i have absolutely no chill

Beg Me (part one)

TypeOne Shot


RatingRated R – i’m sorry Mom

Word Count3,070

SummaryYou’re spending time with your friends and your almost-boyfriend when things suddenly become interesting.

A/N – literally douse me in holy water, i have absolutely No Chill

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Jesus fucking Christ this is not even funny. This is taking things to a new level of disrespect. This shit is the reason I have heart problems. 5sos have absolutely no chill whatsoever and it’s getting ridiculous. Like who even gave them permission to do this?

Seriously, if you write poetry on tumblr give yourself some massive credit for that cause everyone on here is so talented??? and it take guts to put yourself out there so congrats cause I think your work is inCREDIBLE??? the amount of talent on this website is overwhelmingly awesome so if you’re feeling a bit unsure of yourself take this as a reminder that you are awesome purely for even writing it, let alone posting it, cause you are! 

Ahhh I just love! poetry! so much!