i have a weakness for finger guns

  • Genji *thinking to himself*: I've known Jesse for a while, we're good together, but I don't want to come on too strong. I need to keep it casual. Just play it cool, keep it calm, and just enjoy what we have without making it weird.
  • Jesse: Hey look I saw this picture of a cat holding a knife in its mouth and thought of you!
  • Genji: I would die for you.

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Can you pretty pretty please do a thing where during mission the team gets separated, and Lance encounters pretty much full force Galra on his own and *wins* but is severely injured? And then the team, realizing something is wrong when Lance won't answer them, find him almost dead and have to heal him? If nah it's chill but you have the best writing and I love your blog!

Ficlet time!

Guns are useless when you are surrounded by countless enemies wielding various form of weapons: guns, hammers, blades, etc. Lance figures this out very quickly when he’s cornered by twelve Galra soldiers with no other paladin in sight. 

For each shot of his bayard, he gets hit. Hard. He’s been stabbed numerous times, whacked with a hammer that he knows is breaking bones and leaving bruises, and shot twice. One bullet pierced a little too close to his heart, and that’s what it took to get his mind kicked into gear. 

As if seeing red, he snaps. He grinds his teeth together to bite back the pain clinging to every inch of his body, and he starts firing. Each shot leaves his ears ringing, but the Galra are dropping like flies around him. 

When the last one falls, his collapses to his knees. Blood is all but pouring from multiple wounds, and his vision is growing dark. He can faintly hear shouting from the comms before everything goes black. 


“He’s not answering.” 

“I’m worried.” 

Shiro stares at the other three with furrowed brows. When they all managed to find each other and realized that Lance was missing, they spent the better half of ten minutes calling out to the brunet over the comms, but they were met with soft static. 

“Let’s go find him,” Shiro commands, eyes narrow and determined. “Keep your guard up. There could still be Galra.” 

The four creep quietly throughout the hallways of the Galra base. The silence is unsettling, and it’s leaving the four paladins on edge. Shiro’s in the lead, and with each turn of a corner, he grows more concerned. The worry has twisted into a pit within his stomach, but he keeps pressing forward. He’s going to find Lance, and Lance is going to be just fine. He repeats that over and over in his head as he leads the other three in their almost desperate search. 

When they begin stumbling upon Galra bodies, Shiro’s chest swells with pride. Each corpse is sporting a large, gun wound that had to have been done by Lance’s bayard, but when they keep spotting more and more, the pride morphs into concern. There are far too many Galra soldiers for one paladin, and when he turns another corner and spots Lance’s lifeless body crumpled against the floor, his breath catches in his throat. 

While Shiro’s frozen on spot, Hunk and Keith shove past the older paladin to get to Lance while Pidge grips tightly at Shiro’s arm as tears slip down her cheeks. 

Keith immediately checks for a pulse while Hunk winces at the various wounds littering Lance’s body. 

“He’s still alive,” Keith calls out, voice shaking, and that’s all it takes to have Shiro and Pidge closing the distance and dropping to their knees beside the others. 

The pulse thumping against Keith’s fingers is weak, and the skin is cold to the touch. Lance didn’t have much time; this much Keith knew. “We have to get him into a pod. Now.” His voice is sharp, demanding, but the underlining concern and fear are evident. 

“I don’t even understand how he’s alive,” Hunk whispers as his hand ghosts above a nasty gun shot wound on Lance’s chest. He knows he should feel hopeful that Lance is still alive and defying all odds, but he’s so desperately afraid for his very best friend. 

“That doesn’t matter right now,” Shiro says, voice surprisingly calm despite his racing heart. “We need to get him out of here.” He barks out a few orders, and seconds later, Pidge and Keith are racing back to their lions while Hunk stands guard beside Shiro, while the latter carefully lifts Lance into his arms. 

Running isn’t ideal considering Lance’s condition, but Shiro risks it. He and Hunk fall into a steady jog toward the exit. They are working with only minutes, and the faster they get Lance to a pod, the better. 


Pods don’t heal memories, and when Lance stumbles out after days in one, his first reaction is to fight. He throws a slopping punch toward the closest person, but tight fingers latch onto his wrist. 

“Woah, Lance! Easy! It’s just us!” 

The voice is familiar, but all Lance can see is a large Galra soldier glaring down at him. Panic courses through his body, but when he tries to pull a way, he stumbles into someone else. 

“Pull yourself together!” 

Keith. Lance snaps his gaze to the left, and after blinking a few times, Keith’s worried face comes into focus. Slowly, he turns his eyes back to the front to see Shiro holding his wrist with Hunk, Pidge, Coran, and Allura hovering behind the older paladin. 

“You with us?” Shiro asks, and Lance offers a small, apologetic nod as Shiro releases his wrist. 

Lance wraps his arms around himself and drops his gaze to the ground. “There were so many,” he whispers, shivering slightly. “I thought I was still there for a moment.” 

“You’re safe now.” 

Lance looks up toward Hunk, and he can’t help the grin that plays at the corners of his lips when he’s met with Hunk’s beaming smile. 

Shiro drapes an arm across Lance’s shoulder when he notices the brunet swaying slightly. “You did well, Lance.” 

Despite the dull ache clinging to Lance’s body paired with hot flashes of weapons and guns aimed at him crossing his mind, Lance feels happy, proud even, and thankful, and he leans into Shiro’s steady, grounded warmth while the others fill him in on what happened. 

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If it's not to much could you do #11 for Jeremy and Micheal aka the boyf riends? :)

this was the most recent ask… i have so many others to do…. but tHE BOYF RIENDS ARE MY OTP OKAY I CAN’T HELP IT 

drabble prompts here - any musical! :)

September 1st, 2016

Dear Diary,

First day of senior year… and I just hope this is a better year. I hope that things aren’t awkward with me and Christine since the breakup. I hope that Michael -


Jeremy slammed his journal closed as his father walked into his bedroom, fully clothed. Except for the occasional “casual Saturday,” his dad had stuck to wearing pants on a fairly regular basis; a fact for which Jeremy was very grateful. 

“Hey dad…” Jeremy said, offering his father a weak smile. “What’s up?”

“You ready for school today?”

“Mhm,” Jeremy nodded, sitting on his journal to hide it. His father took note but decided not to ask, instead shooting his son a finger gun and closing the door behind him. 

Jeremy pulled out his journal again to finish his thought.

- and I can be something more this year. That maybe I’ll have the balls to say something to him. 

Jeremy blushed just by writing the words, but felt excitement build in the pit of his stomach at the thought of he and Michael together. But he’d had all summer to say something… and he hadn’t. He’d probably never be brave enough. 


Jeremy shuddered as the familiar voice entered his head. Writing was supposed to help make it go away, not bring it back. Angrily he shoved the journal into his backpack - BOYF still written in now faded letters on the front - and swung the bag over his shoulder. Nervous about hearing the Squip, he then grabbed his headphones and shoved them roughly over his ears, blasting music as he walked to school. He’d decided that a senior on the bus was the weakest someone could get, and refused to sink himself to that level, no matter what he’d smell like when he got to school. 

Once he did get there, he was excited to spot his friend’s familiar red hoodie among the crowds of people. Grinning, Jeremy approached, trying to keep the butterflies out of his stomach. 

Michael looked up as his friend approached and grinned as well. “Jeremy, my buddy! How’s it hangin’?”

“Eh,” Jeremy shrugged, and Michael frowned. 

“Is writing in the diary helping with… y’know?” Michael pointed to his head with a knowing look. 

“Shh!!” Jeremy shushed his best friend nervously. “I don’t want everyone knowing I’m writing in a diary!”

Michael laughed. “Nothing to be ashamed of. C’mon, let’s get to class.”

At lunch, Jeremy waited for Michael to get back from Seven-Eleven, sitting under a tree and writing in his jour- who was he kidding. His diary. 

“Yo!” Michael said suddenly, plopping down next to his best friend. Jeremy jumped and dropped the book on the ground. Michael glanced at it. 

“Ooh, I see my name! Good things I hope,” he grinned, picking up the diary swiftly.

“No! Uh, don’t -” Jeremy protested to no avail, dissolving into mortified silence as Michael’s eyes scanned the page. Both their faces flushed and Jeremy managed to swipe the book out of his friend’s slackened hands. But it was too late. The damage had been done. 

“So… it was good things,” Michael said awkwardly, and Jeremy squeezed his eyes shut. It was times like these he wished the Squip were fully active. He would be able to come up with a lie of some sort…

“Michael, I -” Jeremy stuttered out, eyes wide. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Michael asked, still looking stunned. 

“I - uh…”

“We wasted so much time,” he said, a smile finally tugging at his lips. It was Jeremy’s turn to look shocked. 

“What d’you -”

Michael’s hand was suddenly holding his, and Jeremy’s cheeks turned red. Before he could stop himself, Jeremy had leaned in and pressed his lips to Michael’s, pulling himself closer as the kiss deepened. 

When they finally pulled away, they were both grinning. 

“I FUCKING KNEW IT!” an excited voice suddenly screamed. Jumping, they both turned to see Rich grinning down at them. “You’re totally gay now.”

Neither boy felt like denying it. 

Rental Love* (1/?)

(*Read Terms & Conditions)
Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email solace.w@fastmail.com if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.

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Hi all!

Sorry that it’s been so long! But here’s a new Eric one shot. It does deal with abuse, but I tried not to go into detail just in case anyone had any triggers. I really did miss you all! But I saw some muse at the end of the tunnel and a ran for it. 


Y/N- your name

H/C- Hair color

E/C- eye color

Tagging: @imnotafraid4 @wynterrobin @buried-in-books @pathybo

Also a special thanks to @buried-in-books for staying with me during my hiatus! Thank you for helping me and I really hope you like this! 

“Don’t go,” She whispered, weaving her legs so that she was holding onto him.

He looked down at her, turning so that he could fully face her. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I just don’t want you to leave,” She avoided his gaze, suddenly starting to feel childish at holding onto him. “I get that you have to go. So I’ll see you later then?”

Eric frowned slightly at her change of demeanor. He liked how clingy she acted when he had to leave for his shift, but this side was new to him. She looked almost like she was scared at the thought of being alone. “Tell me what’s going on Y/N.”

Y/N froze slightly, sitting up and moving away from his arms. “It’s nothin-”

“Bullshit,” He grumbled, rubbing his eyes. “Just tell me.”

“I don’t want to have another nightmare,” She stuttered out, pushing her hair into a bun. “Just forget it Eric, I’m fine. It’s a weakness I’ll get over.”

“Babe, tell me what the nightmares about,” Eric moved toward her, trailing his fingers over her arms.

“Have you ever wondered why I used to keep knives under the bed,” She sighed, touching his fingers.

“What do you mean used too? You still do it,” He interrupted, his mind flashing back to when he stumbled in the room and she pulled out a knife on him. “Cut around the chase Y/N.”

“Well let me finish ass..” She smacked his hand glaring at him. “I never went into details about my past, because I was embarrassed and a bit nervous at your reaction.” She paused, biting her lip, the memories starting to clash behind her eyes. “My brother loved to hit me, while my parents stood by and let him. He used to attack me during my sleep and recently I’ve come into contact with him during my shift. Just with the brief contact Eric, it’s like all of the feeling from my childhood rushed back.”  

Eric watched her, unable to form any words of comfort. The only thing he wanted to do was to find the son of a bitch that dared to do that to her. He clenched his jaw, grabbing his tablet sending a message that he wouldn’t be in today. “Come here.”

“What,” She looked at him, a flash of fear sparking behind her E/C orbs. She shook her head slightly, moving towards him. Once she was in arm distance, he put his arms around her, pulling her back down into the bed. “What are you doing?”

Eric held her tightly, trying to show that nothing was going to harm her. He was going to be her protector while she slept, because he knew when she was awake she could kick ass and he didn’t worry about her as much. “Holding you, because my words couldn’t comfort you.”

“I’m sorry,” She whispered, curling herself closer into him.

“For what,” He ran his fingers over her arms.

“That you have to deal with another weakling,” Her words turned softer, he almost missed them.

He stroked her cheek, “I’d do anything for you. You aren’t a weakling, everyone has a fear Y/N.” Eric moved so that he could see her face better. He rubbed his nose against her’s. “I love you and we can go right now, I’ll kick his ass and make him apologize to you.”

Y/N smiled, moving her hands so that they cradled his face. “I love you too.” She moved closer so that she could kiss him. Gently her lips met his and she felt comforted by him. His actions always spoke louder than his words.

“These kids are fucking dumb asses,” She sighed, looking up at Eric. “How can they turn something so simple into a fucking disaster?”

He smirked, crossing his arms surveying the area. “I love seeing you get worked up.”

“It’s because I get dominant in the bedroom, isn’t it,” She smiled up at him, moving towards the initiates.

Eric watched after her, his eyes connecting with the sway of her hips as she yelled at the initiates. Just as he turned away, his eyes caught a stiff heading towards her. He snarled when he noticed how similar the man looked to her. He watched the man grab her arm, when no one seemed to be looking pulling her into the dark warehouse.

Eric bounded towards the warehouse, seeing the man sprawled out on the floor. “Fucking bastard. Who the hell do you think you are messing with someone from Dauntless?”

“Now you decide to get brave Y/N,” The man spit, getting up and dusting the dirt from his clothes. Eric watched her clench and unclench her fists, her eyes were conveying how terrified she was as she hid behind her words.

“I won’t be afraid of you anymore,” Y/N sighed, watching him cautiously. “Now, you come at me again, I’ll fuck you up. I’m not the little girl you used to taunt and hit.”

“Bitch,” He growled lunging for her. “I’m gonna-

Eric moved, grabbing the man by his throat. Y/N looked at Eric, “Make sure the initiates finish their work Y/N.” Y/N nodded moving away from them, not daring to look back. He turned his attention back to the asshole struggling in his grip.

“Who the hell-” Eric smashed his fist into her brother’s face, until his knuckles were split open.

Eric dropped him, sending his boot into her brother’s stomach. “Leave her the fuck alone. If you touch her or even come around her I’ll find you and you are going to wish you were dead. Understand stiff?”

The man beneath him whimpered, nodding ever so slightly.

“Eric,” She sighed, kneeling before him tending to his split knuckles. “You didn’t have to-”

“I did,” He moved grasping her chin. “He’s not going to mess with you again. If he does, I’ll kick his ass again. I’ll take a fucking gun to his skull for what he did to you.” Her eyes widened before she looked down at his fingers, focusing on his wounds. “You’re my weakness and I’d kill anyone who dared to hurt you.”

Y/N moved so that she placed herself on his lap, wrapping herself around him. “Even if I’m an ex stiff?”

He laughed into her neck, kissing her gently there. “I’m still dealing with that fact,” He teased, earning himself a playful swat. He grabbed her legs, standing up. She scrambled, tightening her limbs around him. He set her on the bed hovering over her, looking down at her attire. “I love how you look in my clothes,” The possessive part of him begged him to mark her.

“And I love how you look in my marks,” Her fingers trailed against his neck, and she pulled him so that he rested against her. “I love you Eric.”

“I love you Y/N,” he leaned down connecting their lips.

Charm me

Characters: Slytherin troublemaker!Jae  & Hufflepuff prefect!You

Setting: Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff, humour

Summary: Secrets don’t exist in a castle full of speaking paintings. (Aka they know about your little crush and won’t shut up about it.)

Word count: 3.7k

For the September @day6imagines task, school prompt.

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You're His Weakness...

This is a JokerxReader.


Your P. O. V

“Well, what do we have here?” I asked, walking into the abandoned warehouse in only a drapey white tee. Took a few twenty of em’ but my men got The Clown Prince Of Crime sober in a metal stretcher. “Awe, what’s the matter, Mister. J?” My hands hit the surface of it, but he doesn’t flinch. Too bad. My (Y/H/C) hair flows down my shoulder and some of his “Damaged” tattoo. “Ah said uh machine gun.. not an abduction, Doll–” I cut him off by placing my finger against his red lips and said:

“Shh, Billy Boy… Momma didn’t say you could talk, did I?”

A growl sounded in his throat and I giggled, almost falling to the floor of how humorous I thought this to be. I thought: “I’m soo dead”, knowing I’d be punished severely after this.  "So what? Ya gonna kill me, Sweets?“ He asked, “Of course, but not until after I’m done playing with you” I giggle. “Say ‘ahh’..” I mocked, jamming the belt in his mouth, “I wouldn’t wanna break those sexy silver teeth uh yours… when the juice hits your brain”.

[Should I continue…]

let me tell you something

you know the that’s where ur wrong kiddo meme

rating: 6/10. it has limits, but very effective.

i really, really, really liked this so i started “responding to everything with finger guns”. i’ve been doing it for about a year and a half now and i’m not sure if it ruined my life or improved it.

i also wanted to do finger guns while texting, but i didn’t specifically use them when someone was wrong so i couldn’t use the meme above. that’s when i decided to google “finger gun stock photo”.

it changed my life.

the first image that came up was this:

this photo. this beautiful piece of art.

the title is “Teenage caucasian boy poses with finger guns in front of red background” but that’s not how i would describe it. it’s not just a picture of a kid doing finger guns; it’s a concept, it’s an emotion, it’s much, much more.

look at the contrast between the background and the shirt. that’s MY aesthetic. that’s what i’d like to see when i’m dead.

the braces symbolize youth & being carefree, but the kid is actually dead inside. that’s what makes this picture so powerful.

rating: 8/10. great picture but it could be hard to understand the true meaning.

take a look at this other pictures of finger guns. there are no braces, so no powerful metaphors.

the first alternative with the kid is less useful because the kid isn’t looking directly into the camera. therefore, it would be stupid to use it as a reaction image. it’s clearly not looking at you nor me, then who is there, on the left? is it someone beloved? someone dangerous? the obscurity makes us uncomfortable. i wouldn’t use it unless i was trying to actually threaten someone with finger guns.

rating: 2/10. weak and very, very dead inside.

the second one is way too creepy. who is this old man? why is he above us? why does his tie have trails of blood? if i ever sent this to someone, they would never ever talk to me. 

rating: 4/10. creepy but the old man looks rich. look at his watch.

in conclusion, i recommend using the red one with the boy, but if you have a thing for creepy old men, go ahead and use the last one.

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u know the bit is the riverdale s2 trailer where jughead says 'part of what makes you so endearing is your severe lack of a poker face' well how about a fic based on that where Archie says he's fine but Jughead and Fred are like 'NO, you are nOT OH MY GOD' because Archie's face and the way he's acting are so not normal

(Combining all these prompts together bc I’d write the same thing if I wrote them separately!! also thanks for the kind words!! Also omg that s2 trailer line is good..so sorry this took forever but here it is!!)

Archie loved football, and he loved his team. They put aside all their differences so they could all achieve their common goal. Archie wasn’t exactly a typical Bulldog, because he wasn’t really a stereotype jock and didn’t really enjoy the Jock lifestyle, but hey, each to their own.

Football wasn’t his only love, like someone like Reggie Mantle. He loved his music, losing himself in it every night, and he was best friends with Girl Next Door Betty Cooper, and Social Pariah Jughead Jones, which wasn’t very jock like of him.

But the Bulldogs treated Archie like their own, teasing him to no end, but including him where they could and making sure he felt that classic Bulldog love. They bonded together, a true unit as they worked to the bone every practice, united as victory soared through their bodies, standing strong during losses. They tried to give and share with their fellow members.

Even stomach bugs.

Archie didn’t know who started it, but he definitely knew he got it from Reggie. He had been hoping to avoid this, because being sick sucked and also he lived with the human who had the worst immune system in the world. But Good Boy Archie Andrews couldn’t resist helping poor Reggie puking his guts out into the school toilets and feverishly apologising and slurring about how this was going to ruin his reputation.

Archie took care of him the rest of the day, dragging him to the nurse and by then Archie accepted the consequences. Besides, Reggie had taken care of him before, especially when he got appendicitis that one time, he owed him this.

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With regret you look at the group of 20 people who kneel in front of you.
“Chris, Chris, Chris. We had a deal, but you..” A sigh leaves your mouth. “..you betrayed me and killed my women and men.”
“(Y/N), we…”
“What?!” You interrupt him harshly. “Are you sorry?”
Chris nods and you tilt your head, looking to Negan who seems excited what you’ll do next.
“I want to introduce you to someone.” You take Lucille from behind your back.
“That is Lucille, she belongs to Negan.” You wink at him before you stroke over the bat. “But from time to time Negan let me play with her.”
“(Y/N), no. Please don’t. You get all of our supplies, ok?” Chris whines and the other nod, crying and shaking.
“But Chris, I took everything you got.” You chuckle and some of your men snort amused.
Without a warning you smash the head of his, you aren’t sure, son or niece.
Chris’ wife wanted to jump up, but Negan grabs her shoulders and pushes her down.
After three blows he’s dead, but you haven’t enough.
They have to pay for killing four of your men and three of your women.
You aren’t an emotional person, but killing your people drives you insane.
That’s why you have no mercy that your next victim is a woman. Blood splashes in your face and you can hear Negan’s quiet laughter. Even without looking on him you know how much he enjoys the show, unlike Dwight who looks pale.
“Alright, I have enough.” You shout while your last victim falls on the ground. “Lets go! Dwight, Negan, you come with me.”
They follow you to one of the cars and you tell Dwight that he’ll drive.
“You good, Dwight?” You ask from the back seat where you sit with Negan.
“Ye-yes.” Dwight stutters and Negan snorts amused.
As a punishment you reach hard between his legs and a groaning gasp leaves his mouth.
“You know that I only did that because I wanted to protect you?” You can feel Negan growing hard in your hand while you watch Dwight in the rearview mirror.
“I know.” Dwight whispers and you nod.
The rest of the drive no one of you speak, the only thing you hear is Negan’s heavy breath as you stroke his hard cock.
A thankfully mumble leaves Negan’s mouth as you reached his bedroom. But even here you have the control and he knows that.
You both undress yourself where you just take off your jacket and shoes and pull down your pants and panties.
He lies down in the bed, his cock full of precum as you take it in your hand and guiding himself into you.
“(Y/N).” Negan groans as you start to ride him fast.
Even when you feel how the knot in your stomach slowly breaks, no moan leaves your mouth. You watch him as he closes his eyes and biting his lip, his cock twitches hard inside you. He is close and so are you.
You ride him faster, your breasts bouncing almost painfully in your bra and you breath heavy as your orgasm hits you.
“The fuck?” Negan growls as you stand up and get dressed.
“A little punishment for laughing about Dwight.” You wink, looking at his cock with the swollen tip before you leave his room.

“Morning.” You sit down on the table where Dwight and Sherry sit.
As soon as they notice you they stop flirting and laughing and look down on their plates.
“Good Morning (Y/N).” They both they unison and you smirk about their submissiveness.
“We will go on a run today, Dwight.” You say and he quickly nods. “Alone.”
His eyes widen and Sherry gasps in shock, but you ignore it and stand up.
“Negan, I want you to keep everything under control while I’m with Dwight on a run.” You say and he shakes his head.
“But..” Negan starts, but you interrupt him harshly.
“Did I ask you for your permission or something?” He shakes his head and you can see the anger in his eyes. “Good.”

“I’ll not kill you.” You say amused from the driver seat as you notice how Dwight nibbles on his fingers.
“I didn’t…Ok, yes.” Dwight confesses and you smile.
“You are weak, Dwight. Even when I understand that you don’t want to kill the living ones, but you have to learn to fight and to protect what you have.” You stop the car in the middle of the woods. “Things will change and you should be prepared. Come.”
Together you get out of the car, a few walkers coming towards you.
“Kill them without using your gun. I’ll wait here.” You sit down on the bonnet.
Insecure he looks at you before he runs to the first walker and stabs him in the head.
“I’m not here to see you cuddling with one of them.” You say provocative as he falls onto the ground with a walker above him.
For a second it looks bad for him and you take a gun out of your pocket, but then he struggles himself free and kills it. Finally he lets his anger run wild, killing all the walkers like a man possessed.
“I think I’m done.” He says heavy breathing and you narrow an eyebrow.
“So, you think you’re done?”
“I mean, when you say..”
“Be more confident.” You hiss and he looks on the ground. “You’ll need it.”
Questioningly he looks at you, but you ignore it and get back into the car.

“Woho, easy big boy. What the hell do you think you’re doin’ here?” You say after Negan slammed your door open.
“What the fuck did you do with that shitface in the woods?” Negan shouts while you go to the door and close it.
“I think you’ve forgotten who you’re talking. to.”
Before you can grab him by his shirt he pushes you against the wall.
“This is all a fucking game for you, isn’t it?” His hot breath touches your face.
“And you’re still playing it, Negan.” You smirk, letting your hand wander under his shirt.
“Tonight we play my fucking game.”
With this words he tears of your shirt and pulls down your jeans before he kisses you deeply. You lose your underwear before Negan guides you on the bed on all fours.
“Did you fuck him in the woods?” Negan asks behind you while he unbuckles his belt.
“Sure. When I want to fuck a guy I drive with him in the woods.” You respond sarcastic while you lay down on your back.
Amused you notice the angry gaze he sends you, but he doesn’t say anything. Just spreading your legs wide for him.
He crawls between your legs, pressing his forehead on yours to stare you into the eyes and reaches between your bodies to grab his cock.
“You’re doing better a few noises.” Negan growls as he slides the tip of his cock over and over again against your clit.
You bite your lower lip, don’t want to give him the satisfaction how much you like what he does to you.
Instead you dug your nails into his shoulders while his movements getting faster. A heavy sigh leaves your mouth as your orgasm hits you and Negan smirks.
Every noise from you is a win for him.
Negan hooks your legs around his neck and you’ve to admit that he definitely knows how to pleasure a woman like you.
Hard he starts pounding into you, hitting your g-spot immediately. A few times he’s sliding completly out of you before he drives as deep as possible back into you, letting his hips circle. Sweat running down Negan’s face and his gaze getting intense as small moans leaves your mouth.
“I’ll destroy your fucking pussy.” Negan groans, slamming faster into you.
You ignore his statement instead your back arches as your orgasm hits you, a loudly moan leaves your mouth.
Negan pushes you back in the sheets and thrusts in an inhuman pace into you, nearing his own end.
Uncontrolled he groans as he slides his cock out of your pussy to spill his hot seed on your stomach.
“Good night, boss.” He says with a mocking undertone while he stands up to get dressed.
He has humiliated you and he’ll pay for it.

You wouldn’t admit it, but you’re sore between your legs and with each step your hate on Negan grows.
“(Y/N), we’re out of medicine and other shit like that. Maybe we should go on a run.” Connor says and as your hateful gaze meets him, he looks embarrassed at the floor.
“Good.” You simple say.
“Maybe (Y/N) should stay. She looks exhausted.” Negan chuckles behind you.
Quickly you turn around and push his head on the table. Humiliating him in front of everyone.
The Saviors look surprised about your doing, each of them know that Negan is your favorite.
“He’ll spend the day in his room.” You say, still pressing his head on the table, his jaw clench dangerously. “Donnie you’ll watch his door and bring me Lucille.”
You smirk at his hateful face as he stands up and follows Donnie.
In a weak moment paired with Whiskey he told you the story about his wife and now you use it against him.
‘The game became more dangerous.’ You think as Donnie gives you Lucille.

“Sorry.” Mike mumbles as walker blood splashes in your face and you sigh.
“No food for you tonight.”
The run had been a complete success as suddenly a herd of walkers crossed your way. You enjoyed to swing Lucille around while Negan sit in his room and is probably scared that you don’t bring her back.
Wordlessly you go back to the cars while your men follow you.
Maybe a long hot shower is excactly what you need, you think as you look at your bloody shirt.
“Did he leave the room?” You ask Donnie as you arrived back at the Sanctuary.
“No.” Donnie shakes his head and you send him away with a nod.
Before you go to the showers you go to your room to put Lucille on the table.
As you stand under the shower a gut feeling tells you that this is the last time you feel warm water on your skin.
And you were right.
A laughter leaves your mouth as you come into your room and seeing Negan there with Lucille in his hands.
“Finally.” You say grinning and he narrows his eyes.
“What the fuck does that mean?”
“That you have finally the guts to kill me.” Mockingly you draw an eyebrow. “Do you want me to kneel?”
His gaze is uncertain for a moment
“I had power over you.” Anger flickers in his eyes while you go on your knees like when you wanted to pray. “Oh wait no, I still have power over you and will always have it.”
“Fuckin’ shut up.” Lucille in his is shaking
You’re ready for the last round.
“I’ve formed you.” You smirk. “The moment I found you on the campfire I’ve created you.”
“Shut up!”
Pain shots through your body, but also this time no noise leaves your mouth.


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Prompts: “Don’t do puppy eyes, you little maniac.”, “How you are doing this wildly sexy, yet unbelievably cute thing that you’re doing?”, “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”, and “I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying.”

A/N: Let me tell you, when I was reading these prompts, not a single part of my mind went to angst. I can’t tell you what changed between then and when I was actually writing it. 

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Sol 6 part 4

Chris Beck x Reader

part 1, part 2, part 3 

Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

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Rover 1 was out of commission, which was just fucking great. Thankfully, rover 2 was up and working and Mark was currently driving around trying to figure out just how far it would be able to travel without recharging. Moving was difficult with the wound in your leg but you and Mark were both half drugged with pain killers so it wasn’t as hard as it could have been. Thank god NASA sent out plenty of drugs and vitamin supplements before you had arrived or else you would have been screwed.

This morning you had taken inventory of everything you had and worked out a game plan. “We’ve only been here 6 sols, and there’s enough to last the whole crew to sol 62. With the food that’s left it would last one of us to almost sol 400, but there’s two of us. So, it’ll only last to sol 200 unless we eat half rations at fewer intervals,” you told Mark as you were coming out of the HAB’s kitchen.

“Ah, see,” Mark cried out with a smile, spinning in his chair away from the screen to face you, “We won’t die straight away. Didn’t I tell you Y/N would figure out how to stretch the food supplies?” he said to the screen.

You frowned a little, walking over, “Are you vlogging? What’s the point, it’ll never get back to NASA,” you asked, plonking down in the chair next to him.

Mark shrugged, “You never know, it could document our ascent into Mars Madness,” he grinned, “Plus it’s a way remember that we used to look attractive before we slowly wither away when we run out of food,” he said melodramatically.

You snorted and rolled your eyes, “Sorry, but who said you were attractive?” you asked with a shit eating grin on your face. Mark shoved you on the shoulder playfully with a roll of his eyes.

“But seriously, if your calculations are correct we have at least 200 sols to figure out how to grow food on a planet where nothing grows,” he sobered.

You bit your lip, looking from Mark to the screen where your images were projected then back to him, “You always say how you’re the botany king, now’s your chance to prove that it’s actually a real science,” you teased. It was an on going joke amongst the crew that botany wasn’t a real science and Mark wasn’t needed on the team even though he was arguably one of the most important on the team considering their mission was to see if they could colonize Mars. i.e. grow food on it. i.e. botany.

Mark laughed, “Oh don’t worry, I will. Mars will come to fear my botany powers.”

So now here you were, moving as much stray debris away from the HAB if it wasn’t salvageable in case another storm hit. You didn’t exactly want lots of scraps of metal near your HAB in a storm so they could be chucked at and breach the HAB.

Whilst Mark was gone you were able to brush the sand off the solar panels, check around the HAB for breaches and have lots of time to think about how the hell you were going to survive. There were lots of supplements, enough to last a lifetime, but the two of you couldn’t survive on vitamins alone. You’d need more calories and eventually you would run out of food. The next mission to Mars was in five years, so really you just had to make it that long and then hitch a ride back home with them. There were of course some technical difficulties, Ares IIII’s MAV would only have six seats for the six members of their crew  and would thus leave no room for you and Mark. Not to mention it was on a completely different section of Mars, further than the rover would be able to drive without recharging back at the HAB. God, it’s almost as if NASA didn’t plan on leaving two astronauts stranded alive on a planet for five years.

The communication dish was completely snapped in half and then each half was damaged some more. All in all there was absolutely no hope in contacting NASA. The HAB wasn’t meant to last long, so while Mark was still out you took it upon yourself to check all the equipment that would be keeping you alive was still in check. The airlocks were all fine, the machines that cleaned water and kept the HAB pressurized were still working. You made a note to do weekly checks in case anything happened.

You still had time to spare so you logged onto the HAB server and pulling up your own log and clicking record. “So Mark’s probably been over this but we did not die on Sol 6 after all but we were hit by debris. A chunk of metal went through my leg but I’m surprisingly mobile considering and walking doesn’t hurt that much, I’m assuming that’s to do with the amount of pain killers I’m on and the fact that Mars has a lower gravity than Earth so there’s less pressure on the wound,” you shrugged.

“Only rover 2 is working but we’ve figured out we need to be at the Ares IIII landing site in 5 years,” you sighed, then shrugged, “Even if we don’t make it, how many people can say they lived and died on Mars? Not many,” you finger gunned at the camera, “I still have my personal items, got my laptop with a bunch of crap downloaded on it to keep me from going stir crazy,” you managed a weak chuckle.

“Really I’m just worried about the team, I’m not bothered about me. I always had a feeling I’d die young, but the team…I hope they made it to the Hermes okay. That it went as it should and they’re hurtling their way back to Earth to live long happy lives, if they’re happy I can live with that. I’ll miss them like hell, especially Beck, but at least they won’t be stuck here,” you nodded to yourself. It was true, you knew the team would be feeling like shit but at least they had the chance to live now.

You heard the rumble of the rover outside the HAB, “Marks back, gotta go,” you winked at the camera and logged off. The airlock pressurized and a few minutes later Mark came strolling through the HAB.

“Rover conked out at 32 kilometers,” he sighed, “We could carry round the battery of the first rover and then change it, that’ll only get us to about 64 kilometers,” he said and sat in the chair opposite you.

You looked over at the map of Mars on the wall, searching the black and white diagram for any answers. Nada. Fortunately for you, you were stuck on Mars with an engineering botanist. “The RTG,” Mark said suddenly.


He stood up and pointed to the map, “There. It’s the radioactive isotope, if we use that to heat the rover we’ll have more power left to travel, then we hook up solar panels for charging.”

You nodded, “Nice thinking Watney. We’ll start rigging that all up tomorrow, have you and your botany powers saved us yet?” you teased.

Mark shook his head, “Not yet.”

“Mars trembles in fear,” you joked.

Mark laughed, “C’mon, let’s make dinner,” he got up and wandered  into the kitchen. You could hear him pulling out drawers, then you heard a triumphant yell.

You shot up and rushed to the kitchen. “Potatoes? Never knew you were such a fan,” you smiled, leaning against the counter.

“No, Y/N, don’t you see? Potatoes!” Mark grinned madly, rolling his eyes when you stared blankly at him. “We can cut them up and plant them and they’ll grow into more potatoes.”

You perked up, “We can cultivate Mars. Wait, but how will they grow?”

“We turn the common area into a greenhouse, dig up dirt and bring it in, figure out how to get water and bam! Potato farm,” he grinned.

You smiled brightly back at him, launching at him and pulling him into a hug. “Mark you’re a genius. We aren’t gonna die on Mars!” you cried happily as Mark picked you up and spun you round.

“Botany, am I right?” he held out his fist for you to bump, you laughed and bumped his fist. Maybe you weren’t doomed after all, maybe in a few years you would be able to travel back to Earth and see Beck and your family again.


A/N- thanks to everyone who is following this series and sending me messages I love you all, I’ll post another part to this tomorrow. Requests are open xx

Lucid Dreaming Part 3 - Joker x Reader

So here it is - part 3! I am so glad people are liking it :) And yes, I fully intend on writing a part 4. I hope you all like this part as much as the others and I thank anyone who has liked or reblogged any parts and thank you to those who have followed. Keep requesting and stay tuned for part 4! :)

PART 1      PART 6




You couldn’t remember much after that, you had blacked out in J’s arms as he carried you to the car. The most prominent thing you could remember was waking up briefly to find yourself lying in some bright hospital room, pain searing through you as your wounds were cleaned and J screaming at them to get a move on before someone placed a mask over your mouth knocking you out again.

You finally awoke in your own bed, dim light filtered through the blinds and blinded you slightly as your eyes adjusted. Slowly you started to move, looking down at yourself to see many stitches covering your thighs and what you could see of your chest. You were wearing one of J’s dress shirts, it was slightly big on you and covered most things so you stood shakily and began to walk to the living room, using the wall as a guide. Mister J was sat in the centre of the floor, a gun in one hand and a bottle of something in the other, “J?” your voice was sore but he spun around quickly at the sound of it.

“you’re awake” he dropped both things and stood as you went to him, you wrapped your arms around his waist carefully - he wasn’t a big hugger, he would only do it if something was seriously wrong. His hand found its way into your hair and he pulled your head back slowly as he leant down and kissed you rather harshly but carefully at the same time. He growled slightly into your mouth before pulling away stroking your hair down, “It’s about time you woke up, kitten. I’ve been bored.” you smirked slightly,

“How long have I been out?” you asked as you moved away from him,

“Three days.” he seemed slightly annoyed when he said it like it was an inconvenience to him,

“Want to know something funny (y/n)?” He asked turning from you to pick up his gun again, “The day I decided to break you out I thought you would be just another toy.” He spoke slowly, “Just another someone to mess with, to show off.” You looked at him ever so slightly hurt but he was wandering around the room in thought. “Yet now…” He started hitting his forehead against his gun, “Now, you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger.” He turned to you pointing the gun unceremoniously in your direction scaring you slightly.

“J, darlin’ what’s wrong?” you slowly approached him as he watched your every move, his changes in mood could often be calmed down by you but not this time it seemed “I’m okay, everything’s okay now I’m back with you.”

“What have you done to me?” He asked more to himself than to you.

“What do you mean?”

“You, doll are a weakness. I don’t have weaknesses.” He walked away and out of the penthouse leaving you stood there confused. Tears you didn’t mean to shed started to fall slightly as you collapsed onto the sofa, why was he being like this? What had happened in these last 3 days?

You jumped as Frost cleared his throat behind you. You liked Frist, he was kind to you, didn’t ogle you like some of the others did - he cared. “He’ll be fine in a few days.” he said carefully as you looked up to him and he uneasily took a seat opposite you, “Boss doesn’t normally do feelings. You should have seen him while you were sleepin’ more crazed than I have seen him in a long while and that’s saying something.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that he has almost torched half of Gotham exterminating the last of Andrews men and his family. There ‘ain’t nothing of that man left. Boss has sat in the same spot every day thinking stuff over and I swear he said he loved yo…” You didn’t let him finish,

“He said he loved me?” you couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t true surely.

“I said I think. I’ve never heard that word from him, one thing is for sure miss, you sure as hell mean a lot to him.” he stood and started to leave,

“Thank you, Frost” you smiled at him before he nodded and left.


J still hadn’t come home by 11 and you could say that you were a little worried but at the same time, with him acting the way he did earlier you were a little glad he was still gone. You were the one who had to sit and suffer through the memories of their past life, you were the one who will have the permanent scars on your body matching the worst of them. You could never forget it now. You could never forget your normal family or you were forced to stay alive in Arkham. What Andrew had said still ran through your head, 'we will see if you want him too after this’ You were a cracked doll now, damaged goods and maybe after this morning J realised that too. You weren’t a weakness - you were weak.

You were about to pull yourself up from the place you had remained all day wen you heard footsteps behind you. Grabbing the nearest gun from the table you turned quickly pointing it to find that it was J. “Put that damn thing down, doll.” You stayed still for a moment before throwing it onto the couch.

“Who’s dead this time.”
“Some broad who thought she could sit in your spot.” you studied him for a moment, he hadn’t been drinking for once,

“I didn’t think you would have minded seeing as I am just a weakness.” you scoffed, starting to head to the bedroom.

“Oh darling, darling, darling. You shouldn’t speak to daddy like that.” he came up behind you taking you by the waist but not tightly being mindful of your wounds. You finally snapped,

“No. I will talk like that J! You weren’t tortured, you weren’t sliced at and used as a drawing pad on the receiving end of a knife. You weren’t trapped thinking that this would be the end, that you would be left alone like that forever and then left by your lover alone when you wanted them most. When you thought they wanted you most!” J turned you around in his grip and forced you against the wall, his grip getting tighter by the minute,

“Oh, I wasn’t tortured? Being told news that my queen had been taken from me and was now being held somewhere! Knowing someone else had their hands all over you doing fuck knows what! Finding you like that bloody and torn on the brink of death and then having to wait and wait and wait for you to wake up. I was trapped thinking it would be the end, that I would be left alone forever because fucking hell (y/n) you’re mine! I love you and You. Are. MINE!” he growled his face inching closer to yours with every last word.

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supercoolbutawakardperson  asked:

Can i request a brainwashed s/o who is neing controlled by talon and there's nothing. And mcree won't shoot when s/o is going to killed them and s/o just hesitate while saying something about helping them and the runaways

This is actually such a cool concept, hope you like my take on it!

You had just finished your second mission of the week. It was even easier than your last mission, in fact, all of your missions were incredibly easy. You wondered why they even bothered putting you through such rigorous training considering how elementary your work was. They made it seem like taking a life would be difficult; they treated you like some child that had to grow up. But what was in a life? It seemed like you may have known in another time, but it couldn’t have been very important if you couldn’t remember. Although your memories were foggy, your mind had never been filled with such clarity.

The rest of your team had already left. They were honestly incredibly irresponsible, they didn’t even bother to scope the perimeter—what if there were witnesses? You couldn’t understand why you were constantly paired with all these grunts. Talon was such a joke.

You were about to call in and leave when you heard some footsteps coming from around the corner. You whipped your gun in front of you, ready to kill whoever came around.

“_____?” a male voice spoke your name. His voice sounded familiar…but there was no way anyone knew who you were. It just made you grip your weapon harder.

A tall man with a gruff face and some stupid cowboy hat slowly exposed himself at the end of the corridor. His arms were raised and his face looked very concerned…it looked like he was unarmed. What an idiot. He could’ve just continued hiding out until you left, he hadn’t been caught by then—he could’ve escaped with his life. What a poor fool.

“Wait darlin’, please, just let me talk to you,” the man said, taking a step towards you. What was he doing? You couldn’t understand what was going on: was this a set up? But how did he know your name? You kept your finger on the trigger, ready to pull.

But you wanted to hear what he had to say.

“Don’t take another step,” you quipped, standing your ground. His face drained in colour, he looked like he was in pain. You couldn’t understand how such a strong-looking man could be so weak.

“I know this is really hard, but you have to try to remember me, darlin’, I love you so much! I can’t believe I’m seeing you right now, part of me is wondering if any of this is even real,” he looked down and sighed, “please put down the gun baby, I’d never do anythin’ to hurt you.”

You stared at his face. Something about him seemed familiar, but he was a stranger to you—a stranger holding his hands up with a gun pointing to his face, begging you to recognize him.

If he was really an enemy, he would’ve killed you already. You made the mistake of letting your guard down when you thought the building was empty. You could’ve been face down to the floor in a pool of your own blood by now had he wanted that. But you still couldn’t lower your gun; your arms were frozen in place.

“____ please, you’ve got to remember. My name is Jesse McCree, you love me too…we’ve loved each other for years!” his voice trembled and his hands started shaking.

Jesse McCree.

That was the name you screamed when they tortured you, it was the name you shrieked in agony with every whip against your back, it was the name you cried in anguish when you realized there was no escape.

Jesse McCree. That paramount name now had a body and a face to go with it. But he was so empty to you. He was just a name until now, and now he was just a ghost from your last life, the last remnant of your former memories. But what is in a life? What was the purpose of your last life? In your new life, you had objectives, you had missions, you had direction. You held great significance for Talon… or so you thought. How important could you have possibly been if you were just given baseless tasks with incompetent idiots?

You lowered your gun and looked into the man’s eyes.

A wave of relief flushed his face, and his gaze seemed so genuine.

“Thank god, darlin’, please, I know this is tough but we have to go home, that place you’ve been in is not your home! You need to be with me, hell, even if it’s only ‘cause I need you,” his voice cracked as he took another slow step forward.

You could hear the meaning in his words, but they were wasted on you. They flew through you like a knife through a ghost. But yet, something about the sincerity in his voice drew you in.

“Well, I’ve already been thinking about leaving that pathetic excuse of an organization for a while now. Where are we leaving to?” you asked, stepping towards him. You couldn’t quite place any memories on him, and your words communicated that, but there was still something about him that let you take a chance.

Jesse was taken aback by your your words. You could see the suffering in his face—he wanted nothing more than to pull you into his arms and never let go. But you were too far gone; your old life was just out of reach. He understood that, though, and as much as the thought of you not remembering your life with him broke his heart, it was even more heartbreaking to think that there wasn’t any chance for him to have a life with you again.

He slowly held out his hand, and you hesitantly took it. You forgot what it felt like to feel such warmth and softness. It would take time to readjust to having this strange man in your life, but something about it gave promise that it would be better than any life you would have in Talon.

You looked into his eyes and felt his sincerity through his gaze. You knew you would never have to suffer again as long as you had Jesse McCree by your side.

(A/N): I am quite sorry for two things! One: I posted this late. Two:This isn’t an Altair x Reader one-shot,like I promised. But I really think that you guys will like this. Well,I hope so! *fingers crossed*

Title: Welcome Home
Pairing: Ezio x Reader
Kind of Story: One-shot
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Death welcomes her,and soon she welcomes him.
Authoress: Nuts


“Assassino!” You grinned,jogging and jumping from roof to roof with the guards chasing your tail. Heavy footsteps were almost far away,and you chuckled loudly as the guards’ pantings could be heard. You leaped towards the next roof,almost slipping and stumbling towards the brick wall that could almost be your death. Hanging on the edge,you reached out toward the stray brick behind you and climbed up. The long hood hid the devious gleam beneath your (e/c) eyes,and you lips were quirked into a smirk that stated the fun you’ve experienced in the past 14 minutes.

You went to the lower ground,finding the nearest lone haystack and hopped in it. Your actions were almost portrayed like a child,and you giggled as you waited for them to come. You were patient as the footsteps of the guards come near your hiding spot,proving that they’re searching really hard for you. ‘And here they come.’

“Merda! Where is that assassino?!” You assumed the leader of the pathetic pack growled,hearing multiple harsh brushing of fabrics and heavy steps backward. He shoved people away,and they gasped as he ignored their profanties at him. His others fellos follow behind him as they went toward a random direction.

‘Finally!’ You cheered,hopping out of the haystack and brushed strays of hay out of your white outfit. You ignored the weird stares and strangled gasps behind you,weaving your way towards your destination and meeting up with your mentor,also known as your lover,Ezio Auditore da Firenze. You smirked,glancing at the sky and had the thought that he might have been worried at your tardiness for a while. He just sent you a simple assignment—which is killing a rogue in the city of Firenze.

He is quite hard to spot,because of his sparkling jewelery that might’ve been to harsh to your eyes. You did the air assassination method,since he’s just near the catedral. It was easy,you admitted,but it might have caused a bit of attention to you.

You silently went towards the meeting spot,tearing down posters of your own bounty and smirked to see him near a post. He was clean from any blood,which is a good sign to you. And you,however,is a different case.

“Hey there,stranger.” You greeted,pulling down your hood and weavinv out your (h/c) hair. “Hello,il mio amore.” He gave you a small smile,and you gave him a big,fat smirk. “I’ve done it,Ezio.” You boasted. “In a range of 15 minutes or so.” His arm snaked towards your shoulder,and Ezio gave you a sloppy kiss on the cheek,which made you giggle. “So (y/n) could beat me already?” He smirked,nuzzling his nose on your hair and smelled the fresh scent of sweat and roses,the smell he loved the most about you. “Why so much blood?” He asked,lifting a shredded piece of clothing from your robes,and you slapped his hand away and muttered,“That’s nothing,really.”

“I bet I could beat you in a race,then?” You winked,watching as he gave you a devious and all-knowing smile. “Oh amore…You don’t know where you are stepping into.” He crossed his arms,towering your small figure and leaned towards you. “If I win,what is the prize then,amore?”

“Anything.” You whispered,leaning near his face as well,focusing on his lips that quirked into a smirk. “And if you win,(y/n)?”

“I shall do whatever I want.” You smiled,showing your pearly whites and added,“With you,amore.”

“Bring it on then.” He held out his hand,and that wasn’t even the last time you ever held his hand.


“I win,Ezio!”

“I just let you win,amore.”

“Oh really? And you didn’t even bother to cheat?” Your hands settled on your hips,raising a brow as he approached towards your hunched frame. “Oh amore,you really don’t understand.” He shook his head,giving you a kiss on your forehead and hugged you tight. You returned his gesture,humming while rubbing his back.

You watched the sunset in front of you,and you didn’t even realize that Ezio just stared at your eyes that twinkled from the sun’s gleam. His hand grabbed your shoulder,bumping it to his side and watched the sunset with you,together.

It was peaceful,everything became such a fairytale,a dream-like state as Ezio has caught your attention. The orange background in front of both of you was ignored as each stared into each other’s eyes. You touched the stubble on his chin,brushing his cheeks and went towards his thick hair. You massaged his scalp,loving the way he relaxed and leaned into your touch. His eyes became half-lidded as his lips almost hovered over yours,waiting for your submission. Your lips touched his,a touch of spark and you could feel–

Pain. A lot of pain.

“(Y/n)?” You didn’t respond,and focused on the painful throbbing on your body. Your eyes trailed down,and you almost gasped as you saw an outline of an arrow planted on behind your chest,where your heart is. You felt warm…something warm that almost covered your upper body. You became weaker and weaker,your life slowly being sucked away by an invisible force.

“(Y/n)!” Ezio clutched your weak frame,your eyes still as wide as saucers and your right hand shaking as you see blood covering it entirely. “Stay with me,amore!” He gritted his teeth and gently placed you on the rooftop. He prepped his mini-gun and fired it at the guard,whom you assumed shot you from behind while you both were having a really spectacular moment.

Ezio yelled something at you,and you can’t seem to hear it. You could only hear your weak heartbeat,fading away slowly and peacefully. You just smiled and brought your shaky left hand towards his cheek,your index finger and thumb cupping it and rubbed it soothingly,as if your fingers were following a lullaby. “I love you,Ezio.” You croaked,tears brimming and heart nearly stopping. Your vision started blurring,your hearing fading away the noises that made your squirm. It was your final moment to be with Ezio,and you just let everything go once everything just faded away from your eyes. Everything being brushed through your fingertips,and your life as well went along with it.


You could see a figure on the darkness,wearing gold linen and some sparkly decorations on their outfit. You squinted,trying to comprehend the mysterious figure who is approaching you,the slapping of feet on the invisible floor made you shiver for a moment. You see a woman,a beautiful woman with long black hair and beautiful eyes. Your breath almost left out of your lips.

“Hello child.” She greeted warmly,her voice making you become fuzzy and sucked into a dimension of her own soothing voice. You greeted back silently,pursing your lips as curiousity bloomed within you,as well as questions your mind begging you to be answered.

“I am Minerva. One of the First Civilization people who guides stray people towards their glory.” She smiled,reaching out to touch your hand and ball your fists. Warmth rushed through you,streaming towards your upper body and once making you feel warm and human again. “I am the one who is guiding your…partner,Ezio Auditore.” She stated,leading you towards nowhere and began telling you many things that you were supposed to know. These things filled in the purpose of Ezio’s current position,and you now know why his own purpose is also for the world’s good.


“I beg of you,Minerva. I need to see him again!” You cried,pleading at her with such hope that showed beneath your (e/c) eyes. Minerva could only think,deciding whether to consider your request or maybe leaving you alone to watch Ezio thread his life until his has gone out. It was sad,really,but you need to assure him you are fine in the next world,where you could watch him through his adventures,and his later life with someone. You were tempted to just hustle out of the underworld and be with him again,as if nothing ever happened in the past year you were gone. You’ve been watching him then,and your heart was full of grief,just like his.

He always went towards your grave,speaking in a hushed tone,always having his waterworks ready and flowers ready to wither within time. His words always echo in your head whenever he left your own deathbed,and it brought you tears and another sharp pang of regret. Every day always swiveled by as you went towards your grave in the morning to greet you,do his assignments in the afternoon,then late at night coming towards you again to talk about his whole day.

It made you feel like you wanted to lock away those stray emotions that weren’t even wanted to repeat again. They’ve retired from the afterworld,and yet here they are.

“I shall consider it,(y/n),only in one condition.” Minerva sighed. You nodded,hope sparking inside you and listened to her instructions.

Even though you were impatient to see him,all you wanted is his own happiness again. And so you planned,trying to make everything fine for your next meeting with your amore.


You were invisible when his hand almost touched the Apple. A grim line adorning your worn features,but seeing him in the next moment made you brighten so suddenly. Everything was quiet,and you felt sad as you see the skeleton of the past Grand Assassin in Masyaf,clutching the Apple on his hand that almost fell off when his death arrived. You could almost see his phantom beside Ezio,and you shivered as Altair just smiled at you and disappeared in a wave. Ezio finally held the Apple on his hand,and it grow so bright that even you squinted from the abyss of white.

He looked around from the familiar white atmosphere,and you could see his eyes become more alarmed as he glanced around. You smiled,silently approaching his tall frame.

“Hey there,stranger.”

He suddenly looked behind him,and saw you grinning like an idiot to him. He noticed how much you have changed the past years;your eyes losing its bright glow,your hair becoming a bit dull,and your spirit dimming down slowly. His eyes became glassy,and your lips quivered as he approached you with outstretched arms. “Oh (y/n)…” You landed on his arms,bawling your eyes out as you held him close,never had the thought of letting go of him once you touched him. All of the things you have worried about,just went out of your fingertips,sliding everything out and just give yourself in to Ezio’s arms.

“How I have missed you,il mio amore.” He sobbed. “And how I am sorry for not being able to save you.”

“It’s okay,Ezio.” You held him on arm’s length,looking at his grey beard and his wrinkled features,his tired eyes examining your own. Your hands touched his tearstained cheeks with your two hands,leaning over with your noses touching. It was a heart-to-heart contact,and everything you shared came from the heart that was once shut became a pouring jar. Tears full of grief,pain,sorrow and loneliness were shared,words full of thoughts making you cry over and over again. It didn’t even tire you out,but it fuelled your courage to speak formally to Ezio for later. After a show filled with tears,he asked you so much questions that is concerned about your ‘life in the afterworld’. That’s a topic you didn’t even have interest in,instead you wanted him to share everything he wants to tell you.

“Do you…always stay with me?” He shyly asked,grabbing your two hands and traced your palms with his fingers,foreheads touching in a loving manner. You gave him an honest smile. “Of course I do,Ezio.” You assured,giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Always remember,Ezio,that I am always beside you,and that whatever the challenges you are facing,I will always try to protect you from harm.”

And everything you said made a feather-like touch on his heart,and everything just bloomed the second your words made a gentle stab inside him. You remembered suddenly what you are supposed to say,and you slowly stood up straight,still clutching his hands and gazed at his lovely eyes.

“I will tell you this now,Ezio,because this is the time to know the truth.” You spoke,your voice nearly cracking from the familiar sadness that surged inside you once again. “The reason of my death isn’t your fault,Ezio. And I don’t want to punish you for all of the sins you have done to me. You are truly my amore,that is why I can’t stand to see you suffer.”

“Which is why,Ezio…” You trailed off,looking at him square on the eyes. “…You should move on. Forget about me.” He became silent. “You should live a happy life,Ezio. You have done much good deeds for the creed. Everything you have done is such a nice blessing for all of us.” You smiled,but he knew it didn’t even reach your mood.

“Forget about me,Ezio. Because I don’t want to be the one who will make you blame yourself for not having a normal life later on.” You explained,curling your hands and shut your eyes for a while. “I don’t want you to become like me. I don’t want you to to die early because of me.”

“But I want to see you smile,to live the life that you have been missing over the past few years. To once again experience love.” Tears glittered and decorated your face,and you didn’t even bother to shove them away from your line of sight. “Maybe someone could love you more than I did.” You croaked,trying to stop your bawling and look at him in the eye. “Maybe…someone could make your life even better than me. Someone…who could actually make love more uncomplicated and so much better.”

Ezio silently cried,painfully clutching your hands to his chest and pulling you against him. “You love me,il mio amore. And I do too,and your love is not measurable,so do mine.” His embrace is just warm,comforting,and more tempting for you to even force him to stay with you. But that wasn’t the point of all of this. You forced yourself to smile,finally giving in and kissed him like your life depended on it. All the fear fading away,all the sorrows slowly being wiped away. Everything was silent and gone the moment you poured in all your love for him.

Now Minerva showed up,and the time you had with Ezio is now gone. Ezio pulled away from your lips and looked at you with fearful eyes. “You’re going to leave me now?”

You felt like tearing up again for the third or fourth time,but you bit your lower lip and nodded,and then backed away from him. You vanished from Ezio’s sight,and it really made his heart shatter once again as you waved him goodbye.


You have always watched him from afar. You watched Ezio marry on the altar with Sofia Sartor,had children named Flavia and Marcello,and became old and had a vineyard as his hobby. His smiles and tears always made you cry,and once again you watched him like he always wanted you to.

You watched him grow old and old,until the time when Ezio had to pass away from the real world. He smiled at his two girls,and you watched his soul leave his own flesh,and went beside you. Tears started spilling from your eyes,hugging him as soon as he appeared beside you. He grinned at you,looking back at the two girls who are mourning over his corpse. But once he looked back at you with loving,glistened eyes,you hugged him.

Finally,everything started to become alright,everything has become perfect,and the way it should be. The way you wished it could be.

“Welcome back,il mio amore.”

ahlis-xiv  asked:

Ahlis-xiv (eeeey! *finger guns*)

My Opinion on;

Character in general: Ohhh man. I really like what I’ve seen of Ahlis. I have a weak spot for women who take no shit in any situation. :D
How they play them: Perfectly, tbh! I like that she has a soft side as well:)

The Mun: Mandy is so nice ;; She’s always ready with a kind word and reaches out to check on you when you’re feeling bad. 

Do I:

RP with them: Yes!
Want to RP with them:  Yes:)

What is my;

Overall Opinion: A+ would follow again!

“Put It Away. It Doesn't Matter. Pt. 2″ One Shot

Author: toboldlygointothedogpark

Summary: The reader deals with their new life with dissociative seizures. A continuation of Put It Away. It Doesn’t Matter. 

Warnings: Guns, epilepsy, seizures, dissociative seizures, swearing.

Word Count: 1,536

AN: Alright I got asked to continue with this fic! Took me a while to find the time and ideas to go with it, but I think I got something good here. This is for the user who so kindly asked me “Well, what happens next?” 


You had never known that you would be the kind of person that swept things under the rug. Things that you didn’t want to talk about, things that were painful to talk about. Things that made you embarrassed or hurt.

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I always come when you call.

Dean stared down at the gun in his hand in silence. This isn’t what he would have wanted… Sam had died over a month ago, and he wasn’t coming back this time. Dean closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. I can’t do this… He’d be so disappointed in me… He chuckled mirthlessly. The only reason this was even a possibility was because he had spent weeks procuring this exact gun and these exact bullets. A weapon guaranteed to kill. Permanently. And now he was having second thoughts. Dean shook his head angrily.

No. I have to do this. It’s my fault he’s gone. I have to make it right. Dean moved slowly as if in a dream, lifting the gun and placing it to his head. Safety’s off already, Dean thought absently. Dad would’ve ripped me a new one… He glanced at the cracked mirror across the room and sighed, looking away. He hated what he saw reflected back at him. So weak… couldn’t even save your own little brother… It was as if the image was taunting him, daring him to pull the trigger. Fine then. I will.

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