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“So, Payno, tell me. It’s been what, the third time this week? Gonna have to upscale your workout routine if you wanna stay as fit as you are, mate.” Louis’ blue eyes wandered around the room. “So, which one is boy wonder?”

Looking up from the menu he already knew from beginning to end – it was all about pretences, you see, because Louis’ teasing would not stop if he saw an opening – Liam pleaded. “Tone it down, will you? I already told you, I love the food here.”

“Yeah, yeah, right. And your favourite dish is the one you can never have, namely the not-so-tall, but dark and handsome waiter you can’t wait to have a taste of, am I right Payno?” He chuckled at Liam’s incredulous stare. “Saw him on my way in, and I’m not blind, he’s fucking gorgeous. I knew there was a reason you kept coming here. Bet you dream about laying him over your bedspread and taste his a–”

Liam kicked him under the table, eyes looking around desperately. “Will you just shut up for God’s sake, Louis! He’s going to hear you!”

“Oh, so you do come here for him. And when I say come, I mean it in every way, especially in the mornings when you wake up from those dreams of eating him o–”

Liam gritted his teeth, jaw clenching. “TOMMO. SHUT. THE. HELL. UP.”

None of the boys saw the waiter coming to their table, so both of them – mostly Liam, whose back was turned – were surprised when they heard a soft voice with a strong Northern accent say “Hello and welcome to The Aroma Grill. Are you ready to order?”. Liam looked up and felt his cheeks blush furiously under the waiter’s gaze, honey-coloured eyes bright in the restaurant’s soft lights. His expression was neutral, the empty mask of politeness required in his line of work carefully laid over his features, betraying nothing of his thoughts, but Liam felt exposed. There was no way he hadn’t heard Louis, not when it was past the rush and there were barely any people left in this part of the restaurant. For a second, Liam indulged himself and let his eyes wander over the gorgeous face that’d been haunting his dreams for weeks – since the first time he came here for lunch with his colleagues, every other detail from that day forgotten. Bronze skin, shiny dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, full lips begging to be bitten, neat stubble running along his jaw and cheekbones to die for. And his eyes. His eyes were like liquid gold, framed by long, thick, dark eyelashes, and Liam felt a shiver running down his spine when he finally looked into them again. Fucking model, he thought. And no, Liam was not obsessed with him. Nope. Like he said, he loved the food here.

The waiter coughed politely, his lips turning up in the smallest of smiles, and belatedly, Liam realised he’d been staring for too long. “Hmm..” There he was, in front of the most beautiful person he’d ever seen, mind blank and cheeks alarmingly red. Coming here with Louis was clearly a mistake. He’d known it from the beginning.

Louis piped up. “Can you give us a few more minutes, mate? I think his mind is fried, I couldn’t stop putting filthy ideas in his head, the imagery is too much for him.” He winked at Liam. “You look so innocent, Payno, but I know you like being teased. It’s okay love, there’s no need to blush.”

The waiter – Zayn, Liam knew, he’d seen the name tag enough times – nodded, his eyes darkening and lingering on Louis for a second too long before he turned away, a soft I’ll be right back on his lips, going to the bar to pick up another table’s round of drinks.

Once he was sure Zayn was out of earshot, Liam finally looked up, brow furrowed in a way that betrayed his murderous thoughts. “I am going to kill you, Louis. Harry will be inconsolable.”


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anonymous asked:

Literally idek what's going on I'm just having my dash utterly blown up and I don't even follow that many 1D blogs. Can u plz just tell me what the hell's going on?? Thanks.


The main things that have happened so far are the following!

1) Last night, we got an official Elounor break-up. There are a lot of different sources, and it is backed up by Louis’ official rep. Included in this is a very clearly set-up (and awkward!) picture of Louis kissing (maybe. we’re not convinced they’re even touching) a girl in a pool. Some sources (like the Sun) reported on this, but others, like People (which haven’t reported on anything big 1D since Haylor) ignored this fact, opting to just talk about the official split. Eleanor was also papped with the dog this morning looking “glum” after the split.

You can read more about the break-up in my Elounor Break up tag.

2) Today’s concert in Manila had a fresh-shaved Louis , and they sang a bit of “I Will Survive” really passionately (especially Harry with bonus fonding from Louis, which is also known as a massive gay anthem. There was also stuff to do with healthy eating and adorableness which we don’t have much of yet, and probably only I care about.

3) Harry instagrammed in colour this morning, hours after the break-up was announced! it’s just black white and blue, and it’s for a charity thing, but this is the first time he’s posted colour in almost six months. The fact that it’s blue, like Louis’ eyes, and his “colour” for bandana stuff is a lovely cute bonus.

And that, is some of what you missed today in One Direction World.