i have a thing for nice hands okay

i believe in the normalization of platonic love and affection; and i also believe in the normalization of letting people say no to affection. let people say “i’m sorry, i don’t like to be touched” without others getting offended. let people set boundaries without others questioning why they don’t “believe in platonic love.”

just like… some of us have good reasons for not wanting to be touched and tbh a good enough reason should just be “i don’t want to be touched.” please ask first, please don’t be offended if we ask you not to touch us, please stand up for us if you see other people violating our boundaries.

and if you have a friend like me who is touch-shy - we still love you! just be patient. chances are, we’ll warm up over time and you’ll see us shift our boundaries for you. we’re trying most of the time. and if you’re having a hard day, just tell us you need physical affection - 9/10 times if someone says “i just need a hug” i will willingly and gratefully give it; it’s just difficult for me to initiate said hug without a verbal prompt. we’re not cold, we’re not mean, and we still want to be there for you!

touching friends is so great! saying “i love you” and other cheesy things to friends is awesome! please be really gentle with your friends who need different boundaries with this!! we love you too and we want to be there for you but sometimes we can’t be there in the same way! sorry ): okay thank you for listening have a nice day!

Batfam as things my coworkers have said
  • Bruce, overheard on the phone as he's leaving WE: Wait, your brother is at work? (...) Oh thank god, that means I can sleep when I get home.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, giving Duke a tour of the Batcave: I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. Everyone's really nice here. Except for Jason.
  • Jason, from across the cave: That's messed up!
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie: *sees Cass's hand is bandaged up* Oh my god, are you okay?
  • Cass: Yeah, I just stabbed myself. It's fine.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: What, you think that because you're bootylicious, you can do whatever you want?
  • Jason, nodding: Yeah, pretty much.
  • ---------------
  • Damian: Alfred knows everything, he just pretends that he doesn't.
  • Alfred: Well, somebody needs to know something around here.
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie, inspecting Tim's under-eye circles: You need some makeup, fam. That shit is unsettling.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, to Roy: I hereby name you an official member of the family!
  • Jason: It's a trap, dude. You don't wanna be part of this family.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: Has anyone seen my coffee?
  • All: No.
  • Tim: Looks like it sucks to be Steph today. *picks up Stephanie's coffee and walks away*
  • ---------------
  • Duke: You've gotta be crazy to work here.
  • Jason: You don't HAVE to be crazy. We can always train you.
  • ---------------
  • WE Employee: *walks into Bruce's office to hear a loud alarm coming from his computer while Bruce fills out paperwork, seemingly unperturbed*
  • WE Employee: How can you just sit there and listen to that?
  • Bruce: Do you have any idea how many kids I have?
OTP Quotes Challenge

A belated celebration for reaching 5000+ followers! Here we have a list of random quotes for you to use for your OTP! You can have followers tell you numbers to draw your OTP as, or you can write stories based on your favorites, or both! Take these quotes in any direction you like for your creative use. Have fun!

  1. “Aah! That tickles!”
  2. “whAT IS THAT?!”
  3. “woah what happened while I was gone”
  4. “wait no that’s mine what are you doing”
  5. “No, I’m paying”
  6. “It’s fine, stop worrying about me”
  8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
  9. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
  10. “I’m so hungry I could eat a— stop looking at me like that in public”
  11. “Well, that was certainly awkward”
  13. “are… are you awake? Did you fall asleep already”
  14. “great, what did you bring home this time?”
  15. “I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”
  16. “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all”
  17. “I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong again”
  19. “I can’t… I can’t believe you actually remembered…”
  20. “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”
  21. “okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”
  22. “I wish we could stay here forever”
  23. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
  24. “You okay? You seem a little off today”
  25. “I’m fine
  26. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
  27. “c-can I hold your hand?..”
  29. “oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”
  30. “you can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you”
  31. “You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”
  32. “y-you look… you look very nice.”
  33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”
  34. “c’mon, let’s dance!”
  36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”
  37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.”
  38. “why do you find those cute I hate those pictures of myself”
  39. “you’re very warm… It’s nice.”
  40. “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”
  41. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
  42. “oh thank goodness… I didn’t think you’d still be here.”
  43. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared”
  45. “I can’t believe you actually bought that”
  46. “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”
  48. “let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that”
  49. “You’re too sweet”
  50. “ah, you’re up. how’d you sleep?”

socktrollqueen  asked:

Today is a not a good day for me mentally. My hubbs keeps calling me from work to check up on me. I'm just in one of those moods where I want to vanish for a bit, but responsibilities demand my attention. So, I am having a cry before my child gets home from school. I have started therapy and we are discussing medications and I know that is a good step. But I'm terrified all the same.

It’s going to be okay.

YOU are going to be okay. This is a temporary thing with your brain being a dick, and you will get through this.

I’m so proud of you for starting therapy, and looking into meds to help your brain get the help it needs to stop being a dick to you.

If I may suggest something: I practice a version of cognitive behavioral therapy. The short and overly simplified version is: when I feel my brain throwing a sad or depressive or negative thought at me, I stop what I’m doing, and I make the effort to consciously remember something awesome that happened that made me happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s a good memory. It doesn’t even have to be a big, complicated memory. It can be like that time I ran my first 5K, or the time I switched on my emulator and it worked! It can be a quiet walk I took with Anne (I have a lot of those to choose from) and specifically how nice it felt to hold her hand. 

We have tons of good memories, and sometimes we have to make the effort and work hard to find them, especially when it’s easier to feel bad about something.

Also, it’s OKAY to recognize that a thing made you sad, and then sort of visualize putting it on a shelf or in a bag or just kicking it out of your way for a moment while you pay attention to that good memory.

There’s science which tells us that the experience of recalling something happy produces the same neurochemicals as actually having that experience, so even though this can feel like woo woo mystical bullshit, it’s a real thing.

So your homework is to think of an awesome thing that happened, just a moment when you were really happy, and recall something specific from that moment. Your brain may try to be a dick and do this thing where it goes, “and that’ll never happen again.” or “and I didn’t deserve it.” When your brain does that, it can be a challenge to stay focused on the good memory, but you can do it!

You’re gonna get through today, I promise. Send me a note tomorrow and let me know how you’re feeling, okay?

BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked: I really liked your mafia monsta x post and was wondering if you could do something similar for got7 and bts?|||

Got7   Monsta X   Shinee

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by https-km

  • Was a CEO of a large company when he decided to make some more money and started getting involved in shady business
  • One of the most chill leaders in the industry
  • But his easygoing personality is also one of his scariest traits as he doesn’t give a shit about killing and never thinks twice
  • That’s what gets him in trouble most of the time as he somehow always end up killing the wrong person
  • He’s so good at his job that no one even suspects that this CEO is also a mafia boss

You were the president of a rival company and had beef with him since before he even started his gang. He always wanted to persuade you to sell your company to him but you were too stubborn, so he thought that now he has a lot of skillful members maybe he could threaten you. One day he barged into your office.

“What the heck? Do you even know what knocking means?”

“Just shut up and listen to me. I’m going to give you one last chance to sell me your company and well if you don’t comply things will become ugly.”

“Kim fucking Namjoon, did you just threaten me?” you asked him pulling your gun out from under the table. “Because if you did, I swear to god…”

He didn’t plan for this turn of events and as much as he was surprised he couldn’t keep his laughter in.

“Woah, woah, Y/N. We have been friends for a long time now, haven’t we? Maybe I should have taken a different approach. How about you and me start this over by getting to know each other better?”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by biaswreckerchimchim

  • Can sweet talk people to do anything
  • That’s why he’s the best at making new allies and ties, bribing officials
  • Everyone tends to trust him quickly and he uses this for his advantage 
  • Doesn’t like getting his hands dirty and would rather talk his way out if possible
  • But when it’s not, that’s still okay with him as he can handle various kinds of weapons just as well as his tongue

You caught wind of the fact that your boss is helping the mafia in exchange for many and wanted to report him. Unfortunately Jimin got to you first. He was leaning against your car waiting for you. Before you had time to react he got your car keys and pushed you inside securing you in your seat.

“So a little bird told me that you were about to make a very stupid decision.” he told you taking out his knife and tracing the lines of your collarbone.

“I prefer not to make a mess so how about we make a deal as well?”

“I don’t need your filthy money.”

“Oh how brave! I guess I should offer you something else instead then.” he said starting the car and taking off with you in it.

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by itsbtstuff

  • A lot of people think he’s too clumsy for this job as he tends to screw up before he even starts
  • But if it’s his lucky day he’s the 2nd most deadly man in the gang
  • His specialty - explosives
  • He likes to make a big entrance and for it to be really grand he makes all of the bomb and stuff himself
  • Enjoys the view of severed limbs spattering around, this feeling helps him realize just how amazing he his at what he does and how fascinating, strong and big his explosions are

He wanted to blow you up so bad but when you despite the short amount of time managed to catch and throw back one of his grenades he decided to have you no matter what.

“Hey, that’s not very nice!! I could have gotten hurt.” he shouted.

“Are you being serious right now?” 

“I always am. You see I got you right where I wanted to. Look around.” you looked down and saw that somehow you managed to get into his mine field.

“I like you and wouldn’t rather press this button so you have two choices, either I watch you go boom or you come with me.” he smirked.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by beatriceindre

  • Was the vice president of the company, so is now stuck with almost the same amount of work
  • He takes care of the companies legal stuff and makes sure the gangs illegal one doesn’t catch anyones’ attention
  • He’s so done with this job and would rather go on some missions to blow off some steam
  • But he’s only taken on them when it’s really necessary or when there’s not enough people
  • And that’s a shame as he’s crazy good with guns, especially long range ones, as he has been practicing every day

You made a contract with their company but somehow a they lost a hefty amount of money. Knowing that this was not a simple coincidence he decided to have a meeting with you.

“I think we have to discuss some things.” he stated.

“What do you want? I don’t have your money.”

“I never even said anything about money.” he smirked and then you understood that you told him too much before it even began. Hoseok stood up and went to your chair. He took your chin in his hands made you look at him.

“You know all of this shit makes me really tired and irritated and I wouldn’t want to take out my frustrations on you, so you better give me back all the money till evening or we will have to have a few more meetings just like this.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jungsooneul

  • He’s an assassin but doesn’t like calling his job that and would rather say that he takes care of business
  • Sharp, precise, quick, silent, deadly
  • Can’t think straight when he’s tired and even managed to miss some targets (only to get them later) when he feel asleep waiting for them
  • Practices with Hoseok every single day but only because he’s the one who’s asking
  • Sometimes likes to go “hunting” at nights and you should pray that you never meet him on days like that

You searched for him because you knew he would be the only one to take your request. He looked at you from the bottom up.

“Aren’t you too young to be asking things like that?”

“Am not!”

“You sure? You’re really short.” he laughed.

“I didn’t come here to be made fun of. So will you do it? Will you kill my father?” you asked. This time he looked at you with serious eyes.

“Okay but you can keep the change.” he said handing you back all the money you gave him. You quickly turned around to catch him just before he disappeared into the darkness.


“Because you asked me nicely and also because I hope to see you again someday.”

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • He doesn’t have a particular job in the group as he’s mostly here to make sure that the members don’t make too much trouble for themselves and other gangs
  • Knew Namjoon since high school and was asked to come help
  • The gang would most likely fall apart without him as their chill leader tends to forget his duties more often than not
  • He’s a skilled medic and that’s a very big advantage for the gang as they don’t have to go through the hassle of explaining what happened in the hospitals
  • As much as he can save you from the verge of death, medical equipment in his hands can also turn into very dangerous tools as he can kill you slowly and painfully with the poisons he makes

You were part of the gang and trained under him to treat the injured.

“I see you’re getting pretty good at this.”

“That’s because you’re the one teaching me.”

“How about I show you one more of my tricks.” he said taking you over to the medical cabinet and taking all kind of drugs out.

“Oh, I know what you’re trying to do but I’m already more than experienced in making poison.” you smirked.

“Is that so? Maybe we should start some private lessons so you could teach me your way.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • Smug and sassy 24/7
  • Everyone who meets him for the first time want to punch him in the face
  • And a lot of people try to do that but he has great, quick reflexes and easily evades them
  • Started from simple piracy but now can literally hack into anything but usually brags about it too soon and gets caught
  • That’s how he got recruited, he was about to go to jail when Namjoon noticed his talent and bailed him out

You two had a bit of a show down in cyber space and so after that he decided to track you down. He found you in a coffee shop on the other side of town. He walked in and sat down opposite you.

“And who might you be?” you looked up from your computer screen. He caught your gaze and smirked.


“Jungkook?!” you almost spat your drink. “How did you find me? I hid my location.”

“Did you really think that silly protection of yours could stop me? But I’m not here for that. I’m here for you.” 

A/N: Ahh I finally did it!! 😃 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😊

BTS’s reaction to you starting a diet:

Jin: “But I wanted you to be a special guest on Eat Jin,” your boyfriend pouts (an impressive feat with his mouth full of food). He’s very against the idea of you going on a diet – who’s going to help him clear up all the food he can’t manage?

You raise an eyebrow, while he swallows and asks – “What? Do I have something on my face?”

“Just a little…” You reach across the table separating the two of you, and wipe some sauce from the corner of his lips, before popping your finger in your mouth.

Jin chuckles, “Isn’t eating that sauce against your diet?”

“It’s just sauce.”

“Sauce that’s high in fat and salt!”

“This is why you’re a rubbish boyfriend - making me break my diet. For shame!” You poke your tongue out at him.

Jin sighs. “Ah well, I guess if you’re on a diet now, that means more food for me. And I was going to order that ice-cream you like for the next episode of Eat Jin as well…”

That’s playing dirty! “You wouldn’t!” you scoff, knowing full well that he will, and that when you ask for a lick, just the tiniest taste – he’ll offer you the whole scoop - your favourite flavour too - and boom! there goes your diet, and all your good intentions. The worst part is – you won’t mind, because Jin’s kisses will taste that extra bit sweeter seeped in vanilla and strawberry ice-cream.

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Yoongi: Yoongi can tell something’s up. You’re being extremely quiet, and you haven’t touched any of the pizza on your plate. Jostled up beside your talkative friends, you’re like a lone grey cloud in the middle of a blue June sky.

Yoongi finishes off the crumbs on his own plate, then stands. “Well, I guess I’ll go wash up,” he says, “Y/N, do you wanna come help?”

You scrunch your nose at him, but follow him to the kitchen anyway, away from the busy chatter of your friends.

“Alright, what’s wrong?” Yoongi asks, when the two of you are out of earshot.

You fiddle with a loose strand on your sweater. “Nothing’s wrong.” There’s a moment of hesitation, and you pull at the thread a little harder, twisting it around your finger. “I just don’t want to eat too since I’ve -” The last part is mumbled.

“You’ve what?”

“…I’ve started dieting.” Your cheeks turn pink.

“Dieting?” Yoongi repeats, “Why?”

“I need to lose some weight.”

He shakes his head. “That’s simply not true. You’re the perfect weight, and I don’t want to hear you saying otherwise. I like you the way you are now.” He gives your arm a gentle poke. “I like this part.” He pokes your stomach. “And this part.” He moves up to your nose. “And this part. I like all of it. It’s all perfect.”

You blush, and bat his hand away. “Yeah, yeah… don’t get all mushy.” But when you go back to join your friends, Yoongi’s happy to see you tucking into a fat slice of pizza.

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Hosoek: “Ugh…” That’s a sound you haven’t heard from Hoseok in a while – the sound he makes when he knows he’s fighting a losing battle against you. But he won’t give up without a fight - oh no! He’ll see a smile break through that perfected pout of yours, even if it means bringing out the big guns! An exaggerated eye-roll and a funny face secures his victory, and you can’t cap the laughter that fizzes up inside you - this is definitely the best way to deal with a couple’s quarrel.

“Stop that,” you bash playfully at his chest, and he bends over in feigned pain –

“Wow, Y/N, you’re so mean to me! And when I’m trying to help you out as well!”

It’s your turn to roll your eyes. “Hoseok, you stopping me from dieting isn’t going to help anything. I need to take better care of my health. You should be supporting this.”

He straightens up, straightens his face, and fixes you with a serious look. “Okay, I’ll support you – but only if you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

“I’m doing it to get healthier!”

“And you know that-”

“- that I’m completely gorgeous, with the perfect body, and that I don’t need to diet at all, and that you’re lucky to have me.”

He catches your face in his hands, palms pressing your cheeks softly, before he plunges in for a kiss. “Damn right.”

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Namjoon: “You dieting? Good one, babe.” Namjoon’s dimples deepen, his smile erupting into a fully-fledged laugh.

And then he realises you’re not joking. And his face falls. “Wait, really? You’re dieting? Why?” His mind kicks into overdrive, wondering, worrying about what could have caused this sudden decision. Before, you would have happily helped him finish off pizzas or ice-cream sundaes, but now you’re talking about empty calories and cutting carbs.

“I need to fix my figure,” you tell him, brow wrinkling into a frown.

Namjoon looks you up and down. “Babe…”


His eyes trace your body a second time. “Babe.”

“What?” you demand again.

He shakes his head. “You do not need to get in shape. Your body is so sexy.”

“Sexy?” Your nose crinkles. “You think I’m sexy?”

“Unbelievably sexy.”

You consider this for a moment. Then – “Well… I guess if you think so, maybe I’m okay.”

“No, not just okay, but-”

“Sexy, right?” You finish his sentence for him, a glint in your eyes.

“Right! Sexy.” He purrs the word.

“Say it one more time.”

“Only if you promise to stop this talk of dieting.”



Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jimin: “But I bought all these biscuits for you!” Jimin gazes at the plate of cream-coated cookies in distress, then back up at you, his eyebrows furrowing. This isn’t how he imagined you accepting his date-night gift.

You grin sheepishly. “Sorry… I forgot to tell you I was starting a diet.”

“Can’t you leave it till tomorrow?”

Your mouth pops open in mock horror. “That would be cheating!”

“In all seriousness though, dieting’s no fun. Trust me, I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t make me any happier, or healthier.” Jimin’s mouth pulls down at the corners a little, before his usual smile returns. “Come on. Just one… they’re really tasty. Just take one.” As he says this, he picks up a cookie, and bites into it slowly, never breaking eye-contact with you. It’s a challenge. (Eat one! I dare you!)

You give in. Of course you do. It’s Jimin. Leaning towards him, you kiss some of the crumbs off the corner of his mouth, then, with the taste of sugar fresh on your tongue, you concede, “Maybe one or two couldn’t hurt.” A smug grin paints itself across Jimin’s face as you reach for the plate.

Tomorrow. You can start your diet tomorrow…

Or the day after that…

Originally posted by sugakookie

Taehyung: Taehyung doesn’t understand it. To him, you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on – you’re prettier than diamonds, and stardust, and wildflowers, and sunsets, and the pictures of waterfalls they stick on travel brochures. In short - you’re perfection personified. So, Taehyung can’t wrap his head around the idea of you dieting because you’re (quote) ‘so disgusting’.

It’s eating him up, knowing that you’re unhappy, and not knowing how he can fix it. All he can do is smile, and promise you that the voice in your head is lying to you. “But I never lie, Y/N. Not to you. Not about this.”

Still, your lips stay down-turned, eyes dull, not properly seeing him through your tears.


You wipe you eyes.

“Y/N, look at me.”

You blink a few times, and look up.


You do. Despite all the negative thoughts that are bubbling around you, you manage to smile, and that’s all Taehyung needs to smile too.

“There, right there, that’s what perfection looks like.” He frames your face with his fingers, then slips his hands on down to your shoulders, looping around you and pulling you close.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jungkook: “You’re what?” Jungkook cocks his head at you, looking like a confused puppy across the café table.

“Dieting…” you say past a mouthful of lettuce leaves, “Quit looking at me like that. I’m not speaking an alien language. D-i-e-t-i-n-g. Dieting.”

His head remains fixed in place, tilted to one side, the corners of his eyes scrunching up.

“Stop it!” You throw a napkin at him, which misses its target and floats down to the floor. You’re laughing, and he eventually breaks his gaze to chuckle as well.

“Okay, but seriously, why are you dieting?” His arms stretch across the table, reaching for your wrists as you bring another forkful of salad to your mouth.

A shrug is his answer. “I’ve just been feeling… I don’t know… ugly lately.”

“You don’t look ugly lately.”

Your eyes trail up to his. “You’re just saying that because you’re my boyfriend - you have to say nice things.”

“No way!” He leans further over the table, cupping your face in his hands, “Listen, if you want to diet for your health – fine. But I don’t ever want you thinking you’re ugly, because -  honestly! cross my heart and hope to die! - you are-” (he leans forward and kisses you) “- gorgeous.”

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! none of the gifs are mine !

Analysis: Astro as Boyfriends...

To the anon that requested this: I sincerely apologize about how ridiculously long this is;;; it’s like rly long i’m so sry but once you get me started on Astro as BFs, I could go on for hours, okay? like they’d be the best boyfriends EVER don’t fight me on this <3 T~T


  • literally the softest boyfriend in the world
  • always wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable
  • if you’re not though
  • he becomes like this unstoppable pillar of emotional and physical reassurance and support <3
  • he’ll always snuggle you until you feel better
  • or until you’re ready to talk about whatever’s bothering you
  • loves to bear-hug you from behind
  • and just totally wrap you up in his arms
  • SUCH a good listener
  • incredibly patient!!
  • loves showing off for you but gets embarrassed about it easily
  • buys you little presents all the time
  • just lil things
  • like “i saw this and thought of you” type of gifts
  • bc you’re always lowkey on his mind
  • lowkey what am i saying?? ur highkey on his mind


  • let’s talk about skinship =u=

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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charmer week day 1: meet-cute

wow, me actually try to keep up with a writing challenge? sounds fake. but it’s only day one, so we’ll have to see. anyway, @charmerweek, this one’s for you.


Six minutes before his 9 A.M. class started, Chowder was in his usual seat when the girl who always sat two seats over from him came in. Normally, this wouldn’t have been remarkable, but today it was, and it was for a few reasons.

1. She had a massive coffee stain down her white t-shirt.
2. Her right wrist was in a black brace, the kind kept together with velcro.
3. She was crying. Not quietly crying, either. Big, ugly, snotty sobs. Her face was blotchy and red, shiny where she had wiped tears away.

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BTS Reaction to them running from paparazzi and barging in on you while dressing

Anon Requested:  Wow, long time no see, girl :))) Idk why you open the request so suddenly! Can I have BTS reaction when they are at the mall, and they meet paparazzi, so they have to hide in one of the random changing room? However, you are in there, just a sexy bra and undies on. You guys don’t know each other. Thank you :)))

Ah did I open them too early? I had all my reactions finished and only had a few drabbles so I thought why not? I hope you like your reaction!

Jungkook: The minute Jungkook turned around to meet his eyes with your breasts eyes he immediately started cheesing so hard. He was in such a rush to get away from the paparazzi that he didn’t even see the store he ran into, but seeing you in just a bra and panties it’s not like he’d be able to guess. His smile would just make you laugh and he would quickly snap out of it and still be smiling. You finding the situation you both were in hilarious you brought your hand out to shake with his. “I’m (Y/N).” You laughed shaking his hand. “I’m Jungkook and I am so so so sorry about this.”

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Taehyung: This poor little flower would be completely frazzled when seeing you, your eyes wide and arms covering your chest. He didn’t think that someone could actually be inside one of the dressing rooms and he felt bad almost instantly when he saw you cover yourself up. “I- I’m sorry! I just had to hide,” He’d realize his eyes kept drifting down so he’d end up propping his head up soon looking at the ceiling. “I promise I’m not some creep, I’ll be out of here as soon as the paparazzi are gone.”

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Jimin: The moment Jimin turned around he quite literally dropped his glasses and gave you a good look. You feeling quite concerned some perv might have just walked in your dressing room you started to back up and grab your clothes quickly throwing them on before Jimin stopped you before you walked out. “I’m sorry!” He instantly apologized seeing your scared look before letting you go. “Paparazzi were following me and I just stormed in here, I’m really sorry for creeping you out” Still seeing your spooked expression he brought his hand out for you to shake. “I’m Jimin and once again, sorry.”

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J-Hope: The simple look Hoseok gave you caused him to laugh. “God I’m sorry.” He laughed looking down at the ground. He explained that he was literally running through the whole mall and quickly dashed in this store because he didn’t think the paparazzi would think he would go in here. “So so sorry again. I’m Hoseok by the way.” He said still looking at the ground. You smiled throwing on a t-shirt and telling him he could look up. Once his eyes met yours a smile grew on his face. “I’m (Y/N).”

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Rap Monster: A smirk immediately spread on his face when he saw what you were in. You turning immediately when you saw his taller figure behind you from the mirror you saw what he was really staring at. “Eyes up here.” You spoke crossing your arms over your chest. “If you want to stare at it the least you can do is take me out on a date.” Your words caused Namjoon to snap his eyes up to you before letting out a small chuckle. “Buy me a disguise and you got a deal.”

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Suga: This boy would immediately widen his eyes and bring his hands up to his face. “Oh my..” You hearing his words would turn around and nearly scream at seeing a stranger in the dressing room. Yoongi seeing your state a panic would do, probably not the best thing but he didn’t want to paparazzi to hear you and give off his location. He threw a hand over your mouth silencing your sounds, which ultimately caused you to panic and he tried to calm you down. “Shh, shh! I’m hiding, I didn’t mean to scare you or come in here with you nearly naked. I promise to leave as soon as I know that paparazzi are gone, okay?” Hearing his words you slowly nod and he removes his hand. “Nice bra by the way.”

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Jin: When he turned from closing the curtain he would have slipped his phone out from his pocket, quickly pulling out the contacts and hitting Namjoon’s number. When his eyes met yours he immediately froze. “Yeah Namjoon I’m going to have to call you back.” He said before slipping his phone back in his pocket. “Hi I’m Seokjin.” He brought his hand out to shake. You began to laugh at this. “What? No sorry for barging in on you?” Jin shrugged his shoulders with a smile. “I mean…is it bad if I’m not sorry.” He chuckled looking your body up and down. 

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cute things for your otp
  • “QUICK! TAKE A HOLD OF MY HAND!” -“okay, now what?” “nothing i just really wanted to hold your hand.”
  • person a pulling person b out into the rain to dance while person b is reluctant at first and complains they have no music to even dance to whereas person a just laughs and hums a song and immediately person b shuts up
  • “do you want my strawberry?” -”oh! sur—” -”okay then get” (from my mouth) “Hahaha you should have seen your— …f…ace?” -”Thank you very much, that was a nice strawberry.” aka kissing to get the strawberry yes thx
  • listening to their partners heartbeat shortly before falling asleep / having trouble falling asleep but being sooth as soon as the steady rhythm of their partners heartbeat is audible for them
  • writing each other sticky notes on their fridge
  • writing each other silly (love) letters (aka “if you read dis ur gay lmao”)
  • one of them got into a nasty fight and the other one tenderly patches them up later (of course without looking because the other one doesn’t want them to see them bc they’re self-conscious)
  • watching bad movies and laughing about them together
SovietWomble Prompts!

(Because his videos are the funniest and most uplifting thing I know)

“Me and my flip-flops are ready to go.”

“I am now poor.”

*Alone in the woods* A: *weirdly calm* “There’s something walking towards us from behind you guys.” *B and C freak out*

“How can someone be so cute?”


“I thought you were watching?” “Yeah, I was, I stopped paying attention.”

“My scuba suit protects me from your bullshit.”

“God, fucking damn it A, you piece of…good job.” “What was that?” “I’m rebranding myself as the nice guy.” … “You lasted all but 7 seconds.”

“Surprise!” *explosion*

“English is not my first language, okay?” “You’re American.”

“A, what’s wrong with him?” “Many things.”

“I have got a plan!” “Which is?” “A terrible plan.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you when you’re not eating.”

“A, I think you should take one for the team and run off as bait as the rest of us survive.”

“I’m under attack by a bucket!”

“I haven’t heard a word of the briefing, I was too amazed by the hand gestures.”

“We have a small technical issue.” “Which is?” “I seem to have run out of bullets.” “…it’s been five minutes.”

“You need your medication, come back here!”

“Why do you have a gun, A?” “’Cause it’s Thursday.”

“You lied to me!” “It’s not my fault you’re an idiot.”

“I really like dolphins, I wanna see one!”

“You can’t have a secret dance club, we have a job to do!”

“I’m a funky janitor.”

“If A starts saying something odd, just ignore him/her/them.”

“There are civilians in the village.” “I think the way you pronounce that is acceptible casualities.” “NO.”

“So you’re now just gonna kill people for just being tempted for deserting?” 

“I’d like for you to know you are a piece of human shit.”


“Turns out these are just the noises A makes when he/she/them is alone in his/hers/their room.”

“Clearly we lead different lifestyles.”

“Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to impose Zen you dumb bitch!”

*inhales helium* “Fuck you A.”

“Do NOT search that on Google!”

“I don’t know whether to eat Pringles, breathe or laugh!”

“He’s never gonna shut up about that now.”

“No more button pressing, okay?!”

“Everything is black, is this heaven?”

“Really? You’re gonna hide under the building like a house cat?”

“A? Can you stop touching my knee?”

“Um, my vision has gone green.” “You have green sunglasses on.” “Ah, that might be the reason.”

“If you’re not on a no-fly list somewhere in the world, someone is not doing their job.”

“Don’t open that.” “Wha-” *explosion* “…You could have told me you put a freaking bomb in there!”



“Did you see the way my hips were moving?”

“Are you in the habit of tattooing everyone unconcious?”

“My echolocation was not very effective.”

“My tummy hurts.”

“Is he going to go sulk in the corner?”

“That’s um… staggeringly unhelpful actually.”

“No, I’m having a snack, leave me alone.”

“Do those things and then jump off a bridge.”

“Look, think of it as science.”

“A,” “Yes?” “I want you-” “I want you too!” “-to…” “Oh we were talking about something else, my bad.”


“I didn’t appreciate your insults to my mother yesterday.”

“I have an auto-sniper and exactly zero shame.”

“Ahahahahaha, you’re so- fuck you.”

“Whenever you do something awesome it’s ‘Oh look at me’ but whenever you screw up it’s ‘Oh we’re a team’.”

“You are actually hiding in a hedge.”

“Don’t worry boys, pappas’ got this.”

“I know Psychology, I use it on you.” “What do you you mean you use it on m-” “Nevermind.”

“I’ll hit you.” “Sorry.”

“A continues to amaze me.”

“We only had about three hundred bullets, and you’ve just wasted all of our ammunition in case we get attacked?”

“Dude, something’s happening.”

“I literally have no control over myself.”

“I just wanted you to know that I genuinely despise your existence you piece of shit.”

“In my eyes A, you are a beautiful caterpillar.” “What?!”

Oh no, what appears to have happened?”

“I will not leave you A.” C: ”I will.”

“I do not trust you, turn around!”

“Where were you guys when they were trying to BLOW UP THE FRICKING BUILDING?!”

“Sorry, is this supposed to be spooky?”

“I technically landed.”

“Make it interesting…nOT THAT INTERESTING!”

“I thought there was a guy in front of me but it was my own shadow.”

“Well we can tick ‘genocide’ off out to do list.”

“That’s a lot of dead people.”

“You ran in front of a machine gun?!”

“I don’t have Medi’stuff’, I didn’t expect the two of you to be this incompetent.”

“Stop parkouring and come get this jewelry.”

“Gayness?” “Gayness.”

“I don’t want to look because I’m scared.”

“Something just went ‘boom’.”

“Okay, that wasn’t where I left it!”

“We’re gonna go around the tornado.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare say you can’t fly! FLY!”

“You’re so useless it’s not even funny.”

“Hey guys, I have an idea, why don’t you fuck off?

“I’m going to hide and if that fails…surrender.”

“Dipshit?” “Hmm?” “….the fact that you responded to ‘Dipshit’…”

“I have been trapped in my bathroom for the last 3 hours.”

tangled ribbons, ch14: encore

on Ao3 | on ffnet
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(Why We’re Here explanation on ao3) this chapter adds nothing new to the plot. it makes a few clarifications to ch13 but the plot of this story is finished. if you don’t want to read it, nothing will change (takes place a few months after ch13 btw)

also? it’s tangled ribbons’ one year anniversary. thank you to everyone who stuck with it and was so incredibly supportive

so here we are. back again for one finally hurrah, one final encore, and one final bow

i hope you enjoy

encore (n.) - french, a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience

Adrien squeezes his way through all the parents and loved ones and dancers covered in makeup and sweat. He hadn’t actually expected Nathalie to stay longer than expected so this is—

He doesn’t want to keep Nathalie waiting.

Plagg gives him a small salute as he finally gets through the crowd and backstage. Adrien would ask how Nathalie was even allowed backstage, but restrictions like those don’t seem to exist for her. She’s always able to get backstage if she needs to.

“She’s in your dressing room,” Tikki says without being prompted. “She hasn’t been there long, don’t worry.” She ruffles Adrien’s hair as he passes.

Adrien bats her hand away and smooths his hair back down, knowing that whatever gel is left in it has probably left it looking like a particularly inventive hairstyle. He shoots Tikki a grateful smile. “Thanks.”

“Break a leg,” Plagg teases as Adrien turns down the hall.

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I meant to post this on april fool’s day because my writing is a joke :) But I’m late, so here’s a joke posted on the wrong day.

Summary: Keith, who just happens to be coming down with a cold, is forced to wait out a thunderstorm with Lance.

“You’re still coming to pick me up, right?”

Lance’s voice is questioning, insecure, as if he doesn’t already know the answer. Keith sighs into the phone, before sniffling once, absently rubbing his nose on the back of his hand. “I thought we already went over this.”

“I know, but I called you and you weren’t picking up–”

“I was in class,” Keith retorts, pressing the phone to his ear with one hand as he slings his backpack over his shoulders with the other. He twists away briefly to cough into his shoulder. “The lecturer ended a little later than usual, that’s all.”

He can hear Lance’s hum of assent on the other end. “So, you are coming, then?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I am.” Keith pauses outside of the university building, scanning the parking lot for his motorbike, before he spots it parked in the far left corner. “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“The meeting ended ten minutes ago,” Lance responds, “so, not really.”

“That’s good,” Keith unfastens his helmet from where it’s been clipped around the handlebars, then fits it over his head, brushing loose strands of hair from his eyes. “….I’m heading off. I‘m going to have to hang up now, okay?”

“Okay,” Lance pauses. “I’ll see you in twenty minutes?”

“Fifteen.” Keith fishes a keychain out of his pocket, pausing to find the right key before inserting it into the ignition. “See you there.”

The engine starts up, a low rumble of sound and motion, and Keith presses the end call button before sliding the phone back into his pocket. He sniffles, before straightening slightly, navigating the bike carefully out of the parking lot.

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Feel Again (3) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2267

Warnings: Fuffly

Originally posted by little--batman

When Bucky opened his apartment door, what you saw wasn’t what you were expecting at all. His living room was beautiful; there were two black sofas and a giant yellow rug. It was perfect decorated, although it didn’t seem as if anybody actually lived there.

He leads you to his bedroom by your hand, it was cozy and you could clearly visualize him in there. He had light blue walls; his bed was messy with the grey shits and dark blue pillows. On the corner he had a white desk full of things you didn’t pay much attention to “Sorry about the mess” He says entering his bathroom “I’m gonna find a towel for you… both of you.” You keep holding the puppy close to your body, the poor thing was shaking. You need to find a name for him, but all you could think was ‘Caramel’ because of the amber/cream fluffy fur.

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Locked In (Part 7)

Originally posted by subcas

Summary: Detective Winchester is back home but things are tense around town after everything that’s happened…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,600ish

Warnings: language, mild violence

A/N: A happy part? Did it finally happen?…

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Little Moments

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,823 (with lyrics)

Warnings: none, just fluff.

Prompt: Sam’s always enjoyed the little moments he spends with Y/N. Every day with her is a new adventure and Sam wants to be in it for the long haul.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining ‘s 1K Challenge. It’s a little late, but better late than never right? My song was “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley. My gif is below. Shoutout to @megansescape for betaing this for me! Thanks a bunch!

Well I’ll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can’t even remember now what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red
And she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn’t even act like I was mad
Yeah I live for little moments like that

“It’s a stick, Y/N. You have to.. here, just… let me…shift -”

“I’ve got it Sam!” She argued, swatting my hand away. I gave a long sigh, holding my hands up in sacrifice. “See? I got it.” She pushed the clutch in, it growled a little, but soon enough, Y/N was driving a straight line down the road. When it needed to be shifted again, she slowed, put the clutch in and got right back up to normal speed. We drove around the block a couple times. It was 25 miles per hour, nothing too fast as she was just learning, but she seemed to be getting a hang of it quite quickly.

“Okay, let’s back up into the driveway,” I suggested, seeing as she was doing well going forward. Backing up was actually easier, in my opinion, but we’ll see how it worked for Y/N. “Clutch in. Gas off. Now shift to reverse. Okay… hover over the gas. You have to turn so you can see where you’re going Y/N.”

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Video Diaries - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Reader.

Originally posted by mypackismyanchorr

“Stiles, look at the camera!” You giggle, sitting on the ground in front of him.

He looks at you from his spot on the couch and he grins. “What do I say?”

You shrug and keep the camera focused on Stiles. “Anything.”

He sits up straighter and looks directly into the camera, pointing. “Y/N’s a dork.”

You laugh and shake your head. “Say something nice!”

Stiles repositions himself to look poised. “Y/N is a fashionable young lady.”

You laugh, turning to look at Scott and Lydia as they join in on the laughter.

“Stiles, I’m trying to get footage of senior year! You’ll appreciate this one day!”

Lydia snorts from her spot behind you. “Please, this is footage for your wedding.”

Stiles and you both roll your eyes and look at her. “We aren’t even dating.” Stiles says and you nod in agreement.

“Okay, fine. It’s not footage for your wedding.” Scott pipes up. “It’s to show your kids.” Lydia and Scott sit on the couch laughing as you and Stiles get continually annoyed.

“Scott!” Stiles snaps and Scott’s eyes have a quick flash of understanding before he quiets down.

“Scott say something nice.” You say and you focus the camera in between him and Lydia.

“I have a nice girlfriend..?” Scott holds his hands up in confusion.

“Okay, what about her?” You smile and zoom the camera in on his face, Stiles watching the viewfinder.

“Everything?” He asks and you nod. “Umm…her name’s Kira. She’s…pretty?”

“Scott McCall! You can’t even say nice things about your girlfriend?”

He shrugs. “I can’t help it!” You laugh, shutting the camera off. You finish out the night with teasing and laughter.

The next day you call Stiles, hoping to get some work done on the video just the two of you.

“Come over.” You tell Stiles, cradling the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you grab snacks from the kitchen.

“Are you busy?” He asks.

You wish he could see your eye roll. “Obviously not. I just want to hang out, maybe finish up your interview for the video.”

“I’m at the station with my dad…he says hi.”

“Hi, sheriff!” You yell, hoping he can hear. You hear him saying something to Stiles as you go to your room.

“Dad’s kicking me out so I’ll be right there. Do we have to do the interview today?” He says quietly.

“Stiles, come on! I did a video for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year, it’s all been building up!” You sigh.

“Okay, I’ll do it today. I look like a bum though.” You hear him start his car.

“What are you wearing?” You sit on your bed, setting the camera up after putting him on speakerphone.

“A t-shirt, flannel, and sweatpants.” He mumbles.

“Which ones?” You have almost a complete memorization of his closet…which is fair considering how many flannels you’ve stolen from him.

“Uhh, the red ones..why?” He questions.

You mentally cheer as he speaks. The red ones make his butt look great…not that you’re looking or anything. “Just asking.” You grin, glad he can’t see you. “You don’t look like a bum if you’re wearing the red ones.”

“I think I have jeans at your house anyway.” He says and you jump in to save the day.

“Stiles, the video is waist up. You won’t even see your sweatpants.”

“Okay. If you say so. I’m pulling in now.”

“Okay, be right there.” You hang up and go to the front door, letting him in.

“How bad do I look?” He asks as he notices you looking.

“You’re fine. Come on.” You lead him up to your room and to his seat in front of the camera. You sit behind the camera and pull out the list of questions you made.

“Okay, so what’s your name?” You smile at him as he answers. “What grade are you in?”

He drums his fingers on his lap. “I’m a senior.”

You nod. “So, for the last 3 years I’ve asked you who you like. Freshman year it was Lydia, sophomore and junior year you wouldn’t answer.” You raise an eyebrow. “What about this year?”

He smiles very faintly and shakes his head. “No answer.”

You knew he wouldn’t say it was you but you’re still a little sad. You’re distracted for the rest of the interview, not paying much attention to the answers.

“Hey, uh..can we go back to a question? He perks his head up a little.

“Sure, which one?” You look up at him.

“The one about who I like..I uh..I have an answer.” He rubs the back of his neck as color fills his cheeks.

“Go ahead..” You bite your lip.

"It’s..I like Y/F/N Y/L/N. That’s my answer for sophomore and junior year too.”

Your eyes go wide and you drop your questions on the floor. “Stiles…” You whisper and he stands up.

You stand after he does, the two of you walking towards each other.

“You were always my answer to that question.” You say as he places a hand on your waist.

“I don’t know why I never said anything.” He sighs and puts his forehead to yours.

You look at each other for a minute before your lips meet. You close your eyes, wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck and he pulls you closer. He kisses you passionately, the feeling of warmth surrounding you both. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist as he balances you on the wall.

“Stiles…the camera.” You say softly and he laughs.

“You really mean to capture every moment, don’t you?” He smiles and puts you down.

You turn it off and take apart the tripod. “So…” You grin at him. “Where were we?”

Conor Maynard Imagine - Perfect strangers.

You often wondered how the world of fame really worked. You woke up, went to work, then to a few parties, a premiere every now and then, and back home again. For you, being an actress in London had been quite easy since you started two years ago.

You thought you understood how the business worked. You guessed that getting the lead role for England’s most viewed TV show was important enough for your career to take off. But apparently, it wasn’t.

“His manager called me yesterday, said it would be benefitial for both of your careers” your manager told you. When you walked into the office at 9am on a Friday, the last thing you expected was for your him to having set you up for a blind date.

“Wait, wait” you took off your sunglasses and put them on the table. Your coffee soon followed. You sat down, your eyes wide open in surprise “I don’t even know this guy, and I am supposed to act as if I were his girlfriend?” You asked, emphasizing the word girlfriend.

“Look, Y/N, I know it sounds crazy, but they have a point” he said, leaning over his desk “It’ll give your show a lot of promo, and at the same time it’ll give publicity to his latest single”

“Oh, so he’s a singer?” you asked, getting slightly interested in the offer. You quickly brushed it off. You were not going to sell yourself like that “What’s his name?”

“Conor Maynard” your manager said. You shook your head, implying that you had never heard of him before “It doesn’t matter, I’ve heard he’s nice and all. I don’t think you should have any problems with him”

You sighed, passing a hand through your already messy hair “It’s not about the guy” you explained “It’s just that I don’t want to lie to the public like that”

“I know, Y/N, and you’re very caring for that” your manager said, nervously clicking a pen with his thumb “But it’s just for a night, you’ve been on dates before, right? Well, this is exactly the same”

You raised an eyebrow “The same?”

“Well, I don’t know what you do in your normal dates” he said, standing up. He stood besides the big glass window behind his desk. He always did that when he was nervous “If you agree, we’ll call the paparazzi and they’ll take a few shots of you, then you can go back home”

You didn’t want to do it, but at the same time, the same manager that was begging for you to go on that date was the reason your name was respected in the TV industry. How could you say no? “He agreed to do this?” you asked him “Conor, I mean”

“Yeah” he said, turning his head to look at you, hoping you would say yes as well “He recognised you even”

You would be lying if you said you weren’t impressed. And flustered. He couldn’t be that much of a dickhead if he was a famous singer, could he? You sighed and put your hands up in front of you, surrending “Fine, whatever, I’ll do it”

Your manager clapped his hands together and went over to you to rub your shoulders like a proud dad would have done. You suddently felt a little less bad, seeing him so happy “Great, Y/N, that’s fantastic” he said excitedly “I’ll call Conor’s manager right now and we’ll sort everything out for tonight”

“Tonight?!” you turned around abruptly, as he was already almost out of the door “But…that’s in such a short notice” The fact that it was a fake date didn’t mean you wouldn’t need at least three hours to get ready, and you already had a busy evening.

But your manager was long gone. You sighed as you took off your phone. If you were going out with that Conor - Maynard was it? - you sure were doing a lot of investigating beforehand.


Turns out Conor wasn’t as bad as you had expected him to be. You blasted a few of his songs while you got ready, and you hated to admit they were the catchiests ones you had heard in a long while. However, his undeniable talent and cuteness didn’t change the fact that going to that fake date was the last thing you wanted to do on a Friday night. 

Your manager had called a car to pick you up and drive you to the restaurant. The date was held in a cute, cosy place in central London you had been in a few times before. On your way to the restaurant, you quickly scrolled through his Instagram account again. 

‘Shit, Y/N, stop being a 9-year-old’ you told yourself ‘It’s just a date, two hours tops. You can fucking do this without being all dramatic on the inside’

As you were trying to convince yourself, the car stopped and you noticed you were indeed in front of the restaurant. You noticed that all the tables in front of the big glass windows were taken, so where were you supposed to be sitting for the paparazzis to see you? You didn’t have time to think as your door opened.

You thanked the driver and adjusted your top and hair before walking in. You weren’t wearing anything too extravagant, mainly because you didn’t want Conor to get the wrong idea. 

The metre then walked you over a small table strategically placed near the window, but not completely exposed. You thought the location was perfect for them to take pictures of you without making it too obvious that you wanted to be seen. How did managers think of every bloody detail?

Soon you spotted Conor waiting for you at your table. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a white shirt, and you blushed when you noticed you were matching. When he saw you, he got up on his feet and gave you a hug “Hey, Y/N, right?” he asked you. You noticed the nice smell of his cologne “I’m Conor”

“Nice to finally meet you” you smiled politely as you sat down in front of him. You had to admit the boy had given you a good first impression “How are you doing?”

“Good, yeah, I’m alright” he said as you opened the menus “Thanks” you both said to the waiter. He then looked at you, only to lean over the table “Look, I know this is weird, I mean, if you think about it it’s kind of crazy that we have to do this for publicity”

He laughed, and you found yourself smiling in response “It is, indeed” you agreed.

“The thing is, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do just for show” he said “I mean, we can hold hands and stuff, but it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable, I won’t do anything weird” 

“Thanks” you smiled. He was sweeter than you had expected “It’s really nice of you. We’ll see how it goes, yeah?”

He nodded “Yeah, sure”

Once the waiter took your orders, you started chatting about everything and anything. You noticed Conor was extremely rambly, and it was kind of cute when he noticed and stopped to say that he was rambling too much. He was also the funny type, something you would have never guessed from all the investigating you did. He always looked so serious in photos. He laughed at his own comments and talked too fast, which resulted in such a mess that made you laugh even more.

You were finishing your meal when, suddenly, your phone rang “Sorry, I need to take this” you told him as you saw your manager’s name on the screen. He nodded and you left for the bathroom.

“Is there anything wrong?” you asked abruptly. Why would he interrumpt your fake date if everything went as planned?

“Not exactly, but there’s been a tiny problem” he said from the other line.

You gulped “How tiny?”

“Well, turns out Harry Styles decided to have a date with a stranger at the same time as you guys” he sighed “The paparazzi got distracted, but don’t worry, we have a back up plan”

You sighed “I’m listening”

“You and Conor go to 1 Oak, which is ten minutes away on foot. They take pictures of you walking to the club, then entering it. You don’t have to stay there for a long time, since they’ll just leave afterwards” he informed you. 

You nodded, as if he could see you “Alright, thanks”

“How’s the date going, by the way?” you could basically hear his smile.

You rolled your eyes playfully “He’s not that bad” you told him “You thank God our zodiac signs are compatible, or else this would have gone way worse” you joked, making him laugh.

“Yeah, I totally chose him and not any other random singer because your signs are compatible” he said. You chuckled “Right, see you later. And have fun”

“See you” you hung up, sighing for the tenth time that night. 

When you told Conor about the change of plans, he seemed okay with it. He insisted on paying the bill, although you had told him it wasn’t necessary. You hated when boys paid just because you were a girl. But he ended up doing it anyway.

“Crap, now I owe you an ice-cream or something” you joked as the waiter took the bill away. 

He laughed “Sounds fair enough”

Once you got out of the restaurant, you caught glimpse of a camera flash by the corner of your eye. Almost involuntaringly, you grabbed Conor’s hand, catching him by surprise “Damn, you’re fast at this game” he commented, looking down at your hands. He intertwined your fingers together, sending a heat wave through your chest. 

“Used to it” you responded, trying not to think of how good his hand felt on yours.

You made your way to the club quickly as you told Conor about that one time you ate sheep poo when you were one, thinking it was chocolate. He couldn’t stop laughing “Is it weird that I did exactly the same?” he said, putting a hand on your stomach to stop you from crossing a red light that had just changed.

“Are you serious right now?” you laughed. 

“Actually, no” he laughed again “I’m not that stupid” he joked, pushing you with his shoulder. You gave him a fake angry look only to make him laugh again. You smiled. Shit, that laugh was addicting.

Once you got to the club, you saw another paparazzi “Quick, Conor, kiss me or something” you said suddenly, not really thinking your words through.

He stared at you blankly “W-What do you mean?” he asked, confused “Is there a pap out there or something?”

“Essentially, yeah” you said.

As another bright light flashed, you felt Conor’s hand on your exposed back, his other hand travelling to your neck. He leaned in slowly, brushing his nose against yours delicately “I can stop right here if you want me to” he whispered, but you weren’t listening.

Was he that hot at the restaurant? You shook your head slightly and closed the gap between you, feeling his smooth lips against yours. A few seconds later, he pulled away, and your lips felt cold again “Shall we go in for a bit, then?” he asked you casually, as if he hadn’t just given you the sexiest peck of your life.

You nodded and walked in ahead of him, his hand still resting on your back. As you paid for your drinks - it wasn’t as good as ice-cream, but he didn’t object - you noticed you couldn’t even look at him in the eye. It wasn’t rejection. You were confused. 

You didn’t want to go on that date in the first place. It was all a montage, all fake. So why were you feeling so weird inside? You had kissed other actors on camera many times, Conor wasn’t any different. Or was he? As he took your hand and dragged you to the dancefloor, you weren’t so sure anymore. 

“You alright there?” he asked sweetly, tapping your head with his finger.

You smiled “Yeah, why?”

“You just seemed a bit off” he said. A tall man behind you with too many drinks on his hand - and on his body - pushed you aside abruptly as he made his way to a crowded table. Conor put his arms around you and pulled you closer to his chest in response.

“You okay?” he asked, giving that guy a dirty look. When he looked down at you, you moved your eyes away from his. What the hell was wrong with you?

You hid your face on his chest, unable to do or say anything. You knew you had screwed up “Y/N” you heard him say, his voice sounding concerned. He put a hand on your chin and lifted up your head so you were finally looking at him in the eye “It was the kiss, wasn’t it?” he asked, a tone of regret on his voice.

“It’s not the kiss, Conor” you assured him “It’s me, I’m an idiot” you released yourself from his embrace, feeling cold again “I’m sorry, I better head home. Thanks for tonight” 

But he grabbed your arm, pushing you back to him “Don’t leave like that” he said, and you could tell by his eyes that he truly felt sorry.

You gave him a small smile “It’s okay, really” you said before trying to walk away again, but failing. Not because of Conor’s grip on your arm, but because you didn’t want to leave. You couldn’t find the strengh to move away from him, when all you wanted to do was to try those lips again “I’m an idiot” you said before walking over to him and hugging him again.

“Hey” he whispered “We are all idiots here”

You looked up at him again, not removing your eyes from his this time. All your life you had been scared of feelings, of emotions. You never let yourself be free, you never listened to your heart. But now you decided it was about time you bloody did as it told you.

You put your arms around Conor’s neck, his wrapped around your exposed waist. He leaned in, slower this time, and gave you a butterfly kiss. You laughed before he finally pressed your lips together again. But this time, it was for real.

“Way to turn a fake date into a real one” you joked once you pulled away for air, your noses still touching.

He let out a small laugh “I’d love to go on another fake date with you, miss” you smiled as he pressed your lips together again, hungrily this time. Suddenly, you didn’t care anymore about the paparazzi, or the fame, or anything outside that club. The only thing that mattered was that you had found someone special, someone who you knew would treat you like a queen. Because if he had been the sweetest while you were strangers, you couldn’t imagine how great he’d be when you become perfect strangers.