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blackswordsmanoftheorder  asked:

Hello! I hope you don't mind, but how do you think the main four would + Tyki and Wisely react to their partner being pregnant/adopted a kid?

Here you go~ A somewhat condensed version of their reactions but your request gave me a few funny ideas that I might be posting afterwards. (The post would have a general storyline.)


Let’s just say that he’s 19 for the sake of this request haha.

s/o pregnant

  • The two of you were alone, spending time with each other before your next mission when you finally told him
    • his eyes wend wide, jaw dropping to the ground
    • Then he wrapped his arms around you and twirled you around
    • He couldn’t believe it
    • He was literally bursting to happiness
  • Doesn’t shout the news out
    • quietly tells Lenalee
    • But Lavi overheard and now the whole order nows
    • Super big celebrations!
    • Even Kanda grudgingly congratulate him
  • But when you suggested letting his Master be his child’s godfather, he flipped
    • Why? Why? Why? Why would you even suggest that? 
    • He couldn’t even…
    • There’s no way he’s going to let his master lay a hand on his child
    • and if it’s a girl….God forbid, he’ll murder his master before he even step through the door. 
    • He grabs your hands begging you to choose anyone….anyone…. (Lenalee, Lavi, Komuii and hell even that bastard Kanda! Anyone but Master!)
  • When he finally hold the child, this bean couldn’t stop crying and smiling
  • For the first time, he had a family. 
    • And he’s going to protect them with all he’s got
    • Lenalee whacks him if he ever say that he’ll use his life to protect them
    • Slowly realised that he needs to be there for them too 

s/o adopts

  • Will be the most confused on why there was a kid around everyday
    • Because this bean just came back from a mission
    • And you want to surprise him. 
  • He had a shock alright, when the kid call you by your parental title.
    • You had a kid and you didn’t tell him?
    • Weren’t the two of you close?
    • You told him everything over dinner
      • The boy was a child from your distant relatives that were no longer around. 
      • Now, he’s low key guilty for assuming
    • But completely understand and accepts your decisions. 
  • Falls in love with you over and over again for your kindness
    • But sometimes couldn’t help but to wonder what could be if someone showed him kindness too when he was abandoned
    • shrugs. 
    • At least he had Mana. 


s/o pregnant

  • Silence. 
    • He wasn’t ready to be a father and he openly admitted it
    • More like he doesn’t know how to be a father
    • But he won’t run away, he knows that it’s his responsibility
    • He promised to try his best
  • He went to Zu for advice
    • The man was shook!
    • Sour attitude Kanda having a child
    • Will awkwardly try to give Kanda some advice
  • Grudgingly tells Tiedoll
    • The man broke into tears
    • “I’m so proud of you, Yu.” 
    • Walks away angrily embarrassed and didn’t learn a thing
  • He’s going to count on himself
    • Oh, this ain’t gonna end well
    • Luckily, you had Lenalee intervene
  • When they placed the babe in his arms
    • he went stiff with fear
    • He didn’t know what to do
    • And he was losing his mind when the kid wouldn’t stop crying
    • You giggled and took the child in your arms and like magic, the babe quieten. 
  • From then on, Lavi, Allen and Lenalee would always be in his business
    • “This is how you take care of a baby Kanda!” 
    • “Yeah!” Allen snides, “Hey who knew Bakanda have a weakness?”
    • And honestly, apart from Lenalee who had been helpful, Kanda wanted to cut them down
    • If only they weren’t holding his child. 
  • (pssst…We all know Tiedoll would be super clingy to his grandchild)

s/o adopts

  • You blurt it out on his first day back from his mission
    • His mind struggled to process it. 
    • He disapproves
    • But you ain’t changing your mind. 
    • He had no choice but to relents
  • annoyed that there’s a kid around you all the time
  • The kid was also super possessive, knocking over stuff when the two of you started having a moment
    • And you would always fuss over the boy
    • Leaving Kanda on his own. 
    • Worse off, the kid reminded him of the beansprout more and more each day
    • Will definitely act like an annoyed big brother to the child. 


s/o pregnant

  • High key excited. 
    • No one in the Black Order was safe from his screaming announcement. 
    • Everyone knows
    • Even Bookman
    • Who had been glaring at him. 
    • Because the two of you kept your relationship under wraps. 
    • Oops. 
  • Can’t pry his hands off you. 
    • The only one who could is probably Bookman
    • And that involved kicks and lots of ear pulling
  • The type that would go shopping too early and buy all sorts of nonsense
    • “Uh, Lavi…we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet.” 
    • “Oh yeah…” But he already bought those pink slippers. 
  • Paints the walls of the baby room red before changing his mind to blue, yellow and green before turning the room into a walking disaster. 
    • “Lavi…Leave the painting to the scientists” 
  • Holding a teddy bear when you give birth because it’s the first thing he wants to give his child. 
  • When they place the baby girl in his arms, he melts. 

s/o adopts

  • Knows of it before you even open your mouth to say.
    • How Lavi? How? 
    • I read the report yo. 
    • Facepalms. You worried over nothing. 
  • He’s super chill with whatever you decide
    • He’s just that kind of guy. 
  • Super enthusiastic looking after the kid. 
    • The kid follows him around
    • The kid ransack his headbands and scarfs. 
    • It was like he was having a mini-me. 
    • And the two of them cause more chaos than ever. 
    • Scientists yells, “Get them outta here!” 
  • You just shakes your head at them. 


s/o pregnant

  • The two of you had been gunning for a child together
    • But Lenalee was an exorcist & Komui convinced her not to
    • because it was too dangerous
    • Leaving it all to her s/o
  • And when you finally came back with a positive, the two of you were over the moon
    • The entire science division was bursting with congratulations
  • A constant worrier
    • Calls often when on missions
    • “Is brother taking care of you properly?” 
    • “I’m now in France. Do you want anything?” 
    • “I really miss you. I hope you’re doing well.” 
    • “The other day I saw this cute baby dress,” You smile at her excitement, “If we have a girl, she’ll look cute in it. Oh, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want a boy. I’m fine with either.” 
  • Sometimes, she’s silent
    • “What’s wrong, Lenalee?” 
    • “Nothing,” It wasn’t nothing, “It’s just that…” 
    • You know that she was worried about the Order
    • What if they decided to make your child into an accommodator of Innocence? 
    • It wasn’t a problem that the two of you can solve. 
    • But you assure her that everything will be fine.
  • When she finally held the babe in her arms
    • she was filled with disbelief that this was finally happening
    • Swear to take care of the two of you making sure that you two would always be happy. 

s/o adopts

  • When you tell her, her eyes widen for a moment but she still smiled. 
    • In fact she’s as excited with you. 
    • Super sad that the parents of the girl was no longer around…
    • But the two of you are going to take care of her 
    • Will do your bests to make her happy
  • “Hello, my name is Lenalee,” She squat down to the eye level of the girl
    • You literally melt at the sight of those two cuties
    • That is…until Komui decided to butt in
    • Now he had another little angel to protect. 
    • Much to you and Lenalee’s chagrin
    • “Lenalee, please…kick him.” 
    • “With pleasure.” 
    • “Wait! No violence in front of children.” 
    • Kicks. 
  • “Now, Alice, don’t follow that okay?” You held the girl smiling, “Violence is bad. Repeat after me.” 
    • “And Lenalee’s cool.” 


s/o pregnant

  • The two of you were on a romantic getaway when you told him
    • He couldn’t believe his ears
    • But pride burst through his chest
    • He was going to be a father with the most beautiful person in the world
    • Can’t pry his hands off your stomach
  • His human friends will be the first to know
    • They splurged on a rather fancy dinner against your protests
    • Tyki assured you that he will pay
    • You had a warm celebration
  • The entire Noah family will celebrate
    • Though some would be more bitter than others (Sheril) 
    • But Tyki isn’t going to let something like that ruin his day
    • Though he warned the majority of them to be careful around you
  • Keeps you safe from his family. 
    • Especially from Road who enjoys breaking fragile things
      • “I would never hurt family” 
      • He doesn’t really believe her when it’s you that they’re talking about. 
  • Irritated keeping up with your mood swings and cravings but did his best to stay sane
  • And when you finally gave birth, he was walking on clouds
    • “You’ve done well, love.” 

s/o adopts

  • You were stubborn to the core
  • And no matter what he argued, you won’t change your mind
  • He had told you many times to not follow him when he went on his special jobs
    • but you did anyways
    • and that’s when you saw the only survivor a boy no older than eight
    • And you did the most unbelievable thing
      • make that two unbelievable things
        • You adopted the kid of the man he was sent to kill
          • And you brought him to the home of the Noahs to raise
    • He had to question your sanity
    • But you make him promise that he would protect the kid
    • And you would hate him if he don’t 
      • he was flabbergasted.
      • Annoyed 
    • he had to spend every second of the day, saving the kid from Road…
      • If not Road, Sherill
      • If not Sherill, then the twins
      • He felt like a glorified babysitter. 
  • But the kid grew on him
    • And he treated the boy like how he would treat Eeeze. 


s/o pregnant

  • Seriously, if you’re in the room with him, he would know. 
    • Even worse, he would know before you even do
    • Instead of you shocking him, you were shocked
    • You fainted
    • Luckily, he caught you before you fall
  • When you finally came to, you were at loss
    • But he was happy.
    • He couldn’t help wondering what’s it’s like to raise your child
    • Could hear your fears and ease them for you
    • Does everything for you

s/o adopts

  • There had been something strange going on lately
    • He haven’t seen you for nearly a week. 
    • Had you been avoiding him? 
      • Why? 
  • Went around searching for you and saw you with a kid. 
    • Super confused until he flashed through your mind. 
  • Didn’t know how to react at first. 
  • You blubbered out your excuse and he merely sighed
    • He knows already
    • And he knows that you won’t change your mind
    • Will grudgingly accept it. 
  • Only becomes closer to the child when you pushes him to.

Aaand in a new running first, I got hit by a car half a block from my house. The guy rolled through a stop sign and right into me (I’m 100% ok physically, mentally shaken). Then to make things worse, when I told my boyfriend about it he told me I need to be more careful. Gee, thanks 😒

Maybe drivers should just actually stop at stop signs. Or at least stop if there is someone in the damn crosswalk. But no, definitely it’s my fault here and I should have been more careful. Crossing at the crosswalk. At a stop sign. In broad daylight. Wearing my bright ass shorts and a reflective headband.

JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)


Summary: As excited and happy as you and Bucky are about becoming parents, he can’t help but doubt himself about it.

Originally posted by leafierleaf

Many extravagant things have happened so far in Bucky’s life. Meeting you of course was at the very top of the list.

But let’s just say the day that you told Bucky he was going to be a dad, topped everything. Word’s could not explain how joyous he was about it. And still is.

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KNB/Naruto Headcanons

(I’ve only got a few headcanons for now, it’s bound to change/have things added as I come up with ideas though! Also sorry if I got anything wrong, I’ve just started to watch Naruto again so I also must refresh my knowledge ((though I read through a few of the wikia articles)) but otherwise, I hope you guys enjoy this!

New information bolded!)

Akashi Seijurou
-Lives in the Hidden Sand Village.
-Keeps his headband on his left arm most of the time.
-Was treated specially from the beginning and was not put into a normal Genin group.
-Privately tutored Kuroko on his visit to the Leaf Village with his father as he saw untapped potential in his Genjutsu skills, still occasionally sends a letter to check-up on him every now and again.
-Aims to be the Kazekage, is currently serving under his father (the current Kazekage) as his assistant while also being the Captain of the Anbu.
-His Anbu mask is colored a fine Red, unlike the normal earth-colored cloth that is normally used to cover Anbu members faces.
-His Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu  skills are off the charts but most of his strength comes from his strategic ability.
-He has gained the approval of most of the citizens as he often helps those who can’t afford food by setting them up with a special payment plan, going out of his way to see that repairs are made to the poorer districts, and generally keeping as many people happy as he possibly can; has been told he holds too much compassion.

Aomine Daiki
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband on his forehead, forgets to wear it a lot and gets scolded for it.
-For the Chuunin exams, he began to be tutored under Anbu Captain Imayoshi Shoichi, who had been tutored by the great Harasawa Katsunori in the past (Imayoshi took interest in Aomine simply because he wanted him to join the Anbu as his speed was a much needed asset).
-His speed was always off the charts, combined with his strong Taijutsu he skills, he managed to be promoted to at least Chuunin despite his Ninjutsu and Genjutsu being relatively poor.
-He was in a Genin team with Momoi and Kuroko; he was the only one who successfully passed the Chuunin exams the first time they entered, and agreed to train the two to pass if they agreed to call him sensei.
-He has no aspirations on what he wants to be, jokingly saying he wants to be the Hokage but Momoi states that he’s lying; Kuroko figures that, with the type of person Aomine is, he may being to train Ninja dogs for a living.  
-He fondly remembers the time when he was younger and used to nap atop the Ninja Academy, annoying Kuroko as Aomine had potential and theorizes the only reason he’s no good at Genjutsu or Ninjutsu is because he never bothered showing up to class.

Kise Ryouta
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Wears his headband around his neck, along with a necklace that has the Kise Clan symbol on it.
-Was placed in a team with Moriyama and an unnamed female (whose crush on Kise frustrated Moriyama to the point he declared the blonde as his greatest rival).
-Their sensei was the strict Kasamatsu, who kicked their asses into gear when they were flirting instead of working.
-The Kise Clan is known well for their beautiful looks but not so much their talent, something Ryouta wishes desperately to change.
-Despite his lack of interest in the Ninja Academy he learns well by spying on other students practicing, copying the hand seals and then creating an even more powerful version of the Jutsu. He gains the nickname the ‘Copycat’ Ninja and also gains the scorn of many.
-When they were younger, he and Aomine used to race across the village to see who could reach the other end first; he has yet to match Aomine’s speed, though as they grow older he’s planning on challenging Aomine to a rematch.
-He enjoys visiting the Academy to see Kuroko but that irritates the latter due to half of the students no longer giving him their attention, thus nothing gets learned that day.
-Kise wishes to becoming a Jounin (stuck doing mindless missions as a Chuunin and not finding the time to take the Jounin exam)

Kuroko Tetsuya
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband wrapped around his right arm.
-Formed a Genin team with Aomine and Momoi.
-His sensei was Aida Riko, a young sensei who knew perfectly how to train the three individuals (though her and Momoi seemed to have some rivalry going on, Riko still cared deeply for all three of them).
-Ascends to Jounin level relatively easily, he felt nervous about having to have his own Genin team but finds he’s a relatively good teacher as all three of his students flourish under his methods.
-He’s particularly talented at Genjutsu, and with his lack of presence, missions requiring stealth tend to be his favorite assignments to take.
-He will occasionally teach a class at the Ninja Academy where both of his parents also teach, teaching them specifically on Genjutsu’s; he tends to favor the underdogs who also struggle in one of the three ninja arts, knowing what it was like to be bullied for having a special interest in only one field and poorly performing in the others.
-Spends most of his free time with either Kise or Aomine, as they are always the one to drag him out of his house before he can settle down with a freshly bought book to relax.

Midorima Shintarou
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband properly on his forehead.
-His team consisted of Takao and unnamed female.
-His sensei was the recently promoted Miyaji Kiyoshi (he and Midorima did not originally get along, but Takao teased it was because they were the opposite types of Ninja, Miyaji always appearing on the front line while Midorima had to stay back).
-He was the top student at the Ninja Academy, and encourages his younger sister to also blow her classmates out of the water, agreeing to help her practice chakra control (which she has the most issues with) and agrees to teach her at least one difficult Ninjutsu when she finally graduates.
-His family owns a clinic which heavily inspired him to become a Medical-nin, spending a few years of his life travelling abroad to learn different techniques that could save lives (his family wrote him every day).
-Has the highest mission count of all the GoM ninja’s as he believed nothing could replace experience on the battlefield, and despite him hardly participating in the action, he became talented with long-range weapons to keep himself away from the carnage while also seeing a large variety of wounds and learning the best way to treat them.
-While studying under the head medical-nin in the Sand Village, Midorima had met Akashi and befriended him, having never met someone who was ambitious as he was; he was offered a position as head medical-nin in the Sand from Akashi when he becomes Kazekage, which he refused to accept until Akashi actually ascended to said position.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-Lives in the Hidden Sand Village.
-Wears his headband loosely around his neck, it often falls off.
-Was in a team with Himuro and an unnamed female that he never bothered to learn the name of.
-Was taught by the Legendary Araki Masako, well-known for being strict and an expert strategist (Murasakibara didn’t see the big deal about her, as he just thought she was extra bossy and a little scary).

-He had once lived in the Hidden Leaf Village but due to family issues, he was sent off to the Sand Village to train instead. He’s not used to the brutal terrain and complains nearly every day about the heat.
-He’s talented at making food pills and other food related recovery items.
-Despite his rather large size he’s particularly agile and Akashi, who had discovered his talents and decided to help them flourish, will often call on him to help with an Anbu mission if he sees that it requires Murasakibara’s skill set.
-He likes to build “sandmen” during the winter months which in turn entertains the children; he had said that he didn’t do it for them and that he was bored, but it has since become a daily class, with him teaching them how to control the sand with their chakra and create a variety of different forms with it.
-He has a very low mission count as he prefers to sleep in all day, the missions he does take only because his teammates worry about how he will buy his snacks to survive thus they push him into at least tagging along on their own. 


Kagami Taiga
-Used to live in the Hidden Waterfall Village, but moved to the Hidden Leaf Village after passing the Chuunin exams.
-Former sensei was Alex Garcia, one of the most legendary figures in Ninja history; she took both Himuro and Kagami under her wing as she saw they both had something special, though to be seen as an official team another member was added.
-Kuroko is the first new person he meets in the Leaf Village as he’s the one assigned to show him around; he thinks he’s wimpy at first but is instantly amazed at Kuroko’s Genjutsu skills when he demonstrates them.
-Learned to infuse chakra in his fists and legs to make him more powerful, but often has trouble controlling said power, and causes too much damage when fighting in enclosed areas.
-Used to look down on D-missions and was given an A rank mission by the irritated Waterfall Village leader; after watching the death of his third teammate he knew that he had to stop being so hot-headed, and left the Village to get a fresh start elsewhere.
-Specializes in Fire-Style Jutsu’s.

Himuro Tatsuya
-Used to live in the Hidden Waterfall Village, but moved to the Hidden Sand Village after failing the Chuunin exams.
-Former sensei was Alex Garcia, one of the most legendary figures in Ninja history; she took both Himuro and Kagami under her wing as she saw they both had something special.
-First met Murasakibara when he was wallowing in self-pity; said ninja told him to get over it and move on,  causing Himuro to dislike him at first. He later finds out that he’s going to be training under the same Sensei as Murasakibara and gives a sweet snack as a peace offering (he had won Murasakibara’s loyalty from that point on, even if they did disagree most of the time).

-Specializes in Ice-Style Jutsu’s.

An adventure - Calum smut

Author’s intro note : Ever wanted to do your bestie’s brother? No? But what if the brother was Calum Hood…?

“This dress. Honestly Mali!” I praised my best friend, who looked nothing but dashing in a pale peach summer dress with a camel and golden belt.

“Sure? I mean it’s not too casual?”

“Nah, you wanna keep it simple really, it’s for a job sure but a fashion one and they already hired you anyway! You can wear a chic headband along to pump it up maybe.”

“I feel like we are 16 again and going to prom” Mali giggled.

“Except no one is looking for a date at the moment! You’re gonna be so happy in London, Brit guys are so hot!”

“Hell yeah” she nodded eagerly. “You’re lucky you have Ben though, I’m jealous as fuck.”

“Things haven’t been dreamy lately but I guess it’s comfortable.” I sighed.

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The crazy weaboo ex

Me - Sam
Weaboo ex - Sebastian (Seb)
Best friend - Jay
Boyfriend - Jerry

Now, this happened around three years ago.

I was dating this weaboo guy who we’re just going to call Seb, we clicked right away because we both watched anime, just that I wasn’t as obsessed as he was. 

During freshman year I had this phase where I desperately wanted to learn how to draw so I could draw my OC’s, so I used anime characters as a drawing practise. When he noticed that I was drawing Soul from Soul Eater, he started asking me which anime I’ve seen so far, which is my favourite and so on.

I was more than happy to talk to him because not a lot of people in this school watch anime, we pretty much clicked right away.

Then some time around February he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him, and I said yes. Little did I know back then that he is the clingiest person ever.

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Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 16

- Sixteenth Period: Absolute Strength -

Sideline: “Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou” starts now!!

- A secret plan…?!

- No way…But the Second Years themselves have a 200-point lead………
- You’re saying there’s a way to turn this around at this point……?
Armin: Allow me to explain.

Armin: In this Calvary Battle event, each regular headband is worth 10 points…but the general’s headband is worth 300 points!

Armin: In short, if we can grab most of the Second and Third Years’ headbands, including their generals’, without losing most of ours, then it’ll be enough to pull off a come-from-behind win!

- Sure, theoretically speaking, it would work…
- But that’s better said than done…
Eren: Indeed…

Eren: All the more reason it’s our secret plan. If we use “this”, we should be able to steal the upperclassmen’s headbands all for ourselves!

- Hey…isn’t that…!!

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  1. power couple strut.
  2. all the struts of power as a couple.
  3. no seriously, they did it to like five different songs.
  4. harry’s booty pop on the security guard
  5. harry showing off the laurels
  6. harry doing the “traces is your hair” dance move. thanks.
  7. harry doing the “chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of real mash” dance move. again, thanks.
  8. louis fonding when harry kicked the ball.
  9. louis fonding when harry sings strong.
  10. harry doing the finger point to louis when he sings. 
  11. louis fonding when harry breathed.
  12. singing little things to each other as per.
  13. have i mentioned the struts?
  14. remember when louis took gigantic steps so he could match harry in the strut?
  15. mirroring. if they’re creepy and you know it clap your hands. *clap clap*
  16. liam and the grasshopper. 
  17. louis in the headband.
  18. harry without the headscarf and hair blowing in the wind.
  19. louis without headband and hair blowing in the wind.
  20. the tank tops
  21. the bruises
  22. all the bruises
  23. is everyone better now? can people breathe?
I have a few things to say

Yes, it’s Kishimoto’s manga and yes I cannot do anything to change what’s already done, but for heaven’s sake, if you are a true and logical fan of Naruto there’s no way you can calmly accept that ending.  And don’t you dare tell me that I’m not a true fan because I’m upset and complaining about the ending. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to be in agreement with all the decisions the author makes. Being a fan doesn’t stop me from having my own opinions. Naruto is a work of art, published for the public, hence it is open to criticism.

Now with that out of the way, let me first say that I’ve been reading/watching Naruto since I was like 10. I’ve invested almost 10 years of my life into this series, hence I’ve pretty much caught the gist of the story. This is why I’m allowed to be disappointed, because the ending wasn’t even nearly as great as the buildup. I am disappointed because:

  • When did Naruto become merely about “who ends up with up whom?” As a matter of fact, when I started reading Naruto, romance wasn’t even listed as a genre. I still don’t think it is…idk go check. What about all those lovely life lessons and morals it taught us such as friendship, determination, hard work, never going back on your word, going against tradition and culture if necessary, seeing people change for the best and many more…..Have you all forgotten about those? Naruto could have ended with absolutely no couples and I’d be completely happy because it was a great story and I have learnt a lot.

But since you guys have decided to focus only on the ships, I must talk about those. I am a SASUNARUSASU shipper, without apologies.  I ship them, not because I’m gay, because I’m not, but because based on everything that I’ve been watching and reading their relationship is the most logical and most developed. It is also the strongest relationship in the series when compared to all others. The plot basically revolves around Naruto chasing Sasuke and if you don’t see this, I do not know which manga you have been reading. Open your eyes people!! Brotherly love you say. Heh! Greatest bull. Sasuke had Itachi . He knew what brotherly love was;the feelings for Naruto was so strong, he didn’t even understand it. He was scared. Naruto made friends. He had Shikamaru, Gaara, Neji, Kiba etc. You think by now he doesnt know what brotherly love is!? Naruto doesn’t even know how to explain it himself, because they’ve both never had that feeling before for anyone else. . Also, Kishimoto is the biggest SASUNARUSASU shipper there is, so do not be fooled. Take the entire manga and anime series as proof. (the data books, opening, endings, cover pages, their conversations, the entire Naruto plot etc).

Of course, being the rational person that I am, I was more than prepared for  SASUNARU to not be “officially canon”….because admit it, (it’s been canon from the beginning.) Our society does not accept this type of lifestyle so I didn’t expect to see Naruto and Sasuke running through the meadows, holding hands and what not or whatever weird things you guys think sasunaru shippers are thinking about. Actually, I was fine with chapter 699 and Naruto returning the headband was just so sweet and that’s all I ever wanted since Sasuke left….wipe tears. Also, Naruto is not yaoi (it might as well have been), it’s shonen, and hence its main target is males. I was prepared. But what I wasn’t expecting was crack ships, ooc, and babies everywhere.



  • This is the most disappointing ship, because it had potential. I might have shipped it were it more developed. Hinata loves Naruto because she sees in him something that she desired. She wanted to be praised and acknowledged. He was confident in himself despite being deemed a failure, much like herself. Hence she strived to be like him and adopted his nindo way. However, there is too little interaction between them for me to accept that they fell in love, married and had children. He never once addressed her feelings. As a matter of fact, Naruto has always been oblivious to Hinata’s feelings (like all that blushing and fainting didn’t give it away)   Even up until Shippuden, he was clueless, until she confessed and even then….nothing. Naruto also went as far as to tell his father in chapter 691 that he hasn’t found the right girl as yet…nine chapters later they have kids.  So tell me, if he always knew he was “in love” with Hinata what the hell kind of statement is that?
  • I’ve never been a NARUSAKU shipper, but even that makes more sense than NARUHINA. Naruto and Sakura basically grew up together and have come to know many things about one another and accepted each other. Naruto also always claim that he loves Sakura, even down to her worse trait, her forehead, which no one else accepted. Even Sakura must have developed some sort of feelings for Naruto after all he’s done for her and all they’ve been through together.


  • I don’t even know where to start with this ship. I could write a book stating all the reasons this ship is poor, underdeveloped and extremely shocking. I mean, unlike NARUHINA, where there was an attempt to develop their ship with subtle hints…this ship….wow. Sakura has always loved Sasuke since she was a child merely because he was cool and good looking. As she grew older she held onto these fleeting emotions. When Sasuke was labelled an S class criminal, she was more than willing to decide with the others that they should kill Sasuke. Even Ino was more against the plan that she was. Meanwhile, Naruto was suffering from a panic attack on hearing those news. She attempted to kill him and failed miserably. Sasuke on the other hand, while he was on team 7 protected Sakura. As a member of team 7, and one of the strongest at that, it was his duty to ensure that his teammates were safe. However, after he left, he rarely ever thought of Sakura, and whenever he did, it was in the context of team 7 (which includes Kakashi and Naruto as well). While He’s had plenty of independent thoughts of just Naruto.  Also, Sasuke is always calling her annoying and speaking badly of her. He tried to hurt her, and if it wasn’t for Naruto he would have killed her, he also placed her under a genjutsu where he’s killing her, like WTF? Someone please explain to me how this equates to love? ( And don’t you dare say this is love because no dictionary in the damn world defines love like this)
  • This pairing only depicts Sakura as a desperate fan girl rather than the strongest kunoichi that she really is. Even after all that she still crawls back to Sasuke begging him to take her with him….. just NO. I know many of you SASUSAKU shippers are girls. I am a girl and I could never ship this. I could never bring myself to support a relationship where the female is constantly being hurt and degraded and abused in all sense of the word. Haven’t Sakura matured….where are her standards and ambitions?  And don’t say he apologized….because that half dead (literally) apology could not make up for shit.  And if this is the case, I am seriously sorry for the girls of this generation. When do they draw a line? When do they say this is enough and I’m better than this? This is like a parallel to why girls stay in abusive relationships in reality. A bad example for all girls. I could never be happy about this becoming canon. In chapter 698, I think, Sasuke was saying that he could not accept anyone else but Naruto ( because everyone else basically gave up on him) and a few chapters before that Sasuke said he had no interest in Sakura and could not see why after all this time she was still dwelling upon thoughts of love with him. He said with his own mouth that Naruto is his only friend. I don’t recall him saying that about Sakura….and you don’t just fall madly in love, marry and have a child with someone you’re not first friends with. And what about Sasuke? He still hasn’t even said a word of love to Sakurahave you guys realized that or are you just playing blind because it’s canon!?  No matter how I look at this ship, I could never be happy about it. And I won’t even go into the forehead thing because that has nothing to do with this.
  • To NARUHINA and SASUSAKU fans if your ship needs an entire 360 turn in the personalities of the characters, the omitting and ignoring of major details, unanswered questions, and a movie to justify it…it might as well never existed. Your ships and fandom never did and will never experience the same level feels that the SASUNARUSASU fandom experienced. Because while your ship was based on subtle hints and vague acts. Ours was based on real and quite obvious actions of both parties; their actions and words. So please, do the SASUNARUSASU fandom a favor and “calm thyself.”
  • And you don’t have to be gay to ship SASUNARUSASU.

If this is what it means to be CANON, I’m really glad that SASUNARUSASU remained non canon. Because they are way happier than the canon ones tbh.I’m sure the SASUNARU fandom is big. If he wanted to please the fans and make some cash he could have ended it without pairings and without the rush or….I won’t even say it… Just for the sake of money, norms and society the perfect manga is being ruined.

  • Because of 700, I couldn’t even be glad about Shikamaru and Temari, which I ship. Plus I won’t even go into all the other ships because they are just crack ships. You don’t just throw people together without  first developing some back story.Kishimoto knows that because he’s a brilliant writer. I was so sure that he didn’t willingly write chapter 700. Just money making business. Some of these characters haven’t even spoke one word to each other and some have never met before but they are making babies. Even Sai, who spoke the most about guys’ dicks and who had stated that he thought Ino was ugly and he didn’t like her, did a 360. LOL. Chapter 700 was like a really bad fanfiction.
  • My view of Naruto and Sasuke as parents are totally ruined. Because out of everyone else, they know loneliness the best and what the absence of parents can do to a child. But what I got in chapter 700 was Naruto hitting his child and telling him that he’s too busy for him because he’s doing hokage work and he should just understand that because he’s a ninja and  Sasuke journeying across the ninja world looking for God knows what!? I thought even if they were going to have children that they’d at least be there for them.
  • The last chapter also ruined the reason for NINJAs. There is peace and tranquility… what is there for Naruto to do as a hokage? The role seems almost useless. Then there are those skyscrapers on the hokage heads and all the technology…I guess it was expected since it’s a few years later, but it totally ruined the traditional old time scenery that the village held. And all the girls who once dreamed and aspired to be great kunoichis are now settling with being just housewives. And nothing is wrong with being a housewife but really, did their dreams just evaporated into thin air? And what’s the purpose of being a housewife if the man isn’t home or in some cases, isn’t coming back. What happened to TAKA? Juugo who always stayed beside Sasuke because he was basically his purpose for living, Suigetsu and I hope what I’ve been hearing about Karin isn’t true.

And about the LAST nothing in that movie can adequately capture or attempt to explain the disaster which is chapter 700. Enough said.

However, Naruto is still my favourite manga, (all 699 chapters). I have nothing else to say about that fanfic at the end though. I will forever ship SASUNARU because it’s the realest and cheers to Kishimoto for writing the best love story ever (even though he doesn’t know it)

These are my few words….

More Then Just A Dream

Prompt: My friend is trying to get with your friend and we end up on a double date. This is mostly Gajevy with a little NaLu on the side

Couple: Gajevy & Nalu

Fandom: Fairy Tale

Rating: T

A/N: Okay so this is just something I did because I had writer block for “Thing You Said…” This was going to be a small fanfic when I started but then it just kind of kept on going lol. I hope you love this college au I did


“Natsu I am not going.” Gajeel said packing up his boxing gloves into his duffel bag. Zipping it up and throwing it over his shoulder he gave Natsu a very obvious scowl.

“Oh come on, metal face! I really need you to come with me, Lucy finally said yes to going on a date with me, but she wants it to be a double date!” Natsu yelled at the larger boxer.

“Well then why don’t ya just ask Lexus, or Loke, or literally ANYONE else other then me?” Gajeel could feel the veins in his face and neck starting to bulge up with annoyance. The pair started to walk out of the gym together to go up to their shared apartment that was right over the gym.

“There is no way in hell I’m asking Loke to go on a double date with me and Lucy. Even if her friend is banging hot, he’ll just try and get both other them to leave with just him.” Natsu told the lager man while he turned the lock to their apartment.

“Okay, then ask Lexus.” Gajeel told him as he flopped onto the couch. Natsu sat down on the armchair of the other side of the room

“You know Lexus is dating Freed now!” Natsu yelled giving a now sigh. “Please Gajeel you’re my only friend that is single! I’ve wanted to go on a date with Lucy forever! Please Gajeel I am begging you, just one date, MAYBE 2 hours of your time max.” Natsu folded his fingers together in a begging motion.

Gajeel clicked his tongue in annoyance “God, fine I’ll go with you, Flame for brains.” Gajeel heard the pink haired man yell and then he jumped on top of him, hugging him. “Natsu! Get the hell off of me!” Gajeel said pushing on the other mans face.

“Thank you so much Gajeel!” Natsu got off and ran to his room “We’re meeting the girls at 8pm tonight at that nice restraint on 6th street. Make sure you wear something nice!” and with that Natsu slammed his door shut and was off getting ready. Gajeel looked at the clock on the wall, it was a little past 5:30pm.

“Ugh…I am going to regret this idea.” Gajeel groaned as he pushed himself up off of the couch as he walked to his room to get ready for, what he thought, was going to be the worst night of his life.

“Hey! Gajeel! By the way the girl that is coming on the date with us is Lucy’s best friend, Levy! So really DON’T fuck this up!” Natsu yelled from the other side of his door.

“Levy.” Gajeel said the girls name out loud as he walked into his room “Cute name.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7:10 pm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gajeel and Natsu were sitting at a large table in the back end of the restraint. Gajeel was messing with the collar of his white button up and moving his black tie around from his neck “Damn it, I hate these kinds of outfits. Why did you have to pick a really nice place?” Gajeel groaned at his friend.

“Listen, I want to make sure that Lucy is impressed with me. Levy has been Lucy’s best friend for a really long time and I know that if Levy doesn’t have fun then neither will Lucy. So please just, whatever you do, try and not be a complete ass to her.” Natsu told him with a very begging tone in his voice.
Gajeel grunted in agreement and looked down at his phone. “They’re late.” Gajeel was interrupted by two small laughs coming from behind him

“Hehe sorry, Gajeel. Levy and I can never pick what to wear and we ended up just playing dress up in Levy’s room for an hour.” Lucy laughed moving to the other said of the table. Then he saw a very small, blue haired girl move to the same side of the table.

She was wearing a white dress that tied up around up her neck and went to about her knees, she had golden hoop earrings in her ears, and a pair of white heels that made her some what taller (but no where close to average for a woman), Gajeel guessed that she was about 4”11’.

“Yeah sorry guys! It was mostly my fault; I don’t have a lot of super nice clothes. This really isn’t my thing,” she giggled. That sound was like sweet music in Gajeel’s ears, it was so sweet sounding. She is so beautiful on top of that; her dark blue hair was pulled back with a golden headband so that her bangs were pulled out of her face. She was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Gajeel’s thoughts were interrupted when he made eye contact with Levy.

“Ugh…I’m Gajeel.” He quickly looked away from her warm brown eyes and tried to look literally anywhere else. He really wish she would stop giggling

“It’s really nice to meet you Gajeel. My name is Levy.” Levy said smiling at him. Gajeel could feel a warm blush going across his face. Now he was just getting pissed, he is a 22-year-old man who works on cars for a living, not a god damn 15-year-old boy who just figured out what boobs are.

‘Who are you kidding, Gajeel, she is way out of your league.’ He said to himself he decided to just tell himself that for the rest of the night, and that would hopefully be enough to chill him out.

~~~~~~~~About 2 hours later~~~~~~~

The night went on very smoothly, Lucy and Natsu were flirting back and forth the whole night, while Gajeel learned that he and Levy actually had a lot in common. She loves mid-1900s cars, she loves to box, she hates fancy dinners, she wasn’t a big fan of parties, and she loves cats. He learned so much about her, she’s a 21 year old college student who is getting ready to graduate in the spring with a degree in Philology (which he learned was the study of language in written historical sources), she also is going to have a minor in Greek.

‘She is so smart, and so fucking amazing.’ Gajeel thought as he was walking next to her out of the restraint.

“Hey guys! We want to go to that bar over there!” Lucy called as she was already somewhat buzzed. She was hanging herself all over Natsu, who thankfully was 100% sober. “Levy come one! Lets go!” she shouts moving to the bar.

“Um…no Lu I’m okay. I think we should be getting home.” Levy said looking through her bag to make sure she didn’t leave anything in the restraint.

“Aww! Come one! I don’t wanna go home yet!” Lucy sighed at the smaller girl while also frowning at her.

“Hey,” Gajeel whispered to Levy “Something tells me that they want some “alone time” together. You want me to just walk you home?” Gajeel saw a very small blush run across her face

“Um…yeah thank you. I’d love that.” Levy told the taller man looking away from him. “Hey Lu, Gajeel is going to walk be home. You go have fun with Natsu. Natsu please take good care of her.” Levy told the pink haired man. The look that Levy had in her eyes made even Gajeel shake a little. It was the look of ‘If literally anything happens to her I will find you and I will destroy everything you love.’ Gajeel found it kind of hot.

“Y-yes ma’am.” Was all Natsu could mouth out before moving the two of them to the bar across the street.

“Damn, shorty, you sure can be scary when you want to be. Wouldn’t have placed ya as someone who could scare Natsu.” Gajeel laughed as the pair walked in the other way to Levy and Lucy’s apartment.

“Hey I am be small, but I can be scary when I need to be.” She laughed with the taller man. “Hey…can I ask you something?” Gajeel saw the blush on her grow across her face.

"Yeah sure, short stuff.” Now Gajeel was curious, what did she have to ask him? Probably just another ‘getting to know you’ question.

“Do you…um…do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?” Well that was a different question. Gajeel looked down at the girl who was looking down at the sidewalk.

“Nah I don’t. Haven’t met anyone interesting yet I guess.” If Gajeel hadn’t known any better he could have sworn that he heard a small sigh of relief. “What about you? You got a boyfriend or a girlfriend?” of course she does, why wouldn’t she have one?

“Oh no, I just got out of a relationship about 4 month ago.” Someone actually left her? Who the hell was this person thinking? And who the hell did they leave her for? “It was not a good idea to start out with.” She laughed a little “We dated for like a month (if that) and I hated every minute of it. He was one of my best friends and it just felt…weird.” Oh, that made a lot more sense.

‘Maybe I could give it a shot. It wont hurt to ask.’ Gajeel said to himself. They walked in silence for the rest of the 10-minute walk. Normally Gajeel hated silence, but for some reason he was 100% comfortable with their silence. It was kind of nice, just walking side by side, with small smiles on their faces. They soon arrived at the front door of Levy’s apartment complex.

“Well here I am, thank you for walking me home.” She was smiling even bigger now; it was so beautiful.

“Yeah…no problem. Hey wait, I have one more thing to ask ya.” Gajeel stopped her from taking her keys out of her bag.

“Yeah? What is it?” Levy asked starting up at him. Her eyes were even more beautiful then they did in the restraint. Gajeel felt his hands start to sweat and shake just a little bit. ‘Get ahold of yourself!’ the voice inside of his head yelled at him ‘You’re a grown ass man. Stop shaking!’

“Ugh…Do you wanna do this again sometime? I mean without the bunny-girl or flame for brains.” Gajeel rubbed the back of his neck and looked away for the girls stare, choosing to stare at names listed on the buzzer list.

“I was wondering if you were going to ask me.” Levy giggled a little. “ I would love to go on a real date with you, Gajeel.” Gajeel eyes grew big from shock.

“Like really?” he sounded so stupid when he said that, and he will be kicking himself for days after words.

“Yes really you silly man.” She laughed again but then stopped “Um…you know your apartment is closer to that bar. So if the two of them do decide to have some ‘alone time’ they will most likely go to your place. Do you want to just come in and stay here tonight?” Well this was an interesting development for the night. Gajeel smiled devilishly at the girl.

“Gee hee, I would love to, shrimp.”

Abby is so disgusting to these children. You guys know how much I love and adore Maddie, but we all know that if what happened to Ava’s prop happened to Maddie, Abby would praise her for finishing that dance like Ava did!

Chloe’s headband comes down - it’s a world crisis. Maddie’s apron comes down - oh how wonderful, she kept dancing and she didn’t miss a beat, she is a professional etc.

Nia falls during a front aerial - oh how awful none of my students have ever done this blahblahblah. Maddie falls during a front aerial - oh you poor thing, it happens, just keep going

Any other girl forgets a solo - OH MY this hasn’t happened to me in 50 years (is she even that old?) oh my gawd you are so stupid, go to a pediatrician blahblahblahandshit. Maddie forgets her solo - oh my poor Maddie, no you didn’t let me down, I’m giving you a second chance to do this dance so that you will grow from this experience.

My point is, if Abby treated all the girls as she treated Maddie, all of them would be better dancers now. I’m not saying she can show favoritism to all of them, sometimes you can’t pick who you like the best, it’s just something you feel or the one you connect with the most. But if Abby had shown them a bit more attention, she would have dancers that learn from their mistakes instead of dancers that are afraid of doing that mistake.

(just so it’s clear, I do not blame Maddie for anything of this, I blame Abby!!)


Hey EVERYONE! Sorry for the grossly late update. I’m also sorry that I didn’t get the time yesterday to gift you all with a chibi yesterday, but I got caught up with family and school. You know how it is, life an’ all that. Hope you enjoy Until Dawn Sam being all brave. HERO on a mission! 

I’l catch you guys tomorrow with the next chibi update. Hopefully I’ll have some proper art to share with you by Thrusday (if not, then by the weekend). I’ve got ideas and sketches, just need the time to round them out. 


Kiss Me A Little Harder: One

So I am really excited about this story and I decided to post the first part. The reason why I think this will be a good one is because a lot of parts I am basing off different scenarios that happened to me or my friends when I was abroad, so I hope that will give it sort of a realistic feel to it. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 


‘Just because you’re clean doesn’t mean you don’t miss it' 

January 9th 2014

“Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner cozying up at skii trip" 

I sighed and turned my head to find Katie watching E! News videos on her computer. It was 4:30pm and I was tired and I just really didn’t want to listen to another story about ‘Harry Styles’.

“Can you turn that down please?” I asked politely looking over at Katie.
“Do you not like that he is dating Kendall? Cause I don’t either he could do so much better.”

"No, I really don’t care who he dates or what he does." 

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Crush On A Crew Member


As Michael sits down in the swivel chair, you pull out the top drawer of your styling box revealing 20 different hair dye colors. “What’ll it be today, Mikey?” He thinks for a moment, scratching his chin. “I don’t know… What do you think?” You blush a little and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Um… I think red. Maybe with orange tips? It would look fiery. Might be cool.” He grins from ear to ear. “Alright, I trust you. Go for it.” As you squeeze out the red color, he’s still smiling at you. “What?” He shakes his head side to side. “Nothing. It’s a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of it. That’s why I like having you around." 


"Ashton! Come here and tell me which headband you like best!” He runs across the empty store, grinning. You hold up three headbands in front of him. “All of them!” He laughs and pokes you playfully. “No! Pick one. You can’t have all three!” He grumbles and points to the black patterned one before running off again. “Ashton, wait…. little shit.”  He taps you on the shoulder unexpectedly, and you whirl around, looking frightened. “You know, I might be offended at anyone else for saying that, but lucky for you, I like you a lot.” You smile at him shyly, and he bites his lip, staring at you all the while.


“Okay, Luke, can you move downstage a bit?” He walks towards you, and you adjust the focus on your camera. “Better?” You nod at him, and he walks over to the edge of the stage to look at the test shots. “Ok just remind the guys not to get too far back. I can only zoom so far, so the closer you guys are the better.” He leans down towards you, inches away from your face. “So is this good?” He looks down at your lips and moves even closer. “Um… well, if you’re this close… the focus, it won’t um… detect your face… and then the pictures will be blurry and that’s not good…. so…” Your lips are centimeters apart when Ashton bursts through the door. “Guys! Look at my new headband! Isn’t it great?" 


"So, I need you to buy me something at the drugstore.” What could he need at the drug store…. “Ok what?” “Condoms.” You look at him, slightly surprised that he would ask this of you, but then again it’s your job as his assistant. “Um… Okay…. What kind?” He looks unfazed, and continues gathering up his things. “Magnum XL.” You almost choke but try and keep your composure. “Okay, fine. And, I know it’s none of my business, but you don’t have a girlfriend, and you don’t sleep around that much, so why would you… need these?” He just looks at you and winks. “Well, you never know.”