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John Tracy | Thunderbirds Are Go

“International Rescue, this is Thunderbird 5. We have a situation!”


Hello again, little goth’es! There are the part two of my Halloween gift. I was really inspired by Midnight Hollow in this one, i always wanted a dark world on The Sims 4 with dark flora, sky and terrain. Maybe it comes in a Supernatural pack, who knows? I really hope that it can bring to your dark roleplay another vibe. It’s all basegame for the ones who can’t have a EP, GP or anything else. Good game! If you have any bug or problems, please let me know so i can fix them!

In this pack you’ll find:

Standalone recolors of 18 basegame plants inspired by Midnight Hollow’s flora. It’s all maxis match, have all category textures (high, medium and low) and every plant have just one swatch.

Download (SFS)


River’s Bend Retreat

Another house for you guys if you are wanting one, this time its fully furnished. I have included a CC list of all the CC needed for the house inside the download. If you dont want all the CC, EA will replace things with base game objects and you can always move into the lot unfurnished and make it your own obviously. This is a 1 bedroom and 1 ½ bath room home. Its a small house but it has a lot of charm. I do own all the EPs and SPs so be aware of that when downloading. I however do not think I used any Spooky Stuff at all. I hope you enjoy the house if you download it



Amsterdam Field Revisited by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

If you have a Sim who has the perfect garden Lifetime wish, then this is the house to get.

Creator Notes
Build and exported from Twinbrook.
I used most EP’s and probably some SP’s. Not sure which. Sorry if you don’t have them all, EA will replace the stuff you don’t have (not with what I would replace it with)



478 West Kynder Street

Yet another older house I have built that I decided needed to be up for download. This house use to be on a bigger lot with another house on the same lot, to conserve space for my families however I have moved it to a 30x30 lot in newcrest so that i can stand alone, and be downloaded for 1 single family. It has 2 bedrrom and 1 bathroom. It is a rather older style home, where a man and his parents lived together, and it was his parents home, so it has a senior citizen touch to it, however that may be some other people’s taste as well.  I made this house around the time Spooky Stuff and Get To Work came out so you may need all the EPS and SPS up to that point, however if you do not have them the game will replace the items with base game things so its not really a big deal. The cc list is included with the download as well. So I hope you enjoy and if you use my house please tag me so i can see all your cute sims living in my home. Enjoy!! :D

 Shoutout to all the CC makers out there, thanks a lot!



Panda Building by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

This former Panda Baby clothing warehouse was converted into a place for this one ballerina who needed space… It has a lot of space, inside and out. If you are not into ballet and need to raise a kid or two, you might want to just hire the contractors to make you at least 3 more bedrooms.

Creator Notes
I ticked all the EP’s and SP’s I have installed on my computer. I used most of the EP’s and I try to stay away from the SP’s. The ballet bar is from the Store, and if you don’t have that, you will see a small mounted fish on the mirror upstairs.


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Hi, I just wanted to ask where can you watch suho's drama? Thx

Hey! i’m sorry for the late reply because my internet connection is quite bad here. You can watch all of the eps here (x) and if it said the video is not available in your country, then you can download VPN Hola extension on your chrome and change the country to China. Please watch the drama from VApp because it is the official one and it will help to increase views for every episodes. Feel free to ask me again if you need any help^^

I Miss You (Cover)
  • I Miss You (Cover)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Unreleased Vol. 1

So this is track 7 of the unreleased album I put together. I have the Unplugged ep, but at the time I didn’t feel like moving audio files. I only have the three other songs that are actually from the ep on the ep. When I post that eventually, you can download it and move it to wherever you like obviously. Reblog if you want the steps to downloading audio files off of youtube or tumblr. That’s where I get everything (but I only download the unreleased stuff, you should use this knowledge for good lol). If you actually read all of this then you’re amazing.

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Hiya, wonder if you could help me out - do you know where I can find all the behind the scenes and gag reels for Hannibal? Are all of them included in the DVD? I'm from the UK, so will they be in the UK version of the DVD? Sorry for all the questions, hope I'm not bothering you. :)

Hi, it’s no bother at all :) I believe all the gag reels have been posted on youtube. I’m not sure about all the behind the scenes though. I made myself wait for the three season box set, and I’m ashamed to say that I have yet to purchase it. I stream it on Amazon. So I am not sure of what features are available on the discs. I remember reading a post from @idontfindyouthatinteresting that some sets did not include the special features. I just can’t remember if it was only on the Season 3 set… or all the seasons. If any of my UK followers know about the features on the DVD/Blu-Ray, let me know! I wish I was more help. 


                                  English Cottage  for Download

I did this cottage for our weeklysimbration and even though no one asked for it, I figured I would make it CC free and put it up for download.  Since no one asked, I didn’t make a secondary link, but it is available in the gallery.  

(Some of the images show CC, these are the pics I put up for the simblration.  They have been removed.  Seemed silly to take more pics since it was a total of 5 peices!)

Three Bedrooms Two full baths

Lots of flowers, bbq area, large natural pond.

No CC - I do have all Ep’s SP’s and downloads

Available on the gallery by searching Selaronosims or English Cottage (#englishcottage)

Tray Files Download SimFileShare


578 Elk Glen Road

Here is another one of my first builds in the sims 4, way before I knew how to decorate correctly, however I thought I would upload it furnished for funs. Obviously you can redecorate the place because its not really well done, haha. Anyways its a two bedroom one bathroom home, perfect for a small family. A family of three with a daughter currently lives in it, in my save so the second bedroom is rather girly. Its the purple house so there is a lot of purple in it. I hope you enjoy the download, and like always tag me if you use my home so I can see your cute sims using it! (As always the CC list is included in the download, I have every TS4 ep and sp, however I think this was just after the Get To Work ep so you might only need those eps and sps up to there, however if you dont have them, the game will replace it with base-game items!!!) [edit: as you can see there is a spooky day item in this pack so you might want that as well for the pumpkin carving table]

Shoutout to all the creators of cc for the sims 4 , you rock! :D



Cafe Lanta - community lot - 2x3 - no CC!

So, this is just a little something to celebrate the incredible fact that I have 50(+) amazing followers <3 Eep!

Important info:

  • I have Super Collection, so you will need all the EPs and SPs included in that
  • The lot should be CC-free, but always use the Clean Installer just to be on the safe side
  • I don’t have AL, so if you do you have to make the ceiling tiles pretty by yourself :’(
  • This is my first ever attempt at creating something so please please let me know if there are any issues either with the lot or with the download link (or with anything at all)!
  • If you ever decide to use this lot and post pictures of you gameplay, I would be thrilled to see them <3

Download Cafe Lanta


Lowlands Lighthouse by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

A fully workable beam, which may blind your sight when looking at it directly. The lighthouse itself is the old, the interior is sort of new. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a live-in kitchen and more. Very suitable for starters or a sea loving couple or single household.

Creator Notes
I have all EP’s and SP’s installed on my computer. Did not use any SP stuff nor Store items. The lot is a 40x40 and goes near the water. For placement reasons I removed the sailing boat. You might have to adjust the edges. I placed it somewhere in Twinbrook where the Bayless house used to be.


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wcif the door please post/157655208553

Hello! This door (and the side windows) is part of a completer set by MsBarrows at TSR. It’s all slaved to a door that came with Apartment Life, so if you don’t have that EP, it won’t work, unfortunately. 

I’m going to link you to the site-which-much-not-be-named for multiple reasons, but mostly because it’s way faster to download from there, and much less likely to infect your computer. Here’s the link. The file you want is called “msbarrows_eloquencecompletersuperset.zip.” It’s a huge set, so I’d recommend loading up a tester ‘hood with just that folder in your DL folder to weed out what you don’t want, but that’s up to you.

(And if you really want to see the TSR page, it was the first Google result for “Ms Barrows art of eloquence completer.”) 

Greene Emerald:

► 3t2 Kewai Dou Cavallo [Download]

All naturals are binned and are in my new texture blend. Swatch included.

Credit: Poppet, Lilith, Pooklet, Remi, Kewai, Digi

Joel Greene [Download]

Two variants; one with CC, one without. Please use Clean Installer as I have all EPs/SPs. The hair retexture above is the hair he sports, so feel free to remove the one from the sim file to avoid duplicates.