I was debating on what to do this next week and finally I decided F it, bought a plane ticket, and am spending the next 6 days at home. I was feeling guilty about this for whatever reason (not fully enjoying college, having been home two weeks ago, going to be home again in two more weeks, not coming home at all the first semester, etc.) but I know this is the best move for my mental health and I need to be okay with that. I was talking to one of my friends about it this morning and she said I had nothing to “feel bad” about and that she would have done the same thing if she was in my position. Also she said that next weekend we should go out to dinner at the vegan restaurant near school. Things are lookin’ up.

hi for future reference I’m really not comfortable or okay with other people making norways google history blogs.

I know I haven’t been posting a lot of searches lately but I still have put a lot of work into this blog (it’s my only aph centred blog, actually! out of all my blogs ever this one is my #1 priority, very far above all else.) and Norway as a muse (2+ years of developin g,) and I feel really, really ripped off + like people just want to upset me and make me into absolutely nothing again when ppl yknow
make another norways google history blog.

and by a lot of work I mean had it not been for the ppl following this blog I would’ve just given up and forgotten about this blog b/c hi adhd ignited rsd. So w/ that said I guess I should for certain two birds one post I appreciate everyone following this blog b/c y'all make me feel like my general existence as a person is accepted.

(this post only applies to 1p/canon norway, not to nyo or 2p dw)

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Since I passively watch SKAM through you: Nora, Sana



Noora x Eva

Noora x Jonas (lowkey feeling it)

Noora x being happy with the girl squad


Sana x the fandom NOT erasing on how she deeply feels about her faith

Sana x all the love in the world

Sana x being herself

Sana x basketball (@julie when is it coming ????)

Sana x actually having muslim friends ( i love the girls but let me have two muslim girls interacting)

Send me a character and i’ll tell you at least two characters I ship them with

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(now I feel kind of bad for not posting as much as I would like to, but now it’s my turn to start screaming)


Originally posted by uni-sexi-ness

Okay, that said, I do have a few blogs. I have a main blog (which I’m not sure I’m wholely comfortable sharing), a blog i reblog fandom related things to (ngl, mostly Miraculous Ladybug, MysMe, and Yuri on Ice!!!), and now I’m considering making a blog so that you guys can all ask me person questions if you want to.

If anyone else is also interested in getting to know me a little better or stalking my other blogs, go play with this poll (why do I enjoy polls so much?).


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What's your favorite memory in life? I hope in remembering that moment in time it will help lift up your spirit. <3

this is such a sweet question, thank you anon <3

all the memories I had with my dad are the best ones. I have many other cool memories with other people but the ones with my dad were the best. When we used to take small car trips and sing songs together. When everyone was sleeping at night except for him, who was alone in the living room so I would join him and we would make some coffee and stay up till 3:00 am talking about everything. When we used to discuss the books I was reading, he was always so interested to know everything about it. When I would show him my writing, he would put on his glasses like some kind of important editor and would start reading my stuff and being very critical about it lmao, giving me ideas and helping me with my inspiration. When we used to watch The Lord of The Rings together and go to the movies… i remember once we went to this cinema that was COMPLETELY empty, and it was just the two of us inside the salon and the lights were off waiting for the movie to begin and we were laughing so hard bc no one was there and we could talk out loud and be as noisy as we wanted. Sorry if I got a little emotional nonny, haha, but I really enjoy remembering these moments with my daddy. Sometimes I try not to because I get sad and I miss him terribly, but it’s nice to remember once in a while :’) it gives strength… it just helps me remember how happy I was when he was by my side, and that i have to keep seeking for that happiness even if he’s not here with me anymore, I know that’s what he would have wanted for me.