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Our Bodies Break Light

Traci Brimhall

We crawl through the tall grass and idle light,
our chests against the earth so we can hear the river

underground. Our backs carry rotting wood and books
that hold no stories of damnation or miracles.

One day as we listen for water, we find a beekeeper—
one eye pearled by a cataract, the other cut out by his own hand

so he might know both types of blindness. When we stand
in front of him, he says we are prisms breaking light into color—

our right shoulders red, our left hips a wavering indigo.
His apiaries are empty except for dead queens, and he sits

on his quiet boxes humming as he licks honey from the bodies
of drones. He tells me he smelled my southern skin for miles,

says the graveyard is full of dead prophets. To you, he presents
his arms, tattooed with songs slave catchers whistle

as they unleash the dogs. He lets you see the burns on his chest
from the time he set fire to boats and pushed them out to sea.

You ask why no one believes in madness anymore,
and he tells you stars need a darkness to see themselves by.

When you ask about resurrection, he says, How can you doubt?
and shows you a deer licking salt from a lynched man’s palm.

I kept getting distracted by the idea and had to write it up. sourwolfsparking

Stiles slides out of the Jeep and snorts when he catches sight of Derek sitting in front of the loft building, totally wolfed out, his black tail swishing along the ground as he watches Stiles approach.

“Hey Lassie, you lock yourself out?”

His ears twitch to face Stiles, and Stiles practically sees the judgment in his pale eyes.

“Ok,” he concedes. “Not my best material, I’ll admit, and you’re probably more of a Cujo than a Lassie, but…” He trails off, expecting a huff or even a playful nip at his shins (Derek’s trademark snark tends to come out in this form as painfully adorable dog antics that Stiles has tragically yet to capture on camera). But Derek just looks back at him, unmoving.

Stiles drops to a crouch in front of him, lifts a hand to run down Derek’s back, and smiles when he leans into the pressure.

“Seriously though, dude. What’s with the puppy suit? You don’t usually just hang around all day in your second skin like this. Low profile, all that? You point blank refused to come play Frisbee fetch with me in the park last week, as though people would seriously be able to tell you apart from a dog and freak out, but whatever.”

Derek whuffs faintly, leans forward to sniff at Stiles’ face.

He leans away from the wet tongue, laughing.

“Hey, quit it. Yes, I ate a Reeses on the way over; no you don’t get any, especially in this form. Chocolate’s bad for dogs. I think.” He pauses. “Right?”

Derek whuffs again, turns to lap at Stiles’ fingers. Stiles rolls his eyes, tugging his hand back and shaking out the wet digits.

“Yeah, ok, wolf slobber is not the way to convince me to give you treats. …I mean, not treats treats because like, you’re not a dog and that would be speciesist and all that. But really though, what’s up with the extended wolfiness? Did you lose your clothes in the woods or something? Did you get stuck in wolf form and now you’re not sure how to turn back?”

Derek yips at that, chasing Stiles’ waving fingers and nipping pointedly at his hand. Stiles freezes because…

“No wait, seriously?”

Derek snuffles into his palm, nosing into it before turning back and huffing again, low and urgent.

Shit, Derek. Ok, you’re freaking me out here. If you can turn back just, seriously please turn back now. We’re behind my Jeep, there’s no one around. Look, I’ll even avert my eyes for decency and everything.”

Which he does. He actually covers his eyes with his hands to block out any potential glorious nakedness, that’s how freaked out he is right now.

About ten seconds go by, before Derek huffs and licks at the back of Stiles’ hand.

Which is most definitely a wolf thing to do, not a human thing. A trapped in wolf form thing.

Derek’s trapped in wolf form.

Stiles drops his hands away and, sure enough, there Derek is: fur, tail and all, watching Stiles with a mildly put out expression.

“No no, hey, this cannot be happening. This can’t happen to you, Derek, you’re like, the most wolfy-aware person we know. Who the hell are we supposed to go to for advice about you being stuck like this?”

Derek seems to be echoing Stiles’ agitation, lifting a paw to nudge at Stiles’ knee.

“Yeah, yeah. We could go to Deaton but you know how helpful he always is. Which is not at all, by the way. Shit, ok, we can handle this though. We’ll figure this out. You can come home with me for now, I’ll get you some paperwork or something, a collar, so people don’t think you’re a stray and try to take you away. And I know, man, I know that sucks and you’ll hate wearing it but it’s better than having to worry about dog catchers on top of everything else.”

He fists a hand into the thick fur of Derek’s nape, using the touch to ground himself because the world feels frighteningly unstable right now.

Derek’s an actual wolf. Derek could be trapped as a wolf forever and then…

“And what does this mean for us, Derek? After everything we went through… we were just starting to work things out and now. I mean… damn it, we’ve only been dating for two weeks and now my boyfriend’s a wolf.” Derek ducks his head regretfully, licks at a bit of chocolate along the edge of Stiles’ thumb. Stiles instantly feels like crap for making this about himself, for giving Derek something else to worry about. He tries to gentle his tone out of raw panic as he lifts his other hand to rub soothingly behind Derek’s ear. “Man, you’re cute as hell like this, don’t get me wrong. But like, in an ‘I want to snuggle and pet you’ kind of way. And I’m really not into the whole bestiality thing dude, I wish I was, but I think we’re probably gonna have to put our next lunch date on hold until we get this—“

He breaks off at the sound of a throat clearing pointedly behind him, looks over and finds Derek standing at the loft entrance, his arms crossed and his brows arched high on his forehead. Half a step beside him stands a pale woman in her mid-thirties, who is watching Stiles with an expression that’s more than a little disturbed.

“Stiles,” Derek says very carefully, as the wolf-Derek (not Derek?) continues to lap chocolate off Stiles’ palm. “What are you doing with my new tenant’s dog?”

Dating Kurt Wagner Would Include

.Loving every single part of him

.him reading to you

.teaching you German (yo)

.running your fingers over his scars


.(I apologize if you’re religious)

.him being frustrated when you can’t proparly hold hands with him

.“I’m sorry Y/N”


.“Ve can’t hold handz.”(shook)

.“We’ll make it work”

.him blushing when you kiss in public

.falling asleep in his arms

.teleporting you to your favorite places in the world

.“It’s so beautiful, kurt”

.“yeah, it is” (looking at you)

.fingering you with his thick fingers

.smirking at you

.comforting him after he has a nightmare

.then buying him a dream catcher so he will have good dreams

.slowly caressing his tail

.walking in on you changing

. “I, I am so sorry my liebe”

.but let’s face it, that leads to sex

.teaching him American(or where ever you live) things

.if he ever gets high (probs accidentally eating pot brownies) you’d walk in on him chasing his tail

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Trees and Flowers

Blue skies and bumble bees
And writers building up imaginary characters that are confused and skinny and lost and beautiful and different and fashionable and broken and sexual

Trees and flowers
Spring and summer
Papas and mamas and explosions and glitter
And original screenplays written in watercolor about that one time you felt that feeling once and how that made you feel afterwards

Trees and flowers
Bare feet and strawberries
Straw hats and sunsets
And a masculine hero that who’s totally modern, wearing slim fit pants, saying things like, ‘I wouldn’t say I have a favorite genre of music, but more just like everything for how it stands on its own’

Trees and flowers
Iced tea and wine
Sparrows and wind chimes
and brightly colored pastel paintings of weird animals rolled up and put away inside a cardboard tube
Trees and flowers

Wishes and honey
Christmas and dream-catchers
And tired skeleton feet drooling from home to work to space station to mirage to nothing to something to nothing so can say the saw something to their friends back home

Trees and flowers
Stars and pizza
Lullabies and cherry blossoms
And high-tech vomit teaching itself to write in cursive

The Catcher in the Rye; J.D. Salinger

Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.”

…although some nightmares are pleasant to see.

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Broken Trust - Part One

Summary: From what you’ve been told the British Men of Letters weren’t people you would really like. Though you didn’t expect to get that caught up with one of them, breaking the Winchester’s trust with your actions.

Words: 1505

Pairing: Eventual Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by mishacolins

Warnings: Spoilers of 12x14 and well early S12

A/N: So this will most likely only be very small series, but I couldn’t get these ideas out of my head ever since finishing 12x14. The episode is kind of a base for this and the happenings of this series will pick up from there. Thanks to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for betaing this for me!

Feedback Is Appreciated!


The first time you heard from the British Men of Letters was when Mary and Dean had freed Sam from them. All the things you ever heard about them were plain negative and although you haven’t met them yet, you did not like them much.

After all, they hurt your family.

For a while, neither of you had heard from them. They have left the Winchesters alone as much as possible, at least you thought so. Dean and Sam? They did not have anything to do with them and they probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them unless it’s the only way to save the world from some awful misery.

However, Mary had more to do with the British Men of Letters than any of you would have expected. One day she came back to the bunker and admitted of working together with them. To say you were all in shock was an underestimation.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any alternatives to a dream catcher? I had no idea that it was a part of someone's culture, I just thought people had them because they were neat.

i was going to have nice links and stuff but i was so depressed, however i didn’t just want to leave this!

so alternatives to dream catchers!

witches ladders. they are knot magic with added trinkets, usually feathers! while braiding or knotting just think of the intention of what you want out of it. an added bonus is the fact you can add things you associate with a goods nights sleep, or gems that offer magical properties of sleeping well, good dreams, nightmare reflection ect.

my favorite is satchels that can be made cheaply, filled with herbs and stones of your choice. when completed, put the satchel under a pillow or your bed!

similar to satchels are poppets, or a teddy bear works great for this if you have sewign skills. if you can make a small incision on the bottom of the bear (or stuffed animal/poppet) and while thinking on your intent put charged herbs and gems inside. then just close them right up adn sleep with the bear with you or near you.

if you like the looks of dream catchers to aid in helping you get better dreams i would suggest wreathes, you can add what ever decorations that match your aesthetic and practice, and it won’t be appropriation because its not from a closed religion

and this is a good sight that talks about a few stones that work well


Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 76: The Way Home

We’ve seen Inashiro. It’s fair to see Yakushi, another team Seidou has to beat in order to get to Summer Koshien and another Tokyo team that manages to get further in Senbatsu than Seidou. It appears being in Senbatsu is more a burden than a blessing, because it’s not only Seidou that has problems, Yakushi too. Mainly, the Todorokis.

From nobody to somebody, from an underdog to champion, it’s a radical change that neither Todorokis are prepared for.

Fortunately, their Ace, Sanada, remains as reliable as always. Comparably with fewer numbers of their members, Yakushi gives more chance for their first-years to play in matches and gives them experience. Tomobe, the first-year pitcher looks promising with his calm and composure (he scolds Raichi who is his senpai), especially when we remember Sanada is in his third year. (Damn, there’s a lot of people we’re gonna miss, isn’t it?)

Furuya… is still unstable. But then again, Rome isn’t build in a day. He’s still taking his first steps. Everyone notes how he’s getting more self-aware and the team are willing to support him until he gets back to his feet, because they know better than anyone how huge a burden it is being an Ace. None of them forgets that this same person carried them through Senbatsu. He has won their trust, and it’s not easily lost. But it doesn’t mean that he’s off the hook.


Furuya is still not entrusted to play full match, even against non-Koshien-level team. Only seven innings, two lost runs, six walks, and Eijun closes the match with only one hit and no run, with young, inexperienced catcher to boot.  How the tables turned, when it used to be the other way around. (That actually reminds me, Furuya is never paired up with any other catcher but Miyuki… my take is that his pitching is that unstable that only Miyuki who can deal with him and his pitches… I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing, regardless that Miyuki’s the main catcher)

I wonder what Coach Kataoka is thinking. While the team seems okay with Furuya regaining his footing, it’s pretty obvious that the team has to work harder when Furuya is on the mound (’they brace themselves’). The particular choice of words gives me the impression that it is taxing to support the current Furuya… and that’s not good for the morale of the team.

The overall statistics of the pitchers is fascinating.

Purely based on the results of the practice matches, Eijun doesn’t have the best performance. It actually goes to Kawakami, who plays most innings and only gives up two walks and two runs, second only to Eijun. In the last practice match, he even manage a shutout. While Kawakami doesn’t seem to have the presence of an Ace (or probably just because he’s lacking screen time), the result speaks for itself. Kawakami is still in the running for Ace position. However, if we consider that Eijun plays a full match against Koshien-level team… I’d say Eijun has the best performance. (I might be as biased as Oota when it comes to Kawakami as I am to Eijun ;p)

So if we are to list the best pitcher in Seidou, it’s a toss up between Kawakami and Eijun, followed Furuya, Kawashima and lastly, Kaneda. I’ve got a feeling that Kaneda is gonna be replaced by Kuki if he shows no sign of improvement. Toujou… doesn’t seem to be considered as pitcher, unfortunately. He makes too much of a good center fielder, I suppose.

The above panel particularly interests me because it doesn’t only show pitcher relay, but also battery relay. I wonder whether it’s possible to use that strategy in official matches. Baseball fans, has that been done before? Because well, Seidou have good pitchers and catchers in their current lineup, why not take advantage of it?

Yuuki-otouto finally hits his stride, though he still sucks at defense, and he’s in the outfield. ( ̄□ ̄;) So, pinch hitter is his best bet for now. Honestly, he’s like the comic relief right now with all the blunders and flat expression.

Let’s bow down to the greatness of the Seidou’s Keystone Combo: Haruichi and Kuramochi. m(_    _)m

Miyuki’s not only the one leaving a huge shoes to fill, Kuramochi doea too. Haruichi is good, and he’s considered the better second than his brother, but it is Kuramochi who has a role into raising Haruichi up to the level that he is currently in by forcing him to keep up with him and give his all. Haruichi is going to have a tough time doing the same/adapting with his new partner. (My best bet is Takatsu)

So far, my Seidou’s new team roster still holds up.  I’ll just wait to see the final match to finalize the Summer lineup.

Lastly, Miyuki and Mima!

Their exchange is hilarious! XDD  (Miyuki is a confirmed flip phone/non-smartphone/email-only user)

Mima is way too serious for his own good, I feel bad for him. Miyuki will take advantage of that. Honestly, I’m surprised if he doesn’t. He already calls Mima a sore loser in his mind. Pfft. But damn, that’s a lot of baseball teams scouting for Miyuki, like fifteen? It might be more after Summer Koshien.

So with this chapter, it should wrap up the practice matches and return the focus back to the team…. Except for Miyuki, with Tokyo Senbatsu????? Can’t wait!

ID #27924

Name: Nikki
Age: 22
Country: USA

I’ve recently cut off contact with a lot of people I didn’t want in my life anymore, with good reason. I cut off all of my social media for the most part and I am looking to making real and honest friendships (and maybe even a best friend) via snail mail (email is okay too!).

I enjoy reading immensely, a few of my favorite books are The Catcher in they Rye, A Tree grows in Brooklyn, The Great Gatsby and my most recent read Girl in Pieces. I am always open to new book recommendations!

I’m a newbie to the world of poetry, immersing my self in words never encountered. I have written 2 poems so far, and plan on writing more. I think exchanging works of poetry would be really rad. I am considering on starting on two short stories as well.

I like to watch tv from time to time. Bob’s burgers and Riverdale are my current favorites. I really enjoyed Stranger things … if you can’t tell my television watching is very scarce. As for movies, a few of my favorites are Coraline, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and The Great Gatsby (with Leo of course!)

Preferences: I am looking for long-term penpals, someone who isn’t going to stop writing me for no reason. Preferably female, aged 19-25. I like longer letters, and goodies are no necessary!

Let’s play a game called “Monster Factory or NBC Hannibal?”

All you have to do is identify if the below quotes are from Polygon’s Monster Factory or NBC’s Hannibal.

“I taste with my skin. How do you taste?”
“I suggested one of those clackin’ swingin’ ball things.”
“They will find my body in the morning underneath a dream catcher.”
“The effect I was hoping to have was her death. Mission accomplished!”

Literary references and character abilities (chapter 62)

While I got the gist of what everyone in this chapter talked about, I have yet to take my time and look up all the words and translate properly, but I just found something so interesting and I wanted to share with you and it’s about the names of the abilities used by Shuuhei and Shamrock, because I did not know about the things that were used as reference.
I just love how Servamp is filled with so many things from literature and the amazing names for the character abilities that have dual readings that have a connection with one another. I wrote down the observations I made in regards to the literary works that have served as inspiration. Hope they will make sense!
I’m gonna put these under the cut, as they can be spoilerish and also because it is quite long, I’m surprised that I was able to write this much,  for I ramble a lot about the things that I think about during translations and things that I found out during research. It would be nice to hear your opinions in regards to the things I wrote :)

And a shout-out to @xchibikai​ for providing the RAWS. Thank you so much!

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Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.
—  J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
Great Literary Themes for a Wedding
  • Romeo and Juliet: Poison the wedding cake.
  • Jane Eyre: Halfway through the ceremony, a deranged-looking woman in white runs screaming down the aisle.
  • The Great Gatsby: Reception is set casually around a pool with a body floating in it.
  • Pride and Prejudice: The groom begins his vow with 'Against my better judgments, I have fallen in love with you.'
  • Lord of the Rings: Destination wedding at a volcano; when the officiator asks for the rings to be presented, throw them into the lava.
  • Watership Down: Serve rabbit at the reception.
  • Catcher in the Rye: Tell everyone they're Goddamn phonies, but invite them to the wedding anyway
  • The Raven: Every line of the vows must end with either "Lenore" or "Nevermore."
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If you have a blog that posts any girl groups (really, any), aesthetics, memes, science, boy groups besides BTS (i just follow so many (I love you BTS)), like or reblog and I’ll follow you.

It doesn’t even have to be centered around those things, but if you casually reblog that stuff I will gladly follow you :))).

ID #93216

Name: Abby
Age: 19
Country: USA

I am really bad at small talk, I apologize. I really enjoy reading, writing and crafts. Lately, I’ve been making dream catchers. I’m not religious but I love spirituality and I enjoy the beauty of religion. I am pretty progressive when it comes to politics and while I respect that everyone has the right to believe what they choose, I don’t tolerate hatred, or bigotry. I was a women and gender studies major, and if I go back to school I’ll probably stay in that field. My goal in life is to help women who have been victims of sexual and domestic abuse, and am a survivor of both. I also enjoy holistic healing, including crystals and herbs. I read tarot cards as well and I’m into all things witchy and creepy! Right now, I am hoping to start working soon, and to get a van & live out of it for awhile. I’m kind of a wild card, and I do what I please, within reason, usually.

Preferences: Would prefer a penpal who is 17+, and who is okay with snail mail communication!

Tame Miyusawa kinks

Praise kink. They both have it.

Eijun likes when Kazuya wears his batting gloves.

Voice kink. I mean have you listened to Sakurai Takahiro sing?

Kazuya likes to have control, it’s a major turn on when Eijun turns over control to him.

Size kink. Kazuya is only two centimeters taller but he’s a lot broader and more muscled so Eijun likes to feel dwarfed by his catcher. Miyuki isn’t complaining about the difference either.

It makes them both all tingly when they pick the other over someone else. Like Kazuya saying he likes Eijun better than Mei or Furuya or when Eijun asks Kazuya instead of Chris to catch for him

I mentioned they’re possessive of each other. Eijun is a touchy person he hangs on Miyuki, it serves two purposes let’s everyone know Kazuya is taken while also letting people know Eijun is as well. Kazuya may have a thing about marking Eijun. Hickeys and bites just higher than the school uniform neckline, as soon as one starts to fade another shows up. Sawamura always complains afterwards but he never says no to what causes them. The bathing room gets embarrassing for anyone to bath with them because they are usually covered in marks.

Praise kink. I cannot emphasize this one enough.

Kazuya likes to take control, but Eijun loves when Miyuki trusts him enough to give it up.

Eijun has a really bad habit of grabbing the first jersey he sees on the floor. More than once he’s worn Kazuya’s shirt and it’s kind of obvious because it’s bigger in the shoulders by a lot. People don’t say anything about it anymore since Miyuki gave them a detailed reason why they’d get their cloths mixed up.

Inside jokes. Like all the time. It really makes Eijun happy to know that he’s the only one who can make Miyuki laugh so hard he starts to hiccup and sob in mirth.

Victory kink. I mean think about it their both running on the game high they’ve just won and we all know how much more they love the game when their playing together.

Hi! My name is Abby, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from West Virginia! I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal to send letters & other things to each other, I’ve had a couple of pen pals in the past and while none of them have really “stuck” I love sending and receiving mail and would love to have some people who also enjoy that to communicate with. I really like reading & writing, and I’ve been trying to get into crafting more. Mostly, that means I make dream catchers, but I’m hoping to move on to other things and maybe even set up an etsy shop sometime for some of my crafts! I also read tarot cards and am working on palm readings too! I enjoy all things witchy and creepy and all things hella girly. I am an oxymoron of sorts. I have 5 tattoos and I plan on being covered on day. Also, I have no idea what I am doing with my life. Short term goal: get a job, get a van, convert it, live in it, travel, sell my crafts. Long term goal: help victims of sexual and domestic abuse. Anyway, If any of this seems like a good time to you, and you’d enjoy snail mail please get in contact with me for more info! 

anmcdade@gmail.com, juustabby.tumblr.com 

Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo

The Anti-Hero + Love Interest

Anonymous asked: Any ideas/tips on how to write an anti-hero assassin and her main love interest?

To answer your question: I probably have some tips cached somewhere on my blog, but nothing quite so specific comes to mind, so here we go: 

I’ve been thinking a lot about anti-heroes lately. Generally, I don’t know that I like them, or at least I don’t like what many new writers tend to think anti-heroes are. First off, anti-heroes are not just villains who tell the story. There’s more to it. 

I recently read a great article on anti-heroes that’s escaping me now - it argued that Scott Pilgrim is an anti-hero and I believe it. He’s a pretty likable protagonist who does some pretty horrible things on his way to win over love interest, Ramona Flowers. While he may be a jerk, he’s relatable! What do you know? That is what most of my favorite anti-heroes tend to have in common. You can understand their view point, and when they do the wrong thing, they know it’s the wrong thing. Some examples include: Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald), Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger), Quentin Compson (The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner), Hamlet (Hamlet by Shakespeare), Stephen Daedalus (Ulysses by Joyce), and Satan (Paradise Lost by Milton). 

A good one will get the reader on their side - an not by being “evil” but by being relatable and having that indefinable likable quality despite the fact that they do some pretty horrible things to get what they want. Some characters we will just like. Part of this likability often comes from wanting to “do right” or having an overall positive greater goal. I mean even Satan in Paradise Lost doesn’t frame his mission as the diabolic thing it is - at times, in his mind at times, he’s battling a tyrant. He twists the situation to fit his needs, and seems like a noble hero. 

Hamlet might not have a good goal in mind, but he can’t stand by while his uncle takes the throne after murdering his father. He is trying to take out a greater evil, even if he does horrible things along the way. 

Another one is Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tom lies. It’s part of who  his character is. He doesn’t tell the truth, but he gets away with it and for the most part it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone and it helps him get ahead. He’s an anti-hero because while he might be a good guy, he lies a lot.  He doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone despite his lying. Then, he kills Dickie. What makes Tom an anti-hero I think, is not so much killing his friend, but what happens after. Instead of turning himself over to the authorities, Tom does the understandable thing, returning to his vices - in his case, fudging the truth - and steals Dickie’s identity so he can continue to live lavishly. The rest of his major decisions go in favor of maintaining the lies he’s told. 

Often anti-heroes aren’t terrible, terrible people. They’re just people. They are imperfect. They have good qualities along with the bad. However when it comes to making the “right” choice and taking the moral high ground, they don’t - or at least don’t always.  When writing an anti-hero - that is, when you’re actively trying to write an anti-hero, remember to include both the good with the bad. Share how they came to view the world the way they do and why they are the way that they are - (don’t think too hard on this, you can use Tom Ripley as an example: He is the way that he is (oversimplifying it) because his spin on the truth for awhile helped him a lot and didn’t seem to hurt anyone in the process.) 

It also helps to clarify what their vice is. No one likes to think of themselves as completely evil. Characters are the same way. They might do one really bad thing a lot, like steal or lie, but would never consider committing murder. Or they might murder for a cause but feel that they’re above lying and stealing. Everyone’s got a limit. And if they don’t that’s probably worth some exploring. 

As for writing a love interest - there’s just a few things that I really recommend. As a reader, I’m not picky about stuff regarding the love interest. I know a lot of other writers could say a lot on this and might list out a ton of things not to do  but I won’t do that. When it comes to worrying about getting published or things like that, the only thing I say is tell the best story that you can. 

With that said, I do recommend giving the protagonist’s love interest a role that is central to the plot or at least heavily intertwined with the plot. The next piece of advice - make them a “real character”. Give them depth and dimension, wants and dreams, etc. Every character thinks he’s the protagonist, so don’t let the love interest think any different. 

The love interest also should in some part acknowledge the protagonist anti-hero’s faults. The anti-hero might try to hide their vices to seem more likable in the eyes of the love interest. Their dynamic will entirely depend on their relationship and also who they are to begin with. 

I don’t know how helpful any of this is. Anti-heroes and love interests are very big topics. I get a little vague. Reach out and ask me specifics if there’s anything I didn’t address that you wanted to know.