i have a very unhealthy obsession with this man

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  • The first thing that I disliked from episode one was the pacing. There were random cut ins of chibi Y//uuri explaining skating trivia and they were so fast that it was almost unintelligible. That made watching kind of grating. 
  • Second thing is the dialogue. “He could make even me, a man, pregnant.” and similar ones were very cringe worthy and the rest was not fluid enough.
  • Third thing is the lack of relevance of figure skating. It was only necessary to bring Vi//ktor and Y//uuri together, but other than that I felt like it was like a side plot you could skip entirely. Also, all the dance sequences were recycled and became boring after the second viewing.
  • Fourth thing is the unhealthy tropes in the relationship between Vi//ktor and Y//uuri. Think about it: We have a love-struck main character that’s borderline obsessive over his other love interest (he got the same poodle as him and named it after him, his room is full of his posters and photos, after they met he was very possessive and wanted to steal him from the world etc. ), then we have Vi//ktor that’s in the position of power in the relationship, he’s Y//uuri’s coach but makes sexual advances at his protege (in every other situation that would be abuse of power and sexual harassment). Y//uuri is unhealthily attached to Vi//ktor and can’t function without him, making him dependent and there’s no balance. And in the end it’s not 100% confirmed that they are together.
  • Fifth thing is the copyright problems with the anime.
  • Sixth thing is the inconsistent animation and poor skating animation.

I think that’s about it.  

I still am a geek. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something.

David Tennant

Whenever you feel silly or embarrassed for being passionate about something just think about this quote. This is the man that got to live his childhood dream to play The Doctor in Doctor Who, a show he loved and was obsessed with and still loves until this very day.
Anything is possible. Just love the things you love and be happy!

My OUAT predictions for any future season ever written by these writers
  • oh look nothing has happened in 6 months and everyone is at peace
  • aww this new person in town is so nice, no one finds it suspicious at all that they’re suddenly so interested in a specific person/object/situation
  • look at all of this outstanding heterosexuality and lack of POC, so much white and heterosexual happiness
  • I love this new dynamic between two characters that makes absolutely no sense at all
  • oh no, this new person in town who was so nice is actually not nice at all
  • the white heterosexual happiness is threatened by this new person in town who is not as nice as everyone initially thought even though they obviously showed signs of having a very unhealthy obsession with a certain person/object/situation
  • I feel so bad for all of these men, look at their man pain, feel the white heterosexual man pain that they are feeling
  • oh no this new villain is going to cast a new curse that could potentially destroy Storybrooke and all of the white heterosexual happy people that live in it!
  • not to worry, Emma and Regina will save everyone from this curse with their combined magic and we will just continue ignoring that true love is magic and that the only magic capable of ending curses and transcending realms is true love
  • the villain dies
  • the white heterosexual heroes are safe and sound to carry on with their white and heterosexual lives
  • the white heterosexual happiness is yet again in danger

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People say that George cannot produce a patronus because Fred is dead but I keep wondering, how did Severus produce his? Didn't his happy memories include Lily? And that's why his patronus was a doe?

The connection twins have with each other is far superior to any connection a man could have with the woman he is obsessed with. Fred and George are quite literally two halves of a whole. They have lived their entire lives in tandem. Snape merely had a crush that got wildly out of hand. His love of Lily is very much a one way street. His obsession with her is incredibly unhealthy and is not actually a true connection based on love and mutual understanding.

Additionally, we have yet to be given any reason two believe that anyone who has lost the love of their life is incapable of producing a patronus. What Geroge is missing is beyond the loss of a life partner. It fundamentally is the loss of himself. When every single memory you have includes someone its nearly impossible to find a happy memory to focus on after they’re gone. Every memory, no matter how happy, would be tainted with the loss of his twin. 

Most individuals are capable of looking back to some memory that does not include their love. A childhood Christmas, something involving their family, that sort of thing is not too difficult to find, but if every single memory you’ve ever had somehow ties into another person, losing them is just beyond devastating.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Blaine Anderson's Guide To (Accidental) Fame And Fortune [1/8?]

Klaine | Rated: PG-13 (this part), R (overall) | 2k words

Blaine stumbles into fame and fortune with about the same amount of grace that anyone stumbles into anything. That is to say, none at all.

Blaine Anderson’s Guide To (Accidental) Fame And Fortune
by daswarschonkaput

There’s one thing Blaine would like to make perfectly clear: he never intended for any of this to happen.

It just did.

And it’s all Trent’s fault, anyway.

Rule One: Make A Splash

People always talk about opportunities falling into Blaine’s lap. Blaine would like to clarify that most of the time, he’s the one falling into other people’s laps.

The thing about the Warblers is – as Wes takes great pleasure in pointing out on a near daily basis – that they’re pretty much all unabashed Blaine-fanboys. Heck, half of Dalton treats Blaine like he’s the coolest new thing since liquid nitrogen.

He really is all that.

It’s not like he actively tries to dissuade the hero-worship either – as far as he’s concerned, people can like what they want to like, and if that’s him, power to them – so maybe he kind of had it coming.

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