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La Douleur Exquise — An Ong Seongwoo Songfic

la douleur exquise: the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.

genre: angst!-

We sit next to each other in the car but there is no music

I always held your left hand but now you’re picking at your lips

You smile with an aching heart as you watched your childhood best friend Seongwoo anxiously await the arrival of his soon-to-be wife, Yoon Solbi. His hand laced together, a pointer finger tapping a beat on the opposite hand. A habit of his when he gets nervous.

I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say it

Don’t know why Don’t know why

I want to draw out each minute, each second

But the empty road rushes me on

Flashback to 2 years ago

You were at Seongwoo’s studying for the upcoming final exams for your final year of college, currently taking a 5-minute break.

“Hey Y/N, I have to tell you something.”

“Hmm? What is it?” ‘Please don’t be what I think it’s going to be.’

“I think I like Solbi, she’s just so nice you know? She’s so pretty and talented, she’s…”

As he begins ranting you zone out, ‘Ah yes, of course it’s Solbi. Why am I not surprised? She has every guy going after her, it’s no surprise Seongwoo would too.’

After going round and round

I arrive at your house that’s so familiar and tears fall

After spending a long day finding this place

I feel like I am lost

You felt so disappointed, to find out a girl who just moved here stole your best friend’s heart in a matter of seconds while you’ve been next to him all this time, unnoticed.

“Hey Ong, I gotta go. I just remembered I promised my mom I’d go buy groceries today.”

“Oh, alright Y/N. Let’s continue our study session tomorrow?” He excitedly asks.

“..Yeah,” you bitterly smiled, thinking about another day of Solbi this, Solbi that.

Please don’t, please don’t leave

Don’t know why Don’t know why

It’s not even raining but outside the window

You grow white and farther apart

Seongwoo and you usually walk home together, you were waiting for him to show up so you two can walk to his place for your study session part 2. And although he only talks about Solbi whenever he gets the chance, your heart pounds at the thought of getting to be the one next to him and not Solbi.

Your stomach churns as the thought of Solbi not being there passes through your mind. You’re so jealous. Jealous of the fact that she won Seongwoo’s heart without any effort.

Five, ten, thirty minutes, an hour passes and Seongwoo still hasn’t showed up so you decided to text him;

Today 3:45 PM

Hey Ong, where are you? It’s been an hour…


Today 3:58 PM

Hey, please answer??

Where are you?

Why aren’t you answering me? )):

Today 4:10 PM

Are you okay?

If you didn’t want to study today, you should’ve told me beforehand.

Letting you go is not as easy as it sounds

I turn away, not being able to see you leave me

Tears eventually drop and I need to wipe them away now

I don’t know whether I should use the handkerchief you gave me or throw it away

Why won’t this trembling go away?

You ended up leaving campus alone, walking by a public library. Looking through the windows, you see two familiar faces, Seongwoo and Solbi.

You feel tears forming in your eyes, heart aching, you wanted to barge in there and scream at Solbi to go away. You wanted to turn back the time to when Solbi never moved to this school. You wanted Seongwoo all to yourself. However, you knew you lost once you saw Seongwoo smiling happily, chatting with Solbi, teaching her whatever subject she needed help on.

You gave up.

I pretend to be crazy and hold onto you but

My body won’t listen to me

Intoxicated with the scent of you in the car

I don’t want to wake up forever

You began slowly creating distance between the both of you, you knew you wouldn’t be able to stay sane around him when your feelings for him are still strong. When he asks to hang out, you give him measly excuses.

“Ah, sorry I can’t today, I don’t feel well.”

“My little brother is sick, I have to take care of him, sorry.”

Seongwoo doesn’t seem suspicious of your actions, even if he is, he doesn’t show it. He brushes it off and goes on dates with Solbi. ‘Ah, right. Forgot to mention, he asked to be her boyfriend the day he ditched our study session and she said yes. Funny thing was, he never replied to my messages. I was left on read.’

A few weeks later

Your feelings for Seongwoo were still there, in fact they got stronger. You couldn’t help but miss and love him. Your attempt at trying to distance yourself failed as you found it hard to continue on like that. And so, you mended your friendship and tried to support his relationship with Solbi.

Please don’t (please) don’t leave please (please)

Come back (come back) come back (come back)

On top of the empty seat you left

only your cold scent remains

Back to the present

You received an invitation to his wedding one day and was reluctant to go. However, since you are his best friend you felt it rude to not go. Biggest mistake, your heart couldn’t handle it.

You wanted to be the one walking down the aisle, heading towards your husband-to-be Ong Seongwoo. You wanted to be the one who he gives his special smile to. You wanted to be the one by his side for the rest of his life.

You visited him before the ceremony began, comforted him, told him he could do it. You helped him calm down a little bit, reassured him that his fiance wouldn’t run out on him.

“Thank you, Y/N. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you weren’t here right now, comforting me. I love you, you’re the bestest friend ever.”

You forced a smile onto your face, but didn’t say anything back, afraid your voice would end up cracking and the pain you’ve been hiding for years will reveal itself.

‘I love you too, Seongwoo. But as more than a friend.’

You hear something shatter nearby and look around to find the source, but it was nowhere to be found and it seemed like you were the only one who heard it.

‘Ah,’ you thought. ‘I know what that sound was.’

Please don’t, please don’t leave

Come back (come back) come back (come back)

I will hold onto the remaining scent

So come back to your place

“You may now kiss the bride.”

‘It was the sound of my heart shattering into a million more pieces.’

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this popped up while i had “Please Don’t” by K. Will and “Sweet Dreams” by Heechul and Kyunghoon on loop because i love listening to sad love songs

cough the lyrics are from “Please Don’t” cough

Sebastian Aho #2.2 - Romance

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A/N - part two wooo! if you haven’t read girl problems you can find it here, but to be honest it is not imperative that you read that first

for the anon request: can you do a girl problems part 2?


“I’m telling that story at your wedding you know.” your friend commented casually referring to the night you met Seb, from her position on the couch in your flat.

“Who said anything about marriage?” you called from your bathroom where you were getting ready.

“Come on. You can’t pull that one over on me chica. It’s common knowledge that you two are going to get married one of these days. It’s only a matter of time.”

She did have a point. Two years ago today you were studying for your final exams and ran out to the grocery store in the dead of night when you happened to run into Sebastian Aho. And by run you literally meant bowled him over in the middle of the feminine hygiene products aisle. After that night, Seb learned how to live with girls, you learned that you have never loved a human being more than that awkward Finn and you had been dsting ever since. Now you were getting all gussied up for your fancy anniversary dinner before moving into an apartment together tomorrow. You swiped on your favourite red lipstick and smoothed down your black, open-back dress. You checked your reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“So… what do you think?” you asked your friend as you stepped out and around boxes so that she could see you.

“Smokin’ (Y/N).” she grinned and took another sip of her rosé, “I’d be surprised if you two even made it to the restaurant.”

Your cheeks flushed and you laughed while retreating to your room and grabbing your go-to black pumps. You heard a knock at the door and you went to open it while putting your earrings in.

“Oh no need to get up.” you teased your friend who didn’t make any indication that she was going to move from her spot watching reality TV and drinking wine on your your couch. She stuck her tongue out at you and you opened the door revealing a suit-clad Sebastian Aho obviously hiding something behind his back.

“Sepe,  you have a key to my place ____. Why didn’t you just walk in?” you grinned and kissed him quickly.

“Because then it wouldn’t be as dramatic when I did this,” he pulled his arm from behind his back and revealing the large bouquet of your favourite hydrangeas with a flourish.

“Aw, I love them!” you kissed him once more and took the flowers from him. You quickly found a cup to put them in because you knew that you didn’t have a vase and grabbed your purse off of the counter.

“Are we going back to your place after?” you asked and Sebastian nodded, “OK, I’ll see you tomorrow Meg for a fun day of moving”

She gave you a thumbs up, not moving her gaze from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode. You laughed and grabbed Sebastian’s hand as you walked out.


“Seb, what’s wrong? You’ve been fidgeting all night.” you asked once you had both finished your meal.

“… What?” he snapped out of whatever reverie he had been in pretty much since your plates got put in front of you. “Oh, I’m sorry ____, just zoned out for a second there.”

You didn’t buy it, “Are you feeling feeling okay? We can just go home and cuddle if you want.”

“No!” he said a little too forcefully making your eyebrows shoot p your forehead, “No, I am all good. Just thinking about plan for tonight.”

“Oh? Does lover boy have a romantic surprise in store?” you giggled and sipped the last of your drink.

He returned your bright smile with one of his own, “ Oh yes. Will knock your socks off.”

“Well you are on the right track already.” you grinned and stuck your foot out from under the table, emphasizing the fact that you weren’t wearing any socks to begin with.

He laughed brightly at you before motioning for the cheque. You and Sepe continued your pleasant band and forth until the bill came. He paid it quickly, leaving a large tip for the waitress, before holding his hand out like a gentleman to help you up from the table. You walked out the restaurant with his hand on your lower back, guiding you through to the exit. As you got outside you went to go call an uber but Seb protested.

“No, now is when I blow you away with my romance.”

“Okay, show me what you got.” you smiled at him. He led you down the street away from the busy city street lights and into the park he took your after your very first date. You took a familiar turn away from the main path and towards the tried-and-true gelato truck that you always seem to find your way back to after dates.

“Hey Laura,” you smiled at the familiar face in the truck

“Hey, (Y/N) and Seb!” she returned your grin when she recognized her ‘favourite couple’, “Long time no see! I guess tonight is a special night?”

“Yeah, well there isn’t much time for date night during the season,” you explain.

“Tonight is 2 year anniversary.” Sebastian supplied.

“Oh, that’s a big one! Usual?” she asked

“That’d be perfect.”

She quickly turned away and grabbed you a medium strawberry and Seb a large chocolate with caramel drizzle. You smiled and let Seb lead you farther into the park. He reached over and grabbed a spoonful from your cup making you protest and swat at him. Finally when you came to the fork in the path, you moved down the right hand side to the one where you usually went to sit by the fountain. Instead Sepe grabbed you hand and tugged you down the path less-travelled without saying a word of explanation.

“What are we doing Sepe?” you asked.

“Romance.” was the only thing he said, a little knowing-smirk tugging at his lips.

You finished your cups of gelato and you noticed briefly that Seb started to fidget almost nervously as you continued on your walk. You were content to walk in near silence, enjoying the sounds of the city at night and the warm presence of Sepe beside you. All of the sudden, Seb nudged you over to turn down a little path that was strung up with white fairy lights in the trees and along the gravel path. He led you down a couple steps and all of the sudden you turned a corner and gasped at what you saw.

There, hidden amongst the trees was a beautiful gazebo lit up with the same fairy lights the path had been. But what really shocked you was the question laid out in strategically placed pebbles on the path.

‘Marry me?’

You turned around and saw Sebastian down on one knee, diamond ring sparkling in the low light.

He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t get the words out because you had already cried out yes and captured his mouth in a kiss. Sepe sighed out happily and, after slipping the ring on your finger, wrapped you up in a big hug and spun you all around. When he put you down, he didn’t let you go just simply said, “Told you I was romantic” and kissed you once more.


Cute eh? Next up: Jakob Chychrun

Fic Recs: Fluff

Some of my faves:


1. All The Kids At School (They Were Wishing They Were Me That Night)(likeyouareinlove) - Getting voted ‘School’s Hottest Couple’ when they aren’t actually a couple complicates things a bit.

2. Whether Clouds Or Clear Skies (onewasturning) - Louis gets into the habit of stealing baked goods while Harry’s busy keeping tabs on the weather.

3. Bring Out Feelings In Me I Never Show (tomorrows) - Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

4. (Take You Back Where You Belong) This Could Be Our Favorite Song (orphan_account) - When recently divorced, thirty-five year-old, overworked tax accountant Louis Tomlinson gets sent on a two-week vacation to Aruba by his best friend, he automatically assumes it’s going to be two weeks of panicking about all of the work he’s missing and staying holed up in his room. But then, right on his first night in Aruba, he meets Harry Styles, the cheeky, crass, and charming waiter and up-and-coming musician. Who happens to only be eighteen years old.

5. From Eight Until Late, I Think About You (supernope) - After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often.

6. Always Come Back To You (whoknows) - One Direction is long over, Louis has recently come out, and he may have been lying when he told the world he had a boyfriend…

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He carries you to bed (his p.o.v.)

Harry: I was staring at the road in front of me, remembering the fight of ten minutes ago. My hands tightened on the steering wheel, not wanting to be the first one to say something. And on the other hand I felt miserable and I just wanted to say that I love her. And I wanted to hear those words from her as well. I couldn’t help but move my eyes a little bit to the passenger seat to see what she was doing, and to my surprise, she was sleeping. Only a moment ago we were both so angry and pissed at each other, and now she sat there, so peacefully and I couldn’t even remember what our fight was about. God, she’s beautiful. It was only a matter of time before I pulled into our driveway and stopped the car. I got out and moved myself to the door of the passenger seat and opened it. Carefully I pulled her into my arms. My heart broke seeing some tearstains on her cheek. I hated seeing her cry and I hated it even more when I caused it. I pulled her close to my chest, closed the door from the car softly and carried her through the front door, right to the bedroom. She moved a little bit, but never opened her eyes. She was exhausted, I could tell. When I laid her on the bed, she groaned. ‘I’m sorry baby. I’m going to take off your jacket and your shoes. Then you can sleep.’ I said softly into her ear. She let me undress her. When I pulled the sheets over her and tugged her in she whispered something so soft, I almost didn’t hear it. ‘I’m sorry. I love you.’. Her voice was so sleepy, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was already out when I responded. ‘You don’t need to be sorry, love. I love you too. You’re beautiful.’ I said, kissing her forehead.

Louis: I came home late from the studio and when I opened the door I saw Y/N sleeping on the couch. She probably waited for me and couldn’t stay awake. Most people would be frustrated, coming home and seeing their partner asleep. You can’t really tell anything about your day at all. I didn’t mind. Secretly I loved coming home to her sleeping. Not that I didn’t like it when she was awake. There was just something about the way she slept that made my heart race. She looks so peacefully and vulnerable but perfectly happy. I took off my coat and kneeled beside the couch as silent as possible. I just sat there, watching her breathe. I loved watching her breath. I loved watching her sleep here, in our house. Because that meant she was safe. She was safe with me. I could protect her from anything right now. After minutes of sitting there, I decided it would probably be good to move her. Besides, I want her next to me in bed. I want her to lay in my arms. I stroke my hand over her hair, what made her wake up softly. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. ‘You’re home…’ Her voice was soft and sleepy. I nodded and kissed her lips softly. ‘I’m going to get you to bed baby.’ I whispered. She smiled and closed her eyes again, nodding. I cradled her in my arms and carried her up the stairs, into our bedroom. I laid her down and she surprised me when she grabbed my hand. ‘Come lay with me.’ She whispered, her eyes still closed. ‘Of course baby. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ I answered, pulling out my jeans and t-shirt. I crawled into bed and pulled her into my arms. ‘Me too…’ She breathed out.

Niall: I was making some soup for Y/N. She had been sick for about three days now. Today was the first day she felt a bit better, but it still wasn’t good again. I never thought having a sick girlfriend could be so stressful. I couldn’t help but worry all day long. I tried not to show it to her, but she knows me too well. Especially the first couple of days, I was constantly debating with myself if I shouldn’t get her to the hospital. I just want her to be healthy. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she had something really bad and I waited too long for taking action. But she said she was fine. She said it was just a fever and that there was no need of going to the hospital. So said her mom and my mom when I called them to ask advice. Yes… I was pretty clueless about it. But today I felt much better, because she felt better. And that was a start! My happy feeling disappeared in a second when suddenly Y/N stood in the kitchen in front of me. ‘What the hell, babe! You have to be in bed!’ I kinda yelled rushing towards her. ‘Niall… I’m sick of my bed. I just-‘. She stopped when I interrupted her. ‘Yes, exactly. You are sick! And you have to stay in bed.’ I was lightly pushing her out of the kitchen, to the bedroom but when I felt how unstable she was, I stopped. Before she could react or protest, I carried her up into my arms. ‘Niall… No!’ She groaned unhappy. But I didn’t listen. When we reached the bed and I laid her down, she stared angry in front of her. So I sat next to her. ‘Baby… Please… I just want you to feel completely healthy again. I will be here. I will come and sit with you. But just please, give me one more day of you resting and if it’s better tomorrow, I will consider letting you walk around the house.’ She relaxed a bit, listening to my words. She nodded slightly and I sight. ‘Do you still love me now?’ I asked her, pouting my mouth. It made her chuckle and I smiled back. ‘I love you always. Even when you are completely overprotective and overly worried about nothing.’ She said. I stroke her hair answering. ‘I just consider it as me, loving you and caring about you. Nothing less.’ After that I went downstairs to get her soup and I stayed with her in bed all day long, watching her getting more and more color on her face when the hours flew by.

Liam: When I came home from work I immediately noticed something was not normal. Normally Y/N would be cooking dinner at this hour. But she was nowhere to be found downstairs. I kind of started to get worried, considering my wife is five months pregnant. When I walked into our bedroom, in first instance I absolutely totally panicked, seeing her laying on the ground, eyes closed. But when I took in the moment, I relaxed seeing her body rise up and down from her normal, steady breathing. She was laying in between hundreds of photos and a photo album. All photos of me and her. I saw pictures from our wedding, vacations together, moments with the other four boys, family dinners and so much more. She was making an album of it, but fell asleep during the process. I couldn’t get over the fact how she could actually fall asleep on the ground, but she looked so cute, I smiled at her. Suddenly an idea popped into my head and I reached for my phone into my pocket. I took a picture of her in between the photos. Then I put my phone down, and cradled her in my arms. When I touched her skin, she woke up in confusion. ‘Shhht… it’s okay. You fell asleep. I’m getting you to bed now. The ground is not so comfortable.’ I whispered into her ear when I laid her down on the soft sheets. ‘I… need… make dinner.’ She said with a sleepy voice. ‘No… Don’t worry about that. I’ll make dinner. You give yourself and our baby some rest.’ I said, kissing her forehead. When she didn’t respond anymore, I figured she was already back to sleep. I took my phone and went downstairs. I printed out the photo and when I entered our bedroom later I laid it down between the rest of the pictures. Adding a little note: You are without a doubt the cutest, bestest and most awesomest wife. And I’m so happy you’re mine.

Zayn: I was watching a movie with the boys and Y/N in the tour bus, when suddenly I felt Y/N’s head falling onto my shoulder. I looked beside me and I noticed her being sound asleep. The boys noticed it as well and they were so nice to actually stay quiet and let her sleep. Normally they would make sure to pull some random scaring prank on her but today it was different. The last couple of nights Y/N hardly slept. While we drove around the country, she was studying for final exams. When we were rehearsing or performing, she was studying backstage. Even when we slept at night, sometimes she stayed up till the early morning hours. She wanted to pass so badly to be able to graduate. She was exhausted and tired but all day long she kept going and going. Seeing her asleep on my shoulder right now, made me feel so relieved. I waited half an hour longer to make sure she was really asleep before I cradled her up into my chest and carried her to my bunk bed. She didn’t even wake up when I laid her down. I couldn’t help but panic for a moment, seeing her so fast asleep so I checked her breathing. When I saw her chest rise up and down, I breathed out. I moved myself to the couch area again. ‘She’s still asleep?’ Harry asked, all the boys turning their heads. When I nodded, they seemed all satisfied. I couldn’t feel more happy about the fact they all liked her fairly close to how much I did. ‘I’m going to get in too.’ I said softly. Wishing the boys goodnight, I went back seeing her still sound asleep. I crawled in next to her and pulled her into my chest. God… How much I loved this girl… There were no words for it. 

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a fic rec masterpost of a massive variety of some great larry fics from politics aus to mermaid aus. (or, we started a fic rec chat literally two days ago and we’ve already recced each other 20+ fics and i need a way to keep on top of them all.) enjoy! 

*my english love affair by isthatyoularry /20k

The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you.

The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

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I’m studying for my first anatomy exam tomorrow and I’m so nervous. I should have studied earlier but I was busy yesterday with my car problems + looking for a new car. And then I have a wedding to go to later today. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. 😭 On the other hand, I went with an orange theme because Fall is creeping around the corner. 🍂