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Happy Valentines Day!
Midorima, blushing behind his glasses:>

This is a beautiful palete for a beautiful boy
~I cheated a little with this one using black orz

Also, BONUS bc valentines day:

Much as I totally love Victor having absolutely 0 (zero) chill about how much he loves Yuuri, I need to see more of Yuuri being the same way about Victor. Like Yuuri texts Phichit one day and is like ‘hey, I know we were going to meet for lunch today but can we reschedule? Victor’s taken up knitting and he just surprised me with the cutest matching sweaters for the two of us and Makkachin and I can’t stop crying.’

season 2 is gonna be called murder on ice and it’s gonna be about how yuri plisetsky accidentally killed otabek with his piercing shades gaze and singlehandedly roasted the entire figure skating world by setting the gpf ice on fire with his fiery edgelord passion 

“When I was 16 my best friend lived across the street from a house that was for sale. Her mom told me that there was an old man that lived there and would call out racial slurs to my friend when she walked by his house on her way to school. He would also yell at the other neighbors, especially children playing in their front lawns or walking in the neighborhood. He eventually died and he had no family to claim his things, so volunteers had to clear his house. In the upstairs room they found a secret door that led to a little room. In the room they found videos and pictures of naked children. There were also journals that he kept that had overall crazy shit written in them. There was writing all over the walls; one of the most notable writings was “make the voices stop." 

After hearing this story I was really curious about the house. I would walk passed it on the way to my friend’s and I swear the vertical blinds in the upstairs room would start to sway by themselves. One time I walked up the driveway and heard a big bang in the garage. Freaking out, I ran over to my friend’s and told her. 

Well, one summer’s day we were really bored and decided to check the house out. When we came up the driveway, the blinds started moving again. Naturally, I was very curious so I suggested that we check out the backyard to see if anyone was squatting in the house. This house had big windows in the back of it and when you looked in, you could see through the living room, through the front windows, and into the front lawn. 

I leaned forward with my hands on the window and peered in. Standing in the front lawn was a woman, in the same stance that I was in, looking at me. The weird thing was, was that I couldn’t see her face. I thought it was someone that saw us go into the backyard but I had this really sick feeling in my stomach. I immediately grabbed my friend and we ran to the front. When we got there, I looked down all of the streets. No cars were driving away, no one was walking away from the house and the lady wasn’t there. I went home after that, a little confused and still feeling a bit sick. I went over to my friend’s house the next day and described the woman I saw to her mother. I said that she had long black hair, down to her waist. And although her face was blurry, she had bright red lipstick on. She was wearing a tracksuit, but one that looked from the 1980s, old school Nike running shoes and all. 

My mom’s friend thought that was strange, as that didn’t fit a description of any woman she had ever seen running in the area. A few days after I told her what I saw, I went back to my friend’s. She sat me down right when I got there and told me she had a talk with a neighbor that had been living in the neighborhood for decades. Somehow they got to talking about the old man and how it was so creepy what people found. The old neighbor told her that she thought the old man went insane because of the history of the house. Not knowing the history, my friend’s mom inquired. 

Turns out there was a young couple living there in the 80s. The wife had long black hair down to her waist and always wore makeup even when she was in her tracksuit running throughout the neighborhood. Her husband confessed to killing her but refused to tell anyone where he hid the body. She has yet to be found. For the rest of that summer, while lying in bed trying to sleep, I would hear a woman crying. I would check my mother and my sisters who were always sleeping and yet the crying continued. I’m not a huge believer in the paranormal but I have absolutely no explanation for this. Even thinking about it gives me the chills.”

By: katiejayc (What are the creepiest, scariest stories (real or not) you’ve ever heard?)

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (1/8) - dare

The speed with which Brian’s priorities could flip was enough to give him whiplash. That was part of the problem. One moment he was freaking out about his life, his career, this ever-increasing feeling that the walls were closing in on him, and the next that was all secondary to how careful Katya sounded over the phone and how he must be feeling. 

(AN: who’s ready for 4k of unmitigated sadness broken up by a few bad jokes? i have the whole thing outlined though and i promise a happy ending. no warnings apply and none of this is real. this fic is canon set sometime this upcoming august; i use “katya” and “brian” for clarity and he/him pronouns out of drag for both. once again, not established relationship, but established something. (and belated thanks to everyone who liked or responded to “here comes the breath before”! i appreciate you all.))

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I am watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix for the first time, and I gotta say: The Jedi have absolutely zero chill and are way too eager to move on in the face of death.


Ahsoka: I would like to stay behind and protect my critically injured master, as I think one lone clone trooper probably isn’t enough protection and leaving him out here in the open in a tent on a planet with who knows what on it is a bad idea–


Ahsoka: um

(meanwhile, only a few episodes later)

*an explosion occurs*

Anakin: Oh damn, I hope Ahsoka’s okay.

Luminara: ALAS, SHE IS DEAD.

Anakin: uh, do we actually know that or–


Anakin: We haven’t even spent five seconds looking for her–


like calm your tits jedi. I know attachment is forbidden but you don’t have to move on *before* the person is actually dead, you know

i’ve been getting, umm weird(?) asks lately.

i honestly dc bout kk anymore. its irrelevant coz it’s fake, ff whatever u call it. idc if ppl call me delusional or whatever coz honestly it doesn’t change the fact that kd is dating. ur opinion n even my opinion of kd just really doesn’t change that fact as for now.

so if ppl wanna continue supporting kk coz that makes them look like a good fan, go for it. i actually don’t blame them. they don’t know. ppl can continue to call me names, mock me or whatever if that makes them feel better bout themselves. i have absolutely nothing to lose.

i’ll just stay here, chilling. enjoying kd moments. joking around. sometimes be a sarcastic ass. continue tagging all those meme pics especially jm. not gonna miss dem golds.

have a nice day everyone~

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Luwig, have you ever gotten in a fight with one of the village boys? If yes, What was it over?

“And before you ask about the fight from last year… He said some awful things about my family. I came out as the winner, but he managed to break my nose. The idiot’s been trying to provoke me again lately…sigh.”

[1933 Human AU]