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Damien on Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover

Oliva: “I never really get to meet Shayne’s friends. I always think they’re made up, but I guess Shayne has a friend named Damien!

My paycheck has been delayed

It was supposed to come today but it went to the Paypal that I barely ever use (my bank account hasn’t even been confirmed). I tried to transfer the money (almost $300) into my debit card and it’s been stonewalled, it’s now under review until at least tomorrow.

I REALLY need money for gas because I have a 3 ½ hour drive tomorrow and ¼ tank of gas right now. If ANYBODY can afford to donate or purchase ANYTHING please please help me out, this is so frustrating. 

Thanks everyone, please reblog this if you can. I’m really sorry I’m having so many issues like this pop up, I appreciate everything you guys are doing for me more than I could even express. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or purchased from me and if you’re considering it I won’t let you down with my work!!!

“It looks like playing the hero just doesn’t suit Loki.” um??? there’s this concept called character development???

I’m taking a break from tumblr (I still have my queue on so I’ll technically still be posting) but here’s some other sites I’m active on if you still want to stay in contact:

twitter: virgocore

Instagram: cakegf (art), 1emonz (personal), lemonurine (spam)

pinterest: virgocore


Hi I’ve submitted like 100 times but hey who doesn’t like meeting new people? lol I’m from Wisconsin and I’m 16 I’m homoflexible (meaning I’m more into girls then guys it’s like a ratting from 1%-100% and I’m like 97% In to girls) I like to read and run I also love meeting new people no matter how awkward and shy I am haha
(I’m sorry for the stupid usernames I have I’ve had Thea’s accounts for so long)
Main Tumblr : @savemeimlonely
Snapchat; kys2000
Instagram; kys198

My present to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the @hannigramholidayexchange I’m participating in! I hope they enjoy this ^^

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! May your sins be sinful and your rude, eaten. =w=

  • Audience is Monster Reunion: Oh my gosh!! Centi is gonna get healed and join!!
  • Su: Lol nope, she went back to fully corrupted- least she dont hate Steven tho
  • Audience in Lost at sea: Oh!! Jasper is here!! Maybe Steven and Lapis can get Jasper into a redemption arc!!
  • Su: Lol nope, Lapis threw her in the ocean
  • Su: Lol nope, you get angst and Bismuth back in a bubble
  • Audience in Beta/Earthlings: Okay!! Maybe there's a chance!! Jasper is even showing some backstory!!
  • Su: lol nope, she corrupted now
  • Su: Lol nope, they're stuck in space forever and probably are never going to be seen again,

anonymous asked:

Hello! Just wondering what platform were these latest teaser photos released on?

They were released on BigHit’s Twitter account, here~

Anonymous asked: Hi, I have a stupid question but do the members of bts actually run their own instagram accounts? All of them have “fanstagram” in their bios so I wasn’t sure.

No, none of the members of BTS have their own official/public Instagram accounts. Those accounts you’re seeing are fans (like you and me) running Instagram accounts dedicated to posting of individual members. You can find BTS’ official accounts linked in the sidebar of our blog~

Anonymous asked: are mod applications still open? i wanna join but im nervous i wont be able to do much ;A;

Yes, still open! You can apply here~

Anonymous asked: Do you guys like any other Kpop groups?

Yup! I listen to different groups here and there. Speaking for myself, though, I don’t follow others as intensely as I follow BTS~ 

Anonymous asked: Is your bias hobi 👀👀👀

Anonymous said: wtf you’re so sweet to hoseok..he deserves all this soft love bless your heart, luckiest to have someone love him as much as you do

Bem’s so soft for him! But who isn’t. :)) 

Anonymous asked: maybe this question is stupid but the new song is in korean?? it doesn’t really souns korean to me idk

It’s in Korean, but some lines are in English. 

Anonymous said: Hi, I know you guys are going through a lot right now, but I hope you got my ask, and it made you feel better.🤗

Thank you so much, seriously. We haven’t had the chance to reply because we’ve all had a lot on our plates.. but I just wanted to say here that we have (most likely) gotten your ask along with the tons of others currently in our inbox~ I speak from the heart when I say that we’re so grateful for all the kind messages and notes of support + gratitude sent our way in the past few days. I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say this blog is an outlet, it’s one of my favorite things to come home to, and it’s brought us so much happiness. So thank you always for sticking with us. Can’t wait to celebrate comeback with you all! ♡
- Kristi

hey quick question: how in the fuck did my shitpost about launching mark into the sun get over 1000 notes?


I haven’t had any good ideas for new community lots lately, and I don’t really upload houses anymore, so I decided to revisit a lot I made a few years ago - a mini golf course.

The shop portion sucked, but the course layout wasn’t bad, and I knew that I could definitely make a better version now, with all the CC I hoard. I don’t have any pictures of the old lot; I do have an incredibly stupid slideshow on my old livejournal account, but that’s friendlocked because I don’t need anybody reading the inane shit I posted when I was 15. So if you’re looking for pictures to compare, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

Anyways, I redecorated everything to match my current style, and the result is a decorative course and shop. I think the only functional things on the lot are the bathrooms, and benches, haha. I’m going to put down a couple invisible mini putts from the business career reward to make my game version more useful.

[Download - Pleiades Pond Putting]

As I am in the process of writing a one-shot for this imagine, I finally have my Audible up and running! (Because for whatever stupid reason I couldn’t have my Amazon account open when I tried having an Audible before -_-)

Now as I take a break from adding more into the one-shot, I finally downloaded World of Warcraft: Vol’jin, Shadows of the Horde!!!! Are there any audio book recommendations out there? (And a list of Richard Armitage’s narrations too please? I might need a complete list)

Uh- I was tagged by @charcoalartisan

… I guess here goes then.

Name: Classified

Nickname: Glitch

Gender: Female

Sign: Leo

Height: 5'4

Sexuality: not quite sure.

Why I made this blog: Well originally it was for ships coming true via sfm but I scratched that idea. Now it’s a stupid shit post account.

Hogwarts house:… I have no idea what that is.

Dog or cat person: I have both. Can’t pick favorites.

It… Uh.. Says tag ten people who I want to know better.. but I rather not bother them.

Who I tag: @at0mic-anxi3ti3s @garbichartnshiz @sanctuaryremix

By the end of the summer

You know, I was REALLY unsatisfied with my Patronus being a blackbird. I took the quiz over ten times (please don’t ask why I have so many Pottermore accounts), and that stupid backbird was in the back of my head the whole time. 

This morning, I wanted to try one more time, and you know what I got? Blackbird again. That’s it. That’s my Patronus. 

I have a second account on this stupid site. 

It’s essentially a place for me to anonymously write pornographic smut.

And that account has approximately 3 thousand more followers than this one and RoboFists-Revenge combined. 

Every article I write for RFR is taken fairly seriously, with a decent amount of time spent on research and proofreading, and they barely reach 3 or 4 people. I can casually spit out a smut story in about 20 minutes and it can be liked and reblogged thousands of times over.

Maybe I’ve been ignoring my calling this whole time…?

xchezbrgrx-deactivated20150709  asked:

I guess this is more of a personal question, if anything. I'm only 15, and I've been telling people that I know what I'm being when I grow up, when in reality I don't even know where to start. Some people have drawing accounts on tumblr or illustration accounts, while I have this stupid reblog account. I own flash, Photoshop, and others... yet I don't know where to begin. The main reason I am typing this to you, is because your style, animation, and imagination is all so amazing, and it is (1/2)

I didn’t receive a (2/2) to this, but I think I get the jist of it! Anyway, hey! Thanks a bunch!! 

It’s great that you’re so passionate at a young age, and I too struggled with figuring out where to start and what resources to trust. But hey! You’ve taken the first step already in writing this ask, so you’re already on your way!

Short answer: Draw!

Long answer: (Under the cut!)

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