i have a thing for couples carrying each other

@coffeecup218: Hi! I saw thing the other day and it made me think of our favourite couple. If you have time, I hope it inspires you to write a little something. Thank you.


A/N: Set during the summer betwen 4x23 and 5x01.


Alexis is school shopping, picking things out for her new dorm while he dutifully follows her around from store to store, carrying her bags on each arm. He’s actually having fun, spending quality time with his kid. 

Of course, he still sees her all the time, but with her first semester of Columbia approaching, Castle is missing her already. But she’s excited for her first college experience, living on campus, in a dorm room, eager for that first real taste of independence. And he’s trying so hard to be excited for her.

“It’ll be fine, Castle,” Kate told him just last night while they laid in bed. He hadn’t voiced his fears, but after four years of being his partner, months of being more, she can read him just as well as he can read her. “Columbia is just five miles from here and trust me, she won’t be able to stay away from the comforts of home for long. She’ll be back here doing laundry, joining us for dinners, movie nights-”

“Us, huh?” he grinned, rolling towards her in the bed and draping an arm around her waist.

She rolled her eyes at him of course, but then she scooted closer, let him catch a glimpse of that secret smile in the dark. 

“Well, I’m not planning on going anywhere and Alexis doesn’t seem to mind me hanging around…”

“Then ‘us’ sounds pretty good,” he hummed, leaning in to let her reassurances and the press of her mouth wash over him.

“Dad, stop daydreaming about Beckett.”

Castle blinks to see Alexis smirking at him from a shelf of picture frames. “I was not.”

She rolls her eyes. “Uh huh.”

He huffs and shifts the bags she’s accumulated so far higher on his arm, ventures in the opposite direction. This store is more casual than the other boutiques Alexis has led him through, the decorative items trendy but not too flashy, the clothing laid back and comfortable. 

He noticed that Alexis has grabbed a few t-shirts in the minutes they’ve spent here, so he drifts towards the racks, starts browsing. His lips quirk at some of the sayings, the various designs drawn across the fabric that is soft between his fingertips. He pauses when he spies the sketch of a to-go cup, a little heart above it. It’s a white and blue baseball tee with a thin drawstring hoodie attached, the words above the art printed in bold letters.

It takes you to make a day go right.

She immediately pops into his head.

Rick is checking the sizes before he realizes what he’s doing, debating between a small and a medium. His hand closes around the second hanger; Kate is slim, but for loungewear, he knows she prefers a looser drape.

“Sure that’s your size, Dad?”

He turns, finds Alexis at his side and wearing that sly grin again.

“Someone is in rare form today,” he mutters, but plucks the shirt from the rack. “Would it be weird if I got this for her?”

He holds up the shirt, suddenly needing the reassurance of a woman’s opinion - shit, he just thought of his baby girl as a woman.

Alexis tilts her head to read the text printed on the fabric, scans her eyes over the image. A small smile curls across her lips. 

“Because of the whole morning coffee thing?” she asks softly, her eyes flickering with warmth.

It took a while for Alexis to adjust to the idea of him and Kate, for her to show approval in having his partner around the loft. But Kate put forth the effort to ensure Alexis’s comfort with the situation, with her presence in their home, backing off when she felt it was necessary, always willing to give excess father and daughter time. 

His daughter noticed, appreciated. 

Now, when Kate comes over, it isn’t just to his delight. Alexis has been taking advantage of his girlfriend’s time at the loft, sitting at the bar with her after dinner, discussing college majors and career paths, trading book and film recommendations. 

“I don’t think it’s weird,” Alexis decides. “It’s simple, sweet, and I’m sure Kate will think so too.” 

He starts with his daughter towards the register and doesn’t even try to hide his grin as he begins to daydream about Kate in the shirt.


He spends the next night in Beckett’s apartment, a late dinner date turning to a long night in her bed. In the morning, she wakes first, as usual, leaves him half asleep in her bed for a shower.

They stopped by the loft on the way to her place last night so he could grab his overnight bag and once the water turns on, Castle slips from the sheets to retrieve his latest purchase from the duffel. He tiptoes to her closet, finds a spare hanger, and eases the t-shirt onto the plastic. 

After he hangs it neatly in the front of her wardrobe, on clear display, Rick rushes across her apartment to her office. He finds a pen, a pad of sticky notes, and jots down the words, remembering Alexis’s all the while.

Simple, sweet.

He trots back to her closet, secures the note to the shoulder of the sleeve with an exhale of satisfaction. And then, he turns to join her in the shower. 

You and coffee are all I need to make a day go right.


After a couple of days apart (Kate spending time with her dad while he takes another opportunity to devote his to Alexis), Kate returns to the loft with an overnight bag filled with fresh clothes. Her toiletries have already claimed residence in his bathroom, a toothbrush next to his in the holder; he’s tempted to start stealing articles of clothing, moving them into his closet so she doesn’t feel the need to keep hauling that bag back and forth.

She hasn’t said anything about his impromptu gift, but he doesn’t want to mention it until she does, tries not to wonder if she didn’t like it after all.

Alexis doesn’t stay for dinner, pressing a kiss to his cheek and sharing a quick embrace with Kate before departing for a night at Paige’s. They’ve filled the days of her suspension with summer activities, exciting days and electric nights, but tonight, they lounge on the sofa together for a relaxing night in. 

He’s savoring the warmth of her body curled into his side, the play of her hair through his fingers, but halfway through the movie playing on the television, Kate gets up, leaves him for the bedroom.

Curiosity gets the best of him when she doesn’t return and Castle rises to investigate. 

“Took you long enough.” she chuckles, sitting in the middle of his bed, legs bare and stretched across the comforter. Her hair is swept over her shoulder, nothing on her body except…

“You like it?” 

He’s grinning like an idiot at the sight of her wearing the shirt he bought her. 

Kate folds her legs beneath her, rising on her knees as he approaches. He stops with his knees at the edge of the mattress, curves his hands at her waist, the heat of her skin already penetrating the flimsy material of the shirt. 

Her arms loop around his neck and her chest brushes against his, the barrier of her bra missing, no trace of underwear beneath his splayed fingers. She really is wearing nothing but the shirt.

“I do,” she murmurs, her lips quirking and her fingers flirting with the soft hairs at the base of his skull. “You’re sweet.”

His hands drift down her spine, to the bare flesh of her flanks where the hem of the shirt grazes.

“I should buy you clothes more often if you’ll model them for me like this,” he mumbles, hands stealing beneath the material. 

Her skin shudders beneath his palms and her hips rock forward. “Mm, but no more gowns.”

His brow furrows for a moment before clarity sparks through his brain, across his lips. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to see her in that red and gold gown again.

“Do you still have that?”

Her eyes darken, flares of gold decorating her irises like the beading he remembers from that dress. She’s read his mind. 

“It’s still in my closet.” His hands squeeze her ass and she presses in tighter against him. “Next time, Castle,” she husks, her lips grazing his cheek. The heat of her breath against his skin spreads, spills down his spine. “First, take your shirt off of me and let me show you how much I appreciate it.” 

Ballet Dancer!Tom X MMA Fighter!Reader Au:

‘MMA fighter!reader x ballet dancer!tom would be lovely for some headcanons or even a story…?’


  • Tom and you met through friends, he was shocked about your profession as an MMA fighter but was also rather intrigued

  • “Wait, so you beat people up for a living?”

  • “And you wear leotards for a living”

  • He’d never really come to watch your fights, seeing as he hated seeing you get hurt which you completely understood

  • But he was always waiting at home for you after with ice packs and a nice, warm bath

  • Unless of course he had ballet practise

  • You’d try to go to all or most of his shows, watching Tom dance was a good way of winding down after a tough training session

  • He loves that you can take care of yourself

  • Due to your professions leaving you both with aches and pains a lot of the time, you’d often take turns at rubbing each other’s shoulders, sometimes you’d have to rub his feet (just couple things tbh)

  • One day you’d come home looking worse than other days, you were in a lot of pain and had bruises scattered from head to toe

  • Tom was by your side straight away, carrying you to the couch and immediately pressing ice to your wounds

  • God there’s nothing more he hates than seeing you get hurt, but this was worse than ever before.

  • “You know I hate seeing you like this…”

  • “I know, I’m- shit that hurt”

  • He managed to convince you to take a couple weeks off.

  • During those weeks, you watch him at his ballet trainings and help him prepare for his big performances which he greatly appreciates.

  • The sex is a m a z i n g

  • He’s mostly more submissive and gentle, but he can be incredibly dominant too if he wants to be

  • Lots of hickeys that you can easily pass as bruises

  • Before his shows Tom always gets really nervous, which means he gets extra touchy
  • This means gripping your hand and placing you on his lap in his dressing room
  • He proposes after one of his performances

  • He’s all sweaty and out of breath from dancing and you’re crying because his dancing is beautiful

  • Ballet Dancer!Tom is a sweetheart

omegaverse-seeker  asked:

hello my dear, can you do some head canons on pregnant omegas? I'm in need of the fluffff

(Pregnant Omega headcanons coming right up! Hot from the oven and chocked full of lovin’!)

• Omegas scents change in the third month of pregnancy, their natural scent compounded with a combination scent of breast milk and baby powder. It’s very soft and sweet, very much calming and soothing. In fact, pregnant Omegas often make the best mediators in any squabble.

• Omegas heats weaken immediately after the conception of their pup(s). Their first heat after conception isn’t much different, but the second is noticeably shorter (by a day or two), the third marks a lowering in intensity (less slick pouring out and more craving affection from their mate).

• Their breasts develop around the sixth month, their mammaries developing (in cases of male Omegas, female Omegas start in the seventh month). They generally start to produce a steady flow with obvious swelling of the breasts to accommodate in their eighth month. The final month of pregnancy is the Omega’s body settling and winding down in preparation of labor.

• Omegaverse pregnancy mood swings are definitely more extreme, with the added influence of scents and pheromones to add to the raging tornado inside the Omega. They can go from depressed to lovesick to overjoyed to horny to melancholy all in the span of about five and a half minutes and there is nothing recorded in the annals of history that scares an Alpha more than a pregnant Omega.

• They’re incredibly protective of their nest (which is under construction almost instantly after the Omega knows they’re pregnant), with a very very specific taste of everything they place in it. They pile in as many clothes and blankets and pillows scented by them and their mate to comfort the pup(s) when they’re born. If their nest is even upset in the slightest way, expect the worst.

• Their Alpha is most definitely their rock, and pregnancy is one of the most intimate things a couple can go through in Omegaverse. It’s a sign of a healthy mate bond for a couple to have lots and lots of pups, due to pregnancy being an obvious hurtle for the couple to tackle that strengthens their relationship and helps them grow closer. Plus, they definitely adore the pup(s) within the Omega and their love for each other only grows with the experience.

But at the end of the day, Omegas carry pregnancy like a bunch of bosses and still go on with life and get shit done. I hope you like these headcanons I just dreamed up!

Simon and Baz aren’t perfect - That is why we love them

Simon and Baz have so much history. It is not the best kind. It is bitter and bleak at best. (from their point of view)

They were not their best selves. Emotionally instability expressed through anger, fights, harsh words, cold words, and just so much more. The darkest of their issues did not come from each other.

They were each others’ easy problem.

For Baz, his feelings for Simon and his frustration caused by Simon were easier to deal with than his family’s complete rejection and denial of the way he is.

For Simon, Baz is the problem you can see. The problem standing right there. Not one lurking to jump out on him. Regardless of the kind of attention, Baz always payed attention to Simon. Unlike the Mage, who is sort of his father figure and, unknown to him, literally his father. Baz not as difficult as the Humdrum.

Their lives changed in practically every way. They were not bracing themselves for a completely different life and got this.

I thought a lot about how my fluffy little vampire and my soft winged scone.

1. Simon’s PTSD

Simon is left vulnerable. He is left handicapped. His nightmares are still haunting him. Nightmares really impact those who suffer from them. He worked so hard to have it all disappear.

Simon wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, kicking, in sheer panic. He is in such a frantic state that he is unable to stop. Baz cannot calm him down by simply talking him down. He has to pin him down him so he doesn’t hurt himself in this state. Baz would get hurt himself. Simon then would get many restless nights, refusing to fall asleep afterwards. Slowly resulting to sleep deprivation which creates more stress.

2. Baz’s eating disorder

He is obviously not anorexic but think about it for a minute. He does not eat in front of his family but at home he gets full meals brought to his room. But as a kid and teenager, he lived in a boarding school. He did not eat during any meal times because it would always be so public. He did his best to have a good relationship with the cook so he could take things out. Yet he knew that he would be able to take a lot. So he would just survive on snacks. THE POOR BABY WOULD EAT CHIPS IN HIS BED BECAUSE HE IS HUNGRY. He clearly developed a bit of an unhealthy relationship.

When Simon asked Baz if he needs to eat or he just likes it, Baz tells him that he needs it less than humans. What if that isn’t true? What if Baz just eats that way? 

I picture him always sitting next to Simon in cafes and never eating.
When they would eat at home, Baz would eat 40% of a normal portion. Always used to that feeling of not being hungry after having not eaten after a very long time.

3. Their contrasting personalities

They compliment each other. But not always. They have different values and don’t see eye to eye. Arguments over stupid things will happen and spiral out of hand. They are both violent by nature. It is just a fact. The occasional screaming at each other. Door slamming. Small items thrown. Words they don’t really mean. Apologies that are difficult to say. 

4. Difficulty being emotionally open

Baz and Simon doing their best to never let the other catch them crying. Leading to fake smiles. Fake happiness. It isn’t even about the other. It is just keeping their problems exclusively their own.




I just imagine this sort of crash.To other people, it starts to look they are starting to fall apart. Everyone is betting against them. But they cannot see what s really happening.

There is a lot more yelling and screaming. A lot more crying. They do not see the difference. You need to look a little closer. 

Yelling is happening about real problems. They don’t fight about trivial things but actually get to the point. Insecurity, frustration, stress. They let each other know what is wrong and actually get to fixing it.

The real changed happens when they let their worst feelings out. Frantic sobbing. The kind that are so hard that breathing becomes hard. Body shacking. Incoherent. Just a mess.

They are a mess. And they match.

They soon over come and grow. They become two halves of a whole. The ultimate team who understand the behavior of the other than they do themselves.

Cute cuddly husbands turn into each other. Simon reads up on a few things that build up Baz’s extensive knowledge and they start to have more to talk about. Simon’s complete acceptance of Baz as he is leads to a better relationship with himself and his own body. Creating hunger. Baz visibly gains weight after Simon’s love and cooking. He is more energetic and in term happier.
The happiest couples I have ever met gain weight because of each other. When life treats you well, you want to eat. The best couples work out together too.

They accept themselves and each other. It takes a while but they make each other happy.

“We Are The Flash”

What a romantic gesture from Iris. 

I believe that when two people are joined in matrimony they decide to become one. That’s the difference of bf and gf and the difference of semi-commitment to life-time commitment. You’re saying we are doing everything together. Whether that be, investing in a house, having a family, or any major decision. You have to do it together. And if one partner has a lot to carry, has a burden, the other should share it. 

That’s what Iris was saying. WE are the Flash, we have to work together, I won’t let you carry it all by yourself, but you have to let me in. You have to let me hold you up, and you have to hold me up. We are our own little team. This is romantic, this is romance, this is that gold standard Barry was talking about. 

You give and you take, you carry each other, you listen to each other, you build each other up. That’s what makes a healthy relationship. So, for all the antis laughing at the fact that Iris said that, they’re laughing at a healthy, beautiful couple who are doing the right thing not just for their relationship, but for the whole city. 

There is no Flash without Iris West means The Flash and Iris West are one, they are interconnected and you can’t have one without the other. 

Therefore, they are The Flash. it’s beautiful. 

anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I’m new-ish to the overwatch fandom and I’ve been wondering something for a while now and figured you were probably a good person to ask. Why is mchanzo so popular? This isn’t meant to be offensive or anything at all, I’m just really curious because they don’t really have that many interactions and as far as I know their backstories don’t intertwine that much? Thank you so much, have a nice day :)

It really depends on who you ask. People are into McHanzo for a variety of reasons, which means its popularity is a culmination of folks loving the ship for different reasons. 

Quite a number of fans are here (as in the McHanzo community) after hearing voicelines added into the game, such as McCree noting that Hanzo is “pretty handy with that bow,” the two exchanging quips about booze, and them basically being buddies during Junkenstein’s Revenge. There’s also the fact that the whole VA team is extremely supportive of LGBTQ+ ships, but Matt especially has fueled McHanzo flames, most notably during Blizzcon 2016.

Personally, I really enjoy the ship for the dynamic it has. I think of McCree and Hanzo as two sides of the same coin, seeing as that they both come from troubled pasts and have a lot of baggage they carry with them. I like the fact that, in my opinion, they would be extremely good for one another. I feel they can understand each other like no one else can, and it’d be very beneficial for them mentally/emotionally to be able to lean on each other for support. Plus it’s easy to put them together when they have a common connection: Genji. 

I’ll admit, there are also people who only like the ship because they make a cute couple, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But again, it depends on who you ask. I do appreciate how lovely they look together, but I’m mostly here for the great character development they can instigate in one another. I think a lot of others are the same! :D


“We like each other…But, you know, the thing about when you like someone is…Oh, it’s about like respect, and wanting each other to have a nice time…because I like my job and I want to enjoy it. And I think that Joel describes it brilliantly. He says we all felt - and especially the two of us - that we were carrying something very important and precious together and that was our job, and so you can’t help but need each other.“ 

– Ruth Negga on working with Joel Edgerton on ‘Loving’

You’re Beautiful, okay?

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

pairing: jooheon x [y/n]

genre: fluff

word count: 1669

a/n: hey guys! i hope you guys like this and i just want to remind everyone out there that you guys are beautiful, no matter what. all sizes, color and whatnot are beautiful in their own ways! i apologize for any grammatical errors and credits to the owner for this gif :)

anothe a/n: omg… it kinda slipped out of my mind about the home part ;__; im so sorry anon


The spring season has finally decided to give its turn to summer. Teenagers and children are finally out from the hands of schoolwork and examinations. And as for you and your boyfriend, the two of you have been given the chance to spend a whole week with each other. It has been a while since you’ve last gone on a lover’s getaway with your boyfriend, Jooheon, and for the past few days, it had been filled with love and affection, catching up with each other for the unheard stories that had both of your hearts connected. 

Twirling around with your eyes fixated on your own reflection, you let out a deep sigh as you came to an abrupt stop, eyes staring at the parts that you’ve always wished to change. You were wearing the striped high neck bikini Jooheon has bought you and you’ve had to admit, you aren’t that confident to wear such flattering piece of clothing. Ever since you’ve met Jooheon, he never really failed to boost up your confidence, washing all those insecurities away with all the love that he’d poured onto you.

But once you’re out alone in the dark by yourself, slowly all those insecurities came back despite having to convince yourself that you look totally great with the choice of clothing that you’ve chosen. Losing yourself in your own train of thoughts, you let out a soft yelp when a pair of arms snaked themselves around your waist, making you look up to meet the pair of eyes loving staring back at you in the mirror.

“You look amazing, baby,” he whispered with a Duchenne smile plastered on his face. The way his eyes crinkled when he saw your flushed cheeks had your heart skipping a beat. There was never a second that Jooheon didn’t have you blushing to every single action and word that he’s done. Giving his hand a light tap, you cackle out a soft giggle, turning around to wrap your arms around his neck.

The way his eyes smiled at you, his ever prominent dimples always there to have you weak in your knees and those loving smile that you wished to wipe away with a kiss. “Do I?” you asked, leaning in to give him a chaste kiss. 

Giggling against your lips, Jooheon pulls away and leans his forehead against yours and answered, “As always, baby girl. Those pair of bikinis sure looks really good on you.” He pulls away for a moment and took his time to eye you up and down, appreciating every single body part.

“So, are you ready?” Enthusiasm can be heard in his voice. The thought of the waves dancing through your toes and your skins being sun-kissed from staying under the heat of the sun for a couple of hours had him giddy. “Yeah, let’s go.” And without further ado, Jooheon had his arm held out for you to link yours with his and the other bringing the beach bag that you’ve prepared for the two of you.

The beach was filled with ages ranging from early childhood to midlife. Colorful parasols can be seen and children dashing towards the splashing waves of the summer was definitely a sight to see to have all your body tingling with excitement. Feeling a tug on your hand, you looked up to meet the excited smile of your boyfriend, who immediately pulled you towards a free space with a parasol for the two of you to sojourn for the rest of the day. 

“I can’t wait to submerge myself in the water!” Jooheon beamed with so much enthusiasm, hands working at such a fast pace - placing the mat on the scalding hot sand and the bag on top of it. “But before you do that, you have to apply some sunscreen, Joo.” you said, hand reaching out to pull him down on the mat.

With him seated in front of you, you squeezed out a good amount of sunscreen on your palms and applied it on Jooheon’s arms, legs and face. Throughout the whole application, Jooheon couldn’t help but blabber about how fun it would be to bring the boys here next time and why you guys should put sunscreen on and whatnots, only to have you nodding to every single thing he says with a smile on your face. 

“Baby,” you cooed as you turned his chin towards your direction, “I have to put on some sunscreen on your face now and I need you to just stare at me and be quiet okay?” Chuckling at how Jooheon just nods his head and shuts his mouth, eyes totally fixated on you.

Applying a good amount on his cheeks and forehead, you proceeded on telling him to close his eyes and placed some on his eyelids before proceeding to his nose and chin. “What about my lips, baby?” He cheekily asked.

“Alright, here.” You didn’t think twice and pressed your lips to his. Surprise was evident on his Jooheon’s face but it was soon wiped away when he closed his eyes and responded to your kiss. It was just a quick, passionate kiss but it already had the two of you giggling. “You’re one sly girl.” Jooheon teased with his finger bopping your nose.

“Whatever, you can go in the water first.” you said as you started to apply some sunscreen on yourself, only to stop midway to see Jooheon shaking his head, hands grabbing the bottle away from you as he starts to take over. “Nope, we have to go together.”

“Alright.” you sighed and smiled as you just let Jooheon apply the sunscreen on your limbs and face. It didn’t take long for Jooheon to finish the last touch before pulling you towards the water. 

The gleeful glees of everyone filled the air and you were one of them. Having your whole body soaked with the sea water was the best thing that’s ever happened. With your wet limbs, you quickly wrapped your arms around Jooheon, pulling him down on the water with you. A couple of playful tricks were thrown here and there and those tricks then soon turned into a little competition between the two of you.

The constant tugging of each other’s waists had each of you chasing each other or even running away. Everything was going smoothly until a group of guys was obnoxiously judging you out loud. 

I wonder how she can still carry herself with those fats hanging on her stomach and thighs.” one of the guys commented, bringing you to an abrupt stop, causing Jooheon to stop and look at you in worry. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He queries, making his way towards you with his arms wide open to scoop you into a hug.

Oh, let me bet you on this. She got him to date her by giving him money or something… not to mention with those looks.” 

That was the last straw. You didn’t need to hear more criticism to feel bad about yourself. Having a big hint on what’s wrong, Jooheon shoots a glare towards the group of guys and took you by the hand, eyes searching for yours. Slowly, his hands reached for your cheeks and all the pent up insecurities were about to come out. 

“Hey, look at me,” he called out and smiled once you looked up to him. “You’re beautiful, okay? Don’t listen to them.” 

“B-but…. they’re right about how I look–”

Jooheon shut you up immediately with a kiss, it was just a chaste kiss but it got all those thoughts to fade away in an instant. “You’re beautiful, [y/n], and that beauty of yours is one of a kind. Beauty doesn’t always mean the outer appearance but it’s also what’s on the inside. Everyone’s not perfect but that’s what makes us beautiful, baby girl.”

Pointing a finger at the group of dumb guys, Jooheon scoffed and smirked, “Them? Who are they to judge you? [y/n], baby, they’re just a couple of people who don’t have anything to do with their lives. You’re you, you’re unique and no one can take that away from you, not them, not anyone.”

Jooheon knew how it felt to be judge based on appearances and never will he ever like the thought of you going through such experience. The thought of having to think of diet plans and exercises was never really fun, not unless you really wanted to change… only to have that result be gone after another insecurity being triggered.

Seeing how your gaze soften, Jooheon pulls you into a hug and rests his cheeks on top of your head and muttered, “You’re the best thing in my life that has ever happened in my life, [y/n], and I would never let those comments bring you because I know that they don’t know a single thing about you.” Jooheon then slowly pulls away to cup your cheeks once again and smiles, “I love you.”

Breaking into a big smile, you couldn’t help but feel better after all what Jooheon has said. “I love you too, babe… and thank you.” Just seeing the twinkle in your eyes sent butterflies in Jooheon’s tummy. Ruffling your hair, Jooheon wraps his arm around your shoulder and beams, “No worries, baby. Say, do you want to go and grab some shaved ice with me?”

Jooheon’s radiant smile had you nodding your head in response, bursting out into fits of giggles right after. Making your way back to the shore, you could help but look up to Jooheon and feel thankful to have met such amazing person like him. “Hey, Jooheon.” 

“Mmm?” He glances down at you with his eyebrows slightly raised.

“I sure am lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful lover like you.” This was the only thing to have Jooheon turn red, lips unable to hold back the biggest grin that you’ve ever seen. “Baby, hajima~!”

“Aigoo, you know what, how about let’s just get on with the shaved ice then…” 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A/N: This hadn’t been requested, I just wanted you all to have some Jared Cameron love, bc he doesn’t get enough! Please enjoy, lovelies! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jared Cameron Would Include:

- Shirtless Jared. EVERYWHERE!

- “Have you ever heard of a shirt, Jared?

- “Yeah, but I look a hell of a lot better without one.

- Loads of cuddles!

- Like seriously, Jared’s needy for them!

- Jared getting jealous over any guy that even glances over at you.

- “Do you have a problem?

- “No,

- “Then get focus your eyes on someone else.

- Load’s of movie nights. You guys are movie fanatic’s and pretty much speak in movie language.

- “Can you two just shut up already?” groan’s the pack.

- Teasing each other, in more than one way.

- Sharing chicken wings together.

- Your fridge being cleared by the one and only, Jared Cameron.

- Hugs from behind, especially when you’re cooking.

- “Smells good.

- “Who? Me?

- “No, the food.

- “Gee, thanks.

- A lot of bickering.

- Forreal, you two are a freaking old married couple.

- Sex.

- Morning sex.

- Afternoon sex.

- Sex at night.

- Hot make out sessions on Emily’s couch.

- “Seriously, go get a room!” Paul grunts.

- “We already have one, but you’re welcome to leave.” Sam jeers.

- “Jared…” Sam growls.

- Being spoiled rotten and vice versa.

- Date nights.

- Being the OTP of everyone in La Push.

- The pack teasing the pair of you.

- “We’ve all seen you naked, by the way.

- “What?!?!

- “Yeah, he thinks about you… a lot.

- Being crazy for each other.

- When you fight, Jared always takes himself away from you, he never wants you to be hurt.

- Kim being awfully jealous.

- Jared and you professing your love for one another in cheesy fashions.

- Jared’s family loving you.

- Your family loving Jared.

- Jared always being cheeky with you.

- Getting your bum smacked.

- You smacking his bum.

- PDA.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Like holy mother of pearl, so much PDA!

- “Can you two stop eating each other’s face’s now?” Jacob would beg.

- “I can eat your’s, if want?” Jared would joke.

- “Try it and you’ll be dead.” Jacob retorts.

- Paul and Seth making kissy face’s at you two.

- “Look! The love birds are here!

- “Half of you are just as whipped as Jared, here!

- “I’m not whipped!

- “Yes you are!” the pack would yell.

- Remember PDA?

- “I think we need holy water for our eyes.

- “I can’t unsee that!

- “I think I’m gonna puke.

- The pack trying to mimic you two.

- Sleepovers.

- Like seriously, this boy will sneak in through your bedroom window whenever he can, just to cuddle with you, because he can’t sleep without you by his side.

- Infinite smiles.

- Being his entire world.

- Playing with Jared’s hair all the time: He usually falls asleep.

- “Spoiled brat!

- “Quit talking about yourself.

- Being understanding of what and who he is.

- Being in on the pack’s secret and never telling a soul.

- Loving each other so much, like seriously; you guy’s may seem like assholes to each other, but you love each other so much.

- Jared always protecting you.

- Jared taking pictures of you all the time.

- “Hold it!” he states and runs to get his phone. He takes the picture of you in mid chew of a mouthful of cereal. “Beautiful.

- Being incredibly cheesy, telling terrible puns, having an infinite amount of giggle fits, always being happy around each other.

- Seriously, you’re a sweet couple and everyone loves you two together.

- Hardly ever fighting, unless Jared takes things too far or if you go to see the Cullen’s.

- Being incredibly clumsy, to which Jared carries you everywhere like a princess or bride.

- “Oh, look at that! I just swept you off of your feet again.” he’d grin wolfishly.

- “Hush!

- “Nah, I think you secretly love it.

- “No!

- “Yes!

- “Okay, fine.” you’d grin.

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61. “where’s the baby?!”

A/N: this one is kind of cute!

Warning: None

Words: 1.1k

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(Do to the overwhelming amount of requests, I have temporarily closed 100 followers kylo requests and Texts from kylo for the sake of my anxiety. will open back up as soon as I have caught up on requests!)

Masterlist is under way!

“Alright, now I shouldn’t be that long, Hux said it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. “ you yawned slipping on your blazer. “Are you sure you can handle him while I’m gone?”

Kylo sighed putting a spoon full of baby food into his son’s mouth. “I’ve got this! He can’t be that difficult to take care of, besides I’m sure he’ll sleep through most of it.”

“No, he can’t sleep through most of it! He’s on a set schedule kylo!” you put your hands on your hips and shifted your weight to one side. “Don’t let him fall asleep if it’s not the time to put him down for a nap!”

“Ok-ok-ok!” kylo whined.

Your son, Danni,  laughed as you tugged on kylo’s ear.

“And remember you gotta keep an eye on absolutely everything he does. Now that he’s getting the hang of standing up and walking he’ll most like get himself into something he’s not supposed to do.”

Kylo rolled his eyes. “Are you done?”

You smacked on the back of his head. “Are you done?”

“I’m sorry!”

“That’s what I thought!”

You kissed your son goodbye and then your brooding husband. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust kylo it was more that he had never been left alone with the baby. You were always the one to stay so kylo could walk around menacingly and do whatever a commander did, but this time you had to be the one to work. You were Director of Operations and conduct and Hux need you to look at claims made by some of the officers. Nobody was allowed to look at HR reports but you!

After you had left, kylo finished feeding his son then bathed him. Danni had managed to make a mess and get his onesie covered in baby food. Once he was clean, kylo put him in the middle of the floor so he and his son could play.

The played with colorful building blocks, then took turns destroying the things they had built. After a while they got bored and started chasing each other around the sofa, then kylo took Danni to the room and helped his son jump on the bed. Around noon Danni started to get sleepy as did kylo so they napped together. 

Kylo would have slept for longer if he wasn’t woken up to the sound of someone knocking on the blaster door in the main room. It was two stormtroopers informing him that Phasma had received a very important tip about an underground resistance camp along with the location of it, and she need to speak to the commander at once.

He quickly draped his robe over himself and donned his helmet. 

Kylo eyed his son, there was absolutely no way he could take Danni with him. Kylo would have been too distracted by his son to pay any attention to Phasma.

So doing what he thought was best, he picked up Danni and carried him out the door.

“I need the two of you to watch my son.”

The troopers turned to look at each other then Kylo.

“Uh, Commander-”

“I will only be a second!”

Taking the sleeping baby carefully they followed close behind the commander. A couple of seconds after Kylo walked away, Danni woke up. He was confused and frighten haven woken up not in his father’s arms but in the arms of blocky white spooky looking things. He began to fuss and wiggle, crying out in distress: Mama-mama-mama!

Panicking, the trooper carrying him set him down on the floor, but he was not counting on the small child getting up and running away so quickly. With a delayed reaction the stormtroopers flipped and began chasing after Danni, but it only made him cry more.

“Hey, you two idiots!” Shouted the General as he rounded the corner. “What the hell are you doing running around?!”

“General- sir-”

“Get back to your post before I call the captain!” He shouted.

“But sir-” they said in unison.

Hux balled his hand into a fist. “I said go! You’re both making to much noise, and if I have to tell you to go one more time- I’ll get the director involved!”

Scrambling back in a hurry, they were both doomed as the commander stood with his saber ready in hand.

“Where’s the baby?!” he roared.

Neither on said a word.

“WHERE IS MY SON?!” shouted kylo as he lifted his Lightsaber above his head.

Before either of them could speak, kylo brought his lightsaber back down slashing one of them with it then using the force to fling the other. He was beyond angry and like any other parent with a missing child, he was worried.

Kylo dramatically walked around. His son was somewhere on the ship and he could have been seriously hurt. the finalizer was not a place to leave an unattended baby, especially one that would get into things.  unlike his quarters, the ship was not baby proof! there were far too many things that could happen to Danni.

 what made things worse was he could not read his son’s mind. Danni was not cable of thoughts yet and he was far too young to have been determined force sensitive so kylo had no way of reaching out to him. 

Feeling sick to his stomach, he ripped off his helmet so he could breathe. Danni was nowhere in sight. he was beyond worried and now becoming frightful; how was he going to tell you?

“Are you sure you can handle him while I’m gone?” kylo played over and over in his head.

He had let you down and what was worse… it was all his fault. you had left kylo in charge of watching your son, not the stormtroopers. Kylo was Danni’s father and he lost him.

beginning a slow walk to your office, kylo froze just outside the door. he had giggling, and baby talk and his heart raced as he forced open your officer.

“Look Dada is back!” you smiled.

Danni took his hand out of his mouth and waved at his father.

“I’m very surprised you put away your pride long enough to give Danni to Armitage,” you said kissing kylo on the cheek.

He furrowed his brows. “Uh- yeah.”

“Oh Ren, back from your meeting so soon?” Smirked the General from behind him.


Hux pushed past Kylo to place a stack of files on your desk. “You know, if you weren’t going to be long I could have just watched the little buggar myself. all you had to do was ask.”

“I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

when Armitage had spotted the stormtroopers, he also spotted your son running away. doing the reasonable thing he followed after Danni and whisked the baby up into his arms and returned him to you. He knew kylo had the day off and how much trouble kylo would be in if you found out he had let your son run wild. so he covered up for Ren telling you he had asked him to take Danni straight to you while he spoke with phasma.

“you owe me one. ” he whispered to kylo.

Only For You

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Originally posted by aaron-rayofsunshine-tveit

Y/n and Aaron had been together for about six months and neither of them could be happier. She couldn’t see herself with anyone else, nor could he. They were completely enamored with each other. Aaron had Y/n’s support at every performance and concert he gave and he couldn’t have been more in love. The world was dull without Y/N in it. He didn’t know how he lived without her before, that was a mutual statement for Y/N as well.

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Hello! Could I have a fluff scenario where Eiji and his best friend, who have secretly liked each other for ages, finally go out on their first date together, only to have it plagued by misfortunes, but they still have fun and the whole thing culminates to a first kiss in a rainstorm? Thanks!

I feel like I’ve kinda gone rusty here ;-; I hope you like it though!

The downpour swayed to its tune, dripping slow, fast, heavy and soft. A mixture of pattering sounds clouded the ears of the couple taking shelter underneath a tree. The locale carried an earthy odour concocted by the raindrops blending with the ground. The place was alive yet wistful.

Eiji smiled apologetically at his crush, _______, who was wiping her head with her handkerchief. She smiled back thinly, clearly not happy for the rain interrupted their date. As if there just weren’t enough interruptions today.

“I’m sorry, _______-san.” Was all Eiji managed to say. ______ turned to him, a little surprised by his sudden apology.

“I didn’t think Van-kun and Nagi-kun would drag the rest out to spy on our…” He trailed off, looking for the word. You were pressed to answer with ‘date’ but he beat you to that, his cheeks tinting in a shade of pink. “….date.” He finished, averting his gaze.

You chuckled, the musical sound gaining his attention, his gentle violet eyes now focused on you alone. “It’s alright. I still had fun.Though Van really shouldn’t have clicked so many pictures while whistling and teasing us.” You mumbled with a blush.

“And Nagi shouldn’t have tried to dress up as a ghost so you’d hug me.” Eiji replied, remembering how you clung to him. The thought sent a thrum of excitement down his spine.

The little midget succeeded in looking like an utter zombie. He creepily appeared from the bushes and you screamed, bolting straight into Eiji’s arms. He held you firmly and you heard Van woot in the distance, instantly leaving his embrace at the sound.

“Eiichi shouldn’t have threatened me in a corner. Well, not threatened more like warned.” You muttered angrily. You hoped that today would be just for the two of you. Eiji gently reached for your hand, wrapping his fingers onto yours. You blushed, tightening your grip.

“And that puppy which refused to leave me until her owner appeared…” Eiji reminded, chuckling at the memory. He recalled your expression. You were torn in between fighting the little pup because it hogged all of Eiji’s attention and between petting the adorable animal.

The thunder sounded aloud and you leaned closer. Eiji sighed into your hair, loving the misty scent it carried. He loved every bit of you. From your hair to your voice. To your smile and your frown. Every single thing.

He always liked you. Admired you. He knew was he was shy when it came to such feelings but before he knew it, he was utterly captured in love with you. He couldn’t bear telling you, he was afraid that he’d lose your friendship but it was Van who told him, “It didn’t hurt to try. Besides, at least you got it out of your heart!”

He didn’t know how this would end but he agreed with Van. It didn’t hurt to try and get across his feelings to you. What clawed at his heart was that you were his best friend and that it was possible that you never saw him the way he saw you.

He tentatively embraced you, you shuddered when your ear came in contact with the sounds of his wild, beating heart. Your heart thumped in a similar rhythm, the sounds of the rain paling in loudness when compared to the song of your heartbeats.

You pulled away, your face red as a tomato, the palpitations like a drum in your ears. You refused to meet his violet eyes, the colour of a royal iris, blooming in magnificent kindness. A sensation of warmth bloomed similarly in your chest as you stepped out, the showers from the skies cooling your hot face and body.

“_______-san?” Eiji looked surprised. Part of why the two of you looked for shelter was so that you could avoid getting wet and here you were, willingly getting soaked. His feet were drawn to you as he entered the fray, the water drenching his clothes but he didn’t mind as long as that brought him closer to you.

He closed his eyes, loving the cool sensations the rain offered like as if it were more than ready to simmer down the erratic thumping of his heart that sent forth heat to all parts of his body.

He froze when a cold palm met his cheek, raising his temperature and the heat built up in the air around you two. He slowly opened his eyelids, to find your (e/c) gaze and parted lips coupled with the uneven rise and fall of your chest.

His body thrummed and his voice gave out, as the words tumbled out of his mouth, clear and firm like the drops that caressed and drenched your bodies.

“I love you, _______.” It was a whisper amongst the cacophony of the pattering and yet you heard them. Was it because you were seeking out for those words? Your breathing went erratic, your heart pounded inside your chest, your palm suddenly felt heavier on his cheeks.

Without a word, you carefully placed your lips onto his cool and wet ones. Heat sprang from your insides, the mixed palpitations of both of your hearts sounding into the air. His palm found its way to your cheek, his other arm strongly pulling you closer to him.

He left your lips, only to catch them in a deeper kiss, so sweet that you melted into a puddle. Such a tentative kiss. You became the axis of his love which encompassed and spun around you; this one kiss was enough to tug immensely onto your heartstrings. You lost yourself to this one action, there was something that ran deep in his gentleness which drew you closer.

You pulled away, to steady your beating heart and to breathe. Your eyes met his rising and falling chest, your hand was on his warm cheek. The downpour was softening but your hearts refused to. He kissed your lips again, soft and gentle. Your hands wrung into his wet locks of brown hair, willingly giving yourself up for his kiss. His arms held you steady, although you knew this moment was enough to make the two of you lose your footing and tumble down.

“I love you.” You whispered, your warm breath, tickling when you left his lips and wrapped your arms around him, your head on his chest. “I love you, Eiji.” Your voice, rang out, defined. The raindrops landed onto your lips and he brushed them away, his smile radiant. “I love you too, my _______.” Eiji’s forehead was pressed to yours, his chest warming in love.

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Who do you think will propose first Asami or Korra?

I covered this in a couple of my stories, but this can really go either way. I think both of them are so EXTRA they’re likely to have this whole elaborate speech planned, but have trouble finding the right time. Then maybe they have a nice date coming up, and both of them take the opportunity to set up nice atmosphere, having flowers delivered to the restaurant, that sort of thing, but of course all their plans collide with each other…

Haha, basically, you can take the ‘they both want to propose at the same time but can’t build up the nerve and are carrying the betrothal items on them at all times’ trope out of my cold, gay hands

Rose - Part One

This is finally done!! I spent five days working on this and I’m kinda happy with how it turned out. It ended up being more about comforting Yongguk than anything else. Something I know a lot of BABYz and Bangsters would have liked to do for him in his time of need… Anyway, without further ado, here is Rose!

In which you begin a relationship with Bang Yongguk amidst and despite a difficult time. [TW: PANIC DISORDER/MENTAL ILLNESS]

B.A.P. Bang Yongguk

1626 Words

The funny thing about meeting Bang Yongguk was that you had no idea he was a celebrity. In fact, you had no idea that he belonged to a K-Pop boy group named B.A.P., or that he was the leader, or that he was currently on hiatus while the rest of his members promoted their latest album. You didn’t know that he had recently wrapped up a world tour, or that he had been in charge of producing Noir, or that he was dealing with a panic disorder.

All you knew was that he was a tall, beautifully handsome young man that came to the café every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a couple of hours, and that he had incredibly soft, undeniably sad eyes.

You watched him come and go those first few weeks in late October, greeting him cheerfully as you were expected to. The small twitch of his lips never quite became a smile. His low voice rumbled from somewhere deep within his chest, but it lacked the strength that would reassure you of his vivacity. Soon enough, you abandoned the customer service etiquette to greet him with more warmth and sincerity.

The day you asked him for his name, he paused. Something akin to surprise settled in his eyes, interrupting their gloomy existence. He held his coffee in one hand, the other reaching to take his credit card from your hand.

“Yongguk,” he’d said, his low bass making the air between you tremble. “Bang Yongguk.”

“Bang Yongguk.” You tasted his name, feeling it on your tongue and lips. You smiled at him, a small, gentle, and sincere smile. “It’s a very handsome name. It suits you.”

Yongguk had looked at you in silence for a couple of seconds before retrieving his credit card from your hands. He’d pocketed it without another word and taken his usual seat; a small round table in the corner of the café by the window.

From then on, you greeted him by name.

“Good afternoon, Yongguk. How are you today?”

His answers were always the same. “Good afternoon. I’m fine.”

“Same as last time?”

“Yes, please.”

Sometimes he would wait by the counter for his order, others, he would go and sit. Yongguk would stare out the window then, watching the people walk by. When he did this, you would quietly observe him. Some days, he had a book that would lay on the surface, forgotten. On occasion, he had a thin, leather journal that he would open but not write in; his long fingers holding a fountain pen loosely.

On those days, Yongguk would stay until the café closed, leaving only until after you gently urged him to. The sight of the chairs atop the tables, the scent of cleaning solutions that lingered on the air, always seemed to draw him out of his thoughts.

“Ah. I overstayed my welcome.”

He would gather his things and you would usher him to the door.

“Have a good night, Yongguk. Be safe getting home,” you always said. “I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

And that was the routine you two built around each other.

You continued to watch him from afar, wondering what he could be thinking of so deeply. The more you watched over him, the more you noticed that he carried himself in a manner that made your heart hurt.

Bang Yongguk walked around as if the entire weight of the world rested on his shoulders.

On occasion, you would stand in utter stillness and silence when he came in. He would walk over to the counter and you would simply look into his eyes.

His eyes were tenderly soft and incredibly, terribly sad. They made your heart ache whenever you gazed into them. Yongguk never looked away, always meeting your intrigued stares blink by blink, second by second.

He never smiled. His expression never lightened or softened. It remained sad, so very powerfully sad.

It wasn’t painful. Your heart didn’t break. No, it was swallowed up and engulfed in Yongguk’s eternal, unwavering, unending sadness. You have known raw fear, intense anger, lively happiness, and even crippling grief. But you had never known true sadness until you saw it in Bang Yongguk, until his soft gaze made his sadness your own.

On several occasions, after looking into them, you would slip into the breakroom and cry. You never sobbed, never screamed or threw things. You simply stood with your back pressed against the door, your hand over your mouth, tears falling in utter silence, in complete and true sadness.

One cold morning in November, you stopped by the flower shop at the corner of the block. Yongguk’s sad eyes had found their way to your dreams the night before; you had woken up feeling terribly sad and weren’t surprised to find your cheeks soaked by tears. You weren’t the kind of person to probe and prod into someone else’s life, but you could not go on watching Yongguk in his unending sadness without doing something.

That morning, you bought a single red rose from the lady at the shop. She offered to wrap it up for you, but you refused.

“At least let me remove the thorns.”

You smiled. “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary.”

“Honey, someone could get hurt.”

You stopped yourself from saying “He’s already hurting.”

After some more bickering, you took the single rose, thorns and all. Your coworkers looked at your curiously when you came in sucking at your thumb.

“What happened?”

You smiled around your thumb. “Thorn.”

Aside from shaking their heads, no one questioned you about the rose. You placed it in a safe place, wrapped a Band-Aid around your thumb, and proceeded to work.

It was half-past one when Yongguk walked in. His hair had gotten longer since you’d first met him; it caught in his eyelashes as he blinked. Every step he took seemed to be weighed down by a million worries. His tall, lean figure slouched underneath his coat.

“Good afternoon, Yongguk,” you said, giving him the smile that existed because of him. “How are you today?”

“Good afternoon. I’m fine.”

“Same as last time?”

“Yes, please.”

It was the same routine, the same words, the same exchange. Except that this time, Yongguk said one more thing as you handed him his drink: “What happened to your hand?”

For a moment, you weren’t quite sure what he meant, then you remembered the paper-thin slash on your thumb.

“Aah, this?” You raised your thumb, your smile becoming a bit wider, a tad warmer. “Wait here.”

Puzzled, Yongguk stood by the counter until you returned, holding the single, budding rose in your hands. You walked around, standing before him. His size had overwhelmed you the first time you’d stood before him, but you’d grown accustomed to having to tilt your head up to look at him.

“Yongguk,” you said, offering him the rose, “this is for you.”

He stood there for a while, eyes focused on the rose. He stood so still, so quiet, for so long anyone else might have retracted their gift, laughing off their embarrassment. But you didn’t move an inch either. You continued to offer him the rose, knowing that something more profound was occupying his thoughts.

Eventually, Yongguk accepted the rose. His fingertips brushed yours, a soft whisper. You didn’t wait to be thanked, mainly because that wasn’t the reason why you were giving him a flower. Instead, you smiled at him again, that smile that Yongguk had just begun to notice with a bit more care.

That is how a new step was added to your routine.

Every morning, you would stop by the flower shop, purchase a single, red rose, and present it to Yongguk when he arrived. Sometimes, he would head over to his favorite spot, deep in thought, heavy in sadness; you would leave the rose with his order.

Neither of you ever said anything else.

Around mid-November, Yongguk’s eyes became lighter, a slight fraction of the sadness in them seemed to dissipate.

“Good afternoon, Yongguk. How are you today?”

“Good afternoon. I’m doing better.”

You perked up at his answer, lighting up in a way he’d never seen before. The genuine relief at hearing him, seeing him, feel better made your chest hurt and your eyes swell with tears.

Yongguk took in your reacting with curious surprise. You didn’t say you were glad to hear that he was doing better; you didn’t need to, it was clearly written on your face. Yongguk’s expression softened. Not enough to produce a smile, but enough that your heart throbbed in painful relief.

Knowing you were close to tears, you cleared your throat. “Same as last time?”

“Yes, please.”

He paid and took his seat. You made his drink and asked a coworker to deliver it for you. Slipping out of sight and into the breakroom, you leaned against the door, crying in relief for Yongguk.

By the time you regained your composure, Yongguk had settled into a new activity: writing. The journal he had ignored was now being used. Disguising your sob as a hiccup, you walked over, quietly leaving his rose on the other end of the table.

You didn’t notice, but Yongguk had looked up at the sight of your hand. He noticed the relief on your face, as well as the single tear that rolled down your cheek before you walked away. He noticed the smile with which you’d left the rose and how it differed from the smile with which you greeted other patrons or shared with your coworkers.

Yongguk wrote that entire day, but every so often, he would stop and observe. He no longer looked out the window. He focused his attention on you.

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Part II

Says the girl literally begging J*ff, Will, and anyone who will listen for confirmation that styd*a is and ever was an actual thing. Right before this she even tweeted:

“at least stydias didn’t have to manip 6x20”

Where is she even seeing anything remotely like that anyways? Where are the stereks “weak”? And who had to manip 620? The stereks definitely didn’t! We had each of them carrying the other. Styd*as on the other hand got a couple of totally NOT platonic back pats (*rme*). 

I was gonna say, I’d like to see even ONE receipt, because I do have her melting down over Jydia, lol. 

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SO I WANTED TO SPREAD SOME BLACK SUN JOY RIGHT NOW! Not only do we have 2 love songs (one being a duet) but both Blake and Sun have carried each other bridal style and they now have "My Hero" as their couple thing. Not to mention Sun met the parents and has Kali's approval. That's dating 101.

Yeah, BlackSun has it all going for it. That’s why I’m not that worried over what B*mble//bee has right now unless unless they try push it more in future Volumes. I’m betting at this point that Black Sun will be canon in Volume 5, so I don’t think the bees will go very far. Just like Arkos became canon in Volume 3 (and sank), Renora in Volume 4 (and is sailing), Black Sun will go next in Volume 5. Get hyped!


Learning how to be okay with being alone is really hard. I haven’t been super lonely since Lex and I broke up, especially because at least one of my roommates are always home and I’ve been hanging out with my friends constantly, but I can feel it in waves I guess. Like right now I really miss her and I miss having a person, but I know that I don’t need her and I have other people. Last week at therapy, I talked about how Lex and I have a better post-break up relationship than most couples, but I haven’t really let her go and I know that I need to do that. Basically my goal for the week was to set aside time each day to process all of those feelings and also not really talk to her and focus on the things I want to take away from our relationship and carry with me that were positives and on the parts I want to leave behind and the negatives. It’s been hard not really talking to her all that much, and she even called this morning so I cheated a little, but I think I’ve done a really good job and found out a lot about myself in the process. 

Lex came into my life during one of the hardest parts - when my parents divorced. I was so negative and hurt and she kind of brought me back to life in a way and turned me into a positive and optimistic person. She also has always been more mature than me, especially because I was always the annoying friend when I was younger, and her maturity rubbing off on me made me more consciousness and responsible. She also taught me how I deserve to be cared and loved for. No one had ever given me the time of day or listened and loved me the way she had, and it really showed me what I deserve. These three things above all else are what I want to carry on with me throughout the rest of my life and in my future relationships.

Along with all the good came the bad too. I mean, there’s a reason our four year long relationship ended. We grew so co-dependent on one another and didn’t really care to recognize it because we thought we’d always have each other. Fast forward to right now, and I can even feel myself feeling lonely when I don’t have anyone around, like right now I’ve spent literally the entire day with Kate and she just left like I have barely been alone, why the hell am I upset right now? It sucks feeling like this, loneliness is the worse. I want to become more independent and figuring out how is hard. I also see myself becoming co-dependent on my roommates, not because I need to be but I guess because it feels safe and familiar in a way. It’s nice to have people that are always there, I just need to force myself to be more independent I guess. Lex and I also always had the same friend group, and college really prepared us for this break up in a way because we were hundreds of miles away from one another, but we still relied heavily on each other and there were a lot of things I never cared to figure out about myself because I thought I’d always have her. I didn’t care about my appearance much because I knew she thought I was beautiful and that’s what mattered, I didn’t necessarily want to branch out too much or go out and do stuff all the time because I would’ve rather stayed in and talk to her, and I didn’t really read much into my sexuality because I thought I’d be with her forever, but fast-forward to right now and I think I might like boys more than I thought I did. Not that any of this matters all that much, I just hate keeping all my thoughts to myself. But anyway, these are some of the things I want to change or rid myself of with the ending of this relationship.

It’s been almost a month since my best friend broke up with me, and I really am doing okay. I’m not perfect, I still cry sometimes, I hate being alone, I don’t know what I want to do next, but I’m figuring it out. And hopefully with the next month I can continue to do the same thing. I want to be raw with how I’m feeling at all times and I want to document these kinds of things so I can see the progress I’m making a week, a month and even a year from now. It all comes one day at a time, and sometimes those days come as an hour at a time. I don’t totally know what I’m looking for, but I do know that I’m going to figure that out too. Here’s to progress, here’s to change, and here’s to the next step. 

#344 - You Have Doubts About Your Relationship (Part 2)

Harry: You followed him downstairs a couple minutes later and when you saw him on the couch, you headed over. Wrapping your arms around his neck from behind, you kissed his temple and shut your eyes. “M’sorry…” you murmured out softly pressing your cheek up against his. He put his hands over your arms and let out a sigh, kissing your forearm gently. “I don’t want this to become a regular thing…” he murmured out softly. “Me neither…” you said softly. “I won’t ever doubt you again Haz, you’ve never given me a reason to…” Harry sat up and turned to look at you, pecking you softly. “Moving past this yeah?” “Yeah babe, all done.”

Liam: “Just tell me who was so fucking close to you that you smell like her!” you hissed the next morning, his head in his hands. “Jesus, I told you no one!” he grumbled out frustrated, sitting at the table. “You always smell like perfume Liam! It’s driving me fucking crazy, girls are obviously getting TOO close to you!” you retaliated. “That’s not my fault! It isn’t like I do anything! I’m polite I’m not just gonna shove them!” he continued looking up at you. You shook your head softly. “If it happens again Liam, I’m done. This isn’t fair to me. I don’t want you coming home and smelling like another girl. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to understand.”

Niall: “Do you feel any better?” he asked softly, dragging his fingers down your arm gently as you two sat on the couch underneath a couple blankets. You nodded your head softly and yawned out quietly, nuzzling your face into his shoulder. “Good…” he said softly, pressing his lips to the top of your head. “You know you can trust me right?” he asked after a couple moments and you nodded your head again, adjusting yourself against him. “I do, I was just overreacting,” you said softly. “You had every right to ask, I shouldn’t have gotten so upset.” You pulled back and looked at him softly. “It’s over now, it’s okay…let’s just forget it.”

Louis: “I knew it…” you said softly when he finally came clean about him being with another girl. You sniffled softly and dropped your head into your hands, shaking your head. “How could you do this to me? I’ve been nothing but good to you, at least that’s what I thought,” you looked up at him for a moment, seeing that he was on the verge of tears. “You did nothing wrong (Y/N)…” he started but you cut him off. “I know! You did! You did the worst fucking thing! I can’t believe you Louis!” you exclaimed, shaking your head. “I’m done with you. We’re done. I’m going to my friend’s house, and I’ll be back for my shit in the morning.”

Zayn: You had your arms crossed as he and a couple of friends carried the boxes of his things out to the car. You two didn’t say a word to each other, any information was translated between his friends and you. You were too upset to even be angry, but you refused to talk to him. “I think we have everything,” his friend said, staying behind to finish things up. You nodded your head and glanced around. “Sounds good. Thanks for coming over to help,” you murmured and he nodded his head. “If you find anything else, give me a call and I’ll come grab it.” Again you nodded your head, saying goodbye before shutting the door. Time for a new start.