i have a thing for bunk beds now

Today I cried in the bathroom of my work place because your mom snap chatted a picture of your bunk bed being taken down and it reminded me that we are no longer kids playing pretend. Probably if you were gonna come back you would have by now. How things always change but some how you stay nestled in between my rib cage. I think I’m trying to say I’m sorry but it keeps coming out as poems or hysterical crying fits or in any way other than managing to let the words verbally manifest. I’m sorry that I keep writing you poems but it’s been nearly six months and I still feel like something is missing. Like I’m lopsided. How I’d give all ten fingers and toes for you, but then I couldn’t write you poems. I wouldn’t have to anymore cause you would be here. I don’t write down the details to try to make you feel ashamed of yourself or drown in guilt. I just don’t want you to forget me the way everyone else seems to forget me. I write these poems so that I don’t forget you, because letting you go would be like giving up all ten fingers and toes, no more poems or words. Because it means it was all meaningless. The voices in my head prophets, always doomed to lose the ones I love. I’m sorry because you do not have to mend this and I keep asking you to. I’m sorry for all the wrong and for loving you so much. I’m sorry with all my ten fingers and toes. I’m sorry I can’t forget you.
—  10 fingers and 10 toes
  • Camila: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Dinah: Yeah, can we?
  • Ally: Why are you guys so sweaty?
  • Camila: Alright, we've already figured out how. The beds match up perfectly.
  • Dinah: And here's the thing. It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
  • Camila: Please say yes.
  • Lauren: You don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. You're adults. You can do what you want.
  • Camila: So...?
  • Normani: We're not making ourselves clear. We don't give a fuck. Now, we have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you'd be focused on that and not building bunk beds.
  • Dinah & Camila: So...?
  • Dinah: We can? No?
  • Lauren: Yes.
  • Camila: Sweet!
  • Ally: Yes, you can build bunk beds.
  • Camila: I knew it.
  • Dinah: Okay. You are not gonna regret this. We're gonna get so much more activities done.
  • Camila: This is the funnest night ever!

Now that I’ve stopped blowing bile-y chunks out my mouth and nose (that happened, you learn things everyday) for the night, have a quick panel redraw of sulky Roxas in his now canonically inaccurate room and outfit (all those  roommate headcanons were almost a reality by the look of the bunk bed)


Do not repost without proper credit. Asked permission is preferred.

Goldilocks || 02

Rated T (language and suggestive themes)

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“What…? This can’t POSSIBLY be bad,” he purrs, “It’ll give you an excuse to come sleep with me.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous Part || Next Part

not my photograph, credit to owner


The room floods with darkness as you turn off the light, the same irrational thought going through your mind on replay.

Jungkook can’t catch you if he can’t see you.

“Wait,” his confused response is probably (hopefully) just instinctive, and you can hear him stumble around, falling off of the couch, kicking the coffee table.

Of course, you plan on doing anything BUT waiting. So, panic flooding your system, you attempt to find the doorknob in complete darkness, the storm outside letting no light through the windows.

With each second you spend groping the wall, Jungkook gets closer.

Heart hammering, your fingers find the cold metal and a rush of relief pulses through you… only to be torn away as you realize you locked the deadbolt.

The lights flick back on and your attention lingers on the boy poised at the switch just long enough to scramble underneath him, give his body a good shove, and physically INSIST that the lights STAY out.

Just the thought of seeing him, meeting his gaze, sends prickles across the back of your neck. TOUCHING him is another story. Jungkook, even in your brief contact, feels warm and solid and like a fucking BOULDER.

Not knowing what else to do, still unable to see, you make a break for the bathroom and lock yourself inside.

Before you pushed him, Jungkook had tried to talk to you, but his words fell on deaf ears, the panic too thick, your heartbeat too loud. Maybe he had been trying to reassure you. Maybe he had been trying to apologize for spilling his drink on your dress. Or maybe he simply wanted to yell at you for having slapped him afterward.

Whatever the case, the only thing you catch is an exasperated, “Well fine. Fucking be that way.”

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academyofmuses  asked:

"Please come back to bed." (JeanMarco)

sorry this took a while!! it’s super gay tho i hope that makes up for it woot ~ also i’ve never written an MP au before so i wanted to try it out hurrah

“Please come back to bed.”

It’s a phrase Jean is very used to saying, and one that he’s certain Marco is used to hearing. They’ve been sharing one bed for as long as they knew that’s how they wanted it, right back in their training barracks - and now they have a shared dorm in the inner wall and Jean can’t help but take advantage of the plush mattress and silken sheets.

It’s one of the only things he’s let himself take advantage of since Trost.

“I’m on a morning patrol, Jean. I can’t.”

Jean groans, reaching over to pat the deserted side of the bed forlornly. His eyes lift just in time to see Marco slide a crisp shirt over those freckled shoulders, and it only serves to make Jean more desperate.

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RWBY RP Prompts
  • "Why can't you just swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"
  • "Are you.... robbing me?"
  • "Oh my god, you really exploded."
  • "I'm queen of the castle!"
  • "I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like."
  • "For it is in passing that we achieve immortality."
  • "But why would I need friends if I have you?"
  • "There's no such thing as negative friends."
  • "Aren't you the guy who threw up?"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "You came back!"
  • "Boop~!"
  • "I don't think sloths make a lot of noise."
  • "Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path..."
  • "You're about to see a whole different side of me today."
  • "It's also a gun."
  • "Why hide who you are?"
  • "Can you imitate a sloth?"
  • "Off with their heads!"
  • "You're going on world-saving missions without us?!"
  • "You monsters!"
  • "Oh god, it's happening again!"
  • "I could've taken him."
  • "I'm hurt! Sad! Maybe a little hungry. That last one's not your fault..."
  • "I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this!"
  • "You called me friend! Am I really your friend?"
  • "I'm combat ready!"
  • "I don't have a lot of friends; but if I did, I'd want them to talk to me about things."
  • "That's why we're here! To make it better!"
  • "Great, the gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "Well that was a thing."
  • "Most people are born, but I was made."
  • "I don't need people to help me grow up. I drink milk."
  • "Banzai!"
  • "I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening."
  • "I wouldn't exactly call it a 'little' operation."
  • "You are not the brightest banana in the bunch, are ya kid?"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk..."
  • "It's just that, you seem a little... NOT okay."
  • "YES! I love it when you're feisty!"
  • "Whoa, you can control poles..."
  • "I'm not the biggest fan of local law enforcement."
  • "I am not a crook."
  • "You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die."
  • "It is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!"
  • "Hey, we've got a plan! That's... moderately serious."
  • "Guess who's back?"
  • "Who's ready to fight for their lives?"
  • "Well the name's _______ Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it."
  • "Why must your answer to everything involve a triumphant display of military bravado!?"
  • "What a freak!"
  • "Learning is SO MUCH fun."
  • "I can't dance, man!"
  • "This is the part where you lose."
  • "Spare us the thought of you procreating."
  • "Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!"
  • "Oooh, look at me! My name's ______! I know facts! I'm rich!"
  • "You can't even stop me!"
  • "Let me try! You can trust me!"
  • "You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?"
  • "Okay, yeah, when you say it out loud, it sounds worse."
  • "Get back in the bag."
  • "Don't worry. Things will be better tomorrow."
  • "What are you doing?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?!"
  • "You were worth every cent, truly you were."
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "Weren't you in a cult or something?"
  • "You really want to start making things up to me?"
  • "By no means does this make us friends."
  • "I can always be a farmer or something."
  • "You hardly look the part."
  • "Do you always break the law without giving a second thought?"
  • "I will seriously pay you to shut up."
  • "This is turning out just like the divorce!"
  • "I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!"
  • "Always sunshine and rainbows with you."
  • "Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst."
  • "You can't sleep, you hardly eat, and to be honest, your grades have been suffering."
  • "If you don't get a date to the dance, I'll wear a dress."
  • "If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines."
  • "I see you're hiding at the punch bowl as well."
  • "Hey man, do you have a wireless password?"
  • "You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time!"
  • "All you've been so far is a nuisance!"
  • "It's a combat skirt!"
  • "The innocent never run."
  • "I hate this game of emotions we play."
  • "I have a legacy of honor to uphold."
Love Me Now (part 2/3)

Characters: Sam, y/n, Dean, Narrator/mystery person, Rufus Turner(mentioned)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1,648

Warnings: Tiny smidge of angst, some self loathing, some fluff, implied smut, swearing, mentions of people being “torn apart”

A/N: Can you figure out who our narrator is? I gave you some hints. Narrator’s thoughts are bolded. Lyrics are italicized.

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

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Tokiya and Otoya’s room :D

After all pain to make our moods a little happier can we talk about.. Tokiya and Otoya’s room? I know I know it is silly but please look, the changes seem so meaningful :D 

So in first season their room looked like that :D Both of them had their own corner, it was marked very visibly :D even by the colour of the room, in one side was Otoya part and in other Tokiya… They were in one room but they didn’t really live there together… 

But in second season… reiji appear and thehehe everything got changed. :D HE started live with them. :D and now they lived on one side togetehr. :D 

Yeah yeah, their reaction for bunk beds… ;) They are not happy for sure… ;)

OR do they?
Because look at their room in season 4… :D they didn’t change this :D even if reiji is not here anymore. :D 

They still have bunk beds, tho now all their things all around, not looking who is what part. :D And i find this cute it is really now their room together. :D and for bunk beds, tehehe I guess they just got fond into the fact Tokiya is top, Otoya bottom, I mean beds of course. ;)
And buahha I wonder if Reiji’s big bed is still there ;) and maybe they use this for some special occasions ;) don’t mind me ;) 

sircupcake-the-unworthy  asked:

Man, I absolutely cannot wait for more of this. I'll be able to vicariously relive through the first books with you until I figure out a way to be able to get all the Animorphs in a treasure chest that will somehow fit under my bed.

The bucket of books my friend brought to me for this project is VERY LARGE. Have you considered maybe a loft bed? Or a bunk bed, and your Animorphs collection can have the bottom bunk?

It may be a hindrance to your sex life if you have or want such a thing, though. I’m not sure what will be worse - the people who are weirded out by your Bunk Bed Animorphs Collection and leave, or the ones who WERE super into doing the sex but get totally distracted and now just want to sit on the floor and talk about the Animorphs with you all night.

Proceed with caution, is what I’m saying.

BTS as things my sister says [Pt.2]
  • Seokjin: "Shut up, can't you see I'm trying to take aesthetic as fuck pics of my food for IG?"
  • Yoongi: "I'm not sleeping, I'm just closing my eyes and letting my mind go blank."
  • Namjoon: "I like my men the way I like my bread. Thick.
  • Jimin: "Damn, don't I look hot right now?" *someone says no* "You better get your eyes checked foo"
  • Taehyung: "Yo, if we have bunk beds, can we have like bunk toilets?"
  • Jungkook: "Let's be real, I could whoop any of their silly asses in mAH dAMN sLeEP"
Awkward sex AUs (feel free to add on!)

- the “you brought me back to your room to have the sex but your bed is the top bunk and your roommate would kill you if we fucked on their bed so now we’re trying this on the floor but God I’m 20 so why do I have such bad knees?” college au

- the “you’re having an allergic reaction to the lube we’re using and I don’t know whether to call an ambulance and help you get dressed while they’re on the way or drive you there myself so I’m having a dilemma and your genitals are doing things that genitals probably shouldn’t do” au

- the “wall sex is great and all but our heights really aren’t working with this and I also had a really long day at work so my back hurts can we do this somewhere more horizontal maybe?” au

- the “our dog walked in on us and you freaked out because I swear to god you humanize that dog too much so not only did we not finish but you haven’t looked me or the dog in the eye for a few hours now and I’m starting to wonder if I should have some sort of intervention” au

Woozi Fic 11

this ones pretty short but yeah i just love woozi ok someone needs to stop me

“BABY, WAKE UP!” you scream, shaking your boyfriend with all the force you have.

Woozi rolls over slightly and opens one eye. “You’re not Seungkwan,” he mumbles, smirking.

You chuckle. “Seungkwan’s in the shower. He asked me to wake you up.”

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First off, thank you (again) to everyone who has posted the set or reached out to say all those nice things about my set, my arms and/or my skin (the latter of which is now completely destroyed, btw). It was a completely amazing, surreal experience and one I have not quite convinced myself I deserved. Since I found out I’d be doing it, I’ve cried several places (bunk beds, hotel rooms, airports) not out of happiness, but out of complete and utter fear. Fear that I wasn’t ready, fear that everyone would be mad at me and most of all fear that I did not deserve this immense five minute honor. What a fucking idiot.

I hate to use that sticky internet phrase “imposter syndrome,” because it’s the kind of reference I would normally invoke ironically in that sort of post-comedy, new-Millennial way that is so pervasive on my social media accounts. But this whole week, I did truly feel like an imposter.

And of course I work my ass off. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am, I’m a funny boy whose charisma on stage makes up for those few holes in my set that are more about personality than joke writing and I know all that, I don’t need any back patting here to assure me that all those thoughts are insane. But my lizard brain keeps whispering, “you are not white, you are not straight, you were not forged in the fires of Chicago open mics for ten years before the industry took notice of you, in fact they only want you because you’re a minority, not because you’re funny or original or groundbreaking or alt or cool.”

(as though any of those things are mutually exclusive, but whatever).

It’s not as though those dark thoughts sprung up out of nowhere either, versions of that little subconscious speech have been spoken aloud by plenty of people to or around me, sometimes even by people I respect! But you know, like everyone else who’s heard a different version of the “you only got that because you’re [gay]” speech, you either quit or say “fuck you I’m here, I’m [queer], not a single person is owed anything by this industry, no one ‘deserves’ shit, we all just work and work and fucking work and if it works out it does and if not you decide if you want to keep working, it’s all random and meaningless and the only thing that matters is the work, get used to it.”

That’s the funny thing too. I’ve spent my entire career trying to prove that I’m funny despite being gay. Running full speed away from the “gay comic” label because I was afraid if people said that about me it somehow ghettoized me away from the regular comics and the kinds of opportunities they got. That it would always hang over accomplishments like this.

But, at the risk of sounding -very- self congratulatory here, I am a gay comic and being on late night television, doing my gay fucking bits was a big fucking deal to a lot of people who don’t get to see faggots like me talk about faggoty shit on tv since Looking went off the air (oops there were no asian fags on that show, but I don’t have time). People like Matteo and Guy and Solomon and Gabe and John and James (all of us VERY different I might add) and everyone else who’s ever gotten on TV and had the chance to have an audience of thousands, that’s fucking cool and important to kids like me who grew up in Plainfield IL and didn’t see gay people on TV. So yeah, I’m going to own that and I’m going to take pride in that. And if you think I got there BECAUSE of that, well ok that’s fine, I still got paid, I’m still on TV and I’m sure whatever you’re doing is pretty cool too, but you sound like a miserable fuck.

This is already insanely long and like, how obnoxious of me to think anyone wants to hear me dump all the emotions I’ve been feeling over the last few days onto the internet, but at this point I feel like you know what you’re getting by being here.

Anyway, I’m mostly posting this version of the clip because it has the intro and outro and all these fucking Youtube commenters (don’t tell me not to read them like you wouldn’t) are saying shit like “notice Conan didn’t give him a handshake at the end… hmmmmm” like they’ve cracked some fucking code and realized jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams and not that they possibly had to edit it for time.

Ok bye!!

you told me you would never, never forget these images


Author’s Note: Title from A Fine Frenzy’s ‘Almost Lovers’. You should totally listen to that song while reading, because it fits perfectly and i want you all to be miserable. PLEASE.


“What do you want, Gally?” Thomas is tired, more so than he can remember feeling in the week it’s been since he arrived here, and it’s already dark. He doesn’t have the energy for this.

Gally doesn’t make a sound where he’s standing in the corner, just leans against the outer wall of the Homestead and frowns at him. Thomas glares.

“I’m serious,” he says, and he hopes he sounds like it. Exhaustion has settled heavily in his bones tonight, and Gally is the last person he’d like to see at the moment. Or ever.

“Are you?” Gally responds in that casually irritated manner he seems to have perfected sometime long before Thomas showed up, but loves to use on him any chance he can. “When was the last time you were serious about anything?”

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I Thought I Wasn't Wanted Anymore - Ashton One Shot - Requested



“Hey guys, could you try to clean up a bit? Maybe you could stop stealing my bras, Luke.” I said tiredly picking up more of their trash in the tour bus. Why was I hear again?

“Babe…” Ashton said looking up from his phone as he sat on the couch.

“What?” I asked wiping my hands.

“You can stop cleaning up after us.” He said patting the couch. They all looked exhausted.

“I’m just going to go to the bunk…” I said patting his head.

“Ok, I’ll be by later…” He said as I left. I changed into comfier clothes and crawled into my and Ashton’s bunk. I pulled out my laptop to just do stuff but unlike usual I didn’t put in my headphones. I could hear them talking to each other.

“She’s acting like a mom again…” I heard Ashton sigh. What…? I heard them all too clearly.

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the things we invent when we are scared

(This is also on AO3.)

Guess who reread The Titan’s Curse for the first time in about five years? Yup.

This is based on/inspired by two things:

1) @bailci ‘s headcanon that Will and Nico became friends during the quest in this book (aka before s*** hit the fan). [I’m sorry I didn’t ask to use it beforehand, but I was 99.9% sure you wouldn’t mind! Please tell me if you do!]

2) My own headcanon that Nico felt Bianca dying. You know, all that good stuff.

Enjoy the ride, amigos!

P.S.: This is unedited. I just wrote this as fast as I could and now I need to sleep.

P.P.S.: Title is from ‘I Had a Dream About You’, poem by Richard Siken

The day after his sister left with Grover, Zoe and Thalia — and Percy, but hopefully she hadn’t noticed that yet —, was the day another camper arrived, along with a satyr.

The Stoll brothers had explained to him that they were in emergency mode, bringing in as much campers as they could, so Nico wasn’t really startled when he saw the demigod crossing the magical barrier of the Camp. The satyr seemed to be carrying most of the boy’s weight, and they slowed down once they realized they were inside camp borders — safe. Then they collapsed on the snow.

“Connor!” Nico called, pointing at the newcomers. Connor and Travis both looked up, let go of their cards and stood up. Nico left his own cards behind on the table — the brothers had been trying to teach poker to him, and it was cool, but it didn’t beat Mythomagic — and followed them.

He could see the boy better once they all got closer to them. His blond hair was wet and caked with dirt, as was his face, and his cheeks were flushed with color from running.

He was panting, his eyes closed, and didn’t look like he was going to get up soon. One sleeve of the red jacket he was wearing had been torn off, and Nico wondered if the boy had something else to wear that was warm.

“Hey there. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!” Travis greeted. “C’mon, Con, let’s take them to the infirmary.”

The satyr groaned, but sat and helped the boy up.

It was no use — he had passed out (or fell asleep) from exhaustion —, so Connor carried him up and took him to the Big House.

Nico followed them.

Turned out the boy hadn’t fallen asleep; he really had just fainted.

But now he was waking up, his blue eyes alert as he eyed the place. His gaze fell on the satyr — Bobby was his name, Nico had learned —, then on Nico.

“Hi?” He told Nico, his voice rusty and insecure, then he looked back at Bobby. “We’re here?”

Nico noticed the boy had an accent he had never heard before.

“We’re here.” Bobby confirmed, smiling.

The boy smiled as well and relaxed on the medical bed.

“Can we— I mean, is there a way to let my mom know? She must be worried sick.”

“Sure.” Bobby stood up from his chair and smiled. “I’ll get a drachma. Be right back.”

The boy smiled too, then turned to Nico.

“Hey. I’m Will Solace. A, hm, demigod.”

Nico beamed right back at him and offered his hand for shaking. Will took it.

“I’m Nico di Angelo. I’m a demigod too!”

“Nice to meet ya. Have you been here for long?”

Nico shook his head.

“Just for a few days. But, wow, it’s so cool! I played capture-the-flag the other day, and it was awesome! Percy made, like, half the lake go up, and I thought Thalia would honestly make a lightning bolt fall on his head, but Chiron stopped them before—”

“Oh, my God, are they okay?” Will asked, his eyes wide. Nico smiled at him.

“Of course! They went on this super important mission yesterday, along with my sister, Grover and another Hunter.” He noticed his tone becoming quieter at the end, and shook his head to make the sad feeling go away. “But anyway, they’re heroes! I’m sure they’ll back soon. Oh! There’s also a mummy that speaks weird stuff about the future!”

Will didn’t seem as impressed as Nico obviously was with this information.


“Fun, right?! It’s okay if you’re a bit lost at first, because there’s an orientation video and— Oh! Chiron is a centaur! And a god rules camp! Mr. Dionysus, the god of wine! Isn’t that cool? He doesn’t have a very strong attack, but he’s awesome!”

“I see you’ve already made a friend.” They looked up at the sudden voice, only to find Bobby walking up to Will, grinning. “Told you.”

“Yeah.” Will smiled a bit at Nico, a little hesitant, but Nico only beamed at him.

“Yeah! Ah! I can show you around if you want! I mean, I probably would get lost if one of the Stoll brothers didn’t go with me, so maybe we shouldn’t go alone, but the camp is huge! And there is a climbing wall with lava! Percy said it gives it a little extra challenge.”

“…It sounds…”

“Cool, right?”

“…Sure.” Will smiled a little at his new friend, even though his eyes seemed a bit panicked.

“You’ll probably stay in the Hermes cabin too, but don’t worry, I’ll be there! And we can play Mythomagic! Do you play Mythomagic?”

“Hm, no.”

“Ah! I can teach you if you want! So we can play together!”

“That’d be nice. Thanks, Nico.”

“It’s no problem.” The boy waved it off, then was about to begin talking about this other game the Stoll brothers wanted him to learn, but Bobby put a hand on his shoulder.

“Nico, maybe we should give him some space. So he can talk to his mom.” He explained, and Nico’s mouth formed an “o” in understanding.

“Sure. See you later, Will.”

“See ya.”

Then Nico turned and left the infirmary.

The next time he saw Will was when he next entered the Hermes cabin. The boy was now wearing other clothes — a bright orange sweater, a white sweater vest, a jean jacket and clean jeans. He also had gloves and a scarf on, and was drying his hair as best as he could with a towel. He was clearly sensitive to the cold.

Then Nico noticed Will had put all his stuff in the bunk bed below Nico’s — Nico slept at the top.

“Ah, do you mind? Travis told me you slept there.” He pointed at the bed in question, and Nico had the impression his ears were turning red.

“Not at all!” He beamed. “I was going to invite you anyway.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“No problem.” He sat beside Will on the bed, but none of them spoke for a moment. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

Nico was right — Will’s ears were reddening.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, and Nico immediately felt bad.

“No, no, it’s not a problem! I can do the talking, if you don’t mind. I mean…” He hesitated. “Some kids at my school said I talk too much.” He figured it wasn’t important to say that it wasn’t some. It was almost everyone he tried to befriend. Okay, it was true that most of them didn’t say anything, and if they did they tried to be polite about it, but rarely did they seek contact and conversation with him. That sent the message well enough.

Will’s eyes were wide.

“No, I don’t mind at all! I think it’s nice that you’re so happy about Camp, really. Living away from my mom seemed like a nightmare but—” He fidgeted with his hands. “I hadn’t thought that Camp would be actually nice. Although it does sound dangerous.”

Nico giggled.

“I’m sure they’ll keep us safe. And we can train real hard so we can defend ourselves too! It will be great, you’ll see.”

Will smiled a little at him.

“Yeah, I hope so.”

“I know so.”

On the way to dinner, Nico pointed at the various places he could now recognize. They sat side-by-side, and Nico was so excited to show him how the magic cup could fill itself with any beverage you wanted that he almost dropped the liquid everywhere.

Nico was slightly worried that Connor and Travis would think badly of him because he was paying full attention to his new friend instead of them, but they seemed okay with it — even encouraged him.

“See if he wants to play poker too.” Travis told him.

Will didn’t. He was more interested in Mythomagic, to Nico’s absolute delight.

“It seems more useful. I could learn about the gods faster this way, don’t you think?” Will shrugged, smiling hesitantly at Nico.

“Sure! It’s okay if you don’t have any cards or figurines yet, I can share mine!”

“Thanks, Nico.”

Nico tilted his head.

“You know, you look a lot like my Apollo figurine.”

Will blinked.

“Apollo is the god of music, right?”

“Yeah! And the sun, and poetry. But he—he’s not very good at poetry.” He leaned in and said quietly near Will’s ear, afraid anyone would else would listen.

“Ah. How can that be?”

Nico shrugged, uncertain.

“Maybe he just has to practice more. Like, I was really bad at Mythomagic when I started, but now I know the strategies and stuff, so I’m better at it.”

(He was great and he knew it. He was just trying to be modest and not to discourage Will.)

“Yeah. Practice makes perfect.” There was a pause in their conversation as they ate some of their burger. “What about you? Who do you think is your godly parent?”

The last two words sounded strange coming from Will’s mouth, probably because it was all very new for him and he still wasn’t used to it, but Nico didn’t comment on it.

“I was thinking that maybe it’s Hermes? Because he is the god of communication and all, and I talk a lot. And we both have black hair.”

“That’s not a bad thing. Talking a lot.”

Nico smiled.

“Thanks. I’m sure we’ll find out soon. Travis said some dem—he said that the gods claim us, like, with a symbol above our heads or something.”

“I can’t wait.”


That night, Will had a nightmare.

Nico could tell because he was awoken, having trouble to sleep again, and he could hear when Will started moving around below him, whimpering sometimes.

He tried to lean in at the edge of the bunk bed, but that felt dangerous soon enough (he got distracted scolding himself — “Nico, you’re a demigod now; you can’t be afraid of simple things like falling from the bed, it’s not even that high”). So he used the stairs and soon enough was on the ground, observing Will’s anguished face in the dark.

“Will.” He called whispering. He decided to shake the other boy’s arm a little, and it took a while, but Will woke up with a start. “Are you okay? Were you having a nightmare?”

Will had to take a moment to gather his surroundings. When he did, he sat up and Nico sat down beside, putting a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

“Y-Yeah.“ He mumbled, wiping the tears off his eyes. “It’s just that the monsters really scared me on my way here. I was thinking— I dreamed of what could’ve happened if the monsters found my mom.”

“Ah. But she’s okay. We can call her tomorrow and check if she’s safe.”

Will nodded, but he was still shaking and not meeting Nico’s eyes.

“It was just a dream, Will. It wasn’t real.”

This time, his friend looked at him, and Nico smiled a little to reassure him. After a while, Will nodded and took in a deep breath.

“Did you find a lot of monsters on your way here?”

“Hm, not really. I mean, there was one on my school — a manticore —, but we had… we had help.” He mumbled.

Will seemed to sense he didn’t really want to talk about it, because he didn’t say anything.

“Well, are you okay? Feeling better?”

Will sniffed.

“Yeah. Much better. Thanks, Nico.”

“You don’t have to thank me, you know.”

“Yes, I do.”

Nico could have argued about that, but he didn’t want to risk waking the Stoll brothers up or to agitate Will. His friend deserved a good night of sleep.

“Good night, Will.”


The next few days were nice.

Nico had someone his age to talk to, and he was happy to notice Will was speaking up more. He talked about his mom, his house in Texas, his favorite video game, his friends.

“I hope I’ll see them again someday.” He’d said once, and Nico couldn’t think of anything to respond, so he just mumbled a “Yeah”.

He missed Bianca. It was strange not to have her around. His sister had been with him for as long as he could remember. He thought about Iris-messaging her, as the Stoll brothers had told him about, but then he remembered how Bianca had chosen that: life with the Hunters — away from him. She probably didn’t want to see him anyway, so he didn’t call.

His days were filled with training, exercise, delicious food, conversation, Camp exploring, Mythomagic, laughter, and plenty of sun.

His nights were filled with counting sheep and memorizing how the ceiling looked.

Then he had the nightmare.

The nightmare wasn’t any particularly scary monster or anything. On the contrary, it was a dread. A cold feeling that seemed to soak him to the bone. He felt trapped in his own body, like he couldn’t move, and then there was nothing. He couldn’t feel anything, sense anything, remember anything.


When he opened his eyes, it took him minutes to realize his was in the Hermes cabin, at Camp Half-Blood. It took him longer to hear Will’s soft snoring below him and to be able to move his limbs. He was cold, and absolutely certain that something terrible, terrible had happened.

He felt alone.

After staring up at the ceiling for who knows how long, he decided he wasn’t going to sleep anyway, so he went down the stairs of the bunk bed and woke up Will.

“Nico? Did something happen?” His voice was groggy, the words slurred from sleep.

Nico didn’t say anything.

He felt a bit stupid looking at Will — it was obvious everything was as perfectly fine as was possible.

“Wait. Did you have a nightmare?”

It hadn’t felt like a nightmare, but Nico nodded anyway.


Nico hesitated, then shook his head no. It wasn’t fair to lie to Will.

“Something worse.”

Will frowned, his hands fidgeting again. After a minute of silence, Will seemed to remember something and shook his head, then smiled at Nico.

“Don’t worry. Whatever it was, it was a nightmare, right? Remember? It isn’t real.”

He suddenly wished he hadn’t said that to Will back when he’d had a bad dream. This… feeling hadn’t been like anything Nico had ever felt in his life, and he’d had plenty of really bad nightmares. This was something else, and Will couldn’t understand that. Nico himself didn’t know what it could be.

So he let it drop.

“Yeah. You’re right. I’m sorry to bother.”

“You didn’t.” But Nico was sure he had. He just shook his head weakly.

“Good night, Will.”


After that, he started having nightmares. Real nightmares, scarier and more sinister than any he’d ever had. They weren’t about monsters — at least that’s what Nico thought.

It was a voice, telling him how Percy would fail, how he could not be trusted. How in the end, he would only save those who really mattered to him. The hero is a lie. Nico was on the losing side.

And as afraid as Nico was at night, he was even more scared when the voice followed him during the day, refusing to leave his mind.

No! You can trust Percy. He made a promise. He would tell himself and calm down. He wanted to Iris-message Bianca so bad, to ask how things were going, if she was coming back soon… But he remembered how hurt he’d been, and refuse to let that grudge go. Bianca should apologize first.

He didn’t tell Will about those nightmares, nor did he wake him up. Nico already knew it would be of no use, and he didn’t want to think about the voice.

It isn’t real, Will had said that night, after the first nightmare. Nico wished he could believe him, then wondered why he couldn’t.

He didn’t really like to think about that either.

A few days later, Percy Jackson returned. He had Annabeth and Grover beside him, but no sign of any Huntress, or Thalia. Maybe they had stopped somewhere to have a snack. Maybe they were at that Council of the Gods thing.

He watched as his three friends entered the Big House, not noticing him, and decided to wait. Surely his sister wouldn’t leave for good without saying goodbye.

Nico waited, but deep down, he knew she wasn’t going to come back.

He felt uneasy, his stomach turning, as if he was about to be judged for something. As if his fate was to be decided, were the right words.

“Hey, are you okay?” Will asked after swallowing down some chocolate. The Stoll brothers had gone to a convenience store near camp in a ‘top secret mission that you shouldn’t tell any responsible adult — or Mr. D — about’. They brought back chocolate bars for Will and Nico, as a reward for their silence and as a sample of what the Stoll brothers could do, given the right amount of money.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not eating.” Will pointed out.

Nico looked down at his practically untouched chocolate bar and compared it to Will’s, which was only three-quarters of its original size.

“Yeah, I’m just not very hungry.” He said, smiling a little. “I was actually thinking of going to see Percy. I want to talk to him.”

“Oh.” That was obviously not what Will had been expecting. “Want me to go with you?”

Nico shook his head.

“It’s fine, it will be just a second.” He stood up. “Keep an eye on my chocolate for me?”


“And don’t eat it!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it!” Will retorted, pretending to be shocked at the insinuation. Nico laughed.

“I’ll be right back.” He promised, then opened the Hermes’ cabin door and left.

The more Percy talked, the more Percy explained, the less Nico could feel.

It was as if all the words escaped him. Because nothing matters anymore, he thought. There is no point

That feeling. That awful feeling of nothing. Bianca. That had been her. Percy said she’d—been gone a few nights ago, and Nico just knew it couldn’t have been anything else. It was as if already knew that, and now was just remembering it as if he’d forgotten.

Before he knew it, he was yelling. The feeling of nothingness replaced by such a hot fury that Nico could barely think. Out, he had to get out of here.

It wasn’t until much, much later that he thought about how those skeletons had obeyed him, Nico di Angelo.

How the earth had opened and swallowed them down exactly as he’d needed it to, as he’d sensed it would.

But for now, he just broke down and cried as he’d never done before.

He was alone in the world.

He didn’t think about Will Solace for a long, long time.

Otter came into the cabin to find the opposite bunk was now piled with someone’s possessions. And… so was hers, on the opposite side. Brilliant. She started shoving her mystery roommate’s things off her bedspread and onto the floor of their cabin when she stopped. The door opened behind her, and she turned to greet the stranger who’d invaded her space.

“Uhhh…” She held up a hand. “So, that—” Pointing at the object on the bed. “Is not happening, got it?” @cat-byrne-hashtag

Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #117
  • Loki: Enough!! Silence! You are, all of you, beneath me!
  • Clint: Actually, *you're* beneath me. *I* have the top bunk.
  • Natasha: Yeah. It's his nest. And you're way down at the bottom there.
  • Thor: He has always preferred it down there.
  • Bruce: Wait - how many bunks does this thing have??
  • Tony: Seven.
  • Steve: Is something burning?
  • Tony: I'm toasting mini marshmallows.
  • Thor: May I have some, metal man? I am on the bunk above Loki's.
  • Loki: If Thor gets marshmallows, *I* get marshmallows.
  • Thor: You always want what I have!
  • Loki: I will no longer live in the shade of your marshmallows!!
  • Tony: Dr. Banner, can you pass these down?
  • Bruce: Sure, uh - Argh! Too hot!!
  • Bruce:
  • Hulk: !!HULK SMASH!!
  • *(Entire bed collapses)*
  • Fury: *(enters room)* Who wants midnight cookies?
  • Fury: *(sees mess)*
  • Fury: I *told* you motherfuckers this wasn't going to work. Now *I've* gotta clean up this mess! That's it! *No-one* gets midnight cookies!!
  • Fury: *(slams door)*
  • Everybody:
  • Loki: *(quietly eats collapsed, melted marshmallow off of own face)*