i have a thing for his hands istg


In which Daehyun’s stare makes Zelo’s heart flutter✨✨.

My high-touch with Day6

I went to the Day6 Live & Meet in Taiwan. The order of high-touch is YoungK ➡️ Jae ➡️ Dowoon ➡️ Sungjin ➡️ Wonpil
I first stay at the front to watch them shake hands with other fans, and I saw the staff rushing the line so each person doesn’t get much time(I don’t think you can say one whole sentence with them)

When it’s my turn, istg at first I had something prepared to say to each member, but then this guy Brian something ruined everything

😈 YoungK
I was super scared and my face looked scared it was just so scary to me so I couldn’t walk forward. YoungK was looking right into my eyes(he looked at all the fans straight into the eyes to kill them) and he looked really gentle and a bit confused. I can see the look of “girl what chu afraid of lol” in his eyes lolz
Istg he’s the one who ruined all my plans I felt like I’m in a kdrama in slow mo and he just stared right into my eyes and gently wait for me I asdfghjkadgakdak still can’t forget about this
(I swear I’m not the type of person who likes hands but his palm is soft bye)

I have to say I was traumatized by Brian I couldn’t recover so I was really out of my zone. But anyway Jae looked very happy and his SMILE was the best thing ever he’s so cute he looked genuinely happy

🐶 Dowoon
It went past really fast lol Dowoon makes me feel more like he’s greeting a fan so I don’t remember much but his tone is the same lol he said xie xie and I knew he’s the same dorky guy on vlive ㅎㅎㅎ

🐻 Sungjin
Have to say Sungjin is the most extra one during this live and meet. He held my hand and shake it for three times like we’re children playing(if you understand it’s the kind of handshake with large movement and he was saying 내~ 내~ xie xie~*insert Sungjin tone here*)
He’s really cute and I might be in love

🐍 Wonpil (sor I don’t think ur a snake pili)
Wonpil missed a few lines during their last song and when the high-touch first began he put one of his hand behind him while the others using both of their hands, so I thought he was feeling unwell.
I went to him and asked him are you okay in Korean, he seemed to want to say smth but the staff rush me off the stage
I have to say I used to like Wonpil the least(I love them all but if you want me to do a bias list…) cause I feel like he’s too not my type
But after this, I kind of sense how cute Wonpil is and i am actually reblogging more Wonpil pics cause meeting him in person really changed my mind lol
He felt like a “herbivorous guy” like the members said and I… I really don’t know what to say but I can’t shake off his innocent look when looking at me

Anyway in conclusion Brian ruined my high-touch experience but Wonpil saved it

Father to be! Soonyoung

Inspired by @cheollies your drabbles r so cute OMG I wanna die!

Genre: fluff/angst
This ended up being so much longer than I intended fml

- the way he approached you when he wanted to ask about having kids was so cute
- You were just spooning in bed under a pile of blankets
- He was stroking your hair softly
- At first he whispered it , so you couldn’t really hear
- Then he used his free hand to intertwine his fingers with yours
- And he mumbled
- “Do you think we’re ready to have children?”
- And soonyoung is a very forward person so it surprised you that he was nervous about it
- You squeezed his hand and told him your were pretty much ready if he was by your side
- (Oh my god the cheese)
- Let’s say y’all had a pretty great time that night
- But obviously things don’t happen instantaneously
- And fast forward 9 months later, there are still no signs of a baby kwon
- The stress was taking a toll on you and even though Hoshi was v v EAGER to do bedtime stuff with you
- It was getting pretty exhausting for you and it was creating tension in your relationship
- For the past few months, you’d brush the negatives as just another trial
- But worries had built up in your mind that you never told him
- So after seeing another negative sign on a test, you just broke down crying
- And Soonyoung was there beside you immediately, at least on the other side of the door banging on it, to make you let him go in.
- You eventually opened the door, to see no traces of his usual smiley gaze on his face
- Instead he furrowed his eyebrows, eyes flitting to the test and back to your face streaked with dried tears and made a connection
- He engulfs you in a hug, rubbing circles on your back soothingly
- “There’s always next month, right?”
- But his voice is wavering, as though he’s unsure of it himself
- Because like you, he’s pondered before his dance classes, when he gets there early, If the reason why you were so unsuccessful was because there was something wrong with him.
- What if it never happens?
- the unspoken question between the both of you was voiced out.
- You were so sick of keeping quiet that you told him out right.
- The outpouring of feelings kept to yourselves took place and by the end of the conversation, you sighed and said.
- “Jagiya, let’s take a break. This stress isn’t good for either of us.”
- And it was a very relaxing break
- The both of you spent more time concentrating on each other than any potential new additions to the family
- Your anniversary just so happened to fall in the same month and you and soonyoung managed to have a get away (budget) mini holiday to an onsen in Japan.
- There was a private bath in your suite ;)
- The both of you forgot about your little break and decided to just let loose.
- Who knew that letting loose actually worked.
- That day you had just taken a test because you’d felt a little off for the past week but surely you couldn’t be
- Obviously you were proved wrong as a few minutes later you were staring mouth agape and heart pounding ferociously against your ribcage
- You swung the door open with a slam and yelled
- “SOONYOUNG-AH, come here, I think my eyes are fooling me.”
- “What is it?” He asks when he reaches the bathroom door, already grinning from ear to ear.
- You tilt the test so he can clearly see the indicator and you swore you saw a tear escape from his eye.
- Actually you did see at least a thousand slip from his eyes as he began bawling, tightly embracing you and twirling you around.
- And you thought you were going to be the emotional one.
- He practically yells it everyone he sees
- “Soonyoung-ah, you’re embarrassing meee….”
- Pregnancy wasn’t easy on your body to say the least
- Emotionally, you were easily irritable, getting frustrated with Soonyoung whenever he came home a tad late from the studio, or if he made a harmless joke about you.
- Physically, you were hit by a massive wave of morning sickness that didn’t not dissipate after the first trimester. There were also several scares that made Soonyoung speed to the hospital as fast as possible in panic. And you were put on partial bed rest due to genetic problems.
- This made you even more furious at everybody, being cooped up in the apartment most of the time. Though Soonyoung made sure that at least one of the boys came to visit you from time to time, especially when he was working late
- All this made you an extremely nervous wreck as well, on edge that something might happen.
- This also made Soonyoung take more time off work to baby you because if anything happened he’d blame himself the most.
- He just wanted to keep this baby so bad
- He always unconsciously has his hand on you belly at all times, especially when you were further into the pregnancy.
- Every time he found you hunched over the toilet bowl, retching your guts out, he’d rub your back and make sure you felt better.
- Horny asshole tried to keep it in his pants as much as possible but you tried it once and boy was it an experience for the both of you.
- Cried at the first ultrasound
- Carries the photo in his wallet
- Constantly shoves it in Wonwoo’s face whenever he gets the chance to
- “Look at their teeny hands”
- “Soonyoung shut up, I’ve seen that like seventeen times,”
- “I KNOW, but that’s my little bean you’re looking at.”
- Comes up with the cutest motherfluffing nicknames for the baby
- Bean, star, tiger
- He accidentally called them beanie once and then started laughing because he thought of wonwoo
- Goes along for birthing classes because he thinks they’re really cool.
- *starts imitating breathing exercises* isn’t this what you’ll have to do during labour
- You want to punch him but can’t because he looks so adorable with his puffed up cheeks and squinty eyes
- YOU BET he wants to know the gender as soon (young) as possible.
- You guys have a gender reveal party cos why not?
- Any excuse to gather all the guys in one room, is a valid excuse for a get together
- Even though they’ll be extremely rowdy and extra
- Cheol, MINGYU and Seungkwan can’t keep their hands off your slowly growing belly
- Seokmin starts doing anything to make you laugh cos he’s highkey scared of you in mood swings because of what he heard from Soonyoung.
- Jeonghan low-key hints that he wants to be like you because he wants to lie around all day too
- You highkey want to slap him cos having constant back aches and feeling uncomfortable 24/7 is not fun
- Joshua is trying to claim the godfather spot
- Chan and Hansol r slightly weirded out by it and would much prefer when the baby can crawl around so that they can play with them
- But chan’s excited cos his favourite Hyung is having a baby and the baby will practically be his niece/nephew
- Jun, Minghao, Jihoon and Wonwoo are so indifferent because they hear about it all the time and are so used to it that they just hold normal conversation with you.
- you and soonyoung already know the gender before revealing the answer to everyone else in the room and it’s
- Soonyoung is already planning everything he’s going to pass on to his son
- Sebongies r shook as they’re going to have a mini sebongie running around
- That night is when you felt the baby’s first kick, at night whilst lying in bed trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in
- You put a sleepy soonyoung’s hand on your belly to feel the baby’s movements and immediately he’s awake when he feels a jolt
- But instead of him feeling in awe with his eyes full of adoration like you are, he looks worried.
- “Doesn’t that hurt?”
- And you almost burst into tears because holy shit does this boy care about you
- “It does a little,” you admit. “But if you rub it, it’ll feel better.”
- Tbh you only said that because you LOVE his belly rubs
- And his hand stayed there the whole night
- You guys go baby shopping together one weekend and suddenly he becomes the fashion advisor of your son.
- Picks out the cutest dungarees and even a matching beret (sorry not sorry) for him
- He sees the baby carriers and prams and drags you there, immediately begging to get the coolest one there
- You oblige but only because you can’t say no to him
- There was one night after you binged ate a bunch of unhealthy snacks, you felt incredibly insecure about all the weight you gained and refused to change in front of him, even though you usually weren’t self conscious around him.
- He immediately noticed as you stared yourself down in the mirror, and backhugged you. Whispering all the things he loved about your body.
- “And I especially love, the fact that you’re carrying my son in there.” He mumbles holding your tummy in his hands.
- Istg this boi
- He will always without a doubt get you the food you’re craving, you don’t even have to say it and he’s already on it.
- He’s basically the sweetest.
- Talks to your belly so so much, about anything and everything. You pretend to sleep just to hear him promise to give the world to your son, sometimes bringing tears to your eyes and exposing yourself
- “JAGI that was only meant for him to hear!”
- Remember when I said you were always on edge for something to happen
- Well something did happen
- You woke up in the middle of the night feeling slightly crampy and crappy, adjusting your legs slight, you felt something wet between them
- You bit your lip hoping for the best but when you turned on your bedside lamp , you saw that your fingers were slightly stained red and so were your sheets
- Panicked, you shook soonyoung awake, speaking in a hushed tone.
- “Soonyoung, I’m bleeding.”
- His eyes shot open, terrified, like his worst fear was coming through
- He helped you to car as much as he could, hastily driving to the hospital where he frantically tried to get medical attention for you.
- The doctor delivered the news, the baby was healthy and alive but you had placenta previa ( where the placenta is blocking the cervix ) causing the slight bleeding
- Bad news was that you most likely wouldn’t be able to deliver naturally and would probably have a caesarean. Which was fine with soonyoung because he just wanted a healthy baby but hard on you because you’d heard about the magical birth stories and wanted one like that
- You were kept in the hospital overnight so that they could monitor you, and on full bed rest now which dampened your mood even further.
- “So no more sex for now, eh?” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.
- But you just turned away from him and shut your eyes so you wouldn’t have to think anymore
- So you spent the whole night sleeping on the bed alone while he squeezed himself on the couch in the room
- When the time came for you to be discharged, he grabbed your hand quietly and led you back to the car where he drove back home in silence.
- After getting back home, you shut yourself in your room and cried into the pillow. He tried coaxing you out but to no avail, he only saw your face during meal times.
- He got advice from Jun to just give you some space, and that’s exactly what he did, only talking to you when necessary.
- It created a rift in your relationship, some nights with him just sleeping in the half built nursery cos he couldn’t bare to be on the same bed but not be able to cuddle you.
- It was a week after where he couldn’t take it anymore, venting out his frustrations on Chan during dance lessons earlier that day.
- He didn’t deserve to get yelled at but Soonyoung couldn’t help it
- Not talking to his closed off wife was killing him.
- He stomped home, flinging the door open.
- “Why the fuck are we not talking about this?” He yelled
- Which probably wasn’t the best way to address the elephant in the room.
- You were sitting on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through the tv channels, spaced out
- You jumped when you were abruptly snapped out of your thoughts by a vehement soonyoung.
- “About what,” you cowered in slight fear.
- His features softened as he saw the scared look on your face.
- “Everything? You? Me? Our Son? You’re supposed to be able to talk to me y/n, not push me away.”
- “It’s only this once, jagi…”
- “That’s not true and you know it. You were doing it when we weren’t able to conceive.”
- “That’s because I’M AFRAID!”
- He kneels down, pulling on bunches of his black hair.
- “I know you’re upset about everything that’s been thrown our way, and you have every right to blame me because it was my idea in the first place. But please, don’t block me out.”
- You start weeping, wailing and shrieking about everything that’s happened so far and he just envelops you, calming you down and stroking you hair.
- “It’s going to be okay.”
- The both of you fell asleep on the couch, soonyoung hugging you close, never wanting to lose this feeling again.
- he starts making sure he spends more and more time with you at home, making chan, Minghao and Jun to take some of his classes for him, even asking jihoon to pitch in from time to time.
- When he really couldn’t be at home, he makes wonwoo go over and hang out with you just because he can’t trust you to make sure you were only doing light work.
- And wonwoo is so chill about everything
- Drops random facts about pregnancy
- “Soonyoung made me read that for him”
- Finally finishes the nursery in time for the doctors appointment that will decide the birth of the baby.
- Unfortunately, the placenta was still stubbornly over your cervix, so an elective caesarean was necessary.
- Soonyoung held you for the rest of the day, whether it be around your waist, or a full on embrace, consoling your sobs and kissing you on your cheeks or mouth, murmuring about how strong you were.
- It got a bit insufferable seeing him every hour of every day and he tried giving you space for you to breathe, but he couldn’t help pampering you and doting on his son.
- You couldn’t even put your two feet on the ground for 30 seconds before he started complaining.
- When your first contractions started, you freaked out because your c-section wasn’t scheduled until next week.
- You screamed for soonyoung and in an instant he was there.
- The cramping started again and you cried out, clutching on to your belly, some blood trickling down your leg
- “It hurts so bad. I think I’m in Labour, jagi help.”
- Soonyoung who had been briefed beforehand, when the doctor pulled him aside, instantaneously picked you up in his arms without a word and carried you to the car.
- He continuously checked on you as he once again hurriedly drove to the hospital, your eyes squinted shut, face contorted into one of pain
- He wished that he had every power in the world to alleviate the pain but this was one of those times where he was completely helpless in the situation.
- He had informed your consultant before he got into the car about the situation and she was already waiting there for your arrival.
- They whisked you away in a wheelchair and shoved some scrubs into Soonyoung’s hands, ushering him to go and change.
- You wished soonyoung was there to help you get your spinal block but you couldn’t complain as it relieved your pain immediately.
- It wasn’t until you were being prepped for surgery did you finally see him push his way through the doors and rush to your side.
- He looked so ridiculous wearing those medical garments that you wanted to laugh.
- The laugh was muffled though, due to oxygen mask over your mouth
- The corners of his eyes crinkled as he saw you giggling at him
- Hoshi tried not to reveal his inner feelings as to not scare you even more, he knew that the caesarean was a major surgery that came with complications that could occur
- He just let his excitement to see his son override the rest of his emotions
- He grabbed your hand began talking to you non stop as a distraction as they were about to begin the incision.
- He asked if you were okay when you instinctively scrunched up your face
- “It just felt weird that’s all.”
- You dared him to look over the curtain and he immediately paled and sat back down, gripping your hand with two hands now
- He’s pretty sure he saw one of your organs, yikes.
- The both of you definitely cried when the baby first cried.
- You both saw him and knew you couldn’t love anything else more than him in this entire world.
- Tears in your eyes, you looked at soonyoung and smiled, mouthing “he’s finally here.”
- Soonyoung got to hold him first, while you were still being sewed up and in recovery.
- You requested for skin to skin contact much to his dismay, so he had to embarrassedly take off his shirt in front of a giggling nurse, before holding his son close to his chest.
- He felt the warmth blooming inside of him and protective instincts immediately coming into play as he cradled his son.
- He fell asleep with his son on his chest.
- Isn’t that the fucking cutest thing you could ever imagine
- Half an hour later, you were wheeled in and almost burst into tears again, seeing your husband cuddling with your son.
- You stared at them lovingly, observing the rise and fall of Soonyoung’s chest as he rested.
- He slowly awoke, a few minutes after you were in the room and smiled sleepily at you.
- “He’s perfect.”
- He was reluctant to let go of his son but he knew he couldn’t say no to you so he passed the baby over to you and watched you with absolute adoration on his features
- You were a natural.
- He supported your back as you held your son, smiling excessively as you cooed and brushed your fingers against the baby’s cheek.
- It wasn’t until evening that visitors started streaming in slowly, your parents, your in-laws (who came bearing food) and finally the Seventeen boys who had to be shushed several times by nurses passing by.
- They basically played pass the parcel with the baby boy as he travelled from one uncle to the other
- “I can’t believe hoshi’s the first one out of all of us to have a child.”
- Seungcheol announces to everyone in the room
- “I’m taking no offence to that.”
- There was a point where no one could stop the baby from crying except for Chan, who pacified him so easily it was like he was born to do it.
- Seungkwan , Jisoo and Mingyu couldn’t stop cooing over him
- And Minghao was just constantly complaining that when the baby was to go to the studio, they would be the ones to hear annoying crying all day.
- When all the sebongies filtered out of the room, Jihoon leaving last, and the baby was wheeled off to the nursery was when soonyoung squeezed himself into the hospital bed
- You leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep, knowing that you’d made the right decision in starting a family with him

Bonus round (cos this thing was wayyy more angsty than I planned):
- after your scar is healed, soonyoung loves kissing it and your stretch marks, constantly mentioning how proud he is of you.
- Him fumbling with feeding the baby for the first time because he didn’t want to drop the child
- Him immediately wanting another one when your child begins to struggle out of his grasps because he misses cuddling a little baby
- but you’re like “hold your horses, cowboy!”
- Him snuggling with his son more than you and you get jealous but the sight is so cute that you can’t complain
- Just an overall fluffy as hell dad.

yellow-serendipity  asked:

Dude, if Jungkook looks at Jimin as if he were the most precious thing in the world again in their next vlive, and Jimin notices through his phone's camera JK is giving him that look and still chooses to look at him... Istg I'll come here to scream and cry. Like, imagine them having their famous gay silence, not smiling at all, just looking at each other as if they were the only ones in the world :((( imagine fans noticing Jungkook is actually reaching for Jimin's hand and that Jimin is slowly -

leaning to him, even turning his head a bit to have a better angle, as if he had done it plenty of times before :((( (for god’s sake, just kiss already, istg they’re gonna kill me one day with their stares ;-;)

:((((( that’d be so cute. like, jungkook looking at jimin how he always does - in love and proud - and jimin kinda taking notice and turning to look at him and them exchanging this glance just like in the past that has so much love and adoration. that’d be so sweet. :(((( i’d get so emo if that happened again. like, wow goals. and omg, them slowly leaning towards each other then catching themselves inches away and turning back to the camera as if nothing happened. i just. that’d be so cute. 

Prompt: Mitsunari with a daughter (he plays with her and she pulls his hair into two ponytails) c/o Minami ❤
Length: 669 words

A/N: Okay, so around 2 weeks ago, I made a post asking for prompts. (Thank you so much to those who did, btw!!) I’ve only done 3 out of 9 so far, and I said I’d be too shy to post anything (and I still am tbh) buuut this fandom is incredibly nice and I figured I should start doubting myself less??? and I also need to learn to accept comments and criticisms. So yeah. Ok wow this got long lol.

TL;DR YOLO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((I just looked for a Japanese folktale via Google so idk if any of it is accurate huehue. And I took the liberty of choosing a name for the daughter heeeh.))
*edit: fixed some pronouns that were incorrect

“Come on, Chie, can you read this for me?” Mitsunari pointed at the book he was holding while his daughter positioned herself cozily in his lap. 

“Hmm… Take…tori Monogataru. Ahhh, no, Monogatari,” Chie read the words carefully, smiling proudly after she had done so.

“Correct.” Mitsunari patted his daughter’s head. “Alright, let’s begin reading this together,” he turned to the first page.

Keep reading

boyfriend! Mark

I’ll do both, because both are very precious cinnamon rolls! And both are very lively^^


• When he first sees you, not only is he speechless, but he is already thinking how to approach you
• Doesn’t want to come off creepy, but Jackson notices the ogling and calls you OUT
• He’s breaking cold sweat, buT he manages to slip in, “Uh, hi. I’m Mark. I kinda wanted to talk to you???”
• Over time you learn to accept his often silent nature, but let us be real
• Over time he opens up and becomes a teddy bear that just wants to hug you
• He has the constant need for YOU
• He will seem needy and clingy BUT you secretly enjoy it
• He won’t show signs of jealousy, but when you get home, he’ll probably bring it up in the most subtle way
• Obvi it doesn’t work out and you just try to cheer him up and do your best to not ket it happen too much
• He’s generally a caring person and will most often just having you in his embrace
• Kisses with Mark can range from innocently gentle to wHAT WHY ARE YOU EATING ME UP
• He’s a packaged surprise
• Dates with him are the best, i mean, he’ll probably be one of those people who focus on the date and the experience. Rather than just A SELFIE THIS A SELFIE THAT.
• bEcause he will take selfies for HIM.
• He’ll catch a candid of you every now and then ofc
• If you ask me, GOT7’s Mark is a keeper


• He will gape. lIKE GASP A lil bit. real quick. turn away. and just like stifle his breath and exhale in stutters
• Unlike GOT7’s Mark, he might actually initiate and go over and be like, “Hey! How’s it goin’?”
• If not, I feel like JAEHYUN WOULD CALL YOU OUT.
• Either way, he’s pretty open to you at first
• As time goes on, everyday you learn something new
• Generally, you’ll have a relationship that’s very much chill
• You two probably engage in mischevious acts
• He’s always going to look for amazing things about you
• He’d be a lot more childish but it’s what makes him HIM
• Every now and then when settling down, he will and I DO MEAN WILL throw a joke to lighten the mood
• He isn’t into serious situations, but if required to do so, he will try his ultimate best
• Kisses are cute, making out CAN happen. But it shouldnt.
• Hugs can be tight to a SimPle arm hug
• Dating Mark Lee is dating an unpredixtable child, where at times you are as if his mother

Both tbh.

Overall, Marks are amazing. GOT7 Mark and NCT Mark are people I admire and respect! And are giggle monsters wih the mental age of 3! And do remember these are vased on MY OWN perspective!!

pumpkinspicedfangirl  asked:

I don't know if u do this, but can u write me a one shot, a saphael rainy day cuddling.

Ahh I’ve never written Raphael before! I thought that writing cuddles with him would be hard, considering his personality, but I think I did it without making him too out of character. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the long wait!

You can hear the rain starting to hit the roof and outer walls.

It’s not that weird, in New York there’s always some good rain. Normally, back when he was still a mundane, Simon could go to Clary’s house and they would binge watch a series or movies while drinking coffee and eating homemade cookies. Sometimes even Jocelyn and Luke would join them, and they would spend the afternoon of their lives, just like a family.

But at the Dumort, there wasn’t homemade cookies. Or coffee. Or a family to spend a great afternoon with. Just blood, vampires that disliked him more than he disliked them and loneliness. Clear and pure loneliness, meeting him at every corner, in every possible room of the windowless Hotel Dumort.

It was depressing, staying in his room all day when there was a whole world out there, rain or no rain, but if he did get out he would turn himself into fried eggs.

Simon stared hopelessly at the pile of comic books Clary brought him the other day, and the thought of her just made him even more depressed. Clary was probably running around New York, doing her work as a shadowhunter, going around warlocks, seelies and werewolves. She was probably hanging with Izzy, Alec and Jace, having fun or at least doing something, not sitting around lamenting at her own misery.

If the clouds could just be enough to protect him from the sun…

His senses kicked in. Lately he was getting good at doing that. Someone was standing at his door, but he couldn’t decipher who was exactly. The problem with vampires was that they didn’t have any type of remarkable smell. You couldn’t tell who was who with just sniffing the air. They also didn’t breathe, so you couldn’t use that either.

They didn’t even make noises when walking! For fuck’s sake, vampires were like solid ghosts.

He was about to stand up to open the door and find out who was creeping outside when it opened by itself. Well, not by itself, but by Raphael. He was certainly not the person Simon was expecting. Maybe Stan, the guy who was oddly nice to him. Or Janet, that cute young vampire that could stand him and even laugh at his lame jokes sometimes.


The vampire laughed. “Look at you, drowning in your own pity. Pobrecillo.”

Simon shot him a death glare.

“What do you want, Raphael?” Simon asked. By this point in their relationship both of them were quite used to be snarky and impatient at each other, so Raphael didn’t react to his question in any certain way. He was wearing casual clothes, to Simon’s surprise. Dark jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Well, casual for Raphael.

“I could smell your weeping from two floors down,” Raphael moved around and settled by the side of Simon’s bed, standing there and looking at him, “so I thought I could come and tell you to cut it out. I can’t stand it.”

“News flash, this is my room and I can do whatever I want.” If Simon were still human, he would’ve probably blushed. It was that obvious that he wasn’t feeling good? “And I’m not weeping or pitying myself. I’m just not in the mood to be around you all.”

Simon was surprised when Raphael sat by his side. For a second there he could see something on the vampire’s face; was it concern? It appeared and disappeared so fast it was hard to tell, and Simon wasn’t a fan of wild guesses lately. Still, just having Raphael sitting on his bed was weird.

“As intern chapter president is my duty to ensure everyone is in a good state,” Raphael didn’t sound annoyed anymore. He didn’t seem to be interested in mocking him anymore either. “So I’m here to help. Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll try to fix it.”

It was such a sincere offer and yet so strange coming from him. Sometimes Simon wished he could’ve met Raphael before he became a vampire, just to see if there was any difference between the Raphael he knows now and the one that he was then. He also wished he wasn’t dead. Because it was hard to tell anything from his expressions, because he liked it or not, Raphael wasn’t alive.

Just like him.

Simon shook his head quickly. “You’re going to make fun of me. Nice try.”

A one millisecond during spark on his face again. This time something close to a hurt expression, as if he couldn’t believe that Simon just accused him of that, of trying to make fun of him after he offered nicely.

“I won’t. You have my word.”

That called Simon’s attention. In one of the many conversations he had with Clary and the Lightwoods, they mentioned that in the shadow world, giving someone your word meant you had to keep it. No one knew exactly what happened when you went against it, but no one dared trying.

He bit his lip, still shaking his head.

“I was just thinking about the things I used to do on rainy days,” Simon admitted.

“Like what?” Raphael’s question came expressionless, as if he was asking just to be polite.

It was too late to back down, and Raphael wasn’t laughing anyways.

“Watching movies with Clary. Drinking coffee. Eating homemade cookies. Gathering with Luke and the Frays for family-like moments,” Simon’s voice became quieter with every word, feeling not only stupid, but also like he shouldn’t say that type of things. “Just… mundane things, you know?

“I know you guys are my family now, but I can’t get used to this coldness so easily. It’s way too different from what I’m used to.”

Raphael didn’t laugh. He didn’t say a word at all. He seemed to be too lost on his own thoughts to care about Simon’s questioning look.

And then he was taking his jacket off and lying by his side on the bed. Not to say it was kind of a red flag, but it was.

“Wow, wait, what are you-?” Simon stopped when Raphael brought him into his arms softly, like he was scared of crushing Simon.

“You know, when I was a mundane, my family and I used to go out when the rain started falling,” Raphael explained, ignoring Simon’s unfinished question or the fact that he was hugging him against his shoulder and drawing circles in his back with one hand. “My brothers and I will run around the neighborhood, getting drenched all over and screaming words in Spanish.”

“Why in Spanish?” Simon was slowly relaxing against Raphael’s body without even noticing.

“Because we said bad words, Dios, can’t you be any more dense?” Raphael didn’t sound as annoyed as he tried to convey. He sounded happy. “And then we would go back and our mother will yell at us for what we did. But it was okay. We were happy.”

“Even if your mom scolded you?”

Bueno, the truth is that she always ended up smiling and sending us to take showers,” Raphael turned a little on his side, and suddenly he was facing Simon, closer than they ever were, “but when we came back, she already prepared hot chocolate and sandwiches. And she was happy, and we were happy with her.”

A silence filled the already cold room, and Simon placed a hand on Raphael’s waist. The other vampire didn’t seem to notice, but if he did, he didn’t show it. He was looking Simon in the eye, this time not caring enough to hide his expression; the nostalgia was sealed in his eyes, obvious for Simon to see.

“Do you miss that?” Simon dared to ask. He whispered the words with too much care, not wanting to hurt Raphael or sound like he wasn’t taking him seriously.

Raphael simply nodded, not adding anymore words to that.

The rest of the afternoon they spent it like that, talking about what they did on rainy days, things that they did when it wasn’t raining, their legs tangling together and their hands finding casually each other’s bodies.

Simon wasn’t sure how long this was going to last. But it was the first time in weeks he felt some kind of warmth in his chest, so he didn’t care for later or tomorrow. He was going to cherish this moment for as long as Raphael wanted it to be.