i have all the eps downloaded

City Living Coat

Hi and welcome to see my new upload for you! It is 25 new textures for the coat from City Living EP for male frame. I edited the vest to be without the pattern. You need City Living for this item. Here you can see all the swatches:

It is available in all EA swatches (without pattern) and there are new options as well. The coat is also available for female under the masculine filter. With this coat, both the Grampas and the Hipsters in your game will be happy to have something new to wear.

Download (Google Drive, no ads)

(Requires City Living expansion pack)

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I'm a new EXO stan who likes BBH too. Where should I start in getting to know him and EXO better?

Welcome to the EXO-L fandom, sweetie ♥

Well, the best way to get to know both EXO and BBH better is watching variety shows. There aren’t that many, sadly :(

I will try to list (and also link you to as many ENGSUB as possible)

EXO SHOWTIME (it is a must. The best thing to ever happen) : HERE you can download all the episodes (ENGSUB). Also, here you can watch the episodes online : 1 ;; 2 ;; 3 ;; 4 ;; 5 ;; 6 ;; 7 ;; 8 ;; 9 ;; 10 ;; 11 ;; 12

XOXO EXO : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4

EXO 90:2014 : HERE you have all the links you need to watch it

EXO Channel : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO Next Door : ep. 1 ;; ep. 2 ;; ep. 3 ;; ep. 4 ;; ep. 5 ;; ep. 6 ;; ep. 7 ;; ep. 8 ;; ep. 9 ;; ep. 10 ;; ep. 11 ;; ep. 12 ;; ep. 13 ;; ep. 14 ;; ep. 15 ;; ep. 16

EXO First Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

EXO Second Box : disc 1 ;; disc 2 ;; disc 3 ;; disc 4

The Strongest Group : 170905

Happy Camp : 120721 ;; 130706 ;; 140705

After School Club : OT12

Weekly Idol : Wolf Era ;; Growl Era

StarShow360 : Part 1 ;; Part 2

Naver Starcast: EXO ‘A Midsummer Night’s Growl!’ : Here

A song for you : 130823 ;; 130830

EXO China Love Big Concert : Here

Running Man : Here

EXO Showcase [2012] : part 1 ;; part 2 ;; part 3 ;; part 4

KBS MV Stardust : Here

YHY Sketchbook : Here

There are some more, but i tried to choose the ones where there are all the members. There are also Radio Shows which are good to watch such as ‘Cultwo Show’, ‘Sukira Kiss The Radio’, ‘Sunny’s FM Date’ and others. Also, you should check their concerts too

As for BaekHyun, here you have :

Return Of Superman (+Chanyeol) : Here

Roommate Episode 9 : Here

Cool Kiz On The Block : Here

SM Super Celeb League (you have all the episodes with subs on SMTOWN’s official channel) : SMTOWN

Also you should watch ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ (only if you want to cry) : Here

That’s all that i can think of right now. I hope that it helped you ♥ Also,feel free to add more ^^


Blythe Harbor Lite is a CC-free save in which I’ve filled all of the Willow Creek lots with my own creations. Most of the lots are ones I have already shared, but I’ve made edits to several of them to improve them or make them CC-free. I’ve also built two brand new lots - a community park and a spa/gym. The links below go to my original posts of the lots, so they’re going to look a little different in the Blythe Harbor Lite save. I’ve listed any edits I made in parentheses.

There are only two Sims of my own in this save - Geneva and Gene Carroll, who are brother and sister and own the Retail and Restaurant lots. Feel free to have them sell the lots if you want your Sims to own them. I left all of the Willow Creek EA-made Sims as unplayed townies, but you can delete them in the Manage Households panel if you don’t want them in your game. I didn’t do anything with Oasis Springs or Windenburg, so all of those lots are intact, and the EA-made Sims still live in their houses. Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest are also untouched.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this save! Delete lots, renovate them, move them around, etc. As I mentioned, no CC is required, but I did use stuff from all EPs/GPs/SPs through Kids Room Stuff (though I didn’t use much from that one). The EPs and GPs are the most important - if you don’t have those you might be missing windows, wallpaper, and landscaping here and there (which you can replace with whatever looks good to you! :)

(See the second-to-last pic for instructions on installing this save.)


Here is the list of lots - the numbers correspond to the numbering in the map pic:

Keep reading


I have a new build to share with you guys! I know it’s been a long time, but @redhotchilisimblr ‘s Replica Challenge has inspired me - particularly Challenge #4! I know I’m a few days late behind the deadline, but I still wanted to share! So I present to you….

Graham Abode

  • 30x20
  • 2 bed / 1 bath
  • $78,254
  • Built on Springscape lot in Oasis Springs
  • NO CC! But I have all packs + eps

*Be sure to have MOO enabled before placing lot*

Download: SimFileShare | Gallery ID : poorsasha


Oleander-sims 100 Follower Gift - 1 Sweetgum Meadows

This will be my very first download, so sorry if it doesn’t go perfectly! I built this house specifically for Saint Greer Islands, of course you can use it anywhere, but note that it will likely be missing the SGI specific plants and terrain paints. I tried to use minimal cc aside from that. In my save, I have the lot placed at 1 Sweetgum Meadows. I hope you will enjoy! 

  • This house is just a shell, totally empty on the inside. 
  • CC files included with download (there aren’t many)
  • I have all EP and SPs and my game is patched to 1.69. You may be missing some small details if you are missing these packs, but should still show up for the most part!

Thank you for 100 followers ^_^ 
and special thanks to lifeasasim for all the testing she did! (Didn’t wanna tag you in case this is reblogged and you get a ton of notifications xD but thank you so much!)


Merlin Audio Commentaries MP3 Download Links

All download links are from my Google Drive. The collection isn’t complete, and I am missing a few, so feel free to tell me if you have one available.

Series 1:

Ep 1: The Dragon’s Call - J. Capps and J. Murphy

Ep 2: Valiant - B. James and A. Coulby

Ep 5: Lancelot - J. Capps and E. Fraiman

Ep 7: The Gates of Avalon -  B. James, A. Head,  J. Webb

Ep 8: The Beginning of the End - C. Morgan, A. Coulby, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Ep 9:  Excalibur  -  C. Morgan, A. Coulby, R. Wilson, J. Webb

Ep 10: Moment of Truth  -  C. Morgan, B. James, A. Coulby, K.Mcgrath

Series 2:

Ep 1: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 2: The Once and Future Queen  - A. Coulby and A. Head

Ep 4: Lancelot and Guinevere  - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 8: The Sins of the Father  - C. Morgan, B. James, A. Head

Ep 10: Sweet Dreams  -  B. James, A.Coulby, A.Troughton, J.Murphy

Ep 12: The Fires of Idirsholas  -  C. Morgan, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Series 3:

Ep 1: Tears of Uther Pendragon (I)  - K. McGrath and B. James

Ep 3: Goblin’s Gold - A. Coulby and R. Wilson

Series 4:

Ep 1: The Darkest Hour (I) - K. McGrath and A. Troughton

Ep 2: The Darkest Hour (II) -  A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 3: The Wicked Day - C. Morgan and A. Troughton

Series 5:

Ep 1: Arthur’s Bane (I)   -  J. Murphy and J. Molotnikov

Ep 2: Arthur’s Bane (II)  -  A. Vlahos and C. Morgan

Ep 3: Death Song of Uther Pendragon - A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 8: The Hollow Queen -  B. James and A. Troughton

Ep 9: With All My Heart  -  A. Coulby and A. Vlahos

Ep 10: The Kindness of Strangers - B. James and R. Young

Ep 13: The Diamond of the Day (II) -  J. Murphy and K. McGrath

For the first three seasons, @poetryincamelot has painstakingly written down amazing transcripts. I suggest you use these.

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David, could you please help me? I have a few (like 600) package files and my game is taking sooo long to load. Do i have too much package files? What should I do to make it load faster? Thank you :-(

Hello Anon! :]
Well, I can help you with some stuff I tried, too many things I’d say…
600 packages are not too much, in my Mods folder I have 210 Packages but I Really have 1417 files plus 61 plus 80 so I have 1558 files as total :]

So I’ve tried too many things, look this unordered list —before you start reading let me say you that this become a “Solve Your Problem” guide LOL:

  • Merging packages: The “First” Way

    With S3PE and doing it manually, you can see a tutorial in case you don’t know how Here, start at step 5

  • Merging Packages: The “Cool” Way

    With CCMagic —which is Great and saves you a Lot of time!—, at start it can be confusing but this guide is good, not the one I learned from but still nice.
    The thing with CCMagic is that I’m very organized and I have All in folders and they contain all by category so all is even more organized, look:

    And there I save the things that have a prefix :]
    I rename all my files

    A friend of mine aka Kilhian told me that CCMagic made her game run a lot lot faster because she had around 10GB of CC plus All AroundTheSims files

  • Having packages of Less than 200MB - 250MB is recommended

    So make sure any of your Merged files is more than 200MB or 250MB

  • Cleaning your Save

    It happens that sometimes your save can be of 1GB or so :0 My first save file had that size and the load times changed Too Much!
    What I did too much times was this:
    To Clean it through Save Cleaner which is the modern and programmed way to do the old way which is shown here at NRaas, this can reduce your file a lot But have this in mind:

    It will delete All the Thumbnails of your sims and the sims in the town plus some more things, the game will generate that again and again so clean it often, one per two weeks is nice —if you play too much!

    Thing I cannot do so often

  • Or Moving your Sims again

    It happens that sometimes the world can get buggy or have too many sims, I don’t know if you’d ever had that problem when the game saves forever but I’ve had, so you may want to une all your sims in a house and then saving it to library with their pictures, paintings and remembers in their pocket or library and load a new world or the same as a new game and start again :]

  • Saving As instead of Save As

    The woman at the video says —I think— that EA suggest to always Save As instead of Save, I learnt and could discover that Saving As would take a little less time for me to save —which is strange— and the save does not get corrupted as it used to get, I’ve had the same save from January or so, but don’t be excesive, use better the NRaas Saver for that, a Pop-up appears every 30 minutes asking you for save and give a name

    Watch the Video here

  • Monitoring your Town

    This game has weird things, so many I’d say, but one of these are the Wild Animals and the constant creation of NPC (Non Playable Character) in the town

    So for that I use a few Mods as are:

  • Seeing What your game Reads and why!

    There is a Great tool called Process Monitor and that thing can say you what your game is Reading and not why, you discover the why iin the next link, I learnt from Here the SimsWiki

    But I will give you a tip when you’re angry at the game, While loading and you think it’s been a while press either ALT+TAB or the Windows Key, open your ProcessMonitor.exe —previously configured— and if the game is reading per example “TheSimsSupernatural” folder toooooo much and veeery often or another EP or SP enter to the game again —if you play Fullscreen— and then start pressing random keys such as ESC | Space Bar | Enter | Shift | and in a minute or less the game will Load! That’s weird, isn’t it? But I could play by knowing that

  • Deleting your Caches

    It is good to do this, the game saves in the caches even the recolors you don’t used —And Multiple times!— so it starts getting bigger and bigger, every once a month or the time you want is nice :)
    Remember that are those:

    • compositorCache.package → This thing contains All your CASt presets and rendered objects
    • simCompositorCache.package → This things contains all your sims textures and CASt presets rendered too
    • socialCache.package → This thing downloads the news at TS3 site and your friends activity and Showtime shows and more
    • scriptCache.package → Try to delete this if you have problems with Mods or removed one and the game acts weird
    • Your WoldCaches folder can be deleted if you’re really hardcore LOL Or delete one by one
    • Your Thumbnails folder, you can leave DownloadsThumbnails.package if you use the Launcher

  • Being Really Hardcore

    This means to delete your The Sims 3 folder as this tutorial says, but don’t be That hardcore, save some useful files as these:

    • userPresets.package → Your CASt presets and saved patterns and colors
    • Options.ini → Your options of the game
    • DeviceConfig.log → Other Options
    • Your folders: Collections | ContentPatch | DCCache and the CCMerged.package inside it | Downloads if you have any | Exports if you have any, try to remove the files on this thing | InstalledWorlds if you have any | Library because OH MY GOD | SavedSims | Saves | Screenshots —those are the most important files of the game.

    Or just Rename the folder at Electronics Arts for The Sims 3 Old and move the files I say to not delete

  • Move your DCCache Files to Mods!

    I’ve not tried this one yet, but I’ve read that it can make your game faster, you basically move the files from the DCCache folder aka dcdb0.dbc —and so— and dcdb0.ebc —if you have legit Store content— to the Mods folder in another subfolder called “DCCache” and modifying the Resource.cfg by this thing —I suppose you have an Overrides Subfolder too:

    Priority 1000
    PackedFile "Overrides/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*/*.package"

    Priority 500
    PackedFile Packages/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

    Priority 500
    PackedFile DCCache/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.world

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Test/*.package

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Probation/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*/*.package

  • Compressing your Stuff!

    This is more useful before merge all the CC
    You can do it with the Compressorizer Redux, I learnded from Mirrah —I’m sorry that it does not have HTML format but w/e— See it here

  • In Case your game is Crashing

    Try this tool The Sims Crash Log Analyzer —or without Register here— and if it says that one EP or SP need to be updated then use this tool called The Sims 3 Patch Downloader

  • Disabling some Memories of sims

    I use this mod called Only Important Memories and it keeps your save smaller than a regular EA one because it does not saves the “OH I went to a Park 100 Times this week” Memories, plus it is nice

And I think that it is All, long enough LOL
But I hope you can find a solution to your problem, some people uses this program Razer Game Booster, and don’t be downloading all the things you see, there are so many broken things and a lot that need to be recategorized, see how here. By the way I have a few other mods.

Plus I save my Mods in the Overrides Folder, plus the content I don’t want to merge or just does not appears in Packages, and CCMagic has its own folder but leave it alone

Have a Beautiful day Anon! Let me know if you understood LOL


Well, 799. I had 800, but someone must not like me xD But I’m uploading anyway. 799 followers gift?

First, have a CC-Free house. (All EPs & SPs) It’s a bit over 20,000 I think. The second floor is fake. 1 floor, 2 bedrooms + a garage. Top view:


And I made two sims to go with it (or not). They have stupid names.

Soccer Mom

Doting Dad

If you DL them both, and have them make a child, this is what you could expect. Pretty cute. :3

Thank you for following me and happy simming!! ♥

Mid Century Bungalow - The Acacia

Hey Guys,

today i have a pretty little House for all you Mid Century Lovers out there…

The Acacia was one of many beautiful Ready Cut Kit Homes available in the 1950s.

It is the perfect Home for a young and small Family but it has everything that Family needs.

Heck,there`s even a Pool in the Garden and a tiled Terrace for all your BBQ Pleasures.

The Driveway has enough Room for 2 Cars,the Livingroom has enough Room for the Family plus Guests and Dinner can be served in the Eat In Kitchen.

A small Utility Room can be reached from the Backyard and from inside the House andunder the Roof there`s still enough Room to store the Christmas Decoration and even the unwanted Presents.

Things you need to know


-Lotsize is 2x3,

-Residential Lot ,

-I have all EP`s and SP`s installed

-The Lot has a good amound of CC,be sure to check the Lot with CleanInstaller for missing,double or unwanted Custom Content.

-Credits:The Credits go to all those wonderful people who shared their Custom Content with this awesome community.

I bet you all want to see a few Pictures of it,right?

Get it HERE

Have Fun,play well and enjoy your Sims Live in this cozy little Home.

Maybe you can share some Pictures of your Sims living in there?

anonymous asked:

what is this t@gged thing and where do i watch it

OKKKKK IM SO GLAD U ASKED basically if you live in the us go to go90.com and search t@gged and all the eps are there in hd for FREE to watch!!! and if you don’t live in the us download hola unblocker (again for free) and change ur server to the us or use whatever unblocker you already may have and GO WATCH THIS SHOW there are 22 eps at the moment with the finale of s2 coming out next tuesday and i think season 3 is confirmed? not sure but either way!!!!! go watch!! the eps are only 22mins u can do the whole thing in one sitting!!!! amazing!!!! go watch PLEASE give this show some love!!! rundown: a better younger more on top of the times much more scary pretty little liars!!! beautiful cinematography!!! fantastic casting!! diversity!!! a woc main!!! drug problems!! grief being shown in various real ways!!! many girls and girl friendships!!!!!! hacking!!!! deals with bullying!!! and misplaced blame and aggression!!!! actually gives you real outcomes of crimes!!!!!!!!!! a blessing!!!! go watch t@gged on go90 and support the cast as well!!!!

I just realized I have an eng subbed version of this ep (ep 295) downloaded to my computer! I’ve been looking for eng sub for this for a long time but I had it all along! I think I may have downloaded it a long time ago and forgotten about it :p I know a lot of people are looking for eng sub so maybe I could like post it somewhere or something so people could watch it? But idk where though. Maybe google drive? Any suggestions?

Edit: I have links!

Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3Y0Q4NW1RekZ5d0k

Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3ZXRGaV9rWkNsUEE

Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3SGxzRlItaW9LSEE

Turquoise EP

Today I finally publish my first EP! I started making songs messing with Garageband on a Mac 5 years ago. I’ve had a constant paranoia over what people would think of my music, so it took a lot of time to brave posting it. This EP is near 100% synths and all instrumental.

Here’s the Bandcamp page: brev.bandcamp.com/album/turquoise-ep


1. Cosmic Zone

2. Cosmic Zone II

3. Morning Rain

4. Atlantean Zone

5. Meditation Room

NOTE: I had file format issues that may have deteriorated the Bandcamp file quality. If that issue is noticeable, you can listen/download from these Google Drive links.

Joseph Evans for @boxofsims Shay’s BC

Orientation: Gay
Lifestate: Werewolf

Athletic | Brave | Disciplined | Good | Hopeless Romantic

Most people, when they first meet Joseph, assume he gained his scars on the job as a firefighter. Only those closest to him know the truth, that he was attacked at age twelve by an out of control werewolf. He survived, obviously, but it turned him.

Joseph never learnt who turned him, and he has never had a pack.  Because of this, he doesn’t actually know the finer details of the supernatural world. Is he meant to hate vampires, just because he’s a werewolf? That seems a little stupid to him.

He grew up with a strong desire to protect people, hence his choice of career. His strong sense of justice did have him consider being a cop, before choosing to be a firefighter. He also grew up watching his parents have the most fairytale of marriages, and always wanted the same for himself. Trying to find someone that can manage with his heavy work-schedule has been hard though. He hopes someone like Shay can understand. Perhaps a BC may not be the way, but he’d never know if he didn’t take the chance…

Private Download I’ve sent him along with all his CC. All his clothes should be EAs, but they might be from various EPs and SPs. He’s pictured here in a different skin, but I sent him in Fresh Blue, so he *should* show up correctly. Hope he has fun ^^

No Phun Intended Album on Google Drive

Until recently it has been thought that Tyler Josephs EP “No Phun Intended” consisted of only 6 songs. Now we know there are more. Here are all the ones I’ve been able to find!


I believe these are all the songs that were once the album! All of them are available for download at the link above ↑ ↑ ↑ !!!

  • Taken by sleep
  • Drown
  • Tonight
  • Save
  • Hole in the ground
  • Blasphemy
  • Prove me wrong
  • Whisper
  • Where Did We Go
  • Hear Me Now
  • Never Change
  • Realize that it’s Gone 
  • I Want To Know
  • Fallen Too
  • Just Like Yesterday
  • TB Saga
  • Dollhouse

Although I believe we have all of them, please message me if you do find any more so I can add them to the list.