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so, for a while I was obsessed with the fair folk, and because of this I have random bits of knowledge and things so I was wondering about some stuff. Had you considered the mythos that redheaded humans and animals have some relation to fae, or the idea that redheaded faeries are allowed/more willing to help humans/grant them boons? When you wrote courts, did you mean the Seelie and unseelie courts, or a creation of your own? Sorry this is so long, heh.

This is actually a new one to me! It may or may not be true, but the prevalence of glamour among the Gentry and hair dye amend students has rendered it virtually useless as a way to guess to someone’s loyalties.

When I wrote courts I was thinking of Seelie and Unseelie, yeah, although I imagine that in some ways those have changed through contact with the University in as many ways as the University has been changed through contact with them. 

Freestyle (TianshanWeek Day Seven)

Title: Protecting what’s yours. 

Summary: The first time Mo Guan Shan tells him he loves him is during a big argument. Not the exact right time or place, but He Tian wasn’t going to complain (Established Relationship)    

Rating: T

Ao3 Version: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9781217/chapters/22074431


“It doesn’t hurt.” He Tian said as he pressed the ice wrapped up in a thin cloth gently onto his swelling cheek. It was already blotched up a hideous colour between purple and green.

Sure, it hurt a little. But compared to the flaring pain of his scraped elbow and bleeding knee, his bruised cheek was the least of his concern.
Mo Guan Shan gave him a ferocious glare as if to say that if He Tian refused to admit how badly he looked right now, he was going to kill him.

“I don’t know what the hell you were thinking by starting that bar fight.” Mo Guan Shan moaned as he opened up one of the cupboards in He Tian’s kitchen. He started to peer inside it and moved his hand inside as if to look for something.

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SILF= Sims I’d like to f… ind in real life :D 

RULES: Choose a sim made by another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag up to 5 simblrs (or more^^?).  *If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

…I know there was supposed to be only one, buuuuut… there’s too many I like! D: So here we go, in no particular order… 

  • Tristan Payne & Mary McMally by @aikea-guinea. Because Tristan is just dreamy and I absolutely adore Mary. Honorable mentions also go to Chris, TR & Walter <3 
  • Alexander Lance & Emma Kelley by @blackswan-sims, because (as you may be starting to guess) I love dudes with black hair/green eyes and also Emma is just so pretty *_____*
  • Silenius Moonfeather & Remus Blackbird by @esotheria-sims, because look at those pretty faces and their glorious hair <3 
  • Hawthorne by @caterpillarsims, because those intense eyes and lips are to die for. Also, more glorious hair U___U 
  • Gunther Goth by @valoisfulcanelli, because even if he may technically be a premade sim, I still love the makeover you did of him. AND because the way you wrote him in TMoMG totally made me fall head over heels for him! <3 
  • Ash by @nocturnalazure because he’s so shy and sweet and adorable and those eyes and… AAAAAW *______*
  • Remus by @remussims because he’s gorgeous. Period. 
  • Poppea “Poppy” Fitzpatrick by @quiddity-jones because (again, as you may have guessed) I have a thing for badass redheads. 
  • River D’Angelo by @enchantedunicornhideout, because he’s one of the first sims I noticed on your blog and he’s a cutie <3 

Me? Obsessed with dark hair/light eyes combos, redheads and long hair? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT?

Honorable mentions go to @titosims, @soloriya, @sevelii, @xilmandr, @lovelychooser & @lefent, because I love all of your sims and I couldn’t just pick one D:

I tag all of you who haven’t done this already! U____U

Feel free to ignore, of course. 


Levi’s phone buzzed in his pocket as he unlocked his front door. His whole drive home his mind had been on the blond who had left the studio early without saying anything, so he was happy to see Archer’s name on the screen when he retrieved it. He shuffled slowly inside as he read the text. Everything? he muttered to himself in confusion. At that moment, he looked up & his eyes locked with Shane’s

Hello, boyfriend, the redhead sneered. At his feet sat what Levi could only imagine were the last of his things. Only recently had Shane finished moving in, a process that seemed to happen slowly as their relationship grew more serious. Of course, back then the singer couldn’t have guessed how much things would change between himself & his ex. 

Levi swallowed hard as he took in the scene. I tried to talk to you last night. I was more than willing to answer all of your questions but you avoided me, you avoided what you knew was happening. Based on how you were acting, I assumed you weren’t ready. He paused as Shane continued to glare at him expressionless. I wanted to tell you everything. All you had to do was give me the chance. 

Why would I do that? Shane scoffed loudly. So that you could lie to me again? You had plenty of chances to tell me, Levi. You chose not to. You pursued your ex behind my back. He’s fucking MARRIED. He supposedly crushed you before. You ASSURED me that there was nothing left between you two.

Levi breathed deeply, slowly releasing the air. Shane had every right to be upset & he knew that. He’d gone through his phone & obviously put together the pieces before Levi could come clean as he’d planned. How they’d gone about it was completely wrong but he & Archer couldn’t continue to deny what they still felt. In his quest to follow his own heart, he’d broken Shane’s. As he looked again into the man’s eyes, he could see the pain he’d caused. It was a pain he himself knew all too well.


Yep, it’s finally here! Omertà, written for Admin Sangria’s birthday. Sangria, I know I don’t say this a lot, but you mean a lot to me :)

I’d also like to thank @itsyvvngis for helping me edit this monster :) THANKSSSS!!!

Pairing: Reader/Jin/Taehyung/Jungkook

Word Count: Roughly 18K

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff, Crime


Omertà: to take a vow of silence in the Mafia, punishable by death if not upheld.

It was dark outside by the time you finished putting everything away and wiping the counters clean.

“Bye Y/N!” One of the employees, a shy young girl by the name of Song Sung-Gi waved at you, doors closing behind her with their customary soft clinking sounds.

You sighed to yourself, a frown squirming its way onto your lips as you stared forlornly at your watch.

8:30 PM.

You wanted to sink into the ground, just wanted to disappear forever; how on Earth were you supposed to finish your essays now? You should never have listened to your idiotic friend; why did you always make bad life choices?

It seemed like it would be another sleepless night for you.

You quickly grabbed your jacket from the coat rack you had hammered so carefully onto the wall during your summer, taking care not to disturb the precariously swinging chimes near the door as you quickly shut it behind you and locked it.

You stood there for a couple of moments, a small smile gracing your lips as you gazed up at the brand new signboard advertising the establishment:

Splitting Beans Retreat

You had never really approved of the name, but the owner had insisted; so, really, what choice did you have? You enjoyed your job, though, and that was what mattered; plus, business was good and that meant a very nice paycheck.

You could dig that.

“Okay, time to go,” You muttered sarcastically to yourself, “Lots of stuff to write, hurrah!”

Almost immediately after you said that, you heard something that sounded suspiciously like a mix between a cough and a laugh; something you knew very well since that’s what you did every time you saw your neighbor.

“Who’s there?” You eyed the area suspiciously, a sliver of worry making its way into your heart, “I have pepper spray and I know how to use it! I’m warning you!”

That time around, there was definitely a choking sound. You were positive.

“Okay, whoever you are,” You said confidently and, more importantly, loudly, trying to assert yourself, “Any funny business and you’re out, I swear it.”

After saying that, you quickly looked around once more and began walking away hurriedly. Just because you threatened the guy didn’t mean you wanted to stick around any longer.

Your parents taught you to be on the safe side, so you immediately took your phone out and called the first person you could think of.

The dial tone rung tauntingly in your ear, as you sweated uncontrollably near the base of your neck.

Please pick up, please pick up.’

Well, even if he didn’t, you could’ve always pretended you were talking to him. You weren’t too bad of an actor, you thought, but the added security was a bonus you highly preferred.



“Hey, Kyungsoo,” You casually said, as you discretely hastened your pace, “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” He sounded entirely disbelieving, “You’re the one who called me, and you’re asking me what’s up?”

“Well,” You laugh nervously, peering around, “I just wanted to say hi?”

“I’m putting the phone down.”

Your eyes widened, “No! Wait! Kyungsoo-”

The dial tone resounded in your eardrums, and you huffed angrily, glancing upwards anxiously at the glittering night sky. It seemed too happy for your tastes.


You whirled around immediately at the exclamation, only to find the empty street spread out in front of you.

You frowned, a coil of unease stirring in your gut. Your intuition was never wrong and, tonight, it was telling you that things were going to get ugly.

You walked even faster.

As you passed by an alleyway, your head perked up when you heard a moan of pain. Your inner journalist prompted you to find out what was going on—what if the person needed help or something? A small voice in the back of your head protested vehemently against it—going into a dark alleyway at night? Bad idea.

You ended up stopping midway, but you were glad you did; when your vision finally adjusted to the dim lighting, you froze, breath stopping midway up your throat.

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If I can say, I think Cheryl has the best wardrobe on the show, maybe I’m biased, but she also has the most fun wardrobe, red is definitely a huge theme for Cheryl, she’s the “Red Queen” is what they call her, and as a redhead I always have red nails, red hair, red somewhere on my outfit. And that’s kind of like a villainous colour, I guess you could say, but then there’s like, the long nails are kind of creepy, and the little motifs of the spider, I’ve got spider earrings sometimes, little things like that are how they kind of emote the villainy - and then she’s always in extremely skintight clothing as well so she’s kind of still that sexy bombshell that you get in the comics but with the more villainous evil side not just a bitchy mean girl side.
—  Madelaine Petsch on the best wardrobe in Riverdale [x]
His Redhead Girl (Part 2)

Hey Everyone! So here it finally is! I’m sorry it has taken so long. Because of the first part being posted so long ago the story takes place during the timeline of the tour when Val was still dating Amber. This chapter got very long but I didn’t think anywhere fit to cut it into two. I hope you enjoy it. I will post a link to the first chapter, so you can read a refresher if you like. 

Part 1: http://chmergess4ever.tumblr.com/post/156948077081/his-redhead-girl

Like/Reblog! Enjoy! 

“Babe, is everything alright?”

“Not really.” Val ran his hand through his hair as he looked at Sharna who was staring at him, questioning this terrible decision. “We just- I just-”

“You what?”

“I just need to tell you because-”

“Tell me what?”
“I haven’t been completely honest with you. Actually, I haven’t been honest with you at all.”
“I’ve been talking to someone else.”

Amber went silent. Val could hear her purse her lips. “Talking? Or sleeping with.”

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Beca Mitchell does not drop the ‘L’ bomb.

Not to her father, or her mother. Jeez, especially not to her step-monster. She doesn’t say it to her friends, not Amy, Stacie, or not even Jesse. 

Beca Mitchell does not use the word.

It’s in the little things, Chloe notices, that Beca shows her love. Like in the way she makes her mixes, shares them, or how the DJ always wears the redhead’s sweatshirt, yet returns it to the older woman’s closet anyway.

It’s in the little things Beca does that Chloe can see just how much love that little brunette can muster.

Chloe’s noticed for some time now that many of the little things the DJ does that show love are often pointed at the Bellas. Silently, without making a big deal out of any of it the small brunette sprinkles her love an affection on each and every one of them.

For Stacie, each time the leggy brunette came home with a guy trailing her, Beca made sure she had plenty necessities in the bathroom for before, during, and after her company.

For Amy there was always an Advil and water next to her nightstand after a wild night out, and that there was no early practice scheduled for the next morning so the hungover Aussie would be able to rest in peace.

Legacy fell asleep hunched over her books so many nights that it just sort of became habit for Beca to turn the lights off in her room, cover the youngest Bella with a blanket, and close the book she was asleep on with a bookmark in it.

It was things like those that Chloe knew just how much Beca loved her Bella family, and showed her affection in the smallest of ways.

Whenever Chloe asked the young DJ to brew a cup of tea, full well knowing that her favorite yellow cup was dirty in the sink, the DJ would wash the cup before brewing the beverage for her redheaded co-captain.

It was just little things.

“You washed my cup,” Chloe said as Beca handed her the cup and curled into the couch of the empty Bella house next to the redhead.

“I did,” Beca smiled, grabbing some blanket and covering the two of them.

“And you’re in my sweatshirt,” Chloe set her drink down on the end table, grabbing at the fabric with her fingers.

“That’s true,” Beca said, her eyes looking right into the redhead’s.

“You don’t let anyone hear your mixes until they’re done, except me,” Chloe mumbled a little quieter this time.

“Uh huh,” the DJ nodded.

“You’re sweet,” Chloe smiled.

“You’re a dork,” Beca said.

And it was another mannerism. Another Beca idiosyncrasy. An oddity, a peculiarity. It was how Beca talked. It was how she said that ‘L’ bomb.

“I love you too,” Chloe said, snuggling back into the DJ.

“I… you know I don’t say that,” Beca looked at the girl who was nuzzled into her side.

“I know. But it doesn’t mean you don’t mean that. You wear my hoodie. And wash my cup. You let me hear your mixes,” she paused and grabbed the DJ’s hands, “you don’t have to say it, Beca.”

“I want to,” Beca sat up, “I want to say it.”


“Chloe I… I don’t know how to put my feelings into words but I guess I’ll try?” Beca looked at their hands. “You’re my best friend and I… I have such a thing for you. Chloe I’ve been fighting this for long enough okay? I… crap. I love you.”

Chloe burst into laughter, reddening Beca’s cheeks.

“I love you too, Dork,” the redhead grabbed Beca’s cheeks and brought her in for a sweet kiss.

Sleep your cares away

Art credit (Rose): kingcael.tumblr.com

Art credit (Sorey): theartsofvictory.tumblr.com

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Ra-Ra-Raphilin lover of the... VC memes? I guess? Here's your nickname anon to tell you that pic looks awesome! We're so lucky to have you in this fandom <3 now, let's get down to bussiness. Fave color, fave season, five shows and like... If you got to meet one of the vampires IRL, which one would you pick and what is one thing you would tell/ask them? Also, if you're feeling crazy, are you a natural redhead?

LMAO Is that the Rasputin song??? 

Aww thanks anon <3 

Well… I don’t know if I have a favourite colour actually… maybe navy? Or like a dark purple? Fave season, Autumn/Winter, shows: X-Files, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Hannibal & Versailles (I watch way too much TV, it’s not good….)

If I got to meet one of the vamps, well I feel like I have to be tactical here and think of who would most likely to share a bit of that dark gift with me… So that would probably be Lestat right? Even though do I want him as my maker? Idk… What to ask…. hmm…. I’d like to get the low down on how to cope with existential crises and just bullshit in general, I know they’re not void of dysfunction, but there’s got to be some genuine wisdom in there too. I’d like some of that. I’d also just like to hang out with Armand and Daniel and watch stupid movies and goof around :) 

And also no. Dark golden blonde (I think, I haven’t seen it in 15 years, so it could well have changed)

Y’know, it’s funny that you mention it, cause, like, yeah—I’ve actually made some unexpected friends after the whole Weirdmageddon thing?  I guess a good life-and-death apocalypse situation kinda makes social ladders vanish completely, huh?

For example, I thought Robbie was just, like, one of those goth weirdos that grew out of pods in the back of Edgy On Purpose or something.  But turns out, he’s actually pretty chill?  We both kinda bonded over how sucky our parents can be, and he loaned me some of his CDs in exchange for some of my makeup.

Not that I can’t afford all these CDs or whatever, but honestly?  Half of these bands are mega obscure and, like, I wouldn’t have even known they existed without his help.  I mean, have any of you guys even heard of “The Handlebar Bros?” Weird, but cool.

As for Gideon, not gonna lie, he’s still ultra creepy at times.  But I did find out he had some pretty good hairstyling tips, so we’re kinda testing the waters talking about that or whatever.  I dunno, things are still pretty weird there, considering he’s got wanted criminals following him around wherever he goes and stuff, but like, they’re not too bad.  

They’re basically butlers, just…on parole. I can live with that. Kinda.

But honestly, the coolest person I’ve started hanging out with is probably Wendy Corduroy.  Like, okay, I thought she was kinda a redneck lumberjack at first? (Redneck, not redhead, though, well, I guess she’s still the second one).  But like, despite that whole Northwest/Common lumberjack tension or whatever from that whole haunted mansion thing, she and her family are actually pretty…great?

I mean, her dad’s kinda wild…I think he like, wrestled a bear once or something…but Wendy and her brothers really know how to like, have fun and stuff!  And just, like…I dunno…she’s got a brother about my age, and he’s…sorta cute…

I mean, ugh!  Not like I’d ever date a Corduroy or anything. 

No, seriously, I wouldn’t. Cool as they are, they smell like yaks and tree bark. 

Friends or not, that’s just, like, not my type.

♔Pacifica N♢rthwest♔

Title: Free Trade

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Ratings/Warnings: T for zombies and minor gore

Summary: With his choices largely limited to ‘barista’ or 'victim of the zombie hordes,’ Fushimi had reluctantly picked barista.

Notes: On Twitter a while back I had a conversation around the idea of a coffee shop/zombie apocalypse AU fusion, and with this week’s onedayk theme being ‘cafe’ I couldn’t resist the temptation. I apologize in advance.

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Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Long Shot
Word Count: Approx. 2K
Pairing: AoKise (with brief mentions of KagaKuro, MidoTaka, MuraHimu, and ImaKasa)
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Fluff
Summary: Aomine thinks a legitimate shot with Kise was a long shot. An after-graduation party at Kagami’s filled with a lot of drinking and some unexpected surprises changes things up for the ace who thought he had it all.
A/N: Self indulgence with the pining!Aomine and touou!Kise. Everything remains the same, except Kise transferred to Touou post current Winter Cup. ;D

AoKise Week Prompt Day 2: Same School/Graduation

Always for Sachi.

On AO3.

Aominecchi!! Look! I have glasses like Midorimacchi!” Kise held up two shot glasses, both empty of the tequila Aomine was sure was there only moments ago, and managed to put them over each eye before collapsing on the couch right on top of none other than Midorima himself. The blond’s laughter rang throughout the room even with the crowd’s noise and, after a slow shake of his head as he pushed away a twinge of jealousy at seeing Kise sprawled, albeit unwelcomed, on the former shooting guard’s lap, Aomine joined in. 

“Kise, that is a ridiculous–” Midorima’s reprimand was interrupted by an audible hiccup and he seemed to be looking at Kise like he was trying to remember what it was he wanted to say. “Ridiculous… something,” he managed before shunting the blond to the side and resting his head against Takao’s shoulder. Shuutoku’s former point guard was already snoring like a foghorn, mouth hung open and head propped on the couch’s cushioned back.

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you arrogant bastard

He Tian:  are you seriously here too? areyou even supposed to be here?

He Tian:  you can’t just show up to clean up…but you can totally do this if you want to. i’m not a fan of raking.

Redhead: You really think I would like to clean? I would rather leave than be stuck with you here

Redhead: If you are not willing to help, leave. That way I can finish faster an leave this fucking place 

He Tian: aww, you know you want me to stay

He Tian: I’m fun!

Redhead:  I don’t want you here asshole. You just annoy the crap out of me

He Tian: You’d be bored without me. Admit it.

Redhead: fine. but if you’re going to stay, help me.

Redhead: but if you start to annoy me, i’m going to kick you out.

He Tian: I’m helping with my charming personality!

He Tian: oh please, you wouldn’t dare.

Redhead:  Shut up already and just help me. I want to leave early so I can take bao for a walk later

He Tian: well, i’m in.

He Tian: Where do we start?

Redhead:  Let’s star with the windows. They are easier to clean.

Redhead: You better not make a mess or I’m going to kick your ass.

He Tian: YOU’RE going to kick MY ass?

He Tian: I’d pay money to see that.

Redhead:  You think I can’t bastard? Are you challenging me?

He Tian: god damn fucking right i’m challenging you. 

He Tiani’d say meet me after school…but it’s already kind of after school

Redhead: Fucking bastard I’m going to ruin that pretty face of yours!

Redhead: Wait… Forget what I said.

He Tian: you couldn’t ruin this. this is perfection.

He Tian: oh, why’s that?

RedheadBecause you are ugly as hell already


Redhead: Honestly I don’t get why people like your ugly ass!

He Tian: ’ve seen the way you look at me

He Tian: because i’m sexy as fuck, yo.

Redhead: W-what do you mean, uh?


He Tian: you’ve seen me without a shirt on

He Tian: irresistible 

He Tian: you love it

Redhead:  I don’t. Cut the crap already. I would be more interested in that weak ass pervert than in you!

He Tian:  oh yeah? why THE FUCK is that, exactly??

He Tian: He’s got nothing on me

Redhead:  He is less annoying and has a prettier face than you, somehow like a girl. I bet we would get along.

Redhead:  Or what? Don’t tell me you are jealous?

He Tian: right.

He Tian: um of course…he’s pretty

He Tian: oh yeah right. Like i’d be fucking jealous of that loser…

Redhead: What’s gotten into you, uh?

He Tian:  good luck taking on his boyfriend. again.

He Tian:  nothing. i don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Redhead: You are acting weird

He Tian: how am i fucking acting fucking weird?

Redhead:  Oh… Don’t tell me! you ARE jealous of him?

He Tian: why the fuck would i be? what’s there to be jealous of?

He Tian: He’s alright looking…i guess.

He Tian: but..

He Tian: fuck, i don’t know. 

Redhead:  You look pretty funny right now you really don’t know how to lie.

He Tian: bullshit!

He Tian: I’m a great liar!

He Tian: I lie all the time!

Redhead:  Yeah of course you do. The only thing you do all the time is annoy me.

He Tian: i don’t lie to YOU

He Tian: THAT

He Tian: that’s the only thing i do that annoys you?

He Tian: shiiiiiiiiit

Redhead:  And why is that uh? You trust me that much? That’s funny.

He Tian:  no…i don’t trust you…

He Tian: i don’t trust anyone.

He Tian:people aren’t trustworthy

He Tian: i just…don’t have any reason to lie to you

Redhead:  I’m glad you said that. I don’t like it when people trust me. I end up failing them and I’m the one to blame.

Redhead: I don’t have reason either. Mostly because I hate lies.

He Tian: yeah… i know what that feels like.

Redhead: …

He Tian: have you ever lied to me?

Redhead:  What? NEVER. Why should I ever lie to you? I don’t really have a reason to do so.

He Tian:  It  seems like everyone does. You’re not exactly my friend, right? You make that pretty clear

Redhead:  I don’t have friends. I don’t like it… But that doesn’t mean I go around and lie to everyone I know.

He Tian: you don’t seem very happy.

Redhead:  And you look like the happiest person on the world, right bastard? 

Redhead: I want you to be honest with me. You got angry because I said I like more that pervert than you?

He Tian:  Yeah. Maybe I’m not. What the fuck do care

He Tian. Really? do you really like him more than me?

He Tian: I guess I can see why

He Tian:I’m not nice like he is.  

He TIan: I’m not handsome like he is… 

He Tian: I can’t really blame you

Redhead:  Well I like him more because he seems strong. I mean, do you see his situation? That guy is head over hills for that other bastard and he has to hide his feelings.

Redhead:  And he is PRETTIER than you. You are… Err… Hotter…

He Tian: and i don’t seem strong…

He Tian: bitch, no one’s prettier that me. 

He Tian: …you just said i was hot…

Redhead: you arrogant bastard 

He Tian: you love it.

Redhead:  I mean. You seem strong. You look like you got a lot of shit going on in your life. But somehow I admire that pervert.

Redhead:Yes. I like that arrogant side of yours. Are you happy?

He Tian:  Strong is a subjective term I guess. I don’t have anything going on that I can’t handle alone. That’s how I’ve always done things.

He Tian: happy?

He Tian: no, i’m really not.

Redhead: ….

He Tian: well…are you?

Redhead:  No, I’m not, I hate my life. I hate that my family is going trough hard times. We are desperate for money. I wish I could do more to help them. I hate that I’m so useless that I can’t fucking do anything than cook for you to help them. 

He Tian: …I can help you…

Redhead: how?

He Tian:  I have money, my family has always had money… I can loan you some…

He Tian: You said you’re not a charity case… So maybe you can work for me…?

Redhead:  Yeah… I’d like that. What do you want me to do?

He Tian:  Well… I could always use a cook…or someone to clean this place. Maybe. Dog walker, you bastard.

He Tian: *half joking*  Or… Maybe you can be like…An escort…

He Tian: I’ll pay you to put up with me hah

Redhead: …

Redhead: are you serious?

He Tian: deadly

Redhead: ok. I’ll do it.

Redhead: I just need the money.

He Tian: really…

He Tian: just the money, huh?

He Tian: whatever helps you sleep at night.

He Tian: I can provide room and board *winks*

Redhead:  I’ll do ANYTHING to help my family… I don’t care what it takes…

He Tian: Maybe i’ll hold you to that

Redhead:  Just… Don’t tell anyone about this… Please…

He Tian: I won’t.

He Tian: I promise.

Redhead:  Thanks… Come on let’s finish cleaning. Its getting late.

He Tian: Yeah, yeah, ok.


another ‘conversation’!

@babymemepaws as Redhead (completely perfect!)

me as He Tian

this was so much fun!!!!


I think i’m going to have come up with a better way to  do this, because moving them from messenger just ends up with me retyping the whole thing with tiny bits of help from copy and paste.

Playing Pretend

Summary: When the head of the FBI has no other option but to send three of his best agents into deep, undercover work, Lucy Heartfilia finds herself enlisted in a new assignment that involves a new brother, a missing agent, some heavy photoshop, and… a ring on her left hand. 

Her wedding finger to be exact. 

All she’d wanted was a cup of coffee. 

aka fake marriage trope AU(; 

“Enough of these games, old man, we all know why we’re here,” a man said lazily while rubbing at his tired eyes. Both his poor posture and body language reflected his obvious fatigue as he folded his arms over his chest. Dark blonde hair fell sloppily over his right eye, hiding the healing scar above his brow. He reclined back into the wooden chair so that the two front legs hovered in the air.

“Seven of my people were killed and two are missing, Sawyer!” Chief Makarov barked, becoming agitated at the lack of response from the two criminals across the table. The small man smacked his hands on the desk in front of him. It’d been a long day of interrogation for both the agents and the criminals in the room, and everyone’s patience was wearing thin.

Agent Scarlet leaned against one of the far walls closest to the door, one hand in her pocket and the other resting on her hip. Hidden by the suit’s jacket, her fingers just barely brushed the handle of her gun with every breath she took. Her eyes scanned the room carefully, watching the situation unfold and growing bored. They’d spent hours inside this interrogation room with little to show for. Much to everyone’s frustration, they’d yet to obtain any new information from the mob boss’ two associates.

“Actually,” Cobra said slowly, his voice sounding vaguely amused. “I don’t know why I’m here. Your people, Dreyar, went after ours.” He spit the Chief’s name, causing the vain to pop out of the older man’s neck as his face grew redder and redder. “Our people happened to come out of the scuffle alive while yours happened to, well,“ the man smiled maliciously, chuckling darkly to himself. "They weren’t so lucky. So, I suggest you either teach your people better offense, or teach them how to retreat when it is so blatantly obvious the targets have a great defense.”

Agent Scarlet’s ears perk as her gaze fell on the lean man across the room. His hair was buzzed, a part of his latest alias, and his green contacts made his brown eyes appear an almost light hazel. This was the first time the man had said more than a couple words in the last several hours. He too crossed his arms, the heavily detailed snake tattoo becoming even more pronounced along his bicep.

Cobra continued, his voice low and his mouth seemingly fixed in a permanent sneer as his cold gaze fell onto the chief. “Business is business, you see.”

“When lives are at stake, I don’t believe the same principles apply,” Chief spat. Cobra just laughed, and the deep sound sent shivers down the agent’s back.

“Oh, but Gramps,” he smirked, leaning forward in his chair and resting his hands on the desk, eyes narrowing at the small man in front of him, “they do.”

Without warning, the criminal pushed his chair away from the desk and jumped from his chair, picking up the lamp from the table and slamming it into Chief’s nose—effectively knocking the old man out. Every agent in the room sprang to life, making a move to grab their guns from the holster on their hip, but the two goons on the run were already sprinting for the door.

Erza was ready for them, standing guard by the only exit with both arms outstretched, aiming the gun. The shot was lined up just right, the barrel pointed straight at the blond one’s kneecap. Her finger was already pulling back the trigger when someone knocked into her from behind, shoving the agent into a wall and crushing her arm between herself and the brick wall causing the bullet to go off-course—straight into the only light fixture hanging from the tiled ceiling.

Darkness consumed the room, yet chaos still ensued.

Lucy’s cellphone buzzed noisily on her hip as she the entered the office building through the automatic sliding doors. She passed the Styrofoam cup she was holding over to her left hand after stuffing the badge back into her shoulder bag, already having showed it to the security guard at the gate.

“I know, I know. I’m late,” she said, answering the phone while hurrying for the elevator. “Hold it open please!”

A man stuck his arm out and stopped the doors from closing all the way, and Lucy smiled in thanks as she stepped on. She quickly pressed the button for the eighth floor with her thumb before returning her attention to the phone. “I’m hurrying,” she lied. “I promise!”

The person on the other end sighed, and Lucy could just picture the woman rolling her eyes. “You have a meeting with the boss this morning, Lucy. Or did you forget? Again.”

Lucy huffed, glaring at her reflection in the elevator door since she couldn’t glare at the redhead in person. “If I remember right, which I usually do, I was only late because someone forgot to forward me the memo!”

"I did too forward you that reminder and your irresponsible ass just-” Lucy heard her take a deep breath. “Okay, forget it. Point is you’re late, again, and I need to talk to you before the meeting. I’ll be waiting for you when you step off the elevator, ‘kay?”

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Hood night, ended differently. Kiss. Not 2 minutes like the movie, fill in the gaps. That sounds like a demand, it's not. And just do your thing girl, always amazes me. -hospital anon

“You know,” Chloe said, pulling Beca closer to her. Her hands were warm where Beca’s grew cold from the fall breeze, and her breath already smelled like alcohol. Briefly, Beca considered the fact that she really should’ve taken advantage of that Boone’s Farm while it was offered. She would learn relatively quickly that snobbiness over alcohol and college parties didn’t go together well. That lesson, however, hadn’t been learned yet, which was why she was currently painfully sober whilst Chloe’s eyes were laser-focused on her lips. 

A position she did not want to be in. 

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