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I’ve done so well for so long now on my diet and then last night I binged all out and gained five pounds this morning. Logically, I think I know it’s not possible for me to have actually gained five pounds, but a part of me is very afraid I did and that I just ruined months of hard work. I’m very disappointed in myself, but honestly I haven’t messed up this entire time. Until now. And I’m pretty mad at myself for it.

Mmmkay, a few things.

1) Correct, you did not gain five pounds in one night. You’re bloated, retaining water, and you still have all of that “stuff” in you weighing you down. But you didn’t actually gain five pounds of body weight, that would require you to eat 17,500 calories more than your TDEE. You did not do that.

2) One day of unhealthy eating does not cancel out or undo weeks or months of healthy eating. That is illogical.

3) You need to expect this kind of thing to happen. You will never be perfect. You will never stick to the plan 100% of the time. If you expect to get off track like this sometimes, you’ll spend less time feeling disappointed or guilty and more time figuring out how you’re going to get back into it.

4) The goal is not to go as long as you can without “messing up”. That isn’t helpful at all in the long run. The goal is for you to change your habits and overall lifestyle to reflect your desire to lose weight and keep it off. That doesn’t require you to eat well all the time. Instead, it requires you to learn how to incorporate your favorite foods and treats in a healthier, more balanced way. 80/20 is the overall balance you want to aim for (80% healthy/whole/unprocessed foods / 20% treats) and that can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, whatever works best for you.

Don’t waste your energy being mad at yourself. Use that energy to make a plan for how you’re going to eat well and be active today and the next day and the next day. A week or two from now, yesterday will just be a little blip on the radar that you’ll forget about. And it’ll happen again and you’ll handle it the same way.

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Hope this isn't too personal, but the thing about books made me curious: you have adhd, right? Are you able to read books, and if so are there any tricks or tips you could share that make it easier? I have adhd and other brain stuff and haven't been able to actually read a book in like, over a decade (around middle school).

yeah I do and reading has always been such a weird thing for me because I love to read and sometimes I’m fine and can read quickly without any problems but a lot of the time my eyes have trouble following the lines which only gets worse when confronted with a wall of text (fuck john irving and fuck everything he’s ever written) but it’s gotten a bit easier for me since I started reading on my phone a lot because I can move my screen to the line I’m supposed to be on but when I’m reading a real physical book I usually have to use my finger or a bookmark to block the page and keep my eyes on the correct line and I often feel a bit self conscious about it because it’s such an elementary maneuver but honestly fuck that i love to read and I’ll do whatever it takes to help myself enjoy what I love

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I've always seen the day collar as a way for Harry to kind of secretly display his queer identity in situations where he's generally gonna be bombarded with the reality of his public heterosexual popstar image. I saw someone point out he almost exclusively wears it in crowded places and parties. Maybe it helps him deal with those interactions with strangers?

SAME!!! It doesn’t have to be a sex thing! Oftentimes kink stuff isn’t. nonsexual BDSM and BDSM/kink related singling outside of sexual contexts exist! This is why I can’t take any of these highly critical anons seriously because they’re ignoring every possible context or reading of this behavior that doesn’t involve some weird concept they have tin their head about what wild kinky gays do. It’s just weird homophobic nonsense, based in ignorance, because they’re unwilling to actually learn kink/BDSM history in conversation with LGBTQ history. 

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Oh, that's pretty cool. How long did it take you exactly to come up with all the information for Nick's species? And do they have a specific name like Fronds or something?

[gonna be honest, haven’t settled on a name yet lol. No, it’s not Fronds though. 

but yeah, uh, stuff kinda just kept coming to me. I actually had most of it hit me in one big chunk when I was taking a shower once and i spent like 45 minutes excitedly explaining everything to myself aloud in the shower before realizing I should probably get out and go write it down before I forgot. A lot of my best ideas come to me while I’m in the shower! I dunno what it is about being in there that gets those creative juices flowing.]

Emoji Sansses

Made my own team of emoji Sansses + with Husk and X as apart of it aswell.

here is the introduction comic.

Husk: So why the Hell did you bring me here with a bunch of giant dildos?

X: Please Husk, there could be children. Anyway i was thinking that why do the star sansses and evil sansses have teams and we don’t?

Husk: Because people actually know them…

X……..No because we didn’t have enough people.

Husk: oh why…..do you wat a cookie for figuring that out?

X: well actually i would like your attention instead because I have created some new friends that will help us make a brand new sans team.

Husk: Great more mista-


X: This Blank, I made him from some of your skull

Husk: Wait wha-

X: and other stuff as well. He’s just like us souless and has powers like we do as well, he is also very quite just like you like.

Husk: When did you get a piece of my sku-

X: So what do you think?

Husk: How are we supoosed to talk to him if he can’t tal-


X: This Bright i made him from ME!

Husk: Oh god dammit

X: He’s a joyful and passionate person and he also has stars for eyes to show his joy to the world!

Husk: Great…..so you fused every joyful toxic sans into one toxic being of unimaginable kindness. and s if it wasn’t bad enough….why’d you make him look cool and yet be so lame!

X: Ink looks cool  and he’s happy.

Husk: Ink dosen’t count he’s cool no matter what he wears.

X:……ok….well say hi Bright!

Bright: Hello fellow companies!

Husk: I already know i’m gonna regr-


X: this is Toxic, I made him with whatever i could find that was left of Hell!Sans.

Husk:……so what why is he wearin that thing on his mouth?

X: because it looks cool and because it’s apart of his costume!

Husk: Why’s it have a smile on it?

X: i drew it on there!

Husk: Figures….are we done yet?

X: not yet we have one last one!

X: this one is-

Husk: Dame stupid

X: what?

Husk: His look, His look is DAME stupid, why’s he got melon dots as eyes!?

X: he’s meant to be creepy!

Husk: well he looks stupid!

X: *cough* anyway this one is Aevil

Husk: cool name though.

X: yes, but he can be pretty creepy and rude.

X: So what do you think?

Husk: I think i’m gonna regret ever being Affiliated with you

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So I've taken some time to self reflect, at least until I realized you essentially dodged my question. Why AREN'T people intrinsically born with empathy for others? You explain that big media can build empathy, which quite frankly, sounds exactly like what media WANTS you to think. That it's your 'friend', never mind how media has historically been used to stuff minorities in the closet AT BEST 999 times out of 1000. Anyhow, do you actually know the answer to my question?

Oh dear, I seem to have mistakenly created the impression that this is some manner of obligate discussion. Let me disabuse that real quick: I am in no way required to interact with a sealion, least of all when I have not chosen to seek out the convo myself and am not receiving any manner of compensation for my time. Particularly not when it’s a conversation of piddling philosophical navel gazing rather than something of actual concrete importance.

I’m sure your local community college would be happy to teach you all manner of things about sociology, child development, media literacy, and histories of marginalized struggles. Barring that, I imagine Thomas Hobbes would do wonders for some bias confirmation.

JJ and Chase headcanon

Some of you might have noticed that when I do Chase and JJ in a room together Chase actually signs everything to JJ. That’s because while he is good at trick shots and stuff, he’s a little bit dumb, in my mind anyway. He thinks they since JJ is from the past he can’t speak nor can he hear (because of the silent movie) so JJ is constantly annoyed with Chase and is constantly holding up a “ I’m not deaf” sign for him every time Chase signs something to him. Chase knows this by now, but refuses to stop. He says it’s fun.


September 23rd 2018

Hey everyone, orientation week is over and I start classes on Thursday. I’m enrolled in all my required classes, have been given my TA assignment- gulp. Apparently my instructor is super demanding and there will be a lot of grading 😰. Ah well, it should be fine, since I think the graduate level courses I’ll be taking this quarter won’t be too bad, as I’ve already done multiple quantum and stat thermo courses, but it’ll be good to have the refresher.

I also have my two rotations this quarter, and will be hard-pressed to choose between my two potential PIs, one of whom is actually a physicist, and would have me doing really super cool maths and theory stuff, but also a fuckton of extra courses. My other potential PI is a badass computational chemist. So, decisions decisions. Good thing rotations are a thing, that way I can get a good feel for the lab work environment before I commit completely. 

Ack! Wish me luck! This afternoon I’m just finishing up a lab safety quiz (despite being a theorist), and then will mentally prepare myself for the TA conference I’m going to tomorrow. So much to do! 😱🤯

Dating EunHae~

SuJu Anon asked: If you’re down, I’d love if you did a dating Eunhae and dating TeukChul! - SuJu anon

Anon asked: oof I love ur poly dating stuff will u do one for super junior’s donghae and eunhyuk

oml I’m so glad you guys love these I was worried people might be like ‘ew poly x reader’ so this is a pleasant surprise! I have this one EXO pairing I want to write at some point and I bet none of you will be surprised when I say Junmyeon is in it 😂

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☆ first of all wow that gif

☆ so this is such a soft relationship

☆ Donghae is an actual baby

☆ you and Hyuk love him sm

☆ tbh sometimes you ship your boyfriends 

☆ like they’re just so in love


☆ Hyuk is the protector

☆ he just takes care of you two

☆ but he’s also so whipped for both of you

☆ Donghae has a lot of affection to give

☆ he’s always touching one of you

☆ kisses and hugs are a big thing with him

☆ you’re used to having him just come up behind you and hugging you

☆ he does it so much

☆ Hyuk kisses you a lot when you’re in private

☆ he also loves it when you sit on his lap

☆ Donghae gets really sad when he goes on tour

☆ Hyuk has to give him more affection than normal 

☆ to make up for you not being there

☆ video chats every day when they’re away

☆ mostly so Donghae can remind you how much he loves you

☆ and Hyuk can make sure you’re okay without them

Ok so here’s a sneak preview of the threesome fic that’s coming~

☆ so Hyuk is a dom, no question

☆ Donghae is a switch

☆ we’ve discussed this before on this blog

search #SuJu anon on my blog to see a lot of SuJu headcanons

☆ Donghae would be more submissive with Hyuk

☆ ok just imagine Hyuk fingering you and Donghae at the same time

☆ I need h o l y w a t e r

☆ sometimes Donghae wants to have slow romantic love making

☆ Hyuk can never say no to him

☆ but Hyuk prefers it hard and rough

☆ pounding into one of you 

☆ Hyuk loves watching you suck his dick while Donghae fucks you

☆ he’s such a dom

☆ Donghae loves it when you or Hyuk calls him baby boy

☆  because that’s what he his

☆ ok I’m getting soft and this is supposed to be smut imma stop

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sorry to sound like a moron but, can you explain about who silver sable is and her relationship with black cat? the wikia page about her is so vague and you've always got such good insight into the comics.

in terms of comics they have literally never met, but theyre obviously in the the same circles due to peter but re: silver sable in general…… im your girl!!! i love my wife!!!!

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I have, I think, 3 daily-challenge type things I want to participate in this October, and like 2 other things that need almost-daily attention for personal stuff. And I’m fucking terrible at time management because my version of time-management is “do all the things IMMEDIATELY” and my RA/Fibro riddled body is like “good try, it’s actually nap time” so usually taking on this kind of stuff would be a terrible idea. 

But I feel really good about it? I feel like for once I want to do exactly as much as I am capable of and no more and that is a radically different approach than I’ve ever managed before.

I’ll be doing the tarot spread challenge and some list of Inktober, posting both of those here, and I think the month of fears tarot challenge over on my instagram (same name is here!) just to not flood the feed too much. If you’re participating in an Inktober challenge let me know! I wanna follow a bunch of people doing it )

the power at my building came on just in time for me to freak out about some supposed new Bumblebee movie teaser trailer??? MUST INVESTIGATE

update: aaahhh ok so it’s like parts of a new trailer have been leaked?? they’re all in mediocre quality and saying that the actual trailer will be released tomorrow. kks!! i’ll probably hold on on reblogging stuff until tomorrow’s release then lol. i have much to do tonight with the power finally coming back on…

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i'm trying to find info on transitioning in nsw, but it's absolutely doing my head in, is there a basic out line to getting on t?

I’m not sure where to actually find those resources other than asking people who know. The main route for getting on HRT in NSW is:

- Go to GP, talk about it, ask for a referral to a psychologist (I have a few in Sydney I can recommend).
- Go to that psychologist (or one you’re already seeing) for at least 3 sessions and talk about yourself and gender stuff, and get them to write a letter to your GP and an endocrinologist saying you’re good to go on HRT.
- Go back to your GP with that letter, get a referral to an endocrinologist.
- Go to the endo, they see you once & evaluate things, then give you a blood test referral and a script for hormones.
- Get the blood test, then go back to the endo and confirm you’re good to start, if you’re getting injections get your first injection there, etc.

I’ve heard Taylor Square in Darlinghurst, Sydney functions as an informed consent clinic but I may be off the mark about that. That would just mean you can skip the psychologist bit and I think they do all the blood tests and stuff through there, themselves.

If you wanna message me on private we can chat more about it, or I can otherwise recommend finding local trans facebook groups to ask more questions! I can recommend you one or two of those too~

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What are some other good Parentdale blogs to follow?

my list wasnt good enough? ooh do check out briana’s instagram AU and this 

i actually do have one i missed…. @icapturethecastle blows me away every time with their incorrect parentdale quotes!! not only are they HILARIOUS, they’re smart, cute, relevant, varied, and wrap my personal headcanons up like a warm hug. Everytime I read one I’m shook by the quality. A BLESSING of a blog that deserves more traffic. 

some new people have started writing parentdale lately even if they dont have blogs dedicated to it. @blogofabingewatcher just updated a vietnam war au that has me quaking in my trousers and @snarkysnartes has done some amazing fredsythe kink week stuff. (speaking of kink week, here’s a fred/hermione/penelope threeway) 

this turned into more of a roundup than blog recs but heres some great parentdale fics that hit the web recently: 

ragged by @flwrpotts behind a closed door by @halcooper  some love was made for the lights by @oceansblossom  til i hear it from you (empire records au) by @fredsythe  | never have i ever by @halcooper  | 

since we’re in roundup mode: briana recently made an official list of ship names, mia is making a series of lana del rey edits, i talked about fred’s love for baseball and this baseball moodboard changed the trajectory of my whole life. 


upon reflection, i realize i’ve never posted the thing my icon is from asdfslfs

its actually a print i made! i etched the image into copper and used that to make prints. i have a theme of making bird ladies and this is one of my favorites! i don’t actually have any pics of the current bird lady so this one will have to do


it’s a Sayara! conveniently offered in TWO UNIQUE COLORS for your convenience!

she mostly wears green in book 1, but switches to the blue-and-fuchsia look later on in the series for various symbolic reasons. or, I say symbolic reasons, but mostly it’s because she develops a grudge against Harmonine and decides that the color green can piss off actually? I actually like the green palette better here, but usually the pink looks much nicer and more ~mature.~

i haven’t been able to draw new stuff in months so I digitalized the doodle from my original character introductions–it looks a lot nicer with full color! if I find the time I’ll definitely do some more characters, I want full-color Amalie soon because I have never once drawn her in color before. never. 

wings not pictured here because they’re huge and I’m too lazy to draw them

I have to be curious as to how Ardyn’s immortality actually works - we do know some details, however.

We know for a fact that it doesn’t matter how broken apart his body is, he’ll still reform into the exact same shape, no matter what. (See: the scene with Gentiana/Shiva freezing him mid-word on the train. Noct later attacks him and he shatters, only to reform a minute later.)

We know that it doesn’t matter if he’s been stabbed, hacked, or shot. If he falls, he’ll just get back up again.

What those two incidents also tell us is that-

For one thing, his immortal state appears to affect whatever he’s wearing at the time. When he walks away from both incidents, his clothes aren’t in tatters, so we have to assume they reformed with him - it could be argued that for him, whatever he’s wearing is the same as a daemon’s armour or whatever they might be wearing, which also seems to reform until the daemon is defeated.

For another thing, the first and main time he appears daemonic is shortly after the remaining boys attack him after Noct was sucked into the Crystal. Judging by the gap between Noct attacking Ardyn and Ardyn reappearing, it’s possible that this happens every time he has to reform or is attacked in such a way, but he had the chance to hide it before Noct saw, and the camera focused on him and it after the boys’ attack.

Going onto conjecture, and I’m going to say that I believe in the ‘Ardyn has a busted leg/hip’ theory, which then begs the question of when this could have happened, as well as how he could have an injury such as that when his body appears to reform in such a way. It also makes his statement that he can’t feel pain completely false.

The options are that it either happened before the gods made him immortal (possibly then something to do with the way in which he first died, or some other incident), or that it happened afterwards.

The ‘before’ theory is one that I’m liable to believe given how he is seen to reform with no apparent injuries (no matter that I don’t believe him when he says he doesn't feel pain, ‘feeling pain’ and ‘retaining the injuries after they’ve been fixed’ are two different things).

But the ‘after’ theory is one that would force us to wonder - to rethink things about how his regenerative abilities connected to both the scourge and his immortality work. Does it leave scars? If it does leave scars, are they the same as they would appear on a normal human, or do they appear strange (my thought is odd scourge-black lines, which fade over time, perhaps)? Do injuries linger, or at least the effects of said injuries? If he had a non-life-threatening injury then would it be fixed by his immortality clause, and if so, would it fix wrong?

In that last case, we have to assume that in most cases, anything causing actual death would cause him to reform back into one full being, but anything which should just be shaken off could potentially be ‘healed’ around, and especially if the cause of said injury was not removed for some time, impeding the healing/reformation process.

And as for death itself, Ardyn’s own words are “For a moment I thought I felt death’s chill touch, but then I remembered I’m immortal.” Along with the way in which he dies and is purified at the end (how Noctis sees Ardyn in the ‘afterlife’, still corrupted by the scourge, and further purification is necessary, presumably to make it impossible for him to reform again and reappear in the living world) I have to assume that perhaps each time he reforms from what should have actually killed him, he goes halfway to actual death and is turned around again, constantly frustrated by his inability to make it all the way there and move on.

I’m curious as to whether Episode Ardyn is going to show us anything more substantial than the actual game did regarding how injuries and death affect him and how - and when - any that left their scars on him happened.