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More Sportarobbie Headcanons? You Gotta Be Kidding!

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•"Segja ahhh~…“
•Movie nights are held in Robbie’s lair

•They used to be in the local movie theater, but the kids kept, you know, being kids
•Now Robbie just borrows the tape, lowers a screen, and the two snuggle until the movie’s over
•Robbie likes romantic comedies and he made Sport SWEAR not to tell anyone
•They also like to watch trashy and cliche movies together for a good laugh if it’s been a rough day
•Robbie can manually (magically) make his voice louder and make it carry

•He’s done this several times when the kids aren’t listening
•It does something downright awful(ly amazing) to poor Sport
•"Robbie, how can you do all these things?“
•Robbie: *unenthusiastically throws up a handful of glitter* "Magic.”
•Their first kiss was awkward as all hell, but it got better like two seconds later

•It was quick with the kids all around them chanting, “KISS! KISS! KISS!”
•It was followed by then avoiding each other’s gaze and deciding that the ground was much more interesting
•That was until Stephanie and Trixie literally shoved them at each other and they were kinda forced to look at each other
•Sport quietly whispered “Do over?” and Robbie just kissed him right then and there
•They were happily kissing when they noticed that they were still being watched
•Robbie’s the better kisser, despite the fact they both kinda suck at it
•"Of course, I slept with Robbie last night!“
•Sport watched Robbie down three milkshakes in half a minute and he could have swore he lost 10 years on his life
•Robbie experienced the same thing with he watched Sportacus down like six protein shakes
•Robbie: *sitting in his boxers and a tank top, eating chips*
•Sportacus: “Beauty. What did I do to deserve to have such a magical creature as a boyfriend?”
•Sportacus isn’t vain about his looks, but if it’ll get Robbie’s attention…

•"What a hot day! I think I’ll take my shirt off.“
•Sportacus: *with his leg caught in the catdoor* This is fine.
•Robbie: Do you need he-
Sportacus: thIS IS FINE.
•Robbie and Sportacus flirt in Icelandic when there’s other people around

•Nobody understands what they’re saying, but it usually ends with Robbie kissing a tomato red Sportacus before telling him to go play
•Robbie: “If you were to eat several bags of candy would you, like, DIE or would go into some type of coma?”
•Sportacus: “I worry about you sometimes.”
•Robbie and Sportacus share an Animal Crossing New Leaf town

•Robbie, the mayor, takes care of collecting Bells to fund the projects and new buildings, along with a MIGHTY NEED for completing the ENTIRE museum
•Sportacus, the “co-mayor”, takes care of the villagers problems and the flora of the town
•Robbie mails Sport a basket of fruit everyday with a different love letter reach time
•Sport saves them all
•Somebody moved in on Sports flowers and Robbie had never wanted somebody out of their town more
•They know they can’t exactly sleep in the same house, both their houses have a spare bedroom, designed by themselves to fit the others tastes

•Sport’s house contains completely blue and white items with a bit of people and red here and there
•He keeps his bed in his main room too, says it’s like the airship
•His back room is where he keeps all the cool bugs and fish he had found that Robbie had already put in the museum
•His basement is his spare bedroom, designed to fit Robbie’s taste

•Robbie’s house is mostly purple and grey with blue in a few places
•He was given a bed by Sportacus, but he shoved it in the back room (with all the other gifts he loved)
•The attic is his spare bedroom, designed to fit Sportacus’ taste

•They sometimes invite the kids over to their town and they have free reign of the place, but if they trample even ONE of Sport’s precious flowers, Robbie has vowed to close the gates forever.

•"Did you save?“


“One thing I have learned about running away is that once you start there’s no end to it.”
— Catherynne M. Valente, Six Gun Snow White

“I want to love, but my hair smells of war and running and running.”
— Warsan Shire

“The wolf runs.
It runs three legged, like all damaged creatures, across the snow.
She thinks: this is true.
She thinks: this is a life.
She thinks: I do not want to die, but my life will always be like this—wounded and animal, lurching against white.”
— Lidia Yuknavitch, The Small Backs of Children


klarolineauweek | day six: Mythical Creatures ♣ Satyr and Nymph

may i feel said he
(i’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let’s go said he
not too far said she
what’s too far said he
where you are said she)  ~
E. E. Cummings

The first time he sees her, she’s laughing and dancing with her sisters near a river, surrounded by flowers, tiny rivulets of water dripping from her hair down between her pale breasts. Her Lady’s deer are nearby, quietly grazing on a patch of soft grass, heedless of the humorous noises.

Her companions are quite beautiful, but the satyr doesn’t pay them mind and his eyes don’t leave her for more than a second – his hooves scrape the ground, his ears strained to hear the smallest tinge of her laughter. He wishes to grab her, held her, run his hands through her golden tresses and shedding the flowers wreathed in them. He can almost feel under his palms the softness of her fair skin kissed by the sun; can even smell her perfume.

But watching from afar is not enough – why simply admire her when he can have her?

He follows her for a long time before acting on his desires. The hunt is exciting, but he finds himself hungry for more – he dreams of losing himself in her embrace, letting her cradle his head on her lap while he plays his flute, kissing the laugh from her mouth and breathing the summer in her hair and licking the sweat of fierce embraces from her plump flesh.

He patiently waits for her to be alone: her companions are somewhere else, hunting with their Lady, and she wishes for rest – she lies undisturbed and unaware over an alcove of fragrant flowers, the candid fairness of her skin like a clove of moon over the darkest glade. His hooves are silent while he approaches – his breath barely a whisper in the breeze. His eyes hungrily run through the expanse of her body, his arousal thick in the air, the anticipation leaving his mouth watering.

The excitement of being so close to his prey makes him careless – and his hooves crunch a branch.

That’s all it takes to break the spell – she starts awake and her crystalline eyes shoot open, falling on him. She doesn’t even have the time to scream – he’s on her before she realizes it, a calloused hand over her mouth, his large body covering hers, her breasts finally pressed against his chest.

But he doesn’t touch her more than that. He hears the frantic rhythm of her heart inside the little cage of her chest and tastes her fear, and he finds he doesn’t like it. So he affectionately nuzzles her temples and whispers reassurances, promises, pledges of love. He murmurs how beautiful she is - he admits her light has drawn him in, he swears he means no harm - if she only would give him a chance? 

Hearing his softly muttered words makes her heart surprisingly slow down and her dread recedes - and her legs opens slowly but instinctively to make more room for him.

He watches with awe her lips curling in a soft smile - a smile which is only for him - and he finds he likes it very much.