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A/N: Haikyuu!! (bokuaka, lee Akaashi) - 12: “Look into my eyes, what do you see?” – Requested by lovely lovely Mia @tickly-writing, which made me wanna do my best even mooore! Here’s some tickle-filled BokuAka fluff, I hope you like iiit! I couldn’t help but involve my own newest addiction in it…*whispers* mystic messengerrr~

Summary: Bokuto feels neglected when Akaashi chooses to spend the weekend playing Mystic Messenger. After giving Kuroo a call who has the same problem with Kenma, he finally gets an idea of how he can persuade Akaashi into not chatting with virtual cutie guys but pay attention to him!

Word Count: 2110 (omg it got longgg~)

It was finally weekend! Going out, having a romantic date and spend their free days together, Bokuto had been looking forward to it like he always did. If only his dear boyfriend did the same…

“Akaashi! Look into my eyes, what do you see?”

“I see a vast horizon, a beautiful sunset, the moon and stars and apple trees -” Akaashi mumbled sarcastically, not even looking up from his mobile phone.

“No! Akaashi, tears! Tears! Because I am sad! Why do you have to play a game like thaaat and ignore me? You don’t even like games!” Things had been going on like this ever since Bokuto caught Akaashi playing Mystic Messenger.

Akaashi had been quite invested in the game ever since, his attention for his boyfriend slowly dropping to a minimum level. But now that it was finally weekend, Bokuto had reached his limit.

“It’s a game for girls, Akaashi. For girls! Why are you fawning over virtual men? It’s not right! You should play with me!” Bokuto cried.

“It’s interesting,” was the short reply. Bokuto made a whiny noise and rolled back to his own side of the couch, grabbing his own phone. He wasn’t used to Akaashi being interested in games, let alone this kind of game.

He sulked for only a short moment and then got off the couch again, restlessly walking around the room and then heading towards their bedroom.

Glaring at him shortly before leaving the room, Bokuto even caught him smiling and God knew why that guy would smile at virtual guys. Closing the door behind him he quickly dialed Kuroo’s number for an emergency call.

“Kuroooo, Akaashi is Kenma’ing on me right now! Worse even, he’s chatting with sexy guys that don’t exist!  What should I do?!” he whined, making fake-sobbing noises.

“Akaashi too? That Mystic Messenger game right? No kidding! Kenma keeps talking about this Seven-guy and it is frustrating! I wanted to go to the movies and eat out but I’m stuck with this game-addicted shrimp,” Kuroo huffed. Bokuto’s eyes sparkled, he had found someone who shared his pain!

“I know right! What should we do about it?” he asked.

“Actually I was already planning something. Kenma won’t be happy with me but whatever. Wanna hear?” Kuroo snickered.

“Uhh sure?” Bokuto listened to the vague noises of Kuroo moving, then it sounded like the phone was placed somewhere and put on speaker.

After a little while, the sudden sound of hysterical laughter was heard, sounding a lot like Kenma’s voice.

“Muhahaha take that kitten! That’s what you get for playing with stupid guuuuuyss!” A bit surprised, Bokuto listened how Kenma’s voice cracked, and he smirked at the un-Kenma-like noises.

Looking at the time on his phone, he could see the seconds and minutes pass by, and by the time Kuroo was finished, he had already been listening to Kenma’s laughter for a good five minutes and was about to hang up when Kuroo finally returned.

“There, I tickled him to death. Served him right. You should do it to Akaashi  too,” Kuroo said, panting heavily.

Tickle him?” Bokuto asked, blushing a little.

“You’ve never tickled your honeypop before?” Kuroo asked.

“W-well I don’t think he’s as ticklish as your sugarbee,” Bokuto said. Giving each other’s lovers weird nicknames was a normal thing in their friendship, by the way.

“Don’t just think. Try it. I’m sure Akaashi has his spots,” Kuroo suggested.

“Yeah could be, but-”

“Oh, kitten’s grabbing his phone again. Looks like I’ll have to teach him his lesson better. Gotta hang!” Kuroo broke the connection, and Bokuto could clearly imagine how that ended. Poor Kenma.

But seriously, tickling Akaashi wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Actually he only just realized how tickling had been an absent thing in their relationship so far.

He maybe had occasionally poked Akaashi’s side playfully, but when he got no clear reaction he had actually already given up on the idea of him being ticklish. And it was not as if Akaashi himself would initiate a tickle fight. A smirk appeared on Bokuto’s face. Kuroo was right. He should at least try.

“Akaaaashi! Put away the game and play with me!” Bokuto loudly announced his presence as he entered the living room again. Akaashi was holding the phone close to his ear and listening to some virtual voice, not even glancing up at his lover.

“You’re calling with those game-guys? I don’t get it Akaashi, this is not how I imagined our weekend to be. Looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson!” Bokuto suddenly launched himself at him and tried to steal his phone.

“B-Bokuto! What are you doing?!” Akaashi clutched the phone in his hands and held it tightly against his chest, protecting it from Bokuto’s prying hands.

“I’m teaching - you - a lesson!” Bokuto said with clenched teeth, swinging one leg over his boyfriend so he could straddle him. His hands wriggled under Akaashi’s arms so he could poke and squeeze his sides. No reaction. Was he being too firm? Wrong spot maybe?

He curled his fingers and dragged them along his sides, wiggling them slightly and using a little bit of pressure to dig into his flesh through his thin T-shirt. A soft gasp escaped Akaashi’s lips, and it looked as if the tickling was weakening him a little since Bokuto’s hands were getting dangerously close to his phone.

“N-no! Stop that!” Akaashi angrily lifted his phone over his head and out of Bokuto’s reach. Big mistake. Seeing this chance, Bokuto immediately shoved his hands in Akaashi’s armpits, fingers wiggling and digging into the hollows. Bingo, that was the spot.

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OMG, I fixed all my banking problems and it turns out I have enough cash in my locked account for WW… so hopefully that is on this year. Not going to have a lot to spend on getting ready, but I already have my hydration pack from last year, and I can thrift most of everything else I need.

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@tokiro07 yea but with zelda there’s less screaming also I don’t spend hours hunting lizards


@sinelanguage omg I really want to know what kinda cutscene dialogue was altered. also, I’m glad you can play this game to your full sine potential. It feels like nintendo saw criticism of ss as too railroaded (which I didn’t have a problem with) and went like, welp, go big or go home.


@sleepdepravity yep. yeah. A Lot Of Buttons for my primitive primate brain to handle

Sterek AU | Honeymoon in London

“Stiles stop it! stop taking photos, you should dress too”
“Oh c'mon Derek this is our honeymoon, we should be naked and making, you know, what just married couple do ”
“I can’t believe I married a guy that can’t say sex or making love and we’ll be late”
“And I can’t believe I married a party pooper, late for what?”
“Because this party pooper bought tickets for Warner Bros. Studio I know how much you love Harry Potter but if you want to spend the day in bed, you know I have no problem at all”
“Oh.  My.  God.  Derek you’re kidding right?  .. DEREK omg I fucking love you”
“Hurry up then”
“Yes sir!”

words to the types i know

disclaimer: I only know a limited pool of each type so take this with a pinch of salt

INTJ: oh my goodness. just omg you guys. I really respect how damn driven you are, you might not always do what you set out to do bUT YOU DONT GET FLUSTERED BY IT. You’re really easy to talk to because you have a way of not letting me dwell on my emotions and offer me a healthy and productive solution to my problems. You can plan effectively and it’s really cute when you start telling me about how you’re going to spend your time. You’re doers and I really respect you. But also when you let your guard down, you’re absolutely adorable and so lovable. Also your predictions are ALWAYS right and it really scares me so please stop saying that there’ll be a world war in ten years beCAUSE I LIKE BEING ALIVE QUITE A LOT THANKS. But honestly I could gush about INTJs all day.

ISFP: STOP DOODLING ON MY WORK. I love your unique view of the world and the way that you are frighteningly good at undetectable sarcasm. Also, the plots of your stories are SO INTRICATE, your attention to detail is absolutely pristine and I really admire it. It’s really cute when you go off on a crazy spiel telling me about the next plot you’ve worked out. Also, we have such a laugh together that we get very little done. People probably think we’re crazy, since we spend most of our time sat under the stairs giggling like idiots.

ENFP: you are really motivating. You are so, so hardworking, that it’s difficult not to be inspired just from a brief conversation with you. Honestly, I think we really do try to have a trivial conversation now and again, but somehow it always ends up being huge paragraphs about religion and existence and the future, and for that reason, I really enjoy talking to you; we have a lot to talk about and you are really accommodating of opinions (and me being really fickle and contradictory when I struggle to explain what I mean). Generally, you’re a really warm person and very easy to get along with.

INFP: for some of the INFPs I know, we have so much in common that it’s a little exhausting sometimes. We get along really well and have a fantastic time - and the same sense of humour - but when our views clash, we both get quite bullheaded. But you’re really cute as humans so I’ll let you off. For others, our mutual knowledge of the importance of alone time makes it so that our conversations are filled with excitement and meaningfulness, even if we do fall off the map a little too often.

INFJ: I really want you guys to like me. You have an intriguing and magnetic persona that makes me want to be close friends with you, but you sometimes seem difficult to get to know. I worry a lot that you don’t like me, but I find you compelling. You’re so intelligent in such an individual way that’s it’s impossible not to like you.

ISFJ: your stories are so well told. Honestly, no matter what we discuss, you have a relevant anecdote. You’re very caring and similarly to INFJs, I really want you to show that you like me. Your emotions are mysterious and though you may seem to wear your heart on your sleeve, I can’t figure out what you’re feeling and it’s something that draws me back a lot. I know we’re too loud and excited for you when you’re tired, and it’s very endearing. You have mum friend stereotypes to spare, and it’s lovely.

  • Depression: Nothing is worth doing.
  • Attention Problems: And even if it were - omg, a blog post about cats on leashes, I need to read this now.
  • BPD: Buying things will make you happy!
  • Me: Oh, ok, so I WILL do the creative thing I am holding off of doing, I just need to spend money I don't have on more expensive tools that I do not actually require. I understand completely.