i have a thing for chunky boots

Last night was the leaving doo for one of my friends who I play roller derby with. We’re doing a number of things to make the most of our last few remaining days with her (*sniff*) but one of these included a night out. Someone in our WhatApp group asked if we were dressing up and it turns out we were!

I’m getting use to being out and about in a range of public places these days, but one thing i haven’t really done is to have a really dress night out in a truly mainstream place. Part of me just wanted to throw on something black (my normal staple) and maybe my chunky knee high boots and keep things practical and low key. There was the other part of me however which wanted to seize on the opportunity to actually to and make the most of my outfit and accessories. And so that’s what I did.

I’d recently bought an burnt umber dress from New Look as I’m trying to get a bit more colour into my wardrobe and matched it with a pair of tan coloured heels and a handbag to match. The heels wern’t the kind of shoes I felt I could wear all day, but a few hours seemed to be fine. And I popped a pair of flats into my handbag just in cases, cuz practicality is a good thing too sometimes ^_^.

I don’t live too far from town and the bar where I was meeting the other girls wasn’t too far from the the bus stop, but I was still pretty apprehensive about leaving the house. It’s one thing to be all dressy in safe spaces like Canal Street, and another to be out and about in public but dressed to fly under the radar. Tonight though, I was dressed in a way where there was little I could do other than get attention, especially during the five minute walk from the bus stop to the bar.

Only one drunk tried to accost me, for some reason thinking that the best line was to ‘Hola Senorita, dos cervasas por favor’. As someone who actually does speak Spanish, I was less impressed by his request for ‘two beers’ and more likely to tell him ‘Ponga la botalla ariba su culo, cabron!’ but I did restrain myself ^_^

Anyway, it didn’t take too long to find the bar, the other girls had a table already so all in all there wasn’t too much to worry about. Everyone had put in a fantastic effort and looked gorgeous and I was just very glad I’d done likewise. The safe option might have made me a little less self conscious on the bus, but I would have likely regretted it in the bar and been more aware of sticking out if I hadn’t made the effort.

It’s not an easy journey, but little by little I feel I’m gaining in confidence and feel very fortunate that I have such great support from family and friends who accept me for who I am without question. Life is good. ^_^

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How To: Find Your Own Style

We all struggle with being different in a world in which being as ‘different as possible’ is the new cool. It can be puzzling and frustrating pining after looks, styles, trends, meanwhile trying to be original, creative, and just yourself. Countless times people have come to me, asking ‘how did you develop your style?’ and, to be honest, I struggled with it for such a long time until I could say ‘yes, this is my style, and this is how you do it’. I’ve been through all of your phases; casual, goth, preppy, boho, high fashion, sophisticated, casual again, until I finally found that boho was my true, inner love…yet it didn’t have to be strictly that. I loved mixing in a bit of vintage and prep; just because you’re layered in stone jewels, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a collared shirt. That’s the beauty of defining your style, and hopefully these steps will help you develop a trend that’s truly you.

1. Find inspiration. First, it’s important to be open-minded and know yourself and what you like a little bit. Go through pages in magazines; circle what you love, and cross off what you don’t. Put an inspiration board on your wall, or make a Pinterest. Be honest with yourself; don’t cross off something because it’s sporty when you’re trying to be boho. It’s okay to have a mix. Narrowing down what you like and seeing it visually will truly help with developing your style, since you’ll be able to witness the common thread that runs through your likes and preferences.

2. Buy the basics. Hopefully after the first step (which is the hardest and might take the most time), you will have a sort of style in your head in which you want to go for. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the mall and buy every basic that fits your new style all at once, but if you’re trying to be edgy, go on a search for that perfect leather jacket and ripped pair of jeans. If you want a more high-fashion look, go for crisp collared shirts, leather skinnies, and pointy ankle boots, etc. Once you established having your own ‘must-haves’, it will be much easier to create outfits.

3. Accessories. If you’re caught between two styles, accessories are the perfect way to go about it. Like I said, I love myself some vintage, so adding boho accessories to a more old-school outfit is what works best for me, that way I can have my prep with some bohemian edge. If you’re stuck with wanting a polished outfit yet want a little spunk, pair those white, crisp skinnies with a pair of chunky, black studded ankle boots. It’s almost like college; majoring in high-fashion, with a minor in edgy. Those minors should be your accessories.

4. Put it all together. Once you’re confident in your style and wardrobe, don’t be afraid to have a whole trial-and-error type of thing between outfits; try on some jeans with your new shirt, see how it looks. Not everything is going to be perfect the first time around. By trying and seeing, you’ll find out what you truly like and how you’re going to go about your own style.

5. Little extra things. Having your own style doesn’t mean you have to limit it to just clothing; interior design and taking photographs are other great ways to re enforce the style you love the most. If you’re into minimalistic clothing, try making your room simple (only if you want to, of course). I’m not saying this step is by no means required, but if you’re in love with a style and want to stick with it, surrounding yourself in it is a great way to do so. By expanding it to other horizons (Instagram, your Tumblr, your room), it will make you feel even more inspired and even more inclined to find what you truly like. It’s like that saying; surround yourself with what you love, discard what is old and unnecessary.

I hope these 5 steps truly help with narrowing down a style for you, my friends! Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away; style is tricky, and it’s not something that might click right away. Just stay true to you, and most importantly, try not to copy everything exactly. The beauty of having your own style is just that; it’s your own. Add your own little quirks to it, and everything will be okay.


Just posting some pretty clothes that I’m lusting over and can’t have cause this stupid broken leg thing has made me a) poor and unable to work for the past month b) boot-ridden and unable to wear trousers for the next month. But yah now that I can’t wear them trousers have taken on this crazy appeal and I am in love with these wide-legged stripey babies from topshop. My crop top obsession sees no chance of ending (is worsening if anything) and I’m especially having fun with all my experiments in “#FREE THE NIPPLE”. I feel like for once there is a silhouette in some trends this season that really really works for short chunky girls - or maybe it’s just me finally braving the realm outside my comfort zone and admitting that if other vertically challenged girls with curves can look good in crop tops, shorts and trousers then I can too?

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What would you say are your winter essentials? I'm trying to rebuild my wardrobe and I really need help!

I think when you are selecting essentials, you have to pick things that work best for your height, body shape, and personal style! However, here is a list of my personal winter essentials:

  • fur vest
  • quilted vest
  • sweater dress
  • blanket scarves
  • knee high socks
  • riding boots
  • black booties
  • black ankle boot wedges
  • piko sweaters
  • chunky sweaters
  • jewel tones
  • ll bean boots
  • fleece sweatshirts
  • vv shep shirts 
  • capes
  • long peacoats
  • leggings
  • leather leggings
  • lilly pulitzer travel pants
  • velvet dresses
  • plaid
  • button downs
  • tweed skirts
  • black tights
  • ballet flats
  • tunics
  • long necklaces
  • long sleeve tshirts
  • aztec/tribal printed cardigans
  • dark red lips
  • braided headwraps
  • wool skirts
  • sequin leggings


Riccardo ‘Freccia’ Bestetti makes exceptional shoes, Based in Vigevano outside of Milan, he creates beautiful bespoke dress shoes with an distinctive eagle’s beak toe box and fine pegged waist. His dress shoes have the air of an old world orthopaedic shoe, tailored to the foot, deriving beauty through the function of perfect fit.

What is little known of Riccardo, however, is his time spent in Texas making cowboy boots, and his passion for boots in general. Something perhaps that would have most classic #menswear aficionados tut tutting past him, this is where we have bonded - a love of the craft of America’s greatest shoe makers.

For my most recent commission, I gave Riccardo two things - a pair of old Cat’s Paw heels, and a stack of vintage bandannas to serve as inspiration. My brief - a pair of 30’s feeling engineer boots. Before the heavy lugged soles and chunky steel toe boxes, I wanted a motorcycle boot that still carried elements of the craft of the bootmaker, and the result is better even than I hoped.

Made from Horween shell in black, with those same Cat’s Paw heels on a crafted leather sole, with Triumph toe taps and his distinctive pegged waist, they are as they should be - a beautiful boot, in a rugged style.

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti

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If you're still taking prompts: Root/Shaw, ficlet of your zombie-fic? or.. gunfire

The missing how Root and Shaw met scene from this, basically.

Meeting Root was a bit like finding a horny fourteen-year-old boy in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Okay, Shaw might have given her the wrong idea when the first thing she did after finding Root the only survivor in an empty psychiatric hospital was demand she strip to her skin…

It had been to check for zombie bites, but the way Root immediately jumped to cheesy come-on after cheesy come-on, well, it was like she wanted Shaw to kneecap her and leave her to be eaten by zombies.

“I’m definitely looking to get eaten,” said Root with a shit-eating grin that Shaw figured would quickly get annoying.

“This place have an in-house pharmacy?” she asked.

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i know i’m late but better late than never!!!


  • black moto leather jacket - don’t be afraid to drop a bit of money on the perfect one because a moto leather jacket is in style until the end of time. by drop a bit of money i don’t mean get a real leather jacket (unless that’s what you really want) get like a good one not one from forever but maybe one from like topshop or nasty gal because good quality goes a long way. the cheapest good quality ones i’ve seen are at h&m for like $50-$70!
  • a nice coat - especially for those of you who live in colder climate!
  • army jacket and anorak - yes both.. they are basically the same thing but they aren’t i promise YOU NEED BOTH TRUST ME
  • high waisted jeans - everyone knows how i feel about BDG high waisted jeans and some are still on sale because urban outfitters is having like fall essentials on sale!! get a pair. they will change your life. also jeans from free people are aaaamaaaaazzzinnnngggg. they’re the same price as urban ones! i suggest on trying some on
  • flannels - this is a no brainer. go to your local goodwill, savers, thrift store whatever and load up on them 
  • oversized basic tees & oversized graphic tees - super easy to throw on and layer with
  • sweaters - allllll fucking types of sweaters chunk ones, thin ones, thermal sweaters, fuzzy ones, ratty ones, literally any 
  • denim shorts - yeah i still wear shorts in the f/w because it doesn’t get as cold here 
  • thigh high socks - another no brainer!! they’re perf when you’re wearing shorts, dresses, and skirts in the f/w. get every single color your heart desires 
  • knit cardigans - i like chunky ones you can throw over whatever you’re wearing
  • wide brim hats/beanies - all about hats like all day everyday. especially beanies during f/w
  • leggings - forever 21 has the best black leggings i literally buy 3 pairs during this time of year because they come in handy. i buy three so i don’t have to wear the same ones everyday haha
  • boots - another no brainer we all know how i feel about blank ankle boots but i am also getting into high lace up boots!!!
  • lingerie - i’m putting lingerie as an essential because it is but i’m making like wearing lingerie as regular clothing a real thing 
  • garter belt - a cute way to keep up your thigh highs 


  • belle bottoms!!! 
  • outerwear with faux fur or shaggy material 
  • capes
  • socks with heels or chunky platforms 
  • birkenstocks
  • mens inspired pieces 
  • long vests/coats 
  • slip on sneakers 
  • anything velvet, corduroy, fringe, leather, mesh, lace, and plaid/tartan
  • 70’s boho/western 
  • minimalism 
  • 60’s mod
  • edgyness added to every single type of style


LAYERING!!!!!!!!!! f/w is ALLLLL about layering and layering to me is sooooo fun. i’ve never been good at layering but ever since i started working at free people i’ve learned how things go together. and layering is great because you can bring in your s/s pieces back into your wardrobe so you don’t have to buy tons of new clothes! i will do a post on tips on layering!! it’s really fun :)