i have a thing for 90s kon

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Hope u don't come out of this hating Tim too badly and instead see why he was the most popular Robin for so long! It's why his N52 version hurts sooo much.

He was the most popular because he was the only one, really. There wasn’t a competition. In the competition between him, Bart and Kon in Young Justice, I chose Kon and Bart. If we’re counting Dick’s limited appearance in the batbooks I’m the 90s, I picked Dick.

I have very limited exposure to new 52 Tim. I know he’s a Sue and nothing like the original Tim and I’ve hated every panel I’ve seen of him, but I was not ignorant of Tim from Post-Crisis. Post-Crisis is kind of my thing.

I didn’t read all of Tim’s solo run or much of late Post-Crisis. What I’ve seen of Red Robin I’ve been ambivalent on for a variety of reasons. The Tim I retained was mainly from the Young Justice comic, some of his solo run I kept up with and with later influence from the Teen Titans run in 2003 and assorted team and crossover books, and as late Post-Crisis set in I wasn’t happy about the mini-Bat that DC was selling.

We’ll see where I end up after exposure to absolutely everything he’s been in.

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Last year or so I started to really get into comics and Superboy and I saw a lot of people complain about how grumpy and unKonlike YJTAS Superboy was but rewatching season 1 I realized by the end he *was* a lot like later comics Superboy and his earlier behavior was 80% explainable w/ his shit life being under mind control almost immediately after being born, which ComicKon didn't have to deal with. & the not flying thing. It makes it a more interesting watch looking at it as teen depression.

I don’t know much about YJA; I watched a few episodes of the first season and I can appreciate the more mature angle they went with, but other narrative decisions (plus the overemphasis on romance) bothered me. 

I have Opinions about Kon-El, and I’m pretty firm about his power set being tactile telekinesis + super senses and laser vision. Giving him more Kryptonian abilities on top is redundant and makes him less unique. 

90′s Kon is best Kon. I don’t like how boring and grumpy they made him in the 2000s, and can only accept it under the condition that he is in the middle of an existential crisis/depressive period. I know that comics!Kon did have a mind control incident and it was a big factor exacerbating his self-loathing and feelings of isolation. It’s all the more tragic that Kon was once happy, only to have his innocence crushed by the harsh realities of the world.

YJA!Conner was inspired by later, angstier Kon depictions, but because he never had that blank-slate chapter of childlike wonder that comic!Kon had, his grumpiness isn’t a phase. It’s who he is. And that makes him far less compelling to me.

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HEY FAN OF TIM DRAKE one of the things I encounter a lot being sometimes in the dc fandom is that a lot of Tim characterisation is shit? I've been meaning to read some comics and I'd like to read a few with "correct" characterisations before I get used to him being... flat? So do you have any recommendations/favourites that you reckon I should read? Thanks!! (OH and also stuff with Kon... I see so much cute fanart of them and I'd like to know more about their friendship!!)

aha i’m so glad you’re not falling into the fandom tim trap because yeah, a lot of the times his Characterization DOES suck! it’s super disappointing because he’s really interesting and a great character when handled well. :(

but anyways, i’m glad you wanna read some stuff about him! i’m answering this on mobile and it using references so i might get some stuff mixed up. @marbleaide is also a great person to ask! she’s been a tim fan longer than me so she knows the ins and outs haha

okay so!
• stay away from New 52 Tim to start tbh he is just disappointment. his backstory is ruined and his characterization gets pressed down to a few traits.
• like i’m not trying to be biased but i think of all the batboys his reboot characterization was the shittiest overall. (don’t even get me started on the girls)

that being said!! (this isn’t in order of how to read them btw i’m just listing as it comes to mind)

• Red Robin (2009-2011) - probably the best, most concise Tim thing you can pick up to read? I don’t just recommend it because it’s my favorite and the art is amazing (thank you marcus to!!) but because it’s only 26 issues so really don’t have to spend a lot of time or resources reading it. as compared to like, his robin run or detective/batman comics and everything. but chris and fabian both do an AMAZING job with his characterization there! he’s smart, he’s witty, he’s sassy, his internal dialogue shows that he’s actually a giant fucking nerd. it’s really really good ! if you read nothing else tbh just read this.
• A Lonely Place of Dying (1989) - it’s pretty short and it’s about how Tim became Robin so it’s not the worst thing to pick up to have in your mental inventory about Tim’s characterization.
• Identity Crisis (2004-2005) - its not Tim-centric but it’s only 7 issues (?) and there’s some very important events that happen in it and characterize Tim and his relationship with his dad and Bruce so I think it’s worth the quick read.
• Teen Titans Vol 3 (2003-2011) - you don’t have to read every arc but if you’re looking for Tim and Kon shit, this is primarily where you’re gonna find it unless you go back to the old 90’s Young Justice comics. I think Titans Tomorrow and Titans of Tomorrow are good arcs (Tim’s pretty fucked up in the one) and the Life and Death (?) is more Kon-centric if you’re looking for those interactions I haven’t actually read all of these but @marbleaide did recommend them so I take her word
• Robin (1991-2009) - the dates might be off because volumes and yes it’s long af but and i haven’t even read all of it because the art style of the early stuff is just. so bad. But anyways, it’s entirely about Tim. It’s neat to see him evolve too, because he really changes from start to finish.
• Young Justice (1998-2003) The style is fucking ridiculous and I honestly have trouble reading most of the early parts of it because of that but it’s really fun and ridiculous and goofy and Tim has friends !!! Also lots of Tim and Kon interactions if that’s what you’re looking for. Plus 90’s Kon

• Adventure Comics #3 (2009) - takes place within the red robin comics and is entirely Tim and Kon and their friendship. It hurts my heart so good every time so I gotta recommend it.
• Superman/Batman #7/#26 - also some Tim and Kon stuff. Not full arcs, just a couple random issues that focus on them.

That’s……. all I can think of off the top of my head? There’s A LOT with tim drake tbh because he’s been around so long. not all of it is good- a lot of it is just kind of… eh. what I recommended is some of the better known Tim stuff that I think has pretty decent characterization. I know there’s other less Tim-involved arcs that he shows up in and a ton of other places he shows up, but yeah, this is the most “concise” list I can give you!! hope it helps !!