i have a thing for joshua malina

  • Janel Moloney: The best thing was to just milk [the chemistry with Brad] as long as possible. I always knew that I had a job if I was his assistant. The second I became his lady it would have been like, oh, Donna’s fired! Goodbye Janel!
  • Josh Malina: Good thinking. Thankfully your guys’ romance was in the days before these horrific relationship names that fans come up with. You guys are just Josh and Donna. You would have been Jonna or Dosh, which really doesn’t have the same beauty to it.
  • Janel Moloney: Yeah, that’s true.
  • Hrishikesh Hirway: If we were going to do a shipper name though, what would you pick? I’m going to give you a couple of options besides the ones that Josh just listed. Do you like Joshatella, or Jonnatella, or Lymoss?
  • Janel Moloney: Lymoss is cool.
  • Hrishikesh Hirway: I mean, none of them are cool, but they’re all at least better than Dosh.