i have a shirt on under the jacket

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Did anyone else notice the 5 on the sleeve of Liam's jacket last night? For the 5 boys. 😉

Hey nonnie! Well, I too noticed the left sleeve on Liam’s jacket but it’s not only “5″ that’s in there, there’s also a “2″ beside it so the number “25″ is on the jacket instead.

And that “25″ applique also features on some of the pieces from Gucci Cruise Men 2017 which I think where his jacket came/inspired from (notice the white shirt peeking under the black jacket. It has the same print as Liam’s hoodie. Apparently Liam’s black hoodie also came from this collection but it was never available for sale):

But Liam’s presence and speech is more than enough proof that he represents the rest of the boys and their collective interest, i.e. to show massive appreciation to us fans.

Thank you for messaging me and have a nice day!


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

okay, but listen, you know what really gets me?

barely a year ago, if jack had been injured mid-game, he would have brooded about it for the rest of the day. he would have berated himself for not being more careful, for not being quicker, for not being strong enough to just wipe off the blood and finish the play. after surgery, he would have retreated to his dark, empty room and put his head between his knees, gritting his teeth and trying to ignore the hot pulsing of the freshly-stitched wound under his jaw, the voice drilling outward from the center of his forehead: be better, be better, be better

but now? He has Bitty.

He has Bitty, and Jack comes home with his phone already tucked under his ear, the top buttons of his shirt pulled loose, his jacket slung comfortably over his forearm. He turns on the lights. “I mean, I could’ve gone back into the game, Bits,” he says, and he says it with an easy smile, says it without thinking I’m ashamed that I didn’t.

It’s not to say that his neck has stopped aching, or that his skin has stopped feeling stiff and raw and sore. “I’m pretty lucky, it could’ve been a tooth. Teeth,” he teases, just to hear Bitty fuss on the other side of the line, and in response Jack smiles enough to make his stitches twinge. He opens his lunch box and pulls out Bitty’s post-it, wipes away a stray blotch of jam and smooths out the corner. I’m pretty lucky, he thinks again, when a year ago he would have thought this shouldn’t have happened at all.

A year ago, Jack would have fallen asleep that night to the endless replaying of the roaring crowd and the puck colliding like a missile into his jaw. Now, he falls asleep with the steady, gentle echo of Bitty’s “I love you” nestled beside his ear—and when he dreams, he dreams of tomorrow.

Yuri!!! On Ice: Guang Hong Ji is too sexy for his Free Skate shirt

There are lots of suits in Yuri on Ice.

Suits without jackets

Suits with jackets

Short-sleeved suits

Sparkly Suits

Power suits

What do all these guys and their suits have in common? 

They’re all wearing shirts.

Do you know who DOESN’T wear a shirt under his suit jacket?

Itty baby Ji Guang Hong is too sexy for his shirt

source: I paused and took screenshots of the dub so there wouldn’t be subtitles.


you guessed it

Big Hero 6 and I noticed something about Tadashi’s shirt while watching the part when Hiro meets Fred and dude,

You can see the creases and wrinkles on his T-shirt.

Some from wear and tear, because it seems like this San Fransokyo T-shirt is one of his favorites, and some probably from hanging up in his closet and rubbing against his other clothing because Tadashi doesn’t have the time to use the wrinkle release on the dyer when he washes his clothes.

You’ve got a similar pattern on his cardigan, more specifically, on the back of his cardigan, on the shoulders. though I imagine this one is because the fabric of his cardigan gets wrinkled under the fabric of his Green Jacket.

It’s sort of interesting that Disney would put so much into a character who only lasted for 15 minutes(Sob), so much so, that we can see bits of his personality and his antics in simple things like his clothing/wrinkles/and how he wears them.

Like, Disney didn’t have to put this into the movie, people probably wouldn’t notice either way because you really gotta be focused to see small, details like this on a supporting character, but they did.

And it’s freakin’ amazing.


cpunk ootd 2/16/17
(taken last night after returning from dinner w/ friends; shirt says “NAMAST’AY IN BED;” not seen, black combat boots cause i don’t have one of those fancy full length mirrors)

[image description under the cut]

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Whenever I read a fic like "magnus was wearing Alec's shirt and I went down to mid thigh" I'm like.....yikes how transparent

…… i have never seen this but i wish i never had to read that

honestly magnus’s arms would be busting out of alec’s shirts. whereas magnus’s shirts would fit alec’s shoulders and chest all wrong

can you imagine magnus putting on one of alec’s leather jackets and his arms are struggling against it and alec just swallows really heavily and whispers “fuck” under his breath

Trucks (Seungri)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Seungri scenario when he has to look after his kid during an all day alone pls

Seunghyun had Joosung onto his lap as the two of them watched you get ready for your day out with your friends. “I hope you have fun today” he spoke as you smiled sliding your jacket on “I will don’t worry” you tell him as you walk over and kiss him on the lips, he reached up and cupped the back of your head enjoying the affection before tiny but sharp fingernails gripped skin under his shirt with force. “Ahh ahh ow” he spoke pulling away pulling Joosung’s tiny hand from his shirt. You smiled down at your son who smiled up at you as you kissed his little forehead. “Bye bye guys” you said as you grabbed your jacket “bye bye” Seunghyun spoke in his baby voice waving at you with Joosung’s hand. 

As soon as you left Seunghyun turned your son to face him standing him up on his lap “you were jealous” he teased his son who gave him a bored look “I bet you were.  But mommy will always love you no matter what. Understand? Probably not but I promise she will” he rambles off. “What do you want to do today?” he asks “are going to watch kids shows, listen to music, play with toys? You have so many of them” he continued. He stood up and sat Joosung onto the floor before heading over to the side of the room and brought a large toy box over.

He brought out a truck “ah look mommy tells me this is your favorite truck” he coos as his son stares at the truck like it was food. “Ah when you’re older I show you a real one” he says as he makes sounds zooming it over to his son and smiled as his little hands touched the top of the truck. “I bet you will love cars when you grow up” he continues as Joosung pushes the small car around. 


Joosung sat calmly in his chair as Seunghyun made more sounds as he brought a spoon full babyfood over to his tiny mouth. “You make sure you eat good” he tells you as he cleans the apple banana mush from his little mouth. “This stuff is gross. We bought a jar when you were born to try it out and I can say it was icky icky icky but my tastes for it doesn’t matter” he spoke as he scooped out another spoon full for him. “Do you want to watch tv then. I bet one of your colorful shows are on” he informed as if he would get a good response. 

does anyone else have a /thing/ for the contrast in clothing between even and isak?

even’s all zipped hoodies paired with vintage coats or denim jackets on top and hair perfectly crafted.

whilst isak’s all obey snapbacks and sports jackets paired with pullover hoodies under them.

but then they have this similarity where, they both wear layers and layers and have a shared love for hoodies and plaid shirts and maroon beanies but … they both just … wear them so differently?

and they both pull it off so well and they become such Looks i s2g.

The Truth About Who’ll be The Next Komaeda in NDRV3

Based on my research, it appears that the next Komaeda will be Kaito Momota.
Well, let’s start with the basics.

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Just Friends (M)

REQUEST: namjoon smut scenario where you two have been best friends for years and one day you end up play fighting/wrestling and things just go uphill from there 🌚 (sorry I just really don’t know how to request scenarios 😬 )

AUTHOR’S NOTE: its slightly longer than i planned it to be but enjoy and leave feedback!! Admin M


Your bedroom door swings open and a schoolbag hits your lower back.

“You could of told me you weren’t coming to school.” Namjoon says frustrated.

“And you could have told me you were coming over?” You respond as you sit up on your bed.

He’s wearing black jeans, a oversized band t shirt and a denim jacket. His hair messy and one of his converse shoelaces untied.

“Why aren’t you wearing pants?” He questions looking at your lack of bottoms under your oversized t-shirt that was actually his.

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damnhitsuzen replied to your photo “CHAPITRE 89 - The Reason for Deceit AKA Tomoyo explains everything…”

As I recover from vast emotional pain from this post, I want to draw your attention to the fact that Fai is not wearing shirt on this picture. He is wearing some kind of jacket (not properly fastened), but you can clearly see his belly button under water. This is a beautiful example of not properly dressed Fai edgy look. This is CLAMP asking fans for forgiveness for all the Fai-related pain they have caused. There’s a lot of pain, so there will be a lot of belly buttons.




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Hi! Do you have any advice on where I can by the high collar/neck striped shirts that they always wear? Like the black and white one Jimin wore under the Vetements bomber or the one Suga wears in Run under the Sukajan jacket. I've found it on korean sites but they don't have international shipping :(

hello! the ones they’ve worn are all from different brands, for example the one suga wears is from ANOTHERYOUTH (no international shipping :/ ). you might be able to find some similar ones here

A Look at Love - Jinyoung

He was clad in his leather jacket with a white button-up dress shirt under that he paired with black jeans and Vans. He wasn’t one to club, but the guys told him it’d be good for him to have some fun instead of coop himself in his room.

“Hyung, it’ll be fun.” Yugyeom, the youngest who was finally going to experience the club life, reassured. “Don’t think too much.”

Mark came by and nudged the weary one. “Come on, I’ll buy you a drink when we get there.”

Jinyoung tried to turn up his mood, but it wasn’t working. All he kept thinking about was how things went down between the two of you. He couldn’t even pinpoint what the problem was that led to the break. He wasn’t a believer in breaks and neither were you, but it was better to leave it like that than an official breakup for the time being.

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What do you think are some staple pieces for your closet?

Black skinnies and a nice fitting button-up! You can never go wrong with this combination. I also have a lot of basic pieces like solid colored shirts/sweaters/blouses or tops with simple patterns like stripes or plaids.
It doesn’t get that hot throughout the year where I live (unless it’s summer), so I also have a couple thin jackets I can layer when it gets chilly, if necessary even under my coat. Denim with a nice wash is a nice choice too; as pants, skirt or jacket.
Personally, I like to wear flats. A good sneaker or some sleek black loafers are also great to pair. 

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(violetxwhispers) Ichimatsu quietly walked along the shore, holding his shoes in one hand as he enjoyed the feelong of soft sand and cool waves brushing at his bare feet. It was a chilly evening, but his jacket kept him warm. Noticing someone shirtless sitting at the rocks, he made his way over as he tilted his head in concern. "Sorry to bug you, but are you cold? I have a long-sleeved shirt under this if you'd like to borrow my jacket." He offered.


Poseidon usually comes up to the surface to enjoy the air of the beach and the sea. He would sit on the rocks, high enough to see the horizon but also low enough for his feet to touch the waters. He had let his hair down, letting it rest against him and fall into the water. He hummed softly, enjoying the peace.

He however felt someone was coming. He didn’t move, just ignored the other. Until the person had spoken to him that is. He looked back, his hair falling onto his face.

No thank you. I’m fine as I am.❞ He smiled, looking away.

  • Candela: I'm kinda cold.
  • Spark: Here, have my jacket.
  • Blanche: I'm cold, too.
  • Spark: [sweats nervously because he doesn't have a shirt on under his hoodie] WELL, DAMN, BLANCHE. I CAN'T CONTROL THE WEATHER.