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The Catcher In The Rye quotes horoscope
  • Aries : "I don’t care if it’s a sad good-bye or a bad good-bye, but when I leave a place I like to know I’m leaving it."
  • Libra : "Make sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do."
  • Taurus : "I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It’s nice."
  • Scorpio : "People always clap for the wrong reasons."
  • Gemini : "I have scars on my hands from touching certain people."
  • Sagittarius : "Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."
  • Cancer : "I don’t know exactly what I mean by that, but I mean it."
  • Capricorn : "I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I’d probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up."
  • Leo : "I felt so lonesome, all of a sudden. I almost wished I was dead."
  • Aquarius : "But people never notice it. People never notice anything."
  • Virgo : "I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."
  • Pisces : "I know. I’m very hard to talk to. I realize that."
Great Literary Themes for a Wedding
  • Romeo and Juliet: Poison the wedding cake.
  • Jane Eyre: Halfway through the ceremony, a deranged-looking woman in white runs screaming down the aisle.
  • The Great Gatsby: Reception is set casually around a pool with a body floating in it.
  • Pride and Prejudice: The groom begins his vow with 'Against my better judgments, I have fallen in love with you.'
  • Lord of the Rings: Destination wedding at a volcano; when the officiator asks for the rings to be presented, throw them into the lava.
  • Watership Down: Serve rabbit at the reception.
  • Catcher in the Rye: Tell everyone they're Goddamn phonies, but invite them to the wedding anyway
  • The Raven: Every line of the vows must end with either "Lenore" or "Nevermore."
Dating Kurt Wagner Would Include

.Loving every single part of him

.him reading to you

.teaching you German (yo)

.running your fingers over his scars


.(I apologize if you’re religious)

.him being frustrated when you can’t proparly hold hands with him

.“I’m sorry Y/N”


.“Ve can’t hold handz.”(shook)

.“We’ll make it work”

.him blushing when you kiss in public

.falling asleep in his arms

.teleporting you to your favorite places in the world

.“It’s so beautiful, kurt”

.“yeah, it is” (looking at you)

.fingering you with his thick fingers

.smirking at you

.comforting him after he has a nightmare

.then buying him a dream catcher so he will have good dreams

.slowly caressing his tail

.walking in on you changing

. “I, I am so sorry my liebe”

.but let’s face it, that leads to sex

.teaching him American(or where ever you live) things

.if he ever gets high (probs accidentally eating pot brownies) you’d walk in on him chasing his tail

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I kept getting distracted by the idea and had to write it up. sourwolfsparking

Stiles slides out of the Jeep and snorts when he catches sight of Derek sitting in front of the loft building, totally wolfed out, his black tail swishing along the ground as he watches Stiles approach.

“Hey Lassie, you lock yourself out?”

His ears twitch to face Stiles, and Stiles practically sees the judgment in his pale eyes.

“Ok,” he concedes. “Not my best material, I’ll admit, and you’re probably more of a Cujo than a Lassie, but…” He trails off, expecting a huff or even a playful nip at his shins (Derek’s trademark snark tends to come out in this form as painfully adorable dog antics that Stiles has tragically yet to capture on camera). But Derek just looks back at him, unmoving.

Stiles drops to a crouch in front of him, lifts a hand to run down Derek’s back, and smiles when he leans into the pressure.

“Seriously though, dude. What’s with the puppy suit? You don’t usually just hang around all day in your second skin like this. Low profile, all that? You point blank refused to come play Frisbee fetch with me in the park last week, as though people would seriously be able to tell you apart from a dog and freak out, but whatever.”

Derek whuffs faintly, leans forward to sniff at Stiles’ face.

He leans away from the wet tongue, laughing.

“Hey, quit it. Yes, I ate a Reeses on the way over; no you don’t get any, especially in this form. Chocolate’s bad for dogs. I think.” He pauses. “Right?”

Derek whuffs again, turns to lap at Stiles’ fingers. Stiles rolls his eyes, tugging his hand back and shaking out the wet digits.

“Yeah, ok, wolf slobber is not the way to convince me to give you treats. …I mean, not treats treats because like, you’re not a dog and that would be speciesist and all that. But really though, what’s up with the extended wolfiness? Did you lose your clothes in the woods or something? Did you get stuck in wolf form and now you’re not sure how to turn back?”

Derek yips at that, chasing Stiles’ waving fingers and nipping pointedly at his hand. Stiles freezes because…

“No wait, seriously?”

Derek snuffles into his palm, nosing into it before turning back and huffing again, low and urgent.

Shit, Derek. Ok, you’re freaking me out here. If you can turn back just, seriously please turn back now. We’re behind my Jeep, there’s no one around. Look, I’ll even avert my eyes for decency and everything.”

Which he does. He actually covers his eyes with his hands to block out any potential glorious nakedness, that’s how freaked out he is right now.

About ten seconds go by, before Derek huffs and licks at the back of Stiles’ hand.

Which is most definitely a wolf thing to do, not a human thing. A trapped in wolf form thing.

Derek’s trapped in wolf form.

Stiles drops his hands away and, sure enough, there Derek is: fur, tail and all, watching Stiles with a mildly put out expression.

“No no, hey, this cannot be happening. This can’t happen to you, Derek, you’re like, the most wolfy-aware person we know. Who the hell are we supposed to go to for advice about you being stuck like this?”

Derek seems to be echoing Stiles’ agitation, lifting a paw to nudge at Stiles’ knee.

“Yeah, yeah. We could go to Deaton but you know how helpful he always is. Which is not at all, by the way. Shit, ok, we can handle this though. We’ll figure this out. You can come home with me for now, I’ll get you some paperwork or something, a collar, so people don’t think you’re a stray and try to take you away. And I know, man, I know that sucks and you’ll hate wearing it but it’s better than having to worry about dog catchers on top of everything else.”

He fists a hand into the thick fur of Derek’s nape, using the touch to ground himself because the world feels frighteningly unstable right now.

Derek’s an actual wolf. Derek could be trapped as a wolf forever and then…

“And what does this mean for us, Derek? After everything we went through… we were just starting to work things out and now. I mean… damn it, we’ve only been dating for two weeks and now my boyfriend’s a wolf.” Derek ducks his head regretfully, licks at a bit of chocolate along the edge of Stiles’ thumb. Stiles instantly feels like crap for making this about himself, for giving Derek something else to worry about. He tries to gentle his tone out of raw panic as he lifts his other hand to rub soothingly behind Derek’s ear. “Man, you’re cute as hell like this, don’t get me wrong. But like, in an ‘I want to snuggle and pet you’ kind of way. And I’m really not into the whole bestiality thing dude, I wish I was, but I think we’re probably gonna have to put our next lunch date on hold until we get this—“

He breaks off at the sound of a throat clearing pointedly behind him, looks over and finds Derek standing at the loft entrance, his arms crossed and his brows arched high on his forehead. Half a step beside him stands a pale woman in her mid-thirties, who is watching Stiles with an expression that’s more than a little disturbed.

“Stiles,” Derek says very carefully, as the wolf-Derek (not Derek?) continues to lap chocolate off Stiles’ palm. “What are you doing with my new tenant’s dog?”

Our Bodies Break Light

Traci Brimhall

We crawl through the tall grass and idle light,
our chests against the earth so we can hear the river

underground. Our backs carry rotting wood and books
that hold no stories of damnation or miracles.

One day as we listen for water, we find a beekeeper—
one eye pearled by a cataract, the other cut out by his own hand

so he might know both types of blindness. When we stand
in front of him, he says we are prisms breaking light into color—

our right shoulders red, our left hips a wavering indigo.
His apiaries are empty except for dead queens, and he sits

on his quiet boxes humming as he licks honey from the bodies
of drones. He tells me he smelled my southern skin for miles,

says the graveyard is full of dead prophets. To you, he presents
his arms, tattooed with songs slave catchers whistle

as they unleash the dogs. He lets you see the burns on his chest
from the time he set fire to boats and pushed them out to sea.

You ask why no one believes in madness anymore,
and he tells you stars need a darkness to see themselves by.

When you ask about resurrection, he says, How can you doubt?
and shows you a deer licking salt from a lynched man’s palm.

…although some nightmares are pleasant to see.

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The Catcher in the Rye; J.D. Salinger

Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.”

Sooooo…let’s get to one of the meatier posts I’ve been wanting to do! I was considering waiting for My Brother’s Keeper to do this one, but establishing it from the beginning seems like a better idea. Plus, I’ve been on a roll today.

I wanna talk about Danny’s powers.

Or, more specifically, how I see them.

Looong post so it’s going under a cut.

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Do you know of any alternatives to a dream catcher? I had no idea that it was a part of someone's culture, I just thought people had them because they were neat.

i was going to have nice links and stuff but i was so depressed, however i didn’t just want to leave this!

so alternatives to dream catchers!

witches ladders. they are knot magic with added trinkets, usually feathers! while braiding or knotting just think of the intention of what you want out of it. an added bonus is the fact you can add things you associate with a goods nights sleep, or gems that offer magical properties of sleeping well, good dreams, nightmare reflection ect.

my favorite is satchels that can be made cheaply, filled with herbs and stones of your choice. when completed, put the satchel under a pillow or your bed!

similar to satchels are poppets, or a teddy bear works great for this if you have sewign skills. if you can make a small incision on the bottom of the bear (or stuffed animal/poppet) and while thinking on your intent put charged herbs and gems inside. then just close them right up adn sleep with the bear with you or near you.

if you like the looks of dream catchers to aid in helping you get better dreams i would suggest wreathes, you can add what ever decorations that match your aesthetic and practice, and it won’t be appropriation because its not from a closed religion

and this is a good sight that talks about a few stones that work well


Broken Trust - Part One

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 1505

Pairing: Eventual Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by mishacolins

Warnings: Spoilers of 12x14 and well early S12

A/N: So this will most likely only be very small series, but I couldn’t get these ideas out of my head ever since finishing 12x14. The episode is kind of a base for this and the happenings of this series will pick up from there. Thanks to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for betaing this for me!

Feedback Is Appreciated!


The first time you heard from the British Men of Letters was when Mary and Dean had freed Sam from them. All the things you ever heard about them were plain negative and although you haven’t met them yet, you did not like them much.

After all, they hurt your family.

For a while, neither of you had heard from them. They have left the Winchesters alone as much as possible, at least you thought so. Dean and Sam? They did not have anything to do with them and they probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them unless it’s the only way to save the world from some awful misery.

However, Mary had more to do with the British Men of Letters than any of you would have expected. One day she came back to the bunker and admitted of working together with them. To say you were all in shock was an underestimation.

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Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.
—  J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
Trees and Flowers

Blue skies and bumble bees
And writers building up imaginary characters that are confused and skinny and lost and beautiful and different and fashionable and broken and sexual

Trees and flowers
Spring and summer
Papas and mamas and explosions and glitter
And original screenplays written in watercolor about that one time you felt that feeling once and how that made you feel afterwards

Trees and flowers
Bare feet and strawberries
Straw hats and sunsets
And a masculine hero that who’s totally modern, wearing slim fit pants, saying things like, ‘I wouldn’t say I have a favorite genre of music, but more just like everything for how it stands on its own’

Trees and flowers
Iced tea and wine
Sparrows and wind chimes
Anf brightly colored pastel paintings of weird animals rolled up and put away inside a cardboard tube

Trees and flowers
Wishes and honey
Christmas and dream-catchers
And tired skeleton feet drooling from home to work to space station to mirage to nothing to something to nothing so can say the saw something to their friends back home

Trees and flowers
Stars and pizza
Lullabies and cherry blossoms
And high-tech vomit teaching itself to write in cursive

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Why are you so sure that Taylor would cross 1.3M in sales? Miley and Demi failed to cross even 100k in equivalent points (not even pure sales). This week's biggest Shania won't top even 200k. Besides, the buzz for reputation has gone down by a lot! LWYMMD is falling fast and so is Ready For It. Hopefully Taylor will be back doing full on promotion Nov onwards but the dry state of things is reducing the chances of a bumper sale!

1. miley and demi arent even in the same league as taylor, no offense to them but its an improper comparison. Taylor can only be somewhat compared to basically 2 people in my book. beyonce and adele. neither of whom have an album out right now. so in essence, there is no one, no benchmark to compare her to in the current musical climate.

2. shania is country music with an entirely different target demographic and that is also not a apples to apples comparison

3. streaming disincentivizes album sales. All those albums are on streaming services, right? what incentive do people have to buy something if they get it for FREE? unless you’re a real fan of the person, most people don’t buy what they can easily consume for free.  

4. i have been steadfast in qualifying my statement that she will move more than 1M only if her album is withheld from streaming (singles excepted)

5. my mind isnt changed by where lwymmd is on the charts but the performance lwymmd had in terms of digital downloads and chart performance increases my confidence. #1 most bought song of the year? 3 wks at #1? not too shabby

6. dry state of things… ? its far too early to really push the album as much as it bores fans on tumblr.  there are 5 weeks to go to the big day. Fans are gonna buy the album anyway, they arent the real demographic you gotta really work to entice to buy the album, sorry to say. The fence sitters, the unsure-if-they’ll-buy-and-need-to-be-convinced pop-listening gp is that demo and the gp isnt gonna run down and buy an album or download one if you have been shoving that artist in their face for five weeks and they’re tired of them. 2017 is much different than 2014. Dont hang the cookie in front of people’s faces and then tell em they cant have it for a month. We live in a now-now-now society. People are impatient and have short attention spans these days. This sentiment was a major component of Adele’s marketing plan for 25 (she spoke of it herself specifically) and it was largely successful (although yes, adele is not a perfect comparison either, but we dont have much to compare to that is even close). 

expect more dollars and time to be spent on encouraging album sales when we are closer to the drop date. 

and as i have been saying, any extremely effective advertising plan isn’t going to mimic what everyone else is doing and isn’t going to entirely repeat what was done before or what used to be effective. Fresh and innovative strategies (sometimes combined with proven methods) are attention-catchers and convincing. Deleting all her social media? Definitely an attention catcher, e.g. Face all over UPS? who else does that? music video-  more traditional strategy. 

Taylor showed that type of outside-the-box thinking with 1989 and she is showing it now.  i feel confident that she will continue to epitomize that, with reputation.

7. hope and realistic optimism are wonderful things to have.

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Super quick question with a bit of background... I'm writing about a top secret, govt run, spy network. This network is separated into smaller teams and each team has its own hacker. Most of what they do is illegal, both the hackers & other spies, but the govt says it's okay for them to do it. Normal people would go to jail if they did this kind of stuff. So would the hackers in my world be considered white hats or black hats or gray hats? (I'm thinking gray but I'm not sure...) Thank you


This sounds like reality, that’s a pretty government-y thing to do. But sure, quick question, let’s run with it. Keep in mind that these are my personal definitions of these terms; others may have slightly different views but the idea is mostly the same.

Black Hat and White Hat, don’t mean ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ as good and bad are very subjective terms. Rather, they refer to the method and goal. Whether the hacker follows the law or breaks it, and whether the hacker intends to make the shield stronger, or hurt the entity behind it.

White Hat: A White Hat Hacker is someone who uses their knowledge in legal ways, with permission, to find vulnerabilities in products and report them to the provider. The key for me is permission. A White Hat approaches or is approached by a provider with the intent of testing the product to improve it’s security. Method is legal and with permission, and end goal is improvement of the product.

Gray Hat: A Gray Hat Hacker is like a White Hat, but sods that whole permission thing. They attempt to break things without permission, and thus illegally, but take anything they find to the provider of the product with the intent of improving the security of the product. Method is illegal, but end goal is improvement of the product.

Black Hat: This is the one that all the movies are about. Black Hat Hackers attempt to break things without permission, and thus illegally, with the intention of personally gain from finding a vulnerability by allowing said vulnerability to be exploited. Whether this means selling the knowledge to the highest bidder, threatening the provider for a ransom, or using the vulnerability themselves. Method is illegal (or in your case legal by government fiat), and end goal is exploitation.

As defined by me (I say pushing up my lawyer glasses), your elite teams would have black hat hackers. If they were spy-catchers, then I could see an argument for them being gray hats, depending on their station and duties. However, they are spies. Spies don’t generally sit around trying to improve their own organization’s software, they are busy running about breaking into ‘enemy’ software. Regardless of their methods (illegal by normal standards, absolved by government because fight-ye-not-monsters and all that), their goal is exploitation for personal gain, therefor to me they are black hats.

Hope this helped ^^



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what are your favorite books, if you're the reading type?

I mean, I’m not studying to be a librarian because I hate books and want to go undercover to burn them, so yeah. I’m the reading type, I guess. A little. Sort of.

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with Neil Gaiman, and The Graveyard Book is my favourite of his.

Classically speaking, I love Fahrenheit 451 and anything by Bradbury, really.

As a sad Pittsburgh kid, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is simultaneously worse and better than you remember if you haven’t read it since high school. Same with The Catcher in the Rye. It’s worth re-reading as an adult, even just to laugh at the pretentious, whiny parts.

I also love Shakespeare, but what I love even more are Ryan North’s choose-your-own-adventure Shakespeare books (Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be or Not To Be).

I used to have a huge thing for Chuck Palahniuk, and I think Fight Club is still a solid book, but his new collection of short stories was beyond awful and, at times, glaringly racist. Hard pass.

Joey Comeau is my favourite, and I highly recommend EVERYTHING by him, but if I had to narrow it down to three, I’d go with Overqualified, Lockpick Pornography, and The Summer Is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved. Okay, and The Girl Who Couldn’t Come. And It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry… and also One Bloody Thing After Another and We Are Become Pals. That’s, uh. Huh. That’s like all of ‘em. Yeah, read all of 'em.

The Welcome to Night Vale novel was good!

Everything by Caitlin R. Kiernan, but ESPECIALLY Silk.

Anyhow, I’m mostly a poetry kinda kid when it comes to being EXTREMELY into wordstuff, so a ton of novels and short story collections don’t really jump out at me off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s way more I’m missing. Especially if you were looking for fantasy and horror recommendations, because a lot of those are, like… experiences that don’t really develop into Big Faves, you know?

The Catcher (Baseball AU Chapter 1)

Warnings: slow burn, fluff, angst, smut at some point probably, mentions of death

A/N: ALRIGHT I am so excited for this!! I got this idea when the DEH softball games were a thing and I was like, I gotta do this. Also this will be a fem!reader. I really wanted this to be a reader insert, but there will be some things that may or may not pertain to you as an individual, this is mainly for major plot points. Anyways, I hope you like it.

(P.S. I’m sorry if things seem confusing, I promise everything will be explained later on. Also yes this will be x jared because… I mean… he’s honestly the best.)

Chapters: 1 2


“New law states that any female can participate in a school baseball team if she wishes. She will be allowed to participate in tournaments and any further competition that rises in the team’s schedule.”


“Are we almost there?”

“It shouldn’t be too far now.”

Your dad looked over at you with a small smile. You returned your attention back to the passing scenery from your car window. You were listening to your favorite band with your earbuds in and your feet kicked up on the dash.

“Are you going to try out for the baseball team this year?”

“I guess.”

You really weren’t excited about joining the team. You knew you would make it in a heartbeat, but you were afraid of what would come of you joining.

“I know you’re stressed about moving three states away, (Y/N), but this is a good opportunity for me. For us.”

You scoffed,

“Right. You get a brand new team for your brand new corporation and I get a shitty school with a horrible baseball team. But yeah, no, it’s great for the both of us.”

Your dad briefly glanced at you and turned his attention back onto the road.

“First of all young lady, language. Second of all, you’re getting a new start! The team isn’t that great but you have an opportunity to make them great. Just try, (Y/N). As for school, it’s small, but it’s nice. I’m sure you’ll be fine. You might even be the school’s star athlete. Don’t quit before it’s even started.”

You sighed and stared at your phone. Needless to say, you were nervous beyond anything else. You were going to be the new girl at a small public school and you are trying out for probably the worst known baseball team in all of Indiana.

You are moving to Indiana from Virginia because your father got a new job opportunity with more pay and it will be a huge step for his corporation. You were happy for your dad, you just wish it didn’t involve you moving so far away.

You looked up from your phone when your dad turned off the engine. Your dad stepped out of the car and you followed, looking at the house. It was a nice two story house with a white picket fence around the yard. It had beautiful roses and hedges all alongside the perimeter of your yard. Everything was “perfect” which is why you hated it so much. There wasn’t a single thing to hate about it except for the fact that it’s not home. It’s not your home.

You walked inside the house and went upstairs to your room. Your bed was on the left side of your room with your dresser. On the right side was your closet, guitar, and desk. It was pretty simple, but you were satisfied. You walked over to your window and sat on the ledge. You leaned on the pillows and noticed someone in the window of the house across from yours.

You pulled back the curtains to try and get a good look at them. It was a boy who looked about your age. You sat there and watched him move about his room. You let the curtain fall back to its previous place and moved to lay on your bed.


You took out your earbuds and walked downstairs. You’re met with two strangers who turned to greet you.

“(Y/N), these are our next door neighbors, the Kleinmans.”

The smiling woman walked over to you and stuck out her hand.

“It’s so great to finally meet you. Who knew you would be living next to us. We are huge fans of you.”

You hesitantly took her hand and shook it.

“Uh, thanks.”

Just then the man, who you assumed was her husband, walked over to you, putting his hand out.

“We have a son who is your age and he’s on the team.”

You briefly rolled your eyes and whispered as you shook his hand.

“Of course he is.”

You notice your dad give you a disapproving look. He crossed his arms and smiled when the Kleinmans faced him. Mrs. Kleinman spoke,

“Will (Y/N) be trying out for the team this year?”

Your dad opened his mouth, but you interrupted.

“Okay, can I leave now?”

Your dad clenched his jaw and nodded. You ran back up the stairs.

“I promise you she is. She’s just been… a bit stressed about the move. I swear she doesn’t normally act like this.”

Mrs. Kleinman smiled at him.

“Oh, I’m sure she is. Moving is never easy. Especially moving to our small town. We know it’s not much, but we are all thrilled to have you two as members of our community.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me and even though she doesn’t show it, it means a lot to (Y/N), too.”

“When you both get settled, you’re welcome to have dinner with us any time you’d like.”

You sat on the window sill again and huffed. You went through the pictures on your phone and looked at all the memories of you and your friends and your previous baseball team. You could feel a tear run down your cheek.

You quickly wiped it away when you heard a tap on your window. You ignored it and opened up your Instagram.


You ignored it yet again and kept scrolling.


You sighed.


You pulled the curtains back to see what the commotion is. You saw the boy from before sitting at his window. He waved at you. He motioned you to open up your window. You pulled the curtains in front of you and walked away from the window. You were not in the mood for talking.

“(Y/N), dinner’s ready!”

You didn’t feel like eating. You decided to turn in early to just forget about this day. You rolled over to turn off your lamp and noticed the framed picture of you and your parents. You sighed and touched the frame. You retracted your hand and stuffed it under your pillow. You closed your eyes, bracing for the next day at your new school.


“Miss (L/N), I assure you, your time here will be as fun as it can be. It’s a little smaller than what you’re used to, but this way you can really get to know those around you. I will send someone in to show you around. One moment.”

You sat there in the principal’s office. You glanced around the office and noticed many certificates he’s gotten for doing his job. Just then a girl walked in the room. She had glasses and her hair was up in a ponytail. She stuck her hand out towards you.

“Hi, I’m Alana Beck.”

You shook it briefly.


“(Y/N) (L/N). I already knew you were coming in this morning.”

You glanced back at Principal Brown who had a big smile on his face.

“Miss Beck is one of our smartest.”

You turned your attention back to Alana who was beaming.

“Yeah, I can tell.”

Alana opened the door for you.

“Shall we?”

You walked out of the room and followed Alana. You walked through the empty halls and looked at the classrooms, barely listening to her explain the classes. You saw three boys huddled around a locker about 10 feet ahead of you. Alana followed your gaze and noticed the boys. She walked over to them and greeted them.

“Hi guys, I’m showing (Y/N) around this morning. She’s new.”

A tall, lanky boy with brown hair who was wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and black boots, a dirty blond-haired boy with a kind face who was wearing a blue polo, tennis shoes, and khakis, and your neighbor who wore glasses and had on a graphic tee with a flannel over it and was wearing cargo shorts all turn to face you and Alana. The tall boy greets you first.

“I’m Connor. This is Jared and Evan.”

Jared pointed at you.

“Hey, you’re my new neighbor, right?”

You crossed your arms and nodded,


Evan awkwardly smiles at you and Alana continued,

“Connor and Jared are the captains of the baseball team here.”

Connor and Jared avoided your gaze, which was odd to you.

“Oh cool. What positions?”

Connor perked up.

“I’m shortstop, Jared’s catcher, Evan’s centerfield, and my sister is first base.”

“You actually have another girl on the team?”

Connor smiled and a small hint of a blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Uh yeah. Kind of a sibling thing.”

“Cool. Color me impressed. Most teams just cut the majority of girls who try out.”

Evan cleared his throat.

“A-Are you trying out for the team this year?”

Jared and Connor looked at him with wide eyes. You held onto the straps of your backpack and shrugged,

“I kinda have to. I mean, my dad would go into cardiac arrest on the spot if I didn’t.”

Evan chuckled. Alana spoke up again,

“Well, we gotta get her to her next class. Bye guys.”

The boys watched you walk away. Jared hit the back of Evan’s head.

“Ow! What was that for!?”

“Dude, you just asked (Y/N) (L/N) if she was trying out for our shitty team!”

“I don’t see the problem with asking that!”

Connor interrupted them,

“She already said she would, so let’s be satisfied with that for right now. It’s no doubt she knows our record.”

“I feel like I shouldn’t even be allowed to talk to her.”

Evan looked at Jared in confusion.

“I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way. She probably wants to be seen as just a regular kid like anyone else and not a star.”

Jared faced him.

“But she is a star dude. And you can’t deny that she doesn’t want to be here. It’s clear as day.”

Connor crossed his arms.

“Let’s just be happy she’ll be on our team for a little while. Maybe we can actually win some games this year. Even if it’s just a couple.”

Evan and Jared nodded in agreement and walked to their next classes.

Alana stopped in front of your Psychology class door and turned to you.

“This is you. I’ll be right here after your class to walk you to lunch. I hope you have a good time here.”

You smiled at her and watched her leave. You faced the door and sighed.

“Okay, (Y/N), you can do this. Just walk in, talk about yourself, then everyone will forget all about you. Okay.”

You, nervously, turn the handle of the door and walk inside.

“Oh, hi! You must be (Y/N)!”

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 86: Salute 2

In this chapter, in the subsequent practice matches, Coach Kataoka keeps on experimenting, giving players chance to play and trying players on different positions in order to fully take advantage of their skill and abilities. Among them are

Eijun as left fielder.

I’ve guessed when I saw the title page, but wow, Eijun you never stop making me proud. Of all pitchers, only Furuya who is considered capable of playing left fielder, but now Eijun is too. Even if Eijun remains full of antics and doesn’t inspire much confidence, everyone acknowledges that his fielding is getting better. (it’s been a while I’ve seen Kanemaru nagging Eijun on the field, honestly their interactions are always entertaining)

It is also a contingency plan for Eijun to reclaim the mound when he’s needed even after he has pitched his turn. It’s also an important practice for Eijun because it’s not easy to shift from outfielder to pitcher. As outfielder he sacrifices control for speed, while as pitcher he needs control, and as such he is a mess in the beginning. 

But Eijun, of course, doesn’t take long to regain his footing. Once again he’s proving qualities of an Ace.

Yui as right fielder. It is the same position he holds in previous matches. But it is only confirmed in this chapter that it’s a position intended to be assigned to him.

I’m not really surprised. Kataoka is really looking to strengthen Seidou’s offensive power. The additional players to the first-string such as Takatsu has displayed their batting skill, and Yui, compared to Yuuki, has been a consistent batter in every matches he’s played in. But catcher position is pretty much locked in with Miyuki and Ono. (Interestingly this should put Okumura in the same predicament if he manages to get to first string… or not?)

Talking about Okumura. The more we are shown of him and Seto, the more I see Miyuki and Kuramochi in them.

Furuya’s observation doesn’t help, ‘troublesome if he gets on base’ and ‘aim for pitcher’s best pitch’ those two are the batters Kuramochi and Miyuki are, or were in the beginning. (and that’s a very good observation, Furuya! I’m proud of you too!)

And Miyuki… hoo boy. 

He’s getting better and better as cleanup. Honestly, being captain and catcher, dealing with the team and four to six pitchers, I’m amazed that he manages to polish his batting skill in-between (not to mention getting passing grade in classes). It’s a certainty he’ll get lots of offer before he graduates.

After reading this chapter, I feel like Perspective will be an apt title for it.

However, this is particularly emphasized for the pitchers by having Eijun in the outfield and Furuya in the sidelines, and if it goes as Kataoka planned, in the infield. 

It seems Kataoka wants to drive to two things into the pitchers: that an out is an out, regardless from strikeout or from fielders; and that contribution to the team’s victory is possible from different position. It is as though Kataoka is trying to drive the point home that they as pitchers are not alone, they have the fielders defending behind them, that they don’t have to take all the burden and pressure on their own and that they can still do something even if they are not on the mound, that they still have worth outside of pitching, they are more capable than they think they are. It is a gesture of trust to put them in a position they are unused to.

It’s also worthy of note that even without Furuya, and using pitcher relay of pitchers who doesn’t have a chance to play in official matches, Seidou manages to keep their winning streak. It’s getting harder to guess who’s going to make the final team roster, especially if we’re counting in those in second string. It’s also foolish to only consider the players based on their initial position as more and more of them are playing other positions. I suppose we can only wait and see.