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Since it's Valentine's Day.(Have the RFA+V+Searan) I would love to ask if you could do MC and her brother spending Valentines together. The others couldn't spend time cause they were busy. So once they have some time to spare them look for you and see you are your brother hanging out. Yet you are siblings so you sorta close to each other and some things seem romantic. The others don't know you have a brother. So how would they react? If you can't do it, it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day!

OOooh scandalous~ 
(It’s the day after Valentine’s Day here because I live in Australia and we live in the future but I’d be happy do do this!)


✮ he was busy with some huge LOLOL event that was happening for valentine’s 
✮ he felt bad but you assured him that it was fine and you would just go see family or a friend or whatever 
✮ so when he leaves the house to get food and sees you with some guy??
✮ your brother was teasing you by pulling and twisting your hair 
✮ but to yoosung it looked like he was hella flirting 
✮ basically stomps up and flicks your brother’s hand away 
✮ ‘excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend? huh?’ 
where did this confidence come from hmmmm
✮ your brother is confused because ‘omg is this the innocent yoosung MC was talking about???’
✮ you’re trying not to fall over from laughing 
✮ your brother looks absolutely horrified 
✮ “MC is mY siStEr! who are you, huh punk?’ 
✮ yoosung.exe has stopped working
✮ almost cries
✮ apologises 38918475 times he feels so bad 
✮ is pouting for the rest of the day and puts the LOLOL event on the back burner 


✎ she told you beforehand that valentine’s was going to be probably the busiest day for the cafe 
✎ but W O W 
✎ the cafe was packed and you hardly got to see jaehee 
✎ and your brother visited during your lunch break 
✎ so you two were just standing in a corner, trying to leave as much room for the actual customers that you could 
✎ things died down for a total of maybe five minutes 
✎ and jaehee looked around to find you and saw your brother squishing your cheeks together while you both laughed 
✎ she really wanted to go over there and judo kick someone’s ass but she still had customers 
✎ she was kinda angry for the rest of the day 
✎ until afterwards you walk up with your brother and introduce them 
✎ her face is redder than saeyoung’s hair 
✎ she refuses to admit anything 
✎ except when you’re back home she’s super affectionate 
✎ and at first you think it’s just valentine’s day love 
✎ but she’s super clingy and kind sheepish 
✎ so you ask what the deal is 
✎ and she begrudgingly admits that she saw you and your brother when you were messing around and didn’t realise it was your brother
✎ you have to try and maintain the giggles because she’s obviously embarrassed
✎ cute baehee 


✿ he was really busy rehearsing an upcoming musical 
✿ and the director was super strict and wasn’t letting anyone out for the day 
✿ during one of the breaks he picked up his phone and noticed that his fans were all tagging him in the same thing
✿ and he went to it and it’s a picture of you with some guy?!?!?!?!
✿ and he’s so scandalised 
✿ he immediately goes to the group chat and sees that you and saeyoung are online
✿ he basically spams the picture with multiple exclamations akin to ‘WTF MC’ 
✿ you’re freaking out because he’s just sending mindless messages now and won’t stop to listen 
✿ and saeyoung is just off his chair laughing because he obviously knows who it is (background check) 
✿ you send a selfie of you and your brother both with a ‘wtf’ face and the ‘boi’ hand at the camera 
✿ and zen finally stops 
✿ you send another picture but this one’s of you and your brother when you were babies 
✿ ‘hyun, this is my brother’ 
✿ ‘nice to meet THE zen’
✿ he’s so flustered 
✿ he sends sorry to the chat so many times that the original problem can’t even be found 
✿ when he comes home that night he brings a big bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks 
✿ is super clingy 


₩ this nugget just doesn’t believe in valentine’s day 
₩ you’d told him how annoyed this makes you but he didn’t seem to care too much 
₩ so he was at work 
₩ you went to lunch at the cafe thing across from the C&R building because your brother was curious 
₩ y’all were just chilling, eating pastries and drinking milkshakes 
₩ and then jaehee came for her lunch break 
plot twist
₩ you say hi and your brother introduces himself (but not as your brother) 
₩ and she’s shook 
₩ she goes back and asks jumin if he knew you were at the cafe with some guy
₩ he glides down and stands at your table 
₩ you really nonchalantly say hello 
₩ he’s so confused 
₩ ‘would you like to explain yourself MC?’ 
₩ ???? ‘jumin what are you talking about? i’m just having lunch with my brother, we’re waiting for his girlfriend to come’ 
₩ it’s like you can see him deflate in embarrassment 
₩ he like flops down in the seat next to you 
₩ meets your brother 
₩ when you’re back at home you ask him why he was so salty at the start and he admitted that he thought you were on a date with some random guy because he wouldn’t celebrate valentine’s 
₩ you laugh and say you wouldn’t do that and shower him in affection
he made up for it ;)


⌨  he probably knows what your brother looks like from the background check but for the sake of story let’s just pretend he didn’t go that deep into your history 
⌨  he was super busy with work-related stuff and didn’t even realise it was valentine’s
⌨  he asked you to grab some groceries because he couldn’t
⌨  he’d noticed you’d been gone for a while so he hacked into the security cameras of and around the grocery store
⌨  saw you talking to some guy
⌨  he’s so confused because you haven’t just stopped for a little ‘oh hi I know you’ obligatory hello but you’re walking down the sidewalk with the store bags and talking
⌨  he sees him nudge you with his shoulder and he’s kinda pissed
⌨  he just waits until you’re back home. you’re alone 
⌨  he tries to act nonchalant about it, and like he doesn’t know anything– waiting until you bring it up 
⌨  it’s the end of the day and he crawls into the bed where you already are 
⌨  you bring up how it’s valentine’s day and that you missed him 
⌨  he feels guilty but he’s kinda frustrated from before and goes ‘it didn’t look like you missed me too much while walking down the street with some other guy’ 
⌨  he did not get the reaction he expected 
⌨  he expected you to be kinda shocked like ‘:o caught’ 
⌨  but you’re giggling and snorting 
⌨  ‘saeyoung… that was my brother; we ran into each other outside a store so he walked with me for a little while’ 
⌨  like jumin, he deflates 
⌨  he feels S O  B A D 
⌨  he gives you so many cuddles and just fully wraps himself around you 
⌨  swears he’ll make it up to you 
⌨  he definitely does 

I hope you all had a happy valentine’s day! CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND MYSTIC MESSENGER DLC’S WOOO ♡♡♡♡

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something's been on my mind: do you think andreil - two people who don't often seek physical comfort in others, nor enjoy being openly surrounded or embraced - would ever get to the point they could sit in each other's laps?

not sure if you wanted this as a fic so I’m just treating it as an opportunity to TALK (but let me know if u want me to write a story about it!)

I actually DO think they would and here’s why:

Neil canonically likes the feeling of security that comes with being held up (i.e.: andrew up against him in the club, andrew boxing him in at the car after he comes back sober for the first time, andrew holding him up in the shower while he sucks his dick for dear life)

And he’s touch starved as fuck tbh, I’ve been pointing towards both of these things in a lot of fic but i think they’re a pretty big part of neil’s characterization 

he IS uncomfortable with no way out – like having his back to the door or feeling cornered, but we know that andrew has never made neil feel this way

he’s a blanket, not a straight jacket. he’s not a constricting force at. all. he’s pure comfort for neil. neil lets himself go when he’s with andrew (remember the bus in tkm? he loses track of time when he’s with andrew. do u think neil josten had ever forgotten to track a single second of his life before he started enjoying it?)

leaning over andrew in a beanbag chair or sitting pressed shoulder to ankle into him in a bus are the building blocks to sitting tangled up in each other, man. like neil feeling safe and wanted?? there’s no way that wouldn’t appeal to him a little bit. I guarantee you he doesn’t care about other people’s attitudes towards lap sitting, he’s the prince of sudden and intense emotional exchanges 

anyway stay with me here

andrew wouldn’t want to be trapped under someone in a bedroom setting at all and we know that that boundary is never pushed

but we also got to see some of his tender first steps towards vulnerability (physically.. bc he’s been emotionally vulnerable w neil since he first started talking to him sober – ‘I won’t let you let me be’ anyone?) like letting neil push him down while they’re kissing within the first like 6 MONTHS that they’re together

they have a lifetime. they have months and years and decades for andrew to identify the closeness that he wants as something he can have

he loves neil’s malleability, how well he follows instructions (😏 ) his sprawling limbs in the morning when they’re sore from practice and barefoot and quite honestly ruining andrew’s life

he tugs Neil over on their couch so that he’s toppled all over him, and andrew can inhale at his neck and squeeze his thighs, not looking at him but feeling like a real person grounded in another person who would get off of him if he asked, without question or complaint

I feel like the other way around would be less of an issue? andrew sits in neil’s lap because he has comfortable muscular thighs and sometimes the couch is full like?? what’s ur point nicky??? 

he yes or no’s neil probably, and he makes sure his body isn’t blocking neil’s view of the exit, but like. Neil can’t feel the need to bolt when andrew is willfully this close to him, spread out w his feet on the table and his neck kinda squishing neil’s face & like it’s not at all sexy but he’s trusting neil with HIS back for once

anyway my point is.. if ur together for long enough, there aren’t that many things that you won’t try, and closeness is andreil’s language

they thrive on tight wordless contact; they shared a bed as early as tkm (that keeps me up at night btw…. what was andrew thinking when neil settled in beside him all stiff, thinking so loud, then went utterly sweet and relaxed as soon as Andrew kissed his mouth……… do u think he’d Ever shared a bed before then w positive results……….. like.. I’m just saying) and andrew jerked off while breathing into neil’s mouth like

I think lap sitting is on the table

Response to That "Decepticons Helping Humans in Rescue Bots" AU thing
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream... what do you have in your hands?
  • [Starscream shows what's behind his back]
  • Human: WAUAUUGHH!!!
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Where did you-- put him down! Down!!!
  • [Starscream starts to open his claws so the human drops to the floor]
  • Nurse Darby: Gently...!
  • Starscream: But he's squirming..!
  • Nurse Darby: You heard me!
  • Human: HUAAUUUGH!
  • Starscream: [cringe] I can hear HIM too.
  • [Starscream gently places human on ground, who scrambles away behind June]
  • Human: That... that HUGE freaky robot TRASHED my lawnmower!
  • Starscream: Yehk. Is that what you call it? Looked more like an abomination to me. Doesn't matter, it's scrap now.
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Why on Earth did you abduct this man and destroy his lawnmower?
  • Starscream: While I was making my rounds, I saw this human and his machine on a patch of grass. But upon my second pass, he was driving down the road! He couldn't have been going more than 5 miles per hour, however LOCAL speed signs that were CLEARLY posted indicated 25 miles per hour. He was obstructing the flow of traffic, and placing himself and OTHER humans in a potentially hazardous situation! It was so incredibly foolish I just KNEW I had to intervene.
  • Nurse Darby: ... Were you really driving a lawnmower on the road?
  • Human: W-well my next job was only like a mile away!
  • Nurse Darby: That's still a decent amount of time to clog up the road, sir. Normally, if a cop saw you, they would probably give you a ticket. Though I really wouldn't know. Here, let me see that scratch...
  • [Knock Out comes in]
  • Knock Out: Oh. It's YOU. The human in that slow-moving contraption.
  • Nurse Darby: So is this a typical thing for you, or what? I swear. Don't you have a truck you can put that thing in?
  • Human: Well its not like I'd need to any more, cuz HE totalled my mower!
  • Knock Out: Did you really?
  • [Starscream shows what's in his OTHER hand]
  • Knock Out: [whistles] Yeah, I can't fix that.
  • Nurse Darby: [sighs] Starscream, did you REALLY have to destroy it?
  • Starscream: [scoff] When HE didn't heed my warnings to get off the road, I knew I would have to use force--
  • Human: --I always wear ear protection when I mow!
  • Starscream: -- but then, THIS hunk of scrap exploded! Disgusting, green, organic mush rained down upon me, staining my paint, streaking my windows, squishing between even the tiniest of gears...
  • Knock Out: [scandalized gasp]
  • Starscream: It even smeared all over my landing gear... Oh, it'll take a WEEK to get the stuff out of my vents!
  • Knock Out: He's right you know. I'll pencil you in right before tomorrow's 2nd shift.
  • Human: What about my mower?!
  • Nurse Darby: I don't get paid enough for this...

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Hi!! I was wondering, with your voltron family AU! When Hunk and Shay have kids how often do they take them to see Shiro and Keith. And are they the first of the kids to give them grandchildren?

[The Voltron Family] Hunk and Shay had three kids. Two boys and one girl. Ryouta was 6, Damian was 5 and La’akea was 3. It was the same ages Keith and Shiro got Hunk, Lance and Pidge. Hunk and Shay would drive their children to the Shirogane main house on a Friday night so they could sleepover and spend the rest of the weekend with their grandparents, and by Sunday morning, Hunk takes them back. It would happen twice a month.

Shiro and Keith were in the kitchen when suddenly the main door opened. 

Ryouta: DADDY SHIRO? DADDY KEITH? *shouts*
Hunk: What did I say about shouting, Ryouta? *sighs*
Ryouta: Sorry, Papa.
Damian: We’re here now!! *runs around to look for his granddaddies* 
Hunk: Damian! Get—
Keith: *looks at Shiro and beams* Our children are here!
Shiro: *chuckles*
Damian *peeks into the kitchen and spots the husbands* DADDY KEITH!!
Keith: *turns around and sees Damian* Sweetheart. *opens arms*
Damian: *giggles and runs towards Keith* 
Keith: *catches him and carries him* I’ve missed you, my little robin. *kisses*
Damian: *kisses back* I’ve missed you too!
Hunk: *joins them* *carrying La’akea* *smiles* Hey, Dads! Sorry we’re early. Shay and I need to go to an event. So I have to bring the kids and I have to make this quick.
Shiro: *takes La’akea* It’s okay, Hunk. *looks at the baby girl and kisses her* Daddy Shiro is all La’akea needs. Ain’t that right, my little girl? 
La’akea: *giggles* *squishes Shiro’s face to return the kiss*

So when Hunk left, the three kids were in the living room sitting on the huge sofa. Keith and Shiro brought their dinner which was spaghetti. They were going to have a movie night so they decided to eat while watching.

Keith: Specifically made someone’s favourite spaghetti because I heard… *looks pointedly at Ryouta* someone ranked first in the honor roll!
Ryouta: *gasps at the plate handed to him* *teary eyed while looking at Keith* *gets up to hug him* I love you, Daddy Keith and thank you!

The kids were now ready for bed, all wearing their matching pyjamas. La’akea wanted to sleep with her Daddy Shiro and Damian heard her so he proposed they all sleep in their Daddies’ room tonight. They were all lying on the bed, pretty much not ready to sleep yet.

Ryouta: Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: Yes, buddy? Something wrong?
Ryouta: *moves to sit in between Shiro’s legs so he has his back against Shiro’s chest* *pulls his legs to his chest and brings his hands to his own cheeks* People at school are being mean to me.
Keith: WHY? *glares* What did they do? Whose butt do I need to kick?
Damian: YES! Buttkicking! I go wichu, Daddy Keith! *clenches fist* Please?
Keith: *nods* Every superhero needs a sidekick.
Damian: YESSS!! *hands in the air triumphantly* 
Shiro: *smiles fondly at Damian* *nudges Ryouta* What happened, sweetheart?
Ryouta: *pouts* They said my name is anime and I don’t look anime.
La’akea: *hugs her brother* S’not true. Ryouta can be anime if he wants.
Ryouta: *smiles at his sister* Thanks, La’akea.
Shiro: *pulls Ryouta closer to him so the kid can rest on top of him* Did you know why your Papa named you ‘Ryouta’?
Ryouta: *shakes his head* 
Shiro: It’s because your Papa, Uncle Lance and Auntie Pidge were raised by us, so that means they grew up knowing Japanese culture. They may not be Japanese by blood or neither are the three of you, but it’s a big part of your Papa’s life. It’s part of who he is, even your Mama stayed in Japan. Then you came along. *hugs Ryouta tighter* Their first baby and they wanted you to have a very special name. That’s why your name is Japanese and you should be proud of it.
Ryouta: *looks up at Shiro* *teary eyed* *smiles* Okay.
Shiro: *kisses his forehead*
Damian: *hugs Ryouta* I love your name, Ryouta. So then, why did Mama and Papa name me Damian? Is it special too?
Keith: It’s not special. Stop thinking so highly of yourself. *scoffs* I wanted to be Batman and I didn’t have little boys anymore so I told your Papa I want his next boy to be named after Damian Wayne, Batman’s son. 
Shiro: *laughs along with the Ryouta and La’akea*
Damian: *horrified* DADDY KEITH! THAT’S NOT TRUE, IS IT?! *crawls to Keith and shakes him* Please tell me you’re lying?! *cries*

They were too busy bickering that they didn’t notice someone sent a message to Shiro’s phone, so they were in for a surprise the following day.

Daddy Shiro! My kids and I will crash there tomorrow and have a sleepover. Pidge said she’s going too because she misses Daddy Keith’s tempura. See you all tomorrow morning! Love you and goodnight! -Lance

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If you don't mind, can we go on the angst train? Maybe a situation when the chocobro's s/o misunderstands something and thinks they're not wanted in the group anymore and Ardyn uses that time to influence them to join him or something. Keep up the great work!

Ooh. It’s been a while since I’ve written angst, so hopefully this turned out alright. I’m gonna use a scenario with Noctis so I can try writing for him again.

It had been a long, exhausting day. Your bones ached with every step you took, and you nearly collapsed inside the Regalia once you’d made it back to the car. You were squished in the back seat as usual between Gladio and Noctis. Normally, Noctis would wrap an arm around your shoulders and pull you in to lean against him, but today he sat with one arm propped up to hold his chin in his hand, and the other limply in his lap. His head was turned out to watch the sun set, away from you.

He was in a mood. You knew it, so instead of trying to bother him, you made yourself as small as possible in the middle rear seat.

“It’s getting dark,” Prompto noted from the front passenger’s seat. “Can we stay in a hotel this time?”

“That’s up to Noct,” Ignis replied, eyeing the young prince in the rearview mirror. Noctis just shrugged.

“Sure. Whatever.”

Ignis gave a terse nod and made quick work of finding a motel at an outpost not far from where you were. It was getting dark, and you could see daemons sprouting from the ground along the sides of the road.

When you eventually got to the outpost, Noctis mumbled something about going to check the store with Ignis for curatives. Prompto and Gladio went to find some food for all of you, so you decided to quickly take a shower at the motel before anything else.

The hot water felt good against your weary muscles, your joints cracking in protest as you stretched out under the faucet. After a long while, you begrudgingly got out of the shower and dried off. You re-dressed and went out to look for the rest of the guys.

You found them, huddled together behind the adjacent store, muttering in small voices. They hadn’t noticed you, and for some reason, you felt the need to not let your presence known.

“…shouldn’t be coming,” you heard Noctis say, from where you hid in the shadows.

“You can’t mean that,” Prompto countered, sounding extremely flustered. “You’re just gonna leave them behind, when they left everything to come with us?”

You could feel your pulse in your ears.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Noctis snapped, sighing wearily. “I can’t have any distractions. We have to take down Titan, and if they’re around—”

That’s all you needed to hear. Is that all you were to him, a distraction? You thought back to the first time Noctis had kissed you, so gentle and so shy, and in that moment you felt like your heart was going to burst. That feeling returned again this time, except for all the wrong reasons.

You turned and went back to the room to quietly gather your things, tears stinging your eyes. If Noctis didn’t want you there, then you would leave. Plain and simple. And you’d do it now, so that he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of telling you to your face that he didn’t want you anymore.

You got your bag and slung it over your shoulder. The guys still hadn’t returned, so you walked out of the motel and tried to figure out where you were going to go.

“Excuse me,” a lilting voice called to you from your side. You recognized that voice.

“Ardyn,” you replied in greeting, your lips forming a thin line as he approached.

“Well, well, my dear,” he circled you slowly, like a predator circling prey. “What seems to be the issue? You’re all alone, your bags are packed…why, I daresay it appears that you’ve decided to go solo.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, glaring into the night. “Not by choice.”

Ardyn tutted. “Such a shame,” he noted, gently placing his hands on your shoulders, standing behind you. You could feel the warmth of his body on your back. “You know, they’re afraid of your strength,” he whispered, close to your ear. “They don’t know what you’re capable of. But I do. If you come with me, I can help you channel that strength. No harm will come to you when you’re with me. You’ll be safe. You’ll be wanted.” He pulled back from you, and you turned to face him. “Would you like that?”

You gulped, and instinctively turned to where the guys were still hidden behind the store. Ardyn placed a finger on your chin and turned your face towards his.

“No harm will befall the prince or your friends,” he promised. “I merely offer you the opportunity to see where this new path leads.”

He extended his hand, a questioning look in his gaze.

After a moment, you shoved all the voices in your head to the side, and ignored the ringing in your ears. You look his hand, and said, “Alright.”

Scrap Heap - An OUAT Ficlet

A/N: So, this little bit of silliness was inspired by David’s commentary in this week’s first sneak peek. I don’t disagree with him – Granny’s really isn’t the place for the CS wedding – but I thought he was a bit harsh in his overall assessment of the place. And I thought Granny definitely wouldn’t like it – and probably would have overheard it, with her wolf-hearing and all, and so might have tried to exact some…revenge. So. This was born – roughly 950 words of David-centric silly fic, with a touch of Captain Charming near the end. Also, it assumes that a little more time elapses between the sneak peek and when the wedding will take place than will probably happen on the show – maybe a few weeks or so. Hope you all enjoy!!

It all started so subtly that David almost didn’t notice it…at first.


His toast had been just a little bit darker than usual one morning when he’d stopped in for breakfast on his way to the station, but he’d washed down the slightly burnt aftertaste with the last of his coffee and had gone on his way with barely a second thought.

Then, the burger he’d gotten one afternoon while spending some quality bonding time with Henry had been a lot rarer than he preferred – actually, if he was being honest, it had been practically raw – but he’d just grimaced (after discreetly spitting the one bite he’d taken back into his napkin) and politely asked if it could be put it back on the grill for another couple of minutes. When the plate had been returned to the table, his burger had been perfectly cooked and he’d gone back to enjoying the afternoon with his grandson.

In hindsight, he supposed the salt he’d received in his coffee instead of sugar during an all-too-rare-in-recent-history date night with Snow – an honest mistake, the slightly frazzled waitress had pleaded – really should have been a tip-off, but at the time he’d just been too happy that his wife had not been in full on Mother-of-the-Bride mode to think too closely about anything else.

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What if yurio , phitchit and victor were texting there crush and there crush said something really cute or a really cute selfie and they just got completely flustered and just mt and don't respond so someone replys to there crush for them because they haven't sent anything back in like ten minutes and the person who responds basically just embarrasses them more by saying that they got really flustered (sorry if this doesn't make sense

Ah, it’s been such a hectic week what with it being the beginning of a new semester, but I’ve been feeling so down, and this is so cute, I really just have to do this. I’ll do my best, darling, I think I get the gist of it!

-’yuri!!! yuri, im @ the pet shelter atm and there’s this wonderful grouchy kitty that reminds me of u look look look’
-You ruthless cutie you
-Yurio already can’t handle you
-He was just texting you during his break, with a small serene smile on his face
-Just leanin against the railing of the rink, doing some leg exercises
-The creases between his eyebrows are practically non-existent, you make him so happy
-It’s the sweetest thing
-But the minute you send that text, he stands up straight as if he’s been whipped across the back
-Oh no
-Yuri looks over his phone to see Mila, smiling sllyly down at him
-”Who are you texting, Yuriii?” she croons
-he tries to ignore her, hunches his shoulders and is just about to message you back when you send a selfie
-holy shit if you didn’t kill him before, then you damn well did now
-There you were, a big delighted smile on your face, with the most crotchety looking cat on your lap, leaning against your hand that was petting it’s head
-Yuri wheezes, this boi literally fuckin WHEEZES, and leans over, clutching his chest
-he’s like the old man meme

-that one
-Mila blinks, chuckling, before taking his phone in his weakened state to see what’s gotten him in such a ti-
-oh my god
-Even she’s enraptured in the fucking ADORABLENESS that your selfie is
-meanwhile you’re waiting eagerly for your boyfriend’s reply, which… is taking a while….
-A half hour damn near passes before you get a text
-”Hi, Y/N, this is Georgi. I must say your selfie is very sweet and cute. I can’t handle it, but you know, Yuri is the one who can’t handle it the most. He’s currently wailing with Mila over how adorable you are! Haha.”
-fucker is the only one trying to keep his cool, bc honestly, he’s crying too
-you lethal weapon
-yuri later tells you he killed georgi for embarrassing him he didnt he just poured his coffee on his new scarf

-You’re always snapchatting Phichit about one thing or another
-You don’t usually use your face, rather, you just take photos of the thing you’re doing at the time
-But Phichit loves you and your cute face!!! He could kiss it all day!!!
-Anywho, he’s out with Yuuri, and while his friend is looking through ice skating magazines, Phichit’s checking through his notifs
-And he sees you’ve replied to his snap!!
-He asks Yuuri if he wants to be in a selfie with him and of course Yuuri knowing Phichit, he didn’t have much a choice
-So Phichit taps the notif, and goes to your chat
-Opens your snap, la dee d-
-Ooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyy gooooo-
-He blinks, and screams when the counter goes out, this boy literally fucking SCREAMS, HE SCREECHES
-It’s you, holding up a hamster cookie, with the biggest smile on your face, looking so proud
-The caption read ‘Just cooked up a batch for u, look how good it looks?!’
-Phichit is leaning against Yuuri, who’s also seen the snap
-”Aaaw, how cute!” He says
-Phichit grabs his friend by the shoulders
-”Yuuri.” He says in the most grave tone Yuuri’s ever heard, “That wasn’t just “cute.” Let me tell you a thing or two over just how precious my s/o is.”
-He literally goes on a goddamn tangent
-And Yuuri thought HE was obsessed with Viktor, CHRIST, PHICHIT
-It’s like he was saving this speech over how adorable you are for this specific moment
-Yuuri’s listening to him, smiling and humoring him
-Phichit replays the snap, screenshotting it before just waving it in front of Yuuri, looking so happy
-But Yuuri’s tired now, a fucking HOUR passed, and you only have a notif that Phichit screenshot your pic
-This boi fuckin snatches the phone from your boyfriend, and before he can react, texts
-”Y/N, your cookies look gr8! This is Yuuri btw, sorry for the delay in reply, but Phichit went on a speech over how cute u are! Lol pls tell him to stop, ppl are staring.”

-Viktor’s always been passionate about how cute you are
-He squishes your cheeks, kisses your nose, gives you eskimo-kisses, blows raspberries on your tummy, nuzzles you CONSTANTLY when he gets overwhelmed, he just adores you
-Viktor Nikiforov is entirey infatuated you, it’s adorable in itself
-So he’s just texting you, when he SHOULD be practicing with Yuri, because… th… that’s his goddamn job…. Viktor,…. you fuck…..
-Yuri’s shouting at him and of course, this guy is clearly ignoring him, giggling to himself as he chats with you
-’lolololol Y/N, when will u get here???? it’s nearly lunch time!!! i miss uuuu~’
-’im on my way!!!! u should be practicing, geez’
-Fuckin Viktor chuckles, and does a little footwork,then checks his phone OOOOH GREAT JOB HOTSHOT
-He skids to a halt after that
-Viktor speeds his way towards Yuri which autmoatically makes him regret speaking because now he’s gonna go off about you
-Instead, much to Yuri’s surprise, he’s… actually kinda quiet
-It’s weird
-His eyes are wide, and practically glimmering
-Viktor’s cheeks are normally at least a little rosy due to the chilly temperature, but now, they’re a bright jolly red color
-One hand is covering his mouth, as if in shock, and now Yuri’s a little unnerved
-”What the fuck do you want.” He grumbled, a little off-put
-Viktor slowly holds up his phone to show Yuri a photo of you, posing in front of a poster of Viktor that was apparantly up nearby the ice rink
-You have the back of your hand on your forehead dramatically, but you’ve got a clear mixture of pride, love and amusement on your face as you grin
-Beneath that was a text, saying “Can’t believe my beautiful boyfriend is actually made out of paper…….”
-Yuri blinks, and grunts
-He’ll admit, it was pretty cute, but he didn’t really…. give a shit…..
-He looks up and sees Viktor’s cheeks pulled up in a smile behind his hand
-It takes at least an hour and a half when you get a response and it’s from Yuri
-’hey this is yuri can u maybe pls take ur shitty boyfriend away so i can be at peace’
-Thanks yuri

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I thought if you could do hc for mtmte ratchet, megatron aaaand Rodimus having a human friend that is blind, but their hearing, since of smell and touch is very good and they can hear even the tiniest sound and can smell the difference of for example a infected wound from fresh. And if someone comment that their blindness makes them vulnerable they replies that they don't need sight to avoid getting squished when they stomping around like thundering mammoths.

Precious blind s/o doesn’t need anyone’s help and I love it!

-He’s always worried about you even though he knows you can handle yourself despite your condition
-He is always polite and asks you first before picking you up
-He thinks it’s amazing how your other senses are so strong and can tell the difference so well
-He laughs at your comments when bots pick on you, but is worried that one day someone is just going to react in a not so nice way

-He “secretly” follows you around sometimes
-When it comes to holding you he’s very nervous, what if you fall out of his hand by accident? You assure him you’re not that stupid
-At first he thinks your really sensitive senses are weird, but then he’s really impressed
-When bots pick on you, he lets you stand up for yourself, but he’s right behind you shooting them the “I-will-end-you” face

-He tries to sneak up on you and jumps every time you acknowledge his presence
-He has a tendency just to scoop you up and carry you because you can’t see and he can help. He apologizes and sets you down if you tell him you don’t need it, and he feels bad afterwards because he just wanted to help. He didn’t mean to upset you
-He thinks it’s freaky-cool how your senses are so strong since you’re blind. He likes playing games where you smell things and tell him what it is and “Guess that Voice”
-He laughs when you tell the crew off, “yeah, you tell them s/o… wait. Do I sound like a thundering mammoth too?”

Rescue (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can u do a Bellamy imagine like murphy takes u instead of jasper and use prompts 7 & 15 and the octavia and clarke realise why bellamys fighting so hard for your safety and that’s prompt 10 like yeah pretty much that whole scene though thankyou xx

A\N: Sorry this took so long to post, I had it all written but my phone crashed and it never saved :(( Hope you like it, i hope it’s okay that I changed a bit of what happens in this so it’s not exactly the same as the episode\scene xox

Originally posted by bellrkebby

Warning: Swearing, violence 

As you walk inside the drop ship, an eery feeling washes over you. Something bad is going to happen. Brushing the thought away, you were ready to meet your best friend Jasper, ready to have your daily session filled with gossip, jokes, terrible puns and your obsession with Octavia’s older brother, Bellamy. Suddenly, the loud grinding noise of the large door startles you as it begins to close. When the noises stop you hear a plethora of shouting coming from outside, and you recognise Jasper and Ravens voice calling your name. You bang your fist on the cold metal and let out a sigh of relief when someone knocks back. But before you can speak, a voice has you snapping around.

 "Didn’t mean to frighten you, princess.“ Murphy apologises, sitting down on Ravens work table. You cringe at the nickname but think about the real problem at hand. 

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Anon Said: OMG u do yandere requests? If so can I have a moneys x one of how it would be when they kiss you? If not can I have a bts version if u don't do bts? I love this blog ☺

Ahhhhh! I’ll do Monsta X! I’ve been wanting someone to request them so I could see if I could do it! <3 Thank you so much!!! I’m also sure you meant “Can you do a BTS version if you don’t do MONSTA X?” and “Monsta X (not moneys x)”. It’ll be my pleasure, nonny.~

He pays attention to all of the signs and how you’re feeling. The last thing . Romance and Fluff is pretty much his motto when it came to you. His hands would either be cupping your cheeks, or one would be in your hair while the other one was touching your neck. The kiss it’s self would be gentle: grazing his lips against yours to make sure you wouldn’t pull away. Then a gentle kiss that would only last a couple seconds before he pulls away to stare into your eyes. You accepting his kiss would only intensify his feelings of protection and need.

Originally posted by wonhontology

This boy is all about emotions and how he’s feeling during the kiss. It’s aggressive, but not enough that it hurts, and his hands are never in the same spot for more than a couple seconds because he just wants to feel as much of you as possible, but he would never overstep any bounds. He feels so many emotions and he just wants to have all of you, and he can’t seem to get enough. Since it’s the first kiss, he’s still learning how you like it, it’s sloppy, and you’re not quite sure how to feel about it because it happened out of nowhere. He’d pull away and do his annoying aegyo to make you laugh so you’re not mad at him.

Originally posted by swagplusderp

BOI. The moment his lips touch yours, your mind goes blank. This boy knows what he’s doing, and he’s all about body worship, which he’s surprisingly good at even when he’s not in the bedroom. His hands are either holding your face in place, kneading your hips, or wrapped tightly around your waist or shoulders. He also has you pinned against a counter or a wall so he can have more control of the situation (not that he doesn’t already have all of the control). He would pull away and look at the damage he did and reward you with one of his sex half smirks (like the butthole he is *angrily trying not to stan him*).

Originally posted by minpoong

The kiss would be private and nothing more than a peck on the cheek. He wouldn’t want to do anything to scare you off so he wouldn’t do anything more without your express vocal consent. Once he had done it once though, he couldn’t stop himself from doing it again and again. When he was fighting back the urge to actually kiss you, he would either hold your jawline gently with both hands or just hold your chin with his thumb and forefinger and look deeply into your eyes in hopes that you can see what he is begging for.

Originally posted by kihyonie

He’d want to be in control just like Wonho. You would end up on his lap as he cupped your cheek with one hand and held one of your wrists with his other hand. He would switch and wrap his arms around your waist so he could squish you against him as his once rough (and slightly bruising) kiss became gentle. He would feel bad for kissing you so randomly that he would pull away, put his forehead against yours and caress your cheeks with the pads of his thumb, but would still hold you in place on top of him with his other arm.

Originally posted by wonhontology

By far he his the most aggressive kisser, and he would probably only kiss you without your consent when you guys were fighting. You would end up pinned against the wall with your arms locked above your head by one of his hands while the other one held your chin so you wouldn’t squirm. He would take advantage of this situation by kissing you as deeply as possible before pulling away and pressing his nose lightly against yours. His breath would graze your cheek as a quiet apology would escape his lips as he began to worry if he had hurt you.

Originally posted by mykeem

He would want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable. Gentle kisses on your cheeks, nose, forehead, and then eyelids. He would wrap your arms around his shoulders, and he would snake his around your waist before looking over every inch of your face before leaning in and kissing you slowly and passionately. It would be the type of kiss that slowly took your breath away and made you wonder how someone like him would know how to work you in such a way. He would pull away and put his forehead against yours before giving you a quick eskimo kiss.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Oh, gosh. Anon… This was so much fun to type, and I hope you love it because I don’t know a lot about Kihyun? I had to watch a video to learn a little bit about him, and he seems like the type to… be gentle? I don’t know. You HAVE TO SEND ME A MESSAGE AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT BECAUSE I’M NERVOUS!!!

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Hello! Love your blog! I'm from the uk and I was wondering if you can do junkrat/reaper/genji/soldier/Hanzo with a British s/o who starts to use British slang words like "sod it (forget it)" "I'm knackered (tired)" "bloody hell (fgs)" and they think it's really cute that they've gone full British mode and then their s/o gets self conscious and embarrassed cause they don't like their accent but they reassure them it's adorable?(you don't just have to use those words either if you don't want to)🤗

((Does it count that I use Aussie slang so I was about to say to an American friend how a bunch of bogans are having a party at like, 1am and I haven’t had a chance to get 40 winks in almost 3 weeks now??? - Mod Tez))

Originally posted by smauganna

Jamison Fawkes

  • Man he bloody loves British accents
  • poor lad he doesn’t show it well though.
  • The first time you went full on British mode he went total Aussie mode.
  • So you both spoke in so much slang that not even Sombra could hack you guys to understand the convo.
  • If you ever feel self conscious about your accent or the way you talk he tries to cheer you up.
  • “Oi get exactly what ya mean sheila! trust me ‘ere love half the time even good ol Roadie here doesn’t even get me!”
  • “If you think your accent is bad then oi must be the worst then eh love?”
  • Will pepper your face with kisses.
  • You’ll probably end up with soot all over your face.
  • But the soot is shaped like kiss marks.

Originally posted by thingsarelookinggrim

Gabriel Reyes (Reaper)

  • This man?????
  • Somehow????
  • Understands???
  • Some??
  • Slang?
  • He probably picks things up from the tone of voice and is actually quick to get what you say.
  • He finds the way your face scrunches up and turns red very cute.
  • He usually swears in Spanish and loves to talk shit about others with you.
  • He probably, solely, learns how to use your slang to talk shit about people’s fashion.
  • “Ah that red dress with the green high heels that have golden stilts… Aye I must say that’s bloody bullocks.”
  • Will totally ask if he’s saying things right.
  • If you’re feeling embarrassed he likes to pet your head to calm you down.
  • Honestly really cares for you and if anyone talks shit about your slang you can say that they’ll get their balls busted bad.

Originally posted by theblackmegadeus

Jack Morrison (Dad™76)

  • bOI
  • This man doesn’t understand even bloody hell
  • He’s always like, “??????”
  • “Why is bloody an insult? No one’s bleeding”
  • Tries to understand but never will.
  • Kinda feels bad about it too because when you get embarrassed he blames himself.
  • Tries to make you feel better by completely butchering the slang in a really, really strong attempt to try and make you smile.
  • “I feel…um, bloody knackered? because I don’t know what most of the bullocks you say means. Can you try and teach me some of those bullocks?”
  • you end up laughing a little and he feels like he accomplished something.
  • Just tell him what he said was right.
  • He ain’t leaving you alone until you teach him.
  • Wants to be very supportive about it.

Originally posted by bokumetsu

Genji Shimada

  • You see, the thing with Genji is.
  • He travelled alot to find peace with himself.
  • In the process he passed by the UK
  • He understands slang but doesn’t know how to use it himself.
  • He finds your tone change when you speak in slang very cute.
  • Will start to freak out in a good way when you go full British mode.
  • If you ever get upset about the slang
  • or embarrassed
  • or anything really.
  • He will pap your cheeks
  • He’ll squish your cheeks
  • And he’ll press his visor against them.
  • He always tells you,
  • “It took me years to come to terms with myself, you mustn’t worry about a small matter such as this one. You sound cute and you’re happy. That is what matters.”
  • Will totally hug you.
  • Gotta love cyborg boy

Originally posted by maneljavier

Hanzo Shimada

  • Lookie here
  • Hanzo was raised in a very traditional lifestyle and possibly the type of English he was taught was American English.
  • He wouldn’t understand smidge of British slang
  • Hell, he doesn’t even understand Aussie slang mate!
  • But unlike Soldier, he is quick to learn
  • and also unlike Soldier, he is stubborn about learning new stuff.
  • But if he sees you start to become upset about your accent and/or slang use, he will throw himself on a desk and get his ass schooled.
  • Will approach you with tea and surprise you.
  • “Bloody hell this tea and learning about your bloody slang was hell to get through… But for you it was worth.”
  • He sets the tea down and hugs you.
  • Will probably never use the slang again but is willing to use it to cheer you up.

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13 & 88 YEOLLIEE ❤😂 I don't know why but I think it'll turn humorous but do it as you wish!! :)

Thirty minutes…

You picked up the pace a little as you weaved your way through the crowded street.

He just had to last thirty minutes while I went and picked up groceries.

You ran up the stairs to the level that your shared apartment was on, throwing the grocery bags on the ground as you fumbled with the key in a hurried attempt to open the door. Once it was unlocked, you sparta kicked it open and ran inside, taking the white plastic bags full of food with you.

“Chanyeol! Chanyeol!” You yelled across the living space.

Said husband appeared from the bedroom and walked up to you slowly, shame and a hint of guilt washing over your features.

You pulled your phone out of your coat pocket and shoved the screen in his face.

“You mind telling me what ‘we may have a slight problem’ means?!” You tapped your foot on the ground. “I leave you alone at home with the baby for half and hour, and something goes wrong?”

Chanyeol refused to meet your eyes.

“Look, honey,” Your voice softened a little as you gently reached out to his arm. “I won’t be upset, I promise, just tell me what the problem is.”

“You’ll be upset.” Chanyeol met your gaze and pouted. “You’ll be very upset.”

“What’s the problem, Chanyeol, just spill it.”

“I lost it.”

You exhaled. “Okay… You lost what?”

Chanyeol winced and put his hands up in surrender as he spoke almost too fast for you to register.

“I lost the baby.”

Your eyes grew to the size of oranges. You just stared at your husband for a few moments in silence as he froze in his defensive position.

“You lost the baby..?”

He didn’t move as he shut his eyes closed.

“You lost the baby?!” Your voice raised incredulously. “Chanyeol, we live in an eight-hundred square foot apartment! How can you possibly lose a baby?!”

“I don’t know!” He backed away from you a smidgen, preparing himself in case you decided to strike. “I turned my back for like, ten seconds, and he was gone!”

“I swear to God Chanyeol,” You facepalmed. “At least he’s somewhere in this apartment.”

After ten minutes of scouring the recesses of the household, you found the little toddler curled up next to the washing machine, fast asleep in his favorite blanket. You were quick to scoop him up and carry him to the nursery room where you tucked him in.

You chuckled to yourself as you closed the door behind you. “You really couldn’t last thirty minutes, could you?”

Chanyeol was sitting on the couch, hands buried in his fluffy brown hair.

“I’m so sorry, Jagi, I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

You sat down next to him and took both of his hands into your own. “It’s okay, it all turned out alright, and I know it’s-”

“You don’t understand,” Chanyeol interrupted you. “I promise, I had my eyes on him the entire time”

You smiled. “I know, honey, I know, I wasn’t expecting you to-”

He cut you off again. “I even followed the handwritten list you made for me about how to make the little baby food and how often to check his booties because he likes to untie them and play with the laces.”

“And I’m sure you did a great j-”

“And then I turned around! And it was like the little guy was a teleporter! I searched for a good five minutes before the panic set in and then I just had to text you that something was wrong.”

You huffed. “Chanyeol, it’s fine, I-”

“And then I was hating myself, telling myself how horrible of a husband I am that I couldn’t even keep track of our baby for half and hour when-”

“Stop interrupting me!” You grabbed your husband’s cheeks in between your palms, squishing them.

He looked at you with confused eyes and his lips smushed in the shape of a fish.

“I love you.” You put emphasis on every syllable. “This is all a learning process, okay? And we’ll get through this together.”

Chanyeol nodded and you pulled him into a hug that lasted what seemed like several minutes. You broke the hug off as a cringe-worthy smell filled your nose.

“What’s that smell?” You said, sitting up straight and eyeing your surroundings.

“Oh, yeah, about that.” Chanyeol scratched the back of his head and looked at the ground. “I thought I’d make up for it by making dinner.”

You stood up in a hurry and looked across the floor to the kitchen. Your gaze traveled down to Chanyeol and he met it relunctantly.

“Honey,” You called down to him with as much calm and tranquility as you could manage. “That’s awfully sweet of you.”

His eyes brightened and he grinned from ear to ear before you continued.

“-But you’ve set the stove on fire.”

Originally posted by r9e8d7

Ahh, for the anon who wanted this, I hope you liked it!! (When I first read #13 I thought it was talking about a miscarriage and I was like OMG THAT’S TERRIBLE HOW IS THAT FUNNY… Then I realized Chanyeol would totally lose his own kid that was in the same room as him) I tried to make it humorous for you~


Characters’ quotes about new pets

(Images courtesy of Klei forums user Instant-Noodles)

Rock den (critter crafting station):

Wilson: Is there something in there?

Willow: Is there anything cute in there??

Wolfgang: Wolfgang hear little noises inside.

Wendy: Oh. The abyss is staring back at me…


Wickerbottom: A perfect hollow for nesting animals.

Woodie: Anyone home?

Wigfrid: Tis a peculiar boulder.

Webber: It looks warm in there.

Maxwell: Am I being watched by that rock?

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Shit I've Heard In Class (Part One):
  • "I already know what tube socks are."
  • "If you're practicing seven hours a day, you get good."
  • "Let's talk about marriage vows."
  • "Who should I murder?"
  • "The respectability of your mom has yet to be established."
  • "I used to have 100% control of the temperature, now I only have 80% control, therefore I'm oppressed."
  • "God and I are on the same page."
  • "Spit in my hand."
  • "Is this how we're supposed to use our brains?"
  • "Give them candy when they do the right thing."
  • "Screw this, I'm starting over."
  • "Eenie, meenie, miney—forbidden."
  • "Don't murder anyone."
  • "Just YouTube it, okay?"
  • "Nice blinking, dude."
  • "I put the ladder on a trampoline."
  • "I LIKE my kids, but I REALLY like my dogs."
  • "If your best self includes a bladder that is unpredictable, then I can live with that."
  • "What did I get in trouble for again?"
  • "You're standing there, naked and alone..."
  • "Nope, no kids here."
  • "One time I got so mad I threw a bar of soap at a dresser."
  • "I gasp and squish first and then go, what was that, later."
  • "It's a great time and you won't get mugged. Probably."
  • "I can't wait to learn about morals."
  • "It's like a rave but with organized dance."
  • "I'm not about to give you parenting advice—no, yes I am."
  • "Do not let that word cross your lips."
  • "I'm too tired to talk to you right now."
  • "What do you have against Spongebob?"
  • "We agreed not to euthanize each other."
  • "I'll pee my pants next time."
  • "I wanna mug someone who's a challenge."
  • "Can't you just be obedient?"
  • "Now everyone's seen you dance naked."
  • "I'll use the context clues."
Don't Fuck With It

Pairing: The Squad x Reader
Prompt: The squad decides the best way to spend a Friday evening is with a Ouija board, and some ghosts.
Featuring: Charles
Word Count: 1153 Words
Warning: swearing, ghosts(??), fluff, Kurt saving us all!!
A/N: Lmao idk what this is, I’m just pumped for Halloween!! Also a Planchette is the pointer on an Ouija board, just in case you didn’t know.

Originally posted by eriklehnsherr

Originally posted by instructables

((gifs not mine, credit to owners)) Side note: I don’t fuck with Ouija boards that shit is scary af

                You were all sitting around an Ouija board that Peter had somehow acquired. You didn’t ask how he got it, just helped him set it up. Along with some candles to set the mood, as Peter said (which made you and Jubilee laugh for five minutes) in the living room. It was pretty late, late enough for the professor not to know what you were doing, and as Peter put it: ‘ghosty time.’ Kurt had opted not to help conjure ghost, as well as Ororo, both (mostly Ororo) claiming they don’t fuck with that shit. Jean also wasn’t in the mood, she said it was stupid, and she would probably be right, but nonetheless you found yourself sitting between Scott and Jubilee. Warren and Peter across from you as you asked the board question.

                You did everything, setting up, asking the right questions, but twenty minutes in, nothing. First the questions were good, made sense, things like, “How old are you?” “How did you die?” “Are there others with you?” But then Warren asked who was the hottest, Jubilee asked who had the biggest dick, you asked if there was alcohol in the afterlife. Peter was obviously annoyed that his plan to talk to ghost wasn’t going well. “Guys c’mon ask serious questions.” He whined.

“Oh I have a serious question!” Scott declared, clearing his throat before asking, “Boobs or butt?”

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I don't know it I can request something for you to write? But if that's ok can you please do a riarkle one shot of Riley asking Farkle to pretend to be her boyfriend because a guy she doesn't like is flirting with her?

Hi there! Of course, you can request something for me to write, it just takes me a while to finish! Thanks for requesting. :)

Title: Genius by Breakfast, Batman by Lunch

I tried to do something I guess *a little* different than the “Fake Dating” AUs I’ve done before. They are in the 11th grade here. Enjoy!

“He won’t leave me alone,” Riley huffs, “he’s asked me out five times this week, and he shows up to my locker every day to tell me how “sexy” I look like I need the ego boost.”

Maya cuts off a piece of her pancake, taking a bite of delicious doughy goodness. “Riley, you need to tell him to leave you alone. How long has this been going on for? Days? A week? It’s ridiculous.”

Riley throws her hands up in the air, her food lies on the kitchen table untouched, “Maya, I’ve tried to talk to him, trust me. Every time I tell him to take a hike he shrugs it off and changes the conversation and makes me look crazy. He’s evil.

Maya playfully rolls her eyes and stands up to put her hands on Riley’s shoulders. “Riley, he’s bothering you, and it’s not okay. if you don’t do something I’ll tell the boys -“

“No!” Riley yells, before regaining herself, “I don’t want you to tell them. You know how Lucas gets - and Farkle will give me a twenty-minute lecture about how I need to do the right thing -“

“Exactly,” Maya points, “that’s why we need to tell them.”

“Maya don’t -” Riley protests as Maya dials Farkle’s number on her cell phone. Riley tackles Maya to the floor, allowing Riley some leverage, “I said no, Maya, how many times do I have to -“

But Riley is cut off by the door buzzing, and Auggie comes running into the main room to answer the door and open it before Riley can protest.  

Farkle, Zay, and Lucas come through the apartment door, their eyes immediately focusing on Riley and Maya tangled up on the floor. “Uh hey, guys!” Riley greets, posing awkwardly.

The boys look amused before they help the two girls up and untangle them from each other. “Is everything okay?” Farkle observes Riley, “Maya texted me and said we should come over before school.”

“You texted him too?! Was this before or after our conversation?” Riley exclaims, about to pounce on her best friend once again before Farkle pulls her back, his hands lingering on her forearms.

“What’s going on, Riley?” He asks, concerned.

Riley is about to respond stubbornly with a ‘nothing’ when Maya speaks firmly, “Riley is getting harassed by a guy at school, and she didn’t tell any of us about it because she didn’t want us to worry.

Farkle turns Riley around, so they’re facing each other, and she expects him to be concerned and not upset. But then it hits her, and she understands. Farkle and Maya are her best friends, and she tells them everything - except she didn’t tell Farkle, this time.

“Who is he?” He pushes. Farkle doesn’t bother questioning why she didn’t tell him or how long it’s been going on. She watches as his face changes from upset to anger with a mix of something else she can’t pinpoint. “Lucas, tell me you’re going to kick this guys ass.”

She raises her eyebrows; this is what she was afraid they would say. “No one is kicking anyone’s ass -“

“But-“ Lucas protests, coming up to stand beside Farkle.

“No! You see this is the exact reason I didn’t tell you both!”

“I’m going to do something,” Farkle affirms, still staring at Riley.

Riley shakes her head at Farkle, protesting once again.

“At least let us tell him off,“ Lucas comprises, and all her friends, including Maya, nod in agreement.

And she knows that they are desperate to help, so she finally nods. Friends let other friends help.

“It will be over today, Honey,” Maya reassures, taking Riley’s hand into her own, “you shouldn’t feel bothered by him every time you come to school.”

Riley nods and gives Maya a small smile, and then the bell rings, and they part ways.

Literature class goes by slower than usual, and Riley finds herself glancing over at the clock every few minutes, until finally, the bell rings signaling her release. Riley scurries out of the classroom and into the crowded cafeteria with Farkle, as they do every day.

Farkle and Riley find their seats and instead of sitting across from him, as usual, she sits beside him, her body clinging onto his own. She knows that the rest of the gang will be here any minute, but she doesn’t want to take any chances running into Ryan. Not when Lucas, Zay, and Farkle promised to talk to him after school.

Farkle glances over at her curiously, “Riley?”

“Yes?” She peeps, looking up at him from her huddled position.

“Are you… am I supposed to know what is happening right now? Because I’m very confused.”

Riley glances around the cafeteria suspiciously, and that’s when she knows she’s made the wrong decision because as soon as she looks up her and Ryan lock eyes and then he starts walking in her and Farkle’s direction.

“He’s coming,” she hisses, squishing herself closer to Farkle, “you need to do something!”

Me? Riley what I am supposed to -“

“Farkle, he’s coming!” She peeks over Farkle to see Ryan making her way towards her, “do something! You said you were going to do something!”

All of her logic from this morning goes out the door and she doesn’t care if Ryan’s feelings get hurt and she doesn’t care if she needs to rely on her friends she just needs him to do something.

He nods once, and he knows what he’s about to do could change their relationship. “Okay. Do you trust me?”

“What why -“


“Of course, Farkle,” she responds before standing up. She looks down at Farkle, who is facing her in his seat and then he abruptly pulls her onto his lap, and her legs instinctively wrap around his waist, and she doesn’t know exactly what is happening for several moments until she realizes that she is practically straddling her best friend in the middle of the school cafeteria.

Her eyes connect with his, and she wants to jump out of his arms and off his lap because their faces are so close, and it forces her to realize how handsome the boy in front of her is. A few years has done him wonders, and she is completely entranced.

“Farkle, this is not what I meant by doing something.“ She blushes but still makes no motion to move. It’s like there is some force attracting them to each other.

“Farkle where are you going with this -“ she tries but the words die on her lips as Ryan approaches them suspiciously, and Riley can’t do anything but stare at him in horror, so instead she prays to God Farkle fixes it.

Farkle gives Riley an encouraging nod before he wraps his arms around waist, completely surrounding her, and she bites down so hard on her bottom lip she thinks it might be bleeding. He draws her closer, so close that their noses are almost touching, and Riley is overwhelmed by the feeling of floating.

Farkle’s eyes never leave hers as he speaks the next words, not at her, but at Ryan. “I heard you were bothering Riley, and you should know that if you keep pursuing my girlfriend, It will be my personal mission to make sure every girl in school knows just how much of a nuisance you are.”

Farkle finally looks over at Ryan, but Riley doesn’t even glance in his direction because she is too busy staring at Farkle Minkus in amazement. Her hero in the first grade. Her hero now.

Ryan scampers away, clearly embarrassed, and then Farkle’s eyes meet hers once again, and he gives her a reassuring smile. “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

“Farkle Minkus: Genius by breakfast, Batman by lunch,” she whispers, a slight  flush creeping up her neck.

They both smile at each other, about to say something when the loud clapping comes from the other end of the table, and the duo snap their heads towards the annoying noise to find an amused Maya, Zay, and Lucas.

“Interesting tactic, Minkus,” Maya remarks.

“You saw that?” Farkle shakes his head, “why didn’t you do something?”

“Oh, it looks like you handled it pretty well. Don’t you think, Riles?”

Riley shoots Maya a nervous smile, before squeaking out an “mhm.”

Maya leans over the table, her face practically in between Riley’s and Farkle’s, “but you should probably reconsider your seating arrangement at the moment,” she whispers, grinning, “we’re in the middle of the school cafeteria, and everyone is staring at you two.”

anonymous asked:

would it be triggering for u if i asked for some advice about self harm because I've relapsed and I don't have any friends who I feel like I can talk to about it (I have one but I feel like they'll be bored of me by this point lmao)

TW// self harm

This is a message for anyone that self harms or knows someone that does.

DISCLAIMER: Although this is something I have dealt with for a while and it’s still very tough to discuss, I really do want everyone to feel like they have a safe place to come to for information. That being said, I claim to be no expert on self harm, all I have are my personal solutions/distractions and information I’ve gathered from friends that have also suffered through the same things.

Hello friend! Thank you for the question. I’d like to start off by saying that I’m so sorry that you feel alone/that you don’t have people to talk to that you feel would be interested in what you’re saying. I promise you there will always be people who care deeply about you and don’t want to see you hurt yourself. You are so important.

Second of all I want to tell you that what you’re feeling is normal and valid and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. You are not “crazy” (sorry for using that word, I truly despise it) or weak or losing a battle, you are just a person who is facing difficult times. The good news is that things are constantly changing and no matter how long you feel this way, you can’t feel it forever. Your brain’s chemicals will shift and change as you continue to grow and you WILL feel different eventually. Now, getting there is the hard part.

((I’d like to just say that just because a person self harms does NOT give ANYONE the right to make assumptions or criticisms about they’re current mental situation. The fact is, no one knows exactly what anyone is going through until they speak with that person one-on-one. So just because someone self harms does not necessarily mean they are suicidal, attention seeking or depressed. And like I said, no one has the right to call someone who self harms “crazy” or “psychotic” and I will not tolerate those terms or terms like that on my blog or in my life in general.))

okay, back to what I was saying. I have compiled a couple (a lot) of distractions for when you next feel the need to self harm. I got some of them off of a website a very long time ago and they’ve been in my notes (for reminders and to send to friends who need them) for a while so I’m not sure what website they are from. There’s a list of distractions for certain emotional states as well as some general ones I’ve put together and gotten from other sites.

Here they are! And remember, no matter your current situation, it will not last forever. You just have to get through those moments of self doubt and every time you defeat those terrible thoughts, you get stronger and things will get easier. I believe in you, friend. You are loved. You are important.

alternatives for self harming for expression of pain and intense emotions:
• Paint, draw, or scribble on a big piece of paper with red ink or paint
* Express your feelings in a journal
* Compose a poem or song to say what you feel
* Write down any negative feelings and then rip the paper up
* Listen to music that expresses what you’re feeling

self harming to soothe yourself:
* Take a bath or hot shower
* Pet or cuddle with a dog or cat
* Wrap yourself in a warm blanket
* Massage your neck, hands, and feet
* Listen to calming music

if you feel numb:
* Call a friend (you don’t have to talk about self-harm)
* Take a cold shower
* Hold an ice cube in the crook of your arm or leg
* Chew something with a very strong taste, like chili peppers, peppermint, or a grapefruit peel
* Go online to a self-help website, chat room, or message board

releasing tension or anger:
* Exercise vigorously—run, dance, jump rope, or hit a punching bag
* Punch a cushion or mattress or scream into your pillow
* Squeeze a stress ball or squish Play-Doh or clay
* Rip something up (sheets of paper, a magazine)
* Make some noise (play an instrument, bang on pots and pans)

* Use a red felt tip pen to mark where you might usually cut
* Hit pillows or cushions, or have a good scream into a pillow or cushion to vent anger and frustration
* Rub ice across your skin where you might usually cut, or hold an ice-cube in the crook of your arm or leg
* Put elastic bands on wrists, arms or legs and flick them instead of cutting or hitting
* Have a cold bath or shower

a-z of distractions for self harm:
-Alternative therapies: massage, reiki, meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy
* Bake or cook something tasty
* Clean (and won’t your folks/housemates be pleased!)
* Craftwork: make things, draw or paint
* Dance your socks off
* Eat sweets or chocolate for an instant sugar rush (but be careful of the dip in your mood once it’s over)
* Exercise for a release of endorphins and that feel-good factor
* Forward planning – concentrate on something in the future, like a holiday
* Go for a walk (preferably further than the local pub)
* Go online and look at websites that offer you advice and information
* Hang out with friends and family
* Have a bubble bath with lots of bath bombs fizzing around you
* Have a good cry
* Hug a soft toy
* Invite a friend round
* Join a gym or a club
* Knit (it’s not just for old people you know)
* Listen to music
* Moisturise
* Music: singing, playing instruments, listening to (basically making as much noise as you can)
* Open up to a friend or family member about how you are feeling
* Pop bubble wrap
* Phone a helpline or a friend
* Play computer games
* Play with a stress ball or make one yourself
* Read a book
* Rip up a phone directory (does anyone actually use them these days?)
* Scream into an empty room
* Shop ’til you drop
* Smoke – smokers find that having a fag can help (smoking is not a long term solution; in fact, it’s a form of self harm)
* Spend time with babies (when they’re in a good mood)
* Tell or listen to jokes
* Use the internet
* Visit a zoo or a farm (animals do the best things)
* Volunteer for an organisation (will make you feel all warm inside)
* Watch TV or films – particularly comedies
* Write: diary, poems, a book
* Write negative feelings on paper, then rip them up
* Yoga: meditation, deep breathing – this might help you relax and control your urges
* Zzz – get a good night’s sleep

Thank you for the question, I hope this helps a little. I cannot begin to understand what you’re going through but just know that you’re not going through it alone.


wrenchirps  asked:

For rare pairs: Avengers Academy: Tony/Bucky/Natasha. Nat and Tony set out to woo Bucky and sneak up on him, only to hear him singing a tragic sad love song about them both. If that is too much: maybe Bucky plays his new song for them? (i hope this is within the rules :) Even if you don't take this prompt, thanks for the opportunity anyway :) !)

No problem. Both prompts are within the rules/guidelines. If you’re ever worried about a prompt being too much for a drabble you can always ask. 

“You know, I would have thought being stuck in a small space with you would have been fun, but this is really starting to hurt my neck and back.” Tony made a point of rubbing his neck. “Ow!” He cried when Natasha elbowed him in the ribs. “Nat~”

“Sorry, accident,” Natasha said, peeking out of the handle hole of the box they were currently squished under.

“That wasn’t an accident,” Tony whined. “You always abuse me.” He wrapped his arms around Natasha’s waist and nuzzled her shoulder. “I’ll forgive you though if you kiss me.”

Natasha elbowed him again. “Quiet and get ready to move. Our target is just a few paces north.”

Tony sighed in defeat and released his girlfriend. He adored Natasha, but when she was in mission mode she was one-hundred and ten percent focused. He wished she’d lighten up a little. What was the fun of being in an enclosed space with your partner if all they did was tell you to keep quiet and do as they say?

Tony paused a went over his thoughts again.

Okay, admittedly there were some situations in which he might not mind Natasha bossing him around and telling him to keep quiet, but they hadn’t gotten that far into their relationship yet to discuss such intimate and personal matters.

“Go!” Suddenly Natasha was hiking up the box and sprinting across the sidewalk.

Tony barely had time to stand up with her and run.

Seconds later he was crashing into Natasha and being forced to crouch down again.

A few feet away Bucky strummed on his guitar. He sang a few wordless notes as he played.

Tony sighed at Bucky’s melodic voice. “Oh man, I’m melting like my cheese whenever I walk by the Gamma zone. That radiation is some powerful stuff.”

“Please tell me you don’t eat the cheese after it’s melted.” Natasha grimaced.

“Of course I do. It would be a waste of cheese if I didn’t.”

Natasha rolled her eyes. “You dork.”

“But you love me, right?”

Natasha sighed. She grabbed the collar of his jacket and yanked Tony toward her. She planted a kiss on his cheek. “Yes. I will duct tape your mouth shut if you can’t keep quiet though. We need proper intel if we’re going to seduce Bucky.”

“I don’t think you need any help,” Tony grumbled. He’d seen the way Bucky rushed to share his songs with Natasha. He’d also seen how Bucky’s eyes lit up whenever Natasha walked by. Bucky was crushing on Natasha, and everyone knew it.

Natasha squeezed Tony’s knee.

Tony plucked her hand off his knees so he could hold it. He was immensely pleased when Natasha kept her hand in his.

Bucky’s music went from mindless strumming to something that sounded like an early version of a song, a simple melody. Words joined the music, but they were mumbled.

Tony listened and frowned as Bucky stopped playing for a moment and cursed.

“Crap. Complete crap. Doesn’t even rhyme,” Bucky mumbled. He started playing again. “Two loves but I can’t have one,” he sang then let out a string of curses. “Fuck. No. Same problem.”

Guitar music lazily drifted in the air. Bucky didn’t sing or speak for two minutes; Tony assumed the musician was mulling over his lyrics some more.

“Lovin’ them was red,” Bucky sang and immediately stopped. “Did I just rip off Taylor Swift?”

Bucky groaned. “Red, two loves, armor and spiders, come on, Bucky there is a song here, and you know it. Just put it together. Ya got the one who likes actin’ mysterious but is actually easy to read with practise and then ya got the one who smiles and hides everything. Best poker face in the world. Poker face! Yeah, I can use that! I can…rip off Lady Gaga.”

Bucky went silent.

“I’ve lost my edge,” Bucky stated.

Tony had grabbed Natasha by the arm and was shaking her. Tony wasn’t the best when it came to the fine nuisances of human relationships and interactions, but he knew a love confession when he heard one and he was freaking out inside.

“Deep breaths, Tony,” Natasha whispered. “This is good news, but we don’t want to do anything–”

Tony leaped up, throwing the box off of them. “Do you want to be our boyfriend?” Tony shouted excitedly.

Natasha face palmed. “–rash.”

Bucky gaped at Tony.

Tony put his hands on his hips and wiggled his eyebrows. “I know. I’m just so handsome, I’m stunning.”

Natasha shook her head. “It will be a miracle if he still wants to date us after this.”

Bucky snapped out of his stupor and almost flung his guitar to the ground. “Yes! I will date both of you! And I promise I won’t forget our anniversary.”

Tony beamed and flung himself at Bucky, hugging him tight. Tony cooed. “Aw, Natasha. I love him already.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, but smiled. “You dorks.”

What your favorite hero says about you (updated)
  • Abaddon: You like to argue about what does and does not create a carry, and also enjoy diving towers without suffering any consequences.
  • Alchemist: You enjoy making money but you're probably not efficient enough to play this hero.
  • Ancient Apparition: You like making ice puns in all chat.
  • Anti-Mage: You want to be the carry and the other team picked a couple int supports.
  • Arc Warden: You want to fuck Mysterio (of Spider-Man fame).
  • Axe: You hate fun and also the meta.
  • Bane: You love fun and also brains.
  • Batrider: You're stuck in 2012 but nobody in 1k seems to notice.
  • Beastmaster: [bounty rune voice clip]
  • Bloodseeker: You're a bastard.
  • Bounty Hunter: You have a Pavlovian response to the word "dust".
  • Brewmaster: You like beer and don't mind some micro every now and again.
  • Bristleback: You're disgusting.
  • Broodmother: You're either a horrible arachnapologist or you like to have fun.
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fucking bronies
  • Chaos Knight: You're probably into warhammer.
  • Chen: You hate having fun.
  • Clinkz: spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine
  • Clockwerk: You love the concept of a Hell in the Cell match.
  • Crystal Maiden: You like to run slow and die fast.
  • Dark Seer: You read an excerpt from The Art of War once, maybe.
  • Dazzle: You know what's up.
  • Death Prophet: You enjoy New Orleans and ghosts.
  • Disruptor: You are a filthy dinosaur fetishist.
  • Doom: You're a sad vore fetishist.
  • Dragon Knight: DK? Really? I bet you main Link in Smash, too.
  • Drow Ranger: You want to be a carry and you can't play any other ones.
  • Earth Spirit: fuck off
  • Earthshaker: You enjoy shaking and/or quaking it.
  • Elder Titan: Does anyone actually play this guy?
  • Ember Spirit: You like the idea of juggernaut but you feel like he needs more battlefuries.
  • Enchantress: You like those old disney movies where the princesses communed with animals, but you feel like they need a dash of murderous intent.
  • Enigma: ???
  • ??
  • ?????
  • Faceless Void: You miss 2013. Whoops, nevermind, you miss last patch.
  • Gyrocopter: You feel like Eisenhower had some good ideas.
  • Huskar: You love fun and hate everyone.
  • Invoker: You love Icefrog quite suddenly.
  • Io: You love communication and hate pubs.
  • Jakiro: You've purchased no fewer than 4 bad dragon toys.
  • Juggernaut: You like the concepts behind Ember Spirit but you wish he was worse and easier to play.
  • Keeper of the Light: You ask for a senior discount every time you enter the side shop and then forget why you went there in the first place.
  • Kunkka: You want to fuck a boat, sexually.
  • Legion Commander: You want to crush the enemy team with your increasingly powerful thighs.
  • Leshrac: You're a bastard.
  • Lich: You're living the support lyfe and loving it.
  • Lifestealer: Unbirthing fetishist.
  • Lina: You hate fun.
  • Lion: You hate fun.
  • Lone Druid: You're honestly just kind of confused right now.
  • Luna: You have a 45% win rate.
  • Lycan: You watched that "Wolves Need No Armor" video.
  • Magnus: You hate mana and try to have as little as possible.
  • Medusa: You hate fun and refuse to have any.
  • Meepo: You love fun and hope the enemy team doesn't ward the jungles this game.
  • Meepo: You love fun and hope the enemy team doesn't ward the jungles this game.
  • Meepo: You love fun and hope the enemy team doesn't ward the jungles this game.
  • Meepo: You love fun and hope the enemy team doesn't ward the jungles this game.
  • Meepo: You love fun and hope the enemy team doesn't ward the jungles this game.
  • Mirana: Rethink your life choices.
  • Morphling: You're bad at morphling but you don't realize it.
  • Naga Siren: You have bad taste in heroes.
  • Nature's Prophet: You love money and pushing.
  • Necrophos: You're a bastard.
  • Night Stalker: You spend a lot of time thinking about 2012.
  • Ogre Magi: You imitate the voice(s) of whatever hero you're currently playing.
  • Omniknight: You really, really miss Warcraft DOTA.
  • Oracle: You just cry a lot these days. We're all worried about you...
  • Outworld Devourer: You were just biding your time. NOW THEY WILL SEE. YOU WILL MAKE THEM SEE.
  • Phantom Assassin: You're horrible at carrying, but you still want to try to carry, but you want to use a bad hero to do it.
  • Phantom Lancer: You have a few body doubles in real life, just in case.
  • Phoenix: CAAAAAAW
  • Puck: You insist Puck is "cute".
  • Pudge: Reading this post is making you hungry.
  • Pugna: You are passionate about skeletons and The Succ™.
  • Queen of Pain: You insist "mid" is a role just like carry or support.
  • Razor: "Stop hitting yourself" is your favorite game.
  • Riki: Your hobbies include squatting and drinking copious amounts of vodka.
  • Rubick: You have no personality, you just regurgitate what everyone around you is saying.
  • Sand King: You eat dirt.
  • Shadow Demon: You like shadows and poison.
  • Shadow Fiend: You like shadows and mid.
  • Shadow Shaman: You like shadows and pushing.
  • Silencer:
  • Skywrath Mage: You're a bird.
  • Slardar: You like the way centaur's blink-stun works but you feel like his natural survivability makes the game too easy.
  • Slark: You hate the enemy team and you will do everything in your power to ruin their lives. Also, you like to run away a lot.
  • Sniper: HO HO, HA HA
  • Spectre: You can play most carries effectively but you like a challenge. Or maybe just hour long games. It's unclear.
  • Spirit Breaker: You're a cow, and you're PISSED.
  • Storm Spirit: You don't like fun as a concept.
  • Sven: You're considering starting an IRL sword collection to complement your 73 Sven swords.
  • Techies: You don't even give a shit about patch notes.
  • Templar Assassin: Fuck fun and fuck everyone who's ever had it.
  • Terrorblade: You're no longer in denial but you're probably still bad at TB.
  • Tidehunter: You love initiating and splashing in bathwater.
  • Timbersaw: You love mobile heroes and hate trees.
  • Tinker: You just sort of hate everything, all the time. Except you, pushing-kun....
  • Tiny: Your buddy picks techies a lot and throwing him into someone is TOTALLY hilarious.
  • Treant Protector: You're either a great team player or you think rushing aghs and farming both jungles every minute or so is hilarious.
  • Troll Warlord: You like to have fun but not too much at once.
  • Tusk: You consider TI5 the greatest thing to ever happen to you.
  • Undying: You like snowballing heroes but fear smart players.
  • Ursa: Furry
  • Vengeful Spirit: I don't think this is anyone's favorite hero.
  • Venomancer: You like to reminisce about being a banana slug.
  • Viper: You're not good at dota and now you can't do anything about it.
  • Visage: You like bursts of micro and weird birds.
  • Warlock: You're a good player.
  • Weaver: You love bugs and hate being squished.
  • Windrunner: You have a panic attack every time patch notes are released these days.
  • Winter Wyvern: See Jakiro.
  • Witch Doctor: Glimmer Cape's introduction was a life-changing experience for you.
  • Wraith King: You're STILL bitter about the name change.
  • Zeus: ZEUS ULT

For the Critical Role Reverse Mini Bang of 2016, @critrolebang
Beautiful Art by @totallygonnawingit
Fic by me, @merrygloom
Title:  Rose Colored Waters
Summary: Vex, Keyleth, and Pike spend the night in the mansion together after the events of episodes 68/69, relaxing in the bath, getting stupid drunk, and not talking about deadly dragons, death, and stupid boys.

Major spoilers for episode 68 & 69

Read on Ao3

“Trinket, you’ll watch my brother for me won’t you? Make sure he doesn’t get himself into trouble or make some?”  Trinket’s face is between Vex’s hands, as she squishes his cheeks together affectionately.

Yes, Trinket tells Vex feels the familiar thrill at talking with Trinket and having him respond back to her.  She presses a kiss to his head before letting him go and Vex watches him lumber out the door, on a mission to find Vax. Vex smiles as Pike and Keyleth chatter in excitement behind her, Scanlan grinning beside them.

Scanlan had given just the three of them the rare offer of free reign of his mansion for the night to relax. They’d been reluctant to accept the offer at first, but Scanlan insisted his offer was entirely genuine. Pike had reminded them all that Scanlan wasn’t the only one to be worried about and Vax had shrugged sheepishly, saying “Hey! I’m a man of the cloth now!” before skulking off to who knew where as they laughed at the memory of Pike catching him in the act of trying to peek on her and stomped on his foot so hard it left him limping.

Keep reading