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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

I inherited
My mother’s words
My father’s nature
And both
Their loneliness
—  the jet lag chronicles

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Jeremy has been abducted before. Being as young as he is and perpetually "the new guy" in crews, rivals often mistake him for the weakest link. Jeremy might be loyal enough to never spill information, but apparently he's never been important enough to rescue either, because all of the times he's been taken and beaten senseless, he had to find a way to get himself out. Jeremy believes himself to be expendable. It's not an obvious fear or anything, he still lets himself enjoy the company (1/?)

of the Fakes when they hire him on. If anything, it’s mentioned maybe twice or three times in flippant remarks with joking tones that the others roll their eyes at (because of course he’s just as important as the rest of them, psh). But when he’s suddenly grabbed off the streets by the most vicious enemies of the FAHC, those thoughts all come bubbling to the surface. He’s never exactly been /tortured/ before, but he knows what this crew is capable of. (2/3)

And he knows the fakes aren’t coming for him, and he’s fucking terrified. (3/3)

fuck man this hurts so much. poor Jeremy doesn’t expect them to come but also isn’t sure if he can escape this time. Isn’t sure if he’s going to survive. But even still, even despite this, he doesn’t tell them anything. isn’t going to betray the Fakes. Even when the Fakes half expect him to, almost want it if it saves him just the smallest bit of pain.

The look Jeremy gives them when they find him (because of course they’d find him, of course they’d save him. even hell couldn’t stop them) is heartbreaking. He’s shocked when he sees they’re faces, like he never would’ve imagined he’d ever see them again. He’s a mess though, bleeding and aching and overall just looking like he’s been through a blender, so he doesn’t talk and they focus on just getting him out before anything else. He cries as they carry him but it’s not in pain. It’s just pure relief and he passes out against them. And they take him home, to heal and love and remind him how far they’re willing to go to save him.


autistic daisy johnson for @incomprehensiblelentils
 “Being different can mean making a difference” 



Request: can you do an archie imagine with 25 and 39 :)

Requested by: anonymous.

25: “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”

39: “Those short’s look really good on you.”

A/N: Sorry this is so short but I have two similar to this and didn’t want to rewrite it but also didn’t to leave you hanging! REMEMBER, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!

Warnings: none.

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“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”

You smiled, smirking dangerously up at Archie. The two of you had been flirting with each other none stop, and when you found him watching you during cheer practice you couldn’t help but need to tease him a bit.

The boy flushed lightly, but still kept his confidence as he smiled down at you. Allowing his eyes to rake your body completely and smirk in satisfaction when he noticed just how short your shorts were. They practically stopped right below where your bum ended, not that Archie was complaining.

You giggled when his eyes found yours again, and he licked his lips.

“Those short’s look really good on you.”

You giggled, turning in a way so he could get a complete few of your body. Waving at him, you sent him a kiss and a wave. “Thanks.”


Final Fantasy Agito expressions ➟ Deuce;

heres amethyst!!!!!

i darkened her skin and hair, and lightened up her eye. the purple of her shirt came from her beach outfit (its such a nice plum colour)

the outfit inspiration admittedly is one of my own outfits. amethyst and i have a similar body type (short and fat) and its an outfit that i feel pretty in, but still feel like i can move around. its also based on her pre-debut regeneration (you can see it in We Are The Crystal Gems, her long-sleeved outfit) i also wanted an outfit that still had some of her influences (tights, boots, and tanktop) but was more than just a colour swap of her previous outfit.

the biggest change here, though, is her gem. i pulled the colours from an amethyst geode, and then tinted them slightly more blue. that will be under the cut. ill post her whip here too, soon, in an edit.

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“James seems to be a concept model of Freddy and Scrappy shows a slight resemblance to Bonnie.”


You never even see Scrappy how are they important to the game.

So first off I definitely have more than five favorite authors, this is just a small selection.  I also have more than one favorite fic for each author, I chose most of these because I wanted to reread particular stories.  I decided I wanted to make recs, but a little more in-depth, and because of this there may be some slight spoilers.  

Second Chances by: @jhoomwrites

Word Count: ~37k        Chapters: 20/20


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RelationshipCastiel/Dean Winchester

CharactersCastielDean Winchester

Additional TagsHuman!Castiel - FreeformFallen!CastielDestiel - FreeformHunter!CastielSlow Burnwet dreamsMasturbationFrottageBlowjobsShower Sexbottom!DeanTop!Castwo-person love triangle(sorta) - Freeform

Summary:  When Castiel falls, truly and completely, he finds himself reborn human. This is his journey as he navigates his way through humanity and, ultimately, back to Dean.

Thoughts: This was a hidden gem I stumbled upon when I was reading other stories that jhoom had written.  This story was a short read that packed a punch.  I have read similar takes on this premise before but not how this story was handled.  The fact that it was mostly in Cas’s POV made the story better particular when things start to fall into place and now the reader is just waiting for things to happen.  The story manages to grapple the identities Cas is trying to decide very well.  It has a great mix of fluff, angst, and sex.  I will definitely reread this story when I have time.

Recommended if you like: Older Dean, Age Gap, Canon Divergent, and lack of communication

Why I love this author: Jhoom writes the best one shots and ficlets, whether they are PWP, fluff fest, or angst ridden, and set in AUs or canon.  While this particular story I chose is actually a multi-chapter that just proves she is excellent in this area as well.  Her writing has also gotten me to expand past just Destiel and enjoy other pairings just as much.  Tumblr though is where a lot of other stories are including emoji prompts which for me are little spots to brighten my day and I get so excited when I see one.

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do you have any pictures you show a barber or something when you get your hair cut? i'm getting a haircut saturday and i'm having trouble finding short hair refs that aren't pixie cuts or buzzcuts :/


you can use pictures of me if you want, and make sure to get squared edges if they ask squared or rounded, but these are the pictures i usually use (of cillian murphy):

also when it comes to short hair i think these actors sometimes have very similar hairstyles to what i’ve had before and there are a lot of references of them online, in order it’s the newt geiszler guy, rami malek, dominic cooper (he has a lot of, uh, interesting hairstyles out there so if you’re goth i’m sure you’ll find something that fits you just fine).

also on the rare occasion i’ve used characters from pretty realistic video games to explain certain things i want with my hair, i’ve used dorian pavus before… but also i’ve established my ‘style’ as just doing whatever it wants so you’ll have to keep in mind what you’re willing to do to it… i just roll out of bed and whatever happens happens. if you like doing things with your hair then you’ll probably have a lot more options. 

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Who do you identify with most in Persona 5?

ok straight up

Futaba is just me, albeit more annoying since she’s 100% geek humor/reference

I don’t sit straight in chairs for very often and have been caught by people in her sitting pose before

I wear glasses, have more than 3 devices on at all times, am fuckin short

I also have mom issues and look preeeetty similar to her actual mom

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Looks down. Pokes nose. ” Indeed, you are short. I am surprised you chose this height than others. You like being short? ”

“I could have chosen a form similar to my Priestess…or even larger. Though this form…this form I like. It’s easier to blend in when you’re below the average eye level.” She chuckled as she ran a finger from the woman’s collar up to her chin. “Plus I get to have my own fun~”

So, I was watching this gif.

When I noticed something.

We’ve never seen a side-by-side for Thompson and Grenda. Looking at them now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but they look awfully similar. Anyway, long story short, I not have this headcanon that Thompson is Grenda’s older brother.

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is seungri the nicest one to fans?

I think so, he really does many things for the fans. When we ask him at recordings to be cute he will do so, when we ask him to say jokes he will do so. There is a story that before BIGBANG debuted there was one time when a few fans saw him in a store and they asked him to do some cute expressions for them and he did but the other people in the store did not know why so it was funny^^ Very long ago he used to have a name in the fanclub to see the good things that we say about him and then he joked that we have said that at a music show recording. He is also the most friendly one at clubs, because many VIP go to the clubs to see BIGBANG during the weekend, sometimes he will recognize them and say hello, this is very rare among stars! I think that only CL of 2NE1 does something similar. One time I have seen him drunk for a short time and he was very funny, he comes out into the public area and sings and dances. I think that while all of the BIGBANG members are very kind to fans, Seungri tries to do the most to make us happy, he is really a wonderful person. 

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I love your short haircut so much!! It looks so beautiful on you!! What did you tell your hairstylist to get it cut like that? Did you have any photo references to show them (if you did can you share them?) I'm interested in getting a short haircut, similar to yours. Except I have more natural waves haha.

aw thank you so much! i didn’t have any photo references. i just asked for it to be cut just below the chin with some long layers cut in!

#81: how he holds your hand.

Mark: Loosely. The tips of your fingers strong enough to be holding on but loose enough to allow for air to be passing through. Only sometimes would you take a tighter grip when you’d want to drag him somewhere or through a crowd. You both didn’t need a strong on each other because you already knew you were both going to be there: always. 

Jr: Lovingly. He showed his affection in the tiniest ways, and holding hands with you was one of them. He always uses his thumb rub the top of your hand, Having his hand wrapped with yours made you feel more safe than anything else, knowing that he was by your side. 

JB: Tightly. His fingers entwined with yours, making sure you were in his grip and in his sight so that he’s always be near you, always knowing you were safe and by his side. Sometimes he’d look down at you, swinging your hands back and forth with a smile on your face. He smiles himself, always remembering how lucky he was to have someone like you where he could hold your hand and be with. 

Jackson: In a tangle. It never made sense; sometimes he’d catch hold of the tips of your fingers, and sometimes they’d be tangled together loosely and carelessly, but you knew that it was far from careless: you both just didn’t care <em>how</em> it was that you were in contact with each other, only that you were in the first place.

BamBam: Rarely. You were a playful couple, always wanting to explore and have fun and try new things, so sometimes holding hands restricted you a little bit. But every once in a while when he’s quiet and peaceful, he silently slips his hand into yours, not saying a word. You’d look up at him, wondering what the occasion was this time. “What?” he asks when he sees you giving him a questionable look. You don’t have to say anything for him to understand what you’re thinking about. “Nothing,” he says, “I just want to.”

Youngjae: Awkwardly. He’s not really sure how he’s supposed to hold your hand — alternating fingers? Or was it supposed to be just one full grip where your thumbs were on opposite ends. “Just hold it however you want to,” you say, giggling as you notice the confusion in his eyes. He laughs at himself before he interlocks your fingers with yours and smiling so hard because the spark he was feeling towards you was exactly what he wanted. 

Yugyeom: Innocently. He’s still getting used to having you there with him, but holding hands was his favourite thing to do with you because it was so intimate for him but so new to him at the same time. He always holds your hand with so much emotion, squeezing it ocasionally like he was trying to make sure you were still there. And you always were.

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Hi! So i just got a journal and i have no idea what to write in it. Do you have any suggestions or topics that i could write about in my journal?

Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply, I’ve been very busy recently. So I have a short answer to a similar question here, but I figure I can make it a little more practical. So here is a longer list of things to write in a journal:

  • events of the day (this is typically what I do)
  • emotional high or low points of the day
  • the news in one of your areas of interest (for me it’s generally politics or hockey)
  • journaling prompts ( like these or ones by @journaling-junkie; my personal favorites)
  • a mood tracker
  • currently… or favorites lists like this one
  • sketches and what inspired them or how you feel about them (they don’t even have to be good, trust me, mine aren’t)
  • reviews of books (I do this a lot), movies, music, food, art, or anything you like
  • daydreams and dreams
  • quotations and why you like them/what they mean to you
  • pictures that have caught your eye and what you like about them

A journal is a place for anything and everything, whatever you feel like writing or sketching or painting or creating, just throw it on in there. And if you ever feel like sharing I would love to see what you create! Have fun!

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Dear Mags, you roleplay, right? I do too, and just earlier today I "broke up" with my roleplay partner. We have roleplayed for a LONG time but now he has lost interest in roleplaying. We put an end to the story we were writing together -- our two characters have broken up their romantic relationship, and it was a sweet parting. However, I can't help but feel very sad over the end of our characters' relationship, and losing my roleplay partner. Have you ever felt something similar?

I do, although it’s short-term, shitty Omegle stuff when I can be bothered. 

I think it’s the same as anything else. You built that connection, you connected to both characters, and it feels like a loss. I hope that you find someone to fill that gap, though, even if it won’t be the same.