i have a thing for his mirror selcas okay

Phone Calls (E’Dawn)

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length: 393 words

genre: fluff

49. “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.” (x)

*a/n: for my girlie @hot-damn-hanbin ♡

*bzzzzzzzt* your phone vibrated against the bedside table.

“Hello?” you answered your phone groggily. “Oh, were you sleeping?” Hyojong’s voice sounded unusually low and deeper than usual. “Yeah, I was” you replied simply as you stretched your back. “Oh I’m sorry, should I let you go?” he apologized. “No no, it’s okay, I’m up now. I was waiting for your call anyway” you pulled your blanket up to your chin, snuggling in comfortably as you started your morning being able to talk to Hyojong on the phone.

“Ah, good. I’ve been waiting to talk to you all day” he murmured quietly. “Oh, really?” you smiled to yourself, “Why does your voice sound so low? Sore throat?” you asked curiously. “No, I just woke up from a nap in the car. I’m in the waiting room with the other members now” he responded, “Why? Does my voice sound weird?” he asked. “No, your voice is sexy” you giggled.

“Your ass is sexy” he said louder than he had the rest of the conversation. “Hyojong!” you gasped. You knew his members were in the room, and the last thing you needed was them making fun of you two when they came back from their tour. Hyojong always liked saying cheesy or inappropriate things just because he was the only one with a girlfriend at the moment. “What?” he laughed. “You can’t just be saying that all freely in front of your members!” you exclaimed.

“Why not?” he smirked to himself as he caught his members glancing at him as he spoke on the phone, “They can do the same thing when they have their own girlfriends” he laughed loudly. He made eye contact with someone in the mirror before they scoffed and looked away. “So, what’re you wearing?” he joked. “Hyojong, please” you rolled your eyes. 

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding” he chuckled, “Okay, I’m gonna get my makeup done now” he cooed. “Mmmkay, send me selcas when you’re done” you sang. “Only if you send me one fiiiiiiiirst” “Mmmmm we’ll see” “Then I guess we’ll see if I send you one too” he joked. “Goodbye, Hyojong” “Goodbye, babyyyyyy!” he exclaimed. You knew he was milking it to brag in front of his members. “Goodbyeeeeeeee” you sing-songed back. Hyojong’s quest for attention just never ends, you sighed.