i have a whole folder :d

My Notes Masterpost

Hey guys! It’s finally that time of year, the time where I post all of my notes from the semester! (I’m actually posting all of my notes from the last three years) Feel free to use and distribute these notes as you please, but please do not repost on Tumblr without giving credit!

High School Notes

Algebra II- These are by far my largest files to date. Both PDFs are a mixture of my own notes and notes that my teacher gave me. 

Physics- I don’t have a whole ton of these notes, but they include key ideas, as well as step-by-step instructions for 1-D and 2-D motion problems.

AP Human Geography- This folder includes chapter outlines, worksheets, articles, and practice tests.

AP World History- FIFTY PAGES WORTH OF APWH NOTES! These are the notes that got me through the exam!

AP Psychology- Chapter outlines + two projects I did. I don’t have a whole lot of notes on this subject because I mostly used a workbook.

Introduction to Digital Technology- These notes are helpful for anyone taking a computer science class, but these do focus fairly heavily on web design.

Digital Design/Web Design- These are from second and third year web design classes, focusing on HTML/CSS.

Sociology- All vocab from a textbook written in the 90s.

Spanish II- I’m gonna be honest here and say I did very poorly in Spanish, but I did at least take a decent number of notes.

College Notes

ENGL1101- These are all Blackboard handouts from my professor. 

ENGL1102- These are all vocabulary terms for all things literature.

HIST2111- EXTREMELY HELPFUL FOR APUSH. This folder is literally hundreds of pages of American History notes from my college lectures.

American Government- Every single vocabulary term from my American Government textbook. These notes were written with Mildliners so I apologize for the light-colored text.

That’s all I have for now! As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions/technical problems with these notes. Remember that what I did may not work for you, but I hope these notes will at the very least help you out come exam time! Good luck and happy studying!


Virgil is popular flower child it seems. I am realizing how I missed drawing stuff ♥

@silversatori @toothpaste-dragon here you go! Why one flower when you can have a whole bouquet, right? :”D Thank you guys for sticking with me, I still don’t consider Portal as abandoned bandwagon because deep inside I still want to draw things for that (and I have quite a few in my wip folder) so! 

One day when constellation of starts is right, I shall draw Portal stuff again. ;w;

1K followers requests!

anonymous asked:

Please describe how did you do view of neighborhood from picture number 4 from menu ? ;)

Hello Nonnie,

okay I’ll try it. ^_^

What you need:

1. I use Fraps as Screenshot-programm for taking pictures of my game. 
Fraps is a free-ware programm.

You have to choose a hot-key (red market) which you press ingame to take a picture.

2. I also use Gunmod’s CameraMood (Neighborhood Cam) so you can scroll trough the whole map.

3. (Ideal) For the sky I use the neighborhood Sky of Nimi

4. (Ideal) Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacement by curiousb 

5. (Ideal) a Photo editing software. I use Photoscape, also a free-ware programm

What you have to do:

1. Go in your neighborhood

2. Press “Tab”-Key, the menu disapperas, (it pop up if you press the “Tab”-key again)

3. move your mouse, you will see the view will change

4. press “Q” to go down or “E” to go up with the view

5. with “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” can you move the whole mapview (?)

6. Find your position in which you will take the photos and press the “Fraps-Key” which you chose before (step 1 above)

7. You will find the pictures you taken in the linked folder (purple market)

8. If you want you can edit it with Photo editing software (Photoscape for example)

And that’s it. :D Hope I explained it understandably. :3


We need more alt. character fanworks for RK week!

Have some screen caps! Save ‘em, then go to a silly collage site like befunky.com or Piccollage and make them wonderfully ludicrous. Perfection is NOT required. When you see how happy you’ve made our alt.-character-loving friends, you will get warm and fuzzy feelings, and isn’t that what this week is for? Share the RK love!  :D

(Also, if you want to commission some lovely art from @thebeshimifangirl, consider this your ticket.)

I’ve included a link to a google drive file here  which I have filled with dozens of caps of alt. characters. Copy them, doll them up, do whatever you want. I don’t need credit or anything, just have fun. (I do ask that you not post them unaltered, as that would, indeed, make me annoyed.)

*Whoo! @akusokuzan has provided a whole bunch of little transparent things to use on your edits, and I’ve included them in the folder for your use. *

No luck with the GraffArt ouma button and oumasai folder im afraid… But at least today wasnt a total loss, because i found the secret Shibuya mandarake, and there was a whole bunch of amami x saihara doujinshi that i had never even heard of before! Needless to say i bought them all :D

I bought a bunch, but these three were my absolute favorite- they all have the theme of amami taking saihara on adventures around the world, which is now officially my favorite thing ever. The middle one is the best (not just because it came with a sparkly amasai sticker oh yeah) but because they go backpacking and hitch hiking and wake up naked in an alley because they drank something weird- my favorite things about travelling the world (except that last one. Havent done that….yet).

Gonna try again on the ouma button tomorrow…wish me luck!

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What have you downloaded to your game recently?

A crapton of 40s/50s/early60s stuff (mostly clothing) for this whole Strangetown insanity I’ve inflicted on myself. But that’s for a whole new Downloads folder, not for my regular game. For my regular game…I downloaded a bunch of unnaturally-colored hairs because I decided I wanted alien spawn in GilsCarburg to wear unnaturally-colored hair to add a little zip to things. :) 

Other than that…not much. I don’t really download much these days except the occasional clothing I like (like @whattheskell‘s repo’d sets and stuff that @deedee-sims makes, mostly. Or @serabiet.) and the occasional hair if the polycount isn’t outrageous and especially if it’s something using io/ @serabiet‘s textures. And sometimes paintings that I like that don’t require custom meshes, especially if they’re on the Travelkeeper mesh that I have a ton of slaves of. I don’t really want any more custom object meshes in my game, of anything aside from slaved Maxis add-ons. Beyond that, if I want something, I tend to make it myself these days.

Hiccelsa Week, Day 6:  Alternate Universe

Hey, look what I dug up from the depths of the thousands of AU’s I have!  My Wreck-It-Ralph AU!!! :D  

This was drawn with a mix of photoshopping; the sides of the arcade games are actual pictures I photoshopped together and edited to my liking :) This whole thing was quite fun to do!!  (I need to do more of this Au in the future, poor thing has been buried in my folders for months).

Elsa’s design is supposed to be her evil one, but I tweaked it a little so there were a few more similarities between this one and her original design (such as her hair being blonde and not black). 

Enjoy! :D

kookie--krumbs  asked:

Hush my lil Kookie everything will be alright but u NEED TRAY IMPORTER (you can find a tutorial on the YouTubes somewhere) like saf said. Ily very much you made me feel welcomed into this community and just remember we are here for you! ;D I'm actually feelin emotional rn but nvm

ily so much and u r such a beautiful bean and i actually have tray importer shocker but i just never delete cc and my whole folder is a jumble of nothing and i kinda wanna make all my sims vamps

fideleus  asked:

I'd seen your Spanish book PDF masterpost before but I hadn't ever clicked on the two folders and now I have and I have to say you are the BEST person to ever exist!!! YOU HAVE TERRY PRATCHETT IN THERE!! Somehow you have *Amin Maalouf* translated into Spanish? So many books in Spanish while I wait for physical copies on hold from my library, and probably enough for my whole life! I think I may be sounding more and more unhinged but this will help me (and so many others!) keep my Spanish up (1)

“(2) since I don’t formally study it anymore. Whether you accumulated those all yourself (!) or put some resources all together, you are a true gem for taking the time to. I usually send this sort of message on anon but I feel so thankful that I should at least own it fully despite seeming weird. I hope you have a fantastic day, sorry for my nonsense, hope it at least makes sense, rock on - fideleus/unseenacademical”

I’m glad you like my post! ^^ I added the 2 folders a couple of months ago so the updated version hasn’t been around tumblr too much. Also, there are over 6.000 books, it’s almost impossible not to find what you want. 

Enjoy your reading and i’m happy that my folders help you! :)


I got Photoshop, I dont like it yet… I handle it not the right way but Im going to work on that. 

AND I startet over in a new City and with a cleaned CC Folder.

I only have the Feahters Skins and all the Add ons in the Game plus a lot of supernatural Skins. Thats the first house I built in Dayheim.

Vimpse was a big inspiration on this one…and the whole city. I love her stuff :D

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Gordo+Virgi BROTP is da bomb. Gordo's first line in the new series is even 'Heya Virgil!'. Tots canon *lalalalalala* :D

//bites fist// gordon’s first line of the series was “heya virgil” thank you for reminding me anon #neverforget

I aggressively love these baby boys with their unattainable and unbreakable brotherly bond