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Below the cut you will find a masterlist of FCs who are of korean decent, but are biracial or are mixed (have multiple ethnicities outside of being just korean). I’ve sorted these FCs by what year they were born and listed their resources and ethnicity. If you run a rph blog or find this list helpful, please like or reblog. I might do more of these list things if I know people find it helpful.

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anonymous asked:

what influenced your art and personal style? What gave you inspiration to dress, draw the way you do? It's pretty unique it reminds me of Lana but it's also very different too.

If I’m going into depth I’d definitely say it’s the way I grew up. I grew up traveling a lot and living in different conditions. I saw the very very rich and the very very poor. I lived all over southern/mid california and tijuana mexico. So a lot of the things I saw women wear were late 90′s early 2000′s stuff. I loved the way the more “poorer” women would dress (living in the more rougher areas and having a lot of friends from Compton). Living in Torrence and LA I saw a lot of big hoops, liner, lip gloss, lots of spaghetti strap tank tops with the bras showing, the chain necklaces with the names, I was in love with it, I loved watching my friends older sisters put on make up and load on lip gloss and I loved how they braided their hair (I grew up around a lot of Hispanic women as I am a Hispanic myself). In my early to mid teens I was obsessed with pin up’s, I just loved the vintage style and wanted to be just like a pin up girl when I grew up. On top of that I have 60′s born parents who grew up in the 70′s so naturally I was exposed to good old fashioned Classic Rock and a very “flower child” outlook on most things lol. So I’d definitely say my personal and art style has to do with all of this. I’ve always loved the more raw and “trashy” stuff. Because I grew up around that. So I’d definitely say that what I was exposed to growing up has always had an influence on how I dress and create, the girls I draw are like the women I saw growing up, as well as the women I still want to be.

Oh Sehun // 90’ liner // Daddy Dom.

Hi there, the name’s Sehun, and i’m just gonna keep it simple. I’m the young CEO of a company, which shall not be mentioned due to personal reasons, here in the city. Recently things sorta got hectic so I decided to take a short break. And so here I am,Looking for something to amuse me. To keep me entertained. Looking for something I can take care of. I’ve been pretty lonely these days, and I have the urge to love something, y'know? Like a pet. A Little, y'know what I mean?
Anyways, if you’re interested, come hit me up. We could have a chat, a cup of coffee, whatever you want. Oh and not to mention, i’m here to make friends as well. Can you help me out?


[TRANS] 25 Happy Moments In The Year Wu Yifan Turned 25

NO. 1: Firstly let us have Boss Wu to share the first thing he did this year!
Wu Yifan: This year I officially made my debut in the Chinese movie industry with the movie . My benefactor Director Xu Jinglei, who paved the road for me, being satisfied with my performance also made me happy.

NO. 2: Can you share something fun you did with us?
Wu Yifan: I gave a speech at Sina Entertainment’s 15th anniversary for the first time and it was quite meaningful.

NO. 3: The fans complimented you on making the male lead in the novel come to life.
Wu Yifan: I hope they will say the same after my collaboration with Liu Yifei in .

NO. 4: Wu Yifan opened the door to a new world in fashion in 2015.
Wu Yifan: Met Ball opened the door to a new world for me too, and I met some new friends.

NO. 5: So are you considering making fashion?
Wu Yifan: Yes, because recently I don’t have hair, so I started from the top and designed my own caps.

NO. 6: Boss Wu isn’t designing your own products behind our backs right?
Wu Yifan: No, I am still a model for ’s 10th anniversary cover. Yes, I am a model, yes, I am.

NO. 7: Indeed, actors who cannot sing cannot be good models as well.
Wu Yifan: There is too much to learn. Previously when I went to Paris to see Givenchy’s show I felt I learnt a lot, and I even managed to take time to stroll along the streets.

NO. 8: Boss Wu, please tell us what you like to do aside from work.
Wu Yifan: I’m still a kid, so I like to do things that kids love to do.
NO. 8: Kids love to play games.
Wu Yifan: I’m playing games too, and I even endorsed the game.

NO. 9: When work gets heavy do you wish you can be at two places at the same time?
Wu Yifan: I still have my Little Fanfan at Madame Tussaud’s Museum. Little Fanfan is the only 90-liner in the wax museum and I am very honoured.

NO. 10: Other than splitting into two, what other superpower do you wish to have?
Wu Yifan: Everyone, please look forward to where Fanfan can do magic stunts. I also love the movie poster of myself, but of course it would be better if there weren’t so many bulbs behind. 

NO. 11: Why did you shave your hair impulsively for ?
Wu Yifan: Director Xu Ke and Xing-ye are both my idols and I would be nervous when I work with my idols [1]. It’s not bad shaving my hair off as well and it was a breakthrough for me. 

NO. 12: You don’t feel exhausted working with your idols right?
Wu Yifan: Haha, I’m very happy, but I vomited due to exhaustion before we finished filming . However, I vomited for my idols! [2]

NO. 13: What do you feel most proud of accomplishing in 2015?
Wu Yifan: I appeared on New York Times Square with Again, Beats, Dr Dre, Eminem, Xiao Jian and LeBron James and it was the first time I went up there. Working with Dr Dre allowed me to auction off my first pair of limited edition headphones and do my part for charity.  

NO. 14: You won the best rookie award at London’s 3rd International Chinese movie awards for . How do you feel about it? 
Wu Yifan: Yes, this is an encouragement. Singer Wu Yifan is also an actor right?

NO. 15: This year you changed your identity a lot, from an actor, a singer, a model to a designer. What else do you want to do?
Wu Yifan: Actually when I participated in Challenger Union I tried many professions, and all were good. Through the show I also realised there are many ways one can make money, such as being a cashier, which humbled me. 

NO. 16: Boss Wu must have many thoughts when you celebrate your birthday every year right? 
Wu Yifan: Yes, when I had a concert on my birthday, 4000 of you supported me through the rain at the start of winter and used your lightsticks to illuminate me. My friends and seniors also gave me strength. 

NO. 17: So you gave your song to your fans as a gift. 
Wu Yifan: Yes, “Bad Girl”, the song I wrote, is now online. Everyone can now hear what I want to say to all of you and no matter what, this is what I wanted to say, and is my gift to you. And yes, I am a rock star, yes, I am!

NO. 18: You must be thankful for your mother on your birthday right?
Wu Yifan: My mother was watching the concert on my birthday and I feel she was satisfied. No one can really know the exhaustion I faced. She didn’t go for the after-party and went home first. My mother is cool. 

NO. 19: Another family member attended that day?
Wu Yifan: Yes, my dog. My dog performed at a stadium for the first time that day. 

NO. 20: What is the most unexpected thing that happened in 2015? 
Wu Yifan: Director Luc Besson invited me to take part in his science fiction mega-production .

NO. 21: Is “Bad Girl” the happiest song you made in 2015?
Wu Yifan: I also covered “Greenhouse Girl”, I also covered “Greenhouse Girl” , I also covered “Greenhouse Girl”! All bow to Cui Jian!

NO. 22: Shockingly, other than doing music you still dream of playing basketball. 
Wu Yifan: Yes! Basketball! I went for an NBA broadcast at Tencent and they said I could do it! The night before I played basketball at their office basement I didn’t really sleep much but I could still shoot well. 

NO. 23: Is there anything that you did which wasn’t part of your goal at first? 
Wu Yifan: Appearing on the cover of People magazine with three other socialites. I am extremely honoured. 

NO. 24: What was the most unforgettable memory in 2015?
Wu Yifan: When started showing, I went for a memorable road trip with Director Xiaogang, Director Guan Hu and Zhonglei-ge, one city a day, with this few older brothers. We would have a glass to drink after we finished our schedules for the day… sometimes it was two glasses. Jie please don’t roll your eyes. 

NO. 25: As the year of 2015 comes to an end, please say something to everyone.
Wu Yifan: Did a year just go by like this? Friends, let’s meet at the countdown party. Every one of you, you are everything. 

Wu Yifan’s Workshop: Say one last thing!
Wu Yifan: Thank you, and I’m not increasing your salary. 

[1] He meant he has to do what they say.
[2] He wasn’t very clear here, I assume he meant he vomited while serving his idols so it was alright to him. 

Translated by; subzero
Original article cr; Wu Yifan’s Workshop
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