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Happy Valentines Day!
Midorima, blushing behind his glasses:>

This is a beautiful palete for a beautiful boy
~I cheated a little with this one using black orz

Also, BONUS bc valentines day:

*sigh* easy where the times before TFA when i was blissfully un-aware and un-bothered about anything star wars or shipping, those where simpler times..like tbh i only (reluctantly) watched TFA cus my dad basically forced the entire family to go together cus he wanted us to bond over star wars..I *sigh*.. god damn it..i could never have forseen *dramatically waves arms around* ALL THIS AND *clutches chest* THIS TO HAPPENED… now i almost feel sick with how much i care and suffer CUS OF REYLO AND STARWARS, LIKE WHY DID END UP HERE WHYYYYYY

Newt/Graves plot bunny

Okay so I came back from watching Fantastic Beast lowkey shipping Newt and Jacob and ot4-ing them with Tina and Queenie right until @bouncybrittonie started talking to me about Newt and the original Graves and I was converted because I am weak weak weak so here’s a plot bunny I sent to her because I have absolutely no chill at all ever

So just imagine Newt taking care of Credence post movie (because that boy needs protecting) and Percival at first being all “YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT CHILD WITH YOU, THAT’S KIDNAPPING”   

But Credence would be old enough by magical laws to decide for himself and Newt would be super protective of him because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt him or study him or whatever       

And Percival has to admit after a while that there is no better place for Credence right now than with Newt      

Which doesn’t stop him from regularly dropping by on them, making sure no beasts have escape, that if the beasts are all fed that Newt and Credence are too, because those two forget about food for themselves all the time                        
And then Credence getting into calling Newt Mummy and the first time they are just by themselves and Credence is all embarrassed and ashamed and Newt will surely chase him away in the best case scenario because it’s one thing for Newt to call himself that for his creatures but it’s another thing for Credence to call him that

But of course Newt is just tearing up and feeling all proud and just ruffles Credence’s hair affectionately and he’s like “yep that’s right I am your mummy too now”

And so Credence starts calling him that all the time even when people are around and Tina, Queenie and Jacob say nothing because they are all protective of both Newt and Credence and they are clearly happy as a little family

And then Credence calls him mummy in front of Percival and Credence is doing something else so he doesn’t see Percival’s surprised look and neither does he see Newt death glare at Percival, just daring him to say something and really it should be ridiculous on Newt, but it’s just downright scary, because for such a gentle soul to look like that, ready to go to war and bring entire worlds to their knees, then it’s important and dear to him and Percival says nothing just offers Newt a small nod of understanding and decide right here and there that he’ll be the one protecting both Newt and Credence from anything and everything

And Percival starting to spend more time with Newt and Credence and all the creatures and sure he’s not absolutely gaga about all those creatures like Newt and Credence are, but they have come to the understanding that as long as they behave, Percival lets them be and as long as Percival protects their humans and have their best interest at heart, they let Percival be

Of course there are some younger beasts who just decide that Percival is Papa and Credence starts calling him that, not really realising it could be bad, because if there wasn’t a problem with him calling Newt Mummy why would it be one to call Percival Papa?

And of course Percival says nothing, just gets that proud feeling and he might have already changed his will anyway to declare Credence as his heir and Newt as one of the main beneficiary too because Newt is a good man, a good friend, the man he loves

And Newt wouldn’t mind except he starts calling Percival that too when the man isn’t around and that’s all fine… Right until he calls Percival that in his face and omg, Percival is going to kill him, he knows Percival only tolerates him because he is good for Credence

But surprisingly, Percival says nothing, only gets that surprised little look that morph into a pleased little smile and Newt is blushing and ready to go jump from a building

But before he can run away Percival asks him if he would like to go for a drink one night, just them together and Newt says yes before thinking it through

Because once Percival is gone he is sure Percival couldn’t mean it like a date, he just can’t, no way is he attracted to him or interested in him

And so Newt goes to Tina to panic and for some reason Jacob and Queenie are both there and he’s never been more grateful for Queenie because he doesn’t need to say anything with her around                        

And Jacob will be giving a shovel talk real soon but right not Newt needs Queenie and Tina to calm him down and make him realises that Percival has been completely gone on him since day one. So Jacob is just “I’ll be in the case with Credence and feeding the beats, i have some treats” because Jacob is that cool uncle                        

And yeah Queenie and Tina at least convince Newt not to cancel and make sure he looks stunning for his date and Queenie stops Jacob from going for the shovel talk right now

And then Newt meets with Percival and the man has never looked more beautiful and he’s clearly dressed up for the occasion and a real gentleman and omg he’s clearly flirting and Newt might possibly be dying

Of course the night ends with Percival walking Newt home and going in to say goodnight to Credence and leaving with a brush of his lips to Newt’s

Yep…had a terrible night of sleep, but tripping down the stairs at 4 AM to try sleeping on the couch, I grinned so freaking big cause - 

they’re engaged and yes, there is still drama, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, etc, BUT THEY’RE ENGAGED!!!!

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The words…will you marry me…actually left Killian Jones’s mouth and Emma Swan said yes!!! There is no way I’m going to be able to function today. None.

I have absolutely no chill when it comes to these two! YEA!!!

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smutty blog

okay guys, i… have absolutely no self-control or chill so i have finally made that Fantastic Beasts smut blog for y’all : 


I need help to make it alive and more interesting, so. I’m calling to all of you sinners. If you’ve seen fanarts including kinks, nakedness, cuddling, close proximity, kissing, or pure unadultered smut, please link it to me so i can reblog it, or submit it if it comes from another website. PLEASE DO SO IN THE SMUT SIDEBLOG AND NOT THIS ONE. 

I want to include as many pairings as possible to satisfy everyone, so no limits there. Every character and ship is welcome. Help me make this satisfying, and enjoy the Sin

I love how extra KNK is


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They overreact.

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.To everything.

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They possibly can.

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They have -1000 chill.

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Like absolutely no chill.

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And I freakin’ love it.