i have a thing about hands ok lol

Okay all jokes about “lol gay” aside I love this a lot ??? I don’t watch Ryan and Matts channel but this is just like a really important and sweet thing ??

two straight guys, who have no doubt about being straight being this intimate is a good thing.

There’s no joke and it’s in the background while someone else is talking and matt just kinda reaches out for Ryans hand nudging it with his fingers and Ryan looks over like “ what’s up bu- oh ok ” and he holds his hand. No joke , no flinch or hesitation just

“bro hold my hand”


and in front of several of their friends and an entire youtube audience

that kind of intimacy among friends, is so important and needed god bless

Things i know about SBR before reading it

The Steel Ball Run™ is a horse race and the winner gets lotsa money, johnny enters because he thinks he can walk again if he does ( dont really get why but balls related ?), Jesus tells Johnny to kill the president in a dream and actually goes for it. Really painful and probably will end up crying lol.

Johnny Joestar: Has like 10 stand acts, pews from his hand, actually talks to jesus??? , “I have crippling depression ”.

Gyro Zeppelli: Cheese, Balls, Sleeps with a bear, Fall off your horse asshole, best Zeppelli.

Diego Brando: not such a dickhead like the others brandos?, Apparently best Brando, eats rocks, an actual dinosaur.

Hot Pants: Church, tired of diego’s shit, ????

Lucy Steel: She’s on a train ???? Maybe????

Funny Valentine: Apparently best villain, he was fat but in the end wasnt? Idk, ‘MURICA.

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Luke definitely tears up, though, when Anakin incorporates some really archaic Tattooine marriage tradition like drinking water from a shared cup.

LOL. Luke Skywalker, World’s Most Exhausted Son, being endlessly annoyed with it all until suddenly he’s like “…I have something in my eye…” and Artoo hands him a tissue.  

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OK, this is a 2-parter about you (blog) alignment. I can only do this with the things provided on your blog, so bear with me. For first part I think Chaotic. 1) You believe in luck 2) the lyrics in the song's you hand wrote 3) Lawful wouldn't mix blog content it would be only YOI and not asks 4) neutral wouldn't have as strong opinions or defend one character so strongly lol. (Source: I play lots of dnd?)

Part 2: second half Neutral. I say this because 1) You are a JJ stan, and I believe you were before episode 11, which means you liked him before he was redeemed and was still kinda a jerk, but he made more people happy than he made upset, which you noticed. 2) When you thought you were rude to that art anon you apologized not because you thought it was mean or felt bad for the anon, but because your grandma wouldn’t have like it. Neutral af. SO in the end I think Chaotic Neutral.

okay dude this was a startling analysis of not only my blog but me and i gotta say you’re totally right! 

i’ve been chaotic neutral on every test i’ve taken except for one that said i was neutral evil and i was like rude


Things I have loved:

Hands, that’s gotta be number 1. How Jemma’s all cute about it “oh they are” and how Fitz blows on them to warm them up. <3 it was too cute. 

The “let’s be professional in a professional setting OK?” talk and then of course Jemma being completely blunt and non-fussed about it (that a word? ah well) and Fitz being like !!!!!! o.o o.o as she says the word sex lol. He looked just like S1 puppy Fitz

Just both of them in general being so much lighter and themselves

The whole scene with Mack on “not all scientists wear labcoats all the time” 

Fitz noticing Jemma looks pretty

They talk about sex and what it means to them and Jemma of course likes that Fitz compares it to science :D

Not gonna be separated from Fitz again Jemma. She will fight you. She will shoot Hive. (and because he’s a butt head) 

You are not Will how dare you pretend Jemma (you go Jemma) 

also just the fact that (even though maybe it was put in so she could let go of Will and move on with Fitz) that scene had everything to do with what she felt and it doesn’t even matter that we don’t see Fitz learn about it. 

They are so happy and relaxed compared to all this tension

The giggles as they touch foreheads and look like a pair of swans or penguins or a heart

Jemma and her bird facts (she is a birdie) and her “of course I knew it was a mod what kind of newbie do you think I am?” attitude <3

Fitz’s “Jemma” as she stabs a guy in the eye

Fitz’s little “you look pretty” 

Mack and Fitzsimmons

Mack and Jemma scene


Jemma and May scene

Glowy drinks.

The bad guy is Freaky Leekie 

Hands. Cold little hands that Fitz will warm up and hold over his heart and make Jemma giggle. 

ok. so like.

the thing that set me off about this was some dumb comic by someone who was like “oohh I can never go into politics bc people will have found my fanart lol” but the comic was like. some interviewer is like “Mrs prime minister what’s up with this stuff you posted online a few years ago” and it’s like LITERALLY just a picture of two guys holding hands and then the reporter goes “it’s pretty fucked up”

like. thanks. thanks. I get it. I’m disgusting for wanting to touch other boys in any way shape or form, and people will always see my relationships as unwholesome things to be hidden away. you don’t have to tell me twice