i have a thing for this suit

the signs as things that have been said in the viola section group chat 

Aries: according to some freshmen ms roy is secretly three dogs in a human suit and if you press her paw print tattoo three times the human suit will fall away and reveal the dogs

Taurus: *before every sectional* we’re going to fight the clarinets

Gemini: “live fast die young bad girls do it well" - Dmitri Shostakovich

Cancer: coughs are when someone knocks over a cello and it makes a terrifying crash and all the strings go brrrruuuummmm

Leo: i’m always here with the stale memes

Virgo: no offense guys but your taste in memes is bad

Libra: i don’t trust someone a dog doesn’t trust

Scorpio: that’s straight and it disgusts me

Sagittarius: i think the violas should start calling the violins “the heretics”

Capricorn: i don’t think middle schoolers who vape are really going to have much respect for anyone

Aquarius: that’s what they said before they shredded my soul in a blender

Pisces: well i’m sure your soul smoothie tasted like wonderful rainbows

Flowers [Suga/Yoongi]

I’m a sucker for mythology. sorry Yoongi bb but the Hades role suits you really well 

warnings: au, Hades!Yoongi

“Do you miss it?”

You don’t have to ask what he means, because there’s only so many things that he can be asking about, and the correct one is obvious. You debate how to answer. While he isn’t an inherently angry man, the wrong choice of words can bring about days of icy silence. 

You go the the route of honesty. It isn’t right to lie, after all. “Of course I do,” you answer at last, “but there’s no point in dwelling on it.”

Not when you know no amount of begging will sway him, no amount of screaming yourself hoarse will bring about any sort of change. All it will do is exhaust you and leave your throat raw. 

You can feel him staring at you, the weight of his gaze that trails along the side of your face and down the slope of your neck and back. He stares at you a lot, and you’re uncertain if he knows you’re aware of it or not. 

“What do you miss most?” 

This is, you realize, the longest conversation that you’ve had with him. He usually leaves you to your own devices, giving you free reign of his domain as long as you don’t attempt to leave. 

“The flowers,” you say after another moment of silence. “I miss the flowers.” Bursts of reds and golds, lush greens heavy with vibrant life in the summer sun. 

You don’t turn to watch him leave, don’t listen to his footsteps grow further and further away. Instead, you continue to think about the world you’ve left behind until it makes your heart ache.

Days later, a flower appears in your room. The waxy petals are a deep shade of red, pollen the color of butter staining your fingertips as you pick it up. You don’t have to wonder where it came from, or where he got it from. 

All you do is smile and find a jar to fill with water. 

idolsrpeople2  asked:

Kyungsoo Asks: 11 &17

11. kyungsoo’s eyes or lips?

his… his… his ey-li-e-l I CANT CHOOSE THEYRE BOTH PERFECT AHH but maybe his lips though? I DONT KNOW. his nose too really… all his features are so perfect I can’t function

17. fave color on kyungsoo?

I like black on him bc it’s his favorite color so I think he feels comfortable in it. he looks really great in any color. I think green suits him really well too, also plaid (if that counts as a color) but I guess I really have a thing for him in grey. he just looks so boyfriend in it?

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Honestly I really wish I was as strong as you. I really would not be able to deal with the amount of hate you get. You are really admirable and I hope that one day you won't have to deal with all these hate. I hope you you keep kicking ass and not letting anybody get you down 😌

I don’t take it seriously. Everyone lives their life differently. I chose to do things that suit my lifestyle and what will make me happy. It’s a little unorthodox, but oh whale 🐳. Ultimately they are the ones who are unhappy because they can’t do what they want with their life thus having to put others down for enjoying what they do.
I hope they figure themselves out.

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Do you know if there were any scenes of Allura's hair bun being shown from behind (usually when she's in her suit or new paladin armor)? From previous searches I've seen, there are side views and the front of course, and there's all perspectives of her hair when it's down. Do you have any references of Allura's hair from behind when it's up?

Sure thing!


Happy 22nd Birthday Sunshine <3 {12.09.1995}

“Life is an ongoing struggle against ourselves, but most of the time it’s worth the fight because life is a gift.”


Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)

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Hi! What secrets of Adulting have you managed to pick up? How do you adult I am a year older than you (I think) but I still can't convince myself not to eat ice cream for breakfast or find a job that will pay me a living wage, like even my cat judges me. Your cat seems cool? Help! Also I too am drunk, thanks autocorrect!,

OH GOD I DON’T KNOW. I’m not very good at adulting in private–I haven’t cleaned a single thing in my house (dishes, laundry, floors, w/e) in a terrifyingly long time, and I had french fries and gin for “dinner” (it was at happy hour, I ate at happy hour.) 

I CAN convincingly portray an adult to the outside world, however. Here are my tricks, such as they are: 

-Adulthood is a performance, so work on your stagecraft. Get some make up that suits you, and learn to quickly apply it with a minimum of fuss. If you can afford it, have the nice people at Sephora match a foundation and a cover up to your skin. That plus some basic eyeliner gets people who are younger than you to believe you are a Put Together Grown Up, and people who are older than you to believe you are a Responsible Young Person. It’s sexism at work, but it makes a difference. I think people interpret it as the facial equivalent of having neat handwriting. 

-If you’re gonna be a lazy and self-sabotaging asshole, figure out how to do that without getting in your own way (too much.) I am the LAZIEST ASSHOLE, and I make my life far more complicated and disgusting than it needs to be as a direct result of that–but I let myself fuck things up in private. I fuck things up for myself, not for other people. It sucks for ME if my kitchen is filthy. My work, however, gets done on time. Prioritize your laziness. I can’t not do my work because I want to lie on the couch and watch Jane the Virgin. I CAN refuse to do my dishes because I want to lie on the couch and watch Jane the Virgin. Decide what nonessential system you’re gonna sabotage, and deliberately sabotage that instead of waiting around to see if this time you’re gonna fuck up the life support. (This is obviously a stopgap for if you absolutely, pathologically, for some reason, NEED to be a lazy, self-sabotaging asshole. as I apparently do. If you have the option of NOT being a lazy, self-sabotaging asshole, DO THAT INSTEAD.) 

-in a related story, the only time I have consistently had a clean and comfortable living situation was when I lived with someone else, and therefore being a lazy asshole at home would fuck things up for more than just me. If shame motivates you, FINE. USE IT. 

-Smile at people and say hello. People like it when you smile at them and say hello. If you can remember their name, say their name. I do not have this instinct even a LITTLE–I have deliberately trained myself to do it in professional contexts. I think it helps. 

-Faking it IS making it. The other day I was like “UGH, IT IS GOING TO BE SO CLEAR THAT I’M A LAZY IDIOT WHO DOESN’T CARE ABOUT [THING] IN THIS MEETING, AND EVERYONE WILL DESPISE ME AND SEE ME FOR THE FRAUD I AM,” and then I was like “HOW CAN I GIVE A CONVINCING PERFORMANCE OF A PERSON WHO RADIATES WARMTH, EFFICIENCY, AND EXPERTISE DURING THIS MEETING?”, and then I googled a couple things and jotted down some notes and considered a couple things, and by the time the meeting came around I was not just giving an effective performance of a person who was prepared, I was ACTUALLY prepared. 

-People tend to think your life is together if your outfits are together. This is also sexism. It still works. Do your best to make sure your outfits are clean and neat. Doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Just clean and neat. My apartment is in a SHAMBLES atm, but I leave the house dressed for the part of Responsible Adult. 

i have no idea if any of this will help, but it’s what I got. You have a cat, and cats are good, although they are also sometimes judgmental! It’s okay for your cat to know you are a mess. It’s okay for YOU to believe you’re a mess. Just try and put on a convincing show for other people.