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You do Merlin fics too? Oh, how wonderful! Can you please do one where your Gaius' daughter or niece or something and living with him, having magical powers, but hiding it from everyone, Merlin included because you don't know that he has them too - until you both sort of "walk in on each other" performing magic?

Name: Two Wizards in One House
Pairing: Merlin x Reader (maybe, not sure)

You are sitting in your room, staring at the needles sewing up Merlin’s shirt. Because this moronic servant of Arthur’s (and your good friend) somehow manages to tear it apart every single day.

“Y/N, I need,” Merlin runs into your room and freezes, staring at the needles flying around his shirt. “My shirt.”

“Merlin,” you turn pale, as the needles fall on the floor, and he slowly picks them up, looking at you. “H-hi.”

“You have magic?” he asks quietly, shutting the door behind himself, as you stand up, totally prepared to knock him out if you have to.

“Yes. I was born with it,” he nods, sitting down by you.

“You should hide it, Y/N. You know what will happen if anyone learns about it.”

“Well, you weren’t supposed to come in without knocking,” you relax, understanding that he isn’t going to give your secret away.

“Y/N, magic can kill you.”

“Magic is the one helpful, wonderful thing,” you murmur, looking him in the eye, as Merlin suddenly grins.

“Oh, I know,” he raises his hand towards the needles, and they suddenly start sewing even faster. Your mouth automatically opens, as you glare at the shirt. Merlin grins, folding his chest, and you turn to him.


“Yes, I have magic,” you both smile and start laughing, almost falling off your bed. “So… We actually spent two years, living under one roof, and…”

“Uncle Gaius told me to hide it. I never thought you have magic,” he nods.

“Me neither. He taught us well,” he leans against the wall, laughing out loud. “Oh, isn’t that hilarious?”

“Does he teach you?” you ask him, and Merlin nods, as his eyes glow yellow for a second, and your books (the ones you collected from all over Camelot) take off the floor and get perfectly ordered on your table. “That’s pretty cool,” you stare at the books, and they stand on each other, balancing on the edges. However, you don’t get to hear what Merlin may want to say because Gaius rushes in the room.

“Are you using magic again? I told you to,” Gaius notices Merlin and stops. “Oh. I see.”

“Why did you never tell us?” asks Merlin.

“Because it’s better to have two ignorant kids than the link that endangers each member,” Gaius answers seriously. “If anything happens, they will find another one, but now… Well, I suppose I have to teach you together.”

I have quite a few that are dear to me, the only one in my room though is Brown Sugar. I’ve had him since I was a baby, and recently I sewed him a lacy skirt and a clasped neck bow with a brooch. There is a pair of fluffy feetie pyjamas and a cute blouse in the works for him too, because bears don’t need to conform to gender stereotypes.

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Hiya! Could I get a matchup please? I'm a 5'7 demi (aries, INTP) girl with long brown wavy hair and blue eyes! I'm a really shy but try not to be haha >> I'm stubborn and a bit hot headed at times but I'm usually really laid back ^^ 1/2

“2/2 I love to draw, sew and make things! (I have too many cosplay things in my room oTL) plus I love animals! My interests are archeology, marinebiology and art! //hehe sorry if this is worded strangely I have no clue what I’m doing ;;>>” 

Don’t worry Anon your wording is fine:) When reading yours for some reason I just couldn’t shake this character and so I think…

Potential Match could be: Joseph Joestar! 

- I know that (maybe) you might be confused right now, but let me explain…

- The minute Joseph would see your long wavy hair and blue eyes, this boy would be smitten. You on the otherhand while finding him attractive might not be interested at first, due to his loud and out there personality. After all sometimes you can be the opposite with your sometimes shy personality. But this would only make him want you more

- Literally would try everything he could to win you over. Offer to be your mannequin if you needed one to test out cosplay costumes, watch you create your art, and even try to sew something himself to impress you (which makes you really laugh since he’s horrible at it)

- Eventually the whole “opposites attract” thing could work in your favor! Seeing that after awhile Joseph would bring out more of your teasing/flirty side that you might never believed you really had. All the while your stubborn and hot headed traits squaring off with Joseph’s hot headness, not only whipping him into shape (figuratively since he’s already ripped, lol) but ensuring that the two of you never have a dull moment together

Hope this is okay:)

Mod Golden

No palms dolled up the tedium, no breathing wind.
No problem was the buzzword then, their way to go.

In truth, my case was black as sin, a thing to hide,
In that they feigned to find me sane, so not to know.

Someone brought in a medium. Anathema!
Some clown sewed up my eyes, he said it wouldn’t show.

Confusing hands with craze, they howled, “Let’s cut them off.”
Confusing, too, their spies, my lies without an echo.

Time and again they stitched my mind with warp and woof.
Time pounded in my ruby heart, doing a slow,

Slow dim-out in that lupanar, slow take, slow fade,
Slow yawning like a door. “Hello,“ I said. “HELLO.”

There, flung across the room between inside and out,
There must have shown itself to me…an afterglow.

With such a blaze to celebrate where centuries meet
With time itself, how could I hesitate? Although

Still trapped in the millennium I knew I had
Still time to blow some kisses. Look up, there they go!


No Palms

Dorothea Tanning, 1910 - 2012


Graphic - Kenne Gregoire

An Agreste Day

After looking at all of @toriitorii adrienette family art I couldn’t help but want to contribute. Here’s a little some I wrote on the fly. Enjoy my little miraculers~!

Marinette knew she was told not to peek but, oh, she just couldn’t help it. With the giggles she could hear down the hall in her sewing room to the adorable nature of her family it was too much. Peeking through the crack in the door she carefully watched.

“Why you can certainly have more tea Madame Spots.” Emma said to the stuffed ladybug in the chair. She picked up the plastic tea kettle and poured the invisible drink into it, “And what about you Daddy, would you like more?”

“Oh, yes please.” He said, offering the tiny cup on the saucer. He was a sight to behold. Looking like a giant in a dollhouse he sat on the little pink chair with as much grace as he could with his height, and there was a bright red feather boa wrapped around his neck. After getting his imaginary tea he picked the cup up about to sip.

“Daddy,” Emma stopped him, “Pinkie up!” She squealed, “Like this,” she picked up her own cup and held up a little finger, taking a slurp from it.

“Ah, yes of course.” Adrien fixed it, clinking his cup against hers, “To another wonderful tea party.”

Marinette stifled a snicker and left to get back to her work, knowing without a doubt that Adrien was not only a wonderful husband but an exceptional Dad too.

~ ~ ~

About an hour later she heard him come into the room, picking his way through her organized chaos to stand behind her. He placed his hand on her pregnant stomach and glanced down at her sketches, “Has Hugo been kicking a lot today?”

“Nope, he’s been pretty well behaved, knows Mommy is working.” she placed a hand over Adrien’s and looked away from her desk up at him, “How about your tea party?”

He grinned fondly, “Very well indeed, she let me go after I promised to bring her Mommy or snacks. So, which will it be?”

“I,” Marinette stood, dusted some glitter off his shoulder and plucked a feather from his shirt. She tickled his nose with it before walking towards the kitchen, “Have an idea,”

“Don’t you always?”

~ ~ ~

After a bit of preparation and some walking, the family sat on a checkered blanket in the park with a picnic already underway. Emma had been thrilled about the idea of a picnic on the Sunny Saturday afternoon and had rushed to get Madame Spots so she could join them. At a nearby park children were playing on swings and swirling down slides. It was windy enough that a some flew kites. The day was pleasant and picturesque. All was right with Paris.

“Can me and Spots go play in the park?” Emma asked, tugging on her mother’s sleeve.

“Sure sweetheart, just make sure to stay where we can see you. Promise?”

“Count my spots, hope to fly!” She said, nodding and running off.

Adrien and Marinette sat in the sunshine, leaning against each other and holding hands like they were kids again. Adrien was the first to speak, “She is so much like you. So creative, so friendly, smart too.”

“I think she gets the smarts from you. Maybe its that Mandarin you’ve been teaching her.” she jeered. Unlike his father, Adrien didn’t push anything on their daughter. She had come to him willingly, excited that her Daddy was so smart and wanting to learn how to talk like he did to Gran.

“What can I say? It is easier to learn a language starting young. Plus she loves it, gives her a reason talk with Sabine.”

“Please, my parents look for any excuse to talk to their granbaby. We can barely get her back when we leave her with them for a weekend. I can only imagine how much fun they’ll have with Hugo around as well.”

“They’ll have to baby proof the bakery again.” he smiled, “Let’s just hope they put the flour higher this time.” They both laughed at the memory of when Emma had been playing around the shop and knocked a sack of flour down all over herself. She tracked it all over the carpet of her parents’ home.

Marinette only wished she could have been there to see it. For now, she contented herself to having this moment. Little Emma holding the Ladybug toy over her head and running with it, cascading it through the air in dives and swoops. She wouldn’t change anything about this life, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

A list of things that my father has banned me, an 18 year old adult, from doing/having access to:

-sewing needles and thread
-my own prescription anxiety medication
-loose herbs for tea (“how do i know its not pot!!!”)
-essential oil diffusers (you might be masking the smell of drugs!!)
-dark lipstick
-black nail polish
-things with skulls on them
-sometimes im not allowed to wear bracelets
-too many posters on my walls
-antibiotic ointment
-my sleep medication
-hanging out with my friends after school
-being in my room
-taking naps
-having my laptop in my room


The top layer of the bodice is assembled and sewn to the base! I’m happy with this progress but it’s the tiniest bit too small. I added so much extra room in case this happened and it’s still too small. It won’t be that difficult to add an extra panel to the back but i’m annoyed that I have to do that, it should fit with room to spare.

With all the boning in it I could easily add a lace up back and have it work fine, but I really want it to zip up, and it definitely needs another half inch of room for that happen. 


Home edits

since we have moved in everyone’s room is a little empty due to laziness on my part.. I’ve filled in some of the rooms with stuff from storage, I found a shelf in a box i didn’t even know I had! which helped due to the lack of storage we have yet to build. Soon though, Sam and i carried dressers, n couches down our 3 story house, falling, tripping, bumping, and laughing up n down the stairs. After we got them down and up into each room Sam had the job of washing the few marks we had on the as I placed things together. Simplicity’s room.. after sewing her new blanket together i was finally able to put it in her room, took a while but I did it, yuss! I’m loving it to much, but even better she loves it too<3

He told them all
I was and all I could ever be, was a charity case.
He said I had too much going on
in the room upstairs,
that it was occupied too many times
by visiting voices like people
at a motel.
He told them all that I was
too much to handle.
But you know,
I’d rather be too complex to grasp
instead of being plain.
I’d rather be a little crazy
than be without a brain.
So seu me for being
optimistic and embracing myself.
I may be different,
but thank God we’re not the same.

(A.) on letters-2-myself|tumblr

“Yea I have a mental illness, deal with it people.”


Today I made Kylo Ren’s surcoat aka the part of the costume I was most nervous about. Because it’s a really pretty coat and I have next to no sewing experience. I’m used to kind of fudging sewing or being able to hide any flaws behind armor, but there’s really no hiding anything with this. Also I was nervous because I have like just enough fabric for the coat and hood so there was no wiggle room if I screwed up.

But I think it came out really beautifully. Especially for my first real time drafting patterns and sewing such a large, slightly tailored piece. It twirls so well too. Those skirts are magical. 

The skirts are unhemmed right now and I need to properly fasten the back, so it’s not quite finished, but I’m gonna get burnt out if I don’t walk away for a tiny bit. I’m kind of really impressed with myself that I was able to knock out both the midcoat and surcoat in two days. That means I only have hood and belt to make and then this outfit is done.

A formal portrait of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna and her eldest child, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna, taken in 1896. On 12/24 December 1895, only weeks after the baby was born, the gushing young mother wrote to her brother Ernst in a letter:

“She [Olga] is such a pet. She slept in our bedroom the other nights, & yesterday, as poor Günst [the baby´s nurse] was layed up for two days - being quite exhausted poor thing. Orchie [the Empress´s old nurse] slept in the blue room & scarcely spoke to me, so offended we did not have Baby with her. But Tiny was too sweet. When she cried I walked about with her & changed her or rang for the wetnurse, but she was good & slept for some hours. I wash her every evening in her bath & then dress & sew her up, an intense happiness.”

I don’t have any stories of my own cosplays breaking on the con floor (I’ve been very very lucky) but I was a part of a friend’s. She’d made a spandex bodysuit for a cosplay and it was the biggest project she’d ever done, and it was super impressive. Unfortunately, her stitching popped–right on the butt seam! She didn’t want to take it off to fix it for fear of making the rip worse or sewing it too tight, so I had to step in and essentially sew up my friend’s butt hole in our hotel room. It was an experience, to say the least.

Celeborn progress. :D
I finished the back part and upper front of the white robe today. Sleeves and the front are still left. I have to shorten and recut the front since the overlap doesn’t look good at the moment. Also it looks kinda stupid with the breasts of the doll and I also have very bad lightning in my room at evening. The fabric for the cloak is actually a lighter greenish tone. I still don’t know if I’m going to use it, since it’s not the best choice but I can’t find something closer to the original under 70 Doller per yard and that’s definitely too much. :/ So we’ll see…going in the city tomorrow and I’ll check out some stores. Maybe I find something better. It not, it’s ok. I’m not getting poor over a Cosplay. XD
It’s obviously not sewed at the moment. Just thrown over the doll for more epicness.


Ive been working suuuuuper hard on my bedroom for the last two weeks since I moved back to my mums house which has been a massive drain on my spoons but it’s finally at a point where it feels like MY room again, and not a portal to three years ago me.

I moved all the furniture around, got new bed linen, added fairy lights, my gorgeous new writing desk, made the old desk into a sewing station, moved my bookcase so it would be more accessible and space saving and cleared out pretty much every bit of storage including under my bed to get rid of everything I no longer use or need. There have been a LOT of bags for charity shops.

There’s still tons of bags to unpack and I want to paint my filing cabinet too but I finally feel like I’ve got to a place where the next steps will be an improvement, not just making more mess.

I’m so glad it’s worked out, definitely worth the spoons it took to make it!