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If you missed it yesterday, @wolfinthethorns had some wonderful ideas about John Segundus and Michael Godfrey being estranged siblings. I liked the idea so much that:

I wrote a drabble about it.

Here’s part 2:


John Segundus did not often visit places like these. Places (how to put it politely?) of no morals, where men of a certain stamp could find men of a similar stamp, and together they might discover ways of aligning those stamps in a most satisfactory way. It was, in short, a Molly house.

Poor Segundus feared the danger that accompanied such places: the threat of discovery. Thus he avoided them for as long as he could, living his celibate life in his small scholarly way and taking care not to think of anything that might lead him into longings of a carnal sort.

Alas, Segundus was unable to avoid such longings forever. Indeed, sometimes those longings grew so palpable, so thick, that he was forced to set about satisfying them. Hence this night, when he had felt driven to enter the Molly house, there to find some long-desired male company.

You must not think here that Segundus was an innocent in such places, and yet it must be admitted that he was not entirely au fait with them either. Why, he visited them only once every few years, to relieve his most urgent desires, and then he would quickly pack himself off to his life of quiet solitude once more.

In particular, Segundus was not au fait with the Molly houses of London (for he had been in that city but a few months). Not only did London host several such establishments, but Segundus had not quite expected how large the house he found himself in would be! How full it was of people!

Never entirely comfortable in large crowds, Segundus steeled himself for what must be done. Looking around at the busy room he had just entered, he fancied that he might do well to get himself a little drunk. Then he would choose the first man that showed any interest and gain as much knowledge of that man’s body as was possible in a short space of time.

It was upon the first of these tasks that Segundus set out, and he looked to find a serving boy who would provide him with some wine. As this first room did not appear very promising in that regard, Segundus passed through a doorway into another. This new room contained many candles, a large mirror upon one wall, and a group of Mollys listening to one (rather inebriated) gentleman sing a song about his “Dear Richard”.

Segundus frowned, looked about for a serving boy, and then returned his gaze to the group of Mollys. One of them, with a large blonde wig and a purple dress, had such a compelling sense of familiarity in her face that Segundus found he could not stop looking at her. He did not quite know… He had seen her before, had he not? Surely…

She looked up, and apparently felt that same stroke of recognition, for she did not look away.

They stared at each other across the room.

Segundus was at a loss for what to do. He did not wish to see any familiar faces here, and yet hers was so…

Thankfully, the Molly ended Segundus’ indecision be getting up and walking over to him. She placed a hand on his elbow and leaned close to his ear. “I have a room,” said she.

Then her hand was gone and she was heading to the doorway, and Segundus, blushing, followed.

It seems that the room the Molly had meant was a bedchamber, covered all over with lace and frills. There was a bed, a dressing table, and a changing screen. Segundus shut the door as he stepped through it, and the Molly turned to him. The paint on her face made her eyes look ever so wide.

Segundus, blushing some more, cleared his throat. “I beg your pardon for… but I… your face…”

The Molly nodded, and still looking at Segundus with those wide eyes, she took him once again by the elbow and this time pulled him over to the dressing table, upon which stood a looking glass.

They looked into it together.

“Oh,” said Segundus, quietly, as the reason for his confused recognition became all too apparent. It was no wonder that he hadn’t remembered where he had seen her before; it was not a face that he had ever needed to commit to memory, yet he saw it every day in his looking glass when he washed and shaved.

Her face was his own.

Certainly, it was true that they weren’t exactly alike, but the nose, the eyes, the mouth…

“Is it magic?” wondered Segundus. “But magic is no longer practised anywhere. It cannot be.”

The Molly frowned at him in the looking glass, then stepped away.

“Your name?” she asked.

Segundus turned to her. (And he was still so surprised that he didn’t even think to apologise for not introducing himself sooner.) “John,” said he.

She looked at him with an impatient air, then gathered up her skirts and sat down on the bed. “Your surname?”

Segundus flushed. He had not meant to give out his full name in a place like this.

The Molly appeared to understand his hesitation. “I will not use it against you,” said she gently. “It will not leave this room.”

Segundus flushed some more, but acquiesced. “I am John Segundus.”

The Molly frowned and scrunched up her face. (Segundus found himself wondering if his own face ever made the same strange expression.) “I do not know the name.” She looked at him. “In this place I do not use it, but in my public life my name is Michael Godfrey.”

Segundus took a breath. “Oh! But Godfrey was my mother’s maiden name.”

Godfrey looked at him some more. “Your year of birth?” She removed her wig, revealing a head of black curls.

“1771,” said Segundus. His heart was racing.

Godfrey nodded. “I was born in 1769,” said she.

Segundus thought about it, though he could barely keep his mind upon the figures. “That is the year before my parents were married.”

Godfrey nodded again. “Your place of birth?”

Segundus felt faint. “Kent,” said he.

“Kent also,” said Godfrey.

They looked at each other.

“I have never met my mother or my father,” said Godfrey. “I was raised by friends. Though they weren’t very friendly.”

Segundus realised that he was about to cry only a few seconds before the tears fell. “I…” said he. “Forgive me.” He sniffed and scrabbled in his pocket for his handkerchief.

It was just as Segundus had found his handkerchief and pressed it to his eyes that he felt two arms wrap themselves about his shoulders.

“I believe,” said Godfrey gently, “that you have found a brother.”

Calling all y’all readers and movie-watchers and fans around:

I’m looking for books and movies and stories, even fanfics, where the main character is friends with the ‘monsters’. Unlikely friendships. Teaming up with the ‘bad guys’ and learning that everyone’s the same and character development.

These are my faaaaavorites because it’s always about having a deep emotional connection with your friends (which my antisocial ass likes) instead of just being friends because of proximity and mutual interests (which my antisocial ass is kinda eh about).

Stuff like Trollhunters:

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Or Dragonheart:

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Or Gargoyles:

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Or A Monster in Paris:

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Or How to Train Your Dragon:

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Or Ninja Turtles:

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Or Alien vs Predator:

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Or Transformers:

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Or Strange Magic:

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If anybody has any suggestions, I’m always a slut for genuine friendship.

Okay but the way Rachel treats Chloe and constantly tells her how much she’s capable of and that she believes in her makes me fucking emo because I wonder when the last time was that someone told Chloe that she wasn’t a fuck up but an amazing and badass person who can do anything

I have this strange feeling that I’m not myself anymore. It’s hard to put into words, but I guess it’s like I was fast asleep, and someone came, disassembled me, and hurriedly put me back together again. That sort of feeling.
—  Haruki Murakami

Okay so warning about the voltron spoilers!

But I saw plenty of people discuss that this season was not our Shiro but a clone.
And it makes so much sense and I have so much thoughts on it.

But first: Why is he on a galra ship and more important. Why isn’t he more watched? Shiro had escaped on time, it was somehow clear that he could escape a second time and no one really looked at him. He’s the leader of voltron?! He faced a bunch of galra soldiers AND YET HIS ARMS (ESPECIALLY THE RIGHT ONE) WASN’T CUFFED. And If I would be an evil mind I WOULD LET THERE BE A WHOLE ARMY STAND IN THE SAME ROOM WHERE I WOULD HOLD HIM DOWN WITH CHAINS OR SOMETHING? WTF???

And isn’t it funny that Shiro has a flashback on his first imprisonment? And sees himself (or more original!Shiro) in a third person perspective, when he ALWAYS has flashbacks from his point of view? Like in the very beginning of the same episode. Could it be that the long haired Shiro was still on the ship where the original!Shiro was held captive? I’m sure it wasn’t coincidence that fake!Shiro was still there and that we saw this little glimpse. Black wouldn’t transport Shiro to the the ship he was imprisoned the first time.They were too far away. And also Black didn’t “knew” Shiro back then.

What leads us to another question. Why wasn’t Shiro held captive in the main ship then? Allura was and I am sure Shiro, if he would be the original, would be as precious as Allura since (I know I repeat myself) he is the leader. He is important for the team and every other would knew that.

And okay, another though. If original!Shiro really was the captive why didn’t Lotor know? I know Hagger doesn’t trust Lotor, but honestly Lotor would know. And Lotor didn’t know Shiro was held captive. Because Lotor knew that the paladins weren’t the same one because he studied them - he studied which lion where was last seen and realized that the black lion wasn’t somewhere. And he assumed that it would be the same paladins that attacked his father when they attacked him, till he saw that they were fully out of order. So it couldn’t be original!Shiro, cause Lotor would know it. Like Allura said: “He is always a step further.”

Back to Hagger. Honestly if original!Shiro would be somewhere where she could reach him. Shiro would be dead for hurting Zarkon that much ._. 

Okay but also back to fake!Shiro. The hair is too long? Shiro had to be imprisoned for more than a year to get such long hair - he didn’t had so long hair after he escaped the first time … after a year. And now his hair should have grown 30 cm in pfff let it be two weeks? Cause there is some time that flew by. But not a year… maybe some weeks or even less. 

But okay there would also be no way that his undercut wouldn’t outgrown after a year. Except the galra’s have cut it… 
So if we assume the galra has cut it, so original!Shiro can fight as champion, cause hair isn’t good in a fight… why cut the clone’s hair? They didn’t need the clone right now. The hair would grow. 

Also it feels wrong. An episode before “Shiro” returns to the paladins we got the parallel universe with Sven and for me, I wasn’t sure half the next episode if this long haired Shiro is our Shiro. It felt wrong and strange right from the start of this episode and I am sure the writers knew what they would do. They gave us three different Shiro’s in three episodes. It’s strange and rushed. And it was on purpose. Because now Keith has to struggle with a Shiro that wants to lead Voltron again and with commands Keith can’t really get behind. 

The thing is where is original!Shiro then? Is he really with Matt? Like we saw them together on the screenshot some months ago? Maybe. Because we saw Matt again in the first episode the same episode Shiro was freshly missing and both Pidge and Keith searched for them. Maybe it is foreshadowing. We all know the writers love it. Give us little hints and then smash all at us.

Or will they just reunited later?

Or is Shiro really dead? WHAT NO ONE WANTS!! THEY SHOOT SVEN WHO LOOKS LIKE 80!Shiro and a younger version of Keith’s dad THAT’S ENOUGH!

Also why should Shiro wear a new outfit? He went missing in his suit.. his normal outfit probably lays around somewhere? AND WHERE IS HIS SUIT?! And why is his prisoner outfit again so used. Are all prisoner outfits that used?

But it’s also strange that fake!Shiro has memories between his first captive and the second. Like if he had some kind of connection with the original!Shiro and woke up after original!Shiro disappeared. Maybe the connection has broke up after the battle with Zarkon? So now he doesn’t know he is a clone?

And again. Isn’t it strange that fake!Shiro had only memories of the other paladins, Allura and Coran all after the first escape. But not a single one before he got captured the first time? There was no Matt in his memories or maybe how he meet Keith really? It was the first interaction with Keith after his first escape. But we know from season 2 that Shiro and KEith knew each other before. Why didn’t he had a flashback back there? It wouldn’t be strange since we got a whole lot of flashbacks from Allura when she was a child. Why not this time witH Shiro then? Also the flashbacks where again in the third person perspective with original!Shiro. Fake!Shiro didn’t saw them in first perspective like he didn with Ulaz right in the beginning of this episode.

I mean it could be our Shiro. And the memory thing could just be a thing the writers didn’t think of. BUT A CLONE or something that isn’t right with the current (fake)Shiro makes sense and would perhaps explain a bit.

And I won’t start with the part where fake!Shiro tried to pilot black again and couldn’t.

Shiro is either really back but it is very strange or he is a clone and feels like our Shiro but on the same hand doesn’t feel like our Shiro.