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How does Natsu act towards Lucy when he's drunk?

I’d like to think that Natsu’s a clingy drunk .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I was gonna redraw this sketch but I kept that ask long enough, so I went with the old one after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s most likely to happen next:


I was worried I’d have to buy expensive polish or something, but it turns out that it’s incredibly easy to dye faux leather using watered-down acrylic paint! Since I only needed to do one of them it took about an hour, it needed a lot of coats to get it as dark black as I wanted. Here’s the tutorial I found if anyone needs it!

I have my Wirt shoes now, I’m so happy! I need to get a black shoelace but the hard part is over and it wasn’t hard at all.

honestkly??? im…………high fashion……….

the only 2 styles that matter are business casual or pants on mode

I can’t do the rest of the voice asks because my parents are really close by watching a movie

And I need to do my art homework but I want to draw more PaRappa the Rapper


Although I wouldn’t really mind doing my art homework because I have to design a shoe and this is probably the best thing I’ve ever done


I really love these tertiary character dorks

It’s a crime that the anime mis-colored them, bc now no one is 100% sure on how they’re supposed to look?

Also Meihou is the Spartos of Kou. You can’t tell me otherwise. 

  • Interviewer: What’s the craziest or most interesting thing that’s happened so far on your tour?
  • Dave Bayley: There’s been quite a few weird things…I had my shoes stolen off the stage which was pretty annoying, and they started a Twitter account.
  • Interviewer: Off the stage?!
  • Dave Bayley: Yeah they took them right off the stage, we finished playing so we left and they stole my shoes and drum sticks and all sorts of stuff, but mainly my shoes was the most annoying thing because I didn’t have any other shoes. They made a Twitter account called GlassAnimalShoes and sent me pictures of them holding my shoes and dropped them off a bridge and stuff, but eventually I found them because we were in Dublin and they sent a picture of the bar that they were at, and I found my shoes! I’m wearing them right now.
  • Interviewer: So they survived, your shoes?
  • Dave Bayley: They survived, they were scared for a bit but they’re alright.

eleven // stranger things

365 days of drawing

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So I decided to take a break from Intense™ comic and draw little kid Fatal and his effing adorable shoes. Thank you @abandonedpie for making kid!Fatal a thing in my life and thank you @alainaprana for making me love him so gosh darn much during yesterday’s stream!

This just makes me so happy :’)


So I’ve had this idea of a bracelet girls magical girls AU idea for a while now… (which is basically serenadeshipping because… you know why not)

Basically the four girls are magical girls and their bracelets are their transformation jewels. Serena was the first to become a magical girl and she encounters Yuzu along the way. I’m not totally sure how Rin and Ruri are going to get their powers yet (I’m leaning on the idea that their bracelets were stolen but they’re still around, or someone is going around capturing the girls.. but I want to include them and I already have part of the outfits thought up so)

The yuu boys have a big role in this too, of course, but I have to flesh that idea out more I think ahhhhh

I’m not sure how I feel about Serena’s outfit thus far but… it’ll do for now :’)

Did some unpleasant research. Just as I suspected. The kids need new shoes…..We have bills to pay. Good thing we have all these jackets because we don’t have any blankets or a house to keep us warm at night! #cutoffavikaplan

Thank u @fashionofptx for providing these sources and confirming this terrible truth

I can’t fucking…. Remember anything .. Like ever

I am honestly overwhelmed right now.

Dragged everything downstairs where I can’t see it until I’m ready to deal with it, and am having a snack and a drink of water.

Anyway, easier to digest photos of the contents of the box (minus Skellita):

  • That Tiffany is in SUCH good shape. She’s a little dirty (thrifted), her hair needs a little help, and the snap pulled free of her suit while I was looking at her. Other than that, GREAT SHAPE. AND SHOES! It’s a good thing I didn’t buy one on eBay!
  • A whole Hujoo Baby.
  • Bratz WITH SHOES. So rare to find them with their shoes! Good thing I have some clothes her size.
  • Not sure what to do with the heads, to be honest. Elissabat, AA EHK 17in Barbie, and Moxie Teenz Bijou
  • Pupper is missing some fur on it’s ears.
  • This Barbie is weird. I haven’t figured out her gimmick completely, yet. I think you’re supposed to pull on a ribbon and it rips off her princess dress to transform her into a rock star. Her scalp rotates like Tiffany’s. She’d sing if I put in some new batteries. For now, she just kind of crackles for a second.
  • Shopkins basket.

I have way more nice clothes than I have dolls to wear them.

  • AA EHK Barbie dress
  • The Barbie print jumpsuit XD
  • Adorable coveralls!!!
  • Short princessy Barbie dress
  • Barbie coveralls
  • Princess Barbie dress
  • Baggie with two pair Barbie shoes and 1 Nakoma necklace
  • Baby/Toddler Ariel tail
  • FT Frankie’s dress and earrings
  • FT Elissabat’s dress (her earrings are in her head)
  • Super nice SD size dress. It’s lined, it’s heavy, it’s so soft~~~~

And allllll this for two faceups and a wig restyling.