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So Meg, what did you think of Lauren's tweet saying 'FUCK YOU' to the media? I love her, but come on. She did a photoshoot w/a professional photographer w/another girl, her bff & apparently ex, & the photographer talked about L & LV's personal relationship in an interview. Of course the media is going to pick up on it & talk about it. This is something completely different than the leak of the kiss pics, which were taken at a private family event. I sometimes wonder what is going on in her mind.

Ok I’m about to go off on a rant lol. All I am seeing on my feed is stuff about how Lauren is a “hypocrite” and “she put this out there so how can she not expect a reaction”. But people need to understand that the reason why the whole things SEEMS contradictory is because THESE ARE NOT ALL LAUREN’S ACTIONS. You can call someone a hypocrite if they are individually in control of all the contradictory actions, but she’s clearly not! On the one hand we have what Lauren wants - how she wants to be seen, what she values, how she wants her image to be used, her will to keep her private life private. BUT on the other hand we have what her PR team wants - they want headlines and money, and they are paid to know how to create a buzz out of something

So what does this leave us with? - Two different images of Lauren which sometimes line up with each other, but also sometimes contradict each other. Lauren may not always like the tactics her publicists use, but she can’t do anything about it! Please read the last post i wrote on this blog - It’s so relevant to this debate! When Lauren signed her contract she legally granted her Label the exclusive right to use her image, likeness, name and biography for publicity. This is just a fact. It means that her publicists can feed whatever they want to the media and it’s not in Lauren’s control. It means that Lauren is not allowed to publicise stuff about herself without doing it through her label.

I think part of the reason why people see this as all within Lauren’s control is because the shoot itself was very Lauren. It was done with people she trusted in a quiet location, it was very tumblr pretty and the way she showed her body was classy and elegant. Lauren has to do a certain amount of publicity appearances, photoshoots, interviews etc… She contractually has to co-operate with her PR team, and my feeling is that she’s been able to negotiate and make a lot of compromises recently. By playing along and cooperating, she’s been able to do things her way a little bit. BUT this does not mean she is in total control! 

This shoot was clearly not something totally ‘organic’. 1) Billboard didn’t just report on it - they literally released one of the pictures on their instagram. So (once again) they were they were obviously a part of the whole thing. 2) This indie photographer who publishes their stuff online obviously has no reason whatsoever to release their photos MONTHS after they were taken and do an interview with bloody MTV to go along with it!! The timing and the way it was done means that it was obviously co-ordinated by 5H’s team. 3) Do you really think that that Lauren would choose to give the media specific information about the exact state of her love life???!!!!! Come on people! As if Lauren would explicitly tell a media outlet who she is/isn’t in a relationship with! It’s so fucking obvious that her team fed the media ‘info’ on her relationship/breakup. These journalists don’t know who Lucy is or that the fanbase was starting to feel that she didn’t seem to be spending time with Lauren any more. I repeat - the media was FED this information by Lauren’s PR people. 4) Lauren tried to make this hers by using her body for art and to make a statement, but her team of course knows what the media wants and they KNEW that this shoot would end up being about objectifying Lauren in a trashy way. They KNOW how to get clicks. This is what it was about in PR terms for them. Again, we have two different images/stories - the way Lauren see’s things and the way her team uses her to gain publicity for the product they are trying to sell.

^^^ So Lauren is not a hypocrite. She’s an incredibly strong person who is trying to assert her values in a situation, where she has very little legal control over how her image and personal life is used to sell records. THAT’S  why we see two contradicting sides to the story. If she was submissive and went along with everything without complaining through indirects, then she wouldn’t look like a hypocrite because we would only see one side of the story - the PR side, not Lauren’s side. 

This applies to soooooooo many things, especially the ‘break-up’. Fans are always calling out the girls for being hypocritical and self-contradictory when their actions don’t add up. “How can Dinah say that she loves Mila no matter what two days before she posts something accusing her of being a selfish diva?”. “How can Lauren say she’s a feminist who supports other women but then shades Mila?”. “How can the girls not support Camila in her solo stuff but now support each other whole-heartedly?”. 


ALL OF THIS STUFF SEEMS CONTRADICTORY AND DOESN’T ADD UP BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALL IN THEIR CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! They are not hypocrites, they are just people are not contractually able to control the narratives that are presented to the public about them. The small opportunities they have to express their real selves contradict the images of them that their team sells to the media and the public for publicity purposes. That’s why they ‘seem’ like hypocrites. It’s that simple.

Sorry I used this ask to go on a long rant (it’s general - not aimed at you anon), but please please please people read my last post about how the artists grant the label the right to control their public image. This is so important to understand. 

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The bloodied remnants of the fae woman lay scattered across the clearing. Derek was barely standing, leaning heavily on his left leg with no idea how much of the blood soaking into his shirt, jeans, and hair was his own.

The distant pulse of feet slamming over dry earth matched the sound of his own racing heart, and he let himself relax, slumping down into the dirt. Stiles was coming.

She was on him a second later. Small and delicate looking with soft curls and elfin features, and the strength to grip his throat in one tiny hand and lift him up effortlessly. Fae. Just like the one Derek had barely survived fighting, looking at him with a rage deeper than years could put words to.

“She was killing,” Derek tried, because more than half the blood soaking into the dirt was his, and there was no strength left to fight in him. He didn’t expect it to make a difference, and it didn’t. The creature’s wild eyes swept over him, unforgiving.

“She was mine.”

Stiles’ footsteps were still pounding closer, seconds away and sounding horribly alone. Backup must have been waiting at the loft or spread out too far across the forest. And why would they need to come? Derek had messaged that the threat was gone.

The fae’s lips twitched before he could even think to shout warning, the cold rage in her eyes melting to something thoughtful and somehow more terrifying. A finger dragged an absent caress across Derek’s throat while her eyes tracked to his pounding heart and outward, as though tracing some invisible thread from Derek’s heart to the source of the sound.

“Well,” she mused, “equal and fair in all things, I suppose. Bravo, hero, stopping the wicked fae. I suppose you’ve earned a reward.”

He was expecting a quick tear of nails to his throat, and knew right away it would have been preferable. It was obvious from the curl of the fae’s grin, the hand at his neck, the blood still dripping wet down his temple: a quick death would be the best thing for him.

Instead the fae waited, while Stiles’ footsteps came closer.

I don’t personally give much of  shit about dom, but I just wanna say that I don’t think that many people are actually upset that certain flights are better at dom than others. I’m not anyway, I didn’t care how often a flight wins or how often my flight loses (which is frequently cause i’m in shadow lol) I only start getting irritated when others start being pricks about it. a lot of y'all ARE stuck up, and honestly a little cringey at times with some of those responses being so over dramatic like “dom is a VICIOUS BATTLE only the strong deserve the GLORY OF VICTORY” like ok calm down commander edgelord, no one cares

Alsooo….fire WON that last dom battle. did everyone miss that? why are people still shitting on them for “demanding they have things handed to them” obviously that isn’t the case cause they won, so clearly earth pushing wasn’t actually that big of a deal. why are we even having this argument?

Okay all jokes about “lol gay” aside I love this a lot ??? I don’t watch Ryan and Matts channel but this is just like a really important and sweet thing ??

two straight guys, who have no doubt about being straight being this intimate is a good thing.

There’s no joke and it’s in the background while someone else is talking and matt just kinda reaches out for Ryans hand nudging it with his fingers and Ryan looks over like “ what’s up bu- oh ok ” and he holds his hand. No joke , no flinch or hesitation just

“bro hold my hand”


and in front of several of their friends and an entire youtube audience

that kind of intimacy among friends, is so important and needed god bless

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I WANNA GET DRUNK WITH JASON IS THAT OK LOL. Idek I feel like he'd prolly be the one having most fun @ parties I mean come on look @ all those dorky faces he makes on stage and all those hand gestures and that interview w Loudwire where he was like "and music was like SWOOOOOOOOSH! WHAT A DORK I LOVE HIM SO MUCH LETS GIVE IT UP FOR JASON WHAT DORK OMG WHAT A LEGEND

Ahahah yes! I’ve noticed as well that Jason seems to be super animated when he is talking about things which amuses the heck out of me 😍

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Oooommmmggggg I didnt see it either how do people notice these things!? *breathes excitedly* Ok lets not get ahold of ourselves. Could be just a stack of papers she is randomly holding or could be a script. Im hoooopiiiiiiiiing for the latter. *squeals*

Haha, same! I mean, I saw that she was holding something in her hand, but I didn’t really think about it, it never crossed my mind that it looked like a script and could be suspicous lol! People are super observant lol! I wish she had held the script the other way round lol, would have helped us more! :D And same, I do hope it’s a script and means that she got cast for something!! 

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  1. sexuality headcanon: Oh man idk. Idk man. Oh man. gray ace, panromantic ? i have no clue lol
  2. otp: narugaa is cute n pure
  3. brotp: narugaa again im crying
  4. notp: eh
  5. first headcanon that pops into my head: talks to his cacti using the names kankuro gave them
  6. favorite line from this character: i never know tbh lol i dont remember any
  7. one way in which I relate to this character: “have you… heard about how amazing naruto uzumaki is ? you have? ok still but listen-“

  8. thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: NOTHING
  9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: BABY CINNAMON ROLL BOY PROTECT HIM

Camren, other ships+Management?

We all know for a fact that Camren shippers think management has done/is doing something to camren interactions. Possible. Here i’ll be talking about how management could be a factor that affects the interactions of Phan, Larry, and Camren.


I’ll get yall warmed up first to the ships first.


Originally posted by larryshelp


Originally posted by phanielhowell

and the dearest to out hearts… Camren

Originally posted by sparkling-and-enchanted

First things first…

Let’s talk about Larry.

Now, I don’t ship larry nor phan, but I’ve seen many interesting things that got me curious. Especially Larry. Overnight, i’ve went through Larry and observed, “wow they were definitely a thing.” 

Don’t believe me? Scroll through the Larry proof tag on tumblr, the most legit shit is there. I, as a non-larry shipper, believe they were real. As for now, Louis is engaged/married/girlfriend (idk im not updated on 1D cause im not a fan) and has a child with her. And now there are rumors about the whole “louis is a dad and has a gf/wife” thing is fake. I’m not going to talk about that though, because this post is supposed to define management behind ships.

Originally posted by itcomesbacktolou

Not to mention Linda Jameson and Terry Jameson confirmed that these two have been in a relationship, but are not together anymore. 

“Psychics are fake lol”

Well, ok.. if you dont believe in psychics then forget i mentioned this part.

From what i’ve seen with my two eyes, these women have predicted 9/11 on air, BOTH paris attacks on YT channels, Kardashian pregnancy on YT, Boston Marathon bombing on air, and many other things. 

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At first glance i bet your reaction was, “holy shit harry was about to kiss him.”

For a fact I know that friends dont do this. Even the best of friends don’t do this. In fact, if they held hands it wouldn’t be normal for guys to do it.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t been convinced yet, so I’ve gathered some more information.


1. Harry was OPENLY bi in secondary school

He was openly bi in secondary school, so of course he wouldn’t mind people knowing his sexuality.

I mean, wtf is this???


rumor has it they knew each other before the x factor: http://yourlarriefriend.tumblr.com/post/142008339943/larry-before-the-x-factor


Ok last one, but I can assure you they weren’t just friends with the legit proof out there.

Originally posted by roseanddagger28

I have tons of more proof to show you Larry shippers, but it isn’t the point of this post.

Moving on to Phan…. they’ve always been reportedly caught holding hands. All.The.time.

However that’s not enough proof for you. I know.

Watch this: 


Since they’re a YT channel, collecting proof is hard. Because unlike Larry and Camren, they always appear in interviews, so it’s much more simple to catch on to their body language and intentions in general.

Camren (bitch you know who they are)

Originally posted by fuck-me-hard-jauregui

Alright, I dont even need to explain camren because soon enough I will be releasing an important theory about camren. It’ll basically answer all your questions and settle things down hopefully.


Larry was first noticed when 1D was on the X-factor, 2010, it was until the 3rd/4th year that things changed. Crazy right? 2010-2014/2013: Interactions lessened after the band became very well known

Same thing happened to camren, and don’t fight me on this. We all know camren is being different and more distant than ever. 2012-2015/2016:

Interactions lessened after the band became very well known

*both Fifth Harmony and One Direction have the same management. Maverick. Funny thing is Maverick made a management deal with 5h at the beginning of 2016, and that’s when not only camren, but all the girls became distant with camila, perhaps to get the fanbase ready for camila’s leave? Dont come to me saying it was because of Camilas solo projects,Because the girls were perfectly fine after they knew about C’s solo song with Shawn, I had an anon with a theory about this vvvv*


^^^ anon with a theory

Same thing goes with Phan, they’ve been on YT for a long while and they have publicists and managers now. Now you still see them interacting, but that’s the point of their channel, it’s a duo. Dan & Phil. You can notice now they’re more careful with their interactions, unlike the days before Dan and Phil were known widely among the youtube community, careless. 

Interactions lessened after they became very well known


Anyways…. this was just a quick post about how suspicious it was that these 3 ships basically went through the same cycle.

I’ll be out with a great theory soon though.

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Why do you think eragon is gay? :v that's interesting

I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED. ok this started because my friends and i were talking about books we read as kids and obvs eragon came up bc dragons. and then it began. the questioning, the wondering. we all know eragon was trying to have A Thing with arya for fucking eons but JUST WHEN she’s like ok maybe, he backs the fuck up like lol lets hold hands instead while their dragons are LITERALLY FUCKING IN THE SKY like goddamn eragon its almost like u had a crush on an unattainable woman bc u were deeply, deeply closeted its ok bb we’ve all been there. 

thats where we started. and then the googling began and by the way there is a depressingly small amount of meta about gay eragon HOWEVER, we stumbled across this homosexual gem:

“Going to the stream by the house, they quickly disrobed. Eragon surreptitiously watched the elf, curious as to what he looked like without his clothes. Oromis was very thin, yet his muscles were perfectly defined, etched under his skin with the hard lines of a woodcut. No hair grew upon his chest or legs, not even around his groin. His body seemed almost freakish to Eragon, compared to the men he was used to seeing in Carvahall—although it had a certain refined elegance to it, like that of a wildcat.”



i mean there’s description and then there’s Staring at Your Friend’s Hairless Groin While He Bathes and i gotta say, through door #2 is a whole lotta repressed homosexuality. theres another place where my man paolini spends i kid u not three goddamn paragraphs describing the physical characteristics and walk and the curves of this guys fucking face and dont forget his “hard, sinewy muscles of his arms and chest, the narrowness of his hips, and the coiled power of his stride”

im just sayin. eragon is gay.

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Lol I love how guys wasted a shit ton of money putting up billboards when you're not going to change anything. Lexa is dead af and bellarke is endgame. Again the clexaids are unfortunate. Didn't you hear eliza say she's sick of holding the chip? She's so tired of pandering towards you people. But it's ok because soon she won't have to hold the chip she'll be holding bellamy's hand amongst other things ;)

“clexaids”? you’re really going to use an std as an insult? btw, 95% of every thing eliza has said since 307 has been talking about how lexa is clarke’s soulmate and the love of her life but, what was y’all’s defense on that again? i guess eliza’s been drunk on mimosas for the past 3 months, huh? did you miss the umpteen interviews where eliza and bob both have dissed blarke as a ship and repeatedly stated they hated it on a romantic level? oh, haha, right, i forgot how delusional you guys are. 

and frankly…  according to raven there’s not much to talk about, so, what’s clarke gonna do with her other three fingers?

Yvette Nicole Brown Fan-Girling Over CARYL

*Don’t forget to send in your questions to Talking Dead for Sunday March 16, 2014 and show your support on Yvette’s twitter 

Especially if you want to hear more CARYL love like this;

Famous Quote;

“Okay, when Daryl… look you guys, I’m gonna have a girl moment… wait a minute, I’m gonna have a girl moment… when Daryl said to Carol, ‘Stay safe,’ and she said, ‘Nine lives,’ that’s equivalent to, ‘I love you,’ and no one can tell me anything different. THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO, ‘I LOVE YOU. YOU STAY ALIVE FOR ME!’ THAT’S WHAT THAT MEANT, YES. I love them together.”

Notable Conversation;

Yvette Nicole Brown - “Um, Carol loves Daryl. They bet’not! And that’s all I have to say about that!” 

Wada - "Welcome to the Carol ship! You made my day! " 

Yvette Nicole Brown - "Welcome to it? I STARTED IT! Lol!!!" 

Twitter Love;

"Couple of thoughts…why don’t they spread out anymore? And no I did not miss that “Pookie”

"Oh hon, my Caryl & Richonne ships are still “sailing”!

"I am not ok with this! I will not be ok with this! I know cray-cray impulsive things were done but is this the answer?” (referring to Rick banishing Carol)

“Was this the back door pilot for a spin-off?” (about Indifference)

“Do you think I’d be sitting next to the man and NOT talk about #Caryl?! Lol! It WILL be mentioned! :) (referring to Norman Reedus)

"Wow. Get off my page with that nonsense. I don’t dig it & I have every right to post that on MY page. #PoofBeGone! (referring to B**hyl)

"Umm…. they are really trying to push this on us, huh? Piggy-backing AND hand-holding?! #ImStillNot On Board #TheWalkingDead (referring to B**hyl)

"Um, I’m okay with all of this as long as they DON’T kiss. Ya hear me? NO ONE wants that. #AShipICannotGetBehind #EVER (referring to B**hyl)

"I hope I’m back because I love the show SO much but #Caryl WILL be discussed if I have anything to do with it! ;) (about coming back to Talking Dead)

"We are all clear on the conditions of us rioting, right?#TheWalkingDead (For CARYL)

*Don’t forget to send in questions to Talking Dead! Visit their homepage, twitter and facebook! 

**Yvette Nicole Brown plays Shirley Bennett on the NBC comedy series Community

thing i need:

a baektao fic where they are their precious whiny self. and they are about to get it on and have a conversation like:

“you prep”

“no you prep i dont want my hands to get messy”


“put on a condom”

“ughhh but they are all the way over there”


“you be on top”

“no you do it”

/with lots of cheesy kisses and so on inbetween/

My best friend

So I’ve had this best friend for like 4 and a half years, we’ve had our ups and downs but I know hes always going to be there for me. I’m in college and hes still in highschool (two hours away) so our friendship now consists of texts, too many snapchats of his cat and the bags under my eyes, but also the best part - the hour long phone calls once or twice a week.

We always joke around about getting married in the furute and the house we will live in and all this stupid but kinda cute stuff. So today we were on the phone and talking about our future marriage and the really big bathtub that I want and he said just about the cutest thing Ive ever heard… (side note: I have always had a lot of problem with my weight, and due to a lot of stess and easy access to taco bell, I gained a lot of weight my senior year. This year I have been losing weight and have actually dropped two pant sizes these past couple of months so..) he says

“You know, I’m getting kind of nervous. I’m worried that if you keep losing all this weight and gaining confidence you will realize how hot you are and you wont want me anymore. I can see myself on this park bench, and I’ll have flowers in my hand and a ring in the other, it’ll start to rain but you won’t be there, you’ll be with someone else because you realized you were too good for me.”

And that was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

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Why are you such a self righteous and pretentious scum bag? unfollowing you because I now see the kinda person you are, doubt that you'll care though because you have soooo many followers that only follow you to see if you've gotten anymore free commissions done and to ask you questions so they feel validated. You're oppressive, you're a lying sack of shit, And just an overall bad guy. Please take the time to step out of your realm of tumblr and actually look at what your life has become.

you for one don’t know who i am, you second off don’t even know what self righteous is because that isn’t even close to describing me. lol? let me guess, Olkite has been talking more things about me, ok so since it appears things are getting out of hand i’ll go over what has happened.

I never once asked for free commissions, they were either a gift or i paid for them myself. since you and others have so wished to make comments on this based off of ONE PERSON saying these things, who might i add is a known liar if you had any brain cells, and risked me being homeless in a state across the entire country, then you need to grow up.

ok so here is the full god damn story of what has happened with Olkite, sirkavalierthefox and I. this aint no short fucking story so go get some popcorn and get ready for a long fucking read. 

i was moving to California to live with Olkite but started to date Sirkavalierthefox so i moved in with him, on the first night i spent with olkite at his dorm, he forced me to help him ejaculate, which is sexual assault, i said no probably 10-12 times. I had TOLD sirkavalierthefox and he didn’t do anything and, what felt like, couldn’t understand why I didn’t want anything to do with olkite. as i said before i had also found out olkite lied to me and my father, who paid for my plane ticket there and back, about me being allowed to stay at Olkites parent’s house. he literally risked me being homeless, in a state which i had no family living in anymore nor knew where anything was or any money at all, till my father could get the funds for me to get back to new york. Sirkavalierthefox and I DID NOT have the best relationship, we had our problems, which might I add neither he nor I were abusive to each other, we argued a lot, and my depression and anxiety had gotten tenfolds worse after the sexual assault. I avoided olkite the entire time after that doing my best to make sure I was able to keep as stable as possible. come around 2 and a half months of dating sirkavalierthefox he broke up with me, which just destroyed me, there is no denying that, I had loved him. after come around 4 days after the break up i had lost control and self harmed and was having anxiety attacks 2-3 times a day. Sirkavalierthefox and two people, who will not be named, came to the decision to put me in the hospital against my will, that of which I was hand cuffed and cuffed inside the ambulance, which Sirkavalierthefox did not know, nor did the officers or EMTs or fire department, tell him. nor did I tell him. I had spent 3 days in a psych ward with no way to contact him to tell him were i was at. Sirkavalierthefox and the two unnamed people had decided it was best for me to go back to new york, though at the time he didn’t want me to but it was the best for me. After I had gotten back to new york Sirkavalierthefox and I still talked but argued a lot so he and I stopped talking. 

so literally that is it. That is the full truth posted on tumblr now. I was not abusive Sirkavalierthefox was not abusive, there was no abuse done on my part or sirkavalierthefox part. 

now what I did for my part of recovering and to get myself better was get on very strong meds, BLOCK the two unnamed people, sirkavalierthefox and olkite on tumblr and other things to leave the past in the past. The only post I had made about Olkite in the past….well since i blocked everyone so late september early october of 2014, was asking people to TAG olkite so that my xkit could block it because he and I had not so great history. I had refused to answer any and all asks about it, Olkite had then proceeded to send me multiple asks harassing me on MULTIPLE Accounts, that of which I blocked them all. 

I have done my best to NOT cause drama, to keep the past in the past and to move on. I now have a boyfriend sitting right next to me playing destiny on my xbox, I have many friends, and have cause no drama, has kept the past in the past and left Olkite, sirkavalierthefox and everyone in that group of people ALONE. I have not bothered, posted anything about, or told people about what has happened because IT ISN’T ANY OF YOUR GOD DAMN BUSINESS. 

so my advice to you, is to mind your own business and to grow the hell up and get the real story. 

anymore asks related to this, any fanmail, anything tagged with me among this topic is and will be handled as HARASSMENT and if need be I WILL bring in outside help to have this handled. I am an adult, I am in recovery of my own disabilities, have moved on, and don’t care to be harassed by people who don’t know shit about me or know the real story from someone who will lie about anything and everything to get what they want. 

Have a nice life, SkyLarriFox anymore messages from you will be considered harassment and will be dealt with as needed, through tumblr and if continues through law officials.