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From the script for the undone musical “Sappho” episode titled “Last Dance,” written by the amazing Melissa Good.

The whole premise of the episode being that Xena and Gabrielle get commissioned by Aphrodite help a couple of couples find love again, including Sappho (played by Renee) and her partner Morai (played by Lucy). X and G go to the island of Lesbos posing as their lookalikes while Aphrodite has sent Sappho and Morai away on a romantic vacation.
Things get a little complicated when Sappho and Morai return and the classic Xena lookalike chaos ensues, now doubled with Gabby also having a twin of her own.
In the dramatic final act, our soulmates share a very beautiful moment in the form of a deep, sincere and passionate kiss.

Please tell me why this episode was never made?

And also, if the reboot doesn’t bring this script back somehow, maybe sans the lookalikes and have Renee and Lucy playing the older Sappho and Morai?

the idea that cullen is supposed to be a voice for all the templars hurt by the circle system is so wild like the man has repeatedly demonstrated a staggering lack of consideration for fellow members of the order who have been through the ordeals he demands sympathy for

he will narrate the events of kinloch hold to the inquisitor as his personal tragedy but when keran had been captured by blood mages, cullen’s response was to argue that he be thrown out of the order

he will apparently tell you he only followed meredith’s orders because he was afraid of being cut off from lyrium but he will call samson weak for struggling with addiction 

he asks to “personally oversee” the judgement of knight captain denam - who was following orders under the influence of red lyrium AND an envy demon - and is wholly condemnatory towards the man, yelling about how denam “following his superiors orders nearly destroyed the templar order” as if he did not literally do the same thing two years earlier

i cannot tell if he’s intentionally written to be a giant fucking hypocrite, or if his writers were so desperate to distance him from all the shit he’s been part of that they inadvertently made him look like one but honestly i feel no sympathy for him at all

SNOW// guys, i have a favor to ask — because i am someone who easily gets attached to a muse & mun, and, if it is the case, i have a… addiction habit to tag you on things that remind me of you or of our thread(s) — however, if it ever does get too much or if you’re not comfortable with it and want me to stop, please do let me know, okay? i never want to be annoying to any of you nor make you stressed about my silly babbling <3


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 17 | favorite growth of a character » Lo

     I talked with Connor about this meeting on the phone, about an hour before it started. I was in the bathroom, and he told me, “I believe Lo can do even more than we all think.”
     The Loren Hale today is a stark difference than the one years ago. It’s his self-confidence that will annihilate their contempt. I can’t restrain my smile.
     I whisper to Loren, “Slay them.”

hey guys! :) i’ve been meaning to do this for a while and i finally found the motivation. i completely re-vamped my icons page! added some new lost, sense8, and the 100 icons. feel free to check them out and use them. 

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The first dose is the worst.

Absolutely inspired by arts that squidbiscuit did. I was in a mood and there needed to be glowy things under black light (hence why I did darker with blue skin)

Please though kids, don’t ever get glow stick juice in your mouth. This is something for professional animated characters only!

Sour Cream is totally going to keep being raver trash well into his 20s. You know he is.


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