i have a very popular blog sir!

Customer via phone: hi do you have any more of the free national coffee day tote bags?

Me: no, I’m sorry, we sold out of those this morning. They didn’t even make it past lunch

Customer: how would I go about getting one?

Me: like I said, they came in a limited quantity. No store got more than 25 and they were very popular. There’s really no chance any stores would have some left at 9:30 at night. I’m really sorry

Customer: so I can’t get one? You can’t order more?

Me: sir they are gone. There are no more. There never will be any more. And frankly they were pretty fucking ugly. But if you really want one you can go and find someone who was a responsible adult and came in early before we sold out and you can mug them for their shitty ass free tote bag. But no! I will not be ordering more. Now if that’s all you want to know, have a good night. I have paying customers I need to serve.