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Watch The Counter

I owe this whole thing to @pretentious-git on Tumblr who posted a prompt/imagine and then let me take it into my hands.
“Okay but imagine Draco just walking into the Slytherin dorms all dramatic like and wailing about Harry to his friends and for once no one tells him to shut up so he just talks and talks but they’re all totally giddy for once because someone tipped off Harry and rigged up a spell for a word-counter in the Gryffindor dorms, so Harry’s sitting in his dorm room watching this little counter climb higher and higher because every number counts for Draco saying either ‘Harry, Potter, or Harry Potter’ in a sentence and Harry can’t believe it when he watches the counter go from 5 to like, 13514 in one night.”
I want to thank you so much for letting me use and play with this.

Draco had been pining over Harry for years, and the Slytherins are tired of hearing about it and need to get some fun. No one knew exactly how it was going to end.

Harry’s eyes widen as his arm is gripped tightly by someone and he is pulled into an empty classroom. His eyes gaze at the hand on his arm before following the limb, his gaze meeting no other than Pansy Parkinson’s hard glare. Pulling his arm away swiftly from the Slytherin’s grasp, and opening his mouth he tries to find his words before realizing he can’t find them and closing it again. Pansy smirked while watching the Gryffindor’s confidence waver slightly. “Don’t worry Potter. I’m not here to hex you. I have something you may be interested in knowing.” This catches the green-eyed boy’s attention, causing his words to come rushing back to him. “What could you possibly have that I would want?” He says, his hand loosely wrapping around his wand as a caution though his curiosity is beginning to take over more and more. “It’s about Draco. He goes on and on about the boy-who-lives, and it’s been driving all of us Slytherin’s crazy since the first year when you rejected his handshake. However, it has gotten worse. I thought we could maybe have some fun with this, however, a way of keeping any of us from drowning him in the lake if you will.” she says her voice completely serious much to Harry’s surprise. He looked at the Slytherin in front of him quizzically before speaking again. “Um, I don’t know what to say to that. What do you expect me to do in this little scheme of yours? I would also like to add that there is no way Malfoy would talk about me of his own free will unless it was to make fun or plot some evil scheme.” As he finishes, he attempts to erase the slight blush he knows is beginning to grow on his cheeks. A cunning and confidence filled smirk growing bigger on the Slytherin girls features. “Wanna bet Potter?” she asks, a daring look in her eye. The Slytherin in Harry begins to stir at the challenge. “Sure Parkinson, you’re on.” She smiles and pulls out a piece of parchment from her bag, scribbling a few words on it before handing the paper to the boy. “Here. If you say these words a number counter will appear and display anytime, he says your name in any form. Beware of what you’re about to realize Gryffindor.” She says, a knowing look taking over her features as she throws her long black hair over one shoulder and walks out of the room, leaving Harry to stare down at the paper with a weird feeling stirring in his stomach.

Walking into the Gryffindor common room, Harry flops down on one of the oversized chairs, his mind still on the parchment folded in his robe pocket. “Oi, Harry you alright there mate?” Ron says forcing Harry out of his trance, his head wiping toward the red head. “Sorry, I’m alright. I was just thinking about something from earlier.” The redhead nods before turning back to his game of wizard chess with Seamus, who was sitting on Dean’s lap next to the fire. “Hey, guys do you mind if I try this spell?” Harry asks the small group who were hanging out in the common room. They all turn towards Harry at his question; eyebrows quirked up as a response. Sighing the raven haired boy wiped a hand down his face before speaking. “I was cornered by Parkinson, and she told me something interesting, she also gave me this spell to prove her point.” At the mention of the infamous Slytherin everyone’s attention being drawn to him entirely, books and chess games momentarily forgotten. “What was her point?” Dean asked into the silent room. Harry let out another sigh, “She says that Malfoy talks about me nonstop, and apparently in a nice-ish way. I bet her that she was wrong, so she handed me this paper with a spell that will tell us every time he says my name.” There were hums of acknowledgment throughout the room before Ron bursts out “Well on with it man! If nothing else it will give us the inside scoop into the Slytherin’s nest if we ever need it.” Harry nodded and took out the parchment along with his wand, casting the spell. When he finishes the words, a small screen appears above the fireplace along with what seems to be a score counter. As everyone’s heads turn towards the screen, they realize that it is the Slytherin commons room and dorms. When nothing else seemed to occur after a few minutes, everyone turned back to their books and games, including Harry who pulled out his potions textbook and parchment, starting on a long night of essay writing.

Harry’s eyes snap open at the feeling of someone shaking him awake. As his eyes focus on the room around him, he sees Ron standing in front of him while Dean and Seamus have turned around to look above the fireplace and Ginny and Hermione have joined the guys and are sitting on one of the couches, also staring up at the fireplace. “Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to startle you but stuff started happening on the screen.” Ron says as he makes his way back over to the couch he had been sitting on before. Wiping the sleep from his eyes before looking up at the screen displayed on the wall surprised when his eyes make contact with the counter seeing that it’s already showing the number 10, as his gaze raises higher he sees Draco pacing in the middle of the emerald and silver common room. “Can we turn the sound on?” Harry asks, his voice coming out a bit raspy from sleep as his gaze meets Hermione’s. She nods and points her wand at the display causing the young Malfoy’s voice to echo throughout the room. ” Why does Potter always have to be such a righteous prat? ” The blonde said, his eyes locked with Pansy and Blaise who were sharing an armchair, his voice indicating he was talking to the room. “ He may have the Potter name but he’s nothing more than a royal pain in my arse. ” Harry’s eyes switched to the counter seeing the number getting higher. A weird feeling beginning bubbling in his chest, which he quickly pushed down his gaze going back to the video. “ All I heard in the hallway on my way here was Potter this, Potter that. It’s like he’s the Chosen One or something. I mean who chose him? Why would they chose someone like Potter to be our world’s Savior? I mean have they seen the little shit? In just one year he fainted over 35 times. What is he? A fangirl or something? ” The blonde rants out all in one breath his pacing coming to a stop as he dramatically throws himself into a chair opposite Pansy and Blaise. Closing his silver eyes he starts ranting again, his voice a little quieter than it was even though the entire commons room is still able to hear him, silent eye rolls passed between students as the blonde drowns on. “ I mean some days I just want to shove him against a wall and kiss him. Other days, however, I just want to push him against a wall. It all depends on how heroic he intends to be that day. Seriously, kill him or kiss him. Does anyone else have this problem when it comes to our Saint and Savior Scarhead? ” At the Slytherin’s confession everyone’s head in the crimson and gold common room turn to look at Harry, the raven-haired boy’s face turning almost a Weasley shade of red as his eyes continuing to stare unblinkingly at the video in front of him as the blonde continues to say things that he never thought he would hear from the young Malfoy. “ You wanna know how it should have gone back in first year? ” The blonde asks to the room, many groans heard even though it was their collective idea to let him drone on and on today, Malfoy was still an ear full to deal with when he went on one of his ‘I hate Potter but am really in love with him but don’t know it cause I don’t think or listen about what comes out of my mouth when I talk about Harry Potter’ rants The teen sends a glare at the students who responded to his question before turning his attention back to his friends. “ It should have gone like this. I introduce myself, and hold out my hand, he accepts it and then proceeds to question his sexuality and how the earth orbits. Is that really to much to ask? ” Blaise being the weaker of the two Slytherin’s before Draco can’t help it when he bursts into a fit of laughter, quickly burying his face in the back of Pansy’s shoulder in an attempt to go unnoticed. This tactic doesn’t work in the slightest earning him glares from the students around him who felt he may be blowing their cover. However as always when it came to Draco ranting about Harry he was oblivious to almost anything else. “ I’m serious, Potter with his perfectly messy hair and Potter with his gorgeous green eyes and Potter with his stupid Gryffindor bravery; why does he always have to be little miss perfect? Hasn’t he figured out that unless you’re me being perfect all the time is stupid? I guess not though since he has yet to trip and fall down a hundred flights of stairs. ” At that Harry rolls his eyes, the blush still present on his features from Draco’s comment on his sexuality. Harry felt the bubbling feeling in his stomach come back, this time with more force. Harry knew that if he hadn’t been sitting down the effect of the sensation would have forced his knees to buckle, silently he focussed on pushing the feeling away, blocking out everything else around him in the process. He hadn’t realized that the blonde had continued speaking so when his senses came back to him he realized that the silver eyed Slytherin had kept talking about him. “ Up. Down. Left. Right. Everywhere I look it’s Harry fucking Potter this, Harry fucking Potter that, oh and let’s not forget the times Harry fucking Potter is standing in front of me with his stupid face and perfect lopsided grin. Can’t I have just one Potter-less hour?! Wait wait wait til I take that back. Yeah don’t do that. I’ll keep my hours Potter-full. But only so I can make fun of course, there is no other reason I would want him around, yeah no. Another think I want to know is why he doesn’t listen when I talk? Once I was telling him how he had a nice face, however all he did was tell me to piss off. And again in fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament I told him of how I bet against my father and said that he may actually last a bit and survive. But once again nothing more than a piss off. ” Even from the view of the video the smirk on Pansy’s face was unmistakeable, a wicked look flashing in her eyes. “ So what you’re saying is that you don’t like Harry Potter, our Boy Who Lived, is that correct Dray? ” The blonde rolled his eyes though the corners of his mouth seemed to be trying to fight past his mask to form a smile. “ Fuck Potter, Fuck Potter, Fuck Potter. That’s all I have to say on stupid Fucking Potter. ” The dark haired girls smirk grew even more as she took in the answer. “ Wait I think I’m seeing a pattern here. ” she exclaimed excitedly, shifting slightly in her seat so she is facing Draco fully, her back to Blaise. “ Oh fuck you! ” The blonde say, raking a hand through his gelled back hair, messing it up slightly. Pansy rolls her eyes and laughs a little at Draco’s outburst. “ Oh sweetheart, I don’t think that is what you were asking for a moment ago. ” She shines an innocent smile at him as be begins muttering under his breath. “What did you say? ” she ask innocently, batting her eyes as she speaks. Draco rolls his eyes but speaks up anyway, making sure to direct it to her and not the whole common room. “ All I say is fuck off, but all I want to say is fuck me.

At this confession, Harry’s concentration on the screen is broken as if a spell had been on him. Trying to recover from what Malfoy had said he coughs, it quickly turning into a fit. When he can regain his ability to breath, he quickly stands, rushing out of the common room and into his dorm, slamming the door behind him, placing a locking charm on the door. The raven-haired teen paces back and forth in the dorm, trying to figure out what Draco meant by what he said, and furthermore what Draco had said meant to Harry himself. Forcing himself to take deep breaths Harry sits down on his bed, putting his head in his hands as he attempts to process what he had gotten himself into today. The blonde Slytherin’s words echo throughout the room as Harry sat in silence.

He is knocked out of his thoughts as someone knocks on the door, Harry realizes the locking spell on the door and opens it, his eyes never leaving the floor. He let out a small sigh as he felt someone sit next to him on the bed, someone’s hand intertwining with his own. Looking up he lets a little smile show on his features as his green orbs meeting Hermione’s brown ones. She smiles back at him, squeezing his hand. “Are you okay?” she asks softly, Harry rolls his eyes just a little before looking away from her. “I’m okay, thanks ‘Mione. Just surprised I guess.” She nods understanding watching the floor as well. “You’re not the only one surprised, I mean I had suspicions about you but it never even occurred to me that Malfoy may feel the same.” Hermione’s words caused Harry to look up staring at her profile. “Suspicions about me on what?” He asked dreading the answer he knew would explain the feelings he had been feeling in his stomach. “Suspicions that you liked Malfoy.” It felt like a stake to the heart as he notices that he is as transparent as they come. “I didn’t think anyone knew,” he mutters quietly, mostly to himself thought he knew Hermione had heard, resting her head on his shoulder they both sighed softly.

They had settled into a comfortable silence causing them both to jump when they heard Ron scream “Bloody hell.” from the common room. Glancing at each other they both stand, hands still intertwined as they go back to the common room together. The two break apart as they walk down the last few stairs and into the common room, the view in front of them almost makes Harry laugh. The two boys sitting in front of the fire are laughing, their gaze going between the video and Ron, his sister laughing while patting him on the back, the ginger boys head is in his hands mumbling under his breath. Breaking apart Hermione goes to sit back down by Ginny, Harry walking over to where he had been sitting. “Mate, you alright?” Harry echoes the words his best friend had said earlier; the Weasley boy looks up at his friend, horror in his eyes as they meet Harry’s green ones. “I-i-i,” he starts unable to speak aloud correctly, clearing his throat he tries again. “I just got what Malfoy had said before you left. Just Ewww.” He says running his hand through his ginger hair as a shudder runs through his body. At this action, Harry bursts into a fit of laughter paying no mind to the blonde still talking.

After a moment or two his laughing calms down, and he looks back at his best friend who still has a look of horror on his face. Letting out a long sigh he looks up to the screen at the sound of the Slytherin’s voice again. “ Potter is such a git, ” Malfoy says, running his hand through his hair again which is already a wreck almost a mirror image of Harry’s most of the time. For the first time since they had been watching Blaise speaks up on his mind on the subject. “ I know right. Fuck Potter. ” At the other man’s words, Draco speaks again. “ Yes, I hate him more than all of the other Gryffindorks, him specifically. ” His silver eyes are closing as he lets out a big sigh. “ No Draco, fuck him .” The dark haired boy says looking at the blonde with a slight smirk growing on his face. “ Yeah I know I- ” Draco starts again, most likely about to start another long monolog that could have a real possibility of keeping both groups of students in their common rooms all night. “ Fuck him, ” Blaise says again, letting the smirk he had been suppressing show its true color at the silence he is greeted with from Draco and the almost silent giggling coming from Pansy who is hiding her face into his shoulder, he speaks again to further get his point across in case Draco ends up being just as oblivious as Harry always is. “ Fuck Potter, or at least kiss him or at the very least tell him how you feel. ” At this, a shade of red that could only be compared to the Gryffindor shade made its home on Draco’s pale skin along his cheeks, ears, and neck. Harry could feel his own face, ears, and neck turning a matching shade of red, the blush burning his tanned skin as he runs a hand over his face and then through his hair.

For the rest of the night, Harry sits in the overly cushioned chair dozing off, his eyes occasionally gazing at the counter on the wall. As the sun begins to come through the tower windows, Harry smiles to himself seeing the Slytherin groups asleep in their common room, spread out on a sofa and chair. The green-eyed man’s gaze slowly trails down the counter, eyes widening when he sees the number 13,514 displayed on the wall. His smile growing into a huge grin at the realization of everything that happened the night before. He looks around the common room finding Ron laying face down on the floor looking like he got pushed off the sofa, Ginny and Hermione sharing said sofa, Seamus and Dean also sprawled out on the floor with blankets and pillows spread out around them, and Neville who had come in late after studying in the library was half falling off a matching armchair to Harry’s. Quietly the raven-haired boy stands and makes his way to his dorm, quickly changing into a set of his muggle clothes seeing at it was Saturday, checking the clock to see that it was a little after 7:30 am he makes his way out of the dorms and into the cold, empty corridors of the castle. While focussing on keeping quiet Harry forgot to check the image above the fireplace making it a complete surprise when he runs face first into the chest of a white-blonde Slytherin. The dark haired boy feels an arm wrap strongly around his waist the other grabbing his arm to steady him. Looking up into the silver eyes of the other man Harry’s smile falters slightly before growing into an almost wicked smirk realizing that he knows everything from last night but that Draco knows nothing about it. The young Malfoy seems to realize just how close they and lets go of Harry’s waist his hand lingering on the others man a few moments longer before being removed as well. The two teens stand in the hallway and look at each other, Harry’s face showing a smirk while Draco’s was masked, though his eyes seemed to betray him by showing slight nervousness. The two stood that way for what felt like forever but couldn’t have been more than a few minutes before Harry broke the silence, his eyes glinting with just a little bit of mischief from knowing something the other doesn’t. “Malfoy, what are you doing out and about so early? Your fellow Slytherin’s threaten to throw you in the lake yet?” Harry ask remembering Pansy talking about the Slytherin’s using the stuff from last night to have fun and stop them from drowning Draco in the lake with the giant squid. The blonde’s eyes betray him again by widening in slight shock before recovering once more. “Don’t get your lacy pink panties in a twist Potter. Why would you care if I was thrown into the lake to drown anyway? Disappointed it wouldn’t be you tossing me in there? Not that I am getting thrown in the lake in the first place.” Harry rolls his eyes at the other man in the hall, the bubbling feeling coming back to him as he takes in Draco’s features up close; his perfect porcelain skin, how the light shines against his white blonde hair making it look like he has a halo surrounding his head, His silver eyes taking in Harry before meeting his green ones. “No that’s not it, Dray.” At the use of Pansy’s nickname, Draco’s masks falters again, this time lasting longer in its falter before he recovers. “Dray? Where did you hear such a name?” Harry smiles, the wicked grin being replaced for a small and shy smile. “I guess you could say we have a mutual friend.” Harry says before walking down the hall towards the Great Hall for breakfast, turning to look back at Draco with the smirk on his lips once more. “You coming?” He asks, receiving a distracted nod as Draco absentmindedly falls into step next to him. The walk to the Great Hall is quiet, green eyes meeting silver ones repeatedly as the two walk. Harry reaches his hand out to open the door that would lead them into the Great Hall he feels Draco’s hand touch his arm causing him to lower his arm and turn towards the blonde. The Slytherin looks up and down the man in front of him, the corners of his mouth fighting to pull up into a smile. “What do you know?” he asks, his eyes searching the slightly shorter man’s face. Placing a mask of innocent on his face Harry smiles at Draco “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I know plenty of things which one are you talking about?” A slight chuckle escapes the pale man as he takes in Harry’s innocent demeanor. “You’re acting different, and I want to know why.” Draco states trying to command his feelings towards the person away and channel them into his mask. He had known he had feelings for Potter for awhile now but he wasn’t able to accept them, he had messed up back in the robe shop the September before the first year when a cute brunette boy walked in, and he had been the prim, and proper son Lucius Malfoy had taught him to be instead of being himself. He knew he was not good enough for Harry so why bother, right? Harry smiles his real and genuine lopsided grin at Draco, a smile that only people close to him ever see. “I’m not acting differently in the slightest Malfoy.” When he says, the teen’s last name comes out soft and nice as if it was ‘Mione’s name instead of stiff and hard like he would normal say the other student’s surname. “Oh bullshit,” Draco exclaimed causing Harry to chuckle aloud, Draco’s world stopping for a moment at the almost angelic sound of the other man’s laughter. “You are acting differently. Your walking, talking, smiling, and laughing with me. You’re using a nickname only one person ever calls me. Something is up; I know it so spills.” He rants, unnerved as the thought begins to dawn on him that Harry could know about his feelings and that he may just be playing with the blonde to get back at him for the past five or so years of torment that Draco and his fellow Slytherin purebloods have caused him. Harry lets out another chuckle before pulling himself together. “All I will admit to is that a little bird spent all last night going on about some righteous prat named Potter that he apparently had a problem deciding if he wanted to kiss or kill. If you want my opinion I would say kiss the Saint and Savor Scarhead, seems like it would make more sense to do that. I mean you could always kill him later.” The Gryffindor remarks before shining another signature lopsided grin at Draco before reaching out to open the door and disappearing into the Great Hall leaving the Slytherin dumbfounded in his wake.

The Great Hall slowly begins to fill as the morning drags on. Harry smiles as his Luna walks over to him, her being the only Ravenclaw to come down for breakfast. Smiling back she sits down next to the raven-haired man. “Good morning ‘Arry,” she says before grabbing a plate and placing some food on it. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit here I just really don’t want to sit alone, you know?” Harry nods, knowing the feeling of not wanting to be alone all too well. “It’s perfectly fine with me Luna.” With huge smiles, the two dig into their food waiting on the others to join them.

First is Hermione, followed by Ron who sits in front of the two not even batting an eye at the fact that someone outside of their house was sitting with them. Ron sleepily piles food onto his plate, almost face planting into it multiple times while Hermione grabs some eggs, toast, and hashbrowns digging in for a few moments before striking up a conversation with Luna over one of the books the two had been cramming over after classes yesterday. Next came Ginny who immediately noticed Luna and sat next to her, she piles her plate with food to make sure she would have enough energy for the Quidditch practice game later in the day, her eyes never leaving the artistic illustrations Luna was making with her hands as she spoke with passion about the book her and Hermione were discussion. Seamus, Dean, and Neville came in and sat down next never missing a beat in the heated discussion they were having over what seemed to be two Quidditch teams. Last to join as always, probably because they were too busy plotting or executing pranks to remember what time it was, was the famous Weasley twin who sat down next to Harry immediately trying to convince him to join in with one of their brilliant plans they had in the works, saying that if they had the Chosen One on their side there was no way they could get caught. Harry rolled his eyes at the twins drowning out the rest of their conversation as he made eye contact with a certain blonde Slytherin from across the room, even with a faint blush making his way to his cheeks he pulled his lips into a small smirk and winked at the blonde before turning back to his friends.

As people began to join the Gryffindor table the same was happening at the Slytherin’s with Pansy and Blaise making themselves at home on either side of Draco. Crabbe and Goyle even made an appearance by sitting across the table from the trio, knowing better than to act like they were part of the group. As soon as Pansy was seated Draco turned to her his voice coming out as a commanding whisper. “What did you do?” He asked, worry running ramped in his mind as he tried to assess how much Harry knows. The Slytherin girl looks over Draco’s shoulder at Blaise as they let it sink in the Draco could know what they had set up with the Golden Boy last night. Putting on a smirk the girl turns her attention back to the blonde in front of her. “What are you on about Dray?” she asks trying to put as much innocence into her voice as she can in case he doesn’t know anything. “That, that right there. You’re not the only one that has called me that today, what did you do?” Draco asks nervously, his fingers unknowingly playing with his fork as he watches the girl with interest. Pansy twist her hair around her finger as she decides what to tell him. However, she is thrown from her thinking when she hears Blaise speak up. “It wasn’t just her, it was all of the Slytherins,” he mumbles unable to make eye contact with Draco’s glowing silver eyes. “What did you do?” Draco says in a dangerously low voice, his body already preparing to run as his brain eliminates possibilities. “Don’t go all dark lord murder spree, okay?” Blaise asks, receiving a not so convincing nod in return. “Okay so all of us,” he says gesturing his hand in an indication of the Slytherin tables. “Had grown tired of you going on and on about Potter since the first year. So we took matters into our own hands and got a spell that would show the commons room in a video form as well as a score counter that would display every time you said Potter’s name in any form. Pansy proceeded to give this to him. As far as we know he may have used it last night which could mean he knows everything you said last night.” Blaise finishes his eyes finally meeting Draco’s watching the blondes mask melting away being replaced first by worry, then happiness, and lastly by anger which causes him to look away. In one swift motion, Draco is standing looking between Blaise and Pansy before looking up and down the table at the other Slytherin’s sitting silently waiting for what Draco was going to do. He looks back at Blaise and Pansy when he speaks even though he is yelling and knows that the whole Great Hall can hear him. “YOU. DID. WHAT?” with his anger filled eyes staring into them neither of them speaks, Pansy only letting out a slight shriek. As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he glances across the room his eyes meeting brilliant green ones for nothing more than a second before he turns on his heels, running out of the Great Hall.

When Draco breaks eyes contact with Harry, he momentarily feels empty, alone. Quietly he stands and makes his way out of the Great Hall when he is out of the Hall he pulls the Marauders map out of his pocket thanking himself for making it a habit of taking it with him wherever he went. When the map is opened, he runs his finger along the paper trying to find the name he wants out of all the other students, teacher, and staff residing inside the castle. As he finds the name, he lets out a sigh of relief seeing that he was somewhere nearby. Closing the map and putting it away he breaks into a sprint, making his way through the corridors towards the lake.

When Harry gets to the lake, he stops when he can see a head of blonde hair resting on one of the large rocks by the shoreline. He takes a few deep breaths before taking a few step closer only stopping when he is standing next to the other man. Clearing his voice in a way to get the Slytherin’s attention he sits down next to him, their shoulders touching. “Are you okay?” the brunette asks his eyes searching Draco’s profile. “Why do you care?” Draco responds, his voice coming out gruff as if he is having an internal fight with himself. “I have always cared, what happened yesterday just showed me how much I care,” Harry says, giving up on making eye contact with the taller man and just staring out at the calm dark water. “It’s fine if you didn’t mean anything you said last night, it’s not like you knew the full story of who was hearing your words, so it’s understandable if you don’t feel the same.” Harry rambles into the silence around them. Harry opens his mouth to speak again after a few minutes but closes it as Draco’s slender finger run against his jaw, turning his head towards him. Green eyes meet silver ones for what feels like the first time all over again; neither filled with anger, neither glazed over by a mask. They stare into each other’s eyes for what feels like forever, the scenery around them blurring into nothingness as they take on the other. Slowly Draco moves forward, his eyes glancing between Harry’s lips and his eyes, Harry leans forward as well, their lips brushing against one another as eyes flutter shut. The kiss becomes heated, Draco pulling Harry into his lap with the brunette straddling him. After a few more minutes the two slowly pull apart, their foreheads resting against each other as they catch their breaths. Without warning Draco breaks into a fit of laughter, causing Harry to lean back to get a better look at the blonde in front of him. “Are you okay?” Harry asks a smile growing on his features. The blonde continues laughing, putting his head on the other boy’s shoulder. “I-I’m okay just never thought I would be kissing the Chosen One, let alone have him straddling me.” He says into Harry’s shirt, the confession causing Harry to laugh along with Draco. With a huge smile, Harry pulls Draco’s face away from his shoulder, pulling his lips into another breathtaking kiss.

ssilverstreak  asked:

“Maybe I’m just crazy.” LadyNoir

“Looks like I win this one My Lady,” Chat said twirling his baton before striking an arrogant pose. 

“That wasn’t a fair challenge, you are taller than I am.”

“You never said I had to play fair.” 

“Alright fine what’s your question?” Ladybug sighed. 

Chat tilted his head to the side clearly debating what bit of information he wanted to get this time. 

As much as she grumbled and teased Ladybug had to admit she rather liked these bizarre game they had begun with each other. On slow nights they would come up with all sorts of competitions and the winner would get to ask the other a question that they had to answer truthfully. He had never pushed for anything that would be a dead giveaway as to her identity, sticking instead to more neutral things like favorite dessert or what she thought the most important quality in a good parent was. It didn’t hurt that she won their little contests more often than not, and it had proven to be an extremely effective way of learning more about her partner without letting on how curious she herself was as to who the boy behind the mask really was. After all, he had made no secret of the fact that he would happily tell her anything she wanted to know right down to his name and address. 

Still, despite her insistence on continued secrecy, she selfishly treasured all the little tidbits that she had gathered thus far on her partner. He loved cheesy movies and liked to sing along with musicals- even though singing was not his strong suit. He had a terrible sweet tooth but hated having chocolate in the morning. He preferred tea to coffee and craved sushi whenever he was in a bad mood. He thought girls looked sexier when they left some things to the imagination and his idea of a perfect date was cuddling under blankets while watching movies and playing video games. While she had never said it allowed to anyone, part of her secretly hoarded these secrets in hopeful anticipation of the day she would walk the streets of Paris no longer clad in red and black, but still side by side with the laughing, blond haired boy who had become one of her dearest friends. 

“Ok,” Chat said, pulling her attention back from her musings, “I have my question.” 

She looked at him expectantly. 

“Why won’t you go out with me? And don’t give me the “I don’t know who you are, speech cause I know that’s not what this is about,” he said before she could launch into her usual argument. 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” she said, fiddling with her yo-yo and trying to sound flippant.” 

“Look,” Chat said leaning against a chimney, “I am not gonna get upset, and I am not using this to try to guilt you into anything I promise. I just…” he dropped his eye contact, “You’re the only person I’ve ever tried to pursue and we both know that was a bust, so I want to know what I am doing wrong.” 

“I see,” Ladybug said, not sure how to interpret the strange mishmash of feelings his statement caused, “did you… I mean, have you met someone?” 

“No… yes… I donnow… Maybe. I just thought… I figured I should know where I am going wrong so if I do decide to try for something I won’t completely crash and burn.” 

“Oh, Kitty,” she said, torn between amusement and horror at his look of complete dejection, “it was never anything wrong with you. Any girl would be lucky to have you- or boy, I mean you never really said-” 

“It’s a girl,” he said, rolling his eyes playfully and giving her a small smile, “you haven’t completely ruined me for other women bugaboo.” 

“Well, regardless, it was never about you.” She felt her face flushing a little as she tried to meet his eye, “I never really said anything because I didn’t want to be mean but, I sort of already like someone else.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said looking panicked, “I didn’t… I mean I should have guessed-” 

“It’s ok,” she laughed, “it’s not like we are together. And besides, while you may be a flirt you are hardly overstepping. In fact you are a rather gentlemanly tomcat,” she teased. 

“Well of course My Lady,” he said with a bow, “you deserve nothing less after all.” He straightened with a smile but his tail still twitched nervously. “So I’m not completely hopeless then?” 

“Not at all,” she said warmly. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I already have someone I might have even thought about asking you out,” she admitted. He preened at the compliment, the familiar happy gleam lighting up his face at her approval. “But don’t take that as an excuse to sit around waiting for me,” she said poking him lightly in the nose.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said smiling and batting her hand away, “besides all I ever wanted was your happiness and if you think you can find that with… whoever it is you like, then that’s enough for me.” 

“Thank’s Chat,” she smiled. 

“Just make sure you invite me to the wedding.” 


“Trust me you want me at this wedding. A Ladybug wedding would be incomplete without Chat Noir you know.” 

“Ok. I promise you’ll be there.” 

(All drabbles for this series can be found tagged as #4 word prompt drabbles on my page.)

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Prompt: Rebelcaptain - Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he meets Jyn.

This Is How It Happens (We Are Born to Burn)

We are born to burn, she thinks.

As Jyn watches the horizon on fire, she thinks, this is how it happens, and her arms wrap tighter around Cassian. She thinks of her father’s biology lessons on Lah’mu when she was a child, thinks about cells fusing together and becoming one, and then a miracle sweeps them up into the sky.

As they break atmo, their bodies broken but alive, she watches his chest rise and fall with labored breaths and thinks, we are born to burn. She just thought that had meant Scarif.

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One For Both Teams Part 1

Summary: Starting fifth year in a completely new area proves less confusing than Y/N thought, as she easily befriends a number of people. The only thing is, not all of them get along, and Y/N finds herself torn between them (High School AU).

Author’s Note: So, the idea for this was mostly inspired by this photoset, ie the picture below (thanks to @i-want-to-fuck-that-dorito-man for pitching it to me). Also, I got really hyped up because I’d just bingeread “Through the Window” by @avengersimaginings which is so good, you guys. Check it out.

Chapter List


Part One

“Got a thing for two-faced bitches, have you?” 

You drew a deep breath and forced yourself to remain calm. Things were getting way out of hand.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

“You’re on his side?!”

“You know I’m never one to back down from a fight, but trust me when I say that he’s not worth it,” you murmured quietly, leaning close to his ear so he would hear you better. 

This wasn’t going to end well.

“No, thanks, mum. I don’t need a lift.”

“Are you sure? It’s on the way, and-”

“Mum, please,” you said, laughing as you pulled on your shoes. “I’ll find my way.”

She frowned and glanced at the clock on the wall.

“You only have half an hour.”

“The school is fifteen minutes down the road. I’ll be fine. Thanks for offering,” you said, smiling. You leant up to give her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek as you got up, before opening the front door. “I’ll see you later. Enjoy your first day at the office!” you exclaimed, flashing her a smile as you started walking.

“You, too,” she joked, waving. You waved back, and started your walk to the school.

A soft breeze rustled through the leaves of the trees as you walked by, and you felt oddly calm. You had done this so many times by now that it was completely normal, and you didn’t feel as anxious as you used to. As you walked, you noticed other students walking further up the road, waving each other over and greeting each other excitedly. You thought nothing of it, and soon you were by the front gates of the school.

You had walked past the school before, when you were finding out where it was and all, but when you saw the size of it, you forgot to think about the amount of students a school that size could take in. You took a deep breath and pulled the folded piece of paper out of your pocket, trying to flatten the creases as you opened it and made your way through the gates.

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Jikook: please don't leave me alone

first of all i hav no idea how this became a mini 2k fic and i am so sorry for not knowing how to do a read more bc i keep flopping and failing but yes hav a jikook not so drabble im sleepy its midnight so im sry for any typos etc i lov u💕

“hey, jack frost, eating alone again today?”

the voice that trails behind him his taunting, teasing him as if the person took pleasure seeing him squirm, especially the many eyes trained on him like scavengers. he clutched his messenger bag tighter, muttering quietly under his breath, “shut up,” and continued walking faster, until someone tugs at his sling, preventing him from moving further.

“aww, poor little elsa, no one else to eat with because he freezes up the whole place, poor thing,” his aggressor snidely remarks, throwing his whole bag upside down, all his books and papers- and hell, his laptop- and the memories of a few years back come back to him all at once.

he remembers waking up cold, so, so cold- presenting as a goddamn ice prince of all things waking up on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, his whole room like an igloo, a dinghy ice palace. his parents had been happy, in spite of his ebony hair turned strawberry blonde hair, melted chocolate eyes gone a striking electric blue.

it seemed like with every day that passed, his powers got more out of hand; and even though he had tried to make new friends and hold a decent conversation at this ‘special school’, people would avoid him and flee as fast as possible- who in their right mind would want to befriend or even interact with a human icicle that could freeze them within seconds?

and now before him he sees that mocking, condescending cackle, sees the accusing fingers jabbed in his direction, sees people literally talking bad about him in front of his back.

what did those normal people call it, see red? ah, but no, jeongguk was way beyond that.

he saw blue.

the way his veins would bulge out from his thin skin from the cold, like trails of cornflower blue icicles down his arms, azure eyes glowing with a vengeful desire. he had his fists balled up, nails and lips turning into deep hues of dark blue and mauve.

“i said shut up!”

the beams of arctic and sky blue along with streaks of cerulean were artistically swirled and channeled into graceful streaks that eventually concentrated on his bully. strangled cries bubbled in the other boy’s throat, but they never quite made their way out, considering how jeongguk had quite successfully transformed him into a life size ice sculpture.

“no, stop!” two voices said in unison, causing jeongguk to whip around. the people along the corridors had long dissipated in fear of being the next centrepiece for the hallway. hovering in midair, above his aggressor and his head were a locker, and all of the items in jeongguk’s bag.

right. that kim taehyung, vice president of the drama club, was telekinetic. slowly landing the levitating objects back to where they belonged, his shorter companion rushed over to mitigate the damages done.

“oh my god, are you alright?” and holy crap, jeongguk has never heard a voice more attractive than this. he’s known who the black haired boy is, just as he knows him by reputation alone.

when everyone said park jimin was on fire, they didn’t just mean he was smoking hot, hella attractive- they also meant he played with literal fire, conjured flames at his fingertips.

at the snap of his fingertips, jimin melts away some of the ice to let the frozen popsicle of a boy breathe, sopping wet save for his frozen lips so he survives while waiting for the rest of his body to thaw. he then slaps the guy across the cheek lightly, hissing through his teeth. “how dare you treat jeonggukie like this, huh?!” his voice is like gravel, a stark contrast to the charming lilt he enunciated just moments ago. the gagged boy makes incomprehensible noises of fear and faux repentance, and jimin pays no heed.

taehyung’s using his unique abilities to weave gently all jeongguk’s belongings back to the systematic compartments they belonged to, a few steps away. “sorry,” he says cheerily, in spite of the upset expression he wears, “i’m kinda wearing a really thin gucci shirt today so,”

and jeongguk nods mutely in acknowledgment, and then shakes his head to say it’s okay. taehyung seems to understand his curt, introverted ways, and announces his departure to jimin, something about a project meeting for the club.

jeongguk’s far too stoned to even process the whole whirlwind of things going on, body as numb as ice, a dull throbbing at his chest, hands feeling tingly and eyes all blanked out. “hey, you okay?” jimin says softly, tugging at jeongguk’s bony fingers, a seeping of warmth spreading to his palms. jeongguk makes no reply, and jimin tiptoes to get into the frame of his eyes, sweetly clutching at his jaw.

“you okay?” he repeats, and jeongguk mumbles something he can’t hear. “all you had to do was ask,” jimin slyly replies, and tugs jeongguk down into a warm, tight hug. the heat radiates and blooms, to every inch of his back and it starts bleeding into his entire being. he feels funny. he’s like an ice block most of the time, so heat is a concept he’s never quite grasped.

it feels funny, the way he’s somehow gone out of control again, and the park jimin is embracing him like they’re lost lovers or something.

the bell rings, a little while later, and jimin gasps, pulls a pen out from his leather jacket, and prettily writes his number on jeongguk’s palm.

“remember to call me!” he shouts, as he springs off for his afternoon class, giving jeongguk one of the most beautiful smiles he’s ever seen.

the good thing about jimin and taehyung being best friends is that, whenever jimin wants to be romantic oryou know, do something cute to make someone feel better, he has taehyung who’s got his back.

jeongguk gets to shy to call, in the end, even after chewing on his bruised lips for the umpteenth time, thumb hovering above the call button, which always resulted in the locking of his phone and tossing it aside.

the manoeuvred paper aeroplane drops by his table, sender and co. knowing he has the window seat in his homeroom, full of cute doodles and hearts and telling him he’ll find jeongguk for break later.

jimin’s signed off with hearts atop the ‘i’s of his name, and if that isn’t ridiculously cute, jeongguk doesn’t know what is. and no, his supposed ice heart isn’t melting at all.

one lunch break turns to two, turns to three, evolves into as many as possible.

“are you cold?” jimin would ask, without fail, and jeongguk would always shake his head, abundant piercing jangling; double helix on display just to keep up with the unapproachable, tough guy image everyone around him had conjured on his behalf.

and after this routine, jimin would intertwine their fingers together, jimin’s right and jeongguk’s left, a little established routine that somehow snaked its way between them.

“is… is this what a friend feels like?” jeongguk had murmured out of the blue one day, both of them leaning against the fence of the basketball court. the grip on his hand squeezes tighter, followed by a little jeongguk… as the latter tucks his blonde wisps beneath his daily beanie, trying to hide his nervousness.

“jeongguk, you know, when i was younger they called me wildfire- i set everything i loved ablaze, i burnt people when i touched them, when i got angry… it was a total disaster,” jimin sighed, brushing a hand through his hair. jeongguk knows how bad it can get, the way jimin’s hair will turn from black to brown, silver, blonde, orange and red in ascending order according to how angry he was;

“it’s okay, jeongguk-ah, we all take time to learn and grow,”

“hyung, you don’t understand- i’ve tried, i really have-”

“baby, baby- hush, it’s okay,” jimin soothes, hands wounded tightly, ringed fingers working their way through tousled blonde after scraping that stussy beanie off. “are you warmer now?” jimin asks, closing the gap between them, proximity garnering added warmth.

“the only thing i do to feel warm- i go to work out and there’s this temporary rush i feel in my veins, and i feel it; but i feel so alone, hyungie- wherever i go it freezes up and it becomes an ice palace or something and i,” jeongguk gushes, rambling.

“hey, it’s okay, you’re a blue blood, and i think that’s really pretty, like you know the way royalty are also called blue bloods?” jimin smiles, and jeongguk softens.

another thing they do is eat in silence, hands still laced together during their free periods by the deserted basketball court where nobody goes to, save for this cool senior, but he’s left some time ago too.

they use their other free hand to munch on a granola bar, chocolate, sip from a packet of milk. sometimes they just bask in each other’s presence, jimin lazily resting his head on jeongguk’s shoulder in pure affection.

“yoongi hyung used to play here everyday, hyung. he had a mind shield, meaning that he blocks out everything save for whatever he has in mind to do, and one day he just stopped coming,” jeongguk says sadly through a packet of banana milk, jimin holding a strawberry flavoured one, thumbs idly stroking at each other’s skin through interlocking hands.

“he found his soul partner, didn’t he,” jimin replies dreamily, knowing the entire story since yoongi was dating his dance captain jung hoseok. if there was anything cooler than fire and ice, it just had to be hobi hyung’s abilities. just like people had names hanging above their head in death note, hoseok saw people’s weaknesses written above their heads like a bounty prize; and bless the heavens that had granted him a pure heart that would make flowers grow, if not their would have been massive chaos by now.

“we communicated by nods and water bottles and he- yoongi hyung was my only friend and now that he’s gone i just-” jeongguk sobs, and immediately jimin straightens himself up, brings his hands to cup jeongguk’s cheeks, wipe his tiny teardrops away. “you have me,” he says softly, and jeongguk cries harder, warmth blooming wherever jimin touches, sending his heart exploding, skin burning wherever he touches.

his pale skin is now dusted with hues of pink, from all the warmth jimin oozes in his cute hands and pretty face and handsome eyesmile, which comes from “there we go, my baby bun’s all warm now,” seconds ago.

the bell rings, somewhere in the distance, and jimin gasps, but jeongguk pulls him even closer, frantically grabbing at the back of his sleeveless muscle tee, unwilling to part.

“please, jimin, don’t leave me.”

it comes out as a broken plea, and the fact that he uses jimin’s real name in desperation instead of the usual respectful ‘hyung’ breaks his heart. he haa chemistry now, but clearly the one with jeongguk’s more important than the actual class itself. “don’t cry, my darling- i’ll send someone a text real quick, alright? i’m staying with you, always.”

perhaps if he thinks really really hard his mind reading lab partner namjoon will hear it, and he’s texting taehyung’s superior, president of the drama club kim seokjin; other than being one of the faces of the school, always scouted to print on the covers and banners, he’s also known for being a modern day mystique- meaning he can shapeshift. given that the two heads of drama are this talented, it’s no wonder why when their annual skits and performances come along students from neighbouring schools will climb past the fences just to sneak in and watch. taehyung and seokjin are just that magical.

“don’t cry any more, love. i’m staying.”

whenever jimin leans on jeongguk for fun, or in attempt to make him laugh or smile, jeongguk feels this burning desire within, makes his insides feel like they’re all molten, a strange fire in his loins; jimin messes him up, truly, makes his icy skin feel like everything but that, and every move he makes secretly drives jeongguk crazy.

“jeongguk-ah, how do you actually feel when i hold you? hot? lukewarm?” jimin asks in curiosity. “for me when you hold my hand i feel like it’s a spring breeze, like eating iced lollies on a summer day- what about you?”

jeongguk gets all flustered, damn it, you feel like someone i want to cherish and make mine for as long as i live. and also, the way jimin pronounces his name with that stupid cute busan lisp, making his name sound like jung goog ah is driving him mad.

“w-well, you um,” he halts, free hand digging into his palms harshly, the terrifying hesitancy surging back like when he was supposed to call jimin coming back tenfold.

“it’s okay, jeonggukie!” jimin laughs, and oh god, what are these feelings of wanting to kiss him? “if you’re shy then i guess i’ll find out another day,”

and jeongguk swears he’s going to combust when jimin sends a flirtatious wink his way. jesus christ.

“so this is what a friend feels like?” jimin muses, peering at jeongguk who’s furiously gnawing on his lower lip, eyes boring into the now slightly frozen court- his control’s gotten better now.

“yeah,” he whispers, turning to face jimin, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows anxiously, right hand tipping up jimin’s chin. all ready to kiss those delectable lips. to make jimin his.

“and i’m hoping this is what a lover feels like.”

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Hey, i wold like to send you a request, if you still take them, (before i start i wold like to say that i love your work and as i am writing this im sort of freaking out, or rather fanboying out? ,anyway hope you like my idea)
So Bill and Dipper have been together for a few months but Dipper doesn’t know that Bill is a all mighty demon and the story is about how he finds out(im thinking someone is about to hurt Dipper and Bill goes all You-are-not-gone-touch-my-boyfriend in fornt of Dipper

I love requests! And I don’t plan on closing them any time soon so send as many as you want. 

I love comments and I love getting asks. No need for anyone to be nervous. I love interacting with people.

Also, I’m glad you like my writing! I work really hard on all of it.

Your request ran a little long. It’s about 584 words over. But! That’s ok. It happens sometimes. I’m the writer, it’s my fault not yours.

~SFW requests are always open~

Words: 1584

“Pine tree are you sure this is a good idea?”

Bill asked as he stepped over a tree root, making sure to not let go of Dipper’s hand. Dipper rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

“Yes, Bill, quit being scared. I been in the woods a gazillion times. I’ll protect you if you get scared.”

Bill was quite a minute.

“I’m not scared.”

He was scared. Scared for his boyfriend’s safety. He knows what’s in the woods. Creatures and monsters. Things that are harmless but also things that’ll tear you apart at the seams without a second thought.

What’s worse is he knows his boyfriend, for all his brains, is stupid enough to approach each and every one of them. Dipper looked at him like he thought Bill was just saying that to be brave. Maybe he was but unlike what Dipper thought, Bill was the stronger of the two.

Dipper didn’t know that though and Bill had been letting Dipper “protect” him over the course of their relationship because it makes Dipper feel strong. Dipper’s never been in enough danger for Bill to have to break character so to speak and Bill hopes the trend continues.

However, he’s getting a really bad feeling today. He probably should have put up more of a fuss about going into the woods but Dipper gave him that look and seemed so excited about showing Bill things he knew about.

This mortal is going to be the death of him. Dipper pulled Bill along rambling about this and that, trying to tell Bill everything he knew. Bill acknowledged him at appropriate intervals and attempted to make it seem like Dipper had his complete attention.

Most of his focus was actually spent monitoring their surroundings. Bill feels he can’t be to careful. They were getting near territory belonging to something Bill doesn’t want to be near. Dipper doesn’t know about it because they aren’t in those silly journals of his. As long as they don’t turn here-

“This way.”


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Headcanons for bachelors/bachelorettes old hairstyles/colors, maybe when they were kids


-A common headcanon for Seb is that he was a ginger as a kid, and I support that theory 110%. Although honestly, I could see him as more of a strawberry blonde growing up rather than straight-up red like Robin’s. I think he’d have started dying it literally the second he hit puberty–honestly emo kids are COMMITTED AF. He’s def been dying his hair black since he was, like, 13. 

-Maru’s lightish brown hair is natural. It’s been the same style since she came outta the womb tbh, and she’s never once changed it. The only thing she’s ever done is let it grow semi-long a few times over the years, only to cut it off to its usual length every time. Since she’s only half black, she didn’t inherit the coarse hair. She ended up with hair similar in texture to Robin’s (at least that’s how it looks to me from her portraits).

-Alex’s hair has stayed relatively stable over the years, but he didn’t know how to style it until a few years ago when he befriended Haley and she gave him some tips. Also he probably bleached and/or shaved it at some point in high school as part of a sports team thing because they always did shit like that as team bonding before big competitions and whatnot.

-Penny is a natural redhead, but she went blonde for a while because she was teased for being a ginger. Once she moved to Pelican Town with Pam, she stopped because she realized that nobody there would dare to make fun of her.

-Abigail has dyed her hair so many times over the years that nobody knows what her natural color really is. In reality, she grew up as a natural brunette, but as we all know, once she became an adult, the [SPOILER] wizard hair took over and she’s permanently purple now. She’s tried re-dying it black, red, pink, anything…but strangely, not a single color stays for longer than a day or two.

-Harvey’s hair was prob pretty normal for a while but he totes had his hair long (at least past his shoulders) when he was in college, at least as an undergrad. Once he went for his PhD, he wanted to look professional so he’s kept it short since. After seeing Elliott, though, he secretly kicks himself for not letting it grow. It’s too late to get back into it now, though.

-Haley is a natural blonde but she bleaches it to make it blonder. She’s tried every product in the book but nothing makes her blonde enough except good old-fashioned bleach. She definitely participated in that hair trend of 2011-ish though, when everyone dyed a streak of their hair red, blue, or purple with hot kool-aid.

-Leah is a total hippie, as we all know, so there’s no way in hell she’s ever dyed her hair. Also she’s been growing it since she was a girl and has only ever gotten it trimmed.

-Elliott…grew up with typical dude hair. He probably went to a private liberal arts college and, after being surrounded by unique people for so long, he decided he wanted to try something different. So he let it grow…and grow…and grow. The only way he knew he could pull it off is if he took really good care of it. He gets a lot of positive attention from people for it, and as an unapologetic attention whore (this isn’t an insult obviously, we all love him for being this way) he will never look back.

-Emily’s hair has been naturally blonde like Haley’s for most of her life, but she was tired of looking like everyone else and decided on a whim in her early 20′s to dye it a crazy color. She ended up loving the look and kept it ever since.

-Shane, before the depression hit him, loved hair gel a little too much (hello, faux hawk). After he came to live with Marnie, he stopped putting in effort because he didn’t see any point if there was no one to impress. In my eyes…he’d gel his hair again when he started dating the farmer.

-Sam, in a similar vein, uses every hair product imaginable to give him the super saiyan look. He wore his hair that way once in high school on a dare and became popular for it so he kept wearing it, as an extended joke. After a while it just became habit and he considered it a crucial part of his identity. Also!! Before the spikes, he definitely flat ironed it every day to get that sweepy skater dude hair that was so common in the mid-2000s, lol. He’s probably experimented a few times with home hair dye kits as well, but we all know Sam, and we all know it never turned out.

Playing With History

I was inspired by Kusanagi’s birthday illustration for Yona to write a little time travel story, however, it turned into something slightly different than planned. Young Yona travels back in time and meets a boy her own age who misses his father.

“Su-won, where did you go?” Yona demanded. “I couldn’t find you and I looked for ages and ages!”

“Um—” Su-won shot a nervous glance in the direction he’d come from. “How long were you looking for me?”

“Well, I guess it was just a few minutes. But it felt like a long time!” Yona insisted. “You were right in front of me and then you disappeared!”

“Did I really?” Su-won asked. “You saw me disappear?”

“I saw you turn a corner and there was only one way to go and you weren’t there! So you must’ve disappeared,” Yona reasoned.

“But it was just a few minutes?” Su-won asked. He sounded surprised. “Oh! In that case, I…I need to go check something.” He turned around and darted away again before Yona could catch him.

“Hey!” Yona called after him. “You’re not allowed to do something interesting without me!”

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headcanons for what deidara's ideal type of s/o would be in personality and looks, thanks!! xx

Hey there Nonny! I really hope I didn’t disappoint you here, because for some reason I feel like Deidara would probably be kind of shallow? Here’s to hoping! ~Admin Axel

Deidara’s Ideal S/O Headcanons

Originally posted by zashart

• Okay, I feel like Deidara would be kind of an asshole about potential s/os – as in he has an artist’s eye for detail and the details count big in his book. He has a specific set of features he looks for and he’s not going to accept someone who doesn’t have every single one of them. He’s one of those guys that looks really matter to and he isn’t in it for a kind heart or an amazing personality – though if they have those in addition to his long list of physical requirements it is certainly a plus.

• His ideal s/o would have hair at least as long as his, either red or blonde, and it must be immaculately cared for. No split ends, no bad haircut, no roots showing. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was kind of an asshole about details. Other than that, he prefers high, perky small breasts over large breasts, he likes long legs and a firm booty. Deidara also has a thing for hands; particularly small, delicate hands that look ultra feminine.

• Personality wise, she must be able to fend for herself because Deidara sure isn’t going to go out of his way to fend for her, nor is he going to be able to be around her all the time so she will definitely have to have a firm hold on insecurity. He’s not the type to cheat, but nagging him and being emotional about cheating fears will make him look down on his s/o a little, especially if he’s already told them that he isn’t a cheater. He expects them to take his word and believe him and doesn’t take kindly to someone questioning his word. He’s a really frustrating boyfriend.

• A huge, integral part of who Deidara is down to his core is art. A basic understanding of art is a requirement because he just can’t get along with someone who doesn’t understand him and his motivations. A thoughtful, well-formed opinion on art is a bonus even if it differs from his own opinion - although if it does differ from his opinion, his s/o can absolutely count on listening to his drawn out self-righteous monologues about why he is right.

• Immaturity and playing dumb are immediate turn-offs for Deidara. If someone can outwit him, he’s going to keep coming around for more. It would take him a long time to admit to himself even that there’s more to him seeking them out than just a battle of wits, but when he finally figures it out he will start pursuing them with a one-mindedness than can either be thrilling or terrifying. He will only back off if he suspects he’s coming on too strong, because he doesn’t want to scare his potential s/o away.

• There is a very fine line between a battle of wits and being too mouthy with Deidara and it’s very difficult to know how far to engage him, because where the line is drawn is decided by Deidara’s ever changing mood. If he’s in a good mood, his s/o can rib him all day long and he will brush it off. But catch him on a bad day and one comment can send him storming out over their supposed “smart mouth”, never to be seen again.

Hetalia Fruk Angel and Demon AU One-Shot

“Will you get rid of that ridiculous hair?” A sharp accent growled behind him and Arthur turned to see Francis behind him. With a sigh and a glare he let the red in his hair fade out to be replaced with blonde.

    “Why must you fight my hair color? We have known each other for generations and the only thing you will even notice is my hair color.”

    “Perhaps if I actually considered you a threat I’d have more to complain about.” Francis said smoothly, not even twitching as the sharp tail twitched and was pointed centimeters from his eye.

    “For an angel of love you are way too cocky especially while facing a high ranking demon.” Arthur snarled and flinched as he saw the beautiful gold wings move forward to brush his tail away and gently sweep across his face.

    “You’re an ass.” Arthur snarled and huffed, looking away as Francis burst into laughter.

    “For a demon you have little bite amour.” He teased and Arthur glared at him.

    “Quit calling me that I am not your love I’m not anyone’s love so knock it off.” Arthur scowled and started walking away, Francis following.

    “Does that upset you? You know magic arrows and the red string don’t affect being like us. If we fall in love it has nothing to do with fate or destiny.”

    “Whatever, we are not falling in love, ever, I don’t know why I haven’t destroyed you.”

    “Neither do I my feisty little lion.” Francis snickered, dodging the jabbing tail with ease. The day Arthur killed him would be at the end of the world, and they both knew that even if they preferred to never say anything.

    Francis followed Arthur across the busy street, occasionally flicking his wings irritably at the language he could hear. He hated disrespect to either gender, the degradation of others that people seemed to feed on from the beginning of life itself. He almost didn’t catch the flash of tail that spilt coffee on a man that had decided to feel up the young woman next to him, and then stab into a purse of a woman whose fist was raised to strike her cowering son and husband, splitting it at the seams.

    “I don’t like people.” Arthur grumbled as if he’d not actually done it because he’d felt sympathy for those being mistreated and instead was simply causing trouble.

    “Sure.” Francis snickered, slapping a wing over two men and watching them stumble into each other and blushing.

    “Knock it off with the love mojo, would you? It’s annoying.” Arthur grunted, ordering a coffee and tea from a roadside stand.

    “You’re just angry that I can’t use it on you. Besides, you started it.”

    “Do you always have to one up me?”

    “Yes.” Francis said smugly and Arthur gave him the harshest glare yet.

    “Two-” Francis started looking at Arthur only to be cut off.

    “I know,” Arthur growled before Francis could finish. “Two shots of caramel, a single of vanilla, a spoonful of sugar and marshmallows, there is literally no difference with you.” Arthur listed off with an eye roll.

    “And yet you say we aren’t friends.” Francis said softly taking the drink carefully as he avoided Arthur’s gaze.

    “Francis… yeah… we’re friends.” Arthur mumbled softly as he took his own drink and led him to the local park. They sat together in silence, angel and demon, enemies from the fall of Lucifer and yet, friends. Arthur’s cup was in Francis’s hand as he fished out some knitting materials, Arthur’s head resting on Francis’s shoulder comfortably.

    “You know… if we were caught we’d be destroyed.” Francis said softly and glanced down at Arthur.

    “I wouldn’t let them touch you.” Arthur growled possessively and blinked up at him as if realizing what he’d said. “After all… I owe you so I have to make good on my debts… and It would get boring without you.”

    Francis laughed and smiled at him, a golden wing moving to rest over Arthur and the demon’s own leathery black wings. In return the sharp tail curled around his waist, not too tight, but with enough pressure that Francis wouldn’t forget about it. Francis slowly sipped his coffee, occasionally handing Arthur his drink, he reached down and slowly stroked the tail, ignoring the demon’s shiver and grunt.

    “Alright Aziraphale, knock it off.” Arthur growled, stabbing into the wing with a knitting needle.

    “Does that make you my Crowley? It may not have been implicit but we both know the two were more than friends.” Francis drawled a hint of longing in his tone that Arthur pointedly ignored.

    “Perhaps I am in the role of Crowley but I am not your anything, and quite honestly I never will be.” The demon grumbled turning back to his knitting and Francis frowned at him. As the angel of love this was very frustrating to have his best friend pointedly ignore the subtle messages. Even if Arthur was a demon, Francis knew that didn’t mean anything about whether or not he wanted love and respect, everyone craved it, it was a flaw neither God nor Satan could fix.

    “Francis… do you still have it?” A soft voice asked, the originally jabbing knitting needle now softly stroking a feather.

    “Of course I do.” From within his shirt he withdrew a long necklace on the end held a small talisman and then a single pale yellow feather. Arthur reached out as if to touch it but drew his hand back instead.

    “There were more last time… have they really perished except for this one?” Arthur asked, his voice soft and concerned and Francis shook his head.

    “No, I use them to fletch my arrows, for some reason, the only ones that always fly straight are the ones from you.” He said gently, wondering how he’d react. Arthur gave a hard and cold laugh, his eyes dark.

    “I can only imagine why, the feathers of a fallen angel’s wings, the fact that you use them in arrows created to spread love is probably sacrilege.”

    “Perhaps… but I find I don’t care much anymore for the rules, besides these are from before you were cast out.”

    “But still after I’d fallen Francis.”

    “To me, you’ve never fallen.” Francis countered softly, ignoring Arthur’s shocked and incredulous face.

    When Arthur had fallen his wings had lost all of their feathers, leaving him with the plain leathery black ones he bore now. Francis had sat beside him as each feather dropped with a sob of pain from Arthur. Instead of burning as was customary and as Arthur had requested, Francis had collected the ones still whole, ignoring the way they glowed under his fingers, and created a long necklace that he wore everywhere. Despite the mistrustful looks he had received for it as well as the hateful disrespect, Francis had still never removed it from his person. It had taken many years to find Arthur, and many more to convince him to talk back after he had seen the necklace. Now every time they met Francis would show him it, prove he still trusted the ex-angel.

    “Why’s that one so special?” Arthur finally grunted after a few minutes, looking at the single remaining feather. Francis glanced at it and smiled.

    “It was the first one you gave me… the one that matches your necklace.”

    “Y-you… YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DESTROY IT!” Arthur yelled causing glances towards them, Francis ignored the looks and stroked the tail on his waist until Arthur turned slightly pink and calmed down.

    “Francis…. you know the rules… we aren’t… you can’t … Francis, that was a long time ago, we aren’t the same people we aren’t…”

    “Mates,” Francis finished gently, not looking at Arthur. “I am well aware that we are not bound to one another nor do our souls and grace intertwine…That means little to me. If you care so much about the rules and our current status as enemies, then why do you bear my own promise on your neck? You carry my feather as I carry yours.” Francis murmured almost lovingly as he stroked the tail on his waist again.

    “If someone important found out you could be destroyed! Forget losing your wings or being kicked out, you would be wiped from existance, memory and history alike. A demon is expected to do things frowned upon, murder, genocide, wearing the mating ritual necklace.” Arthur said with a snarl, trying to ignore the way his cheeks lit up a fiery red.

    Francis tapped the yellow feather once as he hid it under his shirt again. He remembered a time before the Fall, when he and Arthur had been ready to swear their lives together, to die the moment the other had, to feel everything they felt, to have a perfect connection of mind and powers. They had only passed through the first part, the necklace of which bore the most powerful feather in an angel’s wing, the one that could only be removed by the angel whose feather it was. Without it an angel would be grounded until it regrew unless it was replaced with another, in the case of the ritual. The two switched feathers, always wearing it and powering their wings through the others devotion. Even after the Fall, Francis had never once faltered in flight, and he knew Arthur hadn’t either.

    “Arthur… The past is the past and neither of us can change it, whether we’d want to or not. So let’s start fresh, like humans do. You are a demon and I am an angel, if you think we have changed too much to be anything more than we are now then nothing will happen, but give us a chance.” Francis begged, a hand over the feather and the other on Arthur’s knee.

    “Francis!…” He let out a sigh and leant back, wrapping his tail tighter around Francis as the wing shifted to comfortingly wrap around him protectively.

    “We can’t… not now and not ever.” Arthur decided and Francis let his shoulders drop but said nothing to disagree or argue. Instead he allowed himself one thing and that was to rest his head on Arthur’s, Arthur’s tail holding him as his wing held Arthur.

    That’s how they stayed for hours, wrapped up in each other but looking, for all the world to see, like a young couple who had lost something important. The angel and demon relaxed in each other’s grip and didn’t speak when they left the park and separated. They had a more clear understanding of each other now.

        Only a possible death and reincarnation as humans could bring them together. Yet the number of Angels who died had been 0 a year for the past Two Thousand years. Even as they said goodbye, they knew, in order to be together, Francis would have to betray his fellow angels, something he’d never be able to do.

The past was gone and so was any chance of being more to each other, now they were friends meant to be enemies. Bound by fate but no red string was strong enough to bind them, no net that wouldn’t unravel halfway. Instead they were locked in an eternal dance, because neither had the ability to join the other, they were denied a pleasure the humans took for granted. The ability to love and be able to stand up for it.

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Hi love! May I have a ship? I'm 5'9 and have an olive skin tone. I have long brown curly hair with blonde tips. I have an hazel eye color with kinda like red in the middle. My favorite sport is swimming. I'm a really nice person until you push my buttons .. 😂 anyways thank you! 💕

I ship you with: Stiles Stilinski

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LET’S BE HONEST HERE. POWER COUPLE AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT. Stiles loved watching you swim around the school pool and timing you was one of the best things to him.He loved watching you move gracefully, it was beautiful to him. Because of this, your first date was at the beach where you guys just swam the night away.

Your best friend: Theo Raeken

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Don’t ask. He was nice to you. Nobody really knew why, but he was pretty cool and you enjoyed his company. Stiles hated it a lot, but you convinced him that even though he’s literally insane, he’s got some good traits. When he came back from, yknow, hell, you helped him get back to normal. Not psycho normal. NORMAL.

A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Nine

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

Link on Ao3

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven 
Chapter Eight


-Chapter Nine-


Watching Felix train really was something. It baffled Eleana how one person can be so powerful without magic. Not that Felix didn’t have magic, he had an abundance at his disposal, but the way he leashed himself so that he didn’t need anything other than his physical power to defeat his enemies was equal parts horrifying and astounding.

Right now he was fighting against Kaden and Azriel.

It was two against one and Kaden and Azriel were doing everything they could to take down Felix. They all had swords - the real deal, no wooden training swords here - and Felix was deflecting every single blow that was coming his way. It may not seem like much, but Azriel was one of the finest fighters in Prythian and Kaden improved more and more every day.

And yet it still wasn’t enough.

Eleana looked at him in awe. She had seen him train plenty of times over the seven years she’d lived in this camp, but never had it been like this. Eleana hoped she’d never be in a situation where she had to fight him. Magic or no, there was no way she could defeat someone like this.

Felix took the offensive on Kaden and soon enough her mate had to bow out. He may have been mocked stabbed to death, but he was smiling as he stepped out of the ring. That left Azriel and Felix squaring off. They both paused and smiled at each other, in the way where it was obvious they were happy that they hadn’t yet defeated the other. Less than a second after the affectionate smiles they charged.

“Rather impressive, isn’t it?” Kaden walked over to her. He shook out his hair and sat down next to her on the log she was sitting on. Logs made up a circle that surrounded the fighting pit - a place for spectators to sit.

“There’s no way I could ever fight him,” She leaned into him and closed her eyes. She didn’t mind that he was covered in sweat or that he was hot to touch, she just liked taking advantage of the fact that she could touch him at all.

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Namjoon Appreciation

Once again happy Namjoon day!!! This post is gonna be all about our amazing leader, Kim Namjoon, they definitely aren’t all of the reasons he’s amazing but they are some, I’m gonna stick to ten reasons for now

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Although not directly from a specific Even Angels Have Scars scene, in the fanfic Kurt has to wear hooded coats, gloves, shoes, etc every time he leaves the circus with his foster family to protect him from potential persecution and assault.  And I can’t help but think about how difficult it must’ve been for Margali to get a very young Kurt to dress so uncomfortably when he was too little to understand the reasons why (especially since his foster siblings didn’t have to).

On the train, he’d still watch the world go by through a window, but it was different.  It wasn’t just him and his family alone in the van, there were other people in the car with them.  And while it was annoying that he had to wear shoes and pretend to sleep under a blanket the whole ride, there was a certain excitement to it.  He liked going to the station, watching Margali or Amanda buy tickets for them, and then getting to sneak onto the train in his big coat.  When traveling as a family, they always sat in a group of four seats facing each other and the rule was that he always got the window seat next to Margali while Amanda and Stephani had to fight over who got the window in the pair of seats across from him.  That way, he could usually angle himself so he couldn’t be seen at all from the aisle, but could still peak out from under the blanket to see out the window.  It was true that he missed all the goofing off and roughhousing they did when traveling in their van; things which Stephani and Amanda were still free to do, he could still get in a few sneak attacks with his tail under the blankets, stifling his giggles so that his brother and sister blamed each other rather than him.

OMG SAVE ME HE’S TOO CUTE.  And even adult!Kurt in the comics has to wear huge coats etc for disguises.


While drawing this, I had no idea how I should draw Amanda.  I mean, she’s usually blonde in the comics, but the sequel to EAHS mentions her having red hair?  Either way, she looks nothing like Margali.  So I went with strawberry blonde and hoped that this is good enough.

I Approve

Summary: When a female fan of your boyfriend Simon Dominic comes out with a document of paternity test to prove that he is the father of her son, you know that there’s only one thing to do – bring the war to her.

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One of the hardest things in dating Simon Dominic is dealing with his fans. His hormonal female fans that go an extra mile to get his attention. As his girlfriend, you’re supposed to be patient and that requires twice their efforts.

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To Your Beautiful Destiny
(Emma, Queen of the Lost Boys)

CS AU - In which orphaned Emma never met Neal, and was instead whisked away to Neverland by Peter Pan, swiftly infiltrating the Lost Boys and becoming their leader.

A/N: This is an un-OUAT-twisted version of Peter Pan and Neverland, more similar to the classic Disney movie and fairytale version. I was inspired by the song Lost Boys. I’ve never seen this take before, so I hope you enjoy it.

“Take my hand. We’re off to never never land.”

There are shadows in Neverland, some that follow you mischievously and others that haunt your every waking dream. She was the latter.

Time moves so slowly there, amidst the verdant jungle vines and calling birds. The constant meek rays of light blurring the lines of day and night. The rustle of the leaves sound like wind chimes, the roar of a waterfall a soothing lullaby. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and forget where you are, even who you are.

Still, occasionally something of great import actually happens and time stops still; marking itself like a violent gash across the cloth of all existence. And perchance you will ponder what has led you to this point, where you are, and even perhaps the great magnitude of your future, what paths lie ahead and beckon to you.

It was with very little thought of course or destination that Killian Jones went walking that afternoon, merely looking for a distraction, something to occupy his time as he waited for destiny to come calling, to ferry him away from this strange land. Oh, he might have gotten it into his head to seek a flower, something wild and strange that he heard could bear a channel with the fairies.

What he didn’t expect, however, was for someone to find him.

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Someone requested model!Jin and I thought that sounded like a shit ton of fun rn so without further ado, here is our shoulder hyung with the cutest lil smile, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Visuals are first bc model
  • As I said in Jimin’s post, his looks do change a lot depending on what photo shoot he’s done that week
  • Some designers like him better blonde, some companies want him to have brown hair, some want red, it really does depend on who’s behind the whole shoot
  • We’ve seen Jin with a few different hair colors, different styles and he’s literally looked fucking amazing with every single one of them and I just ho w is that a thing
  • Why can he pull off black hair and then turn around and be blonde and still look ni c E as fuck
  • The companies and designers he works for ask the same thing but they roll with it bc it’s a good thing to have
  • Bc they could literally put him in a garbage bag and he’d still look amazing let’s just be real he’d make that shit look designer
  • He’s had blonde hair for this shoot he did in London, they wanted him to be in all black and then have that contrasting blonde hair
  • It’s like a platinum blonde too, it’s one of those blonde colors that obviously comes from a bottle, especially since everyone knows Jin for having black hair
  • It was one of the first times he really stepped out of his lil box of natural tones he knows he can pull off and he was honestly really nervous about it bc he’s never had anything close to blonde hair and it’s just !!!
  • But he’s gotta do it for a singular photo shoot, that’s not bad he can just dye it back immediately after
  • Except wait he actually looks really fucking ni cE with blonde hair bc he’s Kim Seokjin he could pull of neon rainbow hair
  • He ends up sticking with the blonde color for like six months bc designers and companies keep giving it the thumbs up and he actually really likes it bc it’s different, it’s definitely not what he’s used to at all
  • He shows up to a photo shoot one day and they’re just like we want your hair to be gray now so he then has gray hair and once again he makes it look amazing
  • It’s one of those gray colors that’s almost purple under some lights and it just makes his eyes stand out like have you ever seen his eyes they’re beautiful
  • He’s also had a light almost pastel blue color and that was actually a really fucking nice look
  • It makes him look so ethereal like just this really soft color with this white shirt and he just looks so so nice
  • His hair is almost forever ruffled up but literally no one is complaining
  • He does modeling for a lot of the high end designers, he gets to wear a lot of the new clothes and he gets to travel all around the world and he just loves it
  • You two meet during an interview
  • You get to interview him, like full on sit down with each other and talk
  • You’re super nervous bc you’re about to interview him, what if he just gives one worded answers, what if he doesn’t click well with you what if he’s not in a good mood and doesn’t wanna talk
  • But once he comes into the lil room you’re interviewing him in, all of those worries are gone bc he’s such a ray of sunshine
  • He smiles really wide when he walks in and takes the time to say hello to everyone and get everyone’s names
  • He’s super super polite off camera (and on) and he’s just so kind and sweet and he asks you if you need anything before you start like do you want him to grab you some water, do you want to wait a bit and memorize your questions or are you ready 
  • The interview goes over so well bc Jin is just one of those people that can hold a really nice conversation without making it seem forced or fake
  • His responses are super friendly and really easy to reply to like he has a way of answering your questions that leaves the conversation open so you can literally ask him so many different things
  • And you have to try really hard not to just sit there and laugh bc he’s actually really funny like he’s nic e as fuck, he’s super sweet AND he’s funny !!!
  • He also slips in some more flirty lines here and there, he isn’t too obvious like he’s not sitting there going we should date but it’s enough for you to notice
  • After the interview is over, he asks if you wanna get some coffee at the local café, just to “go over any additional questions you may have idk maybe we can just chill”
  • Both of you know it isn’t business anymore bc he could’ve walked out the second the camera was off but he stayed behind to talk to you and that doesn’t extremely scream I’m doing this for the interview
  • He gets super smiley when you say yes and you can feel the crush building up and you just know this won’t be the last time you two go out together