i have absolutely no chill

i joke about ritsu having absolutely zero chill a lot but i honestly love it so much that he’s like that now??? hes been forced for so long to bottle up his own emotions to project an amiable, average personality to please the people in his life. now that he lets loose he becomes a kid who would gladly choke people and help his brother with the same psychic powers that have teased and tormented him all his life

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lol remember when Iris was like "my boyfriend blah blah" and barry was like "DID YOU GUYS BREAK UP?" no chill whatsoever. i still find that so funny. and to think how he will be like she calls him "this is my BOYFRIEND barry" ahaha aww he's gonna be so happy.

Calm TF down Barry. Absolutely negative chill.

I mean Iris could have been referring to Barry as her boyfriend by now HAD HE NOT STUPIDLY TRAVELED BACK IN TIME.

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Hi, I’m just dropping by today to remind that I absolutely have no chill when it comes to OCs.

Left to right: Eva Arclight (with Dua), Touko Tenjo, Harumi Tenjo, Kyoko Hayashi, Makoto Suzuno, Kaoru Suzuno, Sayuri Himura, Nanami Uryuu, Megumi Uryuu and Akio Sanada.

Iiii won’t write about them because writing down information would take me forever, but I’ll gladly answer any questions that could arise.

Did you watch Bake Off please tell me you watched Bake Off Bake Off was amazing I missed Sue Perkins so much she’s my sapphic icon and Mel oh Mel I want Mel Geidroyc to adopt me I loved it so much XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
—  Text I sent to my girlfriend last night because I have absolutely no chill

my dad keeps trying to check on me from india and has absolutely no chill even though i have to move out all my stuff from my apt by the end of this month. but, my mom covered for me yesterday???? wau