i have a tea party tomorrow


ouma: Celes-chan, so here you are! I was looking for you

 celes: isn;t it ouma-kun! What happened?

 ouma: its not the time for an elegant teatime party, something terrible has happened  Calmly listen to this , yamada-chan is expanding like a balloon and is tearing apart!

 celes: oh,that is quite a trouble ! I wonder who should I ask to pour my tea tomorrow

 ouma: eh? can you not be more suprised than this? celes-chan’s class is full of blood,you know?

 celes: eh, i hope that my favorite bag is not dirtied in the incident

 ouma: hmm… even if something that big happened, you are quite calm, arent you? As expected from a gambler, you have gone through many hardships, don’t you? 

celes: I am not calm at all, I immediately want to depart and check my bag’s safety right now

 ouma: I see, that’s how it is, but relax since it is a lie. yamada-chan and celes chan’s bag are safe

 celes: So thats how it is. I feel relaxed now, I have been tricked all along 

ouma: hey, lies are not good I hate people’s lies!

  celes: I didn’t lie, ouma kun, your acting is very good

 ouma: eh, so you want to act like you were being deceived?

 celes: It’s the truth, dohyaa, I am so surprised!

 ouma: wow! what  a blantant lie ! only gonta cannot see through it!  celes-chan, aren;t you actualy angry at heart secretly? 

celes: Not really, i am a gambler so I am used to lies  Therefore, my heart won’t be affected just by people’s lies , unlike ouma-kun that said he hates lies 

ouma: I see, yashuiro-chan hates being told the truth raher than being told lies

 celes: That’s not true, I am actually tired of lies

 ouma: haha, that’s a lie again, this is why it’s fun talking to someone like you 

celes: that’s also a lie, isn’t it? 

ouma: that’s right, it is a lie, even this statement may be also a lie though

 celes: ouma-kun, do you perhaps want to compete with me using lying? If you bet on your whole property, I will gladly compete

 ouma: that sounds interesting, lets play a game using all property and own life as a bet

(translation made by  winterfenrir frank i just corrected some mistakes)

When I first read this request I read as tea house party……. I didn’t have my glasses on and it was right when I woke up so…actually till now I still thought it was tea house party and even started writing in that way, but…did change it, so no worries..

This is the last one for today (though it is already 2.30am, I still consider it Saturday…gosh cleaning the whole apartment really tires you out. I will continue tomorrow - once I wake up…

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EXO when you're freaking out over a presentation you have to do


Sehun: “You look like you could use a break - mini rave dance party!”

Kai: “Pets are great stress relievers. Want to borrow Monggu for a while?”

Tao: “You’ll get through this don’t worry~”

D.O.: “You have nothing to worry about. You’ve got this. Fighting!”

Chanyeol: “Are you okay, jagi? Want me to make you some tea?”

Chen: “You must be tired. How about we take a quick nap?”

Baekhyun: “If you get nervous just remember how cute I am.” *poses*

Lay: *after he gets you to do a trial run of your presentation* “That was so good, baobei. You’re going to do fine tomorrow.”

Suho: *carefully looks over your notes/slides for you and sees if he can help*

Kris: “What are you worrying for? You’re going to do great.”

Luhan: “This’ll be a breeze, trust me.”

Xiumin: “Want to tell me about your presentation over ice cream? My treat.”

  • Brain: psst, hey..,
  • Me: please no
  • Brain: do you think its a girl? I hope its a girl. I want him to have tea parties with her and play dress up with cute outfits he bought for her and I hope he sings to her every night and I
  • Me: please im trying to take an exam
  • Brain: hope he gets her into things he likes like ghost busters and star wars and ninja turtles because those are his favorites and I want