i have a thing for sleeping babes sharing a bed

Preference #15: 2 am
  • Louis: It's 2 am and you're both hidden under the covers laughing and sharing embarrassing stories from when you were little. Your head is rested against his chest and his arms are holding you tightly as his eyes crinkle from laughing hard as you tell another story.
  • Zayn: You're up on the roof of your shared house looking up at the stars. A lit cigarette is in his hand you just enjoy each other's company and the quiet time that you're sharing together.
  • Liam: Your laptop is on your bed as you skype your boyfriend away on tour. He tells you about the funny things that the boys and him have done on the tour and you listen, your eyes becoming heavy. You hear him mumble a "are you tired babe? I know it's late there." You nod as your eyes shut. "I love you baby girl have a good sleep."
  • Niall: He's choking back sobs as he drinks as much beer as he can get his hands on. It's been 3 days since you left and he was starting to fall apart. He downs many bottles of beer trying to forget the taste of your lips and they way your body felt cuddled up against his. He was drinking away the pain he felt after you left him.
  • Harry: You're asleep with your head against his shoulder as he's working away on finishing another song. He smiles down at your sleeping face knowing that you're the inspiration for the song he is currently writing. He writes about your beautiful shining eyes, your gorgeous smile and how you make him feel whole.