i have a zingy

Spell (coffee enchantment!) for waking up bright-eyed

This spell is to get yourself to wake up early, banish drowsiness, and give you even more of a pep in the morning!

- Words, helpfully supplied below
- Intention
- Ground coffee, un-made
- ground cardamom (optional, if you like the taste)*
- Focus crystal (optional, use something firery and peppy)
- Red/yellow/orange/white candle (optional, any energising colour works)

- Do your grounding ritual. 
- Set out your coffee in its normal container (i.e. the one you’ll actually be touching in the mornings), place it and the cardamom in a circle/crystal grid if you work with those, next to a candle if you’re using one. 
- Light the candle and charge up the grid with your intention. Feel the energy you want to feel in the mornings. Let your focus objects help you ramp up that pep and spice and fizz in your veins. You feel awake. 
- Hold the cardamon over the coffee, and sprinkle it in (how much you use depends 100% on your own taste) while reciting the following: 

As waves leap, as birds rise
Sleep is gone from both my eyes.

- While reciting the second half, mix the cardamon into your coffee - either by mixing it in with a wooden implement, or by closing your container and shaking it vigorously. Your energy and focus use here charges the enchantment.

As trees stretch and sunlight breaks
I am very much awake.

- Put the coffee back in the circle and repeat the spell twice while holding the energy of the enchantment and visualising yourself getting up on time, full of energy, entirely bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Infuse those little grains of caffeine with even more zing than they already possessed. They have so much energy they’re almost electric. 
- Finish your ritual: I like to clap my hands firmly & loudly, some people like to give a blessing or prayer. 
- You’re done! You have zingy, tasty coffee. 

*Do I really need that cardamom?
No, of course not. You could use this spell just as a mantra if you like, or enchant a mug that you use to drink out of in the mornings. The cardamom doesn’t do the work, you do. But it tastes phenomenal in coffee, and I find it quite a punchy taste which is perfect for this spell.